Celebrity Olympics: Days 7-8

Celebrity Olympics: Days 7 & 8

Mariah Carey, Samantha Fox, Chely Wright, Charlotte Church, Sara Evans, Mary Hart, Leeza Gibbons & Nancy O’Dell

Written By: Spyder

Ten the next morning the ladies and gentlemen re-enter the stadium for the event and another announcement as to who will be cut from the roster. Lawrence steps up as in previous days, clears his throat and then will say.

Welcome to day seven of the Celebrity Olympics. We are pleased that you the audience have stayed with us throughout and you again await the announcements of the day. Another excellent event happened yesterday
as all of the women fulfilled the daily routine. The judges have to eliminate the lady via points once again. Lawrence reaches into his pocket, pulls out the envelope and opens it. He states once more that the voting was hard as he reads the results. We have a tie, the two that are heading home because of low point totals are Shania Twain and Dana Delaney. The two make their farewell speeches, but not before they give Lawrence a blowjob. They draw his cum from him and wave good-bye to the appreciative crowd.

Once he has collected his thoughts, Lawrence again speaks into the mike and tells the contestants the event for the day. One more thing, there aren’t any elimination’s tomorrow, as the final day will decide the winner. Ladies I hope your pussies aren’t too sore because your event will have you riding the men all day long. Our first lady to receive the cock while on top is Nancy O’Dell and you can use any means necessary to get the men hard before they fuck you from underneath. One more thing, you do not need to accept the jism of each man into your pussies. Good luck and let the games begin.

Nancy takes hold of the first man, slips downs his body, grips his soft dick and prepares to get as hard as possible. She drains a load of cum out of his cock, then lies him flat on the bed and shimmies her pussy into place over the full length of his rod. Pounding up and down, Nancy smiles at the fact that she was selected first to try to ride the 40 men. She rides man after man in an attempt to sway the judge’s favor in the voting. Once a she has sufficiently squeezed the cum out of each male organ, he goes down the line to the next hot babe. Chely, Charlotte, Leeza and so on until every man have felt a pussy slide up and down the length of their cocks. Load after load shoots into the air after each woman has risen from the ride.

At the end of the day, Lawrence once more will wish the ladies a good night and inform them to return at ten in the morning.

This night belongs to Mary Hart and one of the later boys at the church she is praying at before heading to bed. He sees her outside the stadium and follows her on her request, once they arrive at the park she has selected to have him in, Mary slips out of her long raincoat and tells Rick to undress. Rick is uncertain of what will happen, as he is about to take a vow to never have sex to become a priest. Mary sees the limp wand, licks the length of it, rolls his balls between her lips and sucks his cock. Rick moans in horror, as he knows that if she continues he cannot take the vow of celibacy. He looks away in disgust, but can’t help but return to see what this sexy blonde has next for him. She lies on the grass, asks Rick to lie between her legs and she forces him to eat her pussy. Eat she yells as Rick laps up her pussy with a little hesitancy in his movements.

Mary feels her juices flow as she rolls atop of the would be priest, then she rolls over with him on top and insists that he fuck her now. Rick looks into her eyes, rolls off, slides into place and feels her hand guide his cock into her burning box. Fuck me harder asshole, she says with disdain, as she knows that this was a mistake accepting a virgin, as all she needs is a real hot man inside her. Rick pulls out as his first load of cum explodes onto Mary’s stomach. She rubs it into her silky skin, licks her hands and puts her raincoat on to head for her hotel. She is angry with herself as she knows that this ends the alter boys chances of being a priest, but she smiles at the fact that he will now be able to fuck any woman he desires. Maybe even her before the Olympics are complete.

At ten the next morning, the men and the contestants arrive at the stadium in Montreal for Day 8 of the sexual Olympics. Lawrence has the news of the event for the day and a shocking announcement. He steps to the mike, clears his throat and states that we are down to seven women as one of the competitors has decided to drop out and head home. He tells the quiet crowd and the remainder of the ladies that Nancy O’Dell has left due to an inability to complete the events. With this bit of news out of the way, Lawrence then says that Day 8’s event will be pussy fucking, full frontal version. Cum is not a mandatory requirement. Again he says good luck and let the games begin.

One of the judges draws a name out of the bow on their table and says that Charlotte Church will be the first to have her pussy ravaged by the 40 men. One of the 40 men prepares his cock and Charlotte’s pussy for the next little while. He strokes his cock until hard, places a condom over it and plunges it into the once virgin pussy of his first lady of the day. Ramming deep inside the cunt of the youngest woman in the competition. Man after man enters the now cavernous hole of the classical singer. As one more fucks her, he heads for the rest of the seven ladies. Sam Fox is the next one who accepts the cock of the 40, followed by Chely Wright and so on until the seventh lady; 40 dicks bang Mary Hart. She lies in agony as she tells the 40th man not to continue in his ears.

Lawrence stands before the audience, the women and the 40 men, wishing them a good night and to return at the usual time of ten a.m. Everyone leaves the stadium as, Mary Hart knows her last day is today after not completing the round totally.

Later that night Charlotte Church sits in her room quietly contemplating if she should carry on, but decides to stay knowing that she has performed very well. Outside her suite she hears voices of two men and asks them in after hearing that they were at the Olympics. Not yet sleepy, Miss Church asks if they would like to please her. They answer yes as Charlotte removes her robe, while the men undress to bang her as and pussy. One of the men sits on the couch to wait Charlotte’s next move; she blows both of them and then squats over the man sitting down. With her pussy firmly in place, she asks the other to dive into the only hole available. Charlotte enjoys the experience as she is fucked in both holes, waiting for one or both to say it’s time. The one who is in her pussy pulls out as she gets off the other and watches as they shoot their loads on her stomach and face. They leave her suite and she falls to sleep for the next day’s event.

The end.

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