Celebrity Olympics: Days 9-10

Celebrity Olympics: Days 9 & 10

Leeza Gibbons, Sara Evans, Charlotte Church, Chely Wright, Samantha Fox & Mariah Carey

Written By: Spyder

It is the morning of day 10, as the remaining women, 40 men and the audience file into the building. Even though points will not eliminate her Mary Hart knows she will be asked to leave. The organizers were hoping that eight would make it to the last two days, but it never worked out that way and yet are pleased with how it turned out.

As before Lawrence stands before everyone to announce the event and who will not continue. Clearing his throat he says
that Mary Hart will not continue on as she did not complete fucking the 40th man in yesterday’s event. Mary quietly says her farewell to all in attendance, but not before eating the pussy of her friend Leeza Gibbons. One hour later cum dripping from Leeza’s twat, she stands back in the group as Lawrence tells them that the event will combine day’s 1, 4 &5 for today. He says that this is one last event before the finale tomorrow. Miss Hart hasn’t left as she is asked to select a name form the bowl to begin the day. Reaching in, Miss Hart pulls out the name of Mariah Carey to start today’s event.

Mariah takes her place on the first bed, waves the first gentleman over, wraps her fingers around his stiffened rd and begins the task of sucking on it. While doing so, she gain waves over one more man to take on two cocks at once. Then she stops long enough to tell Sara Evans to join her, pointing at her cunt she motions for Sara to eat. Realizing that she needs to incorporate an ass fucking into the situation, Mariah switches the positioning a little, by having Sara eat her pussy from underneath while continuing to blow the two men she began with. Her next step is to have a third man ass fuck her. The other ladies are in awe at the way Mariah incorporates the three sexual feats into one neat little, but messy package. She does so until al of the men and the ladies have had her, making certain that each man and woman have had the chance to eat pussy.

The other five ladies follow suit; in the way that Mariah began the program, but has devised ways to impress the judges. One in particular, Charlotte Church uses two men in her mouth one up her ass and a lady and gentleman eating her pussy.

Meanwhile outside the not yet homeward, Mary Hart is having her way with the alter boy, who waited for the lovely Entertainment Tonight star to leave the stadium. He ushers her into a waiting limo and says her ride to the airport won’t be alone, as he will join her in more ways than one. He also promises to take a longer time to unload. Mary, who is feeling sore from all the sexual activity, doesn’t turn him down, but instead unzips his pants and devours the length of his cock. Sucking it until very hard then asks Rick to eat her gaping hole. The would be priest obliges her by jamming his tongue into her pussy and licking her ass at the same time. Getting used to the ways of sex, the young man brings Mary to one of many climaxes while on the way to the airport. Rick turns the vixen over, widens her asshole a little and plunges it into her butt. His harshness leaves Mary screaming at what she has done to this once celibate male. Again he turns her over and fucks her pussy, watching the horny lady smile, as she knows his lessons are well taught last night. On the way, he continues his pleasureā€¦but

Back at the stadium, Chely Wright is fulfilling her fantasy of having four men do her at once. Enjoying it until the last of the men are spent and she sits on her bed to signal that she has had all 40.

Once this days event is complete, Lawrence stand in front of the mike and wishes them a good night and to return for the final event tomorrow at ten. Also there will be the awarding of the medals to the highest point getters.

Later that evening, Sara Evans paces nervously in her suite alone, but isn’t alone that long when in walks four of the women who were supposed to leave for home. They explain that they couldn’t go without hearing the results live and in person. Smiling Sara asks Dana, Dolly, Nancy and Ivory to undress. The five ladies sit naked on the floor and decide to play some truth, dare or double dare. First up is the vivacious Dolly Parton, who dares Dana to run up and down the hallway nude, kissing any man who she sees. With the other ladies watching, Dana takes the dare and runs the length of the hall, kissing to surprised men and a woman. She returns to the room and takes her turn. Dana asks Sara for the truth of how many times she has had on stage sex during concerts. Sara answers that she has fucked men and women at least twenty times in shows for the last month. The game goes forward until Ivory wants to have a pussy on her face. Nancy squats over the prone WWE star and smiles as Miss O’Dell eats her. Not too long after this begins that it turns into an all out female orgy. The room is filled with the sent of sweat, perfume and cum as the ladies have continuous sex on the floor. Dildoes make the scene as every one involved jam one in each pussy. Dolly takes the final step in the night’s activities as she ties the other four together and uses her belt to strap them into submission. Once the bodies are reddened by the treatment Miss Parton has executed, she goes from hole to hole finger fucking and eating them. You might say she was like a gopher going into many holes or busy as a beaver.

After the four hot ladies leave the suite, Sara nods off to sleep to rest for the last event. She is quite certain of what it is.

Next day at ten, the six women and the 40 men return to the stadium. As they enter, they hear the audience roaring their approval at the points shown on the Jumbotron. Not being able to see them they await the escort’s word that it is clear to enter the field.

Lawrence steps quietly mike side, clears his throat for the second last time and says with excitement. Welcome to day 10, it has been an exciting time here in Montreal and this is the last event before we award the medals to the winners. Without giving any point totals away, I am pleased to state that it is very close and that yesterday was fine as every lady showed initiative in the way they performed. Today’s final event will determine the first winner of the Celebrity Olympics and best of luck to all. Every lady will combine the events of the last nine events, including the orgy and I will name the one to start the proceedings. Lawrence tears the envelope open and says that Chely Wright will begin today.

Chely walks to the first bed, lies down and waves for the first man to begin. He kneels between her legs, using his tongue and fingers to prepare Chely for the fuck of her life. Soon all six of the ladies have a man at the disposal, using their feminine charms to entice them to leave them begging for more. Chely has moved into overdrive as she has one man ass fucking her, one inside her pussy, blowing two others and begin tit fucked by another. The other five ladies have devised their own way of creating the necessary way to garner points this day. Charlotte being the youngest has handcuffed seven together and hops from cock to cock, sucking and riding them until and explosion of cum occurs. Sara has taken a quieter style as she goes from man to man separately, devouring them like a starving person would go through food after not eating for a week. She masturbates while sucking a cock, but stops long enough to have the man ass fuck her. Sam Fox uses the whip to derive the moans of pleasure out of her men. She growls at each one as they fuck her on command, making her juices flow quick and long. Mariah is one to use any means possible, as she feels the need to pee, so she squats over her man and lets fly with her wetness on his chest. She licks her pee of him and then sucks his dick. His excitement is noticeable as Mariah slides onto his pole to create the sticky cum inside her. Leeza takes on five men as well, but in a different position than that of Chely. She is kneeling down with two dicks at her mouth, one underneath her in her pussy and two taking turns in her ass. This goes on until all 40 men have had sex with the six women. Finally the orgy ends the day, six hot women trying to keep pace with 40 men. The day ends early, as Lawrence moves mike side to announce the final results.

Everyone stays silent as he tells the audience that it stayed tight until the final buzzer. The judges have decided these are your first winners: the bronze medal goes to Samantha Fox. She will receive the medal and a chance to name the next city to host the Olympics for next year. Sam steps to the mike, kisses Lawrence and says that Los Angeles will his next years Olympics. The silver medal will go to Leeza Gibbons and she will decide the way the events will occur. Leeza steps forward, also kisses Lawrence and states that there will be ten days with a twist. Two ladies a day will perform sex, culminating with the pussy eating by the contestants and the all out sexual day.

Lawrence moves to the mike one more time and says that the gold medal will go to Charlotte Church. She will host next years Olympics and will choose the 16 women to be part of next year’s version. Miss Church says her thanks, tells everyone that she will announce the contestants at the opening of next year’s event. She also thanks this year’s committee for asking her to be there and congratulates the women for making this exciting and hot. Lawrence thanks everyone for attending and to be sure to arrive early for next year if they are attending.

The end

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