Celebrity Pickup Game #1: Lucy Liu

Celebrity Pickup Game #1
Lucy Liu

By Stardog Champion

Trying her best to stomach a $5 box of stale, barely buttered popcorn,
Lucy Liu watched from her seat in section 104, courtside at Los
Angeles’s new basketball arena, The Staples Center. One of the perks she
had treated herself to following her success on Ally McBeal and the
subsequent movie roles, including a starring role in the upcoming remake
of Charlie’s Angels, was season tickets to all the Laker home games.

She had always been an energetic sports enthusiast and was miniacal
staying in shape , so she had always loved the pace and
athleticism that baskeball offered. As much as she went to the games to
see the game itself however, living in LA offered the bonus opportunity
to spend hour after hour of celebrity watching. She looked through the
crowd with child like admiration at all the stars surrounding her.
Eventhough she was a star now herself and many fans stared at her, Lucy
couldn’t help but study people like Nicholson, Whoopi and Speilberg
scattered throughout the crowd as they watched the game with her.

Looking up at the scoreboard, seeing that the Lakers were up by 20 over
the Nuggets with 6 minutes left, Lucy decided to ease up a couple of
rows to try and strike up a conversation with a middle aged blonde that
had reserved seats directly in front of her.

One of the ideosyncracies of Los Angeles crowds was that they arrived
late and frequently left early. With this night’s game well in hand,
Lucy decided to sneak up a few rows, stepping over the seats in her skin
tight black slacks and introduce herself to the 40ish beauty she had
many times recognized on tv attending Laker games. Her name was Dyan

Awkwardly stepping over each of the seats, Lucy finally reached the same
aisle that Dyan was sitting.

"Hi," Lucy said, startling the mature, pretty blonde.

"Ohhh..you scared me…hello to you….you’re that girl from Ally
Mcbeal…Ling….right?" Dyan replied, slowing regaining her breath.

Dyan quickly extended her hand and the two women shared typical "LA
handshake" of mutual stardom.

"Lucy…Lucy Liu, pleased to meet you Ms. Cannon," Lucy smiled back.

"Oh dear God.. you knew my name. I’m surprised anybody as young as you
remembers me..,"Dyan replied gleefully over the light din of the crowd.

"Oh yeah, my brother used to have posters of you all over his room, and
of course I have always saw you courtside back when the team played at
the Forum. I’ve got season tickets right here behind you," Lucy said

The two women continued to talk for the remaining 5 minutes of the
ballgame. As the final buzzer sounded and the remaining fans began
filtering up the steps to leave, Dyan told Lucy that she had a dinner
date to meet at 10:30.

"I’d love to stay and chat…I love your show Lucy…we have to get
together sometime for lunch. I’d really love to get together and hear
all the dirt about what goes on behind the scenes at the show," Dyan
flattered as she left.

As Lucy prepared to say goodbye when suddenly Dyan yelled towards the

"Hey Kobe," Dyan screamed so that all the players turned to look.

Kobe looked up into the crowd and smiled at his blonde admirer. "Hey
Dyan..you coming by later?"

"Can’t make it tonight sweetie…already have a date…we’ll do it again
sometime," Dyan said reassuringly.

Kobe waved and smiled as he left the court, victorious with his team.

"You really know him?" Lucy asked , looking a little more than

"Oh Yeah,"Dyan replied."As big as LA is, the social circle here is still
pretty small. We are always bumping into each other. Sometimes some of
the movers and shakers hang out with a few of the guys in the players’
lounge outside the locker room.. no big deal. I’d love to stay and chat
Lucy… but this guy I’m meeting tonight for dinner is doing a movie and
I’m trying to weasel my way in.. but we’ll get together..OK.."

"I look forward to it," Lucy gleamed, watching her new middle aged
friend ascend the stairs and leave.

"Players lounge, huh,"Lucy thought to herself. I guess since I’m a star
now they might even let me in."

Eventhough she had to be on the Ally Mcbeal set at 7am sharp, looking at
her watch seeing that it still was only 9:30 in the evening, Lucy
figured a few minutes of mingling and carousing wouldn’t hurt.

Bouncing down the half dozen or so steps onto the large hardwood court,
Lucy strolled past an elderly, smiling security guard posted on the
floor. Rather than stopping her and questioning her, he simply tipped
his cap and watched as the asian beauty wearing a pair of skin tight
black slacks, heels and a light blue tank top gracefully walked by.

As she made her way by the gauntlet of yellow jacketed security, many of
whom had stopped autograph seeking kids and female groupies, Lucy was
amazed she was able to quietly walk through without incident as she made
her way to the backstage area of the arena.

Reaching the inner sanctum of the colisium, Lucy tried her best to blend
in with the "in" crowd milling about the hallways in the bowels of the
Staples Center. Somehow, Lucy felt she had been transported through some
kind of dimensional portal. One moment she had been in a cavernous
basketball arena and the next she was surrounded by movie stars,
entertainers, wanna be hangers’ on, a ton of agents on thier cell
phones, and plenty of free food and wine in a cramped lounge.

Lucy gladly took a glass of pink champagne from one of the male servers
and continued to mingle.

About 20 minutes later, several of the players began to emerge from the
adjoining locker room and worked thier way through the assembled crowd.
Lucy recognized many of the players from watching them on tv and even
made brief eye contact with coach Phil Jackson as he passed by on the
way out of the arena to head for home.

The music in the backgound picked up as well as the players gradually
worked there way around the room. Lucy found herself swaying slightly to
the bass rythems as she laughed and caroused with a few strangers.

As she continued to dance in place, suddenly a hand reached and with a
heavy but gentle tug, pulled her around by the shoulder.

The lovely Asian actress turned to see who was trying to get her
attention, only to look up and see nothing but the buttons of an
expensive shirt right in front of her face.

Swallowing the sip of champagne in her mouth with a quick gulp, slowly
Lucy lifted her almond colored eyes up to see the gigantic frame of
Shaquille O’Neil looking down on her.

"Oh….I’m sorry lady. I thought you were someone else," Shaq said as
the lithe Asian beauty turned to face him.

"Who did you think I was?" Lucy jokingly asked.

"Ohhh..I thought you were that Asian chick..ahh..I mean lady… from
that Ally Mcbeal show," Shaq replied.

"You mean Lucy Liu?" Lucy asked innocently.

"Yeah… that sounds right," Shaq answered.

"Well keep looking…. she might be here somewhere. By the way , have
you seen Mr. O’Neil?" Lucy gleamed playfully.

Shaq looked down at the girl facing him smiling and was frozen in
stunned silence for a couple of seconds."Wait a minute," he finally said
"I’m Mr. O’Neil."

"That’s right , you are and I’m Lucy….Lucy Liu, pleased to meet you,"
she said extending her small, dainty hand up to him.

Shaq took Lucy’s demure hand into his large, massive grip and squeezed
it gently. Instantly, Lucy felt an incredibale rush of power course up
her arm and vibrate against the nerves in her spine. Looking on as
Shaq’s baseball mit sized hand encompassed hers, it looked to Lucy as if
her entire hand had momentarily disappeard.

"I’ve never seen you at any of these post game parties before.."Shaq
said as he continued embracing Lucy’s thin soft right hand.

"I just got my season tickets last week.. this is only the second game
I’ve been to." Lucy replied, feeling more than a jolt of excitement in
shaking the muscular stud’s hand.

"I ran into Dyan..Dyan Cannon during the game and she asked if I wanted
to come down,"Lucy continued.

"Ahhh…..Dyan..," Shaq smiled with a brief twinkle in his eye.

The gleam in the athlete’s eye spoke of some appreciation for Ms. Cannon
much deeper than he was verbally letting on, but rather than saying
anything about the middle aged blond sultress, he simply asked
Lucy,"Wanna dance?"

The thought of getting onto a dance floor in the 3 inch spike heels she
was wearing was the closest thing to torture Lucy could think of. But
just as she prepared to turn down the imposing basketball player’s
friendly invitation, a slow song began to play.

"Listen..its a slow groove Lucy..let’s go," Shaq urged.

Before she knew what had hit her, Shaq had grabbed her by the arm softly
and in a matter of seconds she was on the small cramped dance floor,
pressed obscenly close to the insisitant athlete.

Lucy felt sort of like a small child dancing with an adult, the size
disparity was so great between the two. Shaq was nearly 7 foot 2 and
weighed well over 300 pounds. Lucy was barely 5 foot 6 and weighed 120
only if she had eaten a big dinner. As Shaq embraced her, she could feel
the majestic power of his arms as he held her tightly against his barrel
like chest.

Lucy found herself grindng her head and chest into Shaq’s expensive
colorful outfit, pressing herself tightly against him as a child would
once it had found a comfortable sanctuary.

Taking a deep breath, trying to quell her lustful angst, Lucy ‘s senses
were filled by Shaq’s masculine scent and imposing presence.

Laying the side of her head seductively against the towering player’s
rock hard abdomen, she continued to playfully sway to the soft steady
beat of the jazz music that played on and on around her.

Looking down over the Asian beauty clinging to him below, Shaq finally
gave into temptation and raised one of his large meaty hands and gently
layed it down onto the top of Lucy’s head. He then proceeded to pet her
long jet black hair lovingly in a series of long, senseous brush
strokes. As he felt Lucy’s body weight melt against his unrelenting
frame, he dropped his free hand down to his side and wedged it between
thier two bodies, taking her free hand in his and closing his grip
around it tightly.

With Lucy’s hand held securly in his, Shaq gradually lowered it between
thier two straining bodies until it reached the center of Shaq’s
muscular thigh. As Shaq pressed Lucy’s touch against him, she instantly
felt like she had placed her hand on a boulder. Eventhough the pants
Shaq was wearing were smooth and velvety, the brute raw power of years
worth of work in weightrooms coursed through her tiny fingers as she
touched him. Feeling the heat and lurid intensity flowing through Shaq’s
body, Lucy lustully dug her fingers into the black stud’s groin.

Feeling Lucy’s hand explore his aroused private regions, he carefully
bent down and whispered into the actresses’s ear before kissing her
lightly on the neck.

"Do you like how that feels?" Shaq gently asked.

"Yesssss," Lucy gasped slightly in return.

"Then try this,"Shaq added as he lifted Lucy’s hand from the rock solid
firmness of his thigh, until it grazed against the unmistakable
throbbing in the center of Shaquille O’Neil’s crotch.

"Ohhh..mmmyyy…Goodddd.."Lucy groaned as the heat of Shaq’s growing
manhood radiated out of his expensive trousers and into the small
weightless grip of Lucy’s dainty hand.

"Dear Jesus.." Lucy cried softly as she pressed against Shaq even
tighter. Forgetting she was in a crowded room with dozens of other peple
moving and watching around her, Lucy Liu brazenly slammed her full
weight against the brickwall-like presence of the imposing stud
controlling her.

"Do you want it Lucy, huh?" Shaq whispered insistantly. "We have a few
private suites down the hall where we could get a little nasty if you

Lucy was silent for a moment as she gathered her breath before finally
answering. "Yesss…ahh..ahh.. and hurry up!"

With that, Shaq led Lucy away, out of the main party area to one of the
adjoining rooms,the same way he had done with a few other celebrities
and many groupies during his four years in Los Angeles. As he led the
sultry brunette towards the private room, he followed close behind,
measuring her up and contemplating how he was going to go about sexually
ravaging the catty TV star.

As Shaq pushed open the door to one of the private suites with one hand,
he placed his other flush against the rear of Lucy’s tight midnight
black pants. Shaq’s hand, which made a basketball look more like a
tennis ball in his grip, covered most of Lucy’s firm hips as he
powerfully guided her into the empty room.

Once in, Shaq quickly closed the door behind him and as soon as Lucy
heard it slam shut, she rocked backwards against the imposing stud
trailing her, with all her might, imploring the massive athlete to grab
her body and squeeze it even harder. Lucy was amazed that one human hand
could cover so much space and grip her with such shear force.

Grinding her hips backwards against Shaq’s crotch, Lucy proceeded to
bend forward slightly, much the same way a center in football would bend
over in front of a quarterback, and pressed the back of her thighs and
her heartshaped ass snugly against O’Neil’s legs as he towered above her
like an imposing Redwood.

Shaq massaged Lucy’s sweet asscheeks for several moments, enjoying just
how eager the Asain temptress behaved under his powerful touch.

Using his other hand to grab a handfull of Lucy’s jetblack long hair,
Shaq took it and rolled it between his meaty fingers. Once he had a firm
grip of her hair, Shaq pulled Lucy back up towards him. As Lucy’s back
slammed once again against Shaq’s solid frame, Shaq bent forward
slightly and planted a soft kiss directly on top of Lucy’s swiming head.

As the hulking athlete ground his rough lips into the depths of Lucy’s
soft angelic hair, he inhaled the essence of her fresh smelling tropical
conditioner. Feeling Lucy’s warm body vibrate with anticipation in his
controlling grasp, Shaq realized the girl that played Ling on Ally
Mcbeal was going to allow him the opportunity to use her long , lithe
lovely body as his personal post game spread.

With her back pressed tightly against Shaq’s rock hard abdomen and her
eyes closed, Lucy was totally uaware that the aroused stud behind her
was in the process of lifting his hands up into the air and was guiding
them down across her chest.

Sensing the shadow of his arms descend in front of her face, Lucy opened
her eyes just in time to see the seven footer open the palms of his
massive black hands and caress them firmly against her small supple
breasts until the entire mass of her 34B titties were hidden in an all
encompassing grasp.

Lucy nearly fainted, feeling the giant’s strength as he massaged her
tits through the dainty fabric of her light blue tanktop.

"Real nice," He whispered huskily down to Lucy as he kneaded her breasts
like raw dough through her shirt.

Lucy urgently strained backwards against Shaq behind her, feeling the
sausage like growth of his erect cock radiating heat and pushing out
against her through the friction of thier pants rubbing together.

With a great deal of ease, Shaq removed the slinky fabric of Lucy’s
shirt, taking it into two small balls in his hands and effortlessly
lifted it up over her chest, then finally over her head and then dropped
it harmlessly to the floor below.

As she lifted her toned arms up over her head to allow Shaq to begin
stripping her, she could feel tingles and spasms work thier way up and
down her spine like random darts scattered through out her trembling

After he dropped Lucy’s tanktop to the floor, Shaq returned both hands
back onto Lucy’s quivering body, back down directly onto Lucy’s chest
which was now only covered by a skimpy black Frederick’s of Hollywood

With his thumbs and index fingers Shaq slowly traced the area around
Lucy’s areola and nipples through the lacy black mesh of her bra until
the buds of her nipples grew like marbles between the powerful fingers
manipulating them.

Shaq then tweaked both Lucy’s nipples before pulling on them like a
pinball player would sending a new ball up into the table causing the
Asian actress to gasp loudly…"Ohhh Goddd..I’ve never..ever… been
touched by anyone your size…but dear sweet Jesus..you fuckin’ black
stud…..don’t be gentle with me…ahhhhh….give meee..the best
fuck…you.. got!"

Shaq simply smiled down at Lucy’s plea without saying a word. He
steadily continued going about his business. Taking the snap of Lucy’s
slinky bra, he deftly undid the snap despite the fact his meaty fingers
had trouble with such a small hook. Deliberatly pushing the attachments
of the bra apart, Shaq sighed with approval looking down over Lucy’s
bare chest as he dropped the dark lacy garmet to the floor beside her
already removed shirt.

Placing his strong hands on each side of Lucy’s waist, the towering
center swirled Lucy around effortlessly bringing her face to face with
his massive chest.

Bending over, Shaq opened his mouth wide, taking the entirity of Lucy’s
taunt breasts, one at a time, into his hungary mouth.

Writhing hypnotically, on the verge of passing out, Lucy mashed her red
lips desperatly against Shaq’s bald and smooth head as it rested against
her chest and began kissing his scalp madly as the eager athlete
continued using her body for his own lusciuos pleasure.

With Shaq’s head buried in her chest, Lucy clumsily tried reaching for
the zipper of his pants, fumbling with the fly trying to get it open.

Sensing what she was trying to do, Shaq suddenly lifted up and faced

"It’s not going to fit through there..undo my belt and drop the whole
package Lucy..then you can take it out…its just to big to fit through
that hole honey,"Shaq said in all seriousness.

Rubbing her palm wantonly against the throbbing mass just inside the
fabric of Shaq’s expensive trousers, the reality of the physics equation
that the basketball player had just layed out began to sink in for Lucy.

Realizing that Shaq was getting ready to help her lower his pants, Lucy
quickly lifted her shaking hand up to the snap of Shaq’s slacks and
brutally pulled them down over his waist like an eager child ripping
open Christmas wrapping.

As Lucy tore Shaq’s pants down to his knees, the ridge rising inside his
tight bikini briefs was nothing short of obscene. A small dibble of
saliva dripped out from between Lucy’s full red lips and down onto her
chin as she took in the sight in front of her.

Lifting her hand up and placing it in the waistband of Shaq’s briefs,
like a tentitive Private trying to disable a bomb, she slowly worked
Shaquille’s underwear over the massive spear that was causing the tight
fabric to jut out majestically.

The air seemed to go out of Lucy’s body momentarily as her gaze widened
and her body movements stopped, staring at the 10 inch curved girth of
Shaq’s cock as it dangled in front of her shocked face like an angry
animal, freed from its constraints.

As she tried regaining her breath, Lucy watched as the cock continued to
grow, rising like a weapon between his muscle bound legs.

With his crotch almost at Lucy’s chest level, she only had to bend
slightly to get a closer look. Staring at it with her eyes still agape,
Lucy gently took the massive member in her small tan hand and lovingly
rubbed its weight against her smooth cheeks and lips.

Shaq reached down and grabbed his dick by its base and layed it’s nearly
footlong length, with a width the size of a soda can, across Lucy’s chin
all the way up until his cock head rested neatly in Lucy’s dark mane of
hair. As Lucy breathed in Shaq’s masculine scent of virility, she
couldn’t wait to get as much of his black cock into her drooling mouth
as she could stuff in.

Feeling the heavyness of Shaq’s balls as they rested on her chin and the
shaft of his cock across the rest of her sleek face caused Lucy’s knees
to buckle with lust. Spreading her knees into the plush carpet below,
Lucy took her position, kneeling in front of the statuesque sports icon
who stood above her in a cocksure, daunting pose.

Shaq simply put his hands on his large waist and looked down as Lucy
Liu tried her best to accomodate what she could of his massive erection
in her tiny mouth.

"Yeeesss.." Shaq hissed down as Lucy’s small quick tongue darted across
his veiny manhood.

Lucy hurriedly breathed through her flarred nostrils as she filled her
mouth with all the cockflesh she could possibly fit in. As her knees
ground into the expensive carpet below, she opened her sultry eyes and
looked up at the giant man standing above her. Her eyes latched on to
his and they both shared a long unabashed stare of mutual anticipaion
and arousal.

Grabbing Shaq’s cock with both hands, Lucy held it like a microphone
tightly as she continued depositing her sticky saliva over every inch of
the throbbing jock that was consuming her.

Shaq playfully brushed the actresses long silky hair with his hands as
his hips steadily began to rotate in lurid circles, jabbing his dick in
and out of Lucy’s mouth, watching as the liquod traces of Lucy’s
handywork coated his glistening ebony penis.

"I want to fuck you,"Shaq ordered." I want to fuck that sweet Asian
pussy of your’s, get up."

Guiding Lucy’s face of his spit-soaked cock, leaving it hanging there
like an extra appendage covered with the moist remnants of Lucy’s mouth,
Shaq lifted the petite actress by placing his hands behind her and then
raised her weightlessly into the air.

Shaq gently carried her over to where a sofa rested in the center of the
room and sat her down on the floor directly behind it.

Taking Lucy by the shoulders, Shaq spun her heaving, tingling body
around so that Lucy once again had her now naked back facing him.

Running one of his rough hands directly down the smoothess of Lucy’s
spine, he used his free hand and placed it against the back of Lucy’s
neck pushing her down wantonly so that the Asian Goddess’s chest and
belly were draped across the back cushions of the sofa.

Looking down at Lucy bent over in front of him, her ass naughtily
displayed for him, Shaq quickly eased his probing fingers around Lucy’s
front and dug at the button snap of her tight black slacks. Shaq could
feel a low gasp of relief and expectation escape Lucy’s lungs as he
undid her pants and then slowly pulling them down, first off her waist,
over her slim hips and then down the lithesome toned thighs.

Helplessly bent over the back of the couch, Lucy’s rear end was raised
into the air in front of Shaq, signaling she was ready to surrender
every crevise of her body to the powerful jock’s advances.

He slipped his middle finger into the thong strap of Lucy’s black bikini
panties and then eased his digit up and down, teasing the sensitive
exposed entrance to Lucy’s anus.

"Beautiful booty you got there honey,"Shaq complimented.

"You like it," Lucy lashed back eagerly, "Then fuck it!"

"I just might do that, "Shaq answered," But first I want a crack of that
sweet pink pussy of yours!"

Pulling his cock up into his meaty hand, Saq powerfully eased forwar and
pressed his insistant bulk against Lucy’s soft frame bent over
invitingly in front of him.

"Are you ready?" Shaq asked.

"UMMMPPPPHH…UMMMMHHUUMM,"Lucy agreed, her face buried into the
cushions of the couch below.

"Better be," Shaq said, ready to pounce.

With a couple of fingers from his right hand still intertwined around
the slim thong of Lucy’s panties, Shaq slid his left hand up onto Lucy’s
tight ass, and with both hands he powerfully ripped the thong apart with
a quick resounding tug.

Now with her pants down below her knees, Lucy shivered as she continued
dangling over the rear of the sofa, knowing exactly what was coming

With the elastic band of her panties still around her waist, the thong
strip covering the crack of her ass and the triangle of fabric that
covered her vulva both hung in two loose shreds, a result of the crude
way the basketball star had stripped her.

A moment later, Lucy felt Shaq’s rough fingers spin and swirl over the
soft angelic whisps of her small, trimmed patch of pubic fur. Shaq
quickly then brushed his fingers across the electricallly charged nub of
Lucy’s clitoris before submerging his fingers into the honey pool of
bubbling nector that was Lucy’s cunt.

Shaq spread apart Lucy’s tethered, bubble gum pink vaginal lips as he
guided his warm steel-like directly at it’s intended target, savoring
the contrast of his thick, dark phallus against Lucy’s pink femininity.

Arching his legs wide apart, Shaq proceeded to lunge forward and buried
the tip of his manhood in Lucy’s splayed body. As his cockhead snuck
between the flowering folds of Lucy’s pussy, Shaq took a slow deep
breath, gathering himself, before pushing the full weight of his being
inside the beautiful tv star.

Slowly pushing his over 300 lbs. of bulk forward, Shaq slid his
throbbing piece up through the slippery and clingy walls of the Asian
goddess’s cunt.

"GA….GA…GGGAAWWDDD…DDAAAMMNNN..," Lucy cried joyously into the
cushions below, being filled so roughly and completly from behind.

Lucy’s feet were the only part of her still touching the ground, but as
Shaq pushed forward, her ankles shot upwards from the shear force of
being entered so harshly, leaving only her toes and the tips of her
three inch heels touching the carpet below. Lucy also stretched her arms
out like wings on an airlane , grabbing the apex of the sofa to each
side of her in an attempt to balance herself, sensing the carnal release
of energy that was forthcoming.

As Lucy’s calf muscles tensed, Shaq pushed his full erection forward
with a crude pelvic thrust, completly embedding his seething cock deeply
into Lucy Liu’s frothy womb.

The Ally Mcbeal star was far from the first celeb Shaq and his teammates
had bagged during his time in LA, but he was hard pressed to think of
any that were as eager and ready for his virile onslaught as the Asian
girl that was pressed between his weight and the soft couch below was at
that moment.

With a series of long slow and deep thrusts into Lucy’s pussy to loosen
her up, finally his rigid black dick felt snug and flexible enough
inside Lucy so that he could begin drilling her in earnest.

Having been so busy with her tv show, Lucy had sorely neglected her
social contacts during the recent past and had not had a real cock, much
less one so endowed and eager in her snatch in over two months. With
only her fingers and vibrating toys to help her fall asleep at night,
Lucy quickly realized she wouldn’t be able to hold back her glorious
release for very long, especially when Shaq powerful fuck motions began
to hit overdrive.

Once the athlete’s rapid, deep thrusting pace began, every area of
Lucy’s body started to jerk and twitch in spasmic fits of involuntary
approval. With all her blood rushing to her head, bent over the back of
the sofa, a dizzying swirl of arousal swept through every tingling fiber
of Lucy’s existence.

She felt like such a whore for the stud’s crude advances and as she
closed her eyes and pictured what she would look like from afar; naked,
bent over a sofa with her black slacks pulled down past her knees and
her slinky panties ripped apart, geeting pounded by a well over 7 foot
basketball player in a small private room after a game, Lucy feel hot
chills pulse all over and through her sexy body.

AAAAHHHHHHHHH," Lucy screamed, her shriekes thankfully muffled by the
sofa cushions she had jammed into her mouth to keep from scaring the
partygoers assembled outside.

As the Asian goddess bucked wildly underneath him, cumming harder than
anyone had ever done under his brutal assaults, Shaq shot is massive
bald head backwards and tensed his towering frame, preparing to unleash
his orgasm as well. Not wanting to take a chance of impregnating Lucy ,
as well as also rather enjoying the look of his load covering the body
of his partners, Shaq pulled his cock free from Lucy soupy grip like he
was pulling Excalibur from a stone and jacked it off with several quick
priming motions before his cum spewed like white lazors across Lucy’s
soft, coffee and cream colored back.

The first stream landed just below Lucy’s hairline and the second and
third dribbled down over the concave area of her spine, dripping down
the canal of her back which was still dangling over the back of the
sofa. The last few releases of semen fell like large round white bubbles
across Lucy’s quivering ass as Shaq milked every bit of juice out of his

With her pants rebuttoned and her tanktop back on, Lucy slowly and
methodically left the room , her whole body drained from the workout it
had just received. With Shaq following her close behind as they left the
room, Lucy payed no attention to the fact that her nipples were solid
spheres poking out through her thin blue shirt. She had let Shaq keep
her bra as a momento of the brief encounter.

As she tried her best to resume mingling with the assembled crowd, Lucy
looked up at the large Laker schedule posted on the wall and thought
pleasant thoughts seeing that there were still 32 home dates left before
the playoffs.

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