Celebrity Porn Stars — Kim Kardashian, I

Name: Celebrity Porn Stars — Kim Kardashian, I
Author: QXM
Tags: MF, cons, oral

This is part of a series I’m looking to write. The theme is— what
if various celebrities got into porn?

This is, of course, fictional.

I know, it’s shitty, but it’s just an initial run.

Name: Hidden Camera Casting Couch – Kim
Format: Porn-site video
Starring: Kim Kardashian
Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Curvy, Blowjob

The video begins with a black screen with the site logo in the
center. The site is called Hidden Camera Casting Couch.
The premise of the site is that, in each video, a girl goes in for
what she thinks is a modelling agency, and is told once she’s in
the room for the interview that it’s really a porn company. Some
girls are more than willing – others need convincing, and
occasionally some need even more convincing.

The screen changes – still black, but with the word Kim in
the center of the screen.

Then, it changes to a shot of Kim Kardashian in front of a door.
The camera is one of those tiny spy cameras – it is lodged in the
door, and impossible to really see – supposedly, anyways. It is
just below eye level with Kim.

She is wearing a somewhat tight green dress. It extends down to
her knees and has no sleeves, and the collar is cut into a low,
sort of wide V-shape, which shows off the tops of her large
breasts. A small gold necklace dangles down into her cleavage.
She is wearing dark mascara, eye-liner, and eye-shadow, as well as
pink lipgloss and some other typical makeup. Her hair is straight.
She has large hoop earrings on, which are partially covered by her

She knocks, and waits a short while. Then, she opens the door, and
the scene changes again.

The point of view is from the top of a desk, pointed towards a
couch. Off-screen, a man walks up to Kim. They shake hands and
introduce themselves. He goes back behind where the camera is, and
asks her to take a seat on the couch.

Kim sits down in the middle of the couch, and crosses her legs.
She is wearing high-healed leather boots, that go up nearly to her

“So, you’re here for the interview? ,” The man behind the camera

“Yeah,” She says, “So is this like swimsuits, or, what?”

“Well,” He says, “We kind of made a mistake in the ad – it was
actually for porn.”

“Oh my god,” Kim says. She looks shocked.

“I’m sorry – we’re trying to get the ad fixed.”

She stands up, and says, “Sorry for wasting your time.” She starts
to walk towards the door. The camera gets a profile shot of her
ass as she walks away – it juts out from the rest of her profile,
due to the tightness of her dress.

“Wait,” He said.

She turns around, and asks, “What?”

“Would you still be interested? ,” He asks, “You have a great body,
and I think you’d do really well in adult modelling.”

“I don’t know,” She says, looking away.

“Aw, c’mon. If you decide you don’t want to do it after the
interview, you don’t have to.”

“Am I gonna have to get naked?”


She stays silent for a moment. “You’re not video-taping this, are


“What am I going to have to do?”

“You’ll just have to get naked, then I’ll ask you a couple
questions, and then you’ll just have to suck my cock.”

She turns away, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “I don’t
know about that,” She says.

He stands up, and walks over to her. The point of view shifts to
another spy-cam – in the top button of his shirt, which is at eye-
level with her. He puts his hand on her upper back. “C’mon,” He
says, “You’re sexy – you could make a lot of money this way. And
as I said, nothing’s being video-taped and you don’t have to go
through with it if the company decides to accept you.”

She makes a somewhat loud “Hmmm” sort of sound, and bites lightly
on her lower lip. He rubs her back, and after a few minutes, she
says, “Sure.”


“So – I’m gonna have to get naked, right?”


“Alright,” She says, and turns so that her back is facing towards
the camera. “Unzip me.”

He reaches out, and unzips the back of her dress. She pushes the
shoulder straps down her shoulders, and wiggles slightly so that it
slides off of her. She is dressed in black, lacey underwear. She
turns around, and asks, with a smile, “You like what you see?”

“Yeah,” He said, “Now take the rest off.”

She reaches back, and undoes her bra. She takes it off. Her
breasts are exposed – they’re roughly the same tone as the rest of
her. They only descend an amount reasonable for their girth – her
nipples are brown, with somewhat large areolas.

“Leave the boots on,” He said, as she pulls down her panties. As
she crouches down to take them off, the point of view shifts again,
to a spy-cam behind her. The screen is filled by a shot of her
fleshy ass as she bends over, and lifts one leg after the other to
get her panties off from around her ankles.

The point of view changes to the previous camera. He walks back
behind it, and says to her, “Go ahead and sit down.”

She picks up her underwear and dress, and walks to the couch. “You
have a great ass,” He says, as she’s walking. “Thanks,” She says,
and laughs, as she sits down.

Her crotch is completely clean-shaven. She doesn’t cross her legs
– in fact, she spreads them.

“So, you’re name is Kim, right?”

“Yep,” She said, smiling.

“Are you from around here, or…?”

“I’m from around here.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

She giggles. She brings one of her legs up, with her foot on the
couch, and her knee at the same level as her head, giving a very
good shot of her pussy. “Are you asking for any particular reason?
,” She asks, with a smile.

“I was just wondering.”

“Oh – well, no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Well, what kind of guys do you like?” She bursts into laughter,
and he asks, “Like, white guys, black guys?”

The camera zooms in on her face, to where it’s all that fits in the
screen. “Well, I haven’t been with too many white guys,” She said,
“But – I like big cocks, whatever size they are.”

“Oh, so you like big cocks?”

“What girl doesn’t?” They both laugh.

“What was the biggest you’ve ever had?”

“Ohhh – I guess about maybe ten inches.”

“How thick though?”

“Not that much.”

“Well – there are a lot of guys in porn who’re bigger than that.
Like, a foot long and as thick as my wrist – think you can handle

“Oh, totally. I have a toy back home that big.”

Her right shoulder appears to be moving, at this point, suggesting
that she is masturbating.

“So, you masturbate a lot?”

“Yeah,” She says, “I can barely function unless I get something in
my pussy at least once a day.”

“Well, you’d love doing porn then.” She laughs, and he asks, “Are
you comfortable with anal?”

She scrunches her face up. “No – not really,” She says, “Guys
always want to fuck my ass–”

“Obviously,” He interjects.

She laughs, and continues, “But, I’m kind of uncomfortable with the
idea – having a cock shoved up my ass.”

“Well, that’s okay – but, would you ever be willing to try it?”


The camera zooms out. He says, “Alright – so, I’m going to have to
evaluate your skills a bit. So – I’m gonna have to ask you
to suck my cock.”

“Okay,” She says, and smiles.

He moves to stand in front of the camera, in a way where the camera
gets a shot of his profile. She walks over, and kneels down in
front of him. She unzips his pants, and pulls down his pants and
underwear. The camera zooms in, as she starts playing with his
white dick. It hardens in her soft, dark hand, until it reaches a
full seven inches.

She places her plump lips around the tip, and moves down, nearly
kissing the base on her first run. He groans, as she continues
going back and forth, and playing with his balls. She takes her
lips off, and kisses the head, and then the underside. She licks
and kisses his scrotum, as she jerks him off, and takes one of his
testicals in her mouth for a brief period of time.

“Ugh – you’re good,” He said.

She went back to sucking. He places his hand on the back of her
head, holding on to her as she rocks her head back and forth,
massaging his veiny white cock with her glossy, plump pink lips and
moist red tongue.

The view switches to that of a camera positioned behind her. We
see her ass shift and jiggle as she works the cock with her mouth.

It switches back, as she takes the cock, glistening with her
saliva, out of her mouth. She begins jerking it wildly. Her tits
shake as she pumps her arm back and forth, as her fingers piston
back and forth along the length of the cock. She closes her eyes
and tilts her head back, pointing the cock down to her massive tits.

He groans. And it is not long before he ejaculates, firing his
sperm onto her tits.

She laughs, and gets up. He moves over to the desk, and says, “I
have some tissues, if you’d like.”

And with that, the video ends.

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