Celebrity Rape: Marie Osmond





The highway through the utah desert was long and deserted Marie osmond had been travelling along it now for over an hour and in that time she had only seen 3 other vehicles but this is how she liked it she rarely drove herself it was usually her husband who drove but today she was alone it was a rare treat away from her family her fans and work, there was a clear road ahead it was a hot summers afternoon and boy was she going to make the most of it. She
had got up a good speed when disaster struck suddenlly there was a loud bang and the car sped to the left she started to panic as she tried to regain control the car span 360 degrees before coming to a dusty halt half on and half off the road. she sat for a minute trying to compose herself she was more relieved to be alive than scared “it must be a blow out” she thought climbing out she soon confirmed it the front near side tyre was flat.

she gave it a kick and swore in the most un Marie osmond way she could well why not there was no one around to hear her there was also no one around to help her and she knew she wasn,t carrying a spare.

she looked long and hard in either direction for a sign of life, she was sure that someone passing would recognize her and come to her rescue, then in the distance she saw a vehicle as it got nearer to her she could make it out as a converted bus covered in custom made artwork it looked very dirty and very beaten up the words THE CHILDREN OF SATAN were paunted in red along the side behind the wheel was a large unsavory looking man with a thick unkempt beard and mustach he looked in urgent need of a bath there were others in the bus she could make out figures.

the bus pulled over Marie hought to herself beggars cant be choosers they may be able to help her

“excuse me could you help”she asked.

the mean guy leered at her making her feel uncomfortable. then suddenly a large door on the side slid open and three big men jumped out Marie was scared she was all alone and miles from any where

“your coming with us osmond” one of them said grabbing her by a wrist. she screamed loudly as the three men picked her bodilly off the ground and dumped her unceremoniously on to the floor of the converted bus she looked up at her abductors in all there were six of them five ugly unwashed men including the driver and a pretty teenage girl who looked relativelly clean.

“no, please let me go” she screamed. as she tried to stand up the men pounced pinning her to the floor she screamed again but this time only briefly she felt the bus move off as her attackers hands tore her clothes from her body, she couldn,t believe that this was happenning a hand over her mouth prevented any more screaming she tried vainly to struggle but they were too strong for her their hands sqweezed her pert breastsas soon as her bra was finnally ripped from her she tried to struggle even harder as her knickers were removed she couldn,t believe that this was happening these guys were strong their hands probed her soft skin her small breasts were sqweezed tightly as were her buttocks the girl there fingered maries open pussy

“we are gonna fuck you like a slut” one of them said before placing his mouth over hers marie thought that she was going to be sick as her attacker shoved his tongue into her mouth and slid it around inside licking her teeth and tongue after a couple of seconds her removed his mouth to allow her to catch her breath marie was almost in tears when he said “right osmond its time to eat some cock” she screamed as a giant 12inch dick was slapped across her mouth “NO NO,PLEASE DONT” she cried. then she was gagged by it the rapist shoved as much as he could into her pretty mouth and began pumping as her face was bieng raped the others started to spank her buttocks marie was in tears now and totally helpless she felt her wrists being bound behind her back as a finger probed the depth of her cunt then the cock in her mouth unloaded pouring hot cum into her throat leaving her no choice but to swallow it.

“next” he shouted removing his hot cock from her, instantly it was replaced by another not quite so long but just as thick this one started to pump

“i want to lick her” the girl shouted pushing all of the fingers from maries hot box,”keep her legs still” the girl bent down and started to gorge her self on the beautiful singers pussy maries breast were still being sqweezed her nipples pulled and pinched then after a few moments licked and sucked the guy in her mouth came loudly filling maries mouth up with cum when his cock was removed another one invaded her mouth. the bus had pulled off the main highway and had travelled several miles before it was stopped at a very secluded spot the raping of marie osmond continued all the while the girl had stopped licking her and wanted the favour returned marie however thought it no favour”my turn now what she needs is the taste of pussy not your stinking cock”

half right marie thought the cock was removed to allow the girl to sit her naked lower half squarly on maries contorted face “lick it” the girl commanded marie didn,t “lick it” the girl repeated this time sharply pinching maries nipples reluctantly marie licked at the girls wet cunt “thats better” she sighed “your my little morman slut now” maries bottom was raised slightly from the bus floor as a cock was thrust sharply inside her vacant cunt now her pussy was being raped and not exactly gently infact it was done with such force that it nearly knocked the girl from maries face the driver now joined his friends he had a camera with him and wasted no time in photographing their deeds.

“my turn now” he pushed the girl off marie “i want a picture of the great puritan marie osmond sucking my cock” he handed the girl the camera marie screamed again this time becouse of the size of this guys cock it was over 15 inches long and as thick as an arm she could hardly get her mouth around it and certainly couldn,t get it all the way in the girl started to take pictures of the blow job that was forced on marie the cock in her pussy unloaded another cock was forced inside her but this one was shoved into her anus causing her to scream loudly as her shitter was forced open and pumped ruthlessly.

on and on the raping went with no sign of stopping as soon as the cock unloaded cum in her ass it was replaced by another also in her ass this time her anus opened more easilly for this cock and the pumping started the guy in her mouth came so much so that cum dribbled down maries chin marie didn,t know how much more she could take these guys didn,t seem to get tired marie was rolled over onto her stomach and butt fucked again his body slapping loudly into maries red buttocks marie was still crying all she wanted now was to be at home with the security of her family but she was scared now after a few minutes all of the guys had ass raped her and she was rolled over onto her back now the girl had a large strap on dildo attached to her she climbed onto marie and slid it gently into her looked down at maries panic stricken face and kissed it she gave marie a deep passionate snog she could still taste some or the residue of cum that marie hadn,t been able to spit out or unwillingly swallowed the kiss lasted for over a minute marie thought it longer.

“lets get her out side” she was pulled weak and tired naked from the bus her bare feet burning from the utah desert. within minutes she was pegged out on the ground with the fierce sun beating down upon her she was in an x position so she knew that her ordeal wasn,t over. they then took it in turn drilling her pussy gates with just as much vigour as they could muster marie had stopped screaming now there was nothing she could do to stop them, she still cried though after the last one fucked her the men all kneeled down around her head and jurked themselves off covering her angelic face with thick cum.

they then got up returned to thier vehicle and drove away leaving her still pegged out in the blazing hot sun with cum and tears covering her face until sleep overcame her.

Marie awoke behind the wheel of her car half off the road where it had gone out of control. my god she thought had she been dreaming she was fully clothed in little pain. it was a dream, oh thank god she thought dream it had been a bloody nightmare her head was bruised she must have knocked herself out on the wheel but at least she was alive she fumbled with the door of the car and climbed out the tyre was blown. god she thought what do i do i dont have a spare. then in the distance she saw a vehicle approach she stepped out into the road she stood parallysed as a converted bus slowed down and stop written in red paint on the side were the words CHILDREN OF SATAN behind the wheel a bearded man with a leer on his face the side door opened and someone said “your coming with us osmond”

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