Celebrity Rape: Sarah, Duchess Of York





Money was changing hands this young man had it all worked out he had gotten a job on the staff of many important people in England in the past usually politicians and always men he was a chauffer and a good one but that didn,t matter he still felt he was underpaid in 1997 he had tried to get himself assigned to the princess of wales where with his plan he could have made a fortune however her boyfriend dodi gave the princess a driver of his own
and then her death destroyed his chances with that he,d nearly given up hope when out of the blue diana,s friend and confident sarah, duchess of york asked him if he would like a job driving her.

He agreed instantly he could still get a fair few pounds for her, being her driver he was often alone with her, this was going to be childs play. his plan was simple he decided to sell this woman for one night to the highest bidder or bidders film the act and sell copies.

He found 8 men tough burly rude men the opitimy of the worse working class englishmen there was, they,d each paid the driver a hundred pounds which the driver assumed had been stolen not that he cared. tonight was to be the night the duchess was in the back of the car sleeping after a royal engagement of a particularilly tireing kind he was to drive the duchess home but since she had always told him to avoid the press at all costs she didn,t complain when he started driving in the wrong direction after thirty minutes she had fallen asleep “this is amazing” he thought “there is a god” They were well out in the quiet English countryside the driver steered the large car towards some old abandoned farm buildings parking the car by a large building. three of the men walked up to the car grinning

“shes all yours” the driver said climbing out into the night “shes asleep”

One of the men opened the side door of the car this did wake up the duchess.

“what the,whats going on”

“your coming with us sarah”

“it,s maam to you”

“oh is it”one of the men grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of the car as if she were a rag doll, she screamed and started to kick wildly but the other two found that they had no difficulty in carrying her into the main barn she screamed louder her abductors didn,t mind that the nearest house was three miles away so they could rest assured that she wouldn,t be heard she was thrown into the centre of the floor where the others encircled her

“what are you going to do” she snapped with venom

“guess” came the reply””touch me and you,ll spend forever in jail”sarah shouted

“lets get this stuck up bitches clothes off”

“no”she screamed but there were too many of them easilly pinning her limbs dowm as her expensive clothes were surprisingly carefully removed she couldn,t believe this was happening fear overwhelmed her, would she get out of here alive would she ever see her kids again the more she struggled the more they were turned on she could see the growing bulges in thier trousers

“please dont hurt me”she cried

“then stop struggling” before sarah could say another word one of the men kissed her deeply warmley she felt like throwing up as his tongue forced it,s way into her mouth she felt their hands all over her trembling body her pert breasts were sqweezed and pulled almost off fingers explored her pussy and ass as soon as the kissing stopped she retaliated by spitting at him

“your gonna wish you hadn,t done that”suddenly she was rolled over onto her stomach and held down

sarah trembled with fear as the big guy removed his belt “i,ll teach you to be a bit more cooperative”

he brought the belt down with a loud thwack onto fergie,s bare buttock causing her to let out a deafening scream of pain a second one followed instantly then a third then a fourth. thwack thwack thack fergie,s screams grew louder. after five minutes he stopped “had enough”

“yes, please stop i,ll do anything you ask”

“good thats better now stand up”her limbs were released and she rose to her feet rubbing her blisterd blazing ass tears rolled down her face as she faced them.

“right fist off we all require french kisses and dont forget to smile”he pointed to a video camera her driver was pointing at her she hadn,t noticed it before she gave her driver a fierce look “your not smiling perhaps she want another whipping”

“no” she smiled as she approached the first guy their lips metfollowed by their tongues sliding around in her mouth for several minutes it took her 15 minutes to snog all of them to their satisfaction after the last one it became apparent what was now required of her one of them had removed his fat cock from his pants and wagged it at her” right time to get your lips around this

“oh god” she thought she sank to her knees in front of him and took hold of it closing her eyes she placed it in her mouth and started to suck at fist she thought of bitting it but knew what would happen to her if she did her red hair was grabbed as the cock was pushed as far in as her abuser could get it she noticed the driver getting closer for a better video shot of her he grunted loudly and came in her mouth as he withdrew his cock she spat ot is cum as though it were poison then there was another cock in her he didn,t last long in fact he came within seconds within 20 minutes she had given them all blow jobs and it was all on video.

it wasn,t over yet the first couple of guys were erect again and ready for action she was told to get down on her hands and knees and now she was to suffer the most humiliating of indignaties she was to be taken from behind she screamed again as her anus was invaded she was a duches the ex wife of a royal prince and here she was being ass fucked like a common whore the large rod of cock meat began pumping causing her tits to bounce in the most provocative way imaginable another guy knelt in front of her ready to invade her mouth again she had secretly imagined having sex with more than one at the same time but not like this the cock sodomizing her shot it,s load and another took over.

the raping didn,t look like stopping soon theyhad her in a position where they were able to get three cocks in her at the same time their vigourouse pumping started to hurt her her jaw was aching with the continual sucking she had lost count but each one must have come in her at least 6 times she was knackered she wished that she could pass out there were so many of them that they each had time to recover she didn,t however, her body was cvered in sweat dirt tears and cum.

no one noticed at first but her pussy was beginning to cream sarah wasn,t struggling any more she just stared at each one as they took it in turn to drill her hot box with their cocks she streached out a hand to fondle another cock when it came into range and quickly started to jerk him off this brought the others within range of her free hand she grabbed a second and repeated the action. as she started to bring them off a gentle smile crossed her lips,she didn,t mind admitting but she was enjoying it she was here for their pleasure now she wanted some.

the fucking lasted until the sun rose with the duchess attaining control of the session they,d been fucking her for over 5 hours non of them could go on they,d run out of video tape an hour ago the 8 attackers slowley staggerd ot of the barn leaving fergies driver to put the camera away. the duchess staggerd to her feet.

“i know your game you ,re hopeing to sell copies of that and make money out of me well it wont work”

“why not with careful editing it wont look like rape”

“can you afford to take the risk i mean their more likely to believe me, of course there is an alternative” fergie stated as she dressed.


“yes i too am short of money,how much did you make tonight”

“800 pounds”he answered.

“peanuts, if you dont want to end up in jail you,ll do it my way from now on i,ll pick the clients i,m the duchess of york people will pay thousands to fuck me you do as i say and we,ll make a killing understand, dont forget you work for me”

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