Celebrity Raped: Marie Osmond


Subject: Marie Osmond

Marie awoke with a groan. Her head felt like it was ready to explode. She
tried to remember what had happened to her, but couldn’t. She remembered
going to a party and meeting some really slimy guys who kept hitting on
Finally she got tired of it and started to leave. She had walked out to
car when everything went black. She sat up and noticed she was laying on

cot in a ramshackle little hut. There was no light on but she could see
light coming from the next room and heard voices. A man entered the room
said, “Bout time you woke up bitch! We been waiting to have
some fun with
you!”. He told her that she had been knocked out and brought to a small
in the middle of nowhere. He walked over to her and told her that him and
his friends would kill her if she didn’t do everything they wanted. They
would torture her first and take a long time for her to die. She could
the danger in his voice and knew he was telling the truth. She said she
obey and he smiled. “Okay then, get in the other room and strip for us!”
Marie staggered into the other room still a little dizzy. She gasped when
walked into the room. There was 12 guys there. Eight of them were black
they were all the meanest. largest looking guys she had ever seen! They
started making
comments about her and began calling her dirty names as she started
stripping. When
her small, perky tits were revealed, she could see that every guy there
was getting
a massive erection. When Marie’s tiny, trimmed pussy was revealed she
thought she was going to faint from fear looking at the lustfuil faces on
the men. She was so afraid
of what they could do to her. The first guy approached her. He was a
black man. He squeezed Marie’s tits and told her to walk around and blow
every guy there. Her face turned red as she approached the first guy. He
shoved his huge black cock into her pouty lipped mouth and started
her face. She started to gag but he just shoved more of his ebony rod
her throat. He grunted and came! She felt her mouth fill with his hot cum
and tried to swallow it all but felt some of it slide out her mouth and
down her chin.

Everyone laughed at her as she crawled to the next guy. Everyone was so
at the thought of getting a blowjob by Marie Osmond that no one guy
lasted very long. One after another they each slapped their huge cocks on
her face, nose and lips. They all forced Marie to suck them off. In about
40 minutes she had swallowed 12 loads of cum and she knew her face was
covered with the sticky residue of what she hadn’t been able to swallow.
Then a guy walked over to her and told her to get on her hands and knees.
She assumed they were going to fuck her but felt her heart
stop beating when the guy said,”Who wants to be the first to fuck her
Before she knew what was happening, she felt a huge black cock against
tiny pink puckered asshole. He shoved it in hard and she screamed out in
agony. The others merely laughed at her as they watched her tiny asshole
open up for his huge cock. He fucked her furiously and came quickly in
ass, lubricating it for the next guy. As the next guy began to buttfuck
her another large black grabbed Marie’s bare feet. He began to rub his
huge black cock all over Marie’s soft wrinkled soles. She had never felt
so degraded in all her life. The large black continued to fuck her soles,
arches and even her sexy red polished toes as Marie continued to get her
ass fucked. The others stood around jerking their dicks in her face. As
the first few guys began to cover her face with their cum again, the guy
in her ass pulled out and just before he came, rammed his thick, huge
up her little, sexy cunt. Shot after shot of sperm filled her pussy.
Marie began to cry as the thought of having a black guys baby crossed her
mind. The black at her feet began to rub his dick harder on her soft
and toes. He shouted “I’m gonna cream this bithches sexy feet!” Stream
after stream of the black’s thick sperm blasted on Marie’s
wriknkled soles and even poured all over her red toenails. He smeared it
in with his cockhead and made her wiggle her cum soaked toes. She was so
humiliated. Eventually. all 12 men fucked her ass, slapping and spanking
her ass while
they made fun of how much her asshole had spread open. They called her a
sloppy anal slut.
she was laid on her back and mounted by each of them her tight pussy was
drilled by their giant dicks Marie nearly passed out as more and more
hot cum was unloaded in her these men wern,t going to stop yet after all
she was the world famous Marie Osmond
When they stopped her pussy was over flowing with cum then one of the
blacks picked her bodilly off the ground and carried her into the shower
and was told too wash as there was a surprise waiting for her.
she did so and 30 minutes later she was standing alone in the room again
naked and beautiful and smelling sweetly as she had earlier
The door opened and avery beautiful and very naked woman walked in NO
NOT LESBIANISM the woman pushed Marie to ground she was going to
struggle but was afraid of what the others would do to her the lesbian
kissed her full on the lips which became a long snog Marie felt the
tongue being pushed inside her mouth and up against her own tongue it
moved and flicked around her mouth as if to count her famous white teeth
Marie,s pussy was being rubbed vigourusly against her attackers pussy
as her tits were sqweezed tightly Marie had never been kissed like this
before their lips parted just as she thought that the lez wouldn,t let
her up for air as her attackers mouth turned its attention to Marie,s
nipples she noticed that the men were standing around swigging beer and
watching the lezzie show Marie lay there motionless as her nipples were
licked and sucked vigourusly which were stiff and stuck out a good quater
of an inch the tongue was moved down to her pussy which was getting wet
the tongue was put to good use within seconds the tongue was flicking
inside bringing her to a point of ecstacy she had never before
the womans fingers pulled at her nipples as her tongue continued to slide
around her cunt
The woman got up and Marie was told that now it was her turn she placed
cunt over Marie,s mouth and was told to lick it
Marie slowly ran her tongue over the cunt lips of the lez
deeper she was told Marie obeyed her tongue was deep inside the way the
woman pushed down on it it obviously wasn,t far enough Marie flicked it
around inside as something was tossed to the lesbiam Marie couldn,t see
what it was the the lez moved position so her tits were dangling over
face she was ordered to lick and suck them which she did
the lez got up and now Marie could see what the lesbian had been given it
was a large strap on dildo Marie was going to be fucked by that she knew
that once a man came his cock would go dowm but this wouldn,t
once she had fastened it she lowered herself onto Marie and gently slid
the massive object into Marie,s cunt and began pumping
their mouths met again for more passionate snogging french style
the lezzie fuck continued for an hour turning the men well and truly on
now they were ready to fuck Marie Osmond again
She was told first to give everyone of them deep french kisses which she
their hands explored her soft warm body her cunt ass and tits well
she was told that it was blow job time again she licked and sucked all 12
cocks again over the next few hours load after load of cum was to be shot
inside her mouth ass and cunt there was always at least one cock in her
sometimes 3 they,d worked up quite a sweat then she sat down on one big
cock and proceeded to lick the others when they came into range she could
hardly wrap her fingers around them and still the fucking went on after
it isnt every day you get to fuck Marie Osmond there were so many of them
that they always had time to recover so Marie always had a stiff cock in
her always was there a giant rod of cockmeat for her to suck always giant
black balls for her to lick on and on the fucking went all she could see
was giant stiff cocks sliding over her angelic face she didnt know how
much more she could take they must have unloaded pints of cum in her
and it looked like she was going to get pints more
Then she was sandwiched between two of the biggest black guys squashed
like a sardine against their sweaty torsos as their giant cocks
drillied her anus and cunt she thought that she would split in two
on and on the fucking went she felt strange she didnt want to admit
it but she was begining to get an orgasm she was begining to enjoy
it she had never enjoyed sex before which is why her first hubby
left her however she thought it best if she didnt let it show although
she could behave like the slut she had often secretly dreamt
of being without to much guilt since she had no choice in the
matter she started to relax the men in her realised they were
winning and let off a satisfying yell as maries orgasm reached its
climax maries screames of extacy was ear bursting
now she was screaming for them to fuck her and they obliged

The next thing she knew she was being picked up and taken outside. for

first time she saw how far from civilization she really was. The guys
her to enter an old barn. She fell to her knees exhausted. Her heart
into her throat when she heard a horse whinny in the background. THEY
EXPECT THAT! No way was she doing anything like that!! She started crying
she saw them leading the horse in front of her. One guy whispered to
are going to taste some hot horse cum now,baby!!” She reached over to the
and started stroking his cock, stunned by its size. It was twice as long
any man’s cock she had ever seen and she couldn’t get her hand all the

around its width! She hoped they would let her just jack it off, but they
quickly told her they wanted to see her suck it off. She sighed and tried
wipe the tears from her eyes. She licked along the side of the cock,
gagging from the foul smell. She could only fit the head of the cock into
mouth and used her hands to stroke the rest. The first spurt of cum
filled her mouth, causing her to pull back off his cock. The second spurt
drenched her faceand tits. She swallowed and opened her mouth for more as
the horse continued to shower her with his cum. Her face was completely
covered and her hair was plastered to her head. Most of the cum had
dripped off her face and down to her tits and stomach.

She collapsed to the floor thinking the worst HAD to be over. One of the
black men kneeled down beside her face and grinned when he told her that
it was just beginning for her. He told her to wait until the rest of the
got there!

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