Celebrity Rapist

Celebrity Rapist
By Dimitri

Starring Demi Moore, Gillian Anderson, and Teri Hatcher.

If it wasn’t for my celebrity status, I’d have been in
jail a long time ago. But hey, with status comes
power, like the character I play in my t.v show I’m
used to getting my own way. I’ve never been one of
those men who believes in true equality, I think women
were put on this planet to cook, clean
and be fucked.
If I had been an ordinary person I’d have been labeled
a sexist bastard, as a celebrity I have old fashioned
values. What pisses me off is that we’re too scared
nowadays to tell anyone how we feel, or to make women
do what we want. Because we’re scared of being
politically incorrect, we don’t realize that everybody
thinks this way.

One day I decided I was going to show women who was
the boss, and I chose my targets, I’ve been studying
psychology and think I know what makes them tick.

I made up a list, women who were getting too big for
their britches, if I could make them see the truth, I
could let them lead by example. I got to work straight
away, calling up a connection I once thought I would
never use to join an organization that isn’t supposed
to exist – it really has no name, but I guess you could
call it the last Males Club – and I was the newest

This bitch is the highest paid female actor in Holly-
wood, she must have sucked a lot of cock to get to
where she was, and I meant to make her suck some more.
I got her number through my high powered connections
in exchange for a promise I would tape the proceedings,
I agreed, let the tapes get out (myself edited out of
course) and show the world what women were meant to do.

I rang her, Bruce answered.


"Mr Willis? May I speak to Ms Moore please?"

"MRS Moore is busy right now, may I take a message…" there
was a noise in the background, then the phone
made a clattering noise,"For God’s sake Bruce will you
pull your damn knuckles of the floor, this is a busi-
ness number after all."

I was pissed off, Bruce was just protecting his women,
she had no right to question him, I’d make the bitch

"Hello?" she said.

"Hello Ms Moore, this is Allan Masterson, I’m a rep-
resentative for Warner Brothers, we’re making a new
movie with (I said my name) and would like you to co-
star, we’re willing to offer….."

"Sorry," she said,"I just finished making a movie and I’ve
agreed to spend time with the kids."

"That seems reasonable," I said, surprised the bitch
was smart enough to let Bruce earn money why she looked
after the kids.

"Yes," she said,"Then I’ll do a movie and Bruce will look
after the kids."

Bloody typical, I thought,"Ms Moore, we’re willing to
offer you 18 million dollars for this film."

She gasped,"What kind of movie is it?" behind her Bruce
started swearing, she yelled at him to shut up.

"It’s a movie based on an Anne Rice book, we’re calling
it Wicken, we want you to play the part of the witch."

"Interesting, and it’s got (my name) in it?"

"Yes," I said, grinning at her interest in me.

"Well I’m not sure, I love his t.v show, but isn’t this
a big jump for him?"

"We don’t think so, he’s a talented actor and quite…" I
continued calmly, but inwardly I was angry that she
thought she was a better actor than me,"Anyway, if you
are interested would you like to do a reading with him
at this address?" I gave her the address of an apart-
ment I kept free.

"Sure thing," she said,"I’d be happy too."

I smiled as she hung up and I prepared for her visit,
calling up a whore.

She came in disguise, that made me laugh, she was mak-
ing it so easy, she had a large hat on and sun glasses,
wearing baggy clothes so no one would see her famous
figure. She knocked on the door of the apartment and
I let her in, she shook her head,"Calling a reading in
a public place? Why?" she said, I soon showed her. I
rammed her against the wall, knocking the wind out of
her, before she could react I shoved a tissue of chlor-
oform into her face, she struggled, then collapsed.

I quickly undressed her, grinning up at the camera in-
stalled on the wall, and tied her down with rope to
several small posts attached to the walls, I noticed
that she had shaved her cunt since those old Playboy
pics, it made me happy to know something that only her
and Bruce knew (Strip Tease isn’t out yet).

I called in the whore, she entered, a beautiful woman,
much better looking than Demi, she gasped when she saw
her,"Isn’t that….?"

"It’s a lookalike," I said,"Now are you going to do this or

"Why is she tied down?"

"It’s a bondage fantasy we both share," I said, the
whore glanced at my finger and saw a wedding ring, it
matched the one on Demi’s finger,"Okay," she said.

She bent down and started to lick slowly at Demi’s
cunt, I grinned and sat down in a chair, feeling my
cock grow even harder. The whore sucked her cunt like
a pro, which she was, and Demi began to respond, un-
consciously rolling her hips as the whores tongue
rolled and probed into her cunt, licking at her,
causing a growing wetness, suddenly Demi came, her
juices flooding into the whore, Lisa’s, mouth.

"Yes Bruce," she said,"I love it when you suck me."

I stood up and removed my pants, I walked over to her
and grinned down, she was still half unconscious and
doubtless dreaming.

"Demi," I said softly,"Demi, do you like getting sucked?"

"Yeah," she groaned, her arms strained against her

"Why are you trying to free your arms Demi?" I asked.

"I gotta wank," she said.

"Really?" I asked,"Describe what you’re going to do to

"I gotta, gotta put my hand on my cunt, gotta finger
my cunt, finger my pussy, I gotta fuck myself."

"Demi," I said,"I’ll free your hands if you give me a

Her eyes flicked open and she saw me, she opened her
mouth to scream but I placed my hand over her mouth,
"The room is soundproofed Demi, no one can hear you
scream, are you gonna suck me?"

She shook her head and I told Lisa to stop, she did
and Demi moaned.

"What’s the matter Demi?" I asked,"Miss your cunt getting

Her eyes flashed with anger and she shook her head,
I ordered Lisa to give her a sample, Lisa suckled on
Demi’s cunt for about ten seconds and then stopped,
Demi moaned angrily.

"Now listen up Demi," I said calmly, hypnotically
even,"I’m gonna ask you 20 times to suck my cock, if
you say no I’ll give you a shock, if you say yes I’ll
get Lisa here to suck you, if you say yes 5 times we’ll
stop and you’ll suck my cock, and Lisa will suck you,

I removed my hand from her mouth and she screamed, I
watched her scream for a while and finally she stopped,
"Are you gonna suck my cock Demi?" I asked, she shouted out

I smiled and walked out of the room, I returned with
a small black box and two wires, I grinned and attached
them to her nipples, she screamed and struggled
valiantly, I gave a quick electric burst and she
screamed, Lisa shrugged, she had seen kinkier shit than
this, if only she knew she was helping to commit rape.

"Demi, are you gonna suck my cock?"



"Demi, are you gonna suck my cock?"



"Demi, are you gonna suck my cock?"



"Demi, are you gonna suck my cock?"



"Demi, are you gonna suck my cock?"



"Demi are you gonna suck my cock?"

She hesitated, then shook her head weakly, zap!!!!

"Demi are you gonna suck my cock?"

She was quiet for a minute, then she muttered quietly,

I grinned, she thought she could avoid the pain for a
couple of go’s, then last the 20, she was wrong,"Lisa," I
said,"Give her the works."

Lisa began sucking with a vengeance, her tongue worked
over Demi’s clit, probing deeply into her cunt, she
worked at her, suddenly she raised up and plunged a
finger into Demi, she began pumping it in and out
vigorously, her finger was a blur, Demi had been trying
to resist but the unexpected pleasure rushed over her
and she started moaning again, then she came suddenly,
her face turning red with embarrassment as her juices
flowed over Lisa’s finger.

"Lisa, stop," I said.

"Demi, are you gonna suck my cock?"

She stared at me for a few seconds, her eyes fogged
over, then she said,"No," quietly.


"Demi, are you gonna suck my cock?"

"No," she said, practically crying.

Zap!!, she moaned in pain and I asked her again, she
said yes quietly and began to cry as Lisa went to work
on her again, this time pulling out a small vibrator.
It was purple and filled with beads, it rotated slowly
as Lisa plunged it into the movie star’s cunt, Demi
screamed in anger, then in pleasure as the experienced
whore violated her with the vibrator. My cock was
really hard now, not even the cold air could deflate
it as I watched the tortured bitch scream in a mixture
of shame and ecstasy, she came again, then again and
again, Lisa pulled the vibrator away and shoved her
face into Demi’s cunt, licking wildly at the movie
star’s violated cunt, she sucked and sucked, licked
and suckled until Demi came again. Once more I ordered
Lisa to stop.

Demi looked up at me,"Yes, yes, yes!" she cried,
"That’s five, now let me suck you so that bitch can do
me again," she was angry and didn’t realize what she
was saying, but I had it on tape, so I laughed and
hunched over her face, she realized what she had done
and pulled her face back, but I just grinned and
grabbed her head, I pulled her forward and she shut
her mouth tightly, I grabbed her nose and held it
tightly until her mouth opened by reflex and I shoved
my cock deep into her mouth. She gagged and started
to bite down, but I grabbed her face and showed her
my other hand, which was on the electric box, it was
turned right up, and only needed to be switched on.

"If you think to bite, I’ll pull that switch and your
tits will be fried black, think Bruce will wanna suck
them then?"

She shook her head slowly and I laughed, her eyes were
so solemn and her face serious, but having my cock
shoved down her mouth made her look ridiculous.

"Suck me you whore," I said,"And I’ll let Lisa suck you

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and began to lick
my head, I grinned, I knew she had sucked cock before.
She licked away angrily, taking my head into her mouth
and sucking, then pulling loose and licking at the tip
of my head, I groaned happily and looked down at her
seriously,"You had better swallow."

She nodded and engulfed nearly half of my cock, I
grabbed her head with both hands, letting go of the
electric box switch, she didn’t even notice, I pulled
her face forward, jerking my cock forward as well and
then pulled her face back, face fucking her merciless-
ly, I felt it coming and pulled her forward into me,
holding her against my pubic hairs as my come spasmed
from my cock and ran down her throat,"Swallow," I
cried and she did, taking it like a pro.

I pulled loose,"Lisa, suck her till she screams."

Lisa complied and Demi moaned happily, she was already
learning, being trained psychologically to follow my
orders. It was now mentally stamped on her brain that
saying no to me meant pain, and saying yes meant
pleasure, and that doing what I said meant even more
pleasure. As Lisa sucked away I knew that by tomorrow
morning Demi Moore would know her place in the world.

I finally fucked her the next morning after Lisa left,
happily taking the money and leaving me, she probably
knew that Demi and I didn’t just happen to look like
celebrities, but she didn’t care.

I looked up at the camera and grinned,"Watch this," I said, I
turned to Demi who was finally untied but
sleeping in a small ball on the floor.

"Demi," I said loudly, waking her up, she looked up at me in
shock, realized she was untied and went for the
door, naked.

"Demi, stop!" I commanded and she did,"Turn around," she
did,"Come back here," she did and I grinned,"Demi, lay down on
the floor and spread your legs."

She complied and I lowered myself onto her, I sucked
her tits for awhile as I fingered her cunt, she moaned
happily and moved underneath me, begging me to fuck
her. Finally I did away with the foreplay and just
fucked her, ramming my cock into her tight pussy with
a vengeance, I rammed into her again and again, she
matched every thrust of my cock with a thrust of her
hips, my hands were all over her tits and I kissed her
passionately, my tongue moving back down her throat
nearly as far as my cock had, I pulled loose and
turned her around, staring happily at her fantastic
ass, I began to feel her up and then rammed my cock
into her cunt again, my hands once again running over
her tits, she moaned and came easily, no longer feeling
shame, I finally came, my cum exploding deeply into
her. I pulled out and threw her her clothes, she got
dressed and looked at me with shame.

"Demi," I said,"You’ll go home and never speak of this, you’ll
say you went out because you were depressed be-
cause you didn’t get the part, if I ever call you
you’ll do whatever I say."

She nodded agreement and I let her leave, confident
she would follow my orders explicitly.

My contact informed me of Gillian Anderson’s home
phone number after seeing the tape of me, Lisa and
Demi Moore. Of course my face was blocked out of the
picture and no one knew Lisa, but everyone knew Mrs
Moore very well, and thanks to my instructions to her
they would soon get to know her intimately.

I’ve been a fan of Gillian Anderson since I first saw
X-Files, some of the subject matter of her show covers
the same as my own and I was intrigued to discover if
she was anything like her character.

Dana Scully is a very independent woman, she had risen
to the rank of Special Agent in the FBI and was unmar-
ried, she hardly ever went out. In other words Dana
Scully was quite happy to stick with her hand. I
wondered if Gillian was the same, she was married, but
I understood she had had an affair with David
Duchovney before marrying. It was probably bullshit,
but I wondered if she had fucked him and then left him,
I hated women who teased, they were put on this planet
to be fucked, not to tease about it.

I went to her house after she had left, my contacts had
given me an access code to get past her security, in
many ways they were like the group that ran America in
X-Files, they were damn powerful and damn corrupt.

I went in and heard a voice call out, it was her
nanny, watching over her baby, her husband was in
another state on business (contacts told me this) and
she was at the set, I had the number for there too.

"Is that you, Mrs Anderson?" asked the Nanny, as she
got to the bottom of the stairs I rushed forward and
grabbed her, twisting her around.

"Listen to me bitch," I yelled as I placed my hand over her
mouth,"I’m gonna take you upstairs and get the
baby, then we’re going to ring Mrs Anderson and have a
little chat, okay?"

She nodded slowly, tears welling up, I was disgusted,
she was old and fat, when woman got like that they
should be killed, I would see to that.

We grabbed the baby and went downstairs, I knew I
wouldn’t be able to train this bitch, I wouldn’t be
able to bear it, we rang Gillian and the Nanny told
her there was an emergency at home, she was vague
enough about it to make Gillian worried and she
hurried, after we hung up I put a gun with a silencer
into her hand, turned it on her and pulled the trig-
ger, I then removed the silencer and put it into my
pocket. When the police found out they would probably
know that she had been killed, but his contacts would
see to that.

About half and hour later Gillian burst through the
door and saw the blood on the ground from after I had
thrown the Nanny into the cellar, she stifled a scream
when she saw me sitting with the baby at the table, her
look of horror was replaced by one of confusion.

"You?" she said,"But aren’t you that guy from t.v?"

"Sure am ma’am," I said, putting on my t.v accent.

"What the hell are you doing with my baby?" she asked, growing

"Shut up you stupid whore," I said calmly, "I could snap this
baby’s head in a second if I wanted to, do
you want that?"

"You wouldn’t," she said, resolve etching itself on her face,
she stepped forward.

"I killed the nanny didn’t I?" I said, then I lifted
the baby up high in the air and began tumbling her
about, it gurgled happily but Gillian saw the danger
it was in.

"Stop," she shouted, I looked at her and grinned.

"Sure, if you take your top off."


"Take your top off."

She looked at me, confused, then shook her head, "You
sick bastard."

I began to throw the baby up in the air and catch it,
she gasped in shock and stepped forward, I grinned,
stopped throwing the baby, and held my hand out in a
stopping gesture.

"Take your fucking top off now."

She stared at me for a moment, then removed her tight
fitting sweater, underneath she wore a tight white
shirt which accentuated her large tits, I stared at
them for a few moments and she blushed in anger and

"Shirt please," I said, grinning wider.

"Please, do you want money?…I can…."

"You stupid bitch," I said calmly,"I’m on t.v, I could buy a
baby if I wanted too, what I want is to fuck you,
now take your fucking shirt off."

She began to cry and I laughed, "Stop this shit," I
said, "Women are always using their emotions against
men, but it doesn’t work against me."

She gulped and removed her shirt while she blinked back
tears, now she stood in pants and a bra, it was rather
skimpy, she had been planning to ‘entertain’ tonight,
she merely had to ring Paolo, but now…..this sick

"Take the bra off," I said, fiddling around with a
small black box and attaching two wires to the babies
ears, she removed her bra without a word and let it
drop to the ground, her huge tits sprang free and I
must admit I had to bite back a gasp of astonishment.
She was fucking huge, her tits were giants but stood
firm, they were exposed to the cold air and her nipples
grew erect, I grinned,"Now your pants."

She slowly took her pants off, her thin waist was ac-
centuated by fantastic hips and what looked to be a
great ass, I couldn’t wait to see if she was shaven
like Demi.

"Panties," I said simply and she removed them without a word,
she was shaven, with only a small rectangle
of reddish hair above her pussy lips.

"Good," I said, I sat the baby on the table and she
saw that two wires attached it’s ears to a black box,
she recognized it as a power box, capable of releasing
jolts of electricity, I turned it up to full and turned
the switch on, all that remained was to push the fire
button and her baby would be fried.

"Now lie down on the fucking ground, spread your legs
and act like you’re enjoying it."

She swallowed her pride in fear of her baby’s safety
and lay down on the linoleum, spread her legs and said,
"Please fuck me."

I picked up the video camera and turned it on, she went
totally red again but shut her mouth. I removed my
pants and shirt and turned to the camera, "Well well,
here we are again, my name is Deepthroat and this is
Special Agent Scully, we’re gonna be doing some under-
cover work, and Scully is going to make my name come
true, right Scully?"

She nodded her head and muttered,"Yes."

"Good, well let’s get started shall we, let me whisper
Government secrets in your ear," I stuck my tongue into
her ear, making her wiggle her head, she opened her
mouth to berate me, before she thought to shut up I
rammed my cock into her mouth, she gagged and I got a
vague feeling of deja vu, remembering Demi.

"Now suck me you bitch," I said, and she began too, she had no
idea what she was doing, having never done this
before, she sucked on my cock like she was sucking the
straw on a thickshake, I shook my head,"No darling,
move back until my cock comes out, then lick my head,
then just take the head in and suck that, then take as
much as you can in and suck away."

She began licking my head, moving around my head, I
gasped in pleasure, and nodded as she took my head into
her mouth and clasped my cock head with her lips, she
began to fuck me with her mouth as she pulled me
further in, some part of her seemed to enjoy this I
thought to myself, although she would deny it, her
mouth rammed back and forth on my cock, and the sight
of it nearly drove me over, I pulled out and pulled her
up, kissing her, sending my tongue down her throat, I
pushed her back and grabbed her tits in my mouth,
sucking on those huge mammaries for all I was worth,
her hand started snaking down and I was worried for a
second she would crush my balls, but she ran her hand
over her cunt and I found myself laughing as I sucked
on her tits, she was enjoying this.

She grabbed my cock with her other hand and started
giving me a hand job, her hand slipped back and forth
on her own saliva and once again I felt like cumming.
Once more I got up and she moaned in anger as she lost
her chance to fuck, she suddenly looked at me and the
camera and realized where she was, she moaned in shame
and I laughed. I turned to the camera,"It seems Agent
Scully is having second thoughts about our interaction,
but I have other ideas."

I turned her around so she was on all fours, on the
table the baby played with the wires happily.

I spat on my hand and rubbed it over her great ass, I
rubbed around her asshole and slowly pushed my finger
in, she screamed out and I shook my head, I didn’t like
fucking women up the ass but one of my connections did
and he supplied most of the info I got.

"Just stay still," I said,"You’ll love this," In my opinion an
ass fuck was way too tight, it crushed my
cock and if the bitch wasn’t clean your dick got
covered in shit, but I could live with doing it if it
meant I could continue fucking babes like this and
teaching them a lesson.

I put another finger up her ass and probed both of them
in and out quickly, she groaned in a mixture of pain
and pleasure and I slipped another finger in, she cried
out at me to stop it and then cried out to me to fuck
her. I shook my head, removed my fingers and slowly
guided my cock in, her asshole instantly clamped around
me, crushing my cockhead.

"Relax," I said,"Just relax, let your muscles loosen."

She complied and I was able to push another couple of
inches in, she groaned in pain again but called out to
me to continue.

I pulled back until my cock was about to fall out, then
I pushed forward again, moving another couple of inches
up her shithole.

"Oh God," she cried out in pleasure,"It hurts, but God I love

I grinned and prepared to pump a couple of fingers into
her cunt, but I found her own fingers there as she
wanked herself. I laughed out loud and spoke to the
camera,"Agent Scully is an independent women of the
90’s, she gets herself off!"

Gillian blushed in shame but continued to wank, I stop-
ped feeling up her tits and pulled loose from her
asshole, I was happy to see there was no shit on it.

"But I’m an old fashioned guy, Agent Scully, let me get
you off."

I rammed into her cunt, pushing past her fingers, she
gasped in shock and I pulled all the way out, then
slammed back in until I had a steady motion going. I
continued to fuck her as my hands returned to her tits,
I still couldn’t believe how big and firm they were,
she came suddenly, her sweet juices flooding over my
cock, I laughed loudly as I fucked her cunt, finally I
grunted and came, her tight cunt had been milking me
for all it was worth as she had orgasm after orgasm
and I couldn’t take it much longer, I came deeply into
her and collapsed on top of her.

I awoke still inside her, she was asleep next to me, I
got up and turned off the camera, I wrote a quick note
to her about how the tapes would be released to the
media and the porno markets if she called the police.
I took the wires of the baby and left, laughing all the

The next day there was nothing in the news about the
dead nanny, I grinned as I realized the bitch was doing
what she was told. It was then that I made my big

Teri Hatcher was born in California, she grew up with
some old values, she had often said she would love to
be a house wife, staying at home cooking and cleaning,
but the character she plays on Superman is a business-
woman, more interested in being a reporter than being
fucked. I went after her thinking to change her into
what she already was, and I fucked up big time.

After her husband Jon left for an audition, Teri found
me in the living room of her home, she knew who I was,
I was in character after all.

I shoved her against the wall and accidentally knocked
her out, when she awoke I had the electrodes attached
to her nipples. I had to admit that her body was fan-
tastic, far superior to Gillian Anderson. Although
Gillian had bigger tits Teri had the nicer body and
was better looking.

I informed her I would shock her if she did anything
to stop me, I started eating her out, probing her cunt
with my tongue when she suddenly wrapped her legs
around me, I grinned, thinking she was getting with
the program.

She squeezed hard, damn hard and I lost all breath, my
hand dropped away from the powerbox and she turned it
off, she ripped the wires from her nipples and released
me, I collapsed and she kicked me in the balls hard,
damn hard.

As I screamed she turned me on my back and straddled
my still hard cock.

"What the fuck?" I said.

"Don’t you want to fuck me?" she asked innocently, my balls
and cock felt like an anvil had been dropped on
them. She lowered herself onto my cock and started
fucking me hard, her cunt ramming into the base of my
cock causing greater pain, her tits bounced wildly and
she screamed wildly, like she was riding a bucking

"Damn you’re a good fuck," she said as she pinched her nipples
and felt up her tits,"I could fuck you all
night long."

She came suddenly, screaming in pleasure and laughed
at me, she stood up and walked off, I was left with
nothing but aching balls and the sight of her fantastic
ass bending over as she rang the police.

The newspapers were full of headlines screaming about
me, the celebrity rapist. My career was shot, Gillian
and Demi never came forth but on Teri’s testimony I was
put away.

I still remember them shouting at me as I walked away,
all the women laughing at me as Teri told how she had
beaten me up. I remember getting to prison and meeting
all my new friends, they were big and black and loved
my t.v show, American Gothic.

They also believed – like myself – that women were put
on the planet to be fucked, unfortunately they were
short of women in prison and had to use substitutes,
you know, their hands, magazines and especially white
rapists, especially ‘real purty ones’ like me.

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