Celebrity Rehab: Jessica Alba

Story title: Celebrity Rehab: Jessica Alba

By sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Jessica Alba

Codes: MF, Bond, FF, black mail, oral

The story you are about to read is not true, and it never happened. I am not suggesting that Jessica Alba would do anything in this story that I wrote. It’s pure fiction. I doubt that the chair sharkboy used to massage Jessica Alba cannot be sold in stores, because I made it up. Anyone under eightteen years of age, or can become easily offended should stop reading now. Anyone with any comments or suggestions send them to sharkboy77@hotmail.com.
Please do not send any requests for ladies under eightteen years of age, because I won’t do them.

By sharkboy

Jessica Alba walks into the therapy room that she has been told to go to with her escort Ricky at her side. His eyes rove over her body, as he takes her into the changing room. She smiles at Ricky, as he gives her one of his special escorts. Ricky escorts a lot of people to their therapies, but whenever Jessica needs to go anywhere Ricky happens to be there. Jessica likes Ricky, because he’s a shy young guy of maybe nineteen years of age. He has a huge crush on Jessica too, and she makes sure that she’s usually nice to him.

“Ricky, why do I only have one escort while everyone else has many escorts?” Jessica smiles at the handsome young Ricky.

“I actually pay people to let me escort you places. Are you tired of my company?” Ricky smiles, as Jessica smiles, and she shakes her head no.

“No, I just wondered why I had only one escort. You had me believing I was special.” Jessica grins, as Ricky turns so red.

“Jessica… you are special….” Ricky barely blurts out, as his eyes scan her form.

“Thank you Ricky.” Jessica then kisses the young man on the check. Ricky nearly passes out, as this happens.

“You can’t pass out, because I don’t have the strength to catch you!” Jessica chides him, as she puts her hands on his shoulders. Her tricep hurts bad, as it happens.

“Are you okay?” Ricky asks, as his hands go to her hips. He blushes, because his hands are on her hips. There is a very good chance he shall pass out, because he’s touching Jessica Alba.

“Yes, my arm is so sore. I can’t hardly move it.” Jessica feels like someone injected botox into her right tricep. The tricep is the large muscle on the back of the arm. It makes most of the size of the arm. “I bet sharkboy has some hell planned for me today.”

“Sharkboy ain’t so bad. He can be… oh shit… you better change…you are late.” Ricky turns, and he trots out of the room outside of the locker rooms.

Jessica walks into the female locker room. She sighs as she opens her locker, and she finds a small gown for her to wear. It barely covers anything, and if anyone snapped a picture of her in it the picture would spread like wildfire over the internet. “Sharkboy must so love my ass.” She says, as she rolls her eyes.

She puts it on, and she walks into the next room. Before her now stands the man who is called sharkboy. He stands nearly six-foot tall with large arms, and a massive chest. His head is shaven and he has a golden ear ring on his left ear. Jessica thinks his nickname should be Mister Clean, and not sharkboy, because he always wears a white tee shirt.

“You are six minutes late.” sharkboy tells her, as he crosses his arms. “Are you ducking me?”

“No, I do not duck my therapy. Ricky was…” Jessica begins to explain what happened.

“Ricky finally got the courage to cop a feel, huh?” sharkboy smiles at a very angry Jessica Alba, and she shakes her head no.

“Ricky would never do that to me. He’s so shy that it took time for him to look me in the eye.” Jessica can’t believe how sharkboy acts. Ricky and a lot of the other people who work here, nearly piss their pants when he comes into the room. Sharkboy is a god damn bully, and she hates him so much.

“Whatever, that kid needs some balls. Come here?” Jessica walks to sharkboy. She then look to the side, and she sees a therapy chair. She then looks up into sharkboy’s eyes. “I am so sorry that you were overworked yesterday. I can’t even read my own hand writting.” sharkboy shakes his head, before he asks her. “How bad does it hurt?”

“It feels like some stapled a piece of wood to my tricep. Doctor Carter told me to take it easy today.” Jessica hopes that he has given sharkboy those orders too, because he used too much weight and too many reps yesterday. She rarely lifts that much weight that many reps on tricep curls. She rarely does tricep curls, only enough to make sure that her arms are sexy and toned.

“Yeah, I was so stupid yesterday. I make you do that many tricep curls you’ll end up looking like Zap from American Gladiators. She happens to be…” sharkboy begins to explain to Jessica.

“I happen to know who Zap is. That chick must have been on steroids, or a man.”Jessica rolls her eyes, because she has seen old episodes of that TV show on cable.

“Actually, she happens to be a friend of mine. Want me to tell her what you said?” sharkboy asks, as he motions down to the chair, “sit down please?”

Jessica sits down, as she looks up at sharkboy. “You don’t have to.” She then smiles up at sharkboy. “What kinda torture do you have planned for me now?”

Sharkboy then cracks his fingers, and then he takes out a wand massager. He then smiles down at the sexy movie star. “I intend to undo some of the damage I did yesterday.”

A smile comes across her face, as sharkboy turns on the wand massager. He then moves it over her tricep. Jessica shivers hard, as the wand massager moves over her arm. It feels like someone has hooked a smaller battery to a wire and hooked it to her arm. “How does that feel?” He asks, as he uses the wand massager on her arm.

“Like heaven,” Jessica coos, as the wand massager moves over her tricep. It stimulate the tricep muscle, and she goes helpless as it moves over her skin. “Uhhh!”

After a few minutes of using the wand massager at normal speed, sharkboy moves the speed up to maximun speed. He then touches it to her skin again. Jessica jumps, as the wand massager touches her skin again. “Holy shit!” She barks out, as the wand massager moves over her mucles and skin.

“Does it hurt some?” sharkboy asks, as the massager moves over her arm.

“Yes, it hurts so bad. This is agony… please?” Jessica begs of sharkboy, as the massager moves over her upper arm.

“You want it to stop then?” sharkboy asks her, as the wand massager moves over her tricep.

“YES! Oh please make it stop!” Jessica sobs so hard, because it feels like a lightning bolt has slammed into her arm. The wand does stop going over her arm. “Thank you. Oh dear God thank you!”

“I am sorry, but you are not ready yet for the higher speed. Let me look at your arm, please?” sharkboy picks up her arm, and he looks at it. Sharkboy knows damn well that she could not take the highest setting, because it takes time for the muscles to adjust to the higher setting. With how sore her arm is today level two would be painful. She was in no shape to do level seven. Jessica Alba has fallen into his trap.

Jessica sobs silently, as he holds her arm up. He bends her arm some, and he can tell that no damage was done. He hardly pressed the wand massager to her arm, because he knows how much Jessica fears him. With the terror that he causes her it would take no time for some mild discomfort to become agony.

“Okay, I have an idea which you might find more enjoyable than this terrible wand. I could hand massage you?” His fingers brush against her tricep, and shivers go up her arm.

“That might not be so bad.” Jessica smiles, as his hands begin to massage her tricep. His hands are wonderful, as she sighs as the pain in her tricep melts away. His hands glide over her tricep, as they kneed her pain away on her arm.

Jessica moans, and she groans while his hands move over her arm. She closes her brown eyes, as he massages it so softly. His fingers make that wand massager feel like complete crap, and she can’t help but enjoy it so much.

“You are very beautiful, Jessica.” She smiles, as sharkboy gives her the honest compliment. Then Jessica feels him sit down behind her, and both of his arms go to her shoulders. His body presses against hers, as he massages both of her shoulders. “Your left arm can’t get jealous can it?”

“Yes, my left arm would kill to be my right arm right now.” Jessica smiles, as both of her triceps become massaged. Shivers go down her spine, as sharkboy massages her arms. “Uuuuhhhhh!” Jessica moans due to pure pleasure. Right now both of her arms feel so great.

Then one hand moves down to her lower back, and her eyes then widen. “What are you doing?” His hand slips under her gown, and he touches skin on skin.

“You must be pretty stressed, because you are so tight. Have you not been sleeping well lately?” sharkboy asks, as his hands now move over her back. Jessica shivers hard, and she becomes a little bit turned on too.

“I would sleep okay, if they did not come into my room at midnight with a sleeping pill.” Jessica shakes her head, because they come into her room long after the TV has been turned off to give her a sleeping pill and check her vitals. Sometimes they make her feel more like she has had a hip replaced than getting hurt on an action film.

“That is the policy of our center. You need your sleep Jessica.” sharkboy says, as his hands move higher up her naked back. She has no bra on and all she wears is the small gown, and shorts underneath it. His hands are so incredible, and Jessica had realized that she has fallen into his trap. The problem here is that she cannot back out of this trap. She finds herself unable to care if she does not escape.

To make matters much worse her shirt comes off of her shoulders. She hangs onto the gown, as it rolls down her arms. It hangs from her hands, as sharkboy begins to enjoy her sexy body.

One hand moves over her breasts, as one more hand moves over her flat stomach. Her eyes flutter, while his hands move over her torso. Then Jessica Alba tries to object to what sharkboy has to offer her. “This is not my arm…”

Her acts to contest dimish, as his right hand grasps her nipple. He squeezes it hard, and shivers move through her body. His hand then slides down her flat tummy, and it cups her vagina. Jessica tries to stand to escape, but sharkboy has over one hundred pounds on her.

He stands with her, and his hand moves inside of her panties. His fingers then begin to play with her wet vagina. Jessica shakes so hard, as she becomes weter than before when he massaged her back.

Sharkboy then begins to turn her towards him. She kisses him with a passion that she has not kissed a man with in a long time. His hand moves through her hair, as his other one plays with her vagina. Jessica then begins to lower her shorts to the floor. Oh my God she wants to fuck Mister Clean! They must be drugging her food.

Jessica steps out of her shorts, as they come to the floor. She then smiles up at sharkboy, as his hand moves over her vagina. Shivers run up her spine, as his hand works on her pussy. “Oh God!” Jessica moans, as sharkboy sits her on the massage chair with her legs parted.

His hands move inside of her sexy legs, and Jessica closes her eyes to enjoy it so much. She finds his touch is so incredible, and Jessica Alba happens to be oh so helpless. He then kisses up her sexy thighs, and Jessica shivers so hard. His tongue moves over her tanned flesh, and she shudders so hard.

Her eyes roll, as sharkboy licks over the back of her legs. Jessica parts her legs farther apart, as he licks down to her vagina. His tongue begins to glide over her vagina.

She jerks like someone has touched an electrical wire to her body. Jessica then sighs, as she feels the warmth of his breath between her sexy legs. His hands flow over her upper thighs, as his tongue moves over her clit. Her chest rises and falls, as his tongue rubs over her clit in a way that no one else has before.

It does not take long for Jessica to orgasm, and she cums all over his face. Her body shakes, as she has the explosive orgasm. She closes her eyes, as her chest rises and falls. “Oh gosh…” She says in a deep voice, while her body quivers so hard. “Wow…”

The break she has does not last long, as sharkboy begins to kiss up her flat and very toned belly. She arches her back, as his tongue and hands move up her stomach. She gasps, as he spends a lot of time playing with her sexy tummy. His fingers glide over muscles, and her body shakes so hard.

Sharkboy kisses up to her chest, and his mouth moves over the flesh on her breasts. Jessica gasps hard, as his tongue moves over her upper chest. Her head falls back, and her eyes continues to roll while his tongue moves over the most sensitive part of her body. “Uhhhhh!” She moans softly, as his tongue moves over her upper chest.

Then his tongue moves over her right nipple, and Jessica Alba shudders so hard. Goose bumps break out all over her body, as sharkboy licks her nipple. His fingers then find her clit, and he plays with it so hard.

“Oh FUCK!” Jessica screams so loud, as she cums all over the place. Then she collapses into his arms. She breathes heavy, as sharkboy holds her tight. “What’s to happen now?” she asks sharkboy. What’s to happen now is damn well known to her, and she could not be more turned on by it.

“You know what happens next bitch…” sharkboy says in a sly voice. He then lies Jessica on the special massage chair again. He then uses special straps built into the chair for the insane and the criminal type, to strap her into the chair backwards.

Jessica does not find this too comfortable, but she has never been more turned on too. She looks so sexy totally helpless in the chair, because her back arches and her body could not look more wonderful. Her cum covered pussy drips, as she looks up at sharkboy with a sexy as hell look. Her brown eyes radiate lust to sharkboy.

Sharkboy then begins to get undressed, and her eyes widen as he becomes buck ass naked before her. “Holy shit! You are huge!” She has never even seen a penis this large before. She doubts she can handle it, and she bites her lip some. “Have you ever hurt anyone with that before?”

“A few women have died due to lack of hydration, because they came so hard. Not one of them have been hurt by my girth.” sharkboy lines her up with his penis. He then begins to slide it into her, and she gasps so loud.

It feels like someone has stuffed his fist into her vagina, but Jessica takes the pain. She endures it, as she feels like what happened to Gena Davis in the movie from the 1980s called The Fly. Jessica endures the pain though, and sharkboy begins to move inside of her.

Her chest heaves, as Jessica is hit with a wave of pure pleasure. Her eyes roll, as the massive member moves inside of her. His lips dance all over her upper chest, as sharkboy screws her so hard over and over.

His hips slam into her so hard, and she shivers as he slams into her g-spot repeatedly. She can barely take his size, but she guts it out because it feels so great. Before too long, she forgets his size and they fuck for hours on end. If this chair had a headboard on it she would have smashed it long ago with the back of her head.

When they orgasm they cum at the same time. Her world stops, as Jessica Alba has her first monster climax ever. Female body fluids explode out of her vagina, as time and sound stop. Waves of pleasure hit her like photon tropedos from the star ship Enterprise, and her body shakes so hard while she cums so hard. “UUUUUHHHHHH!” The sound the escapes from her lungs is not something anyone can indentify today or any day.

Sharkboy then orgasms inside of her, as he screams so loud. His seamen explodes inside of her, and he still can’t believe he has screwed the shit out of Jessica Alba. He has blown his load inside of her, and he shakes as it happens. He groans as Jessica tightens around his member, and she milks his penis for seamen. “Oh my God, you are so tight.” sharkboy tells her, as he does not pull out of her.

Jessica smiles up at the handsome sharkboy, as she milks his penis. His hands are on her tits, as she looks up at the clock. “Oh my God! I have missed my dinner.” she exclaims due to pure shock. This session has set a record for a standard therapy session. The food here happens to be so bad, that she can hardly stomach it.

He then looks at his watch, and sharkboy pulls out of her. “Oh shit! I am late for someone else’s swim therapy!” sharkboy stands, and he begins to get dressed.

“Forgetting something?” Jessica asks, because she’s still trapped in the chair. Sharkboy then unstraps her right arm from the chair, and then he takes off in the oposite direction. Jessica tries to unstrap herself from the chair, but she can’t reach anything. Due to the fact that her arm has been immobile for hours she has a huge cramp in it. “Oh God… I can’t get free… wait!” sharkboy happens to be gone now. Jessica Alba is now extremely screwed!


Nearly an hour later, Jessica still struggles to reach another bond on her chair. She can nearly reach the one, but in this chair the bonds are not something that can easily become undone. This chair was made so people who might hurt themselves, or others cannot easily become free. The fact that she’s not on the chair right only makes matters worse. Her back as become so sore that she can barely see, and pain flows up her spine while she breathes so hard. “Someone help me… please?” She does not ask loudly, but she can swear that she hears some footsteps coming her way.

Her eyes then widen, as young Ricky turns the corner. His face takes on a look of shock, as he looks at the naked and helpless Jessica Alba. “Holy shit… your still naked…”

“Still naked? sharkboy planned to do this to me?” Jessica becomes so angry, because she figured it just happened. She struggles in her bonds so hard. “Help me, please?”

Ricky looks at the naked and very sexy Jessica Alba, and he drools some. He then looks her in the eye. “I can do anything I want to you now can’t I?”

“No please. My back hurts so bad! I can’t take another screwing!” Jessica then begins to sob, as his hand moves towards her wet pussy. “Please… no…”

His hand then moves away from her pussy. He then unstraps her other arm, and Jessica leans up. She holds her back, and she sobs some while Ricky frees her legs. He then helps her out of the chair, and he holds her as she sobs so hard.

“My back hurts so bad!” Jessica bellows so affraid, her back feels like she has a steel rod in it. Tears go down her cheeks, as she cries in Ricky’s arms.

I won’t let anyone else hurt you.” Ricky tells her softly. “Lets get you dressed. Okay?”

He escorts Jessica Alba into the female locker rooms. He’s thankful that no other ladies are in here. The last time a male came into these locker rooms with ladies inside of them he got the nickname Merv the Perv. The guy’s first name was Mervin too. Lousy luck in his case, and the name somehow stuck. The fact that the staff picked up on that nickname is a big part of the reason it stuck.

“Are you okay?” Ricky asks her, as he sets her down on the bench. Then he hands her some of her clothes that she wore here.

Jessica nods, as she begins to get dressed. Her back feels like someone has put a steel rod down her spine. “I hurt, but I will live.”

“Go with my story then?” Jessica looks up at Ricky, as he takes out his cellphone and he calls the nurses’ station. “Hi Agatha, I found Jessica Alba asleep in the locker room. She was… yes I went into the ladies locker room during an active shift. I’ll come and talk to you tomorrow then.”

Ricky hangs up his cell phone, and Jessica looks into his eyes. “Give me the cell phone please?”

He hands her the cellphone, and she pushes the button the sends the call again. “Hello, this is Jessica Alba. I am calling to tell you that Ricky saved me from a boat load of pain and suffering. I triped over that damn…” Jessica thinks for a minute, and then she remembers something. “Remember where that bench sticks out when you come in here? The tripped over that and fell on my face. My good arm could not do anything, and I was in a position that many Hollywood photographers would love to see me in. I do have a VERY good lawyer, because I did sue Playboy, remember?”

Jessica smiles, as she listens to the nursing administrater talk to her. “What do I want? That’s easy! Nothing happens to Ricky here. He saved me, he has never peaked at me.” By the look on Ricky’s face Jessica can tell that he has peeked on her before. She does not mind at all. “Okay, so we have a deal then? Great! Now Ricky shall take me back to my room after I shower. I really need a shower.”


Ricky takes Jessica Alba to the showers in the rehab facility. These showers are private so if someone has some horrible scars or anything that can be kept secret. But the two different sexes are kept private so Johnny can’t walk in on Gena. This makes people like Jessica happy, because men probably have considered trying to get a naked picture of her.

“So Ricky, what have you seen on me?” Jessica asks Ricky, as she grins so wide at him.

“What do you mean? Besides the chair?” Ricky shakes some do to pure terror. It would not take much to get him fired. Losing the protection of Jessica Alba would do that.

“Tell me please. You have seen everything, so I can’t get mad.” Jessica thinks she figured it out and she grins even wider than before.

“One time I saw your butt. It was so impressive… you must hate me now?” Ricky feels better, because if Jessica hates him now she hates him now. It’s not that huge of a deal. When she leaves here he shall never seen him again.

“No, I could never hate you Ricky. If you wished my picture of me buck naked in that massage chair would be all over every scandal mag in the country. You showed some true class.”

Ricky slows down, as they come to the door to the shower room. He smiles at the beautiful movie star. “Can you shower… yes… you can shower alone…” Ricky had the greatest line he could ever use on anyone, and when he opened his mouth it escaped from his mind. Besides if she needed any help he needs to call a female, because different sex bathing here is frowned upon. At least males bathing females aren’t done.

“I need some help bathing here Ricky, the last time a woman helped me bath here she… felt me up…” Jessica shudders, because Hilary helped her bath. Hilary helps the lovely ladies stand up by mauling their breasts. She has the hands of a man, and she hurts some too.

“Ah… you had Hilary as a shower helper, huh? The last time I checked she only showered the elderly.” Ricky smiles, because the day that Jessica was showered they only had young ladies to shower. Jessica drew the shot straw.

“Yes…” Jessica walks into the shower, and she begins to peel off her clothes. She does have some trouble standing, but if she wished to do so she could easily use a shower chair. Ricky then strips so his clothes do not get soaked, but we all know the reason why he strips.

He follows her with lust in his heart, and groin. His eyes flow over her amazingly naked, tan body. Her curves are unlike anything he has ever seen with his true eyes live. The steps he makes are short and slow, until she nearly falls. Then Ricky runs to her, and he somehow catches her before her head slams into the floor.

“Holy crap! That was so close!” Jessica feels his hands, as they move over her sexy body. Her legs then become weak, and she cannot stand without his help now. Her eyes then close as he grabs the wash cloth, and he begins to wash her body.

Her body shakes, as the wash cloth moves over her sexy form. His other hand then begins to wash her breasts too. Jessica moans so loud, as Ricky touches his first womam. His hands are magnificent, and they turn her on so much. It’s like breaking in a new toy. That’s always so fun!

Then the wash cloth falls to the floor, and both of his hands move over her body. His hands glide over her soapy skin, and she shakes so hard. “Uhhhhh!” Jessica moans so loud, as his hand moves over her pussy. Right now Jessica Alba happens to be in heaven, and she does not wish to leave.

“Ricky can you fuck me, please?” Jessica begs him, like she could not get lucky anywhere she goes. All she has to do is leave the shower, and she all she wears now is soap and water she would be damn lucky to walk down two doors without being hit on.

“Jessica… I don’t know how…” Ricky confesses before he swallows so hard.

“You know how!” Jessica then turns to Ricky, and he can see the lust and the fire in her sexy brown eyes. She then climbs his body, and she impales herself onto his penis. Her eyes roll, as his good sized penis slides inside of her. Her chest heaves, as Jessica begins to ride him so hard. Ricky watches her tits bounce, as she rides him so hard.

“I got to cum! Not so soon!” Ricky believes he might never get laid again, even though he’s screwing the shit out of the very beautiful, and extremely alluring Jessica Alba. He needs to figure out that he can get any woman who he wants, even that new nurse he has been checking out too.

Then to his complete shock, she blows her load all over his penis. As a result he cums inside of her, and he has never done this before. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.” Jessica smiles, as Ricky feels so terrible. He lasted much longer than her first lay.

“You did fine. I came before you anyways.” Jessica then smiles at the handsome Ricky. Then she leans in and she kisses him. He kisses her back with passion, as his hands move over her back. While he and Jessica Alba kiss one thing occurs to young Ricky. Tomorrow he needs to by a lottery ticket. He’s on a fucking roll!


When Ricky escorts the wet Jessica back into the hallway, their luck takes a turn for the worse. Agatha Harkness, the nursing administrated who Jessica eariler threatened with a lawsuit clicks a polaroid of them. Jessica’s face takes on a look of shock, as the picture comes into Agatha’s hand. “What the fuck are you doing?” Jessica becomes so angry, because she was lead to believe that she would get privacy here.

“We offer privacy from the media, but you do not truly have any privacy here.” She crosses her arms, and she looks at the movie star. Her camera and photo happens to be in her hand. She then looks at it. “Holy shit. You have hardly any clothes on underneath it? I can even see bush.” She smiles, as she looks at Jessica Alba. All of her clothes are in her hand. “Come and see me tomorrow, so we can talk of what’s going to happen during the rest of your stay.” Agatha then looks at Ricky. “You are fired after you take your piece of ass back to her room.”

After a long argument between Jessica and Miss Harkness, Ricky escorts Jessica back to her room. She sobs the entire journey, as Ricky holds her up. Miss Harkness told Jessica that she needed to wear what the night time nurse brings her to wear. Ricky then tells her that Miss Agatha Harkness happens to be a Lesbian to which she replies… “DUH!”

When Ricky arrives into her room, he helps her into bed. Tears still go down her cheeks, and he kisses where her tears go. Jessica smiles up at Ricky and she tells him. “I am so sorry that I got you fired.”

“Trust me. Tonight could not have gone any better if I planned it to happen… I still can’t believe that happened. Was I any good?”

Jessica nods her head slowly, as she smiles up at Ricky. “Hecky yeah!” Then she pulls out the covers of the bed. “Want to do it again? The worst thing that can happen is that security escorts you out of here.”

Ricky smiles, as he crawls into bed with the beautiful Jessica Alba. They begin to kiss, as Ricky removes the little bit of clothes that she has on her body. As he kisses her breasts one thing occurs to Jessica Alba, and it makes her grin so wide. When they come in at midnight to give her the sleeping pill she’ll likely find Ricky sleeping beside of her. She can be so naughty sometimes!


The next day comes too early for Jessica Alba, and after she had that shouting match with the night time nurse named Becky she’s dead tired. Becky caught Jessica and Ricky screwing before he made Jessica cum, and that so pissed her off. Yes, patients cannot have sex here with anyone, but what the fuck! Agatha Harkness plans on breaking that rule very soon.

Men everywhere become grabbed by the sexy and now blonde Jessica Alba, as she walks to the office of Agatha Harkness. The robe she wears shows a lot of leg, and she turns the head of every man who she walks by. The men who make eye contact with her get a nod, but shes in no mood to smile. Last night she had horrorible nightmare of a homeless Ricky, who had to sell his body just to survive. Tears down down her pretty face, as she ponders the fate of the nicest guy she has met in a long time.

“Time to pay the piper…” Jessica sighs, as she knocks on Agatha Harkness’s door. She tells Jessica to cum in, and she does. She always knows what she means by cum too.

She walks into the room with Agatha, and she then hears the door behind her slam shut and lock too. “Good morning Miss Harkness. Good morning Hilary.” Jessica rolls her eyes, because she now gets to have sex with two of the ugliest women alive. She knew Hilary would be here too. How many people do they plan on passing her to? Yeah, she has not been looking forward to this at all. This will suck more ass than the Dark Angel audition, and that was the audition from hell.

“Good to see that you can take direction. From what I understand you can be a diva on the set.” Agatha says, as she licks her lips while her eyes move over her body.

“Whatever… what you hear and what you experience are two different things.” Jessica rolls her eyes, because those diva rumors happened when she was on Dark Angel. FOX was trying to cancel the show so bad, because they wanted to run Joss Weldon’s Firefly. The show might have lasted a season. Another brillant move by the people at FOX.

“We both know what we want to experience here.” She smiles at Jessica.

“Before this happens, tell me that Ricky will get his job back with the same pay or I walk.” Agatha holds up the picture, and Jessica rolls her eyes. “My lawyer told so many news papers and magazines that if that picture becomes printed we shall sue them back to the stone age. When we are done with them they shall be printing their issues on rock like on The Flintstones.”

“You think you are so smart don’t you? How did you get a cell… Ricky let you use his cell phone didn’t he?” She rolls her eyes, because she needs to talk to the escort staff. They can’t always pick up the same person over and over. Shit like that needs to stop.

“I graduated high school at sixteen years of age, so yes. Besides the only reason I am here is because Ricky needs a job.” Jessica crosses her arms, as she looks at her.

“So, I rehire Ricky at what he made before he fucked you and…?” Agatha asks her hopefully.

“I become your sex slave for the rest of the time I am here. If I am released before the week is done I fly you and another person anywhere you wish. We will then continue the act for two weeks. Deal or no deal?” Jessica shifts her body to look so sexy, and she smiles at the two ladies before her. She does not care what Cash says, because he’s still on thin ice with her.

Agatha looks at the drooling Hilary, and she nods like crazy. She then picks up the phone, and she calls Ricky’s number. She then puts it on speaker phone, so Jessica can hear it. She then asks him if he wants his job back, and he says yes. “Come in tomorrow at eight then. By the way, you can never escort Jessica Alba again.” Ricky was not happy to hear this, but he understands. Agatha then hangs up the phone. “Happy?”

“Very happy.” Jessica then removes her robe. Both Agatha’s and Hilary’s jaws drop to the floor, because Jessica Alba wears an extremely tight Fantastic Four uniform three sizes too small. You can see everything, because it’s made of spandex. Jessica also has a hard time breathing too. She also wears black pantyhose, because Agatha happens to love her legs so much.

“Awww poor Sue Richards can hardly breath. Poor baby.” Agatha stands, and she walks towards Jessica. She then begins to unzip her uniform. She then kisses her with the worst smokers breath Jessica has ever tasted. As Hilary begins to pull her uniform over her shoulders she prays that these next ten days go very fast. With her luck she’ll be released tomorrow, and she’ll end up God knows where with these two ugly amazons.

THE END. Any questions or comments send them to sharkboy77@hotmail.com

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