Celebrity Resort

Celebrity Resort Part 1

by Darkjac354@Hotmail.com

Anna Paquinn, Heather Grahm (MF, F-self, Self Bondage, Oral, Whipping)


IF Your not of legal age don’t read this material BLA BLA Bla. These

Characters are not owned by me and are not repersentive of any real

people. owned by their respected owners, This is a pure work of fiction

that dose not represent real people BLA BLA Bla.


Celebrity Resort Part 1

Anna Paquinn finished unpacking her large blue suitcase and lay out on

the bed in her resort room. She had just wrapped
up fillming on “X-men 2”

and was in drastic need of a vacation, her agent had suggested a long

relaxing stay at the Rainbow Resort, which was located far out in the

pacific ocean near the equater. Anna let a deep breath out as she relaxed

on the bed, so far it was one of the greatest times she had had in her


That night as Anna was undressing in the cool air conditioned room she

was assighned, she accidently tripped and banged into the wall, a loud

metallic clang sounded throughout the room. Curiouse, Anna began probing

the wall with her fingers looking for seams and inconsistesys, soon she

discovered a large part of the wall that resembled a door, she quickly

found an opening seam and several hinges hidden behind strategicly placed

pictures. The phone rang and Anna didn’t think much about it for the rest

of the evening.

The next morning as Anna was brushing her teeth she remembered the

strange door and decided to see what was behind it, Digging her

fingernails into the wall she pulled as hard as she could with no luck,

Anna soon found a button hidden under a picture frame nearbye. Anna

pushed it, the large mettle door swung open with a creeking sound and

Anna gazed in at the hidden room, what she saw made her heart stop and

her breath catch in her throat.

The room was filled with apparatuses of all shapes and sizes, and even

though Anna had not had a lot of experiance in the erotic side of life,

even she could recognize BDSM gear, especially the whips and chains.

The room was about 40X20 feet and the walls, ceiling and floor were all a

stainless steel, easy for cleaning. At one end of the room there was a

large Tv, built into the wall and surrounded by shelves and shelves of

vidio tapes, at least 200 by her count. On the other wall there was huge

cabinets with lables on them. And in the center of the room there were

large contraptions and devises as well as things hanging down from the

ceiling. But what really caught Anna’s attention was the large cage that

dominated the right side of the room. Feeling her breath quicken and her

pulse race, Anna quickly shut the door and ran to the bedroom, trying to

forget what she found.

The next day Anna met with her friend on the hotel staff, her name was

Kim. after a girls day of shopping,flirting,and sunbathing, Kim and Anna

sat down for dinner, all day long Anna was trying to find a way to ask

about the room she had found last night but hadn’t found a way to bringit

up. knowing that Kim was the owner of the resort, Anna began, “I noticed

A strange room that was hidden behind one of the walls of my room.” Said


Kim’s cheeks turned a deep crimson and she said she could explain, she

then begged Anna not to tell anyone. Anna agreed not to tell anyone if

Kim would explain the room.

Taking a deep breath Kim began “were not just a resort for celebritys on

vacation, we also cater to the celebritys that have sexual needs going

unfullfilled. Many of our clients enjoy being owned, at least for a short

time, by a man, many others like to endulge in self bondage and self

torture, in a place where agents, fans, and papriazzis can’t catch them.

We also accept celebritys from agents and producers, who want to teach

their charges to respect and obey their bosses.

Anna had several questions first about the legality of it, Kim responded

that they were in international waters, and only flew to Hawaii for

supplies. Next Anna asked about some of the celebritys who have used this

service, Kim didn’t name any names but told Anna that was what the tapes

were, sessions with celebs, or private vidio diarys. Anna was now ready

for the potentioly embarrassing question, but before she could ask Kim

offered, “If you would like to try out some of the equipment be my guest,

thats what it’s there for”. Anna was really excited but she asked Kim why

she hadn’t told Anna, Kim said that they were friends and she didn’t want

to embaress her. Kim also told Anna that the room wasn’t the only one,

that every cottage had the same room, and even Kim had access to one.

Thanking Kim for the great day and the permission to use the equipment,

Anna returned to her cottage and prepared to watch some of the tapes.


Anna opened the door to the room and decided to look over the room more

carefully. She started on the wall of shelves, she found that each had a

double opening door and several shelves or hooks inside, she also

discovered they had tags on them. One by one she read them all her hand

unconsiously slipping between her pantys and rubbing her soft fingers

against her crotch.

Handcuffs, Anklecuffs, Gags, Ropes, Chains, Dildos, Whips, Paddles,

Canes, Corsets, Floggers, Straps, Lingerei, Oil, Hot Wax Material,

Collars, Leashes, Restraint devices, Blindfolds, Shoes. With each lable

she could feel herself getting hotter and hotter, but she wanted to save

her strength for watching some vidios. She walked over twords the T.V.

and discovered a large comftorble couch nearbye, she was glad because she

really didn’t feel like sitting on the cold floor.

Before she got to the coach a list hanging near the cage caught her eye.

As she read her eyes widened and she smiled. It was a slaves room service

menu, with diffrent slave foods and items on it. She decided to order

from it latter. Anna went over to the shelf and decided to pick two tapes

at random to watch. She grabbed one and read the lable HEATHER GRAHM TAPE

1, she smiled as she selected her secolnd vidio, JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT


She decided to start with Heathers tape, inserting it into the V.C.R. and

sitting down on the coach, Anna quickly removed all of her clothing and

prepared her hands for a incredible masturbation session.

The tape began in a room similar to the one Anna was in but diffrent

enough. The door swung open and a nude girl crawled in on her hands and

knees, She had a thick black leather collar around her neck which was

attached to a long golden chain, it’s links sparkling in even the soft

florencent lights that provided illumination to the room. Anna knew

immediatly that this was Heather, being led into a strange room like an

animal, completly nude, and blindfolded so she didn’t know where she was.

The thought alone made Anna wet, she began stroking her slit slowly.

Heather was now kneeling in the center of the room, Her chest was heaving

as she breathed deeply, her firm breasts expanding and contracting with

her flat perfect abdomen.

Anna was unsure if her reaction was one of fear, anticipation,

excitement, or arousal. For all she knew it could be all four. The man

slowly walked around her his large army boots creating loud footfalls,

with each circle he came closer, Heather began to sweat, her thin body

covered in glistining droplets as she waited for what was to come. The

man suddenly stopped, a second latter he barked out an order.

“Stand up now”, faster than a flash Heather stood, her arms trying to

cover her naked pussy. “Hands above your head, keep them there” Heather

slowly obeyed, with her arms up like that it really highlighted her naked

body. The man came forward licking his lips, he pressed a button and

thick chains were lowered from the rafters, at the end of each chain was

a small manakle, just big enough to hold a girls wrist.

Anna hit the pause button and looked for the button in her room, sure

enough there it was, she pressed it and watched as an identicle pair of

manakles were lowered from the ceiling. Anna debated locking herself into

them but decided to finish watching the movie unbound. She pressed play.

The man grabbed one of heather’s wrist and forced it into a manakle, as

the cool yet thick mettal fastened itself around her wrists heather gave

a slight gasp, she tried to pull her other hand away but the man caught

it and quickly locked it up to. Heather stood moning trying to escape,

The man walked to the wall ande began to turn a crank, a secolnd latter,

heather began to rise off the floor! She gave a shout of pain as her feet

left the floor and her body was completly suspended by her wrists.

The man walked behind her and opened one of the cuberds, at first the

lable was unreadable, but the contents of the cupard were undeniably

recognizable. The man pulled out a thin whip with nine lashes and began

to unfurl the Cat o Nine. He took a test swing at the floor, the sharp

crack as the whip hit the cold steel made heather flinch. Anna wasn’t

even there and she flinched at the sound, driving her fingers deep into

her pussy.

“Earlier today you refused to suck my cock” he cracked the whip again,

Heather peered over her shoulder trying to see through her blindfold.

“You f—ing ba—d” screamed Heather “You won’t get away with this”

“I already have” he responded, ‘and now you will be punished even more

for your foul language, apologize immediatly and I might grant you

lienency. “go to hell” siad Heather.

The man frowned and walked over to the cubard he pulled out a bright red

ballgag. “I guess you will have to be restrained further” he said pushing

the gag into her open mouth cutting off her new forms of protest. The man

picked up the whip. “for refusing me my Blowjob, You will receve 30

strikes of the whip. For calling me a bastard, you will receve 10. You

will also receve 10 strokes for forcing me to gag you, removing the

pleasure your screams of pain would have brought me. At the end of the

punishment if you still refuse to suck me. You will be punished more


With that he brought the whip firmly over her exposed ass.

CCCCCRRRAAAAACCCKKK. Anna herd a muffled scream and watched a s Heather

cavorted in her chains struggling to free herself from the pain of the

whip. Before she could settle down he shifted his aim and hit her

diagonally accross her back, CCRRRAACCKK. He waited a few moments then

hit her across the butt again. Anna watched her eyes open wide, she

couldn’t imagine being hurt that way, but even as she watched Heathers

torment her fingers were quickly bringing her to a climax.

Over the next five minutes Heather was whipped 47 more times, Accross her

back, over her butt, her breasts, chest, legs, and even her pussy were

forced to withdtand the stinging of that whip. As the punishment began to

conclude, Anna began pumping her fingers into her slit, soon she came, at

the same time Heather did. Anna watched in amazement as Heather had an

incredible orgasem, her body shaking from the pleasure and the pain, her

cunt juices dripping from her and onto the ground. Even as her own body

shook from the intense pleasure.

Anna couldn’t beleve that it wasn’t over yet. The man stomped over and

released her from her bonds she fell to the floor in a heap. He bent over

her and removed her gag and blindfold. “suck my cock” he ordered. Heather

quickly got to her knees and opened her mouth, she quickly brought her

mouth closer to his long shaft. Her tongue ran along the length prompting

him to moan in pleasure, next she cupped the balls and licked the head of

his cock like an ice cream cone, slowly lowering her bright red lips onto

the shaft. The man reached out his hands and grabbed heathers hair, using

it he pushed her onto his cock so that the entirelength jabbed deep

inside her throat. Heather’s throat bulged from the large object invading

it and her eyes widened as she fought for air, wondering what was next.

The man began jamming his cock down her throat thrusting in and out. Soon

he moaned one final time and came in her mouth, he ahd pulled back enough

so that she could taste the cum on her toungue. “drink it all” he

ordered. Anna came at about the same time he did, as the tape ended she

wondered what it would be like to eat cum.

Continued in Part 2

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