Celebrity Resort Part 2

Celebrity Resort Part 2

by Darkjac354@Hotmail.com

Anna Paquinn, (F-self, Self Bondage, Water Sports, Humiliation)


IF Your not of legal age don’t read this material BLA BLA Bla. These
Characters are not owned by me and are not repersentive of any real
people. owned by their respected owners, This is a pure work of fiction
that dose not represent real people BLA BLA Bla.


Anna realized she didn’t have to wonder, quickly she stood up and found
the room service menu she had seen before. She read the entire thing
finding all sorts of slave
foods, these foods were ment to degrade a
womans sence of value and also to show her that she is not in control.
Anna chose five items from the menu and called this room service. She
left the room and waited fro the knock on the door. Soon she had the food
in front of her, along with a note.


I’m gald to see you are using are more unique services, when I descovered
you had ordered I made sure this was the most fresh it can possibly be.

Anna looked at the food, now that she had it she was suddenly not as
excited to taste it. She had ordered a piece of toast with a thin layer
of Cum spread, a small sized cum drink which was half cum, half water, a
medium sized water sports, (anna now knew that this was fresh yerin) a
bowl of white rice with cum topping, and a bowl of cerial mush in milk.
This the menu said was a tipicle slave girl breackfast food and was to be
eaten on hands and knees only.

Anna didn’t want this food to go to waist and she didn’t really want to
injest it. Anna decided she would pretend to be a slave girl, and at the
same time she would play a little game with herself.

She placed the food on the floor and looked at the clock. She had decided
that she would take between ten and twenty minutes eating this food. If
she finished before or after she would watch the next vidio in self
bondage with nipple clamps on. Anna had never had anything pinching her
nipples and had only herd of nipple clamps, and the thought of placing
them on her nipples terrified her. Therefore it was a perfect threat to
tease herself with if she failed.

Anna saw that she had five minutes until the top of the hour, Anna had
decided on the ten-twenty minute time frame because of her dislike for
the meal. She couldn’t just gobble the food up quickly without finishing
to soon, and she couldn’t take forever, eating it to slowly or she would
loose. She had to eat it and savor it to win. Anna quickly added new
rules in her mind. She threw a blanket she had found over the clock
hiding it from view, this way she would have to guess at the appropriate
time, She also walked over to the closet and removed a blindfold, shock
collar with controll, and electric control studs that could fence her in
as she ate. She moved the diffrent items around and placed the studs
around the food making a fence. If she crossed the fence the collar would
give a intense, but not dangerouse shock. Next she put the remote near
the side of the fence and sat down in the middle of the fence. She had
set the alarm on the clock for twenty minutes, if she failed to finish
all five foods and deactivate the electric fence by then, she would

Anna touched a dial on the remote then slid it off to the side, Next she
took the leather collar and wrapped it around her kneck, she buckled it
in place and attached the electrodes to the skin. finally she took the
blindfold and placed the leather devise over her eyes. Anna decended into
a world of blackness.

She sat in the middle of the circle waiting for the buzz and the beginner
of the timer. Her breath was getting quicker just thinking about eating
things she really didn’t want to. Anna stayed on all fours, she had just
thought of this rule and she now planned not to use her hands at all,
except for the cum shooter and Water sports.

BBBBBUUUZZZZZZZ, the alarm went off and Anna quickly started crawling
accross the floor to the first of the items, she was pretty sure the cum
shooter was this way, but she could be wrong. Anna slowly crossed the
floor, her bare knees and hands touching the cool metal as she blindly
moved forward twords the first item. Pretty soon anna’s hand touched a
glass, she picked it up in her hand and raised it to her lips, she took a
small taste of the item, as the liquid touched her taste buds and Anna
almost gagged, as it was it took all of her control to swallow the
liquid. She had tasted human pee, and she didn’t like it. Anna decided to
get this taste out of her mouth quickly by draining the galss in one huge
gulp, pouring it directly down her throat. As the liquid fell past her
toungue she could still taste some of it as droplets touched her toungue.
She was finishing this station much to quickly and would have to take
more time at a future station. Setting the glass down Anna started out
looking for the second object.

As Anna continued to move accross the room she accidently hit a bowl and
knocked it over, feeling around with her hand, Anna discovered she had
knocked over the rice, She decided that sence most of the rice was on the
floor anyway that she might as well eat it all off the floor. She bent
down running her toungue around the rice making it into a pile, then
using her toungues and lips, she began to eat the food right off the
floor. Her toungue and lips slowly scooping the cum filled rice into her
mouth, soon she had tasted almost all of it. She took the last bit into
her mouth and rolled it along her toungue, as she had eaten the rice she
had gotten to likeing the salty taste of cum, and she wanted more.

Continuing her trek, Anna soon found the next station with food just
waiting for her red lips and soft toungue. Anna picked up the Cum shooter
and slowly began sipping the cum filled water. As each sip slid past her
toungue and down her throat, she felt her pussy contracting around an
imaginary cock, shoved deep inside her. Soon the entire cum drink was
gone. Anna was slightly disapointed but also excited knowing the cum
toast was still in the circle somewhere.

Anna was off again searching for the cum toast, as she crawled across the
metal floor she thought she felt something against her leg, A second
latter a searing jolt of electricity shot through her body, Anna let out
a scream of pain, and she quickly turned and came back the way she had
come. Anna colapsed on the metal floor and recovered, She knew she needed
to move quickly onto the last two stations before the clock buzzed.

Anna found the cum toast which she knew was only a few feet to the left
of the gruel. Bending down like a dog, anna began eating the toast and
swallowing the deliciouse cum. When she was finished she moved to the
bowl and leaned down to eat it. Anna ran her toungue around the half
empty bowl cleaning up missed cerial and pulling it into her mouth.
She leaned over again to collect some more when she herd it.

The clock had buzzed, she had taken to long and now she must endure the
torture she had challenged herself to. Anna silently finished eating the
gruel and removed her blindfold. She walked over to where the controller
lay and turned off the field. she then walked over to the cabnets and
began removing self bondage gear.

After Anna had layed out the gear she discovered that the chains had a
timing mechanisem attached to them, she could suspend herself from the
ceiling and it wouldn’t let her down until the movie ended, Anna quickly
programmed it to raise 1 foot in the air, suspending her from the
ceiling, as soon as the play button was hit.

Anna reached down and began strapping her legs together with long black
leather staps, these straps tightly around her legs and attached with
buckles in the front, she got to her knees and stopped, she inserted the
tape in the V.C.R. and continued her bondage by inserting a dildo. She
set the vibrater to start in tandem with the movie starting. Next Anna
strapped her legs together more tightly, putting straps around her
thighs. Anna now placed a ball gag in her mouth, as the large red gag was
placed in her mouth, Anna realized she would have to open wide so that
the gag would fit into her tiny mouth. After strapping the ball gag on,
Anna stood up and prepared herself for the nipple clamps. She had
renigged on the idea of using Alligator clips, and had decided instead to
use less painfull clothspins. as she attachede the clothsppins to her
right breast she felt a sharp pain throughout her body. She quickly
attached the left breast and vowed to start soon in order not to prolong
the pain.

Anna grabbed the box and reached her hands up into the manacles. She
attached first the left wrist, and then the right wrist into the thick
metal shackles. next she pressed the play button and tossed the box away
so she couldn’t reach it.


As the tape began, Anna could feel herself rising from the ground, the
pully hidden in the ceiling doing it’s job wonderfully. As the chains
continued to rise into the ceiling, Anna had to start standing on her
tip-toes to keep touching the floor. As the movie began, Anna’s feet left
the floor, She gave a quiet moan of pain as her entire weight was now
suspended from her thin arms, realizing that this moan was muffled beause
of the ball gag made Anna wet, it also made her nervouse noing nobody
could let her down until the movie was finished.

The clothspins continued to bite into her nipples sending jolts of pain
through Anna as Jennifer Love Hewitt came out onto screen…….

Continued in part 3 Coming Soon.

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