Celebrity Resort Part 3

Celebrity Resort Part 3

by Darkjac354@Hotmail.com

Anna Paquinn, Jennifer Love Hewitt (F-self, Self Bondage, Spanking)


IF Your not of legal age don’t read this material BLA BLA Bla. These
Characters are not owned by me and are not repersentive of any real
people. owned by their respected owners, This is a pure work of fiction
that dose not represent real people BLA BLA Bla.


Anna was hanging from her wrists wich were shackled in place by large
mettle bands attached to chains that had pulled her off her feet. Her
legs were bound together
by thick leather straps that held a vibrator in
place and a bright red ballgag was strapped into her mouth. But most
painfull was the clothspins cliped to her rock hard nipples, with even
the slightest movement they sent waves of pain through her chest even as
the vibrator sent waves of pleasure through her nether regeions. She had
placed herself in this bondage while preparing to watch a vidio of
Jennifer Love Hewitt in a compromising situation, and there would be no
escape until that vidio was complete.

With eyes wide from pain and pleasure she watched as Jennifer Love Hewitt
walked onto the screan and looked at the camera. She was wearing a black
thin strapped dress that clung tightly to her body and accentuated her
beautifull breasts and legs. Anna noticed that her room also had a few
cameras in the corner, she filed that information away only able to
concentrate on the screen and her feeling of helpless ness.

“My name is Jennifer Love Hewitt” Jennifer said on tape as she looked at
the screen. “This is volume 6 of my punishment serese.” “Today I will
once again be punished for having slut thoughts.” with this Jennifer took
a few steps back and revealed that she had pulled out the strange mettle
contraption with a padded bench that Anna had seen earlier.

“It has been decided that I shall receive 20 strokes with a cane for my
bad behavior.” Anna could detect a note of nervousness in Jenifer’s voice
as she spoke. “I will be locking myself into the self spanker shortly, I
have programmed it to recognize my voice as it spanks me. If I forget to
count a stroke or thank it for the last one, I will receive furthur
punishment.” Anna felt herself getting wetter by the secolnd thinking of
what a self spanking machine might do for her pleasure.

“Before I begin I will stand in the corner for five minutes awaiting my
punishment.” Anna gave a moan through her ballgag knowing that not only
did she have to hang here for the punishmehnt but for the entire corner
time as well. Jennifer began by slowly and sensuously removing the thin
black straps from her sholders and sliding her dress down her body slowly
exposing her breasts which hung there braless for all the world to see,
well at least the people watching this vidio. Anna could see that her
nipples were extremely hard from the show she was giving and as she slid
her dress over her young cunt exposing the hairless pussy Anna could also
see that she was extremely wet.

The naked Jennifer then turned and headed into the corner wearing only
her 8 inch stiletto heels and a smile. As she stood in the corner
awaiting the alarm that would let her no it was time, Anna got a long and
lasting view of her deliciouse posterior. As the five minutes slowly
ticked by Anna felt the pain in her arms grow even as the vibrator made
her pleasure increase with every passing secolnd. Her nipples were like
rocks being fiercly cut by the pain of the clothspins, Anna could not
beleive how much they hurt, she could only imagine how painfull the
alligator clips would have felt. Drool slowly ran down her chin from the
sides of her ballgag as she hung there waiting for the show to start,
desperatly wishing she had the box to stop the vidio and end her pain or
at least fast forward to the good part.

Finally the buzz of thew alarm drew Anna’s attention back to the screen.
Jennifer turned around and headed back for the Self Spanker, she slowly
laid down over the padded bench wich pressed her posterior high in the
air ready for her caneing. She placed her ankles inside the leather starp
on shackles and then placed her wrists in a similar pair located high
over her head. Taking a deep breath Jennifer pressed the red button that
signaled her readiness. the wrist and ankle shackles snapped shut, they
would not open until the spanking was complete. Anna could hear the
machinary whir as the hand holding the cane slowly moved into position
and readyed itself to begin Jennifer’s punishment.

Jennifer had her eyes clenched shut as the arm swung back and delivered
the first blow. The cane shot through the air with a Swish then landed in
the middle of Jennifers behind with a Crack! Jennifer cried out in pain
and struggled in her bonds at the stinging pain but managed to count
“One, Thank you Sir”. The Cane shifted slightly as it delivered the next
blow just below the previouse. CRACK! “Two” shouted Jennifer between
gasps of pain, “Thank You Sir”. This process went on for quite some time
as the cain shifted position each time.

CRACK! “THREE, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “FOUR, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “FIVE, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “SIX, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “SSSSEVEN, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “EIGHT!, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “NINE!, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “TEN, Thank You Sir”


Anna had been lost in the almost hypnotizing sounds of another woman
being spanked, but now she was pulled from that stupor by the realization
that Jennifer had not thanked the machine for the last stroke. Almost as
if in response to her failure, the machine moved the cain back even
farther prepared for an even harder stroke. CCRRAACCKK! The cane struck
with such force Jennifer let out a sacream and bucked in her shackles,
her taunt muscles pulling against the heavy mettle.
She had again forgotten to speak but this time she knew it, on the next
stroke she counted Twelve to make up for the last stroke.

The more forcefull blows continued to fall on her white behind which was
now covered in red welts that made Anna so hot she could barely contain

CRACK! “THIRTEEN, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “Fourteen, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “FIfteen, Thank You Sir”

CRACK! “SIXTEEN, Thank You Sir”


CRACK! “EIGHTeen!, Thank You Sir”

The Caneing machine now ending it’s cycle moved lower and prepared to
strike Jennifer right under her butt and on the tops of her calves.
It wound back as Jennifer clenched her cheeks waiting for the next blow
and Anna hunf by her wrists from the ceiling. The cane pulled back and
struck hard, Jennifer screamed in pain and burst into teams as the red
welt burst into existence on her creamy white skin. Anna winced as she
heard the crack of the cane and heard jennifer quietly between sobs say
“nineteen thank you sir”.

The machine pulled back the cane even farther and let a blow fall right
at the same spot. Jennifer agin screamed as the cane connected and she
sobbed out a quick “twenty, thank you sir”. The leather restraints
retracted from around her wrists and ankles and Jennifer was released.
She looked sadly at the camera “now I am to be punished furthur for my
failure to count a stroke.”

With that the tape faded to black and the chains lowered Anna to the
ground Breathing deeply she removed her bindings gag and finally her
Nipple Clothspins. Anna had not realized that by leaving them on so long
she would be cutting off the blood and so when she removed them they hurt
like hell. Anna lay back on the coach recovering from her ordeal, she was
glad she was done but was a little disapointed to not see Jennifer’s
“Further Punishment”.

Looking at the screen she saw a message. CONTINUED ON TAPE 7. Anna rushed
to the wall to find the tape……

Continued in Chapter 4

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