Celebrity School

By Dragonpower

I go to a place called celebrity school, a very expensive private school
that a lot of celebrities go to. I’m not a famous person, but my Dad is a
high powered lawyer and could afford to send me here.
The following is a fantasy I have about this girl in my first period class.

Katie Holmes had always been under my eye. Since the first day of school she
controlled the stirring in my balls. She was one of those girls that had the
perfect shape. Slim with firm belly muscles (I knew this because she often
wore midsection revealing clothing), perfect breasts, not to large
not to
small, they matched her body perfectly. She was also gorgeous, her long
brown hair went mid-way down her back and her eyes were a wonderful green.
Well if you don’t know what Katie Holmes looks like then you live in a cave
or something. Yeah Katie was one of many dreams of mine.

One day we were doing an Art project as we often did, (considering it was
art class), and Katie was chosen to be my partner for the time. I was happy
as can be as we got to talking and our hands repeatedly bumped as we both
dipped into the paper mache. My balls were on fire and today was one of
those block days were classes were an hour longer than normal.

I washed my hands after excusing myself and got permission to go to the
restroom. I figured I go in there pop my load real quick and race back
before anyone new I was gone.

As I walked down the hallway I heard the art-room door open again. I turned
and saw Katie running toward me. She grabbed me and slammed me against the
wall and leaned in so close to me I could smell her flavored chap-stick.
“Don’t think I don’t know what your doing.” She whispered into my ear. Her
body was pressing against me as I was a bit taller than her and she had to
press close to get to my ear.

“I’m just going to pee.” I swore.

“Oh pee huh? I didn’t know you needed a big fat boner to piss.” She said
grabbing the front of my pants and giving my semi-hard cock a squeeze. She
smiled, “Oh that’s quite a weapon you have there. Do you want to feel it
inside me? Huh? That’s what you want isn’t it?” She licked my lips softly
and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the library.

She dragged me into the cult section in the very back room of the library
where no one ever went especially during class. There she slammed me against
a bookshelf and began kissing me vigorously. Her tongue probed my mouth and
my hands found there way to grip her firm full tits. She moaned and pulled
away from me.

“No time to play.” She said and unbuttoned her pants and kicked them off.
Then she attacked my jeans and pulled out my cock quickly. She jacked it off
a second to make sure it was as hard as it would get and then she turned

“Come on big daddy, stick your meat wherever you want.” She leaned forward
against the bookshelf opposite of me and stick her bare ass toward me.

The sight of her bare cunt pushing at me made me want to blow right there,
but I wasn’t stupid enough to let that happen. So I lined myself up and
pushed into the cunt I desired for, for so long. God, she was hot and so
tight it was hard to move. She moaned loudly as I pushed in to the hilt. She
rested her head against the bookshelf in front of her.

I had to saw at her cunt a bit before I could move freely through her. Her
velvet walls kept gripping my cock, like they didn’t want me to leave. I
smiled and gripped her hips with my hands and really began to work at her.
This made her cry out started but she quickly stifled the noise.

“Oh God I love it. Fuck me hard with your big fucking stick.” She begged.
I was happily to fulfill that request. I attacked her cunt with a vengence.
She had to put both her hands against the bookshelf to keep from slammed her
head into it. I pounded into her vigorously and I began to feel my balls

Suddenly let out a huge cry that I reached around and cupped her mouth to
muffle. Her cunt tightened and she pushed back against me hard stuffing me
all the way insider her. I made Katie Holmes cum! She calmed down and I
tried to pull out.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said.

“So what are you waiting for?” She spat. “Shoot for shit in me. I wanna
feel that juice splattering my pussy.”

Well ok. I slammed in her a few more time to get myself to the point of
eruption then I pushed into her fully and exploded inside Katie. She smiled
and moaned delightfully as my thick juice coated her insides.

Finally she pulled away from me and put her pants back on. I did the same.
She kissed me deeply. “Thanks Jake I needed that. I can feel your cum
starting to run down my leg.” She said. “Maybe we’ll do it again sometime.”
Then she ran out back to class and I followed.

During the rest of the class we talked while working on our project and
Katie kept purposely bumping into me and touching my hand. She smiled at me
until the bell rang.

As I was heading out Katie grabbed me again and whispered softly
into my ear.

“I want to tell you this to keep you excited the rest of the day,”
She said. “I can feel your hot thick cum swimming around in my pussy.” She
smiled and me and gave me a seductive look as she walked away.

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