Celebrity Schoolgirls 3: Britney Spears

DISCLAIMER: If you are underage and/or unqualified to view adult
material, if adult material is outlawed in your community or you are
offended in any way by explicit depictions of sexual activity, DO NOT read
on. Also, this is an entirely FICTITIOUS story. The celebrities mentioned
here have never engaged in these types of activities, nor would they ever
consider doing so. They are all living angels. So there. 🙂

The sex here is somewhat different from the action in the first two
parts, but like I said at the beginning of the series, I plan on mixing
things up. I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity
artist. 🙂 With that said, here’s hoping you enjoy!

Celebrity Schoolgirls 3: Britney Spears
by Tony Idolatry

As soon as Chris Ronzio stepped into the boys’ basketball locker room,
still flushed red from the satisfying voyeuristic experience he’d just had
across the building, he heard curse word after muttered curse word coming
from his dejected-looking teammates. His brain was not as fast as his legs,
but Chris had a funny feeling that something might be up.

“Is somethin’ up?” he skillfully managed to ask Steve Bancrow, his closest
friend on the squad, who, like everyone else, was simply wandering around
the rows of lockers, in uniform but incoherent. Steve reached over to a
crumpled piece of paper on the bench nearest him and tossed it to Chris.
Chris unraveled it and quickly recognized the sloppy handwriting of their
lackluster coach, Mr. Portland:


Sorry! I got a wicked bad case of the stomach flu
after lunch and threw up…twice! I’m goin’ home.
Real sorry about the game but we’ll get those guys
next time. Dave, you know what to do.

Coach P

Just then, team captain Dave Manlee loudly slammed the phone down from
behind the coach’s closed office door. He walked out shaking his head in
disbelief, tore the copy of the team roster he was holding to ribbons, and
threw out his hands. He had the look of a defeated warrior, his amazingly
ripped bronze body not seeming so imposing, his normally intense dark eyes
searching for direction as he stared out towards the nine players who stuck
around for word.

“Fuckin’ coach,” he muttered. “I just called the damn county athletic
department and forfeited. There won’t be a bus. There won’t be a game. We
can all go home, thanks to that FUCKER!”

“Keep it down, for christ’s sake,” Steve said.

“WHY?” Dave continued shouting. “Why, Bancrow? I’m pissed! That asshole
KNOWS we’re not allowed to play ball without a coach!”

“He said he was sick.”

“Bullshit!” Dave punched the locker he stood next to, loudly, but not hard
enough to risk a stupid injury. He wasn’t as out of control as he wanted to
seem. “He ain’t sick! He’s home bangin’ that whore girlfriend of his and you
know it!”

“Dave.” Steve kept trying to quiet Dave down, but the whole room knew their
captain was right. Portland had been dating a gorgeous, busty redhead for
the last five weeks, probably to take his mind off of the team’s dismal 1-10
start to the season. She had distracted the coach at home games, caused him
to miss two practices, and now, the ultimate insult: the game-canceling
booty call.

Dave went over to his usual changing corner and sat down, slumped over and
immobile on the bench. The other guys started mumbling between themselves
and slowly gathered their stuff together. Within two minutes, the group of
ten had dwindled to six. Dave remained seated, still not moving a muscle.
Ray Jones, a lanky senior and the team’s best and only black player,
pointlessly moved things around in his locker while talking loudly with his
best bud Rudy Santos, a pint-sized junior and the teams’s worst and only
Hispanic player. Steve and Chris sat on the bench nearest the door and
quietly talked about their mutual disgust for the team’s situation.

Sitting on the bench between the two conversations was puny freshman
Jon Tarland. Nobody really knew why Jon devoted himself to a game he’d never
be any good at. He wouldn’t have a prayer of making the team at any other
high school in the county. But St. Bernard’s was a small school and Jon
wanted badly to fit in. Like now. The kid with the curly brown hair and
often-mocked glasses sat alone. He could’ve gone home like those other four
guys, but he selflessly stuck around so there’d be an even six, just in case
Dave decided to have a casual three-on-three practice game.

“This team is fucked up, yo,” Ray said to Rudy. “I was ready to play some
ball. Ya hear? Go dust those muthafuckas off today!”

“We ain’t had no chance in hell a beatin’ those guys, you
bullshitter,” Rudy laughed. Ray laughed louder than he needed to at his
amigo’s truth-telling.

At the front of the room, Chris and Steve were far beyond the subject
of basketball.

“We’re goin’ out again tonight. You know, to that phat new club on Hayes

“That’s great, Ronzio.”

“Yo, when you gonna get a girl, Steve?”

“When I find one with a brain bigger than her titties.” Chris slapped his
knees in laughter over Steve’s remark, but he couldn’t have known that Steve
was gay. Chris just wasn’t perceptive enough to consider the obvious.

“What’s so funny, Chris?”

Chris turned his head towards the door.

In fact, everyone’s head turned when they heard the familiar southern
drawl of the girl asking the question. Even Dave picked his head up, because
Ronzio’s girlfriend was too hot for even the most egotistical male to
ignore. Britney Spears was the school’s head cheerleader, a senior who had
moved to the neighborhood from Louisiana two years earlier, and had tongues
wagging ever since. Chris had managed to become her steady boyfriend within
days of her arrival at St. Bernard’s, which continued to irk every other guy
who would kill to jerk a load onto, into, or even near her sizzling body –
basically, every guy in town.

But Britney was getting a little restless with Chris, too. When you
become a master of the tease as you rah-rah in front of 300 drooling people
every week, it gets a little, let’s say, disappointing to go home to the
same cock. A wonderful cock, yes, but the same cock. Britney was itching to
be bad. She stood in the doorway now in her knockout cheerleading outfit –
the tight red velvet top with S.B.H.S. in big white lettering across her
large rack, and the short white and red pleated mini-skirt. That skirt was
the only thing that kept the team focused on scoring during games, because
after every three-pointer Britney would jump up, and the skirt would jump
up, too, allowing a quick glimpse of her deliciously trashy red leather
panties. Now, every guy in the room slowly moved up a row or two, towards
the door, itching to be just as bad with Britney.

The girl felt the intensified attention on her body, could
practically hear the fabric of the boys’ athletic shorts expanding to fit
their excitement over her arrival. She drank it all in, but remained
motionless, her ponytailed dirty blond hair and questioning brown eyes
turned towards her surprised boyfriend.

“Aw, nothin’ Brit,” Chris finally replied to Britney’s long-standing

“I heard someone say ‘titties.'” The guys were entranced now. That word
sounded so right coming out of Britney’s mouth. “You weren’t joking about me
and my squad now, were you?”

Macho man Chris flushed with embarrassment and walked over to his
girl. Everyone else was too aroused to respond….all except Steve. He found
Britney a pretty picture, but the only sexual thought he was having right
then was that there were five erect dicks in the room.

“I said it, Brit,” Steve started. “I was talking about Coach P’s good time

“Yeah,” Ray piped up, suddenly capable of talking trash. “That fucka fucked
us ova. He home screwin’ that ho right now!”

Britney was offended and turned on all at once. “Uh huh, we heard about the
cancellation. The rest of the girls just went home.” Britney looked at the
gawking teen studs before her and had an idea. It was such a naughty,
awesome, sinful, heavenly idea. Her eyes sparkled as brightly as the glitter
on her face. If she was going to fool around on Chris, why not let him in on
the festivities?

“Mmmmmm hmmmm,” she cooed quite suddenly, moving her eyes from Ray to Dave
to Chris to her chest, where she quickly ran her tanned hand across her
uniformed bust. “Shame your coach gets to have all the fun.” She laughed and
smiled, her tongue clenched between her blinding white teeth.

“Britney,” Chris said confusedly, putting his hand firmly on her shoulder.
“What the HELL are you doin’?”

“Your team,” she said smiling. Dave whistled approvingly, and Rudy managed
to shout out “Yeah,” even though his head was swimming like everyone elses’.
Britney edged away from Chris and pulled her velvet top over her head,
revealing her lovely large hooters in a lacy yellow bra. Two perfect blobs
of bronze breast meat flowed over the tops of her bra cups, moist with sweat
from the heavy velvet. “C’mon, Chris,” she urged, though she never took her
eyes off the other teammates as she fondled herself through the lace.
“Nobody else is around.”

“How many more do you NEED?” Chris was playing the role he felt obligated
to fill, but his rod was stiff, just like the rest. Britney could tell. He
had just seen two amazing young girls go at each other like animals, so his
resistance to anything kinky was even lower than usual. Still, he was in
disbelief. Would his girlfriend really allow herself to be an orgy fucktoy,
under the roof of a Catholic school? Well, religion hadn’t stopped either of
them from constantly banging each others brains out at home. Why not here?

Britney laughed naughtily again as she saw Rudy drop his hand to his
growing bulge, and Jon prudishly fish around down below as if he were only
adjusting himself. She took a moment and turned to her left, towards her
loving boyfriend. She stood on her Reebok-covered toes and whispered
something in his ear, her warm sweet breath piercing him like a knife. A
wicked smile immediately appeared on both their faces before she kissed him,
fast but deep, letting his tongue explore the mouth he was now certain he

After she grudgingly broke the kiss, Britney grinned again and jerked
her head towards the door. Chris gave a robotic nod and went to close it.
Steve laughed to himself, enjoying Britney’s artistry. He swore she could
get anything she wanted by flashing that smile.

Chris closed the door with a slam and returned to Britney’s side as quickly
as a supersonic boomerang. Britney smiled but sighed quietly. She needed
some space for the moment.

“Sit….right there, honey,” she said to Chris, pointing to the bench
closest to her, about three feet away, where no one else dared to sit yet.
As soon as Chris was situated, his legs splaying so that Britney could see a
long, upward rise pointed towards her, she turned to the other hard boys.

“Wanna see THESE pretty titties, guys?”

Britney waited for the tally, and counted five “YEAH!”s and a bemused
“Sure, why not?” from Steve. She laughed. Jesus, Chris is dumb, she thought.
Even I can tell.

She slowly reached behind and groped for her bra strap, fully aware that
this position made her chest stand out on end even more. Britney found the
clasp, but rocked back and forth a few more times for everyone’s benefit.
Then she froze, smiled again, and carefully peeeeeled the bra off her
breasts. All eyes stared at her tits, and the large brown nipples stared
back. You could hear a pin drop, but in this case it was the sound of lace
hitting a cement floor. Britney stood with her hands to her sides and
rotated, turning to the right so Ray, Rudy and Jon could see them, turning
to the left so her squeeze and his captain could ogle for awhile. They were
beautiful, as golden brown as the rest of her skin, and so full, definitely
begging for a C-cup. Upon Britney’s arrival, rumors had floated around town
about a young girl moving in with tacky breast implants, but nothing was
ever proven, and they sure looked good enough to the six boys. The truth was
between Britney, her god, and a kind man with gentle hands named Dr.

The boys were getting antsy. They wanted Britney to touch herself. Britney
had other ideas.


“Yuh, yeah?” The tall black teen shuddered when he knew the attention of
the topless white girl was on him.

“You were All-County last year, right?”

“Yeahhhh.” Ray licked his lips and touched himself as he felt his
confidence return. Britney beckoned to him with a lazy finger.

“You can palm a basketball, right?”

“Ab-so-lute-ly,” he said, cockily swaggering up the aisle towards Britney.
He reached her, his hands anxious to feel her, but he looked down into her
eyes, waiting for her invitation.

“Go ahead,” she said breathlessly, his closeness making her wet. “See if
you can palm these babies.”

Ray extended his left hand an inch away from Britney’s right tit, flexing
his long, dark fingers to their breaking point. He dropped his fingertips
down onto the top of Britney’s breast, causing the girl to shiver and Chris
to frown. Smiling from ear to ear, Ray let the rest of his hand drape down
onto her warm hooter, her thick, erect nipple digging into the center of his
palm. His wrist came down about an inch below the fold where Britney’s boob
rejoined her taut chest. Ray sprawled out his fingers and squeezed, the hot
white flesh so delicate against his calloused cocoa hand. Ray looked down
into Britney’s eyes again and saw the girl he wanted so badly was putty in
his grasp, her soft red lips quivering and mouthing “Yes. Yes, baby, yes.”
Britney had a way of making you feel like the only one in the room.

Ray felt so intimate. He leaned over to kiss the girl he thought
would always be off-limits. Britney wrapped her hands around his crew-cut
scalp while Ray’s hands remained firmly planted on her wondrous chest. She
took control of the kiss, running her tongue all over the inside of his
mouth, tasting his exotic essence. She eventually broke the sloppy smooch
and guided Ray’s head downward. He was so tall, or was it that Britney was
so short, that when he kneeled on the cement his face was level with her
quivering tits. Ray looped his long tongue around Britney’s hard left nip
and sucked for dear life. The brown nub tasted salty to him, the large
areola popping goose pimples under his wet slurps. When he pulled away to
tongue the other tit and left a helping of saliva behind, Britney laughed
and rubbed it into her skin.

“Yep, he can palm and he can dribble,” she giggled. Ray moaned as Britney
made him feel more powerful, his head in her hands and against her chest,
his monstrous bulge pressed lightly against her bare knee. He sucked harder
on her tasty nipples, moving from one to the other before finally settling
on the left one. Over and over, he clamped down with his hungry pink lips,
tugging the nub until it stretched two inches from Britney’s boob, then let
go, the nip snapping back as Britney moaned tenderly. The other players
watched in awe, not daring to take their cocks out yet for fear of cumming
far too soon.

“Ohhhhh, Rudy,” Britney called softly.

“Si, senorita?” Britney laughed. She was adored in any language.

“Yo quiero you to get over here and help your friend out.” Rudy smiled
and nodded while grabbing himself. Britney never could figure out why guys
grabbed themselves so often before sex – like she didn’t know what was gonna
happen next – but it turned her on. She craned her neck slightly to see
Chris’s face as Rudy kneeled down next to Ray. He appeared to be utterly OK
with his girlfriend being devoured by a couple of jock punks. Just as she’d

Rudy wasn’t as good as Ray when it came to sucking tit, but he worked his
heart out to make Britney feel good. He preferred to quickly flick at her
right nipple with his fast tongue, then kiss the hard flesh a couple of
times before flicking again. His green eyes and mustachioed grin peered up
at Britney for approval. She smiled politely at Rudy, but Britney didn’t
like the tickling sensation as much as Ray’s slow, sensual teat sucking.
Britney was very proud of her breasts, and she was glad someone was finally
worshiping them like she wanted. She cradled both boys’ bobbing heads in her
hands, the humid air and four pairs of eyes digging into her golden skin.

“Alright, captain,” she called out to Dave, who bolted up excitedly before
matting his long black hair, shucking his jersey shirt and advancing slowly,
with a conceited grin that implied he would take control. Britney wouldn’t
let that happen. At least not yet.

“These guys seem to have my top taken care of,” she said as Dave reached
the scene. Slowly, she bent forward and pointed her lovely caboose in his
direction. “Care to try out my bottom?”

“Oh god, Britney….” the overcome team leader groaned before locking lips
with the girl, kissing her roughly but masterfully. Britney saw stars as
Dave tickled her tonsils…and then some. She didn’t realize just how far
down her throat his tongue had reached until he had pulled it away. She
giggled as she found fresh oxygen and wiped the sweat off her brow as Dave
went to kneel behind her.

“I can’t wait to feel THAT in my pussy!”

“Trust me. You WON’T have to wait,” Dave said. He was suddenly so thankful
for his long tongue. He ran his hands over Britney’s bubbly, skirt-covered
asscheeks and pressed down, feeling the heat and tight muscles of her pretty
rear. He couldn’t resist giving a quick thumbs-up to Chris before
continuing. Chris smiled meekly and continued to take mental crib notes for
their next one-on-one screw.

Britney took her encouraging hands away from the two gleeful tit lickers
and brought them down to her waistband. She wanted it bad. Dave was only too
happy to help. He closed his hands over hers and helped Britney shimmy out
of the small skirt. Christ, it was like it was glued on there. Eventually,
the fabric slid past her two hot buns, leaving only that red leather
crotch-hugger of hers. Dave whispered “awesome” when he saw it in all it’s
glory. Even Ray and Rudy paused to look down at the team MVP – Most Valuable

“I take it you like them,” Britney said, puzzled by the silence.

“You have no idea,” Dave laughed, slowly running his finger down Britney’s
crack, pressing against the leather and making the girl squeal as he
massaged her confined muff. Ray pawed at the front of her panties a few
times, feeling the shiny smooth material and wishing he could make her cum
right then, just like thoughts of this pussy made him cum so many times

“Take them off, damn it,” Britney begged through heavy breaths. She
felt Dave’s fingers pull the slutty underwear down, felt it slowly pop out
from between her clenched asscheeks and fall to the floor, felt the arid
breeze hit her moist young snatch and neatly trimmed brown bush. She knew
then that she was about to be ravaged, and satisifed more fully than ever
before, and perhaps ever after.

“Lick it, captain,” Britney urged Dave, her cajun country accent catching
in her throat and stumbling through her stiff, understandably nervous lips.
“2, 4, 6, 8,” she began, trying to lighten things up but swallowing hard.
“Eat my cunt, don’t hesitate.” Dave laughed and pressed two fingers across
her slick slit.

“You are one crazy little bitch,” he said grinning. “But what a pretty,
pretty pussy you have.” Britney groaned and pressed Ray and Rudy’s heads
harder against her drenched tits. Goose bumps stiffened across her entire
body as Dave explored her most sensitive treasure. He pulled the meaty, dark
pink labia lips apart to give Chris a view deep inside her, a view he had
enjoyed before, but never got tired of. Dave would’ve shown Jon and Steve,
but they remained seated on the other side of Britney, both really too
stupefied to move and get anything better than their current disadvantaged
viewpoint – if you can call a head-on look at Britney’s pert knockers
disadvantaged for any reason.

Dave pinched Britney’s ass, getting the grinning girl to look down at him.
He smirked wickedly before sticking his tongue out as far as possible, the
pink poker gleaming in the light to tease Britney mercilessly. She shrieked
in anticipation, then shrieked again when she felt the tongue up her pussy
the second she turned back around. Dave grabbed generous handfuls of
Britney’s toned ass for balance, his hands leaving light red streaks across
the golden globes as his lips milked her cooch, tasting her spicy honey.
Dave rammed his huge slithery tongue in and out of Britney, again and again,
savoring the delicious mix of girl cream and fragrant sweat her cheerleader
cunt produced. He opened his hands and gave Britney’s ass some thoroughly
enjoyed smacks before reaching through her legs and fingering her irritated
little clitty.

“That’s it,” Britney groaned, ramming her tasty behind against Dave’s
face and smiling down as the sloppy smacks of tit sucking filled the air.
“Eat my dirty pussy. I’m such a baaaaad little girl.”

The veteran cheerleader had a hard time staying on her feet, but
Britney wouldn’t let it stop for anything. It felt soooo good. She slammed
her ass backwards, harder and harder, to meet Dave’s probing tongue halfway.
It was so wet down there, and that tongue kept finding her g-spot, her pussy
ablaze with sensation after pleasurable sensation. Sounds of slurping,
squeaking sneakers and a southern slut’s swearing filled the room.

“AHHHH!” Britney howled in ecstasy, her beautiful face contorted into a
dozen different crinkles, as if she were trying to make it rain juicy
orgasms onto Dave’s cunt-covered lips. Dave wouldn’t let up on her clit,
carefully rolling it between his fingers while licking up and down her cunt
lips, tickling the slit before diving in again, covering his tongue in sweet
pussy and sweeter juice. Britney was losing control. She ran her hands down
to fondle the tops of her otherwise occupied boobs, then pulled away and
accidentally smacked Rudy over his eyebrow. His tongue was back to
smothering her wet nip in seconds, an unnoticed drop or two of blood falling
through her cleavage.

Britney threw her head forward, her sweaty hair a beautiful mess, and
surveyed the situation while getting eaten deep and slow. Steve sat smiling,
entertained. Try seeing THIS in art class, she thought as she scowled at
him. Poor little Jon, however, looked very uncomfortable when he realized
the climaxing girl’s beautiful eyes were on him. She knew he had never seen
anything like this. Well, she had never DONE anything like this, so they
were both covering new territory. Britney needed cock. She didn’t know
whether the three studs tasting her body were virgins. Probably not. All she
could see right then through the intense haze of being a willing whore was a
shy, inexperienced teenage boy with a cute obvious boner who was watching
her fuck his teammates and thought she was the most beautiful girl in the
history of the universe. Why not pop his cherry?

“Ohhhhhhhhhh OHHHH hold up, guys,” she managed to gasp. “Hold on tight. I’m
moving.” Britney carefully waddled sideways, over to where Jon sat on his
bench. Hilariously, Dave, Ray and Rudy all really did hold on to Britney,
their knees moving across the floor in perfect sync with her naked body. To
them, she was like the world’s best candy bar: you want a taste whenever you
can get one, and you don’t want to share ANY, not if you can help it. Chris
and Steve nearly fell over laughing when they saw how deeply this pussy had
whipped their manly teammates. They resumed licking and sucking away at her
as soon as she stood sideways next to Jon. Jon froze in place. Her skin
looked so soft and smelled so good up close, a bead of sweat running down
her leg and dripping onto his small blue Nike. Britney smiled as she looked
down on the seated boy, but he just blushed.

“C’mon, rookie,” she pleaded. Britney knew she sounded like one of her
teachers, trying to convince a kid to go out on a limb, but she also knew
Jon was all grown up under his uniform. She knew her lips wrapped around his
limb would be a ultra-hot experience for both of them. “Stand up on this
bench and I’ll show you a thing or two.”

“Go get ’em, Tarland,” Steve said encouragingly.

“YEAH, JON JON!” Rudy rooted on before Britney glanced down at him
disapprovingly. Catching the hint, he immediately went back to tasting her

A smile finally accompanied Jon’s blush. He took off his glasses and slowly
climbed up onto the bench. The front of his shorts lined up perfectly with
Britney’s mouth. His small, pale knees shook. He knew what was coming,
really wanted it, but just didn’t want to screw it all up somehow. Across
the room, Chris smiled and finally gave in to his own needs, pulling out his
hard eight inches. He knew nothing would go wrong in his girlfriend’s expert
mouth. Quite the opposite.

“Should I take my shorts off, Britney?” The girl melted at the little
guy’s innocence.

“No, Jon,” she said. She reached out and kissed the bulging red
fabric. His mouth dropped wide open. “I’ll take care of that. You take off
your shirt.” Jon did just that. His creamy, ribsy chest was a little moist
with nervous sweat, his dime-sized nipples hard from those same jitters.

Britney could probably walk and chew gum at the same time, since her
overheating body remained in rhythm with her love slaves’ mouths, while her
gentle hands found their own pace when pulling down Jon’s shorts and
gripping his five inches of pubescent dick.

“You have such a nice cock, rookie,” she said winking up at Jon. He LOVED
it when she called him rookie. Britney blew a stray strand of blond hair
away from her face and started in on Jon, giving his throbbing cockhead a
long lick hello. She used one hand to grope his tight balls, the other to
rub and relax his tighter ass as she took him into her wet mouth, her deep
cheeks getting used to some new dick dimensions. Britney started to moan
again, and not from Dave’s pussy munching, which was quite good, but rather
from the dirty deed she knew she was committing: she had a slab of lost
innocence down her throat, and the owner of that slab was enjoying every
second of it.

Jon leaned his back against the row of lockers, a foot apart from the
bench he was standing on, and groaned from the release of it all. Britney
looked up at him and grinned widely, Jon’s thick stump clenched between her
pearly whites. She put a little more focus on her cocksucking. Grabbing onto
the young boy’s trembling hips, Britney began giving Jon some vigorous
no-hands head. She often managed to fit all but an inch of Jon’s cock down
her fiery gullet as she bobbed up and down on it, a blur of tan skin,
puckered lips and loud, sticky slurps. Since she was standing sideways,
Britney’s spit would often dangle out the sides of her mouth, dangle,
rocking back and forth from her tight suction, then eventually snap from her
lips and fall onto the top of her right tit, where it would mix with Rudy’s
plentiful saliva.

“You like getting your cock sucked, Jonny angel?” she asked with a
sweet twang, catching a quick breath and gently blowing a bubble of spit
onto Jon’s shaft before swallowing the prick all over again.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Britney,” Jon responded, his voice breaking but his knees
finding new balance. He began to thrust himself between Britney’s lips with
more and more confidence, until eventually his small, wet nut sack was
slapping against the girl’s sculpted chin.

Amazingly, Ray had gotten tired of simply sucking on Britney’s tasty nip.
He looked down at Dave and saw the captain’s tongue was quite busy inside
her dripping snatch. Ray decided to make himself more useful. He crouched
down lower and snuck his tongue onto Britney’s flaring clit. It was tight
quarters down there, his tongue often making incidental contact with Dave’s
upward slit slurps, but his lips got a firm hold of Britney’s precious
nubbin. Britney’s thighs tightened around his head when he licked hard
enough. Drops of his own forgotten spittle trickled from Britney’s bare left
hooter onto his upper back. Rudy pawed both breasts now, licking up and down
between her cleavage, tasting all the bouncy feminine flesh he could.
Britney cast one eye down on the position change and nodded. Her long,
glistening neck was fully extended. When she swallowed hard, getting some
saliva out of the way and drawing Jon’s overwhelmed fuckstick further past
her tonsils, Chris whistled. He had been pounding his pud for several
minutes now as he watched his girlfriend gobble down the meat of a virtual

Steve had his cock out now, too. He had seven thick, proud inches, and
they certainly erect now. He focused on Jon’s flustered face as Britney
slobbered all over his virgin knob. He focused on Ray’s ass, nicely outlined
in drenched shorts and shaking back and forth just inches away from his own
feet. Most happily, he would shoot quick glances across the room at Chris,
and delight in how glad and horny his jerking friend seemed to be at the
perverted talents of his trophy girlfriend.

Britney was now holding Jon’s cock up at an angle so she could lick
his balls. She looked up at him with those expert puppy dog eyes the whole
time, her tongue teasingly flicking at his smooth sack one second, then
fully sliding across his nuts the next. She stopped to suck on each testicle
so delicately, as if she were smoothing out the edges on a scoop of
semen-flavored ice cream. Jon shook his head in disbelief and ran his hands
through the girl’s beautiful mane of hair.

“She ever do that to you?” Steve asked Chris.

“Nah,” the cocky jock laughed. He pushed his balls out of the way and
wrapped his hand firmly around his long stick before looking across at
Steve. “This gives her plenty to work on.”

“I’ll bet,” Steve said, trying hard to constrain himself, waiting for his
moment. Britney let out a muffled moan when she heard Chris’ remark, and
spit Jon’s wet wood out of her mouth to glare across at him.

“Fuck you, Chris,” she said with a smile.

“Soon enough, sweet cheeks,” he replied with a laugh. Britney laughed,
too, and “Ooooooh”ed as she put Jon back in her mouth. Her voice rocked
against his cock, causing the nervous young nerdling to shudder, one foot
slipping out from under him. He held on though, like a rider on a prize
filly. Jon grabbed hold of her face now as he felt his load churning faster
and faster in his balls. Ten minutes ago, he was just a boy, but now he was
never more ready to paint Britney’s throat with his special sauce.

“Suck it, Britney, oh God, you’re gonna make me cum!”

They didn’t call her the “head” cheerleader for nothing. Jon’s cry was
like a rocket booster to Britney. She groaned from deep within and
concentrated on feeling the three tongues on and inside of her, and the one
throbbing cock darting across her tongue. She felt so full, felt the love,
and wanted the cum. She fondled Jon’s nuts now and crammed his meat as far
down her throat as possible, slamming the shaft’s underside again and again
with her tongue, scraping the roof of her mouth back and forth against the
irritated head, anxious for the cream. Rudy, Ray and Dave looked up from
their licking, wanting desperately to see this girl take a facial from the
rook. Britney’s eyes kept pleading with Jon, and for once, the young boy’s
performance did not disappoint.

“I’m shooting!” he screamed, his hands slamming into the lockers behind
him. “I’m cumming! Don’t take it out. Don’t take it out BRIT-NEEEEEE!”

Britney had no intention of taking it out. One hard volley of jism hit
the inside of her cheek, then another at the back of her throat, then
another tingled against her rear teeth. Britney “Mmmmmm”ed the whole time,
caressing Jon’s emptying balls as she swallowed every sweet drop of virginal
boy batter. When his six squirts were over and through, the first teaspoon
or so slowly snaking down into Britney’s stomach, she licked his sensitive
cockhead clean. Jon twitched and twitched, his tiny body a sweaty mess of
nerves, but he had been blown by the hottest girl in the universe. He was a
man. And it felt GOOD!

There was also, however, this other feeling as he looked down on
Britney’s soiled, smiling lips. It came quickly, so that when he pulled his
cock out of her hands, it was a bit more roughly than he would’ve liked. He
laughed nervously, went to put on his shorts, gathered up his stuff and
nodded. Britney was confused, but she had a feeling this might be too much
pleasure for Jon to register in such a short time.

“See ya tomorrow, guys,” he said in a rushed voice while sprinting for the
door. He turned around to look at the naked cheerleader who sucked his dick.
It almost felt like love.

“Thanks, Britney. Wow oh wow, thanks!” Britney turned her head and sighed,
feigning satisfaction.

“Anytime, rookie,” she said with selfless, slutty sincerity. Jon’s
eyes widened at the remark before disappearing into the corridor. Britney,
smiled, shook her head and slipped away from her three kneeling worshipers
to stand in the middle of the room again.

“And then, there were five,” she said giggling. “This is gonna be fun.”
Britney just stood there for a minute or two, getting the guys psyched for
stage two. Not a sound could be heard except a ton of heavy breathing, and
Britney’s fingers roaming all over her body, cupping her breasts, smacking
her own as and sucking on a finger or two. All of the guys shucked their
clothes during this unbearable cock tease, the sight of their rigid beef
poles sending Britney into an even deeper heat.

Not surprisingly, Ray had the biggest bat of them all, eleven
monstrous ebony inches. Ray winked at Britney when he saw her eyes bulge at
his huge endowment. Rudy stood next to him with a shorter seven inches of
latin lollipop, but the fact that he was uncut fascinated Britney. She never
thought she’d do it with a foreskinned man. The realization that she would
made her very horny. Dave Manlee stood back, his lips still glistening with
Britney’s juices, and jacked his dick, eight inches just like her sweetie
Chris, but thicker and with a huge cockhead that Britney just had to feel
inside of her. Chris was a little peeved that britney took just a couple of
seconds to look him over, but she didn’t need to. She could’ve picked out
his cock in a blindfolded suck test. As for Steve, he was the only one who
remained standing *behind* Britney, slowly fisting his seven inches. Like
Britney, he was mesmerized by the *other* spears in the room.

Britney tweaked her rock hard nippples one more time before adding up
the dick data and smiling. She went to stand next to an empty bench.

“Honey?” She was calling to Chris. Finally. He walked over and
frenched Britney before she whispered her instructions. Chris planted his
bare ass down on the bench with a leg on each side, essentially straddling
it. He laid back and smiled wide, soaking it all in. His dick throbbed
anxiously as it stood on end, a drop of clear pre-cum trickling down his
shaft. Britney was about to fulfill the promise she had whispered to him

The promise was: “This time you can do me in the ass.”

“Ready, honey?” Britney asked as she swung one of her own honeyed legs
over Chris’ crotch and onto the floor. She was turned towards his feet, so
that she could ride him while facing the other guys.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” he said with a macho cackle.
Britney just snickered and reached back to slowly spread her bubbly cheeks
for him.

“Don’t you worry about me,” she said smokily. “I’m a big girl.” As
soon as Chris saw Britney’s tight brown pucker, he rubbed some spittle on
his bulbous glans and pressed it against the tiny opening. “And big
girls….” Britney struggled to continue as she felt the first couple of
centimeters piercing her behind, “….can take, OH GOD!” The whole head had
slid in with a juicy “pop!” Britney froze for a moment and gasped, one hand
pressed back against Chris’ chest, the other quickly frigging her clitty.
“…..biiiiiiig cocks in their….TIGHT!” Her voice halted again with an
inch of jock shaft making its way in with a slight. “Backsides,” Britney
finally finished her thought. She focused on taking her first ass ramming
like a trooper. She knew there’d be a little pain before the fun set in, but
as another inch slid deep inside her heiny, she wasn’t feeling all that bad.
It just really felt intense.

The looks on the faces of the four watching guys, even Steve, told her
it must’ve been some sight. She wished she could see it somehow: her hot
little ass slowly sinking onto a big, pulsating white rod. Britney closed
her eyes, huffing and puffing as two more inches snuck up inside, then
somehow two more. She had half a foot of sausage in her back burner, and she
loved the feeling more than anything. She should’ve tried this sooner, like
Chris wanted, she thought to herself.

Chris couldn’t believe how hot Britney’s anal chute felt around his
cock, almost hotter than her pussy. Certainly tighter. He stopped at six
inches to drink it all in. He squeezed that beautiful ass he was inside of
and called out to his dumbstruck team, “Ain’t she somethin’, guys?” Britney
carefully turned back to smile at him. When she did, something caused the
whole crazy day to come flooding back to Chris: Mandy and Lacey, Tarland’s
cock in Brit’s mouth, and now this. This was the greatest fucking day of his
life. He smiled up at Britney and made his first pump back and forth,
catching her off guard but filling her with an unbelievable sensation.

“My perfect little whore,” he said to her, making her moan and wriggle
around to get a little more meat into her rear. Britney enjoyed Chris’
newfound aggression. She started to really dig the feel of anal sex, letting
him pump in and out a few more times before really picking up the pace. He
started to thrust up harder and Britney started to slam down just as hard,
the pain giving way to a searing warmth, and then just an overwhelming
feeling of size, ravaging her asshole and slamming into such snesitive
places inside. Britney started to growl like an animal, holding onto Chris’
knees and bouncing forward, her breasts like two jiggling beach balls.
Thirty more seconds at this pace and Chris would blow his wad. She didn’t
want that yet.

“You like fucking me in the ass, baby?”

“YEAH! I love your ass!”

“I love it too. Keep doin’ it to me, baby,” Britney pleaded, all the
while changing her position to lean back on Chris, her hands back on his
broad shoulders. Sure, Britney, thought, the anal reverse cowgirl position
was a bit trying, but how about getting two up in her?

“Come here, Captain,” she called to Dave, quickly spreading her puss
with two fingers so the message was crystal clear. “Let’s see….how much
cock….this girl can take!”

Dave high-fived Ray and approached the bench. He remained standing,
facing Britney, putting one leg on each side of the bench, careful not to
step on Chris’ feet. He leaned in to kiss Britney, but it was a hard kiss to
maintain. She kept bouncing on Chris’ prick. Dave managed to taste Britney’s
tongue for about half a second before she flew upwards and found herself
licking his nose and eye. Dave decided to dispense with the foreplay and
just start nailing the sweet cunt he had eaten out before it was too late.
He lined up with her shaking pink passage as best he could and pushed
forward. Oh god, that pussy felt like heaven. Britney was like a warm lake
that you just wanted to dip into again and again. Plus, it felt tighter to
Dave than it usually did for Chris, since, well, Dave had a little more meat
on his bone.

Britney enjoyed the extra thickness, too, but with Chris already in
her ass, she would’ve been plenty full even if it was Tarland who was doing
the pussy plugging, thank you very much. Now she gasped over and over and
the two cocks battled inside her for room, “Oh babyyyyy,” repeatedly rolling
off the tongue of the stretched-out southern belle. She never got dicked
like this in Dixie.

Dave went real slow at first, keeping his deposit down to a couple of
inches until Britney’s body calmed down and seemed ready to take more. The
slutty senior was wet all over, inside and out, slick with sweat, her two
funbags beautifully standing out from her chest. Her yes eventually met
Dave’s, telling him she wanted more dick. A good leader could sense
patterns, so it didn’t take long for the captain to hammer out Chris’
thrusting pattern, and match it accordingly with his own hammer. He tried to
pump in when Chris pumped out, giving Britney constant cock. Occasionally,
the two would accidentally pump her at the same time. Britney would shriek,
the wind knocked out of her, but she loved to take it on. The two boys could
feel each other’s eager rods through the thin membrane that separated back
from front. After fucking Britney raw for so long, Chris almost seemed to
feel the barrier disappear, as if Dave’s cock was right up against his. It
spurred him on to rock Britney’s ass harder, to prove that he was the master
when it came to making his girl feel just right.

Ray and Rudy, meanwhile, felt neglected. They figured Britney was a
bit too loopy to remember their needs, so they decided to remind her. Ray
went over to stand to the right of Britney’s head, Rudy to her left. Ray
thought he was going to have to fight his little friend for the girl’s
expert lips, but Rudy had other ideas on his mind. He stood further down on
Britney’s left, next to her awesome hooters.

“Ay ay ay, que pechos grandes, senorita!” The foreign words suddenly
spilled from Rudy’s mouth as he fondled the steamy silicone, a wild-eyed
look in his eyes. Britney didn’t have a Spanish dictionary handy, but she
smiled and enjoyed his worship, confident that she knew the translation. He
rolled the teats around in his palms, sometimes grasping them hard, smashing
them down.

“Yeah, feel me up, papi,” she gave it back to Rudy, who only became
more intense. “I like it rough like that.”

“You want THIS rough?” Ray interjected, lightly slapping the oozing
head of his huge black bangstick against the girl’s turned cheek. Britney
turned to face the snake and smiled, desperately trying to maintain control
of her body throughout Chris and Dave’s shattering fucking.

“Well,” Britney said, looking up into Ray’s lust-crazed eyes as she
jerked his seemingly endless shaft, “We’ll see what I can do.” Chris tilted
his head just in time to see Britney’s lips engulf the thick pinkish glans
of Ray’s salty rod. Ray took a loose hold of Britney’s scalp, letting her
continue to slam back and forth while keeping her glued to his needy

There were two patches of brown when he looked down at her: the browns
of her eyes, looking up, seeming to ask the dumb question “Do you like
this?”, and his brown shaft. In between, there was pink: Britney’s hot pink
tongue licking up and down the length of the freakish hose before wrapping
around the head and drying his leaky slit, and her pretty pink lips, sucking
down as much of his horse meat as possible, making the dark skin all wet,
and moaning to let him know she wanted it as bad as him.

“That’s it, baby girl,” he whispered down to her. Britney smilled and
stopped to suck on his hairy balls. “Ooooh, so goood. Suck Ray Ray good,
little girl.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” was her full mouth’s only response. “Mmmmmmmmm

Since Ray had gotten Britney to lean back for a good while, Rudy decided to
go ape shit over the tits he adored so much. He threw his leg over the
bench, not to mention Chris and Britney, and planted his cock between her
tits, molding the dick into her burning hot cleavage. Britney loved it, as
long as Rudy didn’t push down too hard, which he somehow still had the sense
to avoid. He put one hand on each of her luscious mounds and rammed his
uncut dong in and out, Britney’s sweat and Rudy’s pre-cum the only liquid
saving them both from severe case of rope burn. Or cock burn, really.

Dave was enjoying the pussy he felt he earned: the captain fucking the
head cheerleader. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, god damn it. He loved
fucking choice pussy, but he really loved himself more. He slammed as hard
as he could, trying to prove that Chris didn’t deserve the honor of this
sopping wet snatch every night. Since Chris was also viewing this as more of
a competition between jocks than a chance to fuck his girl, the real winner
was Britney. She had all the cock she could handle, and they’d probably fuck
her till the damn things snapped off, if she wanted. She took a moment to
stop drooling all over Ray’s cock to urge the boys on.

“You sure…know…how to….FUCK ME!!!” Britney screamed as another
pleasure shock ran through her. The two fuckers groaned and went back to the
business of one-upmanship.

Dave assumed that the two gentle hands pulling at his ass cheeks were
Britney’s, but by the time he realized her hands were quite tied up with
Ray, Steve’s cockhead was already poking at his sphincter.

“AHHHH!” he screamed, sounding as much like a frightened girl as a
jock can. “Bancrow, what in the name of fuck, huh?”

“Aw, come on, Dave,” Steve said, quite cool, and still ready to
insert. “You like a challenge. You are manly, aren’t you, Manlee?” The sound
of Britney lifing her lips off Ray’s balls broke the silence. She smiled to
herself. That Steve.

“You are nothing but a dirty cocksucker, Bancrow,” Dave spit out
angrily. Like it or not, he was getting more comfortable in his vulnerable
position. So was Steve. Case closed.

“Correct-a-mundo!” Steve said smiling. “And for the next five minutes,
I’ll be your dirty ass fucker, so why don’t you take it like a man and enjoy
that lovely young lady wrapped around your pecker?”

Dave was embarrassed, but he did like a challenge, and he liked this
one much more than he was letting on. No one else knew about his afternoon
of exploration two years ago with the team’s last coach. He shook his head,
appeared flabbergasted, and went back to porking Britney. Steve shook his
head and pushed. Two inches of his slick dick went into Dave’s behind a
little easier than he’d expected. Perhaps then, he became the first person
to know Dave had done this before. He’d had a hunch beforehand.

“Wow, this is the nicest ass I’ve ever fucked, Dave,” Steve groaned as
he allowed his urges to take over. Of course, this was really the only ass
he’d *ever* fucked, but it was hot nonetheless. He began to thrust into the
masculine rear harder and faster. Dave was conflicted, trying to block out
Steve’s words, but seeming to back his ass up against Steve’s plowing prick
slowly but surely.

Ray couldn’t help but look over to see Steve give it to their captain.
There was something about it that turned him on, something primal, like when
he watched his friends on the wrestling team roll around on the mats. Still,
once he had seen Steve throw his head back after getting a good five inches
into Manlee’s jock pussy, and begin to thrust happily, he was ready to focus
on Britney again. Ray knew where the real beauty in life was, and at that
moment, she was giving slow, repeated sucks on his cockhead. Britney smiled
when she saw Ray’s focus return. She crammed more of his shaft down his
throat, tasting the ebony pole and wanting the juice it could provide.

“I love sucking All-County cock,” she cooed before bobbing down again.
What a difference an hour had made for Ms. Britney Spears. The
impeccably-kempt school beauty now looked like a frazzled, bare-assed Barbie
doll, and felt even more hollow inside than any plastic doll when Dave and
Chris pulled out of her. They would always plunge in again, though, and then
Britney was happy again, stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey and soon to be
basted as thoroughly.

Chris reached the edge first. Britney was a little disappointed that the
cock she was going home with was the minuteman of the group, but she wanted
to feel him blast.

“I’m cumming, Britney baby!” he screamed, slowing his banging down to
a crawl. “You’re my shining star, Britney! I’m shooting it in your ass,

“Ohhhhh, cum for me, baby, that’s it. Make me feel it.” Britney sort
of pulled away from Dave’s thrusts and shook her sphincter back and forth,
up and down against the spasming cock. When the first spurts shot inside she
gasped from the sensation, like a hot white flame flooding her rectum. Chris
held on tight to Britney’s pretty asscheeks and jerked upwards, once, twice,
three times, making sure her insides got all he had to over. He groaned and
twitched before collapsing back onto the bench.

Britney was not quite through yet. Rudy was. he started cursing in his
native tongue and sped up his tit fucking, faster and faster until his hot
cream shot out, fast and hard. Rudy even seemed to surprise himself.
Britney’s cleavage, the sides of her ever-perky boobs and the front of her
neck were showered in ropes of Rudy’s thick jism. Britney looked at Rudy
sideways, smiling as he came and smearing the seed all over her shiny skin
when he finally ceased fire, but she never let Ray’s cock out from her
hungry mouth. She finally let go to catch a breath and hock up some more
spit to get some good lip grip going. She noticed Ray perked up at Rudy’s
cum shower.

“When are you gonna give me *your* load, big boy? Hmmm?” She jerked
the big cocoa stick a few times, her hands somehow feeling a little cooler
to the touch than her wet mouth. “My face is getting kinda lonely without
some cum.” Ray groaned from his gut and Chris’ spent cock actually throbbed
again in Britney’s ass. She’d never talked this dirty to *him*.

Ray wanted to say something equally nasty. He could usually be counted
on for that. But this white girl had his head spinning and his balls aching.
His groans kept coming, and Britney got the hint. She dove down on the cock
with her greedy mouth, getting a good four inches up against her tonsils
before Ray lost his nut. The cum was especially thick, tougher to swallow
than Chris’. And plentiful! The all-star was quite a cocksman, too, firing
off eight significant shots of man juice down Britney’s throat. Her eyes
looked straight ahead at his groin as she swallowed, intent on getting each
drop without waste. Dave had a clear view of the orgasm since Rudy had gone
to clean up. He could Britney’s cheeks hollow out with each gulp. This girl
was truly a sexual dynamo.

“I’m cumming too, god dammit!” Dave cried out. Britney tried to acknowledge
her happiness with a nod, but it caused some cum to dribble from her mouth
onto her cheek. There was more cum on her face now than glitter. Britney was
so sweaty, and her face manhandled so often that most of the shiny specks
had fallen to her neck and shoulders.

“Give it to me, Captain,” she said before licking the cum glob of her
lips. “Shoot your cum in my naughty pussy.” Dave slammed in harder and
harder, really getting into the feeling of being a fucker and fuckee at
once. Britney’s focus returning to her snatch. She tried a few exercises she
had picked up recently, contracting her pussy around Dave’s climaxing cock
as hard as she could. She felt the power of his thrusts and the unbearable
friction the top of his shaft was providing for her clit, and actually came
a second or two before Dave did. She picked her feet up to wrap around
Dave’s ass as he came, but actually found herself toeing at Steve’s behind.
The two boys were having quite a ball, both for very different reasons.

“Shit, I’m gonna blow, Manlee,” Steve yelled.

“OH, you fucker!” Dave shouted as his first blast of sperm coated
Britney’s pussy. The girl puckered her lips and squeezed her sticky breasts
as Dave came, conquering her cunt with a good six volleys of splooge.
Britney rocked back and forth as Dave hosed her insides and grinned. She was
verrry satisfied. AND she was on the pill. Life was good.

Steve, being horny, but not one to leave someone with no dignity
whatsoever, pulled his cock out of Dave before shooting. He jerked himself
the rest of the way, spewing all over the captain’s ripped lower back. Thing
is, Dave really wouldn’t have minded if Steve was an unfeeling prick. He had
a damn good time.

Britney closed her eyes and lay back on her boyfriend after Dave
pulled out. She was somehow more beautiful to the four spent guys who stood
watch over her than she was when she walked through the door two hours
earlier, the object of all their fantasies.

Chris stuck his tongue in Britney’s ear and sucked on her earlobe. She
loved that after great sex. Ray knelt down to kiss her once more before
heading to the showers. Dave came around to do the same. Even Steve kissed
the girl on the forehead.

“You’re something else,” he said. She smiled that smile again, far
form the first time, even farther from the last.

After Britney and Chris toweled off and redressed, she kissed him and
led him by hand to the locker room door.

“We’ll have just enough time to go home to your place and fool around
a little before we go to that club,” she said. The two lovers skipped off,
closer than ever before.

“There goes the hottest, most sexually insatiable creature on the face
of this planet,” Dave Manlee said as looked on in amazement.

“Yeah,” Steve said. “Britney can get pretty horny, too.” He winked and left
the captain behind to contemplate the benefits of a forfeited game.


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