Celebrity Schoolgirls 4: Danielle Fishel And Anna Kournikova

DISCLAIMER: If you are underage and/or unqualified to view adult
material, if adult material is outlawed in your community or you are
offended in any way by explicit depictions of sexual activity, DO NOT read
on. Also, this is an entirely FICTITIOUS story. The celebrities mentioned
here have never engaged in these types of activities, nor would they ever
consider doing so. They are all living angels. So there. 🙂

Celebrity Schoolgirls 4: Danielle Fishel and Anna Kournikova

by Tony Idolatry

In the school cafeteria the next day, Lacey and Mandy seemed to be much
more interested in tasting each other
than the unappealing lunches on their
plates. The two girls sat next to each other at their usual table, in a
somewhat isolated corner of the crowded mess hall. Across the table was
their good friend Danielle Fishel, just like always. Danielle was no dummy.
She had long suspected that Lacey and Mandy had mutual feelings that went
far beyond friendship, and today, those feelings seemed to be out in the
open. Even if the signs were hardly noticeable to the guys and girls that
walked by the table for a few fleeting seconds, Danielle had watched long
enough to decide love was in the air. Really sappy love, too.

At the beginning of lunch, Lacey made the cutest little joke, and
Mandy laughed and poked her finger at Lacey’s nose, eliciting endless
giggles from both girls. Later, Lacey implored Mandy to taste some of her
pasta lunch, and when Mandy eventually gave in, Lacey actually FED her, from
the SAME fork! And now, Danielle was watching the kicker of them all. Lacey
had gotten some chocolate pudding on one of her fingers – accidentally, of
course. Mandy couldn’t have been more helpful. The napkin she offered Lacey
was her own tongue, laughing uncontrollably as she took a good long taste of
the chocolate and her friend’s flesh, for at least five seconds, before
pulling away and leaving Lace to clean off her shiny saliva.

“You guys are a little touchy feely today, you know?” Danielle had fought
valiantly to keep her mouth shut, but she finally caved in to two strong
feelings: one, anger from being kept in the dark by her two best friends,
and two, unbearable lust watching the two nubile young schoolgirls literally
drool all over each other.

“Huh?” Lacey’s concentrated gaze into Mandy’s adorable eyes was broken by
Danielle’s accusatory remark. “Oh, we’re just a little goofy today, that’s

“Yeah. Goofy,” Mandy barely managed to agree before laughing again and
slapping Lacey’s knee, leaving her hand there a bit too long afterwards.

“Here’s to goofiness,” Danielle replied dryly, raising her soda can to
toast the obvious new lovers. The girl sighed and took a long swig of Diet
Pepsi. She hated diet soda. But here she was, a junior in high school,
perfectly pretty, according to many relatives and old people, but still
lacking a love interest of her own. Something must need improvement, she
concluded. Must be her body.

In fact, Danielle couldn’t have been more wrong. She was, indeed, a
beautiful girl, with flowing brown hair most young popular beauty queens
would kill for, incomparably intelligent blue eyes, a cute button nose and
tiny pink lips that still managed to illuminate her whole face when she
smiled. In fact, her face sometimes got confused with Mandy’s by some of her
teachers, but a closer look revealed a much different physique than her
younger friend, certainly more voluptuous, with very large breasts and
shapely hips.

Actually, many guys *did* want to get closer to Danielle, immediately
aroused when they’d watch her walk by their desks or skip across the parking
lot at the end of the day. But Danielle was very smart — she and Mandy were
dubbed “The Bookworm Twins” — and came across as condescending whenever
she’d talk with people she wasn’t particularly comfortable with, especially
boys. She almost seemed to put extra effort into subtly repelling any guy
who tried to chat her up. Danielle knew why. The poor schlubs whose hearts
she broke couldn’t have possibly known. Danielle looked like Mandy, studied
like Mandy, and, though she sometimes tried to shake the feeling, craved
pussy like Mandy. And now Mandy had satisfied her own craving, while
Danielle was left alone in her search for Ms. Right. Those lips of hers
didn’t break into a smile nearly as much as they used to.

As Danielle was in mid-gulp, an audible gasp went up behind her. The noise
was made in unison by about twenty schoolboys, the sound so unexpected that
Danielle swallowed a few drops down the wrong pipe and wound up coughing as
she turned to see what the fuss was about. Once she saw for herself, she
went from fighting for breath to hopelessly breathless.

The fuss had a name, although not one person in the room could pronounce it
correctly: Corn-uh-co-vah. Anna Kournikova. The leggy blonde sophomore
entered the cafeteria with a brown bag lunch in one hand and some sort of
paperwork in the other. She had just gotten through a meeting in the
principal’s office on this, her first day at St. Bernard’s. She was a
Russian exchange student, the students had been informed before she arrived,
here in America to learn for two months while Judy Tomlinson went to study
in Moscow. Nobody cared much for Judy Tomlinson anyway, so very few people
noticed her departure a week earlier, but this….girl, this femme fatale in
a schoolgirl’s uniform, had every single cock in the room standing in salute
to Mother Russia.

Five guys toward the front of the room nearly came to blows over which one
would pull out a chair at their table to signal the sensational new girl
over. Anna’s sultry smile faded into an embarrassed blush over the display.
Male buffoonery was an international language. Nevertheless, Anna nodded and
walked toward’s the boys’ table, making their day, their year, the whole of
their pathetic lives thus far. The new girl had a swishing golden ponytail,
mysterious dark eyes that seemed to perpetually wonder “What are YOU looking
at?”, as if she didn’t know, a flawless nose and mouth with the sculpted
cheekbones of a supermodel, a growing bosom, and long, bare bronzed legs
that flowed with feminine grace, yet possessed incredible athletic strength.

Everyone seemed to be frozen in place, all eyes on Anna. A whistle shot out
from the other side of the room, jock central. The janitor dropped his
broom. Britney quickly wondered if a sophomore, and an illegal alien at
that, could somehow still be eligible for the title of prom queen. Danielle
just sat quietly and admired the exotic new beauty in so many aspects,
desperately hoping that those toned legs came from hard work in soccer.
Danielle was co-captain of the school’s squad. Did Russians even play
soccer? Oh God, please let the answer be yes!

Eventually, Anna sat down and patiently introduced herself to her erect
male lunchmates, who each shook her hand with a ridiculous wink and
desperate caress. Anna could speak very little English thus far, but she
could understand the basics and was eager to learn, even if it meant
studying the linguistic fine points of a game of Testosterone One-upmanship.

Slowly but surely, the cafeteria returned to its normal level of bustle,
everyone retreating to their own social situations with a mental reminder to
casually track that Russian chick for the next few days.

Danielle, though, just couldn’t stop staring Anna’s way, even though that
meant constantly turning in her chair, away from her two lovebird friends.
On any other day, Lacey and Mandy probably would’ve caught on, but nothing
could break them out of their reverie today, not even Anna. Danielle nibbled
on an apple as she watched the blonde from afar. She found Anna’s smile to
be wonderfully complex. She could tell the girl’s constant grins were to
humor the boys around her, and that behind the happy mask, Anna was plotting
her next move. Whether that move was to get one of the guys into her bed, or
simply take another bite of her homemade pastrami sandwich, Danielle
couldn’t begin to know, but she knew that Anna had *something* in mind, that
she was one step ahead while everyone else assumed the foreigner was one
step behind. Danielle admired that trait. Hell, it certainly didn’t hurt in
turning her on to Anna’s abundant womanly charms. Suddenly, though, Danielle
let out a long, discontent sigh, beginning to resign herself to the notion
of never getting anywhere meaningful with Anna Kournikova.

To compare herself to Anna, Danielle theorized, was like comparing apples
and oranges, or in this case, apples and bananas, since Danielle was just
about down to the core of her Granny Smith while Anna had just taken a
Chiquita treat out of her brown bag. Man, Danielle thought, that girl can
sure gulp down a sandwich!

“Earth to Miss Fishel,” Mandy shouted. Danielle bolted back towards her two
tablemates, smiled and nodded.

“Where have you been for the last, like, six minutes?” Lacey asked. “Mandy
asked you five times if you have soccer practice today.”

“Soccer?” It was now Danielle’s turn to come back to her senses. She wanted
to curse her friends for breaking her concentration on Anna. “Yeah. After
school. I always have practice today. You know that.”
Danielle turned back around after rudely dismissing Mandy’s question, but
the two girls shrugged off her sudden mood swing and went back to losing
themselves in each other.

Anna’s soft giggle was loud enough for Danielle to hear now. It was so
feminine, just like the rest of her. Danielle could listen to it all day.
But why had it gotten louder? Danielle suspected Anna had finally grown
impatient with the male gawkers surrounding her. The number had now
increased from five to nine, as jocks on the prowl for a new girlfriend came
over to show Anna things like “the scar from my motorcycle accident”
(actually, a slip in the snow three years earlier), and “my good luck charm,
made from real hamster fur” (that one was actually true — Danielle never
could understand why Roy thought it would be a babe magnet).

Anna kept laughing with each show-and-tell, louder and louder, twirling the
unpeeled banana in her hand. She had absolutely no idea what these guys were
telling her, and while she always liked being the center of attention, she
needed some space. Slowly, she rose from her chair and put the banana in her
brown bag with the discarded sandwich wrapper. Some of the guys seemed
shocked by this movement, as if they’d never seen a girl get up before. They
seemed ready to follow her.

“Bath-room, please,” Anna said slowly with a chuckle and a smile. The boys
laughed at themselves and pointed towards the hallway just outside the
cafeteria, but Anna knew where she was going. Danielle noticed the girl roll
her eyes the second her back was turned to the boys. She kept watching as
Anna walked towards the hallway. The Russian’s skirt had risen ever so
slightly in the back, giving Danielle a swift glimpse of the red lace
panties covering her backside before the hemmed plaid curtain trickled
downwards again. Anna clip-clopped away in her black platform shoes, entered
the hallway, and stopped at the trash can. Danielle saw the girl reach into
the bag, throw out her sandwich wrapper, turn, and walk towards the girls’
bathroom…….with the bag still in her hand. Danielle turned back around
after the restroom door closed behind Anna, her head swimming.

“Jesus Christ,” she muttered.

“Jesus Christ what?” Lacey asked. “What the hell is up with you, Danny?”

“Nothing,” she replied, also in a muttering tone. “Nothing, Lace. Just
thinking.” Danielle did just that for two excruciatingly long minutes. She
looked at her watch. There were precisely twelve minutes until the end of
the lunch period. She had no idea why, but she felt helplessly compelled to
take *some* kind of action.

“Make or break,” she whispered aloud between heavy breaths. “I want it.”

“Danielle?” Mandy asked, her voice full of concern. Danielle looked up.
Mandy was holding Lacey’s hand. The two of them stared at her quizzically.
It was if they had gone from two caring lovers to two caring parents within
minutes. Danielle wanted to feel that bond sometime in her life. Had the
time come?

“Danielle, you OK, hon?”

“Picture perfect, Mandy,” she suddenly replied, sitting upright and
determined. Then, just as suddenly, Danielle went back to moping. “Oh,
except for my stomach. A burger doesn’t mix with an apple, I guess. I’ll be
right back….if I can make it back before the end of the period, OK, you

Not another word was spoken. Danielle rose from the table, turned towards
the hallway and sighed again, this time out of an intense level of nervous
excitement. She would not let this chance go by. She was going to find out
if apples and bananas mix.

The dozens of tables and hundreds of noisy kids to Danielle’s left and
right seemed to evaporate from her consciousness as she walked on. Her hands
became clammy and her head seemed to involuntarily shake back and forth a
few times, as if her infamously conservative judgment was trying to break
free. Danielle would not let that happen. She WANTED Anna. She was GOING to
have her.

Danielle took one last glance behind her when she reached the bathroom
door. Nobody was coming in after her. She wasn’t sure why she thought
someone would, but no one was. Slowly, delicately, she opened the door
without letting it creak, just far enough to slip inside and close it
without too much cafeteria clamber seeping through. Danielle quieted her
gasps for sane air and surveyed the small, pathetic excuse for a washroom,
all the walls and stalls long ago painted a sickly pink. The sink was
closest to the door. There were four stalls. Only one was occupied, the
second from the end. Danielle held perfectly still next to the sink and
slipped off her comfortable blue shoes with the noisy heels. As she reached
down to remove them, she looked across and under the stall walls. She saw
Anna was sitting down, her black platforms, frilly white ankle-high socks
and honey brown legs splayed far out in front of her.

Just then, a low, deep moan escaped from the occupied stall, followed by
another, then another. Danielle couldn’t recall ever being this wet before.
The thought of what was going on, what was going IN, inside that stall was
driving her crazy with desire. She tip-toed over to the door again in her
dampening blue pantyhose and, timing out the sounds of ecstasy, quickly
turned the whispering door lock at the height of Anna’s moan. The lock on
the guy’s bathroom had been removed long ago. Too many practical jokers
locking other boys out, the principal concluded. Girls didn’t do that.
Danielle just did. All she could pray for now was a little luck.

The kitten on the prowl gently hit the cold tile floor on all fours. The
moans got a little louder, a little more passionate. Anna couldn’t help
herself. They were like a hypnotizing melody to Danielle. She thought about
how ridiculous she looked, her long hair falling in her face as she crawled
towards the open door of the last stall, but the girl had a plan. If it went
off without a hitch, they could take all the self-doubt in the world and
cram it up her satisfied snatch.

She angled into the stall, trying not to get too close to the toilet.
Anna’s right leg was veering over, almost to the point of coming under the
divider and kicking Danielle’s arm. Danielle could see the thrusting shadows
of Anna’s arms silhouetted against the Russian’s discarded plaid skirt and
moist white panties on the floor between her legs. Danielle licked her lips.
No time like the present.


Anna froze and gasped, her eyes agape at the pretty female face that had
just popped up from underneath the stall wall. Danielle was stunned at
first, too, especially when she saw how wet the banana peel was, and how the
half that was still lodged in the girl’s tight pussy didn’t clash with her
neatly trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair. Yes, it definitely looked at
home. Anna’s black sweater with the St. Bernard’s emblem still covered her
breasts, but her sleeves were rolled up to handle the sloppy work. Danielle
pulled her thoughts together, looked up into Anna’s confused eyes again and
smiled. Her hair was brushing against Anna’s slightly quivering leg. It felt
so warm, so feminine.

“God, you’re beautiful.” Danielle really couldn’t contain that thought any
longer. It was one of those lucky breaks she needed, since Anna was very
familiar with the word, really found it irresistible.

“Thank you,” Anna whispered in her rich accent. She looked down towards the
floor and blushed a deep red, the first time she seemed to feel shameful
about what she was doing. She loosened her hands from the banana, but didn’t
take it out of her slick pussy.

“You’re welcome.” Danielle took a dry gulp. This was INSANE. But she was so
horny, and Anna was obviously in a similar mood. Sometimes, you need to
embrace the wacky side of things. “You look like you could use some help,”
she said, lightly tugging up on Anna’s leg. Anna got the message and lifted
high enough for Danielle to scoot all the way inside the stall. Anna got an
eyeful of Danielle’s bountiful cleavage dangling underneath the open top
button of her blouse. Danielle saw the forbidden pink paradise that many
comrades would probably fight and die over. It was quite an exciting trade
between countries.

“Help?” Anna asked. She really didn’t seem to know what that meant, but she
was smiling quite wickedly. Danielle kneeled upright and placed her hand
next to Anna’s on the sticky banana.

“Yea,” she nodded, using her other hand to lovingly caress Anna’s cheek.
“Help.” Danielle smiled again. Christ, her skin felt so soft.

“But….” Anna stammered through a an accepting giggle, “you are….woman.”

“Ummm hmmmm,” Danielle whispered, leaning in to ever-so-tentatively press
her pink lips against Anna’s fuller, softer, redder set. She pressed forward
with the banana as she kissed, and Anna surrendered, offering her needy
pussy and the affection of her expert lips to Danielle. She had kissed many
boys in Russia and expected to do the same here, but this, deep down inside
was what she always wanted. She removed her own hand from the banana and
fondled Danielle’s tits through the blouse. They were so firm and perky, and
even bigger than her own. She opened her lips to receive Danielle’s probing
tongue, feeling her nose against Danielle’s, her chin against Danielle’s,
her pussy in Danielle’s hands. Danielle was on cloud nine when she felt her
tongue press against Anna’s, but she wanted to make sure everything was OK.
She broke the kiss and stared right into Anna’s eyes from five inches away.
Both of them were grinning.

“Help,” Danielle repeated. “OK?”

Anna nodded vigorously before moving in on her own to resume the beautiful
kiss. She held Danielle’s face close and stuck her tongue as far as she
could down the girl’s throat. Danielle felt like the life was being sucked
out of her, but if so, she was on her way to heaven. It didn’t take long to
see that Anna was quite an aggressive sexual animal. She reached down to
part Anna’s small labia lips with one hand and thrust the wet fruit dildo
into Anna’s cunt with the other, fast and hard. Anna groaned and devoured
Danielle’s mouth even more excitedly, her voice rocking against Danielle’s

Danielle felt a bead of sweat fall from her brow, down her nose and between
the girls’ locking lips. She took her free hand from her casual massaging of
Anna’s pulsating clitty and shoved it up underneath the girl’s sweater.
Christ! She wasn’t wearing a bra! Danielle had thought those tits had an
amazing bounce to them earlier. She felt up the hot fleshy rack, jiggling
each teat in her hand and running the tips of her fingers over Anna’s very
happy nipples.

Anna broke the kiss to swiftly shuck her pesky sweater to the floor.
Danielle ogled the perfectly round, golden hooters, each with a very
suckable thimble-sized dark brown nip. Danielle laughed like she had just
found an oasis in an endless desert. She took care of her thirst
immediately, diving in to sloppily suck and nibble on each nipple. Anna
smiled as she watched her new lover go to work on her cherished chest.
Danielle knew that it was probably all in her mind, but she swore the girls’
breasts tasted like Russian dressing. She would become a vegetarian if she
could have this salad for lunch every day. Her baby blues looked up at
Anna’s thrilled expression. She took long teasing licks on those tits and
pressed forward as hard as she could with the banana, pulling back right
before she thought it would squish in her hand.

Anna’s shaking hands tugged at Danielle’s blouse, and the girl threw her
hands up to allow Anna to remove it. Her knockers were practically
overflowing from their brassiere cage, but they weren’t quite out. Danielle
took care of that quickly, reaching back to undo the strap and toss the
massive cotton cups on top of Anna’s forgotten panties. Danielle really
didn’t want to stop her worship of the nude teen goddess, but Anna obviously
wanted to do some tasting of her own. The brown-haired lass took the banana
out of Anna’s pussy and stood up, leaning down ever so slightly to put her
beautiful breasts with the big pink areolas in the foreign babe’s face. She
licked on the banana as Anna tongued her titties, each girl getting a taste
of the other.

Anna sucked voraciously on Danielle’s thick nips, pulling them out an inch
or two with her lips before letting them snap back, more irritated than
ever. Danielle moaned as she sucked on the peel, greedily lapping up all of
Anna’s sugary sweet juices. She put her hands on Anna’s head, stroking the
long blonde braids as the girl bobbed up and down on her tits. She wanted so
badly to feel a finger on her own clit. Anna apparently read her mind. The
young vixen wrapped her hands around Danielle’s hips and slowly pried at the
girl’s skirt until it fell like a feather to the clothing-covered tile. She
was sort of embarrassed that she was wearing boxers, not panties, but they
made her feel more comfortable in the afternoon when she put on her tight
soccer uniform. Anna didn’t seem to mind, or even notice. She just pulled at
them with pussy-hungry desperation.

Anna pawed at Danielle’s bare beaver as soon as it appeared, expertly
running her fingers across the dark, slick labes and finding the throbbing
tan clit in an instant. She rubbed and tugged at it mercilessly, Danielle
quivering and trying to maintain her balance. Anna ran her other hand around
to Danielle’s shapely rear, caressing the moist cheeks with the exact
opposite of the energy she was putting into feeling up the girl’s puss. Anna
slid two fingers into the dripping passage, pushing up in a blur and sending
Danielle to the stars.

“Ahhhhhh, wait wait wait,” Danielle blurted. She had another idea, but she
wasn’t sure Anna knew to stop. Danielle really wouldn’t have minded if she
didn’t. But she did, and Danielle leaned down to steal another fast
open-mouthed kiss before throwing the banana to the floor and turning around
so her ass was facing Anna. She stepped back, crowding Anna, the small of
her back pressing against her ruby red lips. Anna understood. She slid
further down on the toilet seat so the edge of her ass was barely hanging
on, and her own pussy was splayed out in front of Danielle. Her face was now
directly under Danielle’s slit. They were all ready for a sapphic sixty-nine

Danielle waited to feel Anna’s mouth press against her poon before making
her own move. Anna’s lips felt so much softer and ticklish against her clit
than her strong, blunt fingers had. Each, of course, had their own benefits,
but Danielle was sure Anna’s tongue could work some muff-munching magic of
its own. Anna grabbed onto the junior’s inner asscheeks and pried the pie
open with her thumbs before jabbing her tongue into the virginal pink

Danielle’s knees actually did buckle this time. Her soft ass came crashing
down onto Anna’s knees. The Russian laughed heartily. She knew her physical
talents were universally awe-inspiring. Danielle’s face flushed with
embarrassment, but she was back on her feet in no time, wagging her snatch
in front of Anna even more eagerly. Anna worked her tongue back inside, and
Danielle hissed as the pleasure shot through her once again. She leaned over
further to get at Anna’s lonely pussy. She pulled the pink labes apart and
stuck a teasing half-finger inside Anna before moving in with her mouth. She
enjoyed tackling the tasty tart from an upside-down position, licking from
clit to slit. Anna’s shriek when Danielle’s tongue first wrapped around her
hot button was muffled by Danielle’s own clit.

The two gorgeous schoolgirls ate each other out as if they were each trying
to excise some horny demons that had long gone unsatisfied. Danielle was
very active with her hands, pulling at Anna’s clit when her mouth was inside
her snatch, fingering her snatch when the tongue was busy licking the
pleasure nub. She could only smile to herself when she realized her plan had
worked. She was enjoying the sweet sugar walls that those guys outside were
only starting to think about conquering.

Anna clasped her lips around Danielle’s labes and wiggled her tongue inside
the burning hot box for all it was worth. She was overcome with the yummy
taste and smell of Danielle’s feminine fragrance. Her nose nuzzled tightly
against the girl’s angry clitty.

Danielle was close to the edge. She ground her mound violently against
Anna’s vice-like mouth and cried out in ecstasy. She was loud. Real loud.
The entire cafeteria could come running and she wouldn’t have given a fuck.
She had found the fun in breaking the rules. She felt herself boil over and
put her lips back on Anna’s sweet cooch. Anna rocked back and forth against
her face. She was getting closer, too, but she would outlast Danielle. With
one final cry, the All-American girl came like an earthquake and a volcano
all wrapped in to one. She was sure erupting on Anna’s face, her tangy
molten juice spilling into the Russian fuck doll’s mouth and out onto her

Anna gulped it down while giving in to her own thundering climax. She
didn’t squirt nearly as much as Danielle. The junior saw this quickly and
sucked on the beauty’s clit instead, leaving three fingers inside her fiery
cunt. Anna screamed out and spanked Danielle’s behind again and again, as if
the pleasure was unbearable. Danielle wouldn’t let up. She rolled her tongue
back and forth across the cream-covered crotch, eating the special slut
sauce all up and making Anna shake and shiver all over again.

Just then, there was a faint ringing from beyond the locked door.

“Oh, shit,” Danielle said lazily. “We’ll be late for class, Anna.” She
slowly pulled her sweaty body away from her lover and looked around the
stall. What a mess. What a GLORIOUS mess. They’d be VERY late, and it was
wonderful. She looked down at Anna, who was still smiling. Her eyes gleamed
with that intelligence again. It almost made Danielle think this whole thing
was somehow HER plan, and not her own. She laughed and knelt down to kiss
the perfect new arrival in her life one last time. For the moment.

“Help again tomorrow, OK?” she said with a wink. Anna nodded and winked

“Your…name?” the foreigner asked suddenly as Danielle moved to figure out
whose clothes were whose. She was taken aback by realizing she never
introduced herself. The whole time, this girl was blowing a stranger’s mind.
How cool was that?


“Danielle?” Anna cocked her head, looking at her partner’s pretty blue eyes
again before smiling. “I love you.”

“I love YOU,” Danielle insisted. It was so crazy, yet so obviously right.
She looked down at the girl’s long, strong legs and remembered a crucial
question. “You play soccer?”


“Oh!……..So do I!”


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