Celebrity Schoolgirls 5: Natalie Portman, Jessica Simpson And Rachael Leigh Cook

DISCLAIMER: If you are underage and/or unqualified to view adult material, if adult material is outlawed in your community or you are offended in any way by explicit depictions of sexual activity, DO NOT read on. Also, this is an entirely FICTITIOUS story. The celebrities mentioned here have never engaged in these types of activities, nor would they ever consider doing so. They are all living angels. So there. 🙂

Wow. I started this chapter over a year ago, but stopped, never expecting to finish it. Your response to this series has been too great to let that happen. Expect more chapters to follow… amazingly, in less
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Celebrity Schoolgirls 5:

Natalie Portman, Jessica Simpson and Rachael Leigh Cook

by Tony Idolatry

Five minutes after the end-of-lunch bell rang, anyone who either cared about doing well in school, or about not getting their chops busted by teachers with nothing better to do, were already sitting at their desks, ready and waiting to be thrilled by incredibly interesting lessons. Then, since thrills have never been allowed in American high school classrooms, deal with inevitable disappointment.

It was during the seventh minute that Danielle came tearing through the second floor hallway, leading Anna by the hand, both headed for the same science class at the end of the corridor. Danielle was sweating, not lingering sweat from her quick clit-licking gymnastics session, but fresh sweat from the panic of having never been late to class before. Never. Good girls just don’t do that. Danielle wasn’t ready to be a full-fledged rebel yet.

This was not the case for Jessica Simpson. Her classmates nicknamed the senior “The Texas Hurricane,” because she moved from Texas when she was 11, and, well, because she wasn’t exactly a Texas Tornado. A tornado destroys anything and everything in its path. There’s no way you can look at a tornado and see anything but danger. Jessica, on the other hand, led a double life. She only let adults see the beautiful, calm eye of her hurricane. She was polite in the classroom, adorable at choir practice, and the perfect daughter to her parents. BUT, when it was just Jessica and a bunch of her friends….board up your house.

The girl took every chance she got to let her long blonde hair down big time, cursing like a sailor, getting sloshed on Friday nights, and very often banging a new guy each Saturday. Jessica’s wild child side was old news to every kid at St. Bernard’s, which only made her holier-than-thou act in the presence of authority figures all the more hilarious. If anyone ever accused Jessica of being a phony kiss-ass slut within earshot of a teacher, they had hell to pay, so everyone had pretty much decided to go with the flow and see if Jessica ever tripped HERSELF up at the wrong time.

Jessica was snaking ever so casually down the hall when Danielle and Anna ran past. They kicked up a breeze in Jessica’s face, but the rebel didn’t bat an eye. She and the two friends at her side, senior Rachael Leigh Cook and junior Natalie Portman, were sure to be a full five minutes late to Mr. Borden’s nauseating English class. As usual. But Borden never cared. All Jessica had to do was lead the trio through the classroom’s back door, flash Borden a puppy-dog blush and embarrassed nod, and take one of the three seats at the back of the three rows while Borden did his best not to drool or let his hard-on tent out. Those three seats were ALWAYS empty when the girls walked in, as if they were reserved for Jessica’s daily performance.

“God forbid Fishel should miss a single fucking minute of chemistry,” Jessica finally hissed in her stinging southern accent after enjoying the rear view of Anna running through the hall. “Pathetic losers.” She stared straight ahead for a second, letting her diss linger and her bobby-socked legs take another step or two, before ever-so-slightly turning her head to the left, at Rachael.

“Totally,” Rachael agreed.

No one was sure if Rachael had EVER disagreed with Jessica. Theirs was a typical dominant-obedient friendship. It puzzled everyone why a girl like Rachael, who had seemed so intelligent before Jessica blew into town, would throw all her energy into following the blonde bombshell around all day. With each cock of her short black tresses and flash of her brooding brown eyes, she seemed to take note after mental note on Jessica. The reason was so simple, but no one was shrewd enough to realize: Rachael had it bad for Jessica, and if being near her meant having to be a bad girl too, then she was dripping wet and ready to raise some hell.

“What do you think, Portman?”

“Losers, I guess. But chemistry isn’t like English. If you’re late for the lab instructions, Ms. Hinckley might……”

“Do me a favor, Portman. Lighten up.”

“Whatever, Jess.”

Natalie didn’t get too many kicks out of criticizing school. In fact, she liked school. She was good at it. She met Jessica a year earlier in the debate club and was pretty shocked when she found out about her partying habits. Still, she hung with Jessica almost as tightly as Rachael, since friends were hard to come by if you were a “geek,” and because Jessica never gave up on turning Natalie into a bad seed. She couldn’t give up, because she had a very nasty crush on Natalie. Something about her was so special. Jessica was determined to tell her how she really felt one day very soon, but she’d been putting it off like this since the day they met.

So here they were, three gorgeous brown-eyed girls locked together in a love triangle none of them were aware of. Before they entered the final long hallway to Borden’s room, Natalie stopped to lean over a water fountain for a quick drink.

Jessica saw her white lace panties below her rising plaid skirt.

Rachael saw Jessica’s oogling.

Natalie saw the fountain faucet was loose, something she’d have to bring up to the janitor after class.

“Christ!” Jessica suddenly blurted out, as if she could tell all her horniness was going to waste. Natalie bolted upright in surprise, while Rachael kept her tireless eyes on Jessica, but the ringleader offered no explanation for the scream. She simply shook her head, licked her glossy pink lips and went on walking with her witless pals. All she knew was that she felt sexy. And very tense. Sexual tension. That’s what Ricki Lake called it. And Jessica knew it was up to her and her alone to do something about it. Today’s English class was going to be very special.

“I’m gonna do it today, girls,” Jessica said. The three walked in silence for a moment, nothing but the clopping of their jumbo-size clog heels breaking the air, until Rachael spoke up.


Jessica froze in place and daringly lifted the front of her skirt to teasingly massage her throbbing clit through her dampening turquoise thong. She winked at Rachael, who was just about ready to pass out. “Really.”

Rachael was forced to recover and laugh, maybe a bit too excitedly, once Jessica and a bug-eyed Natalie began to walk again. “You’re so bad,” Rachael scolded her idol, knowing those were Jessica’s three favorite words. “You’re bad AND nuts.”

“VERY nuts,” Natalie added, as if on cue. “Jess, I know Borden doesn’t pay much attention to us, but he’s not BLIND.”

“Oooooh, I hope not,” Jessica whispered, her pulse racing, “Cause deep down he’ll be real sorry if he misses this show.”

They walked the rest of the way in silence, Rachael and Natalie completely unsure of whether they should believe their friend. Of course, Natalie thought, Jessica usually kept her promises, for better or worse. Plus, Rachael remembered, Jessica had brought this idea up every day at lunch for about the past two weeks. Each time it had seemed like a joke, but the idea came back to Rachael every night as she fingered herself over the edge, again and again. Now it could actually happen! Her ears were ringing with her own silent screams for joy, her eyes blinded by a strong flashback of wet turquoise fabric. She needed to sit down. Fast.

Luckily, they had reached the classroom’s back door. Jessica trailed her finger under her skirt one more time, forcing Rachael to stifle a dozen delirious giggles and Natalie to keep her eyes from rolling. Then, in a flash of goodness and light, Jessica plastered on her movie star smile, opened the door quietly on a packed room of 20 young guys and girls, and the daily ritual began anew.

“Yesterday we were dealing with prepositions…….Jessica.”

The dimming of the smile. The blush. The nod.

The return nod. The meek waving gesture to take a seat. The textbook placed in front of his crotch.

The two others, walking in behind on tiptoes, as if invisible.

The usual march to their usual seats, Natalie rear seat by the window, Rachael rear seat in the middle…..wait! Jessica silently motioned for a switcheroo, taking center stage and sending Rachael to sit closest to the door. The three managed to sit with minimal commotion. Their lateness was as traditional as reciting the pledge every morning, so none of the other students bothered to look back at them anymore. No one cared. Their loss, Jessica thought.

Borden took a second to clear his throat and get Mr. Happy to go down before turning back towards the chalkboard and beginning to fill the four black panels up with sentence, after sentence, after sentence, after sentence, after sentence, after sentence, after sentence of prepositional errors which, in his opinion, were only slightly less disgusting than your typical quadruple homicide.

Jessica wasted no time. She took a deep breath and wiggled her delectable butt against the wooden seat until she was nice and comfy. Rachael watched every movement of her Texan goddess unabashedly. Natalie told herself to look straight ahead, but Jessica’s sly movements flashed like neon in the corner of her eye.

Jessica reached back to her beautiful hair, which was held up by a pair of long, thin orange pins, the kind Japanese women have used for ages. She removed the pins and put one in her book bag, careful not to instinctively swish her newly freed golden locks around and cause a stir. Rachael examined the orange pin in Jessica’s right hand. It gleamed in the sunlight. Jessica took one more look around the room to make sure no one besides her two friends was watching her. Half of them were scribbling, the other half sleeping. She smiled naughtily and brought the blunt end of the pin to her lips, drenching it silently, breathlessly. A burning tingle raced up Rachael’s spine as she watched Jessica’s golden brown cheeks hollow out around the slick pin. Jessica swished it between her lips ever so quietly three times before taking the two inches out of her mouth a centimeter at a time, just to make sure there wasn’t a popping noise from her tight suction. Some excess drool trailed after the pin, which Jessica quickly wiped away from her grinning lips. She glanced once at Rachael and knew she had her in a trance, twice at Natalie to know she was hooked as well, no matter how hard she tried to look away. Jessica looked straight ahead, at Borden’s back, and sent up a silent prayer, the most earnest prayer she had ever offered.

“Please Jesus,” she thought, “don’t let him turn around until I’m all the way through cumming all over myself.”

The choir girl-cum-sheet meat daintily shifted the hemline of her skirt six inches higher and pried her thong to the side, exposing her wet gash to the humid air. She could feel the underwear’s pull getting tighter in her crack, but she was determined to let the fucking fabric rip before letting a silly thing like a skin-tight thong foil her plan. She took one more look at Rachael, who was helplessly pawing herself through her skirt.

It was time.

Jessica moved the spit-covered pin between her gorgeous labia lips and, right after plastering that fake beauty queen smile on her face to divert any possible onlookers, pushed. The lubed two inches split her like a hot knife through butter, making her knees go to jelly and her smile buckle into an ecstatic grimace. By the time she managed to put a hand to her mouth, a few deep pants had already escaped. Jessica didn’t know how many people heard them, but she simply called on her drama club training to perfectly fake a sneeze. No one turned, including Borden, who cast off a disinterested “God bless you.”

“Ohhh thank you,” Jessica groaned through her hand.

Rachael, never more excitedly nervous in her life, mouthed a frantic “SHUT UP” to her masturbating gal pal, but Jessica shot back a “piece of cake” smile and focused on ravaging her piece of pie. She brought her free hand down to her blouse, cupping her full breasts and tweaking an aching nipple. The pin had to be five or six inches inside her now. She almost bit her lip from the feeling, like no other, of her tight passage caving in around the erect intruder. Her heels left the floor. Her ass left the seat. Yet Jessica somehow kept the mind-numbing pleasure quiet. She was determined to climax in the classroom.

She turned to Rachael, who for some reason, all creamy skin and doe eyes, looked sexier to her than she ever had before. Jessica mouthed “do it with me.” A millisecond later, a pearly drop of Jessica’s juice fell to the floor, sizzling against the green tile floor.

Rachael had waited for this for so long. She didn’t know if she was being lusted after or simply used, but she DID know that her beautiful crush had a stick up her cunny and wanted her to join in. Fuck getting caught. The reward was easily worth taking the risk.

At first Rachael moved to reach into Jessica’s bag for the other pin, but the bag was just far enough away that, if Rachael didn’t fall out of her desk, the creaking would be enough to make everyone turn around. Instead, she settled on the rear end of her transparent ball-point pen. She felt so HOT. Now it was Jessica staring at her, fucking herself, wanting Rachael to do it too, NEEDING her to do it, mouthing “yeah” when she saw Rachael pick up the pen and draw it close. Jessica slowly turned towards Rachael to offer a better view of her plugged poon. A bead of perspiration ran down her golden brown leg, crashing against the ridge of the bobby sock.

The show put Rachael in heaven, or at least at the gates. She blindly and clumsily reached for the hem of her skirt, threatening to make some noise, but the calmer Jessica brought a shushing finger up to her own lips. Rachael nodded and blushed a deep red. She focused on herself now, lifting the skirt and finding the edge of her pink panties. She flashed a self-conscious smile at Jessica while she pealed away the clingy underwear, showing her pussy to another girl for the first time. It was shaven, save for a neat little patch of raven black pubic hair above. She looked to Jessica for approval, and oh, how she got it. Jessica was inspired enough to pack another inch inside of her. She ran her finger against her lips and sucked on the tip through a smile, mouthing “mmmmmm.” Rachael responded carnally, her eyes flitting up to the sky and back as she felt the first bit of pen penetrate her drenched pussy. She put more inside, letting out a silent scream before mouthing “thank you” to Jessica through a laughing smile.

Slowly, Jessica clamped her feet back down on the floor and moved both hands onto the pin, as if to tell Rachael, “Let’s get seriously down to business.” The blonde vixen fucked herself a little faster now, moving that pesky second hand again to give her neglected clit a little love. She glanced up at Borden. He was only halfway through writing. She looked around at everyone else. Still daydreaming. Fuck them, she thought, and fuck me bad. She tightened her knees and pushed as hard as she could, feeling the makeshift dildo tear through her. Hell yeah. High school forever. She turned her woozy eyes back to Rachael, who mimicked Jessica in every way: pen way deep inside, other fingers rocking her clit. The floor was pretty wet. It looked like she had already been over the edge once or twice.

“I love you,” Rachael mouthed through a shudder.

Jessica smiled and nodded. Whatever.

Remembering that Natalie had said “Whatever” ten minutes earlier, Jessica turned to begin persuading her own object of affection to get nekkid. She figured Natalie would either be hyperventilating from the thought of getting caught, or just pouting from being left out. She found Natalie doing neither of those things. Instead, she was doing herself. Furiously. Her hot pink pussy was getting worked over with one of those big rectangular erasers, but that was only the work of one hand. Two fingers on her other hand were stuffed in above the eraser. Natalie’s head was thrown back, her puffy red lips constantly getting licked by her tongue in between mouthing filthy things like “fill me up” and “harder, bitch.” Her legs were flying in all directions, but not far enough ahead to alert the gossipy bitch, Jeannie Springer, sitting in front of her, and not far enough back to slam into her schoolbag. Score one for sexual abandon.

Jessica, not used to being shocked, motioned to Rachael to see for herself. She was stunned, too, but pretty soon, Rachael and Jessica found themselves incredibly turned on more than anything else. Especially Jessica. She meant for this whole thing to be about shits and giggles, but now she realized that she and Rachael must’ve been giving off sexuality that was absolutely fucking smoldering for Natalie to go pussy crazy. Her beautiful Natalie.

Jessica slowly slid down in her chair and spread her legs, frigging and fucking her hot box with the pride of an A+ piece of ass. She had pulled it off. She arched her crotch a few inches into the air and took alternating peeks at the two new exhibtionists. She felt the pin slide all the way into her tight hole and knew the feeling was coming. She closed her eyes and thought about how she looked right then, how absurd it was that nobody noticed and how willingly she would ride the dick and lick the twat of anyone who did. The waves wracked her sensational body as she thought of what she’d do with Rachael and Natalie that afternoon, and the afternoon after that, and every other day she needed to get off more than breathe.

Rachael looked up at Borden. She was close AGAIN, a third time, and he was still ten minutes from finishing! So many desires, so much time. A strand of drool fell involuntarily from her lips as she thought about how she could quietly work her way into her asshole. The craving for some back door action fell away for a moment as her latest orgasm came upon her. The first one had felt like a knife, stabbing all of her nerves away. The second one had felt like an avalanche, tumbling down on all the oxygen in the room. This one, though, was setting her brain on fire. She WAS hot. Sweat dripped from her hair and brow. Jesus, she could almost hear an alarm in her head.

No, no…waitasecondthealarmisrealsoPULLYOURSELFTOGETHER!!!! AH!!! AHHH!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

“Let’s evacuate the building quickly, class,” Borden said as he grudgingly put down his chalk.

The rest of the class, about as enthusiastic over a fire drill as they were about class, got up slowly, buying the girls precious seconds. Rachael simply let the pen drop to the floor and straightened herself up, burning her wet fingers as she tried to dry them quickly against the desk’s wood. Jessica never really got going again after her one climax, so she was able to ditch the pin, slap herself out of the daze, get up and, literally, get off scot-free.

The hysterical male voice from the front of the room told the sad third fate.


The lifelong innocent had let her femininity overtake her completely enough to leave her far too comatose when the alarm rang. She had managed to slip the eraser into her bag, but she hadn’t had time to cover herself. She was still dizzy from ecstasy when her classmates started screaming.

“Portman’s flashing us!!”

“Nice crotch, Nat!”

“Do we have to show you ours now?”

Borden did his best not to show Natalie how excited HIS was. “Natalie, for God’s sake, cover up and report to the principal’s office immediately when we get back.”

Natalie did as she was told and filed into line behind Jessica and in front of Rachael. Rachael evened out Natalie’s skirt while Jessica deflected all the wise ass remarks from the front of the line, but Natalie seemed unusually calm and sure. She had learned more about herself in ten minutes of masturbation than from eleven years of books.

“You don’t have to worry, baby,” she whispered to Jessica once the class was outside. “I’ll take all the heat for this. It was worth it.”

“Ooooh, bad little Natalie,” Jessica cooed through a smile of utter satisfaction. She had her naughty angel. The A-OK was given to come back inside, and the two shared a down-low high five of sapphic sisterhood before going to their very separate destinations.


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