Celebrity Schoolgirls 6: Amanda Bynes And Jennifer Love Hewitt

DISCLAIMER: If you are underage and/or unqualified to view adult material, if adult material is outlawed in your community or you are offended in any way by explicit depictions of sexual activity, DO NOT read on. Also, this is an entirely FICTITIOUS story. The celebrities mentioned here have never engaged in these types of activities, nor would they ever consider doing so. They are all living angels. So there. 🙂

Celebrity Schoolgirls 6: Amanda Bynes and Jennifer Love Hewitt

by Tony Idolatry

“No, what happened? Tell me!”

“No. It’s too ridiculous. Too embarrassing.”

embarrassing? I’ll tell YOU about too embarrassing. My junior year at St. Bernie’s. Chemistry class. HUGE explosion. Baking soda, like, all over me!”

“Uh huh, I guess that was pretty bad. But did the explosion by any chance tear off your skirt…and your panties?”

“Ohhhh. That’s what happened to this girl? Like, all out in the open?”

“From what I understand, yeah. We’ll all be really surprised if we see her at school tomorrow.”

“St. Bernie’s,” the ever-cheery college senior replied with a laugh. “It’s obviously changed in four years. Oh, here’s the library.”

Jennifer Hewitt wasn’t particularly good at being a campus tour guide, but it allowed her to meet new people. In that way, Jen hadn’t changed at all since her years at St. Bernard’s. Then and now, at the all-girls Sacred Miracle University, she was everyone’s best friend. Every party, every rally, every meeting, every game, every concert, every speed dial list: Jen was there. The guys couldn’t understand why, among all of them, no one had a story about banging the omnipresent hottie. Truth be told, some of the girls had the same complaint.

Secretly, almost not even letting herself in on it, Amanda Bynes scoped out Jen’s angles, too. She was still a sophomore at St. Bernard’s, but she hoped to graduate early, so it seemed like a smart idea to take a college campus tour. Well, at least it did to her parents. To Amanda it made no sense. Sacred Miracle was Amanda’s one and only college choice. After all, it was only an hour from home: close enough for comfort, far enough to move away. It had a low number of students and an excellent reputation. Plus, since she was doing so well academically at a strict academy like St. Bernard’s, she figured another four years of obedience would be a walk in the park. Literally. Sacred Miracle had a gorgeous campus. Gorgeous lawns, gorgeous buildings, and God help Miss Amanda Bynes, gorgeous girls.

She walked behind Jennifer to savor her every move. Jennifer had a very thin hourglass figure, seemingly fragile but actually very confident in its movements. Whenever she’d turn to point out something or other, Amanda would fixate on her long, sculpted face, dark brown eyes peeking out above a cute nose and contoured cheeks. Jen’s long black hair was pulled up chaotically in a black scrunchie. Her top half was pretty well concealed by her gray uniform vest (Vests in springtime – what delightful sadists, Amanda thought), but her reddish-plaid skirt was hemmed just above the knee, leaving her succulent legs bare down to her ankle length socks and polished dress shoes. Amanda loved Jennifer’s skin. It was so flawless, as if you could dive in anywhere on her body and not cause even one ripple.

Amanda liked to think that, on a good day, her own skin could be that perfect. She figured it to be the only physical similarity between herself and Jennifer. Amanda was slightly taller, and had sprouted a fuller figure and a fuller face, bright green eyes that danced in the sunlight, and sugar cheeks that accented her plush lips when she smiled her brilliant smile. Her hair was long like Jennifer’s, but much lighter in color, and a little more flexible. Sometimes she’d curl it. Today she didn’t. She also wished she hadn’t changed out of her high school uniform before coming to the tour, into a kitschy white T-shirt with two horizontal lines of tiny pink hearts, and a pair of loose blue jeans. The college administrator told her to come casual. Just her luck. Amanda was proud of the way her curves filled out a uniform.

For all their physical differences, though, Amanda felt some sort of strong bond with Jennifer. It was more than a physical attraction. She’d felt that for many girls before. It had to do more with the way they cliqued when they talked, even though they’d only known each other for twenty minutes. Jen was hungry for St. Bernard’s gossip, and Amanda could give her more than enough. They both thrived on “the scene.” But in an odd way, that also made things more seem more distant between them, as if they were taking turns reading off stories into a blank camera lens. Amanda wondered if she wasn’t alone in wanting to connect more deeply to someone.

“….And there’s the campus store,” Jennifer continued. “It’s nothing special, but OOH, they do have the BEST makeup counter in there. Which is pretty surprising, you know, for a religious school?”

“Your makeup does look great,” Amanda said, examining Jen’s slight touch of blush and glossy lipstick.

Jennifer smiled and squeezed Amanda’s shoulder. “Ohhh, really? Thank you!! I try!”

Melt me, Amanda thought.

Jennifer went on. “Just around this hill….there it is. That’s the woodworking shed. They don’t use it for classes anymore, but between you and me….” her voice fell to a whisper “….I hear a lot of wood still gets worked in there on Friday nights!” She broke out into precious hiccupping giggles, covering her mouth as if anyone down the street could hear her. Amanda could hardly hear her.

Amanda didn’t find it too funny, but she felt a duty to laugh and deepen the bond. “What would YOU know about it, missy?” she said, playfully punching Jen on the arm.

Like a circus train in a sudden head-on wreck, Jennifer’s face became painfully sober in a flash. “Nothing. I don’t know anything about it,” she stammered. “Like I said, I’ve only heard. It’s the rumor mill, you know?”

Amanda searched for words. “I’m sorry,” she said tentatively. “I didn’t mean….I mean, I don’t know anything about it, either.”

Jennifer slowly worked up a smile. “I thought maybe you didn’t.”

Amanda’s eyebrows arched at the insinuation, but her lips couldn’t help curling into a smile, either.

“Apology accepted,” Jennifer chirped. “Come on. It’s time I show you my absolute favorite place on campus.”

“Where’s that?”

“My room.”

Amanda clammed up, forcing Jennifer to back things up a little.

“Well you DO want to see where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life, don’t you?”

“Oh. Yes! The dorm. Of course! Of course I want to see the dorm. Let’s go!”

“Alright then!”

For the whole walk up the shady street and into the five-story, ancient beige brick building with umpteen pea-sized windows, Jen returned to being her typical goofy self. She and Amanda traded some more crazy St. Bernie’s stories, laughing it up and, peculiarly, doing more and more playful shoving and stroking. She didn’t want to get her hopes up too high, but Jen liked it when Amanda touched her. She wanted more. So she had decided, finally, to let another girl in on her deepest secret.

“Hey, Love!” a girl called out up the stairway. “Me and Cyn are goin’ to Friday’s. Meet us, kay?”

“Can’t, Tiffany,” Jennifer hollered back, pointing to Amanda. “Giving a tour.”

“Good luck,” Tiffany shouted derisively before continuing on her way.

“Don’t mind her,” Jennifer said. “We were all freshmen once.”

“Love?” Amanda asked.

Jen shook her head, as if it was all so silly. “It’s my middle name.”

Listen God, Amanda said in silence, if You are doing this just to torture me, I will never trust You again.

“Comeinna Siddown,” Jennifer said to Amanda as they entered her fourth floor room.

“Wowwww,” Amanda gasped. She had expected to see most of what was there: posters of rock bands, makeup mirror corner, computer, TV, bitchin stereo. What she didn’t expect was the color scheme.

“What can I say?” Jen said as she plopped down on her bed. “I love pink.”

Pink bedspread. Pink throw rug. Pink curtains, when every other window in the building had white. Even one whole wall was covered in what looked like the lining from a hundred of those frilly pink bathrobes.

“They let you decorate this much in here?” Amanda asked.

“Well, I don’t cause any trouble. Besides, it’s not like I PAINTED the place. Although I would if I could. C’mon,” Jen laughed. “Get comfortable.” Amanda sat in Jen’s desk chair while her hostess kicked off her shoes and slipped off her tiny socks with a pink fringe. Too cute, Amanda thought, in so many ways. The soles of Jennifer’s feet slid against each other as she sprawled out to reach into her tiny bedside fridge. “You want a drink?”

Amanda swallowed hard. “You mean alcohol?”

Jen laughed and opened the fridge to show off a stock of Coca Cola and Old Milwaukee. “Either/or.”

“Nothing,” Amanda said politely. “Thanks anyway.”

“Suit yourself,” Jennifer sighed, grabbing a beer and closing the door. “I don’t want you to think we’re all a bunch of drunks at this school. I usually only drink at parties.”

“Please,” Amanda said. “I don’t think that. It’s the twenty-first century.”

Jennifer took a swig of the brew. It almost went down the wrong pipe. “It’s just that I’m a little nervous.”

“Don’t be,” Amanda said. “I had a great time. It’s a great school. You were a great guide.”

“That’s not it.” Jennifer laughed and took another drink, rolling her eyes, wanting to be in any easier situation at that moment. “See, I….LIKE….you. You know what I mean?”

Amanda’s heart sprang to the ceiling, but she used her debate team training to keep cool. “Really?”

“I shouldn’t say this, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t.” Jennifer got mildly hysterical now that the cat was actually out of the bag. “If you wanna go, go. Don’t hold me against the school. I won’t be here in two years anyway.”

“Jennifer, Jennifer,” Amanda held up her hands. “Calm down. I’m listening.”

“Alright, alright.” Another drink. “Nobody knows I’m into girls but you.” Realizing what she was saying and how thin the walls were, Jennifer’s voice softened to a whisper. “If you told me that the first person I would tell would be, like, a complete stranger, I’d say you were fucking kidding me. That’s not like me. But you don’t seem so strange. It’s like we’re so alike, you know?” Yet another sip. “I mean, I don’t know TOO much about you. For instance, you tell me you have a boyfriend right now and I’ll shut the hell up.” A shaky gurgle of a laugh escaped. “All I know is….like, at St. Bernie’s, I tried to be the ULTIMATE friend because I felt like I couldn’t be anybody….any GIRL’s….girlfriend. It seemed like it was too risky. You know, high school and all.”

Amanda shifted, her sneakers digging into the carpet, but the hurt wouldn’t go away.

“Does it sound familiar?” Jennifer asked, almost pleading. “At all?”

“It sounds very familiar,” Amanda said, tripping over her words. It felt like all the oxygen was being sucked out of the room, and that was such a good thing.

Jennifer’s smile had enough wattage to light up the whole campus. Incredibly relieved, her giggles resurfaced, so low, and her eyes locked on Amanda’s with a twinkle that said “Really? FINALLY?” Amanda slowly came back to Earth, watching Jen’s laughter persist and gradually fall away as the significance of the situation became completely real. Wordlessly, Jennifer unbuttoned her vest, rolling it off her shoulders to reveal her perfect breasts, rising and falling beneath a tight white halter top. Amanda couldn’t remember seeing a more mouth-watering example of the female body.

“Would you want to be MY girlfriend?” Jennifer asked, desire choking her voice.

“More than anything in the world,” Amanda said reflexively.

“Ditto,” Jennifer gasped. She looked at Amanda, then at the floor between them. It seemed like they were miles apart. “Wait there,” she laughed. “I’ll come to you.”

“OK,” Amanda sputtered. It was 72 degrees outside, but the younger girl swore she could see the remnants of her own deep breaths floating through the air.

Jennifer felt the iciness of her nerves welling up in her fingertips as she crawled across the rug on all fours. Her incredible chest jiggled and swayed beneath her, and her skirt kept catching under her knees, giving Amanda a back-door glimpse of her underwear. White thong. Good deal, thought Miss Bynes.

Jennifer smiled up at Amanda when she reached her feet. She pulled off the girl’s sneakers and socks, and stroked her jeans-covered legs until she felt the warmth return to her fingers, and until Amanda felt fire somewhere else on her body. Jennifer motioned for Amanda to splay her legs, which she did, slowly, ecstatically. Jennifer began to run her down-turned, open palm over and over against Amanda’s steamy crotch, getting off on what was under that denim, and getting Amanda off for the very same reason.

“Oh my GOD,” Amanda cried as she threw her head back. Her mouth snapped back up against two silky smooth, warm fingers.

“Don’t–get–loud,” Jennifer whispered, returning her hand back to Amanda’s mound.

“Oh my GODDDDDD!!!” Amanda mouthed, hands to her ears, frantic but silent, causing both girls to crack up. How could anything this delicious also be so tedious? Nothing was going to stop Amanda from finding out.

Delicately, Jennifer undid the button clasp on Amanda’s jeans. Amanda pushed up off the wooden chair and felt Jen’s hands slip under her jeans, AND her panties. She would know how Natalie felt in a mere matter of seconds. She only hoped Jennifer liked what she saw.

To the contrary, the frisky senior couldn’t take her eyes off it from its first instant of exposure. The small patch of pubes was short and curly. The labia lips were pretty tiny, pretty pretty, and yes, oh so PINK! And Amanda was wet. Obviously wet. Jennifer looked up into Amanda’s concerned eyes and licked her lips in animalistic anticipation. This would be the girl, the organ, the meal, that finally gave her satisfaction.

Jennifer hadn’t forgotten the importance of something else, though: the first kiss. She inched closer and closer to Amanda’s face. Both girls were terribly nervous with the weight of the moment, but, whamo, they became one. Amanda’s head tilted to the left as she enjoyed the thrill of Jennifer’s mouth ravaging her own. She reciprocated with her own fascinated tongue, sucking up a lingering bit of beer like it was the finest champagne, and wondering how she got lucky enough to have that breathtakingly beautiful profile with the big brown eyes attached to her own. Just then, she felt two of Jennifer’s fingers pry at her moist folds down below, and felt a third finger, in between, start to probe at her most sensitive crevasse and run up against her clit. She writhed in pleasure and suddenly, too suddenly, her breath returned in a whoooosh, leaving herself coughing and Jennifer retreating.

“OK?” Jen asked. Amanda’s cough petered out into laughter, and Jennifer came back for one more sweet peck. “Your mouth needs some free time,” she said. She began to slink back down Amanda’s blossoming body. “Guess I’ll just have to french something else for awhile.” First, though, she stopped to tenderly fondle the girl’s plentiful breasts.

“Nice shirt,” Jennifer said with a wink. “Nicer than the bra?”

Amanda got the hint and slipped her cheap tee over her head.

“Oooooh, no,” Jen whispered. “A pretty lace bra beats that shirt any day.” She pawed at the trapped tits again, introducing Amanda to hyperventilation. “I bet what’s underneath it beats the bra, too. But….” She continued her descent, finally parking her mouth inches away from Amanda’s primed pussy. She broke into a smile, both awestruck and devilish. “….Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Amanda moaned in approval, but held her breath, and didn’t let go until she felt those soft, glossy lips around her meaty clit, sucking and tugging and making it all so mind-blowingly real. Her hands went flailing for armrests and, finding none, she wound up gripping the bottom of the seat, mashing her juicy mound all across Jen’s wide open mouth and excited nose. The aroma was 100% fresh girl, and the tang trickling onto Jennifer’s embedded tongue tasted the same. Despite Amanda’s violent wiggling, Jennifer was in complete control. She kept the glistening labes apart and thrust her tongue as fast and as deep inside the girl’s gash as she could, diddling Amanda’s twat when she could with her drenched fingers.

Amanda couldn’t believe how good the sensations were, how FULL her pussy felt. She had a vibrator at home, and yet Jennifer’s tongue seemed to be packing her poon tighter than that dinky little stick ever could. She was licking every conceivable angle, slithering against her every nerve ending. She’d sworn to herself that she’d obey Jennifer and stay quiet, and was disappointed when she heard herself squealing. Then she realized it was Jen. Whoa baby, she thought, I must taste pretty fucking sweet. Jen was letting out the little squeaks of delight as she poked her way along, always stopping to slurp up each new mix of nectar and saliva like she was inhaling a snow cone. Amanda lifted her feet off the floor and ran them down Jennifer’s smooth, narrow back, wishing she could envelop the whole of her, become one with this utter goddess.

Jennifer purred – literally – when she felt the tingle of toes against her spine and across the back of her waist. She pulled her hands away from Amanda’s box to quickly undo her own halter top, sensuously lapping away at the girl’s aching clit the whole time. Finally, Amanda was able to feast her eyes on those bare, incomparable knockers. She drooled as she watched Jen feel herself up. They were so round, bouncy and perky, almost like the implants Amanda had seen in porno movies, and on that skank cheerleader Britney. Except, the implants never seemed fleshy like these. They couldn’t be molded and kneaded like clay, which Jen seemed to enjoy doing to herself.

“You need a hand?” Amanda moaned.

Jennifer pulled her wet mouth away and shook her head. “I need a pussy,” she cooed.

Jennifer moved her rack closer, her tight cleavage quivering as she wriggled up towards her spread-eagled guest. She tweaked the cherry red nipple of her left knocker one last time, but it wasn’t necessary: the proud, thin nub was already as hard as could be. Slowly, “Mmmm”ing all along, she rubbed the nipple up and down against Amanda’s sensitive slit.

Jennifer’s skin felt cool against Amanda’s cauldron of pleasure. Amanda swore she could feel the tiniest ridges of the areola brushing against her clit. All of a sudden her labes gave way, and she felt the nipple just inside her fiery snatch. She looked down, saw and felt Jen push it in a little further. The thought of it was so intimate, so sexy, but when Jennifer’s doe eyes looked up to meet hers, as if to ask “Do you like this, mistress?”, it became enough to bring her to the brink of orgasm.

“Baby baby baby,” Amanda groaned through clenched teeth. “YES, you’re the one.”

Jen smirked and sunk down to do some more carpet munching, knowing a girl who groans like that can be coaxed into coming rather easily. What she didn’t realize was HOW easily. She thrust her tongue inside, flicked it around once, twice, three times. That was it. Amanda’s crotch and thighs began bucking wildly against Jennifer’s face. She made a loud noise. Jennifer had never heard anything like it before – a gasp, a sob and a giggle all rolled into one. And then, the slowest, steadiest, sweetest dose yet of Amanda’s juice came flowing into the ambushed coed’s mouth, coating her gums and warming her throat.

Jennifer held tight to Amanda’s hips and made sure to blow her mind by tonguing her clit looooong after the first earthquake hit. Amanda kept rocking from the aftershocks, the once-sturdy chair creaking under the stress. Her eyes were shut tight, her hands now lost inside Jennifer’s long hair.

Reluctantly, Jennifer decided to bring Amanda back to earth. Slowly, she showed herself the way out of the girl’s pussy, wiped her mouth, and waited. Amanda’s head had a hard time craning down, but when it finally did, she saw that Jen’s devilish grin was back.

“Like it?” Jen asked.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh he. He he. He he he HE HE….”

Amanda couldn’t stop shaking her head and laughing like an idiot. Her green eyes were white hot emeralds now. Jennifer guessed she was in a stupor.

Wrong. Amanda had the very determined strength to get up, lift Jennifer to her feet and push her over and onto the bed. Jennifer let out an “Eee!” at first, but when she saw Amanda’s longing smile as she fell onto the mattress, she couldn’t help but laugh right along. Amanda laid on top and kissed her girl passionately, their bodies intertwining for the first time. It was Jen’s turn to be pleasantly overwhelmed. To be taken like this….uhhh, perfect. She felt Amanda’s tongue explore her, popping each one of her brain cells like bubble wrap, trashing all of her tension and leaving only one thought behind: Jennifer “Love” Hewitt was officially through with being a busty society queen. Swapping spit was waaaaay more juicy than swapping gossip.

Amanda broke her mouth away for a moment to unhook her bra and free her extremely grateful tits. This meant Jennifer had precious seconds to pick her legs up and lie comfortably on the bed. Amanda laughed and jiggled her jugs at the breathless beauty beneath her.

“This is no time for a coffee break,” she chided. She knelt on the bed, a leg on each side of Jennifer, and lowered her bosom to Jen’s drooling mouth.

“Mmmmmmrphh….gooo..mmmmm….” Jennifer dined on the firm teen tits with ferocity. Amanda’s areolas were as pink as her puss, her nipples short but fat, perfect for a lingering suck or two (or seventy). Amanda shook from the intensity of Jen’s mouth love. She closed her eyes, licked her lips and massaged Jen’s own luscious mounds, pinching and rolling the nipples between her fingers and imagining how good they tasted. She felt a warm fluid on one of them – her own juices. Her joy was intense. Amanda never felt more like a woman. She was pretty sure Jennifer could milk her if she kept sucking for long.

Jen was also getting a little stir crazy, what with Amanda’s hard nubs constantly changing places between her lips. Her little titters of delight returned. She rubbed her ass against the bed, feeling helplessly tingly down there, then decided, what the hell, let’s get aerobic. She threw her legs up between Amanda’s, her feet winding up pressed across Amanda’s shoulders. Amanda couldn’t get a steady foot bath going, given their positions, but she was oh so horny. Any skin of Jennifer’s her tongue could touch was good enough. She gave a glancing lick to a pinky toe and explored the ridge of an ankle before sucking on a sole for awhile. This girl was unbelievable, Amanda thought. Even her FEET were dreamily creamy, and scrumptious, too. The scent of another girl’s sweat always got Amanda going. It was no surprise the taste did, too.

Jennifer pouted when Amanda took her breasts away, but Amanda had plans. She wanted to let her tour guide know just how thankful she was for the assistance, and an orgasm seemed like a gift that keeps on giving. She reached her hands under Jennifer’s skirt, and the two exchanged smiles that you only see on kids that know they’re about to be naughty.

“I’m so wet,” Jennifer moaned.

“Mmmmm, I see that.”

Amanda carefully guided the thong over and off Jennifer’s long luscious pins, sincerely surprised the soaked fabric didn’t evaporate on the ride down. Just as Amanda lifted the front flap of Jennifer’s uniform skirt, the older girl spread her legs.

“Jesus, it’s beautiful.”

A simple, self-conscious “Thank you” came the reply.

Amanda ogled the organ while Jennifer squirmed beneath her. She tentatively ran her fingers along Jen’s puckered pussy petals, then set out in search of her clit. Only at the moment she laid her finger on the relatively small pleasure bud did she realize what was missing.

“You’re bald down here,” she blurted out.

“Ahhhhh…” Jen was momentarily incapacitated, which made Amanda smile and rub faster. “Do you, oooh, mind? I mean, hair on a thong fan. Like, ouch.”

“Not at all,” Amanda said. “A pussy like this should be nice and tidy. Except, of course, when I do this….”

The unexpected finger shot into Jennifer’s cooch, and shot through the rest of her like a tidal wave. Her stomach heaved, her chest rocked, a lump rose in her throat, and an uncontrollable gasp flew from her mouth.

“Shhhhhh. Quiet now,” Amanda reminded, greatly enjoying this sweet sexual torture. Jennifer’s eyes and cheeks bulged, trying desperately not to scream out as this gorgeous girl worked over her snatch. Amanda just made it harder. Her index finger was the first inside. Now she called on the middle digit.

“Ughhhh, you bitch,” Jennifer allowed herself.

“Oh, that’s right. You like two, don’t you baby?”

“FUCK ME,” Jen mouthed, nodding in between hard puffs. Actually, it was more of a thrash than a nod. She moved her hands back along the side of the bed, looking for cinder blocks to clutch. Amanda, however, had an eagle eye.

“No, feel these instead,” she invited, crawling up so her slick tits could be groped and her face dangled right over Jennifer’s. It didn’t long for the two to lock lips. Jennifer’s teeth lightly bounced along Amanda’s tongue as the younger girl tirelessly screwed into her quim. Amanda’s was getting off on the utterly unique feeling of hot, moist, throbbing sugar walls around her fingers. She pulled her tongue out of Jen’s throat, planting a peck on her adorable nose and licking up a bead of sweat that was about to trickle into the nape of her neck. The taste stoked her animal desires again. She carefully sandwiched her ring finger into Jennifer’s gradually loosening snatch. Really gradually. Jennifer’s eyes rolled into her head, her tongue clicking over and over against the roof of her mouth at the third invader. Her whole life, she had always been a very delicate masturbator. Amanda suddenly discovered this when, at the hilt of a determined thrust, she snapped through something.

“Virgin no more,” Amanda whispered softly into her lover’s ear.

Jennifer could only respond by leading Amanda back into her mouth. When she felt Amanda’s thumb starting to rub her clit, Jennifer knew it would be a last, long kiss. Her ass ground into the mattress and all the blood left her brain. Her knees arched and buckled against Amanda’s buns. Her lips sucked at Amanda’s more intensely, and Amanda gave back, feeling it get even hotter in Jen’s snatch, then wetter, then, ultimately, hearing a squish with every thrust.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you…” Jen could barely creak the words, but they were directly into Amanda’s mouth, so she was sure the girl heard her. Amanda just couldn’t bring herself to say the same – her love seemed too obvious to declare. She could only brush Jennifer’s hair, kiss her softly, and hold on tight, hoping to freeze the moment in time. She would have to settle for a timeless memory.

An hour later, the girls got dressed by the faintest rays of a fading sun.

“Well, Amanda, can we, the reverent sisters of Sacred Miracle, count on your sweet little ass humping our desks in two years?”

“Yes!” Amanda exclaimed, laughing. “It’s just that it’s gonna suck around here without you.”

“It would, wouldn’t it? That’s why I’m sticking around. I’ll become the dormitory advisor. The one we’ve got now is retiring. So, you know, there.”

“Oh no. You’d really do that?”

“Sure! I’ve already got the ‘everybody’s friend’ thing down. It’ll be a piece of cake.” She licked her lips watching Amanda straighten her shirt over her bra. “I mean a piece of cherry pie.”

Amanda smiled, thinking of all the nights to come and remembering to say something very important before Jennifer opened the door.

“I’ll always leave the light on for you, love.”

“God! You’re not gonna use my middle name too, are you? I don’t know why Tiff keeps up with it, but I ask her and she….”

Amanda stopped her future advisor with a kiss.

“No, love. I’d completely forgotten about that.”


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