Celebrity Shagathon

Welcome to the 1st in a 15 part story entitled Celebrity Shagathon.Every week i will add 3 stories for 5 weeks.

Part 1

Michelle visits a party.

Starring Michelle Ryan

James was at his house when there was a knock at the door. I. He opened the door and he was stunned to see it was Eastenders babe Michelle Ryan.Hi is this the party she asked in a sexy voice. It is James replied. Well can i come in please she said. of course James said. Thank You Michelle said. They sat down on the sofa and Michelle asked if she could have a glass of water.
Sure said James. As Michelle got up James saw her white thongs poke out of the top of her tight black jeans and that was enough to get a hard on. When Michelle came back in James was already in the bedroom. Don’t get started without me shouted Michelle.

She walked in and started to undress down to her bra and thongs. She then layed on the bed and told him to lick her out and make her cum. James slid his tongue by the side of Michelle’s thongs. She was moaning and groaning as James was sliding his tongue ever closer to her soaked pussy. He then removed her thongs and bra and started to lick her juicy, moist pussy. Oh Oh! cried Michelle as she came. She then sat up and took James 12 inch cock in her hands. She rubbed it gently before gently taking it between her dry red lips. She was deep throating James’ cock She was saying that she wanted his cock in her. So she took James’ cock out of her mouth and directed it into her wet pussy. She let out a huge moan as James’ cock thrust into her pussy at a constant speed. It was not long until it was James’ turn to cum as he let a wad of it over Michelle’s Pussy. James then turned Michelle over and started thrusting into her doggy style . Then he came on her back and ass.

Then James asked Michelle if she had ever let anyone fuck her tits. No said Michelle as she layed on the bed with her tits ready to be fucked rotten. James started slapping his cock onto Michelle’s tits. It was a great deal of time before he was pushing her breasts together and ramming his cock in her cleavage. Suddenly his cum spurted out.

Now Michelle and James were both exhauasted and Michelle had James’ cum on her back, in her ass, pussy and all over her tits. James suggested that he come over her face. Michelle agreed and she started to suck James’ now aching cock.

She was telling him how much she was enjoying fucking him when he came in her mouth, on her nose and in her hair.

Michelle then put her clothes back on and kissed James’ cock and then his lips. Then she walked out.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story.

Coming Soon on Celebrity Shagathon.

Part 2

Posh Anal-yses her relationship with Becks.

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