Celebrity Shagathon Part 3

The Bill Threesome

Starring Kim Tiddy and Beth Cordingly

Kim Tiddy and Beth Cordingly had just filmed the last scenes of the week. They were tired and exhausted. They decided to go for a drink at the club. They were there sipping vodka and coke when they met Jason. He was flirting with them both and asked them both if they had ever done anal sex. Both said no and Jason asked if they wanted to. Both said yes and Jason quickly got up and went to his car. Beth and Kim followed and went into Jason’s car. When they arrived at Jason’s flat they went in and sat on the sofa.

Jason was in the kitchen getting a bottle of champagne. When he went in the living room Kim and Beth had made their way into the bedroom. Well what are you waiting for? said Beth.They were naked and ready for there best threesome ever.

Kim started to lick Beth’s pussy whilst Jason got undressed. He then got on the bed behind Kim’s ass and slid his cock in between her ass cheeks. Moaning in pleasure she started licking Beths pussy even harder. Then Jason had his cock sucked by both women and then he slid his cock between Beth’s ass cheeks. Eventually he came on Beth’s back and then Kim sucked his cock for the cum on it.

Then Kim had Jason slide his cock into her pussy whilst Beth sucked her tits. After Jason shot his load over Kim’s tits and Beth then sucked Jason’s cock.

Beth looked at the clock and said that she and Kim needed to get going and then they did.

Part 4 called Slap it harder!

starring Jordan

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