Celebrity Shagathon – Part 2

Celebrity Shagathon

Part 2

Starring Victoria Beckham

Victoria Anal-yses her relationship with Goldenballs

Victoria Beckham was very upset. She just discovered that her hubby David DID sleep with Rebecca Loos. After hearing him admit this she threw him out and began plotting her revenge. She went out the front door and went into the street. She found a young man walking towards her carrying a heavy bucket. She went up to him and helped him and then invited him in for a coffee.

So, what’s your name said
Posh. My names Matt said the man. Well Matt, have u ever tried anal sex? Er yes i have and its fun.Why do u want to know Mrs Beckham? said Matt. Well im just wondering if u would like to fuck me? said Posh. You’ve got Dave said Matt.Yeah but its me u’ve got the chance to fuck not Dave.

Why then i must take u up on the offer then Mrs Beckham said Matt. Victoria came over to Matt and rubbed his crotch. She could feel his bonor growing. She lead him up the stairs and into a bedroom. She layed him on the bed and undid his jeans. She slid his jeans off and his boxers were thrown on the floor. She took her jeans off and her top to reveal a red bra covering her huge breasts and a green g-string. She took Matt’s cock in her mouth and slid it in and out. Then Matt rolled her over and started to lick the g-string.

Posh took the g-string off and let Matt fuck her now wet pussy. Matt was n’t long to get his instructions fulfilled and he started shagging Posh’s pussy. Posh was now moaning and groaning now as Matt was sliding in and out of her pussy. Posh told Matt that she wanted him to fuck her ass. Posh, who had never let Dave do anal with her,rolled over as Matt pulled out. He then slid his cock into her ass and Posh was moaning and groaning really loud now as Matt was fucking her tight ass. it was not long before Matt’s spunk gushed out onto Posh’s back.

Then Posh started to lick the spunk off Matt’s cock. Within moments he came again and it all went in Posh’s mouth.Matt got up kissed Posh on the cheek and proceeded to slide his cock in between her bouncy breasts. Gently sliding it up to Victoria’s mouth until he came all over her tits. Then they both had a shower and Matt went home.

Thank you for taking the time to read part 2 of Celebrity Shagathon.

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