Celebrity Super Heroes – Bad Girls, Part 1

Celebrity Super Heroes – Bad Girls, Part 1

By Dbud (feedback requested, email dbud900@yahoo.com or through the message boards)


Michelle Trachtenberg as Sparrow

Tom Welling as Super Guy

Evangeline Lilly as Nightwoman

Codes: MF & Cons

Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don’t read if you don’t want to.

Summary: Basic story idea is celebrities as various superheroes in a fictional place called Mega City.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 1


“HEY! Watch your language missy!”

Michelle Trachtenberg slumped against the air conditioning unit. She was visibly pissed. Evangeline Lilly, a.k.a. Nightwoman, pulled her cowl back, revealing her pretty face and dark eyes.

“You know I don’t like it when you curse. Now calm down.”

Michelle pulled her mask, which covered the area around her eyes, off. “But I am so ready to join.”

Evangeline leaned against the metal unit next to her sidekick. They were on top of a 20-story building for a stakeout of a known drug house. “I know you feel ready but you are simply too young to join the FJL.”

Michelle’s shoulders sunk and for a second she took the tone of a whiney 17 year old girl, which of course she was, instead of one half of the crime-fighting duo known throughout Mega City as Nightwoman and Sparrow.

“But, joining the Female Justice League is, like, my life long dream. I mean being your sidekick and all is cool, but I want to be a member of the league.”

“I know, I know, and one day you will be, but you have to be patient.”


‘Oh lord, that was the wrong thing to say,’ Evangeline thought to her self, ‘Here we go!’

“I’ve been your sidekick for over three years. How long do I have to wait?”

The tall brunette with the defined muscles wrapped in a skin tight rubber suit, stood and tried to not sound like a parent, “Michelle, we are not having this conversation again. I have told you, the FJL has rules about who becomes a member. And one of those rules is an age limit and you are not…”

“Well, it’s a stupid rule. I am twice the super hero most of those skanks are…”

“HEY! Those skanks as you call them are the best female crime fighters in the world and you will show some respect!”

Michelle started to talk but her mentor had had enough and cut her off, “That’s enough! This is why you’re not ready to be a member of the league. You’re immature! You don’t get your way and look how you act! The league is a team. We count on each other. We can’t have petty quarrels come between us; someone could get killed. Like it or not, you are not ready! Deal with it!”

Michelle looked like she was going to punch Evangeline but she simply slumped back down to the rooftop. It looked like Evangeline’s words were sinking in. Just as the awkward pause was becoming almost unbearable, the two women’s radio receivers picked up a call on the emergency police band.

“All units, officer under fire, assistance needed. All units respond!”

Evangeline was relieved. She wasn’t good at this. She wasn’t used to dealing with the bruised ego of a teenage girl. She liked problems she could punch.

“I don’t have time for this. I need to go.”

Michelle stood and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I agree. We have a job to do.” She replaced her mask.

“No! I said ‘I’ need to go. You are in no shape to be by my side tonight. You’re staying here.”


“No buts, that’s the end of this conversation. You want to prove you can join the league? Start by showing some maturity and follow orders. I want you to head on home. I’ll meet you there later.”

Evangeline pulled her cowl back on and pressed a button on her wrist. The small stealth helicopter that was hovering several hundred feet over the city in whisper mode dropped down on her signal. The craft silently lowered itself to about 50 feet over the roof and a cable dropped from the underside.

Without another word, Nightwoman took the cable and it immediately retracted and within seconds she was in the cockpit. With a sorrowful glance down at her partner, she turned the craft and headed off over the city.

Michelle watched as she flew off, wishing she was in her usual spot in the empty seat behind Evangeline in the cockpit. Usually, as Sparrow, Michelle would be handling the communications and sensors, and sometimes even the weapons when needed from that spot with her mentor and friend, Nightwoman.

“She’s right you know.”

A loud booming deep voice filled the air. Michelle spun as if ready for an attack. Looking up she saw the figure of a man standing about 30 feet over her head in mid-air. He was tall, at least 6 feet 4 inches, and well built. His outfit showing off every ripple of muscle in his body. He was standing with his arms crossed. As he and Michelle glared at each other, he began to glide to the rooftop.

His shoulders and arms were massive. He had a six pack stomach that was almost beyond human in its definition. His thighs were like tree trunks. He was wearing a red skintight outfit with blue trim. On his chest was a shield symbol with a large yellow ‘S’ on it. His blue cape was billowing in the winds swirling on the top of the building. His face was square jawed and noble looking. He was very handsome and appeared to be in his late twenties with jet-black curly hair and an impossibly large cleft in his chin.

“Oh hey, Super Guy.”

“Oh come on Michelle. How long have we known each other? What’s the point of trusting someone with your secret identity if you can’t use their real name?”

“Okay…Tom. How’s it hanging?” Michelle glanced down at the bulge in his crotch, “To the left, I’d say. And I don’t need any See-Thru vision to tell that. Jesus, could your tights be any tighter? You know I read that can hurt your sperm count.”

Tom looked a bit embarrassed and adjusted his package, “Now now Michelle, no reason to take out your frustrations on me.” She grinned.

“You heard huh?”

“Not much I don’t hear.”

“Of course.”

“But she is right. I know you want to join now, but the FJL will still be there in a few years. And with a few more years training you’ll be an even better asset.”

Michelle looked askew at him. She was not in the mood for more preaching and he could see that.

“Okay okay, no lecturing.” He placed his arm around the teenage girl’s shoulder and she fell against his chest. He was so warm; he was always warm she thought to her self.

Tom Welling was Super Guy, the most powerful and famous superhero on the planet and one of the few people who knew she was Sparrow. Nightwoman and she had worked with him on a number of missions and on a few had even saved the city although Tom got most of the credit. He was a bit of a glory hog.

“You want a ride home? I can have you there in a few seconds.”

Michelle stepped a few feet away and turned her back on Tom, stretching her arms out over her head, showing off her body and pushing out her ass which she knew looked good in her spandex costume, “Weeeelllll, I would like a ride, but not home.”

She looked back coyly over her shoulder at him.

Tom realized what she meant and stood with his hands up, “Oh no. We’re not doing this again. Look that was a mistake we made once, let’s not repeat it.”

“Okay, you’re right the first time was a mistake, but then how about the second and third times?” She smiled wickedly at him and began to nuzzle his neck and run her hands over his barrel chest.

“Oh man, if Nightw…I mean Evangeline finds out, she will kill me.”

“Nothing can kill you, you’re Super Guy.”

“Well, if I have any limits, she’ll find them, trust me.”

“Then she better not find out that’s all, now shut up.”

Michelle stood on her tiptoes and slid her tongue into Tom’s mouth. She felt his hands grab her ass cheeks and lift her effortlessly. He picked her up like a human man would lift a feather. Michelle wrapped her boots around his waist. The two started kissing and groping. Michelle slipped her hands under his outfit and felt his stomach. He was like a rock.

She felt his hands reach around and find the zipper to her costume and pull it down her side. Still with her legs wrapped around him, She slid her arms from the spandex outfit and pulled it down so the top was wrapped around her waist. She was topless. Tom looked over her tits and grabbed them hard, kneading the soft white flesh between his fingers.

“Ooooooooo,” Michelle began purring as he massaged her boobs roughly. After a few more minutes of kissing and petting, Michelle climbed off Tom and dropped to her knees in front of him. She laughed at the huge boner that was poking out of the top of his tights. Tom smiled down at her as she pulled the top of his trunks down and his cock bounced out, smacking her in the chin.

“Oww! Shit! That hurt!” Michelle was rubbing her jaw as Tom laughed.

“Quit stalling.” He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her open mouth down over his cock.


“Oh yeah babe, that’s it.”

Michelle got into the rhythm and began sucking and working his cock hard with her mouth and tongue. Even though she was only 17, she knew she was a great cocksucker. Wet and sloppy, she was letting his organ slide back and forth in her mouth and down into her throat as drool dripped from her chin onto her chest.

Evangeline would never have approved but Michelle had been sneaking out and banging guys for the past two years. Michelle chuckled to herself, Evangeline still thought she was a virgin.

“Oh, that’s good. Deeper baby.”

Michelle worked her self down more and more onto his cock. With each down stroke, she took a little more of his thick sex organ inside. Finally, after several minutes, she felt she was sufficiently primed and shoved her face down onto him.


This air literally vibrated as Super Guy cried out with his super powered lungs. Michelle got nearly all of his enormous cock inside her throat before she felt herself begin to gag slightly. She had to stop with her mouth wrapped around the base of his shaft; her red lips were only two inches from the small curls of his pubes.

“No, babe, don’t stop now.” Michelle loved hearing the most powerful man on the planet begging her for more.

Michelle wanted to give him all she could so she pulled back slightly allowing her self to take a deep breath through her nostrils. She grabbed his buttocks in her hands and pulled his crotch towards her face as she drove her head down.

Tears began to flow from the corners of her eyes, not from pain but from the sensation of having Tom’s thick cock fill her mouth and throat. His balls pressed against her chin and Michelle slipped her tongue out between her teeth and the underside of his shaft and began flicking it, lightly working the tip against his ball sack. His pubic hair began tickling her nose as she felt herself getting flushed as she felt the desperate need for air. Michelle began to pull back when she felt Tom’s strong hand on the back of her head.

“Not yet babe. Just a little more.” He pressed her head back down and Michelle felt her face shoved against the flesh of his groin. She tried to pull herself off but it was useless. Tom could lift a battleship with one arm; Michelle had less than zero chance of getting off his cock if he didn’t let her.

After about thirty seconds, Michelle felt like there was a fire inside her chest. Looking up, she could see his face out of the corner of her eye. He had his head back and was clearly enjoying her mouth wrapped around his cock.


Michelle began grunting and punching Tom in the thigh in a desperate effort to get his attention. She reached up and grabbed his wrist, trying to loose his fingers from her hair, but it was like trying to move a steel bar. Michelle was in full panic mode now as she felt she was going to die. Finally, at the last moment, just as her vision began to dim…

“Oh sorry Michelle.” Tom let her go and she pulled his cock from her mouth, inhaling deeply, “HHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUU!”

After several seconds she found her voice again, “You fucker!”

Tom smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, didn’t realize it was quite so deep.”

“Right!” Michelle eyed him suspiciously. She knew Super Guy didn’t lie, but he was a man, she wasn’t sure he didn’t do it on purpose.

Tom looked down at the slick saliva covered area between her tits. Michelle had full C cups, big and round with large pink nipples. He had never titty fucked a woman before but had always wanted to try. He took her under the arms and lifted her to her knees and pulled her forward. Michelle was relieved when she realized he didn’t want another blowjob. She could tell what he wanted and she was surprised at how fast she forgot the sensation of nearly dying with his cock in her throat.

She grabbed the sides of her pale mounds and pushed them inward, scrunching up the soft flesh and wrapping it around his organ. She let a long stream of spittle drip from her lips and down between her breasts and over his cock.

“This what you want baby?” she asked smirking and began bouncing up and down jacking his cock off with her tits. Tom leaned back, enjoying her massaging him with her boobs.

“Oh man, this feels so good little bird, don’t stop.”

She didn’t. She could tell he loved this and wanted to please him. Faster and faster she bounced, her entire body driving her chest up and down.

“Oh, oh, oh god. Don’t stop!”

Michelle looked down just in time to get a face full of semen as it sprayed from the tip of his cock all over her face.

“AHHHHHH! OH SHIT!” She cried out which just allowed the second stream to fire into her mouth. Several more shots from his cock soaked her face.

“OH BABY! OH GOD! THAT’SIT!” Tom’s entire body shook as he came hard. After another minute of her tits wrapped around him, she stood and Tom fell back against the side of the building, panting and his cock now softening.

“Oh man, that was great babe, thanks.”

“Think nothing of it,” Michelle said sarcastically as she ran her fingers across her face and wiped the thick gooey liquid from her eyes and nostrils. Whipping her hands to the side, she flung his cum off her fingertips.

As she finished wiping his cum off her face, “Man, you always were selfish. What about my neeeeeeeeeeddddddssssss?”

As Michelle finished, Tom grabbed her and lifted her body over his head. Before she knew it her legs were over his shoulders and she was sitting with his face pressed into her crotch.

“OH GOD!” She squealed as it felt like someone had turned on a super-powered vibrator and pressed it up against her clit. She realized it was his tongue working at super-sonic speeds. As her body quivered and her eyes rolled back in her head, Michelle barely noticed the fact that he was lifting the two of them up into the sky.

She felt the rushing of wind past her as they zoomed up over the city. Tom held her thighs in his hands and spread them wider allowing him better access to her pussy. She felt his tongue slip inside her cunt, working back and forth.

As she looked out over the city from several hundred feet above the tallest building, she felt a rush of pleasure she had never known before.


Michelle took his hair in her hands and began grinding her cunt against his face, riding his tongue, and trying to work it inside her deeper. It was incredible, but she wanted more. She slid her hips back and looked down and the two of them smiled at each other. Tom knew what she was going to do. Michelle began to climb down off his shoulders as Tom began to rotate his body backwards until he was hovering with his body parallel to the ground, facing the heavens.

Michelle slid down his body and grabbed his cock and slid it inside her pussy. She began riding and pounding his organ as deep into her cunt as she could.

“Huh hu oh, oh yeah. I’m so close. Do it Tom. NOW!”

He knew what she meant, Michelle had been begging for this since the first time they had sex. “I don’t know. It’s dangerous.”


He relented and suddenly the two of them were free falling towards the city. The air was rushing past Michelle and her hair was swirling as she rode his cock hard.


She was screaming but the roar of the air drowned her voice out. Michelle threw her head back as her orgasm tore through her like a freight train and she felt Tom’s cock explode inside her pussy as well. The two of them came together as they plummeted towards the rooftop.

Suddenly Michelle opened her eyes and realized they had stopped. Tom was hovering only a foot or so from the roof and Michelle could feel the tips of her toes touching the asphalt as her orgasm subsided.

“That was incredible,” she panted and climbed off as Tom stood back up. Even he seemed to need a moment to recover from an especially good orgasm.

After a few minutes, they had gotten dressed and it was obvious Tom was getting anxious and wanted to head out. “Well, I really should be going. The city you know…needs me. I am Super Guy after all. You gonna be okay?”

Michelle rolled her eyes; he always made a quick exit after they fucked. “Of course Tom…I mean Super Guy. I’ll be fine.” He leapt up and soared off over the city without another word. She pulled some wet-wipes from the dispenser on her utility belt and cleaned up.

Fact was, she did feel better. The argument with Evangeline seemed petty. Apparently, all she needed was a good fuck to brighten her mood. “Heh, what do you know? I’m a slut.”

She laughed to herself as she adjusted her mask. She wanted to apologize to Evangeline and so decided to go find her. Also, the sex had gotten her juices flowing in more ways than one and she hoped there might be some bad guy ass she could kick.

Activating her jet boots, Michelle soared into the air. Spreading her arms, she touched a button on her wrist and micro-thin para-sails popped out of her costume between her arms and torso and between her legs. As she sailed, gliding across the city, more than a half mile up, she activated her A.I. combat computer.


A mechanical voice spoke to her from the micro-transmitter behind her right ear, “Yes Sparrow.”

“Locate Nightwoman and plot course.”

A second later, “Nightwoman is located 5 miles due east from your current position.”

Michelle banked and headed east, “Be there in no time.”

A minute or so later, “Approaching Nightwoman’s coordinates”, the computer told her.

“Activate night vision.”

Green lenses slipped from her mask and fell into place over her eyes. She began scanning the rooftops, looking for Evangeline.

“There she…” Michelle stopped speaking, not sure what she was looking at. “Magnify, power 10.” Suddenly, the rooftop in question grew larger and Michelle could clearly see what was going on. Evangeline wasn’t alone.

She had her cowl off and, in fact, had most of her combat suit off. Wearing only the boots and cape, Evangeline was standing on one leg with her other high over the shoulder of the man fucking her. He had his red and blue costume around his ankles and was banging away in her snatch. It was Super Guy.

Michelle couldn’t believe it. He had just left her ten minutes ago. He must have come straight over here. “THAT BASTARD! AND THAT FUCKING SLUT!”

Michelle quickly banked away from the building before she got too close and Tom’s super hearing picked her up. Landing on a rooftop a few miles away, Michelle collapsed and put her head between her knees and sobbed.

An hour later, Michelle, still dressed as Sparrow, carried two large suitcases out of Lilly Manor, her home of the past three years. As she headed for the study, an older and regal woman was following her.

“Please, Miss Trachtenberg…Michelle, please wait.” She spoke in a British accent.

“There’s no waiting Alice. I’m done with this place and I’m especially done with being her royal highnesses sidekick.”

“You don’t mean that. Please wait for Miss Lilly to return. I’m sure you can work things out. You’ve quarreled before.”

“Not this time. I should have done this long ago. I’m tired of living in her shadow.”

Once in the study, Michelle pressed a secret button and a large mirror swung open from hidden hinges revealing a staircase headed down. Michelle dragged the suitcases down it and into the Nightcave with Alice scrambling to keep up.

Michelle tossed her luggage into the back of the Sparrow Speedster and climbed behind the wheel of the sleek proto-type car.

“But, what will I tell the Mistress when she returns and you are gone?”

“Tell her to go fuck herself!” And with that Michelle slammed the overhead door shut, fired up the engine, activated the car’s cloak and within seconds was hurtling out of the secret exit of the cave and towards the city.

End Part 1

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