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+ Celebrity Survivor Ch-1 +

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She slowly crept through the tall weeds creeping up on her unsuspecting victim. With every step her heart raced and pounded through her chest. She inched closer and closer. Finally she stood over her prey. She reached down grabbed both of her shoulders “!!BOOOOO!!” Britney Spears nearly shit her pants. She quickly jumped up turning around. “Jessica you little bitch what the fuck are you doing?” She hollered at the young innocent girl. “You know
this is the place I come to be ALONE.. What the hell do you want?” She asked Jessica who was still cracking up over scaring Britney. “Haha.. Nothing… HA hehe.. I just wanted to talk,” she told her after her laughter came to an end. “God..” Britney exhaled. The two young beauties had a seat on the log Britney was sitting at earlier.

“What were you thinking about Brit?” She asked in a concerned voice?

“Well.. As you can tell I don’t have much time left on the island.. Seeing as I’ve already pissed you and Jaime off and we just wont even get into Christina.. God.. I don’t even want to mention Pink shes so fucking jelous of my popularity its pitiful.. So I really have no shot in hell of not getting voted off this time. she told her as her eyes began to water..

“Well that was a shitty thing costing me that immunity like that.. If you didn’t do that I wouldn’t have to worry about Christina voting my ass off..” she told her..

The two young ladies just sat there staring at one another.. The sun glistening down on their golden ripe bodies. Britney was wearing a loose white t-shirt tied in a knot just above her small round belly button, with a pair of cut off blue jeans that barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks.

Jessica was sporting a low cut maroon with yellow flowers bikini top, with some cut off blue jeans again barely covering her round tight ass. She had her long brown hair tied back revealing her . Both ladies were looking fine.

“I’m just having too much fun out here.. I’ve needed this vacation ever since I started this pop star shit.” Britney said as she stared off into the ocean. She watched the waves go in and out on the shore. “But fuck it.. I just need to accept its over. She said as she leaned down and put her head in her palms.

Jessica looked over to say something, and noticed that she could see right down Britney’s shirt. She sat straight up to get a better site. She looked down inside her shirt seeing her breasts, but to her disappointment they were covered by a very low cut bra. Not leaving much to the imagination, but Jessica wanted to see it all. She then got an idea.

She took her arm and wrapped it around Britney’s petite shoulders. She pulled her in close to her. Still keeping her eyes peeled on her large breasts. “Britney.. I do know one way you could win back my vote..” she told the blonde beauty.

“Really!! Anything Jess..” she said as she lifted up her head in excitement. I just have to stay on this island.. she said taking in Jessica Alba’s hand..

“Ok.. Now I want you to stay right here.. I’m going to go talk to Christina Pink, and Jaime.. Ill be back in about an hour or so.. So STAY PUT!!” she slowly walked back to camp as Britney sat back down on the log staring out in the ocean.

“God.. I can’t get voted off tonight.. That would just kill me” she said to herself. She continued to stare out on the ocean. The sun glistening down on her golden tan legs. Sweat began to produce on her soft tender face. Her shirt had also gotten wet revealing the outer lining of her lacy white bra.

About an hour and a half later Jessica, Jaime, and Christina all came out from the bushes. “Ok. Brit.. This is how it’s going down.. You said you would do ‘ANYTHING’ right?” Jessica asked in a compromising voice.

“Ye.. Yea. That’s what I said…” she said unsure of what was about to happen..

“Ok.. Good.. Well I discussed your situation with the other girls and we have come up with a compromise.. If your in?” she asked again..

“Yes I’m in damnit what do I have to do?” she demanded as the anticipation ate her alive..

“Ok.. Now earlier when I was talking to you, I could see down your shirt.. And I have to admit.. I liked it a lot. I told the other girls, and we’ve decided that if you were to do a ‘strip show’ for us we would vote off Pink instead of you.” she informed the sweaty blonde female.

“You want me to strip in front of you three GIRLS!! That’s fucked up.” she smirked back at the three beauties..

“Damnit Britney.. We are giving you the easiest way out that you could do.. You said you would do ANYTHING.. Its not like were wanting to fuck you now just strip.” she commanded..

This took Britney by storm.. No one has ever shouted at her that way.. “I have to do this.. This is my only way to stay on the island…” she thought to herself.. “Ok.. Ill.. Ill do it..

“Good.. Now it’s not hard.. Were going to sit on this log, and your going to turn us on.. If you turn at least 2 of us on you get to stay.. But if you don’t turn at least 2 of us on.. Your GONE!!” she informed he slave… The three “judges” made there way over to the log and sat down.. “Begin Bitch” Christina Aguilera commanded her.

Britney began.. She slowly slid her fingers down her virtuous body stopping at the knot in her t-shirt. She slowly untied it. Pulled out the shirt just enough for the three girls to see the bottom of her round breasts. She then slowly took it up right too the bottom of her breasts pausing for a bit before taking it over her head. She noticed Jaime Presley gasp as soon as her mounds bounced back down from being bound inside her shirt. She ran her long fingers around her small tan belly. She noticed that Jaime was beginning to move her hands down towards her crotch. So she knew she had to spice it up to get the others.. She took her hands and moved them up to her breasts. She started to caress them through her white lo-cut lacy bra. She was beginning to be turned on by this.. She caressed them harder and faster getting even more turned on with every squeeze.

She finally gave up on trying to tease them. She was getting turned on as much as they were, and just tore her bra off and began to pinch and grab her hugely erect nipples. By that time Jaime was fully turned on, she had her hand inside her shorts vigorously rubbing her sobbing wet pussy. Her eyes were rolled back into her head and she didnt even care that Britney was doing a show right in front of her. Christina was getting there as she softly caressed her own breasts. Britney took her hands from her breasts, which begged for more attention, and slowly moved them down to her button on her shorts.. She quickly undid the button, and let her shorts slide down her long slender golden brown legs. Her pussy was already sopping wet on the outside of her blue cotton panties. She began to fiercely rub the outside of her pussy through her panties creating a darker wetter spot on the crotch area of her panties.

Seeing this Christina began to caress herself on the outside of her leather bikini bottoms, back and forth up and down.. She rubbed herself as she watched Britney pleasure herself. Britney took one of her hands and began to slide her panties down her beautiful thighs.. She turned around, bent all the way down without bending her knees exposing her tight round ass to the three girls who let out a slight moan. She lifted her panties in the air and tossed them over her head. They landed right in front of Jessica who picked them up and held them in her hands. She took her hands around her back and grabbed her ass cheeks.. She began to massage them as Jessica now was starting to feel the heat of Britney’s show. She began to run her fingers over her exposed belly slowly creeping them down to her crotch area. Britney then turned around quickly covering her clit with her hands. She ran her thin fingers through her cleanly shaved bush that made a line going from her panty line to her slit. She then began twirling around her short dark blonde pubes into her fingers.

Jaime Presley was extremely turned on. She had her red bikini top off of her breasts hanging on by a string around her neck. She was caressing her b-cup tan breasts with one hand and the other she had it vigorously rubbing her pussy back and forth. Christina was lying against the log fully naked. She had totally removed her bikini and was caressing her shaved pussy with both hands. One tracing the outside of the two wet lips and the other forcing its way inside. Jessica was still supporting her entire bikini, but she was starting to rub her breasts from the outside of her bikini top.

Britney finally inserted her index and middle fingers into her bright pink clit. As she did she let out a loud moan. She forced them in further and further with every thrust. She took out her fingers and put them into her mouth licking them clean before forcing her index, middle, and ring fingers into her already drenched pussy. She could only get them halfway in, but that was enough.. The sensation sent electricity running through her body like nothing she had never felt before..

Jessica had finally shed her bikini top and exposed her perfectly round breasts. She fiercely grabbed the two mounds tearing away at her fully erect nipples.

Britney continued to thrust her three fingers inside her once tight pussy. She continued forcing the three into herself until she finally unloaded all over her hands.. After letting out a relaxing moan.. She looked over at her three “judges.” They were all fingering or fondling their selves not even noticing that she was done. She quietly made her way over to Jessica who was laying closest to her. She took one of her cum stained fingers and rubbed it outside of Jessica’s mouth until she opened it up. Britney the inserted her index finger into Jessica’s mouth allowing her to taste her sweet juices. Jessica sucked on her fingers for a few seconds before Britney removed it. She then moved over to Jaime.. She bent down and licked Jaime on the lips and Jaime opened her mouth allowing Britney to insert her middle finger. Jaime immediately started to suck on her finger licking all of the juices off her that she could get. Britney then removed her finger from Jamie’s mouth. And continued till she got to Christina. She bent down and kissed Christina on her rosey red lips. Christina moaned and Britney inserted her ring finger into Christina’s mouth. She bent down as Christina sucked on her finger and whispered “Chris.. I’ve always wanted us together.. That’s why I didn’t want voted off.. Remember that” she pulled her finger out of the girl she idolized. She glanced over all three lovely young ladies again, and turned around.

She gathered up her clothes as the three beauties continued to get themselves off.. She put her shorts back on and picked up her shirt.

“Brit.. That was amazing.. You win my vote.. And Im sure by the looks of the others, you’ll get theirs too..” Jessica said as she relaxed after climaxing. Britney just threw her a fresh smile and walked off putting her shirt back on as she made her way through the bushes.


“Well.. Looks as if there is only 4 of you left” Jeff Probst said looking over the group of Beauties. “Now Christina you won the immunity challenge so no one can vote for you, unless you would like to give up that immunity?” he asked the blonde beauty. “No.. I worked hard for this one.. I think ill keep It..” she informed him looking over at Britney. “Very well then.. You know the routine.. We will now vote.. you cannot vote for Christina, but she is allowed to vote for you.. The one with the most votes will be asked to leave the island.” He instructed the group of girls.

Britney was the first to vote.. She wrote down her vote then made her way back. The other girls followed until everyone had voted.

“Ill go tally the votes” Jeff said as he went to get the container. He made his way back carrying the dark Indian-style container.

“Brit.. You told me earlier that you didn’t feel too confident about the outcome of the vote tonight.. How do you feel now?” he asked the sexy pop star.

“Better then earlier, I talked with Jessica, Jaime, and Christina, they sort of put me at ease.” she told him.

“Ok.. Ill read the votes..” he said as he opened the container

“The first vote is for.. Pink..”

“The second vote is for… Pink.. that’s two for Pink..”

“The third vote is for…. Britney.. that’s two for Pink one for Britney..”

“The forth and final vote is for……. Pink.. That’s three for Pink one for Britney..”

“Pink.. I need you too bring me your torch..” Pink slowly arose looking over the three girls as she took her torch over to Jeff..

“I’m sorry Pink.. The tribe has spoken..” he said as he put out Pinks torch.

“Fuck you fucking Lesbian bitches..” she said as she walked off the set..

“Well.. Good job ladies, you survived another meeting.. Make your way back to camp.. You got the day off tomorrow…”

The three survivors walked back to camp.. Not saying a word to each other.. When they got back they each layed down.

“Thanks…” Britney said as she closed her eyes and began remembering kissing Christina Aguilera right on the lips.. “Soon..” she thought to herself as she drifted asleep..


Chapter 2 coming soon!


This story was purely made up.. No way shape or form does this resemble anything that could or would ever happen in real life.. If you are any of these people and would like to show me some truth to this story.. I would sooo like to see it.. In other words this is fiction.. The names are purely coincidental..


Chapter 2 coming soon!


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