Celebrity Survivor 2

This fictional story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations,
if you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

The Almost met at their camp, Jessica Biel was pissed at
Eliza Dushku for losing the first challenge, they had to
kick a member out and it was Eliza’s fault. It was time for
the vote.

Jessica was on a mission to remove Eliza, she didn’t like the
way she had taken over the camp, Jessica thought she should be in
charge of the wannabe’s, after all
she had the highest rated so
of anybody in her group.

Jessica voted to remove Eliza, she wanted to be in charge. Shiri
Appleby votes out Neve Campbell. Eliza voted to remove Neve. They
still didn’t now where Neve was so it was good to vote her out.

Neve looked to the corner of the cave she was trapped in, she saw
three tutu’s in the corner, the gorilla’s that had captured her
must have escaped from a circus.

The largest of the apes held Neve by the hair, he shoved her
face into the crotch of the middle ape, he pinched her cheeks until
she opened her mouth. The middle ape shoved his seven inch cock
into her mouth.

Neve was forced to suck the apes cock, they both had a handful of her
hair, they jerked her head up and down on his cock Somebody had trained
them well. The smallest of the apes soon joined the elders. He began to
work his cock into her mouth also.

The Wannabe’s where celebrating their first victory, Elvira and Kathy
where running around in the nude. Carmen Electra soon joined them. Super
model Heidi Klum decided to keep her bikini on. Kathy told her she was
more stuck up than Brooke Shields, she had a candle with Heidi’s name
on it though, she knew how to treat prudes.

The two camps where summoned for the next challenge. The host of the
show told the two camps what their goal was for today.

Wonder Mike: I hope you all are doing fine, remember the final survivor
will get the movie roles of a lifetime so you have to give it your all.
And by the way has anybody seen Neve?

Mike: Today we are having a deep throat contest, I have brought Three
for you today. Each of you will get a chance to deep throat them all.
The one of you that can deep throat them all will by the victor for her

Lets bring up the first tribesmen he is called Zeus, he is an African
if you are lucky maybe he will make one of you a princess, now lets have
first contestant.

Jessica Biel jumped up, this was something she knew she was good at, she
Zeus’s wrapped and exposed his cock, she began to stroke it until it
rock hard, it was eight inches.

Jessica just laughed, she opened her mouth and stuffed the cock easily
down her
throat, she smiled and removed her hands until her nose was resting
his stomach, she then walked away and laughed.

The little fireball Kathy Griffin went next, she dropped to her knees and
opened her big mouth, she grabbed Zeus by the ass and shoved it forward,
his cock
quickly vanished down her throat. Kathy pulled him closer, until his balls
into her mouth. She then pulled away and took a bow.

Heidi Klum took the next turn, the tall thin model grabbed Zeus’s cock
with one
hand and stuffed it down her throat, she hadn’t told a white person how
much she
loved black cock, that was the real reason she had volunteered to come to
she didn’t care about the movie roles.

Heidi jammed six inches of cock down her throat, and started to gag she
but she finally managed to get the entire cock down her throat. Elvira ran
and lifted her with a hug.

Shiri Appleby took the next turn, she brushed the hair out of her face,
she wanted this
as much as anybody, she new Roswell could be canceled at any minute and
she had nothing
to fall back on.

Shiri took a deep breathe and began to slowly work her way down on the
cock, she
was new to Hollywood and didn’t have much experience at cock sucking, but
was a quick study. She held the cock by it base and managed to work her
all the way down.

She was ordered to remove her hands and swallow the last two inches, she
her way down, she had to pull back and start again, she began the slow
task again
she finally managed to take the entire thing Zeus blew a load down her
Shiri swallowed it all. Eliza and Jessica roared their approval.

Two of the apes had their cocks stuffed into Neve’s open mouth, they began
work them in deeper and deeper. They both managed to stuff their entire
into her mouth.

The Big ape bent Neve over while she sucked off his two sons, he rammed
his eight
inch cock into Neve’s tight ass hole, she tried to scream but her mouth
was full
with monkey cock.

The big ape began to ram his cock deeper and deeper into Neve’s ass hole
other two grabbed her by the hair and rammed their cocks deeper and deeper
her throat. They both shot their loads deep down her throat, Neve couldn’t
she had to swallow both loads or drown on it.

Since Zeus was finished they had to call on the next tribesman, he was

Hercules was fully erect already, his ebony missile stuck out at ten
Carmen Electra licked her lips and jumped at the chance, she said he
even as big as Dennis Rodman, she dropped to her knees like a pro, she
to lick up and down the shaft of the cock, she then slammed her head all
the way
down on it swallowing the whole thing in one stroke, she began to slam her
up and down on the cock, the judges had to pull her away.

Elvira laughed at Carmen, she jumped at the chance to finish
what Carmen had started, She ran over to Hercules and began to stroke his
cock she jammed four inches of it down her throat, she then winked at her
teammates, she then gobbled up another four inches. She waved at the
then jammed all ten inches down her throat.

Eliza was the last of the contestants she began to lick up and down the
she shoved her hand down her bikini bottoms and slide two fingers into her
she began to bob her head up and down on the cock.

She began to suck the cock faster and faster, Jessica yelled at her it
a blowjob contest, it was a deep throat contest, but it was too late,
shot his load down her throat. T V’s vampire slayer stuck out her tongue
and caught
as much of the cum as she could. She gobbled it up. It was just like her
to the hit movie Bring it on.

Eliza was disqualified, she never managed to deep throat Hercules and now
he was
going limp. She started to complain, but the cum started to drip out of
her mouth
and she had to stop and slurp it back up.

Neve was flat on her face, the huge ape was slamming his cock into her
ass, the
other two where holding her down, every time she screamed, she would get
she had to bite her lip to keep quiet. The ape rammed her ass harder and
He finally shot a load deep into her ass, it came slowly dripping out of
ass hole.

The last of the tribesmen was brought out, the judges had thought they
have eliminated more of the contestants by now, but they where prepared.
brought out the King. King Dong.

King Dong stood at seven feet tall, he removed his robe, he unveiled a two
long cock. Kathy Griffin’s eyes almost popped out of her head. She ran
over and
laid at the kings feet.

The fiery redhead looked up at the king, she let her fingers walk up his
jet black legs until they found his man meat. She rose to her knees and
her mouth as wide as she could.

Kathy began the impossible task of deep throating King Dong, she worked
inch by inch. She got six inches of cock down her throat and had to pull
for air. It was just about the same size as her arm.

Kathy began to work her way down again, slowly, she managed to get eight
inches this time, She pulled back and slammed her head down as hard as she
she got eleven inches of cock down her throat. She told them she couldn’t
on. She demanded that King Dong come to her camp later that night though.

Shiri Appleby dropped to her knees in front of the King, she opened her
as wide as she could, but it was no use, she couldn’t even get her mouth
it. It was too thick.

Carmen Electra went next, the king made even Dennis look small, she opened
mouth and managed to stuff four inches of cock down her throat, she too
began to
gag. She pulled away and tried again. She only managed four inches again.

Heidi went next, she had taken big black cocks before, but nothing like
She bent over and started sucking on his cock. She went deeper and deeper
each stroke, she bottomed out at five inches though. Kathy was still the

Jessica Biel was the last hope for her team, she looked the king right in
the eyes
and began to suck on his cock. She took five inches easily, she knew she
had to beat
that stupid comedian. she stuffed another two inches down her throat, she
didn’t she could fit anymore in her mouth, but she had another four to
tie Kathy. She managed
to get another three down her throat, she then began to gag. She wasn’t
going to
stop though. She started to turn blue when Shiri pulled her away.

It was over, Kathy Griffin had won the challenge for her team, they where
told they
could go back to their camps the Almost’s would have another vote in the
morning. Elvira screamed "Wait a minute buster." "I’m going to show what
I can do."

Elvira ran over to the King and began to stroke his cock, she began to
wiggle her
ass as the two foot cock began to disappear down her throat. She swallowed
ten inches, then closed her eyes and began to work her way down
further. She took another inch to tie Kathy, then she began to gag.

The mistress of the dark pulled away and took a bow, the tiny Griffin
into her arms, the other Wannabe’s soon joined her. The Almost walked away
dejected, there was almost no chance of them winning now.


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