Celebrity Survivor 5

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under
age or easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

The contest had fallen completely unraveled, Eliza Dusku had vanished,
Kathy Griffin had taken off with King Dong, Carmen Electra was dragged
trapped underneath a horse, the only contestants left where Elvira, the
mistress of the dark
and Jessica Biel.

Eliza Dusku awoke to find a cock poking her in the face, she turned around
and saw three other
ones, she was surrounded by four twelve inch black
cocks, her mouth started to water. Neve Campbell was nowhere to be found.

Neve ran to the airport, she caught up with King Dong and Kathy Griffin,
Kathy told her she could make a fortune in Hollywood with the king, Neve
wanted in. Kathy told her she would cut her in for the usual 20%. Neve had
contacts that Kathy needed.

Neve told the fiery redhead that she wanted 50%, Kathy laughed at her,she
wouldn’t budge, Neve knew some television stars, but King Dong was
so big, she really didn’t need her, besides, Neve would steal
her thunder, screw Neve, Kathy didn’t need her.

Eliza opened her mouth, a cock was shoved down her throat, she smeared her
black lipstick all over the cock as she jammed eight inches of it down
her throat, the tribesman grabbed her by the hair and worked the entire
thing down her throat.

The second tribesman shoved three fingers into Eliza’s cunt, she bent over
to all fours and wiggled her ass, the third tribesman worked two fingers
into her ass hole.

The last man was getting angry, there where no empty holes left on the
other slayer, he stood in front of her and began to work his twelve inch
cock down her throat too.

Eliza’s jaw began to ache, her mouth was jammed as wide open as it could
go by two huge cock, she still managed to work her head up and down

Eliza now had four fingers stuffed into her cunt, she was rocking back and
forth on the fingers, she also now had a third finger worked into her
ass hole, she was in heaven.

Neve was pissed that Kathy wouldn’t let her in on the King Dong project,
she decided to go right to the source, she dropped her pants and told the
King he could ram his two foot cock up her ass, it was an offer the king

Neve dropped to her hands and knee’s and let her ass sway back and forth,
it was tight and hypnotizing, Kathy thought this would be a great intro
video for the king, she told him to got for it.

The king mounted Neve, he shoved his cock all the way into Neve’s tight
ass without mercy, Neve screamed as she was knocked face first to the
ground by the force of his thrust.

King Dong laid his entire three hundred muscular pounds on top of Neve as
he worked his third leg deep into Neve’s ass, she couldn’t stop

Kathy grabbed her video camera out of her bag and zoomed in for a close
up, this was going to be a great video, King Dong began to work his cock
harder and harder into Neve’s ass.

Eliza slowly lowered herself onto a tribesman, she wrapped her arms around
his neck and spit in his mouth, she began to slam her cunt up and down
as hard as she could onto his cock.

The first two tribesman began to slowly work their cocks down her throat
again, she managed to get eight inches of both of them down her throat,
the tribesman she was riding began to thrust up into her.

Eliza wanted to scream but her mouth was full, both tribesmen managed to
stuff another two inches of cock down her throat, her mouth was as
wide open as she could get it.

Eliza was chest to chest on top of the man she was riding, he was
thrusting up into her lifting her into the air, the last tribesman climbed
on top of
her, she slid his twelve inches into her ass.

Kathy Griffin called Elvira, she told her to get to the airport as fast as
she could, there was something she needed to see, Kathy knew Elvira would
be a perfect partner, Elvira had some contacts, and she wouldn’t over
shadow her, Kathy knew she was a bigger star then the one trick pony
mistress of the dark.

Elvira told the judges she was leaving, she had a good idea what Kathy
wanted. Elvira knew she could make more money with King Dong then she
could winning this stupid contest, she told the judges to kiss her ass,
she was going home.

King Dong had a handful of Neve’s short hair, he yanked her head back as
he buried two feet of cock into her ass, Neve was still face first, she
pinned to the ground.

Neve tried to get back up to her hands and knees, but it was no use, King
Dong was relentless in his pounding of her, she could only lay face first
and enjoy it.

Eliza was now being double penetrated, the tribesman rammed her two holes
in synch, Eliza began to slowly raise up and down on the two cocks
fucking her.

Eliza now had twenty-four inches of cock stuffed down her throat, she was
jamming her head up and down swallowing both cocks whole with each

Eliza took two loads directly down her throat, she had no choice but to
swallow it all, her mouth was so full of cock that the cum couldn’t spill
she swallowed and swallowed until it was all gone.

Elvira arrived at the airport, Kathy was right where she told her she
would be, Elvira looked at the smile on Neve’s face, she knew there was no
price that the celebrities wouldn’t pay to get the same treatment.

King Dong lifted Neve into the air, he stood up and carried the small star
around, he began to slide her up and down on his mighty staff, Neve held
her hands out in front of her like she was flying.

King Dong began to slam her back and forth on his cock, Elvira held Neve
by the hands, she was screaming as loud as she could, King Dong then
spun her all the way around on his cock.

That was all the King could take, he yanked his cock out of Neve’s ass,
Elvira dropped to her knees and began to stroke his shaft, she stuck out
her tongue, she wanted it bad.

The two tribesmen where a blur hammering at Eliza, she was still slowly
riding the two cocks ramming her, she was going to wear them out, after
she was the toughest girl in Hollywood, wasn’t she?

Jessica Biel, looked around, she just figured out that she was the last
contestant left she had won the contest, she was going to become a huge
movie star, she demanded a phone so she could call Aaron Spelling and tell
him exactly where he could put Seventh Heaven.

Jessica called Spelling, she told him she was done, Spelling read her
contact, it was iron clad, she wasn’t going anywhere. Jessica told him she
some footage of her that she was going to release, would he
want her on that show after that? Spelling decided to compromise.

The tribesmen pumped their cocks even harder into Eliza, they both then
emptied their loads deep inside of her, Eliza stood up and tried to let
cum drip out of her, but they had put their cocks in to deep,
the last thing she needed was to have African babies.

Elvira opened her mouth wide and laid King Dong’s cock on her tongue,
Kathy ran over and knocked her out of the way. She got there just in time
to be sprayed with the giant load.

King Dong kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming, he completely covered
Kathy’s head with his thick, white sticky seed, Elvira ran over and
to scoop it into her hands and gobble it down.

Neve tried to join her, but her legs where so weak she couldn’t stand,
Elvira said it was the best fuck anybody had ever had, Neve wasn’t so
maybe there was someone as good.

The only thing they knew for sure was King Dong was coming to America.


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