Celebrity Truth Or Dare 2

          Celebrity Truth or Dare 2

          by Lowell Guerra
          ©March 15,2000

          The first text of tatyana ali except for the
     personal text I wrote about her.

     Britney Spears,Pink,Tatyana Ali,Johnathan Brandis,Christina
Aguilera,Brooke Nevin,Ananda Lewis and Alisa Reyes were all in
room talking to each other.
     "Brooke, I watch Animorphs sometimes and I think you’re
such a good actress on that show," Pink commented to Brooke Nevin.
     "Thanx, Pink," started Brooke. "I like that video you did.
I like how u showed all that cleavetch and got topless! You got
nice tits." Pink smiled and thanked her.
     "Britney, I like your implants. They look great!" Alyssa
said to the beautiful singer.
     "Thanks, Alyssa." Britney Spears said to Alyssa Milano.
"Yours look great too."
     "But yours are better than mine." Alyssa said. Britney blushed.

     "Let’s play truth or dare!" said Britney Spears. Everyone
     "Alyssa Milano, truth or dare?" Alyssa didn’t have to wait
a second to decide. She did pretty much in the movies already.
     "Dare!" she said.
     "Ok, Alyssa. I dare you to let me suck one of your tits."
     "No prob. I let Charlotte Lewis suck my titi. Britney Spears
sucking my tit won’t be a problem at all." Alyssa said as she
pulled her shirt over her head and removed her bra for one of the
top R&B singers to suck her titi. Britney Spears moved closer
and closer to the lesbian actress and then licked at her pink nipple.
Slowly she closed her mouth on her left implant and began to suck.
The rest of the celebrities watched quietly as these two implanted
chics were having their fun. Britney sucked more and more and harder
and harder sucking in as much as she could. Alyssa was softly moaning
to herself as she felt Britney Spears’ mouth on her nipple.
Britney squeezed Alyssa’s other breast and played with it. Finally
Britney took her mouth off of Alyssa’s breast. It was now Alyssa
Milano’s turn to pick. She looked around the other 8 people.
     "Tatyana Ali, truth or dare." Alyssa said in excitement.
     "Um, dare I guess." said Tatyana Ali.
     "I dare you to get on top of Johnathan Brandis and start
riding him." Alyssa formed a big smile on her face. Britney Spears
was eager to see the lovely pop singer ride one of the finest guys
in the movie-business. She always wanted to see Tatyana Ali’s
     "I don’t think I want to right now." said Tatyana Ali.
     "C’mon," encouraged Alyssa. "It’s not like you never done it
     "Actually," started Tatyana, "I haven’t."
     "What?!" said Christina Aguilera. "You were going out with
him for how many years and you never did it with him?!"
     "Well I let him touch me somtimes. Feel my tits. But no
real sex."
     "Well, Tatyana, this is a dare and now you gotta ride him."
said Alyssa. Tatyana Ali was wearing a brown dress showing
some cleavetch. Johnathan felt his cock harden thinking he would
finally have his cock inside this beautiful black girl’s cunt.
     "Pull down your pants Johnathan," said Britney Spears.
Britney felt her nipples harden as she watched his white body undress
at the bottom. Johanthan pulled off his blue jeans and then his
briefs. Tatyana Ali pulled down her white panties. All the girls
eyes widened as they saw Johnathan’s cock grow to ten whole inches.
Tatyana Ali smiled with satisfaction.
     "That’s why I love white guys so much. Huge cocks." Tatyana
said. She gently pushed Johnathan on the floor and postioned herself
on top of him with her cunt right above his cock. Then she slowly
sat on it letting it enter her tight beautiful black pussy. She
let out a moan of pleasure, then she began to ride him slowly.
     "Faster!" said Britney. The black celebrity went faster,faster
then faster. Tatyana Ali screamed Johnathan’s name a couple times.
Johnathan loved the feeling Tatyana Ali’s pussy was giving him.
Ananda Lewis was feeling all over her own breasts as she watched the
big dick go inside the black girl’s cunt. I wish that were me,
thought Ananda. Brooke Nevin was fingering herself enjoying the show.
Pink was squeezing her own nice tits.
     "Take off the dress, baby!" Britney Spears suggested.
Tatyana was feeling so good, she didn’t really care.
She took the suggestion and, still riding the huge white cock,
she removed her brown dress, and revealed a lot of cleavetch and
a white bra.
     "Take off the bra, sexy!" yelled Alyssa Milano. Tatyana Ali
did what she was told to reveal big beautiful black tits.
Now Alisa Reyes was feeling her tits and fingering herself
simultanesly. Alisa felt all over herslef.
Johnathan’s cock grew even harder. He loved the sight of
beautiful black tits.
He loved black tits. He lifted up his hands and massaged those
hooters. Tatyana Ali moaned louder and louder. Tatyana screamed out
Johnathan’s name really really loud one last time before Johnathan
came into her pussy. They were sweating quite a bit.
     It was now Tatyana Ali’s turn to pick.
     "Christina Aguilera truth or dare?" she asked.
     "Dare," Christina scooted her face in so she could hear
better. Tatyana took a while to think.
     "Umm…" started Tatyana.
Ananda thought she might help her out.
     "Dare her to suck on Britney’s tits!!!" she said aloud,
     "Ooooooo yeah!" everyone said in agreement.
     "I don’t wanna dare her that." said Tatyana.
     "Ah, c’mon, Tatyana. Dare her to suck on my tits."
encouraged Britney Spears.
     "OK, fine," she said. "Christina Aguilera, I dare you to suck
on Britney Spears’ nice tits."
     "OK." Britney arched as Christina took her nipple into her
mouth and began to suck, sucking as hard as she could on the
gorgeous girl’s titi while she moaned through her closed lips.
Britney was moaning as she played with the blonde’s hair. Then,
unexpectedly, Christina moved quickly to Britney’s face and
stuck her tongue in Britney’s mouth and french kissed Britney.
Then Britney kissed back while she wrapped her arms around
Christina. After that was done Christina had to pick someone.
     "Brooke Nevin, truth or dare." asked Christina.
     "Truth," replied Brooke. Christina was dissapointed she
didn’t pick dare.
     "Would you even show cleavetch on camera?"
     "Nope. My breasts are two small." Brooke looked around and
found a pretty looking pillow in the bed in the room they were in.
     "Alisa Reyes," truth or dare. Alisa was having fun watching
all these dares, she thought she might have more fun doing them.
     "Dare!" she said. Please be good, she thought.
     "I dare you to go fuck that pillow right there." A big smile
formed on Alisa’s face. I like that dare! she said to herself.
     "Sure, I fuck my pillow all the time."
     ‘No way! I do too!’ Pink said to herself. Alisa happily took
the pillow and wrapped her arms around it. Then she looked at it.
     "Hello pillow. How are you, you little cutie? You want my
pussy? Yes you want my pussy, don’t you? Yes I think you want
my pussy." The actress was pleased to do an acting scene in front
of her friends. Alisa rushed out of her clothes, eager to put on
this show for her friends.
     She spread her legs and put the pillow in
between them. Pink looked at Alisa and the pillow with more
attention, to see if she really does her pillow like she does.
Alisa Reyes lied her sexy body down as she began to hump the pillow
working her pussy speed by the time. Pink was turned on by the
view of the girl from ALL THAT and One World screwing the pillow.
Her nipples became erect and her pussy became hot and wet.
     "Pillow, pillow! Oh, Pillow!" Alisa screamed as she felt
herself orgasm on the pillow. Alisa placed it back on the bed
as Pink stared into the HUGE cum stain she left on it.
     "Did you enjoy it?" Brooke asked smiling.
     "Hell yeah!" replied Alisa. Now it was Alisa’s turn.
"Britney Spears, truth or dare?" Alisa asked.
"Dare!" Britney loved to take on dares.
"Britney, I dare you to suck on Johnathan’s cock."
"yes, Alisa," she said as she went over to Johnathan and
took his cock in her mouth. First she began to lick all over it.
Tatyana Ali felt jealous thinking her ex would like the white
celebrity girl’s mouth on his dick. Britney kept licking
slowly while a few of the girls were masturbating. Suddenly, Britney
took the cock and put her whole mouth over it. Just then
Tatyana Ali could feel her nipples harden. Britney kept sucking
it and sucking it, as if her her life was being depended on
her doing a good job. Then Britney took one last hard suck, and
swallowed all of his juices into her mouth. Everyone saw
Britney Spears’ lips were wet right before she licked them.
"Johnathan, truth or dare?" Britney asked.
"Dare." Britney knew what to dare him, after she saw the
jealous look on Tatyana’s face.
"I dare you to poor milk on Tatyana Ali’s tits and suck
on them."
"Sure," Johnathan said as he walked over to get milk from
the refrigerator. Tatyana tried to hide the smile upon her face.
"Don’t get too happy, girl." Ananda said to Tatyana.
Johnathan was back and as soon as he came in he poored milk all over
his ex-girlfriend’s tits, as she gasped while she felt the
goosebumps form from the cold. He happily took one black breast
in his mouth and sucked. Then he licked all over it, licking the
milk off her breast. Then he licked the milk off the other one.
He took one and sucked on it hard. He sucked on it as hard as he
could. Tatyana tossed her head back in pleasure as she quietly
moaned. When Johnathan Brandis was finished, Johnathan had
had to pick.
"hmmmm…" he started. "Pink, dare or truth." Britney
"It’s truth or dare." she corrected.
"Yeah, same difference. Anyway I was kinda tired of
hearing truth or dare."
"Dare," Pink said.
"OK, I dare you to let Tatyana Ali suck on ur titi."
"Well, that’s up to her." Everyone’s eyes went over to the
girl formerly known as Ashley.
"OK," she said as she scooted in front of Pink. Pink
pulled her shirt over her head revealing lush breasts. she
wasn’t wearing a bra. Tatyana moved her head closer to Pink’s breast
and then licked her nipple. She began licking her nipple in
circles, over and over, Then she finally slightly bit her nipple.
Pink felt her nipples get hard as hell while she felt her pussy
get hot and wet. Tatyana took her whole breast and sucked it.
She sucked it, taking all she could take into her mouth.
Britney Spears, got behind Pink, and fingered her. Pink didn’t
notice it. Tatyana Ali moved her mouth to her other breast and
did the same with that one. She sucked longer this time. But
as soon as she finally stopped, Pink felt herself cum. Britney
licked her fingers off while Christina looked at Britney like
she wanted to fuck her. Pink could’ve sworn it was her own
fingers that were giving her horny, hungry pussy pleasure.
Britney raised her fingers to Pink’s face as Pink happily
licked and sucked off her own cum off Britney’s fingers.
It was all done and there was one last person left to t or d.
     "Ananda Lewis, what will it be?"
     "Give me a dare!" she said.
     "I dare you to suck Tatyana Ali’s tits and make out with her.
Ananda Lewis squeezed Tatyana Ali’s tits and stuck her tongue in
her sexy mouth. Johnathan’s eyes were pleased, watching too sexy
black celebrities get it on. Tatyana massaged Ananda’s tongue
with hers as Ananda felt on her ass. Then Ananda licked Tatyana’s
neck down while Tatyana arched for her. Then Ananda licked her
breast down to her nipple and sucked on it. She kept sucking on it.
Her nipples were so hard now and it felt so good to Tatyana Ali.
She pulled her hair a little bit as she felt her tonuge on her tits.
Ananda then kissed her again, and as soon as she did Alyssa Milano
cupped her tits inbetween them, feeling Ananda’s tits on her palm
and Tatyana Ali’s tits on the other side of her hand. Alyssa
kept massaging and feeling all over Ananda’s tits while she
also felt Tatyana. While she did that, she licked up and down on
Ananda’s back.
     "Hey guys, I’m gettin’ kind of sleepy." Britney said as stood
up. I think we should go now."
     "Me too," said Alisa Reyes.

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