Celebrity Whores Part 1

Celebrity Whores Part 1

Rachael Ray, Giada Di Laurentiis, Chely Wright, Angelina Jolie, Lila McCann

Written By: Spyder

Codes: Anal, Toys, Veggies, cons

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and is intended for adults only. The responsibility of reading further lies on your shoulders. Do so at own risk.

The city is quiet, the police continue to protect the people and the houses that are empty have been condemned. In the central area of two newly built homes are about to be taken over by two men who are will re-open whore houses
for the populous who wish to partake in the activities of the new homes. The homes are on the same street, across from one another and some wonder if they will be kept as beautiful as they look. The owners are Gary, who prefers to be called Jedimaster and an unknown called Spyder. The new homes have been a steady bit of activity as the owners outfit the buildings with the necessary furniture and office supplies needed to run such a venture.

On the south side of the street, Gary is awaiting the first interviewee for the jobs that are regular in this type of situation. Both men need to hire cooks and maids to help operate the homes, so the hookers can be fed and showed around to the various rooms. The maid must be also a willing participant in the day-to-day needs of the various celebs that will be involved with pleasuring the people who will pay money to be sexually kept. A bell rings, signaling the lady who he has selected to be the chef of the house. And on cue, Rachael Ray is about to enter a realm of her work she has not felt.

Rachael looks over the living room as Gary tells her to be seated. She is interested as to why her services are needed and ho much she will be paid to leave her television ventures. Gary looks the hot young lady over, sees she has what his heart desires in a woman to run the kitchen and even have the occasional sexual happiness with who ever wants to.

“Why am I asked to this place.”? She asks.

“You are here to hopefully be hired as a chef in this new whore house that I am running.” Responds Gary.

Rachael is enthralled by what is being asked without a word of what her pay is. Gary smiles as he informs her that she will need to leave her current job and husband, as this is a full time situation. He also says that she will have to give of herself like never before. Rachael smiles sweetly, realizes that her body is what is to be looked at more than she has to endure in the past and begins to remove her clothes. Gary licks his lips as the young sexy chef is revealing her body, first her shirt and bra comes off, followed by her shoes, jeans and thing. Gary smiles as his stick straightens out at the hot looking woman before him struts towards his easy chair. Rachael is interested in the new job, only if she finds out how her new boss tastes. Slowly she runs her fingers over the shaft, kissing the head as she slowly leaves lingering kisses all over his long trick cock. My your big, she purrs, and then sucks slowly as the Jedimaster moans with every touch of her sweet lips. Picking up a cordless phone, Gary rubs her ass with it as she has swallowed his load.

While he lays her on her back to eat pussy, the bell rings once more, as he knows that the star that will be his maid for the first few weeks has arrived. Angelina Jolie strolls in and sees that her possible new boss has a tongue inside the lady she has wanted to devour for months. Angelina undresses for the interview, as she wants to leave the Tennis world behind for something new. She lies on the floor next to Rachael as Gary works like a gopher going from hole to hole, eating pussy fast and ferociously. Both women have exploded on the floor as Gary starts to as fuck Rachael with Angelina underneath waiting to catch the cum that her new boss shoots. With both asses pointing upward, Gary drives both women in the ass, back and forth, in and out until his load covers the back of one of them. Finally he fucks the women one at a time, leaving a lasting impression with each and then their final injection to the proceedings are that of a ride. Rachael mounts his face and Angelina slides on his cock as the interview is almost at and end. The snap of a condom is heard as Angelina yanks it from his dick and both lick the drops from it as he tells them they are hired.

Downstairs, a noise emanates from the front hallway; they wonder who had entered the house before the Grand Opening as Lila McCann bounds into the living room to join the three involved with the preliminary sexual happenings. Lila tells them that even though she has a date to arrive, she could not wait and had to have first crack at the men that may arrive, even the stars of Hollywood. Now fully nude, Lila kisses Rachael, Angelina and Gary, while stroking his cock and finger fucking the two horny ladies that are members of the household staff. Angelina purrs as Lila eats pussy and licks her lips as the country singer gives head to Gary. Moans fill the house as Lila rides the master of the house as soon Rachael and Angelina eat each other wildly. Rachael had brought a dildo in her purse as she shoves it deep inside Gary’s ass. He smile sand tells the ladies that he needs to have a few moments alone with the first of the ladies that make up the hooker part of the arrangement. Lila takes his oozing dick and sucks it fast and furious one more time as the two women watch in amazement at the younger ladies style of giving a blowjob.

The two leave Lila and Gary alone to continue the interview and whatever he needs to tell her. By this time J.M.G has pounded his way into Lila’s ass and continues to ass fuck her all afternoon. He reaches out and grabs the dildo, punching it into Lila while he fucks her pussy; Gary makes her orgasm over and over again. Lila winces as she has been banged harder than ever before, then Gary tells her that she will get 85% of the money paid for sexually fulfilling the dreams of the men and women of Los Angeles and Hollywood. Lila smiles and wonders about the maid situation, which Gary says that the job is hers after three weeks, because Angelina wants to provide sex to more than the master of the house. Lila agrees to wait and pulls her mini skirt and denim shirt on before retiring to her room for the next three weeks.

Meanwhile…across the street at the second house, Spyder looks for his interviewees to arrive. His letters went to chef Giada Di Laurentiis and singer Chely Wright for the maid and chef positions. Both arrive at separate times, to Spyder’s dismay and he interviews Giada first. He looks her over and licks his lips at the thought of having this hot lady for a chef and sometime lover.

Giada asks: “What are my duties for this venture?”

“You will be chef to the stars that are to be my hookers and not only that you will be my lover once in awhile.” answers Spyder.

Giada smiles, moves to the couch and slowly rubs her fingers over the woody buries in the jeans that Spyder wears. He in turn slips his hand under her dress, lifting it higher as he looks for her pussy. He wonders, as he gets closer if she shaves or prefers a hairy cunt. Giada gurgles and purrs as she unzips the jeans and pulls them to the floor. She licks her soft sensuous lips as she knows that she is about to partake in some sex, a happy moment after her divorce from her unfeeling husband, who frequently would fuck other neighbors wives.

Again the chef purrs wildly as she kisses her way up Spyder’s athletic thighs to his hard dick. She licks the balls, takes them one at a time in her mouth and sucks on them. Spyder places his hands on the back of her head as she slowly deep throats her new lovers thick cock. Standing up as she blows him, Spyder face fucks the Italian sweetheart until the first load of cum fills the back of her throat. Exiting her mouth, Spyder yanks her skirt down to reveal see through white panties and the furriest pussy ever saw. She is wondering if she needs to shave some hair off her box, but Spyder whispers in her ear that she should leave it alone for now. Giada bends over to allow the thick cock of her new boss inside her hot love cavern. In and out he jams her, while she backs toward his every thrust. She screams in ecstasy as Chely walks into the passion and heat of the afternoon.

Spyder introduces the two who make up his staff and watch a Chely strips out of her clothes for she knows that the evening interview does not include many words. Miss Wright leads Giada to the couch, which in turn leads Spyder beside her. The two sit side by side as Chely gives head to her lover and eats pussy of the chef she has wonted to devour for so long. Chely applies her smallish fist inside the ladies hot mound as Spyder levels her ass in front so that he can ass fuck the hot country babe. Moans of pleasure fill the room, Giada begs off knowing that Chely came in late and needs her fill of love juice from the thick stick that penetrates her ass. Country music’s hot singer drains the strength and cum from her lover as she wonders what her duties are and the money she may receive for said duties. Spyder turns her on her back, lifts her lower body up and drives forward into her twat. She squeals in delight as load after load fills her mostly shaven pussy. Giada returns to the room, licks the dripping, throbbing cock of her new boss and also the pussy of her new friend.

With the sex out of the way for now, Spyder tells Giada that she will get a regular salary for her culinary services and a 85% of any money she makes as a hooker if she desires to go all the way while here. Chely gets the same pay breakdown, but she has the right to refuse sex from other men and stick only with him, as she is his personal maid when the sexual nights have ended. Chely wants to have no relations with other men, but will take on other women and as for Giada she will decide when the time comes. All three get dressed and prepare the house for the interviews of other stars that will live as hookers in between their gigs.

To be continued…

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