Celebrity Whores Part 2

Celebrity Whores Part 2

Lila McCann, Angelina Jolie, Kelly Ripa, Chely Wright, Giada Di Laurentiis Jennifer Love Hewitt & Sheena Easton

Written By: Spyder

Codes: MMM+F, FF, Anal, Cons, Rape, Toys, Bond, Fruit and Veggies

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and is intended for adult readers. The responsibility to continue to read lies on your shoulders. Do so at own risk.

Business is booming at the two whorehouses in town, Spyder and Jedi are pleased with the first few weeks of pleasure given to men and women alike. Jedi
is seriously thinking about giving a new title to Lila McCann, but is giving her an opportunity to please a group of stars or men at one time. Angelina is growing tired of being his maid and clambers for hot sexual action. At Spyder’s house, Chely is pleased with her off stage work and Giada enjoys having his cock enter her while she cooks.

Gary prepares to introduce a new woman to the celebs that sell their bodies for sex. The night before he gave Kelly the tour showed her the room she will be fucked in and interviewed her hot body while breaking in her four-poster bed. Spyder accomplished the same with singer Sheena Easton, who has signed on or a short period of time.

That evening the group that is scheduled to be with Lila arriving, she takes them to the larger room that is reserved for more than her private haven she gets sexual in. Angelina has been given the night off from being a maid and is steadily giving head to the new gardener hired for yard work once a week.

Lila leads the five male lovers into the suite, watches as they make themselves at home and then is shocked as one runs toward her. She attempts to get away, as she recalls the last time a group of men came this close to her. Jim takes hold of her arm, pulls her closer and tears her pink shirt from her sexy form as the buttons pop quickly. She screams as Bob, joins in and thrusts his fingers under her skirt, feeling the digits puncture her pussy in a way she has never felt. Roger, who is the tallest throws her now naked form on the floor, bruising her ankles as he grabs her while driving his fist in her stomach. Howling in pain, Lila squirms as Rick begins to ass fuck her hard and makes her cringe as blood oozes out of her now aching cunt, where Jim applied force with his fingers. As her ass is getting worked over, Frank slaps her hard, again bringing blood, this time from her nose and lips.

Bloody and bruised, Lila has to accept the situation, as she has now become a whore. Jim has taken over, as he drives his cock into her pussy with a force not even she has felt. Each of the men takes turns pounding her ass and pussy. Lila screams as the men insist that she blow two at a time. With her mouth feeling two dicks at a time, the one who have not been given head, plunge into her ass and twat. Roger wants her on top, as his dick enters her hole, Jim and Frank attempt to fuck her at the same time as both dicks enter and stretch her pussy wider than she would like it. Rick and Bob are blown as they wait until each is rotated. Lila again hopes for help as she screams. The next thing is the men find a dust mop, using the end of it they take turns ramming it in her aching, bloody pussy.

Seeming longer than an hour, Lila hopes it is over as all five have stopped raping and gang banging her, but alas they want one final time with her. Not realizing it is soundproofing in ever room, Lila screams louder as the men fuck her hard one time, but is interrupted as Gary breaks in and asks for their money and tells them to never return to this or the house across the way. They have been placed on the banned list for harming an occupant of this establishment. Gary comforts Lila as the five men leave the money and sign a waver to never return. One insists that the police will hear about this house and it will be shut down. Jedi retorts that they will have to admit to rape if the story of how they got banned ever happens, besides the waver includes a clause that prohibits any stories leaking to the police, the press or any newspaper or entertainment rag. Before she can get cleaned up and recover, Gary tells her to move downstairs to the maid’s quarters, Angelina is to be in her place from now on. Lila weakly kisses her friend and boss as he leaves her to wash up and relax the rest of the evening.

Meanwhile… at the house of Spyder…Chely is finalizing the maid’s quarters for her tryst with Giada. Spyder has welcomed to new ladies to the home and accordingly placed his love gun in their pussies.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has agreed to a few days as the same can be said for Sheena Easton. Instead of Supplying men to the new recruits, Spyder agrees to allow them the pleasure of having each other, so he has placed many toys and items of sexual joy for them. Jenn slowly removes her new lover’s clothing as she kisses her lips. Sheena does the same as the pleasant scent of perfume rises in the air. Jenn kisses her way to the erect nipples of the British singer, as Sheena lifts a dildo from the table nearby. Love sees the long thick love toy and grabs for a banana. At first she slides it in her pussy unpeeled and as she wonders what it would be like without the peel, she removes some of the skin and slowly works it into Sheena’s cunt.

OOOH that feels so fine, as Love takes it from her pussy and takes a bite from the fruit. At the other end, Sheena has replaced the dildo with strawberries and chocolate. She dribbles the sauce over the pussy and places a berry strategically in her now covered passion mound. Eating and licking, the lovely singer makes her friend climax with the feel of chocolate on her box and a strawberry being extracted by her tongue. Sheena gets off the bed, finds some straps and ties the sexy actress to the posts. She dons a mask and slowly teases Jenn with a whip. Not wanting to hurt her new lover, Sheena hears her ask to be whipped harder. She rears back the leather aid and strikes the thighs of the younger woman stretched out on the bed. Repeating the movement, Sheena lowers her head and licks the places the whip has hit and then eats pussy as she uses the end inside the hairy twat.

Shortly afterward, Jenn is let up and Sheena requests the same treatment, but Jenn pours the warm chocolate on her friends nipples, navel and pussy after tying her much the same way. Sheena climaxes many times as the moments of pleasure mount, but in the maid’s room Giada and Chely have been atop one another as tongues lick pussy and lips kiss lips.

Both rooms quiet as the women fall asleep in each others arms, Spyder wants to take Sheena to his room soon as her ass looks inviting, as for Jenn he hopes to give her another job title very soon as he can never have too many employees around that work inside from day to day.

To be continued…

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