Celebrity Whores Part 3

Celebrity Whores Part 3

Lila McCann, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nancy O’Dell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sheena Easton, Amy Grant, Mariah Carey & Vince Gill

Written By: Spyder

Codes: Oral, Anal, Cons, Lesbian,

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is intended for adults only. The responsibility to continue to read lies solely on the reader’s shoulders. Continue at own discretion.

The day after her horrific treatment by the five men who hurt her in numerous ways, Lila wonders what Gary will have in mind for her the rest of her contract
to the house. Her wondering is over as Gary walks in as she strokes her sore pussy and licks her juices from her fingers.

“Lila, after your really horrendous evening last night I have decided that you will only take on lovers when you are up to it. As of this day you are solely my maid and will take care of household needs and in the kitchen with Rachael. Angelina, when she isn’t on a movie shoot will assume your lovers on a day-to-day basis. For now while she is on a movie set, I have secured Sarah Michelle Gellar to assume those lovers.” Announces a much more happier Jedimaster.

With that Gary brings in the newest recruit and asks Lila to take care of showing her the room she will be fucking in. Lila still very much naked, walks the lovely actress to her room and on the way feels her ass begin squeezed by the newest celeb to swell the ranks in the house.

At the den, Spyder has summoned Love to the office and welcomes her with a passionate kiss. She reciprocates with a gentle grope of his throbbing dick.

Jenn asks; “Why have you called me here? Am I being relieved of my duties? Have I not pleased my only lover this far.”

As Spyder begins to answer, Sheena Easton walks in and also wonders why she is to be called to the floor.

“Now that I have the two of you here, I am pleased to say that you will be part of my daily staff. Sheena how would you like to perform now and then?”

Sheena replies; “I like the idea and would like to add stripper into the shows.”

Spyder nods his head to the idea and smiles as he gently squeezes her nipples. Then he tells Jenn that she will be house mother to the ladies, as they will need someone to talk to after the day is done, someone that knows the needs of a female.”

Love likes the idea kisses both Sheena and Spyder while wanting to have him fuck them both soon. Being that this is not a day to relax, the sex is not accepted because the next recruits are about to enter the house. The bell signifies the arrival of Amy Grant and Mariah Carey. Both ladies walk into the huge office, while Jenn and Sheena leave after introductions.

Amy and Mariah undress each other for they now that Spyder needs to inspect their nude bodies. Taking hold of Amy by her hand, Spyder kisses her and sees that she is trim and sexy with a slight patch of hair covering her mound of hot pink. As for Mariah, she seems to only trim the edges of her pussy, due to the thickness of her pie. Kneeling down before the boss, Mariah licks his solid dick and gives him head, while Amy slides in between Miss Carey’s thighs to eat pussy. Having hear Mariah climax, Spyder tells the ladies to have Jenn show them to their rooms for business will soon be open for the day.

Back at the house of Gary, Gary has briefed Nancy O’Dell as to what she will be involved in and to calm her nerves he drove his cock into her pussy. She moans as the large member pounds her slightly tight cunt. Rachael and Lila watch from the closed circuit room as the man that they both need bad fucks the gorgeous blonde. While they watch things get somewhat heated as Lila has begun to tongue fuck Sarah’s twat. Lila giggles as Sarah’s hair pie tickles her lips and tongue. In and out she pushes her tongue and finally begs Sarah to eat her way to happiness. Not having to many experiences like this, Sarah proceeds slowly as Lila urges her to lick gently and finger hard. Sarah is getting into the action, as on the TV, Gary takes Nancy to meet her first lover.

In the room frilled with pink and blue, Vince Gill is waiting; he hopes he has come to the right house his wife has signed on to. It has been so long since he has fucked Amy, that he lost the street number and surmised that this is the house to find her. Vince waits on the bed, stroking his cock as he wonders why Amy would turn to being a whore. Nancy walks through the door, shows some surprise to see Vince lying on the bed with his hand yanking at his long dong. Smiling she lies between his legs takes hold of his throbbing cock and begins to pleasure him. Wild passion fills the room as Vince has his first blowjob in three months, knowing that the tours that he and Amy go on leave them needing a lover now and then.

Watching with more intent, Lila and Sarah kiss one another as Gary walks into the room to join them. They ask him if Vince realizes that Amy is not part of this house, but a resent addition to the house of Spyder. Jedi says he isn’t sure, but looks like Vince doesn’t really care as long s his appetite for sexy women is filled.

Once his cock has unloaded in Nancy’s mouth he eats her pussy, while sliding his digits inside her tight ass. His thoughts are that she has never had a man ass fuck her before and wonders if he should fill this part of his fantasy. Once she has cum, Vince drives her hard with his eleven-inch dick, she moans wildly as his full size reaches her g-spot. Pounding her every time she meet one his thrusts, Nancy decides to go all the way and have him ass fuck her. Pulling out, Vince turns her over and drives her twat one more time, hearing a scream he lets up a little while he prepares her hole with his fingers, probing her ass until he believes her to be ready.

Lila and Sarah have taken turns giving head to Gary. In fact he has shot loads in their mouths so often he asks himself if he can fuck both of them. Gary lines them up, with asses pointing skyward and like a gopher going from hole to hole ass fucks both of them as he watches Vince exit Nancy’s pussy to ass fuck her. She yells as Vince has put half his dick in her ass, Vince pulls back and drives a little more as the lovely blonde feels her tight ass widen. Before he can re-enter he still tight hole, she pulls out a measuring tape from the drawer and out of curiosity measures the thickness of his cock. She smiles as she sees eleven inches long and five inches thick and then remembers that her husband pales in size to Vince’s.

Once more he drives her ass and this time has all of it in as he fucks her until he is ready to explode one more time. He pulls out for good and watches as Nancy drains the sticky goo from his cock by sucking hard. Up in the room where they were sort of watching, Gary and the two ladies have passed out on the bed from their activities of the afternoon.

Amy is waiting her first trick as; Mariah has taken to eating in the kitchen. Giada is only in a skirt with no panties as Mariah kneels down to eat another hot twat.

To be continued…

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