Celebrity Whores Part 4

Celebrity Whores Part 4

Giada Di Laurentiis, Amy Grant, Mariah Carey, Lila McCann, Rachael Ray, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride & Lee Majors

Written By: Spyder

Codes: Oral, Anal, food, Lesbian, MMF,

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only. The responsibility to continue reading lies on your shoulders if underage. Do so at own risk.

Mariah, after having her sexual awakening with Amy Grant has made her way into the kitchen and sees the sexy firm ass of Giada, the household chef. Quietly
moving behind the spicy Italian chef, Mariah kneels behind her, lifts the short skirt and licks her way up the thighs and cheeks of the hot lady. Giada moans lightly and feels a tongue and some fingers enter her unshaven pussy. Mariah jabs the hot cunt with her tongue as she finger fucks the tight hole in front of her eyes. More moaning occurs as Giada masterfully squeezes her large boobs. Finally succumbing to the feminine wiles of Mariah, the chef takes her hand, licks each finger slowly and raises the singer onto the counter.

Once Mariah is lying on the marble surface, Giada pours some hot melted caramel sauce over her tits and licks the sticky goo off of them. Cooing wildly, Mariah enjoys this new experience so eagerly and doesn’t want it to end soon. Giada then adds a little more to the excitement by placing some sliced strawberries to the caramel and then whipped cream to complete the dessert. Slowly she eats the mix from the breasts of her hot lover and then starts the process all over, but this time she builds the dessert on Mariah’s almost shaven pussy. Eating the mix, Giada is pleased to hear some lengthy moans emanating from the singers mouth. Once the dessert has been eaten from Miss Carey’s cunt, Giada continues to eat pussy, jamming her tongue inside and reaching to massage her still sticky tits.

Meanwhile…not having the chance to welcome the new ladies from the last time, Spyder calls Amy to his room. She walks in almost naked and smiles as she wonders why she is here. Spyder moves closer to the singer, removes the only clothing she has on and kisses her fully, first on the lips and then on each nipple. Amy moans as she now has her answer and resolves to give her new boss head. Sliding sown to the floor, Amy kneels before the only male living in this situation and licks his balls and shaft. Stroking it every inch of the way, Amy finally takes it all deep in her mouth. Back and forth she gives Spyder head and gags as the back of her throat is touched over and over again. Once she swallows a load or two, Spyder lifts her to her feet, bends her over and eats her pussy from behind. With his cock so hard, he can’t wait; time is not wasted as her tight ass is drilled with the eleven-inch dick. Amy yells a little, asks to give it harder and holds in a scream as Spyder drives her ass many times that morning. Finally shooting his load in her butt, Spyder watches as Amy walks out of the room, knowing that she will be there to fuck many more times.

Across at the house of the Jedimaster, Gary welcomes Martina McBride to the mix, having invited her only two hours earlier. He also waits as Dolly Parton has also agreed to be one of his hookers. Martina has been told ahead of time what the initiation is and lowers her panties for Jedi to eat her out. Having an unshaven twat, Martina hopes this isn’t against house rules and watches as Gary takes his cock and fucks her first. Having just banged the ass of Lila, Gary’s dick is still hard enough to ram the lovely blue-eyed singer. Exiting the lady, Gary waits for her to give head, but watches as she walks to the living room and takes actor Lee Majors to her love nest.

Dolly has arrived and follows her friend to the room and joins in on the sex. Seeing her huge tits, the former Six Million Dollar Man wants to tit fuck her and then have both women blow him. Dolly kneels in front of him, places her heaving breasts on either side and watches as she gets her boobs long-dicked. Lee almost cums, but is surprised as Dolly and Martina takes turns giving him the blowjob of a lifetime. Now he has his cock drained and lies on the bed as Martina sits on his face, while Dolly rides him.

Back in Gary’s room, Lila slides beside him as they watch Lee getting a two-woman joy ride. Lila strokes his already cum soaked cock and moves to where she can ride him, much the way Dolly is straddling Lee. In both rooms the men are enjoying some hot sex, hotter than expected. Dolly switches spots with Martina, who lowers her dripping twat over Lee’s stiff rod.

In the kitchen, Rachael masturbates as the newly added closed circuit system flickers with live sex. She winces as she watches the tightness of Martina’s twat take on Lee’s cock and is not so surprised that Lila is so ready to please the boss. She leaves the kitchen to find the bedroom where Lila has Gary. Walking in, Rachael moves to where the two lie, after Lila has taken a load inside. She eats pussy and sucks cock as the two accept her wonton lust.

In the love nest where Lee has had the sex of his life, he gathers his clothes while watching as Dolly has her way with Martina. After dropping 5 grand on the table, Lee leaves the house. Gary, Lila and Rachael applaud the generous amount left by the star and also leave the room they are in.

To be continued…

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