Celebrity Whores Part 5

Celebrity Whores Part 5

Lila McCann, Hulk Hogan, Paul Levesque(Triple-H), John Cena, Vince Gill, Tim McGraw, John Travolta, Jessica Andrews, Sandra Bullock & Carrie Underwood

Written by: Spyder

Codes: viol, anal, oral, lesbian, toys, cons, FM+, F+, fruit and chocolate, whipped cream, toys

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and is intended for adults only. To continue reading is solely on your shoulders, do so at own risk.

The house of Jedi is a quiet one this day, not many celebrities are running around the huge mansion as
Gary has already signed the rooms to groups of three. Today he has one major problem as he has given the other ladies the afternoon off and only Lila is still lurking inside the place.

Having heard his page to the office, Lila enters and asks what is up?

Gary replies by saying the other ladies are on a well-deserved day off and all three special rooms are filled with celebs waiting to be pleasured. Lila being an anxious worker, listens as he tells the story and asks her to take on all three rooms all her own. A little leery of what happened before Lila starts to back off, but is calmed when Gary says he will stop all proceedings if she finds the going somewhat rough. In the end our little country superstar agrees as Gary then tells her to walk into each room as she wants to and hopefully it won’t hurt as much. Lila nods her head, walks out the door and heads for the first room she has chosen.

Wearing only a see through bikini, Lila is greeted by whistles from the wrestlers she encounters in the first room.

“Hey brothers, we have country singer Lila McCann as our lover today.” Says and enthusiastic Hulkster.

Triple H then chimes in; “This should be an interesting few hours here, men.”

“Hmmm, I see she has the cutest ass in the country.” Adds a smiling John Cena.

The Hulkster moves ever so closely to the young hottie and rips her bikini top off while doing the same to her bottoms. The straps give way and the pieces are thrown to the side of a near by chair. Placing two fingers inside her cunt, the Hulk grabs her shoulders as if to body slam her and to her surprise does just that, body slams her on the large bed. Lila bounces some as the men strip before her, she watches as Hogan licks his fingers after they had been in her pussy before the slam on the bed. Being the first to get naked, Triple H lies between her thighs and kisses the inner area leading to her pussy. He licks her thighs and cunt as Lila reaches to stroke Hogan’s dick, Cena is on the other side of the room having his cock fondles and squeezed as Lila wants to give them head together. Hunter sets her up, as she leans to lick one dick and then the other, finally giving blowjobs to two cocks, while Hunter eats pussy. Mild moans fill the room as Cena and Hogan have their dicks inside Lila’s mouth at the same time. Both feel a tingle as their pricks touch while in the singer’s mouth. Over the next few minutes the three take turns eating her pussy while having their cocks sucked.

Finally Hogan has had enough of the soft nature of the afternoon and begins to slap Lila’s heaving breasts. Hunter has taken to using a whip on her tight ass and Cena grabs her hair as he face fucks her. One by one they gain pleasure by punching, slapping and whipping the sex-starved woman. Suddenly Hunter gets the idea to have her three ways, he sits under her ass and drives his dick in her hole, while Hogan penetrates her cunt with his long hard manhood, leaving John to continue to face fuck her. Hearing her yelp once in awhile, the three wrestling super studs, take a turn in each of her love holes, creating tears from her eyes as she feels pain from her ass and pussy. Seeing a rope, Hunter ties her to the bed, only leaving her hands free. All three enter her box and pound her until her tears are soaking the pillow. Gary is watching and hurries to the room, but is waved off, as Lila has to complete the routine and go to the next room, which she hopes re much more gentle. Hogan grabs some hair, forcing his cock in her mouth, he demands one more blowjob before the time is over. Lila gets him and the others to cum over and over as she wants to bite on what ever is close to her mouth, but finally it is over as the three slam 5 grand each on her table, get dressed and leave. Lila leaves the cash to Gary for pickup and heads to the next room.

In that room, Lila is surprised to see Vince Gill has returned, as he still believes that his wife Amy is a part of this house. Seeing Lila, Vince is shocked that his one time lover from a few years back is a part of this as well. They exchange pleasantries as Lila sees Tim and John already naked and waiting for her to please them. Vince kisses her and asks if she has seen Amy here. Lila grabs his cock and says that she maybe part of the Spyder’s den across the street. Vince nods, smiles and says okay boys lets have her hot body. Lila lines each up and slowly gives head to the stars, each say they don’t have much time and want to get inside her now. She bends in front of them and one by one, they ass fuck the lady, who has had a sort of gang bang from wrestlers and wants to end the sex soon. While each of them drive her ass, Lila wonders if there are more than three men in the last room, because her body can’t endure much more dick action. She asks Vince to stand near her mouth as she squats down on John’s cock, while asking Tim to enter her hot sore cunt. An hour passes as the three stars have fucked the lovely lady and decide to leave her to rest. Again money is placed on the night table and the men leave.

Lila, who is by now feeling the effects of being the only whore in the house, hopes this last one will be a quickie for she needs to shower and rest before dinner. Entering the bedroom at the middle of the hall, she is happy to see women waiting on the bed, fondling one another while waiting for whoever the lady or ladies of the afternoon might be. Jessica is on top of Sandra eating pussy, while Carrie sits on her own masturbating. Lila strolls to the bed, kisses the ladies and says that she will be right back. Ten minutes later she returns with wine, cheese, strawberries and melted chocolate.

Pouring each a glass of wine, she fills the last one for herself. They sip the beverage, as Lila pours melted chocolate on each of the ladies bodies once she has gotten them to lie down. After this has been done, she sprays some whipped topping on top and then slowly licks her way to the pussies of the three honies. Moaning fills the room as Lila is eating pussy and strawberries at the same time. Once they have cum, Lila is placed on her back, as wine is poured over her nipples, navel and pussy. Each take their time lapping up the wine as they get Lila to climax. Sandra places a berry in the pussy and nibbles at it, while Carrie squats over her face, while Jessica sucks Sandra’s tits as she straightens up now and then.

Finally a weird three way dildo is brought out and each place the end they are near in their cunts, fucking the rubber implement until all cum multiple times. The end happens when Jessica is asked to talk with Gary, who interviews her for a job in the house, which she will think over for a few days first. Again money is dropped on the table as Lila wonders what her take in all this will be, having 45 grand gained through her efforts. Gary thinks not to long and leaves 40 grand for Lila and tells her that she earned it with the rough start to the day and he hope she won’t need to do that again.

To be continued…

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