Celebrity Whores Part 6

Celebrity Whores Part 6

Lila McCann, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Vince Gill, Bonnie Tyler & Vince McMahon
Amy Grant, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brad Pitt, Chely Wright, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Written by: Spyder

Codes: MFFF, Anal, Oral, Cons,

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and is intended for adult readers. Should you continue the responsibility to do so lies on your shoulders. Do so at your own risk.

The house of the Jedi is hoping after the Rape of one of the hottest girls to find her calling.
Yes, Lila was raped by a few strong men and even though she never pressed charges is awaiting a gentler lover than the last time. Vince Gill keeps the dummy routine going as he insists that his wife Amy is being well fucked at this house of ill repute.

Meanwhile across at the den of the Spyder, Amy is preparing to have the man of the house ravage her still burning box. Skulking about the house as she waits for Chely to end her night with the boss, she sees Vince strolling into the house across the street. She knows that he is confused as to where she gets her sex and is happy he is still thinking of her in that house.

Chely lies atop her lover, smiling as he fucks her while she kisses his lips. Amy peeks into the keyhole, but is slowly steered to another room by former wrestler Steve Austin. He gropes her tight ass, as he says that she has the best ass he has ever seen. She smiles, gurgles approval and then lowers his pants as she squeezes his cock in preparation to suck him long and hard. Brad Pitt and The Rock have steered Jenn to the other open room to give her a little three-way action. Both gently remove Jenn’s clothes and lay her on the carpeted floor. Dwayne hikes her ass in the air and drives his dick in her cunt as Brad plows into her open mouth. She is stunned by the sudden action as both are fucking a part of her anatomy.

At the Jedi house, Vince McMahon has taken Triple H on his word and decided to check out this house. He has for the longest time wanted to fuck Lila McCann and heard for his son-in-law that she is totally hot when it comes to hot passionate sex. Being the stud the lady wrestlers say he is Vince takes Bonnie Tyler in the room with them. Both ladies take turns giving head to Vinnie Mac. Lila swallows first as she has drawn the first load from the head of the W.W.E. Bonnie licks his balls as Lila kisses the man who probably has fucked more hot women than a gigolo.

Now Vince Gill has found Sarah Michelle Gellar masturbating on the couch while watching a porn video of Stephanie McMahon being banged by her own father. She seems disgusted and immediately upon seeing Vince, leads him the couch for a little romp of their own and hopefully feeling a load in her ever hot cunt. He lowers her panties, lays her on the coffee table and eats her unshaven pussy. She moans as he drives his tongue and fingers into her love hole.

Back at the den, Spyder has loaded his love with his jism and lay beside her quietly as they watch the happenings in the other rooms. Steve has entered Amy’s ass and is banging her so hard tears are streaming down her face. Thinking about ending the tryst, Chely sees a signal that her and Amy have worked out that says she is fine with being ass fucked the way it is happening. Dwayne and Brad take a few moments each ass fucking and driving Love the way they have dreamed of and once they have unloaded on her butt, lie her on her back to fuck her one more time.

Now growling as he bangs the pussy of Lila, Vinnie Mac coughs as his lungs gag for air, never has he been forced to use his full lung capacity in sex before. Lila grabs his long dick and rides him longer than even his wife has ever thought about. Bonnie sits on his face and is eaten by the tongue of the billionaire. Bonnie has had enough and sits on the chair to watch the last bit of sex between Lila and McMahon. Lila shocks the hell out of the leader of the W.W.E by strapping on a dildo and ass fucking him. She smiles as she gets to gain revenge on a male, but not the one’s who raped her and left her bloody. Bonnie jams her fingers into her pussy, alternating with licking her cuz from her digits.

Across the road the men pay the money, but have to run from the house as it has caught on fire. Quickly disappearing it leaves the owners and ones who live to explain the fire if possible. Suddenly the firemen find a gas can out back and ascertain that arson is involved.

While the fire is put out, the proceedings at the house of Jedi are about to end, as they hear the commotion and want to see if they can help. And since Jedi has had an extra section built on the house that remains empty, he will offer it to the group from the den. Vince who now has been fucked by a woman, leaves 20,000 dollars to the house and gives one last blast of his cock to Lila. She squeals in delight and waits for word of a new lover. Jedi walks in sees the wad lying on the table and slides his rod into a bent Lila. She yelps as he shoots his load in her ass and exits the room. The two leave to watch as the house of his friend burns down. He tells Lila to prepare the extension for the den mates and maybe they will intermingle as houses to bring even more hot times to the people who pay to have the time of their lives.

The End

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