Celebrity Whores – Part 7

Celebrity Whores – Part 7

Liza Huber, Kelly Ripa, Susan Lucci, Lori Loughlin, Leeza Gibbons, Chely Wright & Giada DiLaurentiis

Lila McCann, Jessica Andrews, Vince Gill, Rachael Ray & John Travolta

Written By: Spyder

Codes: MFF, Oral, Anal, Lesbian,

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and is intended for adults only. If you choose to read on the responsibility lies on your shoulders.

Do so at own risk.

The now one house setup is working fine, with the division of territory in effect as the two housemasters
have had their share of rocky moments. At the house of the Jedi, the western most part of the extended house, Gary watches as the only women available for the afternoon session is his absolute favorite Lila and her good friend and lover Jessica Andrews, so he prepares for the only two guests that are arriving. Of course the discussion as to when the house will shut down has come up and with no end near they continue on.

At the east section of the house, Spyder welcomes three new ladies to perform sex for the guests, Leeza Gibbons, Susan Lucci & Lori Loughlin have been talked into giving of themselves openly during this hot summer day. With no guests included he has the task of welcoming them on this day. So as each arrives the usual introductions and then he guides them through what is expected of them. First to arrive is the sexy soap star Susan Lucci, as she has heard her favorite chef is cooking at this house of ill repute.

Susan walks in the door, kissed on her lips by singer Chely and ass squeezed by Giada, Spyder joins the threesome and rubs Susan’s well-covered pussy through her skirt and panties, she moans as the petting and kissing continues. Knowing that he has a long day ahead, Spyder decides to long dick Ms Lucci as fast as he can for her has to conserve energy. Susan smiles as the ladies undresses her as Spyder strokes his cock until hard and then is taken aback as Susan kneels before him and gives head to him as he informs her to her sexual duties and has Chely write down what she doesn’t like to do sexually. Once his load has welled up inside his cock, Spyder plunges her ass first and bangs the Italian actress to his hearts content.

Meanwhile…on the other side of the wall, Jedi enjoys a quiet day with his ladies who remained in and watches as Jessica has begun to eat Lila’s burning box. Stroking his cock, Gary walks to the couch and drives Jessica first as she squeals to his sudden entry into her ass. Jessica moans as she also hears Lila make a minor chortle to her actions in her inner sanctum. Gary slides out for the briefest of moments, as she wants to feel his load blast the walls of her cavernous cunt. Again he rears out and this time places his dick between the sucking lips of Lila, who lies underneath the pile. Lila licks and sucks her lover’s cock and licks the pussy of her best friend and companion.

Moans fill the room of the Spyder’s den as Susan feels the hardness of Spyder’s cock ram her once tight ass, as her husband had never ass fucked her before. While the sex continues, Chely brings in a little surprise as Liza Huber (Susan’s daughter) is shown into the room. Chely leaves Giada, Susan and Liza to enjoy the sex as she prepares the upper rooms for the next day. Giada and Liza kiss one another as Susan rides her new boss, while she wonders why her daughter has followed her here. Liza tells her mom that she didn’t follow her here, but was asked by Spyder and his friend Chely. Liza leaves the embrace of Giada, who in turn leaves the room to prepare lunch, she walks to where her mother enjoys the longest dick both have ever had and kisses Spyder and her mom. The ladies kiss, as Spyder sees that the ladies are timid to explore each other and soon Liza has Susan’s nipple between her teeth. Spyder backs off as he tells them that he needs to conserve energy for other ladies joining the house. So as a final part of the tryst with the two, Spyder fucks Liza quite quickly and shoots a full load on their faces as he relaxes.

Jessica has switched spots with Lila, as she lies underneath the wandering tongue of her friend and feels the force of Gary’s entry while he ass fucks Lila. Lila groans as she feels the surging sensation of an ever-growing dick in her hot pussy. Jessica lies beneath licking Miss McCann’s pussy and does the same to Gary’s cock as he moves in and then pulls out, but instead of Gary reloading his rod into Lila, he slips it deep in the mouth and throat of Jessica, leaving her to gurgle with the amount of jism shot in her.

Once again in the extended portion of the house, Spyder makes welcome two more to his den, by helping out of their clothes, Leeza Gibbons, Lori Loughlin and Kelly Ripa. Now Kelly was to be a part of Gary’s house, but backed away to take part in a movie. She wanted to return there, but was interested when she heard that her friend Susan Lucci was entering the house of the Spyder. With all three showing at the same time, Spyder explains to them what is expected of them and what he will do as part of their initiation into the celebrity whore world. Once this is complete, he undresses all three one at a time; Leeza is the first to blow him, while having her pussy eaten by Kelly, who in turn eats Lori. The four-way sex turns hot as Spyder lies on the floor, waiting as Kelly takes her chance to give head, followed by Lori. Lining them on the carpet, Spyder throws thighs wide as he eats pussy one by one and follows by fucking each one of them. Totally exhausted by the proceedings, Spyder watches as Chely, who is passed on the stairway by Amy, shows the ladies to their rooms. Amy sees Spyder lying on the floor, cock somewhat soft, but still desirable to have in her pussy.

At the Jedi house, Gary watches Jessica leave the room to freshen up and at the same time invites Lila to feel free to stay, but is interrupted by John Travolta and Vince Gill, who still thinks that Amy is fucking in this house. Gary stops the proceedings and ushers John to enjoy the sexual party with Rachael Ray and he sends Vince to have sex with Jessica.

Gary returns to having hot sex with Lila, who never wants to have another man, fuck her again, unless it is her favorites. Lila starts to give head to Gary again as his cock went soft from the time outside the box. Deep throating his cock, Lila feels the head reach the back of her throat and also a small load of cum squirts inside. Gary pulls out, turns Lila on her side and plunges his pecker in her pussy. Fucking her for all she’s worth, Gary wants to tie her to his bed and upon exiting her cunt, picks her up and carries her to her room. Gently he places her sweaty body on the waterbed and takes leather binding to tie her to the posts before jamming his rod inside her one more time.

John is fast as he enters the room where Giada lies like a vixen, she coos as he walks over to her and begs him to fuck her now. As he was undressing, John was getting hard and he obeys her by driving into her hot Italian cunt. Giada wants it to be fast, as she needs to have dinner ready before 5. John is also in a rush, as he has to meet with his wife for dinner at Gloria Leonard’s pad. Once he loads her twat up, John leaves the horny chef lying on the bed masturbating and licking the cum he shot on her. He leaves as Giada makes her way to the shower.

On the other side of the house, Amy Grant has slid down Spyder’s pole as she begins to ride him again. They have a laugh over the fact that Vince keep going to Jedi’s pad to find her, but she knows that he has fucked another celeb before heading home to see if she would love to fuck. Spyder enters her ass after unloading in her twat to fill her ass again, knowing that Chely will share his bed that night. Amy moves away and tells Spyder she must head home, but will return for the next weekend session as Vince is out on tour for a month. They share a kiss and she retires to her room to shower and change her clothes to head home. Spyder sees her leave with a tight pair of shorts and a halter on, waving good-bye to her until Friday night.

Gary shoots his wad over Lila’s stomach and tits as she rubs in the sticky goo while hoping he will fuck her again. Obliging he longing looks of his lady, Gary re-enters her hairy twat to find she is even hotter as time moves into dinner hour. Fucking her hard, Gary almost forgot that she doesn’t want to be treated like that again after her rapes and beatings from others in her past. Being happy she went to rehab, she is glad to have his dick in her ass one last time before dinner. Feeling tired, Gary quickens the pace and jams in her ass hard and then lets up to shoot cum on her buttocks. They shower before having dinner with the others and relax for the evening. Gary counts the cash left by John and Vince, he takes the 3,000 dollars and places it in the cash box to split later.

To be continued…

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