Celebs Get their own back: J.LO

Celebs get their own back: J.LO

By GoGo

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This story contains (F/M M/M/F M Anal/ M Rape/ M Humiliation)

It had taking three months of planning but finally he was there. Alone Leon Portman stood in the dressing room of Jennifer Lopez. Rose petals littered the floor and the scent of perfume filled the room. It was today that he had chosen to do what he had dreamed about during all those late night jerk-off sessions.

Today he would rape Jennifer Lopez.
With the obvious risk of serving jail time he had taken precautions in the form of a hand held video camera. It the slut were to get him arrested the tape would be forwarded to the media where they would see the whore being fucked in all holes.

The time was currently 10:25, in five minutes she would be leaving the stage and returning to her room. He took his place behind the door so that when she entered she would walk right by him. He would then jump her from behind and rape her violently.

The sound of stilettos echoed through the hallway as he readied himself. As planned she entered the room. She was drowned in sweat, causing her pink PVC suit to cling to her light brown skin. She walked past Leon seemingly unaware of his presence. As the door closed he stepped out and prepared to sneak up on her from behind. As he came closer and closer to her he reached to grab her.

Without warning he felt a severe pain in his stomach. The bitch just spin-kicked him! He lay on the floor gasping for air.

‘Let me guess.’ She said as she glared down at him. ‘You’re going to rape me?’

He didn’t speak.

‘I need to tell you something motherfucker! You aren’t the first!’

He looked up to her at first in shock but now in fear.

‘I’m sure you’ve pulled your little cock while watching my movies. Do you remember Enough? Didn’t you see the Russian martial arts that I learned?’

He nodded.

‘Allow me to remind you.’

She then proceeded to beat the shit out of him with a barrage of kicks and punches. Soon he lay before her a bloody mess. He was exhausted and sore but J.Lo would show him no mercy. She grabbed him by his long and greasy hair and dragged him across the carpeted floor, smacking his face against the ground occasionally.

He found himself being forced behind a curtain at the back of the room. Various sex toys were on the walls, vibrators, butt plugs and strapons of various sizes littered the room. She grabbed his head and forced him to look towards a large black strapon that had been given a wall of its own.

‘Well,’ She said. ‘I guess some one is getting raped after all.’

She left the battered man in a heap on the floor as she went back into the main room. He was in a world of pain but was attentively listening to what was going on. Jennifer held a mobile phone in her hand and was speaking to some one.

‘Yeah, Antoine. We got another one. I need you down here.’

She hung up and went back into the other room with Leon’s camcorder and set it up before him. ‘I’m gonna enjoy watching this movie later. I’ve got gift for you, my friend is coming for you, you small dicked motherfucker. Tell me, you ever been fucked by a guy?’

‘No! Let me go!’ He yelled.

‘No can do! Your getting fucked whether you want to or not.

A C.D player sat on a coffee table in the room. Jennifer pressed the play button and her song ‘Play’ began to start. She turned her back on her new slave and began to dance for him.

She wiggled that million dollar ass and kicked off her heels. Then she began to teasingly take off her PVC body suit, stripping the pink material from her skin revealing her amazing body.

Her breasts were just over a hand full and her waist was toned and thin. It was when her ass came into view that the beaten man fully took notice. It was covered by a pale white G-string that was now see-through due to the volumes of sweat she had shed whilst performing.

The front of the G-string was held between her pussy lips. Teasingly she pulled the underwear from within herself. As the song neared it’s end she slowly removed her underwear dragging it over her ass.

The song had stopped and she stood before him entirely naked. ‘Well you worthless piece of shit did you enjoy that?’ She asked to no reply.

‘Answer me you cunt!’

‘Yes.’ He replied, he then coughed and spat blood.

‘I’ve got a treat for you then.’

She went to fetch the huge strapon that she was going to fuck him with. She placed the giant sex toy on and walked over to her would be rapist.

‘Suck it!’ She ordered.

‘No.’ He said firmly.

‘You’re going to suck it!’ She grabbed him by the hair and forced the strapon into his mouth. She displayed no mercy as she violently fucked his throat. She ignored the gagging sounds he made and kept pounding his throat.

She pulled it back out of his mouth. ‘Good job, now its wet enough to fuck your ass.’ She walked behind him and pulled his trousers down. Firmly she slapped his ass just before shoving her fake cock into him.

He screamed in pain as he felt his insides being stabbed by the massive rubber penis. She fucked him senselessly for a few minutes which felt like an eternity when he heard some one come in the door.

‘Antoine! Close the door behind you and get your cock out!’ Jennifer yelled over her victims screams.

As his ass continued to be pounded he looked up to see a tall, trouser-less black man stand before him. The man said nothing. He grabbed the intruder by the throat and stuck his dick in his face.

The towering man shoved his member into his throat. The rapist had intended to fuck Jennifer but not he was being double teamed by Jennifer and another man.

His throat was fucked causing him to choke but his assailants showed no sign of stopping. After a good fifteen minutes of being fucked the rapist could feel a warm sensation in his throat as the massive man came in his mouth. He tried to spit but the dick in his mouth wouldn’t allow it. He had no choice but to swallow the salty load.

Seeing that Antoine had come Jennifer pulled the dildo from Leon’s ass.

‘Hope you enjoyed that you cunt!’ Jennifer got dressed and walked away from the scene calling back to Antoine. ‘Do what you want and dump him afterwards. Oh and bring me the tape.’

And with that she left Leon and Antoine alone.

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