Celebs Meet CSSA #10 – Natalie Portman

[Ed. Note – While writing her thesis at Harvard on celebrity sex online, Natalie Portman comes across CSSA. The following is what happens when that takes place. This continues the “celebs find CSSA” storyline, as this is part 10 in the series. Enjoy! – Carnage Jackson ]

Just a quickie story I wrote in between Journal of an Agent and my upcoming Hollywood After Dark. You can read the rest of this series, written by many different authors, at www.c-s-s-a.com. Feedback always welcome.

Celebs Meet CSSA #10 – Natalie Portman

By Carnage Jackson


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This work is complete fiction, all made up in my head.

Yes I know the celebs don’t act like this in real life,

but this is a fantasy after all.

“And as you can see,” Natalie Portman continued, pointing at the large projector screen with a laser pointer. “No one who is famous in the public eye goes untouched on this website. From actresses to singers to athletes to royalty, it seems that if there is an attractive woman on the planet who is famous, this site – Celebrity Sex Stories Archive – has at least one story on her,”

Natalie paused for a moment, shifting back to her notes.

“As an actress in Hollywood, I find this sort of thing very disturbing indeed. With over two dozen stories written about my screen name and persona alone, including some of the most vile and despicable things imaginable that could be done to a person sexually or otherwise, written at various stages of my life. This site and others like it are a danger for women everywhere, for they foster the idea that not only is rape and forced intercourse acceptable in our society, but that even one night stands and casual, unprotected sex is also the norm,” she said, continuing.

“From a psychological standpoint, it’s clear that the writers of these stories are often lonely men, more than likely in their early 20s or mid 30s, who are most likely seeking female companionship and, unable to get it or find much of it in the real world, are forced to extol upon the Hollywood system of beauty and perfection further by writing perfect, willing sex partners who just so happen to be famous. The result is a collection of close to 2,000 stories, whose main purpose is to sexually excite the reader and others who feel the same way. Summed up, there are a lot of isolated men who get off on this stuff,” she said, eliciting some laughter from the audience.

I sat back in my chair and yawned as Natalie continued. I tuned her out somewhat, glancing around at the people filling most of the seats in this small auditorium. They were fellow students, professors and what appeared to be even a few desperate “Star Wars” fans, all listening pretty raptly to what the young Ms. Portman was saying. I had come to hear her speech, a delivery of her thesis paper for her degree in psychology here at Harvard, entitled “Celebrity and the sexual mind: The new mediums, dangers and glorifications”. However, as her speech went on, I started to lose interest until something she said perked my ears up.

“Attempts to contact the site maintainer, a person with the ambiguous name and indefinable name of Carnage Jackson, were not returned, leading this researcher to conclude that many of these people, these authors, are ashamed to show themselves in public or be confronted with their own sexual fantasies, for fear of public exposure,” Natalie said.

This made me a little angry, but I subdued myself and listened as she closed her speech, hoping that at the end I could get a moment to talk to her. She was quite wrong about a lot of the things she said, and I would hopefully get a chance to correct her on the error of her ways.

“In conclusion, the melding of the Internet with the iconic, picturesque culture of Hollywood has created sites like this Archive, where sexual fantasies about women of all creeds are exploited and glorified for anyone to receive access to. The future is uncertain in this field, given that such speech IS legally protected by the Supreme Court, but more research may be warranted to try and predict through algorithms and patterns what the next logical step is. Thank you for your time, I will present the remainder of the paper tomorrow afternoon for those who wish to attend” Natalie said, taking a slight bow.

The crowd applauded in their seats as Natalie smiled at them while gathering up her notes, a few “Star Wars” fans, decked out in too small t-shirts and matted hair, jumped to their own feet to give her a standing ovation. The crowd began to disperse as I waited in my seat, watching them go. The geeks rushed to the stage to shake Natalie’s hand and talk to her. She seemed poised and collected, smiling and laughing a little bit and even taking a picture with two of them, something that seemed radically out of place in an environment such as this.

The “Star Wars” fans finally began to leave after a few minutes and that’s when I stood up, casually strolling past them towards the stage, where Natalie was unhooking her laptop computer and putting some note cards into a satchel.

“That was an excellent speech Ms. Portman,” I said to her quietly, leaning against one of the auditorium seats.

“Thank you,” she said, not looking up.

I hesitated for a moment. “You were a little incorrect on some aspects of it though, I am afraid to tell you,” I said.

“Oh really? What do you mean? Have you worked on this topic before?” she said, still not looking up.

“Well, you could say that I suppose. Let’s just say I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to stories about celebrities having sex,” I said to her.

Natalie finally looked up, her brown hair falling away from her ear. She was dressed in a casual but formal sort of way, wearing a knee length khaki skirt and an expensive looking silk blouse. If it wasn’t for her youthful appearance, she could have easily passed as a business woman.

“Hi, Carnage Jackson. Nice to finally meet you Ms. Portman,” I said, extending my hand. Natalie froze in shock for a moment, staring at me wide eyed, her hands seemingly stuck over her briefcase. I watched as she sized me up.

I wasn’t really a big guy, and not really even that threatening looking. I weigh about 170 and am around 5’10 – big enough to keep away trouble but not large enough to probably defend myself from it. I was wearing just a pair of slacks and a button up shirt, figuring when I showed up that this was a more dressy sort of thing than my usual shorts and t-shirts.

Natalie blinked at me and finally extended her own hand slowly. I shook it softly, not wanting to scare her away by squeezing too tight or too long. Natalie removed her hand and stood back up, still amazed to be looking at me.

“Why didn’t you answer my emails to you? You didn’t have to show up here in person,” Natalie said. I watched as her eyes darted around the room, looking for a way out or for extra people if she thought I was too much of a threat or something. I followed her eyes and saw a group of students standing by the exit, talking. Otherwise we were alone in the auditorium.

“I’m sorry about that, really. I haven’t been able to get at a computer for a few days and I know that the three or four messages you probably left me are just sitting there in my inbox. I did see the first one though, but I wrote it off as a joke. Then I checked the Harvard website and saw that you really WERE giving a speech, so I decided to come and see how you handled my little hobby. It was a quick plane ride, but getting the fare on such short notice was a pain,” I said with a smile, taking a step towards her just so I didn’t have to speak in a somewhat loud voice so that she could hear me over the air conditioners.

Natalie stepped back quickly, moving behind a table.

“Well…what did you think? You said I got some things wrong,” Natalie said, her voice a little uneasy.

“Yes and no. It’s really more semantics than anything but, if you have sometime, I’d be more than happy to give you that interview for your research. In a public place of course, since you obviously seem a little unnerved by me being here,” I said, still smiling. I wasn’t trying to sound over eager at all, but I could understand her trepidation.

“Alright, I suppose that would be okay. Meet me at Angelo’s, two blocks over in about 30 minutes, ok?” Natalie said, starting again to gather up her stuff.

“See you then,” I said, turning away and walking out of the room. I stole a glance over my shoulder and saw that Natalie was still watching me with some hesitance. I really didn’t blame her, given the situation, but I still smiled to myself anyway.

She couldn’t have picked a more crowded place to go. As I waited outside for a table to open up, the heat of the summer sun fading in the horizon above me, a bustle of dinner patrons coming and going into the restaurant, I watched the cars drive by in rush hour and the pedestrians crossing the street. Glancing at my watch, I was starting to wonder if Natalie would show up, as our confirmed time had passed five minutes earlier. Turning to leave, figuring I had been stood up, I spotted Natalie hustling with a throng of people at the intersection directly across from the restaurant. She had her laptop slung over her shoulder and a folder beneath her arm, but it was without a doubt her. I was amazed as I watched her walk that no one else seemed to notice who she was. A short, brown haired girl – never mind the fact that she was in one of the biggest film franchises of all time – blended in with the crowd pretty well.

“Hi,” she said to me, a bit out of breath. “I apologize for the delay, one of my professors held me up as I was leaving,”

“No trouble at all. I’m afraid we will have to wait though, since the place seems a bit crowded,” I said, glancing at the door as an elderly couple walked out.

For the first time, Natalie smiled at me. “Not necessarily. Watch this,” she said, heading towards the restaurant. I followed a step or so behind and watched as she walked up to the greeter, saying something to him. His face lit up and he laughed, grabbing two menus and stepping past a waiter. Natalie looked back at me and motioned for me to follow her.

I did, and within a moment we were seated at a table towards the side of the restaurant, next to a row of booths were couples and families were eating. Pulling the chair out for Natalie, the greeter’s face fell a bit as he saw me, probably figuring I was Natalie’s date. Needless to say, he didn’t pull a chair out for me.

“How did you do that?” I asked, a bit amazed.

“Celebrity status. I don’t like to use it if I don’t have to, but sometimes the situation warrants it. Besides, they know me here. I eat lunch here all the time, not to mention do some studying. The crowded environment is very soothing in a strange way when you are cramming her finals,” Natalie said, smiling again. Her beauty was far different than I even imagined it to be: a natural grace and poise to her young frame that I had never seen before on a person. She wore just a bit of makeup, but she really didn’t need it – her radiant face and smile spoke for themselves.

“So,” she said, setting her laptop and folder down, pulling out a notepad from the case. “What’s your name? I forgot to ask that, but I’m sure you’re parents didn’t name you Carnage Jackson,”

“No, of course not. That’s just a pen name, something I made up out of the blue one day when I started writing stories,” I said, stealing a glance at a passing waiter and his nametag to tell Natalie my “real” name. “My name is Adam. I’m sure you can understand that for privacy sake, I can’t tell you my last name,”

“Why not?” Natalie said, taking a sip of water from one of the two glasses already prepared at the table.

“Well, as you probably know with being a celebrity and all, a last name is key in identifying a person. And given that I don’t want people in my life outside of my little hobby knowing that I actually do it, I just go by my pen name, always. Hope you can understand,” I said to her.

“I understand. Besides, I already list you by your pen name in my paper anyways, I just wanted to know for our conversation. It would sound a bit awkward if I kept referring to you as Carnage, don’t you think?” Natalie said.

“Yes, I suppose so,” I replied.

“Ok, so then tell me Adam, how long have you been doing this celebrity sex story thing? That is what you call it right?” Natalie asked.

“About two years. I call it just celeb erotica, it makes it sound more dignified I suppose,” I said.

“Celebrity erotica then. How did you start doing it? I mean, how did you get involved in this seemingly vast group of people,” Natalie said.

“I just started reading some of the stories one day while online, and being an aspiring writer myself, just decided to try my hand at it. The other writers liked what I did right off the bat, so I started to use the stories as a way to practice for more legitimate sort of writing,” I said.

Natalie was scribbling all this down on her notepad, taking notes and underlining or circling certain things.

“Ok. Now, you probably already know this already, but to a layman person out there in the world, a lot of this ‘celeb erotica’ is quite pornographic and even offensive. Doesn’t that bother you, being associated with that sort of thing?” she said.

“Not really. I mean, everyone is turned on by something different in the world, as I’m sure you know. I just think it’s a fun thing to do, something to occupy yourself with. I don’t like and can barely stomach a lot of the stuff on the site, CSSA, but to each his own I suppose. And I’m not really worried about what other people think. Half the people you know probably have some sort of kinky sexual fantasy, they just don’t act on it. That’s why I think CSSA is a good site, because it puts people’s fantasies into words, and gives them a place to express those fantasies. I’ve never heard of anyone actually acting on them, and I hope that day never comes. I would feel horrible,” I said to her, sipping some water.

“Now, I read some of your stories,” Natalie said, looking over her notepad. “Some of the ones about me, some of them about other celebrities. I wouldn’t have even come to this interview with you if I didn’t think you were harmless, but as a seemingly competent, albeit a bit obsessed with myself and a few other celebrities, you seem to have a good deal of respect for the women you write about. You don’t put them in dangerous or violent situations, just regularly vanilla sexual activities,” Natalie said. “Would you say that’s a fair assessment?”

“Yes, most definitely. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to pass judgment on what people read or like, but to me the socially unacceptable morays of rape and torture are a big turn off. I can’t get over the idea that they are just wrong on a higher level and degrading to the people involved. And for me, that kills any arousal that might come about,” I said. “By the way, what did you think?”

“Think about what?” Natalie said, looking up.

“The stories about you. The ones I wrote,” I said with a smile.

Natalie blushed. “Well, they certainly were descriptive. I read all the ones about me, just out of a sort of morbid curiosity. Some of them made my stomach churn, but yours seemed to be alright. You at least didn’t just turn me into a sex object, which I appreciate. But they just aren’t my thing,” Natalie said softly.

“You mean you don’t have sexual fantasies? I smell a hypocrite across the table from me, if that’s the case,” I said in a joking manner.

Natalie blushed deeper now, her raised cheekbones turning a bright red. She leaned forward across the table. “I do, but not like that I suppose,” she said.

“Not like what?” I asked.

“Not like the way you’re stories portray me. I’m more old fashioned, wanting to know the person and all before I even will consider sleeping with them. I’ve only had sex a few times and I’m still a bit new at it, but all the stories on that CSSA site just portray me as a wanton sex maniac. It’s just not who I am,” Natalie said.

“That’s understandable. But would you ever even consider acting on your fantasies? Or, for that matter, even telling another person what they were?” I said.

“I could, but I mean, sexual fantasies are a very private thing, something you only reveal to one or two people in your whole life. It’s just not an acceptable thing to talk about,” Natalie said.

“I disagree. I think that by coming to terms with them, you could understand yourself better. It’s worked for me and at least a few other people I know. Not to mention past girlfriends of mine, which by the way, you were wrong about in stating that all erotica authors are dateless wonders. Many write with their partner there by them, and then use what they write as their own form of stimulation,” I said.

“I’ll make note of that. Anyways, this interview isn’t about me, it’s about you. I have a few more questions, will you answer them?” Natalie asked, setting her pen down.

“Fire away,” I said with a smile.

Natalie proceeded to ask me various questions about my personal life, my love life, etc, all of which I answered cordially and without hesitation. As our meal arrived (Natalie eating a salad, naturally) and we each had a glass of wine, things became more relaxed between us. Natalie still wasn’t totally trusting of me, but at least she seemed to be able to not jump in fear if I made a sudden move across the table or anything.

The interview wound down and we finished our dinner, walking out of the restaurant. The air was hot from the sunny summer day just a few hours passed as we stood there watching the cars go by and the city blink and twinkle around us.

“Well, thank you for the interview. I’m sure it will help me out with my research a lot,” Natalie said, shaking my hand in a polite, Hollywood way.

“You’re more than welcome. But you aren’t REALLY going home right now are you? I mean, the night is young, you are young! You can’t just call it quits at,” I said, glancing at my watch “8:30! Aren’t you supposed to be out partying somewhere? I mean, after all you DID just turn 21,”

“I know, but I really should go home and prepare this new information for the speech tomorrow,” Natalie said. I could tell she was wavering a little bit in her decision, so I jumped on it.

“At least come have a cup of coffee with me. Public place again, of course, but I can at least buy you a cup for putting up with a ‘pathetic loser’ like me all night,” I said, smiling broadly.

Natalie sighed. “Alright, I guess that would be ok. Should we walk or do you want to take a cab?”

“Walking is fine, if that’s okay with you,” I replied.

“I guess it would be okay. I think my freaked-out level towards you has gone down a few notches,” Natalie said.

We began to walk down a main road, the name of which escapes me since I am not familiar with Boston, but there were plenty of people out. We came upon a Starbucks but noticed that it was closed already and thus continued on. As the blocks progressed, I decided to probe Natalie further on her interest in the site.

“Of the stories about you on CSSA, which ones did you like the best? I mean, which ones would be something you would actually consider doing at some point in your life?” I said, hoping the question wasn’t too off-putting for her.

Natalie didn’t answer for a moment as we passed another block, but after some thought she finally responded.

“The rape and mind control stuff is just too sick or weird for me, so that’s out. Ditto for the animal sex. So I guess that just leaves the lesbian, orgy style and regular consensual stuff. Consensual would be too risky in this day and age, as that just goes against what I would do as a person. I like myself too much to just sleep with some random stranger. And orgies fall under that category too I supposed…anything where you are treated as a sex object is something that doesn’t appeal to me at all,” Natalie said.

“That just leaves lesbian stories, of which there are quite a few,” I replied as we walked.

“Yeah. I guess…I mean, I’ve kissed other girls on a dare or at a party or something, but never really sexual. And they say that lesbian sex is the safest kind of sex because there isn’t any physical penetration next to toys so…yes, I suppose the lesbian stuff,” Natalie said. I was amazed at how much she had opened up on the topic, considering her previous statements earlier in the evening. Then again though, this was all talk.

“I think that you’re right, that would be a good choice for you. Having written stories about you and followed your career, I could most certainly see you in at least a casual lesbian fling. It’s fairly safe, like you said, and it’s not as if you really ARE a lesbian, at least to the best of my knowledge,” I said.

Natalie laughed. “No, I’m not. I like men just fine, thank you,”

“Then in that case I’ll keep that in mind next time I write a story about you. If that wouldn’t freak you out too much I mean,” I said. “After all, you’re in college…everyone experiments at one time or another in college, right?”

Laughing again, Natalie nodded her head. “If you did keep writing about me, I still wouldn’t like it but there’s not much I can do. This is America, you have the right to write whatever you want. Besides, not like anyone would really believe that I gave you my ‘permission’ anyway,” she said.

I laughed and we continued walking. The part of town we were in was a little bit lower class now – not exactly the ghetto, but a far cry from the neatly cleaned streets up by her school. Natalie pointed at a coffee shop up on our right, with an OPEN sign and started walking that way. I followed behind her and we entered it, my nose overwhelmed with the sweet fragrance of coffee beans and boiling tea. Neither one of us said anything as we ordered individually, taking a seat by a big plate glass window near the front of the store. It was mostly empty, a few straggling tourists and college kids coming and going for a late night espresso but for the most part we had the place to ourselves.

We talked a bit then, about Natalie’s plans after college and about my own stagnant writing career that couldn’t seem to lift itself out of the world of celebrity erotica. Glancing out the window, I couldn’t help but notice the sudden influx of women walking by the store. They were dressed provocatively in clubbing clothes and dolled up hair and makeup and seemed to be walking in groups, chattering on cell phones and giggling with one another. There was something a bit different about all of them though, I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Natalie finished her cup of coffee and stood to leave.

“I really need to head back now. But this has been fun Adam, I think that my perspective has changed a bit from what it was when I first found CSSA,” Natalie said. I stood up to walk her out, stepping back into the warm summer air as we stepped around a foursome of women passing by us.

“Hmm, I wonder what they are up to,” Natalie asked quietly to herself as we started to walk away.

“I saw a bunch of girls, I mean women, walking around the corner while we were sitting there, are there any clubs near here?” I asked, watching the four girls as they rounded a corner a few yards down.

“None that I know of, but let’s just see where they are going. Then I really need to go home,” Natalie said, her own curiosity getting the best of her. We turned around and followed the women, far enough away so it didn’t seem like we were stalking them or anything. As we rounded the corner, I was temporarily blinded by a set of red neon lights flashing about eye level in front of me.

There was a swarm of women standing in the street in a neat line, chatting and smoking with one another, waiting to get into the club. Natalie and I walked into the street to glance at the sign, which was now quite obviously a club of some sort.

“FEMME FATALE” the sign read, it’s letters in a curved, seductive style as it blinked it’s neon harshness onto the awaiting guests below, bathing them in the sharp red light of it’s buzzing glow.

“I’ll be damned, it IS a club,” Natalie said. Some of the girls closest to us gave us a once over, shooting me a dirty look. However, I noticed that their eyes lingered longer on Natalie, and that’s when it all clicked.

“It’s a lesbian club. That’s probably why you have never heard of it,” I said to Natalie.

Natalie looked a little taken aback. “You’re right. I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on that right away. Next to you, I don’t see a single man on this whole block. Even the bouncer is a woman,” Natalie said.

She was right. It was hard to miss the door woman, her large and bulky frame and buzz haircut giving her the appearance of a big man, had her breasts not been a dead give away. She was busy checking a guest list and pulling back a velvet rope to allow a few girls at a time entrance in, while others pleaded and begged with her to be allowed inside.

We stood there watching the whole thing for a few minutes as women came and went, a few more intrepid couples leaning against the side of the large brick building, making out and touching one another.

“Well, we should go,” Natalie said. That’s when an idea suddenly dawned on me, one that I look back on and relish for even having.

“I say we go in. Check it out some,” I said to Natalie, my hand subconsciously resting on her arm. I glanced down and noticed myself doing it, Natalie’s warm skin beneath my touch, and to my surprise Natalie not shirking it away.

“We can’t go in there! We aren’t lesbians!” Natalie said, a little loudly, soliciting a few more looks from some women nearby.

I thought fast. “No, we aren’t. But hey, maybe we could just go in and have a drink and scope it out, see how the other half lives,” I said.

“Are you crazy? The media would have a FIELD DAY with something like that. ‘Star Wars actress seen inside lesbian club’, that sort of thing,” Natalie said, taken aback by my suggestion and now moving her arm away from me.

“Think about it Natalie: who is going to be in there to even report this back to the outside world? You already are a critical darling, I don’t think they would be able to even print dirt about you, especially if you just went inside to have a drink. You could just brush it off, say it was an honest mistake,” I said, trying to keep my voice from sounding too pleading. If I could get her in the club, things might go where I had always fantasized about them going…

“And what about you? How would you get in?” Natalie asked.

“Oh girlfriend, you don’t need to worry about me at all. That’s such a SILLY question,” I said, putting on my most effeminate voice and limp wristing my hand in a stereotypical gay gesture.

Natalie laughed at my voice change. “I still don’t know…”

“Ok, well then look at it as research. Research for your paper and research for your life. You only live once, and what an experience to think about when you are 80 years old, you know?” I said to her.

“I guess so…” Natalie said, still thinking about it.

“One drink, one look around and then we get out of there. Sound cool?” I said, going in for the kill.

“Alright, but just ONE drink. And you better put on your most flaming act possible, because I don’t think that the bouncer would let you in otherwise,” Natalie said as we walked to the back of the line. I fixed up my shirt and pants, making myself as neat and presentable as possible, going for the suave and stylish look.

As we moved closer up in line, Natalie was just a few heads away from the door. The bouncer rejected two girls in front of us and, despite their crying, motioned for them to get out of line. We walked up to the woman.

“Name,” she grunted.

Natalie looked a little hesitant. “Umm…I’m not on the list. My name is, uhh…” Natalie said, stuttering.

The bouncer sighed heavily. “Look bitch, either you’re on the list or you are waiting with everyone else. Now move,” she said, pushing hard at Natalie’s shoulder to guide her out of the way. I stepped up quickly to the bouncer.

“Sister, don’t you know who this is?” I said, my feminine voice returning again. “This is Queen Amidala herself, Miss Natalie Portman. I think that she doesn’t even need to be on your silly list, don’t you?” I said, putting my hand on my hip as a sign of annoyance.

The guard glanced up from her clipboard and looked Natalie over. Natalie looked nervous, pushing her hair back behind her ears as she smiled a little nervously, her eyes on the ground in front of her. The bouncer’s face shifted to a smile, her yellowish teeth broadening as she recognized Natalie.

“You know, you’re right. I guess we can make an exception for you this time,” the guard said, pulling aside the rope. “But you have to do me one favor,”

“What’s that?” Natalie asked nervously.

“Tell George Lucas that the new movies SUCK,” the guard said. We all laughed at this and she motioned for us to go on in. I passed by her and followed Natalie into the darkness of the club, the music and smoke and lights flashing and moving all around us.

“What the hell was that?” Natalie said to me, leaning in close.

“Celebrity status. I don’t like to use it if I don’t have to, but sometimes the situation warrants it,” I said, winking at her. She shoved me playfully as we walked further inside. We made our way through a throng of women – both young and old, butch and not, and headed to the bar. There was just one empty seat, right near the middle of the long row, amongst the crowd of women coming and going. I stood next to Natalie, leaning on the bar, trying not to show too much arousal by the two women I saw at the end of the bar, making out.

“I’ll take a Zima,” Natalie said to the bartender, who gave her the once over but then handed her a drink from beneath the bar. I was surprised that she wasn’t checking Natalie’s ID, since she had just barely turned 21, but I wasn’t certainly going to tell her to do so.

“Cosmopolitan,” I said to the bartender. I personally couldn’t stand the drink itself, but I had to keep up my appearances, after all. She slid it to me and I handed her some money for the drinks, leaning back on the bar to watch girls bumping and grinding on the dance floor.

There was one girl who caught my eye in particular, a clubbing type for sure. She wore a tight, white tube top that left her midriff exposed and her belly button ring clearly visible, and a pair of tight black pants that seemed to make her legs go on for miles. To top it all off, it was hard to miss the pink hair on the top of her head, styled in two ponytails that gave her a pouty, slutty look. She caught me looking at her and stared back at me and Natalie (who was nervously sipping her drink, trying not to be spotted) as I quickly looked away.

“See, this isn’t so bad?” I said to Natalie. “And just think, you can now safely tell your friends that you were in a lesbian bar,”

“Hardy har. I don’t know why you talked me into this, but as soon as I’m done with this drink, we are out of here. This just isn’t my thing,” Natalie said. I was going to ask how she KNEW it wasn’t her thing, but then the pink hair girl came up next to Natalie by the bar.

“Hey baby, buy you a drink?” she said to Natalie. I could see a stud in her tongue and now clearly see that this girl was obviously the “bitch” in any relationship…she looked somewhat tough, no doubt, but was undoubtedly into all the makeup and fashion stylings of most straight girls. Natalie about spilled her drink all over herself when the girl touched her shoulder.

“Uhh, no thanks, my friend and I were just,” Natalie said, stuttering.

“Leaving? No way, not without dancing with me first,” the pink haired girl said. “I saw you walk into this place from a mile away, there ain’t no way I’m letting a cutie like you leave here without one little dance,” the girl said. In the closer vicinity, she was actually quite cute – high cheekbones like Natalie, full pouty lips and much larger breasts than I had seen from far away. The fleshy orbs seemed to be set to burst out of her tube top any minute.

“Oh come on Natalie, the girl just wants to dance!” I said to her in my feminine voice, perhaps giving it TOO much emphasis.

“You heard the boy, now come on. Don’t make me drag you,” the pink haired girl said. Natalie still seemed hesitant but the girl would not take no for an answer, lifting Natalie underneath the arm and pulling her out onto the floor a bit, Natalie stumbling as she half-walked, half-drug herself out there. I promptly took her seat and sat back to watch the show.

The DJ was playing a thumping bass beat, the words drowned out in the really bad acoustics of the place, leaving just a rhythm to move to as the lights flashed and glowed above the dance floor. Natalie and the pink haired girl took a spot towards me, a little bit inside the crowd on the floor. Natalie just stood there like a stump at first, the pink haired girl bumping into her and rubbing her body against Natalie’s small frame. Natalie started to make an effort, moving her feet a little bit at first and then as the music started to take over, her legs and hips as well.

Before long, Natalie was getting into things. She still kept some distance from the girl and didn’t make any moves to reciprocate the pink girl’s hands moving onto Natalie’s hips and ass, pulling her close. But Natalie could certainly dance, her uptightness over the whole thing starting to fade away. Natalie allowed herself to get closer now, the pink girl’s face just a few inches from Natalie’s own as they moved together in rhythm, dipping their hips down and up to the music, their bodies in perfect sync.

I tried to keep my growing erection from showing too much as I slouched on the bar stool, sipping at the down right nasty mixed drink I held in my hand. I couldn’t believe what I was actually seeing take place in front of me was real, that I had actually managed to convince Natalie Portman to go into a lesbian bar and actually DANCE with someone, but here it was and I was loving every minute of it.

Life began to imitate art further now as I saw the pink haired girl, her hand slipping into a tight pocket on her hips reach in and pull out what looked like two white pills. She slipped one into her mouth and held the other one out to Natalie. Natalie shook her head no, but again the pink haired girl wouldn’t quit. She held her hand up by Natalie’s mouth, her other hand taking hold of Natalie’s hips and grinding her own against Natalie’s trim tummy as she offered the pill – clearly Ecstasy in a place like this – to Natalie. Natalie continued to resist, so the girl tried a different route. She placed the pill between her teeth and leaned her mouth in very close to Natalie’s, pushing her lips onto the starlet’s own. This was like my very first celeb story almost to a T and I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.

As she kissed Natalie, I saw her mouth open slightly and the pill disappear from view into Natalie’s mouth. For her part Natalie had resisted the kiss as well, but when their lips touched Natalie seemed to open her mouth slowly in reluctance, allowing the girl’s tongue to slip inside and deliver it’s contents. They broke the kiss and the pink girl smiled at Natalie, her free hand moving up to Natalie’s hair and unclasping it from the ponytail it was in, allowing the hair to fall freely around Natalie’s neck.

The song began to wind down, as did their dance and the pink haired girl led Natalie by the wrist over towards me.

“I’m borrowing your friend upstairs for a few minutes. I’ll have her back and probably better than new real quick, don’t worry,” she said, leading Natalie passed me to a set of stairs towards the back of the building. Natalie’s eyes caught mine and they seemed to plead “Come with me!” as she was led away and into the crowd of people. I grabbed the drinks and followed the two, pushing my way through couples and gyrating girls towards the dimly lit stairs.

The pink haired girl saw me follow her but made no move to stop me or say anything as they bounded up the spiral staircase almost two steps at a time. I followed right behind, not wanting Natalie to be left alone, especially now that she had taken that pill.

The upstairs was much more empty than downstairs, and it was quite clearly a place for couples to go and be alone. There were various insets cut out along the wall, like telephone booths without a door to allow entrance. As Natalie was led down a row of about four or five, they turned suddenly into an apparently empty one, disappearing from my site. I caught up to them and stood there in front of them, Natalie now sitting on the pink haired girls lap, who was busy stroking Natalie’s hair.

Natalie looked a little shell-shocked at what was going on, but perhaps it was the alcohol or the early effects of the Ecstasy that was lowering her inhibitions, for she made no move to stop it.

“Uh, here is your drink Natalie,” I said to her, thrusting it out to her. The pink haired girl took it and set it down on the floor.

“Thanks. Hey, why don’t you go get us another one huh?” she said, still stroking Natalie’s hair.

I stood there dumbly for a moment, just watching the scene of Natalie, such a timid and quiet girl being petted by this bold and beautiful lesbian. I must have been standing there for too long though, because the pink haired girl snapped at me.

“Hello? That means like, now!” she said.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry. I’ll leave you two ladies alone,” I said, turning as if to walk away. I caught one last glimpse of resistance in Natalie’s eyes as I moved past her further down the hall. I had absolutely no intention of “getting drinks”, but I had to find a spot to watch and see how far Natalie would actually go.

Hustling quickly down the hallway away from where Natalie was, I glanced around, trying to find a place to give me a spot to watch the action. It looked like I was going to be out of luck until I noticed a catwalk rising above the whole building a few feet from the ceiling. There was a ladder, rusty and old but still usable it appeared, hidden in a dark corner at the end of the hallway. Making sure no one saw me as I approached it, I climbed up it hurriedly and looked around as I stood up at it’s base.

I could see the whole club from here, and perhaps more important, I don’t think anyone could see me on it. The catwalk ran from one side of the building to the other, pressed flush against the wall. Walking slowly down it, I dodged cables and light fixtures that hung down. Glancing through the mesh metal flooring, I had a perfect birds-eye view of everything below me, including the little stall like rooms that I had just passed. I continued to walk down slowly, spotting couples making out and having sex in the private rooms below me, women of all shapes and sizes going at it with one another. I counted down the rooms, five from where I had first started and finally spotted Natalie and the pink haired girl in the room directly below me. Dropping down to my stomach, I laid down prone on the catwalk, leaning my head down as I watched Natalie and her new “friend” begin their foreplay.

Natalie had moved off the girls lap now and was sitting on a bench with her back against the wall. The other girl was standing over Natalie, her body leaning against Natalie’s own thin frame, her pink hair now free from the ponytails and hanging down over her shoulders. I was probably 6 or 7 feet up from them and could just barely make out what they were saying.

Still a bit nervous, Natalie seemed to be loosening up as the girl began to kiss her neck mouth passionately. Natalie turned her face away at first, but as the kisses grew more heated and more frequent, she finally turned back and allowed the girl to plant what appeared to be a hot, wet kiss right into Natalie’s small mouth. Natalie leaned forward into the girl, returning the kiss for a moment before breaking it and panting, her chest rising and falling rapidly from the excitement.

The pink haired girl stepped back for a moment and reached down to the base of her tube top, pulling it upwards and over her head, revealing a well proportioned frame and a large pair of breasts, the nipples visible only to me from the top as they jutted from her breasts. The girl leaned into Natalie again, pressing Natalie’s face between her tits and holding it there as she stroked Natalie’s hair.

Natalie pushed away for a moment and I strained to hear what she said.

“Wait wait, I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t even know your name,” Natalie said.

“It’s Stacy, and yes you can. Don’t worry girl, I’ll take good care of you,” the girl said.

“But…I’ve never done it…you know, with a girl before…” Natalie said hesitantly.

“Shh…don’t stress baby doll, I’ll be real gentle and make you feel real good. Is the pill working on you yet?” Stacy said.

“I…I think so. I still don’t know though, about what we are doing I mean,” Natalie said meekly. Stacy didn’t give her a chance to continue arguing though, instead pressing her whole body against Natalie, her large breasts crushing against Natalie’s own as she held her against the wall. Their lips just inches apart, Natalie finally conceded to her desire and made a tentative move to kiss Stacy on the lips, to which Stacy replied with an excited fervor.

I could see Stacy’s hands as they moved behind Natalie’s back, holding her closer to her naked torso as her hands roamed up and down Natalie’s firm body. Stacy’s hands crushed against Natalie’s chest as her busy fingers touched and fondled Natalie through the blouse that she wore, a few fingers slipping in here and there to steal a touch upon Natalie’s soft flesh beneath her clothes. They continued to make out for a few minutes, Natalie excited by the passion and new sensations of being with a woman as she became lost in the moment.

Stacy’s fingers found the buttons on Natalie’s blouse and ripped her shirt open hard and fast, revealing Natalie’s tanned upper body clad only in a small black bra. Natalie took the initiative however and reached behind her back, undoing the garment and flinging it aside as they both returned to one another, their upper bodies naked and breasts heaving.

I would have killed for a better angle to see Natalie’s breasts, but from what I could make out they were just as I had remembered seeing in the tabloid pictures a few years ago: small nipples, brown and slightly pointy as they stuck from her handful sized breasts. It was hard to get a good look though, because the two girls were now really going at it, twisting and writhing with one another on the bench of the room. Stacy’s head dropped down to Natalie’s breast and her face disappeared, Natalie’s hand stroking the top of the girl’s head as she suckled and licked Natalie’s tit. Stacy must have been a little rough however, because Natalie cried out in surprise and pleasure as she arched her back away from the wall, Stacy’s mouth still over her nipple.

Stacy lifted her head up again, flinging her hair over her shoulder as she and Natalie held each other’s gaze for a moment, both women flushed and wet with sweat and sexual arousal. I watched with bated breath as Stacy moved her hands to the zipper of Natalie’s khaki skirt and began to wiggle it off of Natalie’s small hips, the material falling and crumpling into a ball at the ground beneath them. I could see a glimpse of Natalie’s matching black panties, but it was really only a glimpse because Stacy wasted no time in removing them from the slender legs of Natalie and casting them aside on the floor as well.

Dropping to her knees in front of Natalie’s splayed legs, Stacy’s head and mouthed disappeared between the young Amidala’s thighs, her face shielded from my view by the hair on Stacy’s head. It didn’t take a rocket scientist however to figure out what was going on and I felt myself grow more and more excited as I watched Natalie’s first lesbian experience unfold just a few feet from me.

At first, Natalie seemed to be a little surprised by Stacy’s actions, simply sitting there and watching the girl as she licked and moved her mouth around inside Natalie’s quite wet box (even over the sound of the club, I could still hear the wet sucking coming from beneath me). But after a few moments, Natalie’s legs and hips began to move and slide on the bench, her legs thrusting slowly by their own accord against Stacy’s face, her hips really starting to buck.

Reclining her head against the wall of the room, Natalie leaned back, her curly brown hair falling over her shoulders as she arched her back and pressed her pussy against Stacy’s busy mouth. Stacy lifted her face from Natalie’s legs, standing up slightly to kiss Natalie once again. There was no mistaking the passion as Natalie licked her own juices away from Stacy’s face, her small tongue roaming and wiping away all that it could get it’s seemingly unquenchable palette onto. As they kissed once more, Stacy dropped her hand between Natalie’s legs and I saw as a few fingers slid into Natalie’s waiting box, Stacy’s hand fucking Natalie hard as they kissed.

Natalie bucked and writhed on Stacy’s hand, closing her legs tightly against the girl’s fingers as she pushed harder into Natalie, making Natalie gasp and moan loudly from where she sat. Her head leaning back against the wall, Natalie broke the kiss long enough just to tilt her head upwards and pant, her eyes closed tightly in the lost, passionate realm she was in.

Stacy kissed Natalie once on the cheek before lowering her face once more down Natalie’s body. This time she made sure to plant loving kisses and licks all over Natalie’s small, naked body, first on her neck then moving from one breast to another and then finally to Natalie’s taught tummy before repositioning herself between Natalie’s now spread-eagle legs.

Natalie moaned once more as Stacy licked happily at her cunt, Natalie’s two hands busy in holding onto Stacy’s head, guiding her mouth around and into her dripping twat, the other hand rubbing and squeezing against her small breasts. Stacy raked her hand down Natalie’s body, sliding her fingers back down to her hot pussy and slipping her fingers once again into Natalie while her mouth licked Natalie at a feverish pace. Stacy’s head bobbed up and down and by the shuddering of Natalie’s body, I knew that she was very very close to cumming.

With a very loud moan, Natalie did just that, her ass rising totally off the seat as she bucked her hips hard into Stacy’s face. Stacy held her legs down to keep from being flung off of Natalie, keeping her mouth pressed onto the girl’s snatch. Natalie continued to buck and cry out in an unintelligible yell, her orgasm causing her body to tremble and shiver with the pleasure of her orgasmic release.

Her hips slowing, Natalie finally came to a stop, her legs dangling from the bench as she slumped against the wall, panting. Stacy lapped at her tenderly for another minute or so then slowly rose up from between Natalie’s legs and spread her own legs over the girl’s trembling thighs, leaning into Natalie. I watched as they shared a passionate kiss and held one another for a moment, Stacy’s face wet and sticky from the juices, all the more evident by the dim light that shined down upon these two beauties.

I had almost blown my own load in my pants watching the scene, but as the two girls kissed and fondled one another, I realized that the show was over and that they might be looking for me any second now. Standing up, my erection was painfully hard in my pants as I walked slowly back to the ladder of the catwalk, glancing down first to make sure no one saw me.

I treaded lightly down the hallway once again, spotting two drinks left on the bench in one of the adjacent stalls. I took them in my hands – they weren’t cold but they would work as convincing props – and walked down to where Natalie and Stacy were. I tentatively peaked around the corner as I came in, finding both girls sitting there next to each other, fully clothed. Natalie was buttoning up her blouse and Stacy had her tube top back on, straightening out the edges as if nothing had happened. Both girls faces were sweaty and flushed from their very obvious activities that had just taken place, and Natalie seemed to radiate a sort of glow, her eyes glazed over in post-coital bliss.

“Here you are ladies, sorry if they are a bit warm. I had to wait in line,” I said sheepishly, trying to avoid letting them know I had seen what they had been up to (my erection had thankfully subsided). Natalie took the drink from my hand and slowly drank from it. I don’t know if she actually liked it – it was some sort of fruity cocktail – but from the amount of sweat she had apparently shed, I knew she was thirsty.

Stacy walked over to me and took the drink from my hand, walking past. “Thanks guy. Hope to see you again sweetie,” she said. I thought at first that the comment was directed towards me but then I realized she had been talking to Natalie.

Natalie finished the drink completely with a gasp, setting the glass down on the bench next to her.

“Natalie?” I said, for she didn’t look like she was going to be moving any time soon, her back seeming to melt into the wall. Natalie turned to look at me.

“You ready to leave?” I asked. She simply nodded and stood up, her legs a little wobbly from the alcohol, sex and drugs she had partaken in over the last few minutes. She steadied herself on my arm and we walked back downstairs, through the throng of women still dancing and gyrating with one another and out into the night air.

Natalie leaned her head against my shoulder and from the way she was pressing against me, I knew that she wouldn’t be able to walk much distance at all. Thus, I decided that a cab would be the best bet and led Natalie to the curb as I waited for one to come by and pick us up.

A few minutes later one arrived and I sort of shoved Natalie into the backseat as I climbed in next to her.

“Where do you want to go?” the man asked, his voice heavy with a thick Arabian accent.

“Umm..not sure, hang on a second,” I said to him. I nudged Natalie, who had leaned her head against the side of the car and the seat, her eyes closed. I thought for a moment that she was asleep.

“Natalie? Tell the man where your apartment is okay? I don’t know and I think you need to go home,” I said to her.

Natalie leaned forward on the seat woozily and half-slurred the street name to the man. He nodded his head and we were off down the still-busy roadways of Boston, the air rushing in around us through the open back windows.

The ride was fairly short and within a few minutes the cabbie pulled to a stop in front of a row of old-style brownstone houses. I pulled some money from my wallet and handed it to him, tipping him graciously as I helped lead Natalie out of the car. The cabbie pulled off and I led Natalie towards the steps of the house, the street empty and quiet, a few lights on in neighboring buildings around us. The ride had sobered Natalie up a bit (or perhaps it had been the night air. I’ll never know) and she seemed to be able to walk better by herself as I led her up the steps and into the apartment.

Natalie fumbled in her laptop bag for her keys, struggling to find them though the sound of the metallic ring sliding around in the bag was filling the tomb-quiet hallway. I leaned over to her and helped her pull her keys out.

“Thanks,” she said, taking the keys from my hand and heading up the stairs to her apartment. We walked quietly up the carpeted steps, slowly and carefully so as not to wake up the other tenants. Natalie stopped in front of her door and opened the room, flipping on a wall switch as she stepped through the threshold and turned to face me.

“Don’t you want to come in?” Natalie said to me, setting her back on the floor by the door.

“Only if you want me to,” I replied. Natalie thought for a moment.

“Well, you already opened my eyes to what it’s like to be sexual adventurous for once, the least I can do is repay you. That is, unless you have somewhere else to go?” she said.

“I don’t. But I just want to make sure you know where things could lead if I do come in,” I replied.

“I do. And I think, after tonight and getting to know you better and all that, I do,” she said. I nodded and stepped into the apartment next to her, Natalie closing the door softly behind us. I stood there for a moment as Natalie walked into the living room, checking the messages on her answering machine. I put my hands in my pockets while Natalie busied herself with her own tasks, waiting to see wanted to do next.

“You don’t have to stand there. Here, come have a seat,” she said, motioning towards the couch. I walked over to it and sat down while Natalie scribbled down some phone numbers from the answering machine, the tape clicking as it came to it’s last message. Natalie joined me on the couch then.

“Tonight was fun. I don’t know what got into me, but the combination of your very persuasive arguments in going into that club plus the pill I took from that girl, whose name was Stacy by the way, and the fun we had have definitely changed my mind on a lot of things. I don’t think I’ll be such a prude from now on,” Natalie said.

“I never thought you were a prude Natalie,” I replied. “I only thought you weren’t comfortable with your own sexual fantasies, and that’s why you wrote your paper on CSSA. You didn’t want to admit to yourself the way you felt, that you weren’t very adventurous when it came to your own thoughts,”

“Maybe so. But I will be more open minded from now on. Life is too short not to have a little bit of fun now and then, and as long as it’s in moderation and is as safe as can be, I think it’s healthy to get to know yourself better,” Natalie said.

“So does that mean you might be more open to sleeping with guys you just met?” I asked with a grin.

“What, like you?” Natalie replied with a wicked smile. I laughed.

“Well, with me would certainly be nice. All night I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful and sexy you were. But I just meant in general,” I said.

“I don’t know, I would probably just have to try it out, see how I felt about it,” Natalie said. She leaned to me and gave me a hug, her mouth right by my ear as I held her closer to me.

“I’m willing to try it out now if you are too,” Natalie said. I didn’t say anything for a moment and as Natalie lifted her head away from my shoulder, I looked deep into her brown eyes. They were like beautiful pools of chocolate, the flecks in them dancing around like mystical fire within her face, representing to me the intelligence and beauty and grace of Natalie, but also how she was after all just human and had the same desires as everyone else.

I moved my mouth closer to hers and within a moment our lips touched, the electric excitement of the kiss sending cold chills down my spine as her soft lips pressed against my own. Natalie’s small mouth parted gently beneath my kiss as I began to slip my tongue into her mouth, passing over Natalie’s own tongue and deeper into the depths of her hot, wet mouth. Natalie returned the kiss and I could feel her little tongue start to explore my own mouth as we pressed in closer to each other, my arms instinctively wrapping around her shoulders to savor the moment, to make it last and stay embedded in my memories forever.

My hands roamed up and down Natalie’s back, feeling her soft body beneath my touch, the smoothness of her flesh radiating heat from beneath the silk blouse she still wore, the top behind her neck wet with sweat and perspiration. Our kissing grew more and more heated with every passing second, Natalie’s head and my own moving and weaving around as we pushed hard against one another, trying to explore as much of each other’s bodies as possible. I knew that Natalie’s increased passion and heat were from the Ecstasy she had taken at the party, but it didn’t matter to me…all I knew was that the drug hadn’t altered her desire and that I was lucky to have this experience just once in my life, with a celebrity and beautiful woman like Natalie.

I broke the kiss, Natalie panting a little, her face flushed from the excitement. A small drop of perspiration formed on her head, like morning dew on a blade of grass and it seemed to excite me even further, my body and mind gone completely to the task of making this time with Natalie last.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Natalie said. She stood up and I walked behind her, my arms wrapped around her waist as I felt her firm stomach underneath my touch, my fingers lifting up the material slightly so that I could feel the smooth heat coming from her body. Natalie lead me into the bedroom and turned on the light, kicking off her shoes before stepping away from me for an agonizing moment to clear off the bed from the books and stuffed animals (a memory of her childhood no doubt, but it made her all the more sexy in mind, the clash between a young girl and an excitable woman making her allure undeniable.) She pulled back the sheets and wasted no time undressing herself as I stood by the bed and did the same.

Within a few moments, we were both naked on the bed, my cock jutting obscenely from my waist as I laid down next to Natalie on the bed. She was even more beautiful than the awkward light of the club had allowed me to see. Her body was petite and flawless, from her gorgeous breasts to the small patch of pubic hair between her legs to her smiling face, a smile that looked at me with affection and lust. Natalie was without a doubt the most beautiful woman I had ever been with and probably would ever be with.

She rubbed a finger along her hip and thigh, making nonsensical circles and shapes over the smooth skin of her leg, the smallest hairs of her body brushing back to the will of her finger as she caressed her own skin. Natalie was propped up on her elbow as she faced me, our faces just inches apart on the bed, neither of us saying anything. I breathed in deeply, savoring her scent – a delicate blend of her perfume from much earlier in the day, the sweat of her body and the aroma of her sexual excitement intoxicating me to the point that I almost became dizzy from it. I placed my hand on Natalie’s own and guided her finger along the rest of her body, moving up from her hips to her stomach and chest, between her cleavage and along the soft flesh of her neck, Natalie tilting her head up as my fingernail brushed over skin.

Natalie moved her hand free of mine and pulled my index finger up to her mouth. She took it in between her lips, sucking lightly on the tip as her warm saliva coated my digit from the tip to the base. This gesture was incredibly erotic, I found, and I almost hated it to be over as finally pushed it free from her lips, a sexy smile on her face as she did so.

Rolling over onto her back, Natalie reached into a bedside table and pulled out a condom, unwrapping it holding it between her fingers, the lubricant making them slightly wet and damp as she held it, looking at this small piece of rubber.

“I thought you didn’t do this sort of thing that often?” I said to her with a smile.

“Always be prepared,” she replied. I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips before sitting up and crawling over her body, my legs almost dangling off her small bed as I held myself over her. Natalie raised her head off a pillow and glanced down at my swaying cock, catching it in her hand. The feeling of her small hand wrapped around my prick was heavenly and I thought that I would blow my load right then. As she moved the condom down by the tip of my shaft, I leaned forward slightly to meet her hand, feeling the tightness of the latex as she slowly unraveled it down my prick.

Natalie pushed it down all the way onto my 7 inches of cock, unwrapping it to the base as she squeezed me firm to make sure it was on and stayed on. I moaned slightly to myself at this added pressure, Natalie’s hand falling away from my prick to move up my body and chest, her fingers rubbing over my stomach and up over my nipples, as if electricity flowed from her hand to my body.

I looked down and watched as Natalie spread her legs slightly, her pink lips opening up like a delicate flower beneath me as I pushed my hips down to her opening and aligned my cock with her hole. I felt the tip press against her fiery hot sex and locked eyes with Natalie as I slowly pushed myself into her.

Watching her face as I pressed the tip into her body, Natalie just smiled at me slightly as more and more of shaft began to slide into her wet twat, the head going further into her tight channel with each passing second. I pushed harder into her, as my dick became engulfed in Natalie’s stretching cunt lips, her legs parting even more to allow me more room. I sighed contentedly as I finally bottomed out inside of her young snatch, the world around me disappearing as I held myself inside of her for a moment, inside of her tight walls that seemed to hold me in a death grip like a vice.

Slowly, so as not to hurt Natalie at all, I began to ease myself back out of her slightly, her inner muscles squeezing onto me as they tried to hold me deeper into her body. I removed about half of my dick from her body before sliding back into her slowly, the lubrication from the condom and of Natalie’s own wet box making my gliding motions easier with every push. Natalie held onto my shoulders with one hand and stroked my face softly with the other, the back of her hand brushing along my unshaven cheek as we moved as one, my body and hers a cosmic uniting of sexual fulfillment.

I lowered myself to my elbows to give me better stamina in fucking her (I knew I wouldn’t last very long) and our faces were just an inch or so apart as I moved my hips up and down into her pussy. Even through the condom, I could feel the softness of her inner cunt rubbing against the sensitive flesh of my prick, the caress of her body just as beautiful and amazing as everything else about her. I began to get a good pace going inside of her as I worked myself in and out, feeling her body respond to my thrusts and hearing her soft breath in my ear as she grew more and more excited.

My balls rested firmly against her ass, sliding up and down along her sex as I made love to her, my sac rubbing over her exposed and excited clit as I rocked myself into and out of her body. Natalie was still feeling the effects of the drugs and seemed to be fascinated with the feel of my skin beneath her fingers, rubbing and feeling each and every hair on my chest and forearms as she responded to my fucking my grinding her hips hard against my own. Her eyes had a sort of dull glaze to them, the pleasure overwhelming her senses and making her body flush with excitement as I continued to slide in and out of her, unsure how much longer I could keep going without releasing my pent up load.

My nuts began to tighten slightly from the course of our lovemaking and the different texture that they took on seemed to excite Natalie even more, her body moving faster and faster against me, her clit a hard little nub as I made sure to rub against it while I slid myself into her. She must have been close to orgasm because as I pushed into her harder now (Natalie was speeding things up, not me. I wanted to last as long as possible), she suddenly gave a deep throated cry and her legs shot up from the bed for a moment, the pleasure of cumming rushing through her body. I glanced back to see her toes curling up and then felt her body tremble beneath me as she came, my dick burrowed as deep as possible into her snatch, her body shaking as I felt a small trickle of her juices escape from between her thighs.

Natalie lifted her head up and kissed me again, a passionate kiss as she shoved her tongue into my mouth as if to thank me for making her cum. She leaned back down on the bed and breathed heavily for a moment, still lost in her own world of bliss. I continued my pace inside of her, but I knew that from the way Natalie’s pussy had contracted around me that I was just seconds away from cumming.

Turns out I was right. As I slid myself into Natalie one more time to the fullest, I held myself there to feel the tightness of her snatch. Instinctively or not, her cunt squeezed me the hardest all night as I held myself there and I felt my orgasm begin, the white hot cum shooting up from my balls and out of my prick in an explosion that almost made me black out. I lost track of how many times I shot, but I could feel each one as the head of my prick expanded to make room for the streams of my juice to spill forth. I saw stars for a moment as the orgasm ended and then finally, out of breath, lowered myself down onto Natalie’s body, almost crushing her from my exhaustion. We laid like that for a moment before I finally (and regretfully) pulled my prick from her snatch and rolled over onto to the bed next to her, sliding the skin tight condom off before my dick grew soft. I sat up and tossed it into a nearby wastebasket before laying back down on the bed.

Natalie curled up next to me, and I could feel her heartbeat slowly returning to normal in her chest as her small breasts brushed against my forearm. Within a few moments she was sound asleep, a small smile on her face as she slept – a look of contentment.

I laid there holding her for a while, probably a few hours, unable to sleep. Sitting up, I saw that it was almost 3 in the morning and decided that it might be time to leave, lest I get locked out of my hotel for the night. Dressing quietly, I carried my shoes and left Natalie’s apartment, turning off the lights and shutting the door behind me before walking out onto the street once more and into the quiet night.

The next afternoon, I made sure I had a front row seat for Natalie’s continued speech. Muscling my way in past the exact same “Star Wars” geeks, I took a seat front and center so I could see if Natalie really had changed her tune about the site.

Natalie took the podium, wearing a pink blouse that opened up slightly above her breasts and a pair of black pants that clung to shapely legs. She didn’t see me sitting in the front row…not until she started her speech at least.

“Thank you all for coming back for a second day, as I wrap up my thesis paper. I had originally planned to continue to argue the point against celebrity pornography on the Internet, but in light of a few recent events and consultation with knowledgeable sources, who will be named in my revised draft, I have come to an entirely different conclusion than my hypothesis first suggested,” Natalie said into the microphone. There was a quiet murmuring running through the auditorium as people whispered to the person next to them, wondering what she meant.

“The truth is, these authors and whom the mainstream press and academia would call pornographers are really nothing more than enlightened members of our society, men and women who are in touch not only with their sexual selves but also grasp an ability unlike other people out there to balance out their lives between ones of fantasy and personal desire. They possess the skills needed to live an orderly and perhaps even imitateable lifestyle where everything that they do is in true balance. It is the liberals and people such as the authors of C-S-S-A.com that are advancing our society, not the old time prudish nature of those who seek to closet up sexuality and lust for those we admire in our world,” Natalie said.

Now the noise was almost deafening, people not believing what they had heard.

“I am not at this point ready to conclude this topic of research, so until that time is reached I must delay my final thesis paper so that I can make revisions in light of this new information. I would take questions on the topic today, but I really must be going. Good day,” Natalie finished, walking quickly away from the podium and out a nearby side door. People had risen from their chairs and were shouting questions at her, asking her to clarify what she meant.

But Natalie ignored them as she walked past. She did however see me sitting in the audience near her and when I smiled at her while she strode past, I could have sworn I saw a slight wink in her eye. I grinned to myself for a second as Natalie vanished out the door and then stood up amongst the crowd and the loud noise of the auditorium. The “Star Wars” geeks sat stunned at what they had heard her say, but they remained motionless.

I paid them no heed as I quickly glanced around to make sure no one followed me and then promptly walked through the door that Natalie had just left, finding her waiting there for me, a wicked smile on her face.


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