Celebs Meet CSSA #11 – Pink

[Ed. Note – Pink hears Natalie Portman give a lecture about a site called c-s-s-a.com and the dangers it poses for celebrities. Curious, she investigates. The following is what happens when that takes place. This continues the “celebs find CSSA” storyline, as this is part 11 in the series. Enjoy! – Carnage Jackson ]

Celebs meet CSSA #11 – Pink

Midnight. The door to Pink’s house opened and Pink wearily stepped
inside, dragged her luggage in, and locked the door. She then fell onto the
couch in a deep sleep. Touring, parties, and video shoots for 20 months
straight can do this to a girl.

awoke to the sunlight streaming in through the window,
which happened to be a rather rude awakening. Anyone who’s been in this
situation, drunk or otherwise, can agree. Pink’s case happened to be the
former. The combination of a successful tour’s culmination and unlimited
access to mass quantities of liquor meant one thing for Pink: a massive
hangover. Her slumber had taken care of the bulk of it, but there was some
lingering pain, enough to be aggravating anyway. After letting loose a small
stream of curses directed mainly at her own drop in intelligence whenever
she is within the area of free alcohol, She decided that didn’t help much, and
headed off to the bathroom for some aspirin.

A couple of hours later, Pink’s hangover was a quickly fading
memory and she was enjoying her favorite movie, Evil Dead II, while
checking her e-mail. Pink had many vices, this being one of her more
innocent ones. She had deleted most of it since she was not interested in
having been pre-approved for a home loan or hitching up with a married
woman, as she decided if she was to ever have a lesbian encounter, it would
be a little younger than 50. She noticed one that wasn’t spam however. It
was a letter from Maxine, the girl from her “Get This Party Started” video.
The two had a few wild nights of parties before going their separate ways,
but they agreed to stay in contact. She clicked on the e-mail, looking forward
to getting together for another party in a couple of days, already forgetting
that hangover that had her cursing just a few hours ago. Pink was a little
upset when a cursory scan of the text yielded that wasn’t subject, but a quick
note reading:

Hey Alecia,

You gotta check this shit out! They’ve got all these
stories about celebrities acting like the horny little fuckers they relly are.
You’re even on there girl. It’s Http://www.c-s-s-a.com, and it is fucked up
See ya round


Pink typed in the address and was immediately greeted by a warning,
which she gave little head to and clicked OK and was quickly whisked to
another page informing her she had to be 18. She clicked enter and was then
taken to the main hub of the website, featuring updates, a message board,
something called T-S-S-A that Pink figured she’d investigate later, and the
stories themselves. Pink decided to check out her stories first, and clicked on
the letter P, as she figured they went by the name Pink and not her real
name. She scanned downward until she found what she was looking for. Her
own collection of stories, small but significant. Pink thought about this for
minute. On one hand, she didn’t like the idea of people getting off to her if
they weren’t in the same room she was, but on the other hand, what harm
was it? She was no angel when it came to the sexual front, and her media
image was that of a bad girl, so these stories weren’t exactly threatening her
career. She decided to click on one, see what adventures she had in these
stories. It was “Most Girls Wouldn’t Do That” by B-Boy

“Cute use of the lyric. Whoever you are,” Pink remarked to no one
that could give a response. She read through the story, whose basic premise
was that she was a stoolie for the cops and she became a guinea pig for a
new date rape drug. Very well written, the only mistake was she had never
done coke and didn’t plan on it. She kept to mainly weed and X, with an
occasional acid trip. She was impressed; she didn’t expect that level of
writing from a sex story. She decided to check out another one, this one
“Moulin Rouge: After the Video” by Double T. She wasn’t surprised with
the premise, she figured when she did the video there’d be guys getting off
to it, and possibly a couple stories, so it didn’t freak her out. “Dirty Rouge”,
on the other hand, did. The thought of not being in control of her own mind
sent chills down her spine.

A couple weeks later, Pink had the site bookmarked and had read
almost every story on there. The one where Britney Spears impregnates
Christina Aguilera had her laughing so hard she almost fell out of her chair.
She thought some of the animal stories were sick at first, but it wasn’t long
before she was masturbating to those too. It wasn’t long before a little
demon hatched in her brain, one that suggested she should find a random
guy and fuck his dick off. At first she ignored it, but as the days went on and
she read more and more stories, and the voice became louder and louder, she
wondered about doing that. Her nipples became hard at the thought, but her
mind also became clouded with concerns and questions. Sure, she was a
party girl, but that didn’t mean she was stupid, she knew about AIDS and
syphilis and a thousand other diseases like those. She grappled with the
decision for another couple of days before coming to a decision.

After paying the exorbitant cover charge, Pink entered the club,
instantly greeted by flashing lights and a booming bass coming from the
massive speakers. The speakers at her last tour weren’t as big. Pink shook
her head back and forth a couple of times to focus. She wasn’t here for the
music; she was here for a guy. She was dressed to attract, too. She had on
pink low-top Chuck Taylors, tight denim cutoffs, and a whit Green Day shirt
that showed off her sexy naval and piercing, along with sunglasses and
spiked blue hair. She had decided against a bra or underwear, figuring they’d
do nothing but get in the way.

Pink did a scan of the tables from the bar. She’d had no luck with the
dance floor, every guy there was connected with a girl or another guy, and a
search of the tables didn’t provide much: One forty-year-old alcoholic and a
trio of twenty year olds arguing about Episode II of Star Wars. Pink
grimaced and thought to herself. “There’s only one thing to do in a situation
such as this: drink until I forget.” She spun around to face the bartender and
called out for a beer. When the bartender came over she was pleasantly
surprised with what he looked like, well, what she could see anyway. He had
dyed red hair that wasn’t quite shoulder length, brown eyes, pierced ears,
and had somewhat tan skin.

“You gonna pay now or should I keep a tab?” He asked in a friendly

“How about back at my place, Honey? What’s your name? Pink

“Name’s Ash. You?” He replied

“Alecia. You ever work at an S-Mart?” She grinned

No, and that’s not the first time someone’s said that” He smirked as he
said it.

“When do you get off?” Pink asked, licking her lips seductively.
“You’re in luck, my shift ended just as you said that” He answered
after glancing at his watch. “If you’re serious about your offer, meet me by
the back door in 10 minutes”

Ten minutes later, Ash had checked out, gotten his paycheck, and
stepped out the back door into the warm California summer. He did a
cursory scan of the rear alley and tried to not be disappointed when he didn’t
see her. He made his way to his shit box car, figuring it’d be another one-
handed night on AOL when he felt a hand slap him on his ass and a voice
“Going somewhere?”

Ash spun around and was pleased to see the same girl that had been flirting
with him at the bar. “Didn’t think you’d be here.”

Pink just grabbed his head and kissed him passionately and deeply,
exploring every part of his mouth that her tongue could reach, and Ash
quickly followed suit. He rubbed her ass crack through her cutoffs while
pink rubbed his not quite muscular chest, pinching and flicking his nipples.
She could feel his growing hard on pressing into her thigh, and was pleased
with what she felt. After coming up for air, Ash figured he might as well ask
her now. “Hey, you’re gonna think I’m stupid, but I gotta ask: Are you that
singer Pink? I had to ask beca-” Pink put a finger to his lips to quiet him.
“I’m Pink, yeah, just don’t tell anyone. I don’t need the tabloids on me for
the rest of my career”

“Don’t worry. No one would believe me if I tried.” Ash replied

“Good. Now let’s head to your place”

“Fine by me, but don’t expect an impressive d├ęcor”

“Well, I’m sure our clothes on the floor will add a lot” Pink grinned

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Fifteen minutes later, Ash was getting a couple beers out of the fridge while
Pink flipped through Ash’s record collection. Pink was so absorbed with his
record collection she didn’t hear him enter his bedroom

“I take it you like punk rock!” Pink shouted, still assuming Ash was at
the fridge.

“Yeah, what gave you that idea?” Ash said, startling the beauty. She
spun around quickly with a surprised look on her face.
“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” Pink tried to say angrily, but she
was so turned on by what she was about to do it didn’t come out in the
threatening tone she was aiming for.

“I wasn’t sneaking up on you, but again, what gives you the idea I’m
into punk rock?”

“Well, you got The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols. Punk rock

“Yeah, but I also have Ice-T and Mozart. Hey do you feel hot? I’m
gonna take off my shirt. You’re welcome to join me.” Ash grinned at Pink as
he started to unbutton his black top.

“Here, it looks like you need my help.” Pink knelt down in front of
Ash and unbuttoned every button on his shirt using her tongue. When Pink
looked back up at Ash, she couldn’t help but laugh at his gaping mouth.
“You’ve never had that done to you before?”

“Not until now. But I don’t think this is very fair. That top’s gotta
come off.” With that Ash slipped his hands under her babydoll shirt and
brought it up over her head in one swift motion, then started massaging and
pinching her 32C breasts. When Ash dove in and started sucking on her
nipples, it was Pink’s turn to be taken by surprise as they both collapsed
backwards onto the bed. After getting her breasts pampered for over fifteen
minutes, Ash pulled of off her breasts and pulled of his pants, exposing his
ten incher to her.

“Boy, cute AND packing heat. You’re a good find.”

Before Ash could reply, Pink had pulled herself out from under Ash
and engulfed his erect cock in one swoop. Ash was at the receiving end of
one of Pink’s less publicly celebrated accomplishments, which she had
honed ever since losing her virginity at the age of sixteen. After
deepthroating his dick for around five minutes, Pink stuck her tongue down
Ash’s pisshole, almost causing him to blow his load immediately. He tried to
hold it in, but when Pink started fondling his balls, the pleasure became too
much for our hero and he came in what felt like the largest orgasm he ever
had. Pink swallowed all of it, using her forefinger to seductively wipe away
the small bit that leaked out of the corners of her mouth.

“You like that, babe?” Pink eyed Ash seductively

“That was the most incredible blowjob I’ve ever had.”

“Good, because now it’s your turn!” Pink said as she pulled down her
cutoffs, exposing her neatly trimmed (but not completely shaven) pussy. Ash
dove right in, lightly pinching and licking her exposed clit and outer vaginal
lips, teasing Pink for several minutes before she screamed at him to tongue
fuck her. Ash obliged, parting her lips and delving into her deep honey pot.
Ash moved his tongue in and out, keeping a light hold on Pink’s love button.
This combination meant Pink didn’t last long, and she soon let loose with a
wave of pussy juice right into Ash’s face and mouth. By this time, Ash’s
cock was rock hard again. After giving Pink a few minutes to get her
breathing back to a somewhat normal rate, Ash was positioned at Pinks
opening and was about to enter when a thought suddenly crossed his mind.
“Hey, should I put on a condom?”

“I’m on the pill.”

With that, Ash plunged into Pink’s love canal all the way to the hilt.
Pink screamed in ecstasy as she grasped his hips and held on as Ash
hammered away at her cunt, going faster and faster as she moaned and
screamed more and more. While ten inches is not the biggest Pink has ever
had, but he was the first to go down on her, so she was pleased with the
evening so far. Pink vocally expressed her pleasure, screaming strings of
cusswords that could put George Carlin to shame.

All of a sudden though, Ash stopped and pulled out.

“C’mon put back in me you bastard!”

“Hey, you ever try anal sex before?”

At Ash’s suggestion, Pink turned to face Ash with a shine of
excitement in her eyes.

“Shove it in there, big boy!”

After coating her asshole with a generous layer of her juices, Ash
pushed the first two inches in, then another. He was in about six inches when
Pink lost her patience and rocked her hips back, plunging in the last four
inches. Ash immediately took over, fucking her tight ass hard and deep,
getting Pink to swear like a Massachusetts driver. After about ten minutes of
fucking her bunghole, Ash exploded into Pink’s ass, filling her bowels to the
brim with hot sticky sperm. He pulled out and the both collapsed into a pile
of sweaty body parts. Pink rolled on top of Ash.

“We have to do this again sometime, honey.”

“Anytime, anywhere.”

Pink and Ash kissed passionately and deeply as Ash fingered Pink’s
cum-filled rectum.

One week later, Pink paid a visit to the club where she met Ash, and
was pleased that she’d come on a day he was working there. The club had
just opened for the day, and she found herself sitting alone at the bar with
Ash as the only person to talk to. Not that she minded. She sat down at a
table to have a beer while Ash washed the bartop. Just then, a couple
obvious gang members entered the bar, angry that they had just lost one of
their best dealers. They were angry and looking for a fight or girl. When
they saw Pink sitting at a table, they moved in like sharks.
“Hey babe, you ever had a REAL man?”

“You know, that shirt’d look good on my floor”

When Pink got up to leave, the leader of the gang, Rock, pulled out a
gun and shoved it under Pink’s chin. He didn’t have a chance to do much
else, as a bullet whizzed past his chest, missing it by less than an inch. They
turned around to see Ash standing atop the bar holding a shotgun whose
barrel was still smoking.

“Rock, you got ten seconds before I aerate your worthless skull.”

“When are you gonna learn whitey, don’t mess with the black man!”

“Moron, you’re white. Deal with it. Now leave.”

“Bitch you ain’t heard the last of us. The Rocks will be back!”
With that, the two gang members quickly ran out of the club before the
bouncer could catch them. Ash jumped down from the bartop, placed the
gun on a table, and ran over to Pink
“You OK?”

“I’m fine. That was incredible how you handled those guys!” Pink
said while working on getting her heart rate back to normal. Then Ash
placed his hands on her hips and said the words she wouldn’t be forgetting
for a long time right before he kissed her.

“Hail to the king, Baby.”

[Authors note; The following story should only have been read

by people over eighteen.

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