Celebs Meet CSSA #12: Kirsten Dunst

[Ed. Note – After getting an email from one of her fan sites about a story by an author named turc443, Kirsten Dunst decides to visit the site and see what the fuss is about. The following is what happens when that takes place. This continues the “celebs find CSSA” storyline, as this is part 12 in the series. Enjoy! – Carnage Jackson ]

The following story is purely a work of fiction of a sexual nature. If you’re not of age, it’s illegal to view such material in your community, etc. then stop right now and go away.

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Quick note. This is what happens when I try to do too much with a story. Lots of setup and one blah sex scene, and a few holes in the story. Anyways, here you go.

Celebs Meet CSSA: Kirsten Dunst


turc443 (turc443@hotmail.com)

In looking for a real challenge in NCAA Football 2003, I decided to use Grambling State and build them into a powerhouse football team and win the national championship. I was only in my first season and my second game was against Texas so I promptly got wailed thirty five to seven throwing four interceptions. Grambling State does not have a good offensive line so you’re force to scramble or throw the ball away.

As I went through and saved various game files I felt my stomach start to turn and groan. I had a bologna and mustard sandwich with Doritos for lunch and hadn’t eaten breakfast or dinner. It was mostly because I hadn’t gone to the store yet and had no food. Actually I was broke having just paid my late bills for the month and I wasn’t getting paid from work until nextweek. However I had a few bucks in my pocket, which was enough to get me a first class meal from Taco Bell.

I pulled into a parking space and put my car into park. I would normally have gone through the drive-thru, but this Taco Bell had their drive-thru menu and speaker system destroyed by lighting during a severe thunderstorm recently and were in the midst of having a new one installed. I crossed the parking lot and as I got nearer I started to recognize a figure inside the restaurant.

“Ah fuck!” I mumbled under my breath as I stood outside the restaurant and could see Sara inside ordering. Sara was my ex-fiancee and the breakup wasn’t pretty considering I caught her sleeping with someone else, called her a slut, and she in turn accused me of being an unfeeling bastard and stealing from her.

Instead of being practical and leaving I decided to go in anyways. There were three people waiting behind her and if I could just get in line then there was a good chance she wouldn’t even see me when she left. However when I opened the door she turned her head and spotted me.

“What are you doing here?”

“Getting food like you. The difference though is that I’m going to use money to pay for mine, where as you like to…”

“Fuck you JJ! It’s your fault it all happened!”

“What are you talking about? I was talking about your cousin getting you all those free coupons and stuff.”

“Bullshit you were! I know an implication when I hear one!”

“Well aren’t you the smartest fucking girl I know?”

“Don’t fucking play with me. If you would just give me my dvd’s and the player back we wouldn’t have to talk to each other ever again.”

Sara was really starting to get pissed off and raise her voice. The customers in line and those sitting and eating were all looking at us now. In the past it might have bothered me that everyone was looking at us, but I didn’t care anymore. I had bigger things to worry about and besides Sara was the one causing the commotion.

“For the last god damn time Sara I gave back all the dvds that were yours, and the player is mine. Visa says so.”

“Bullshit, you gave me the player for my birthday and I’m still missing my Buffy dvds.”

“No, you had just bought a player for yourself which I didn’t find out about until the day of your birthday. You’re a fucking nut so I kept the player for myself until we broke up. I gave you the crap-ass perfume instead. As for your Buffy dvds I have no fucking clue where they are. I never watched the show so I’d have no reason to keep them.”

Just then the night manager walked out and had a pissed off look on his face.

“You two need to shut up or get the hell out. You’re creating a commotion and disturbing everyone.”

“We’re done here,” Sara said as she backed up towards the doors. “I’ve got my food and I’m going, but just beware JJ you’ve got yours coming. You’ll be sorry.”

“You’re crazy bitch.”

Having just finished the filming of Spider-Man 2, Kirsten had about a month and a half before she would have to fly to England to film her next movie project. With the impending free time Kirsten spent part of it surfing the web and replying to e-mail fans had sent to her site.

Most of the e-mail was about movies, her life, things she liked, and most recently the relationship she and Tobey Maguire may or may not have had and whether or not they were going to get back together. One day a most peculiar e-mail came from the webmaster of her site. It talked about a one-sided flame war taking place on the message board at a fan’s website involving a sex story called ‘The Year’ written with her in it and about the site hosting it.

Out of curiosity, Kirsten surfed on over to the website and checked to see what the big fuss was over. Most of the posts were by fans bashing the story and site, and complaining about how perverted and nasty it all was. There was a direct link to the story in question and a link to website hosting the story as well. Unbeknownst to everyone but her closet confidants, Kirsten had no problem with the perverse as she had a small dvd porno collection herself so she clicked the link that simply read http://www.c-s-s-a.com.

Upon entering the website, she found not only found ‘The Year’ but two thousand other stories CSSA boasted about hosting. She found just about every other celeb she could think of many of whom had dozens of stories. Quantity wise Kirsten was not the post popular celebrity written about. That had to have been Britney Spears seeing as she had her own page. Kirsten wasn’t sure whether or not she should happy or offended by that fact, but as she started looking through the story codes, she decided that maybe it was best that she wasn’t the most popular subject seeing as some of the stories contained rape, gang-bangs, drugs, sex with animals, and scat.

Kirsten had seen a link to CSSA’s message boards when she first came to the site so she decided to check that out as well and see what kind of discussions were being had. One of the first threads she saw was about a series of stories called ‘Celebs Meet CSSA’. As she read through the posts she saw that it was handful of stories written based on the idea of how celebrities would react to finding the website.

Recently someone going by the name “turc443” made a post asking who had been used so far for the series and a second person named “smackdown” gave the listing of celebrities by chapter number. Kirsten was oddly disappointed by the absence of her name, but then she killed the thought by telling herself that these stories were probably written by perverse ignorant individuals who had no lives. Your stereotypical internet pervert. She continued to scroll through the messages and saw that “turc443” had posted again and was thinking of using the idea of her reacting to his story ‘The Year’.

“Uh huh, so you’re the one everyone’s hating on,” Kirsten thought as she immediately recognized the story title. “Let’s give this a whirl and see what you came up with.”

Kirsten clicked on her browser’s back button a few times then found her way back to her section. Scrolling all the way to the very body she found the story she was looking for.

“Male, female, rape, oral, anal. Great stuff,” Kirsten mumbled sarcastically as she began to wonder that maybe she was insane to think that any of this filth could be flattering. Regardless of what she was starting to think she decided to go ahead and read the story that had created such an uproar.

Two weeks had passed since the Taco Bell incident and I had finally decided to use Kirsten Dunst for my contribution to the ‘Celebs Meet CSSA’ series so everything was cool in my life for the moment. My Michelle Rodriguez and Milla Jovovich story would have to be put on hold which I normally don’t like to do, because in the past stories I’ve put on hold never got completed, but right now I had just finished my first Kirsten Dunst story and was ready to contribute my part to the ‘Celebs Meet CSSA’ series. Basically I had decided that the premise of the story would revolve around how Kirsten reacted to ‘The Year’.

I could touch type well enough, but I was a slow typer when it came to taking story ideas from my head and putting them to paper so to speak. Because of that I had only began to start the scene in which my character is introduced into the story and I had been working on it for a good hour and a half. I saved what I had typed so far and found that I was up to a whopping five kilobytes.

“This is going well,” I thought as I got up and went to the kitchen to get myself a drink.

I returned with a Pepsi and decided to check my Hotmail account. Sure enough there was the usual six or seven pieces of spam guaranteeing weight loss or a larger penis, but the sender and subject of the last piece of e-mail caught my eye. The sender was called Kiki and the subject read “The Year’s a disturbing fairytale”. I opened up the e-mail and read what was inside. It simply said, “I want to talk to you.” Now I read somewhere that Kirsten’s nickname was Kiki, but I figured since I had pretended before to be certain celebs to screw with people before, then somebody was trying to do the same to me. I had received a few pieces of hatemail for the story so I figured hey I might as well entertain them.

I replied by saying, “If you want to talk, find me on ICQ sometime if you know how.”

I took a drink from my Pepsi and began working on the story again when a few minutes later, ICQ chimed indicating I had a message. I checked the message and saw it was from KIKIinNJ.

“That was quick I thought,” I thought. “Somebody’s anxious to get started.” I opened the message and read it.

KIKIinNJ: I may be blonde, but I’m not stupid.

turc443: My apologies then. Who might this be?

KIKIinNJ: You won’t believe me.

turc443: Try me.

KIKIinNJ: You know that celebrity you wrote about in The Year and are doing a new story about now?

turc443: You’re right I don’t believe you.

KIKIinNJ: Look, I want to talk to you about your stories and CSSA in general.

turc443: Normally, I’d entertain myself with the notion that you’re pretending to be Kirsten and think you could fool me, but I’m in the middle of something so I’ll have to bid you adieu.

KIKIinNJ: Adieu, huh? A big word from someone uses the words cuntal lips.

turc443: (yawn) I’m bored and am going to put you on ignore. Goodbye.

KIKIinNJ: Hold on, I can prove it’s me.

turc443: Oh really? And how is that?

KIKIinNJ: My folks have a webcam they use occasionally when they talk to their friends. Give me a moment and I’ll take a picture of myself.

turc443: This ought to be interesting. I don’t suppose I could ask you send a topless pic of yourself.

KIKIinNJ: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

When the messages from “Kirsten” stopped I took another drink from my Pepsi and went back to work on my story. I don’t know what happened, but the conversation with this so-called “Kirsten” got me inspired and I got quite a bit written in the fifteen minutes she was gone. I was about to shut down ICQ when she sent me a message.

KIKIinNJ: Sorry about that, my computer crashed and I had to reboot.

turc443: If you say so. Now can we get this charade over with?

KIKIinNJ: Sure thing.

ICQ indicated that she was trying to send me a file which I accepted and after running a virus scan on the file I opened it having no expectations. Needless to say I was a bit surprised when I saw Kirsten Dunst sitting in a chair and giving the webcam the finger. I left the picture open looking at it not sure what to say or do now. I briefly thought about shutting everything down, but she already knew my ICQ handle and email address.

KIKIinNJ: You there?

turc443: Yeah.

KIKIinNJ: Well?

turc443: Well what?

KIKIinNJ: Are you convinced it’s me?

turc443: Yeah I suppose I am.

KIKIinNJ: Good. Now let’s talk.

turc443: Something came up, I’ve got to go.

KIKIinNJ: Have to go all of a sudden huh? The fact that it’s me wouldn’t have anything to do with it would it?

turc443: So you found me? Big deal, now what? You going to turn me in or something?

KIKIinNJ: Not yet. You don’t harbor fantasies of raping me do you?

turc443: No.

KIKIinNJ: Good, just curious then as to why some of your stories have rape in them.

turc443: Back in 1999 I wrote my first handful of celebrity sex stories which is when all the stories with rape were written. Then I went on a 1.5 to 2 year hiatus from writing, and some things changed for me so the fact I included rape in your story is an exception.

KIKIinNJ: I will admit that I was initially disgusted after looking at the story codes, but I was intrigued after I read the story.

turc443: Ah good, so you’re not completely revolted with it?

KIKIinNJ: Not really, though the rape and anal did bother me. I’m curious about the suicide thing though. I get the feeling it’s something personal you wrote into the story.

turc443: Well I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone asked about that. Let’s just say I’ve known people who have had issues and from time to time I have had issues.

KIKIinNJ: Have you ever tried to kill yourself?

KIKIinNJ: Oh shit! Look I didn’t mean to ask that.

turc443: Don’t worry about it. No I’ve never tried to kill myself, but I sometimes have a morbid curiosity with death. Like I said I’ve got issues and really it’d be in your best interests not to go any further with this. Now that Spider-Man 2 is done you’ve got a movie coming up don’t you? There’s no need for the extra baggage. Besides I’m a stranger you hardly know and have only talked to for a few minutes. Just remember, curiosity killed the cat.

With that last sentence I logged off ICQ without letting her have time to respond. I dunno, I guess deep down I was scared or something. Hell my own family didn’t even know about my mood swings and occasional bouts of depression. I wasn’t about to lay myself out to a stranger especially one that I found extremely attractive. I really didn’t want her thinking I was nuts.

During the next week she sent me a few e-mails which I let sit unanswered. It wasn’t until about ten days after I logged off that night that I decided to mail her back. I waited a few days, but received no answer.

“I blew her off, and now she’s moved on. That’s the life I lead I suppose,” I finally conceded as I continued working on my Celebs Meet CSSA contribution. I worked on the story for at least forty-five minutes and was finally getting really into writing the story when there was a knock on my apartment door. Wearing an old Foo Fighters tour shirt and a pair of denim shorts I got up to answer the door.

“Huh? Wonder who could that be…” I wondered out loud as I walked to the door.

“Good god,” I mumbled as I peered through the peephole. “What’s she doing here?”

Outside in the hallway and dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt similar to that in ‘The Year’ Kirsten looked around as she waited for an answer. After hearing nothing for several minutes she knocked again.

Almost immediately after she knocked the second time I answered, not sure what to say.

“Who is it?”

“Look through the peephole,” Kirsten replied.

“I did.”

“Then you know who it is.”

Slowly I opened the door and came face to face with Kirsten.

“Yeah I do. Come in I guess.”

“Nice place you’ve got here,” Kirsten remarked as she set her suitcase on the floor and I closed the door behind her.

“Thanks.” I knew she was just being nice. My apartment was a bland as they come. Well not if you’re really into video games and movies. That was mostly the kind of decoration I hand on my walls topped off with a Star Wars Episode 2 calendar.

“Uh, so how’d you find out where I live and why’d you come out here?”

“You don’t use ICQ often do you?” Kirsten asked as she sat down on my couch.

“Not a whole lot. Mostly to talk to a few close friends.”

“That should explain why you left your name under the ‘User’s Details’ tab. Same with your city and state. After that it was just a matter of tracking you down.”

“You obviously put some effort into finding me which I find curious. You want anything to drink?” I asked as I got myself a Pepsi from the refrigerator.

“Sure. What do you have?”

“Pepsi, Amber Bock, Jaeggermeister, and a bottle of water.”

“Interesting selection, but water will be fine for now. You mind if I get on your computer and check my email?”

“Sure go ahead,” I replied as I reached for the water. “Oh shit!”

I panicked as I realized that I didn’t close my story before answering the door.

“Interesting,” Kirsten remarked from across the room.

“Good god, she must be reading it!” I thought. I then decided to try and distract her before she got too far into the story.

“You never answered my second question. Why did you come out here?”

“Because of this,” Kirsten answered pointing to the open story on my computer screen.

I twitched a bit at her now having seen the story.

“You ok? You’re twitching.”

“I’m fine, it occasionally happens for no reason,” I said as I sat down on the couch in front of the tv.

“You sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“Because you’re staring at a blank tv.”

“I know. I’m just thinking.

“What about?” Kirsten appeared almost out of nowhere and sat down on the couch next to me and I nearly jumped out of my seat.

“Oh come on, we can the share the couch. I promise I won’t bite.”

“I’m sorry, it’s not you. I can get so wrapped up in my thoughts even when I am talking to people. Anyways what do you want to know about?”

“I’m curious about a few things.”


“I don’t mind the stories involving me too much, at least the normal ones, but why write them? None of it’s real.”

“You mention not minding the normal stories, yet you tracked me down because of a story you read that contained rape and attempted suicide of all things. Usually those aren’t seen as normal activities. So what made you find me?”

“Well I guess it’s because your story’s a bit different. What I mean is is that there are rape stories on the site that have the rapist getting some kind of sick enjoyment out of humiliating their victim. Your story put a spin on the way rape is used as the two guys were killed, and the main character tried to kill himself because of what he saw and underlying issues he had. Not exactly your typical rape story.”

“That in itself is your answer.”

“I’m not following.”

“Basically everyone has their own reason for writing celebrity erotica. For me personally I do it as a hobby when I have some time to kill.”

“And you write about celebrities that you fantasize about right?”

“Kinda sort of. At least with me, I probably won’t write a story about a celebrity that I don’t find attractive in some manner. Using you for example, I find you extremely attractive and very sexy and that’s enough to get me writing about you. Though that’s not to say I don’t think you’re a great actress, and as lame a term as it is, a cool person too. If I were to create a top ten list you’d be number one. Now on the other hand let’s take Michelle Branch. You know who she is right?”

“Yes of course.”

“Ok, ok. Sorry. Anyways in my opinion she’s one of those celebrities who’s not attractive in the usual sense of the word. In some pictures she looks good and in others she looks rather plain, but from everything I’ve read on her and seen she’s very down to earth and cool about things so she’s attractive in that sense too. I made this a lot more wordy that I probably needed to, but basically I and many people I know write about celebrities we find attractive.”

“Ok, that’ seems logical enough I suppose, but what about the celebrities you write about? You every think about what they may think of all this? What about the whole Alyssa Milano thing where she aand her mother started suing to shut down sights that had nude pictures of her?”

“To be honest Alyssa Milano can go rot in hell for all I care. It’s rather hypocritical to do nude scenes in movies which anybody can see, yet get pissed off because somebody took screen caps from the movie and posted them on the internet. What it comes down to is that I’m hoping everyone can see this is all fantasy and make believe. Now as I told you when we talked on ICQ that night, I harbor no fantasies about raping you and you don’t seemed to concerned that I do so at least we’re on the same wavelength here.”

“You ever have fantasies about having sex with me?”

“If I did I wouldn’t be the only one.”

“Oh come on, it’s a simple yes or no question.”

“Hey if you want I’ll e-mail the webmaster at CSSA and have them remove the story.”

“You’re avoiding my question.”

“It’s a rhetorical question. So do you want the story taken down?”

“Why does my question make you so uncomfortable?”

I took a deep breath and responded.

“How am I supposed to respond to a question like that?”

“I’m just curious why you can write the stories with ease, but not answer a simple yes or now question. You’ve even answered my question about suicide.”

“Suicide only involves one person. As far the fantasy question goes if I say no you’re going to be a bit insulted or think I’m insane. If I say yes, it only reinforces the notion that I’m a pervert, which normally I wouldn’t care what anybody thought, but you’re not exactly anybody. What it all boils down to is this. I write fantasy celebrity erotica for fun. I write about celebrities I like, and you’re one of them. I have most of your movies including Get Over It despite the fact it has Sisqo in it. Like I said before I think you’re very attractive.”

I ran my hands over my face and through my hair scratching the back of my head a bit.

“You know, this could have all been said over ICQ or e-mail. Chances are I won’t get the CSSA story done for awhile and if I do it’ll be longer and crappier than the last story I wrote. And I don’t know why I didn’t recognize it until now, but what’s with the suitcase?”

“Yes all of this could have been said over ICQ, but after reading the story for Rachel Leigh Cook I decided I wanted to see you in person. Have you read that story yet? It’s pretty good.”

“Yeah I have, but what’s it have to do with me?”

“I want to help you write your story even if it takes a few days and if need be I’ll give you the proper motivation.”

I looked over at Kirsten to see a glint of wickedness in her eyes. A questioning look formed over my face.

“Oh come on JJ, even celebrities have their wilder sides. I bet you didn’t know that I have a small collection of videos did you?”

“No…” I kinda mumbled as I started to feel a bit funny about everything.

Kirsten took my hand and pushed it up the bottom of her t-shirt and pressed it to her breast. I could slightly feel the nipple through her bra and with my index finger I started to push the strap to the side.

“Not yet,” She said as she pulled my hand from her shirt.

I got up and shook my head trying to get rid of perverse fanboy thoughts now running through my head.

“Hey sorry about that Kirsten,” I apologized as I ran my hands over my face again.

“Nothing to apologize for. Like I said, not yet.”

“Not yet what?”

“You’re not seeing anything until you finish the story and you have three days including today,” Kirsten said smiling.

“Damn girl, what’s gotten into you?”

“It’s like I said even celebrities have their wild sides. Now let’s go get something to eat and you can get working on the story afterwards. It’s my treat.”

“That’s cool. It’ll be good to eat something that takes more than five minutes to prepare. I haven’t taken a shower yet, so give me a few.”

“No problem. I’ll just watch some tv while you’re in there.”

“Ok, I shouldn’t be too long.”

I ducked into my bedroom and retrieved my robe, before heading off to the shower. I went through the motions of shampooing my hair and washing my body while water flowed from the showerhead. When I finished I got out, robed, and walked to my room.

“I’ll be ready in a minute,” I said as I passed Kirsten watching the news.


I made quick work of getting dressed; my best khakis, an old button-up Tommy Hilfiger shirt, and a decent pair of dress shoes. While I had been dressing Kirsten had changed into a nice low cut black dress.

“You brought a dress with you?” I asked a bit surprised.

“Yes I did, just in case.”

“I’m assuming it was in your suitcase since that’s all you brought so how did you keep from getting it creased and wrinkled?”

“An old trick my mother taught me.”

“Alright then I suppose. So where are we going tonight?”

“Jean Lanier’s. Ever been there?”

“Uh… No. It’s too expensive for me and has a waiting list a mile long. I’m guessing you can use your celebrity status to get us in?”

“Of course, it does have it’s perks and don’t worry I’ll cover your part of the bill tonight.”

I locked the door behind us and we made our way downstairs to the street. We walked to my car parked a blcok down and Kirsten got in on the passenger side. I was about get in as well when I looked to my left and saw Sara and Mike headed my way.

“Just a sec,” I said to Kirsten as I shut the car door. Kirsten ignored me and got out leaning with her hands on the passenger side of my car.

“What do you two jackoffs want?”

“Sara wants her stuff back,” Mike answered.

“Go fuck yourself Mike. She has all her stuff,” I replied.

“Give me my stuff god damn it!” Sara growled.

“What’s good going on?” Kirsten called from the other side of the car.

Sara looked past me to see whose voice it was.

“Mother fucker! How’d you get that bitch to come here and visit your sorry ass?”

“Excuse me? I don’t think I heard you right,” Kirsten replied as she walked around the front of the car and stared down Sara.

“Oh I think you did biATCH! I called you a mother-fucking bitch! You got to be one if you’re hanging around JJ. This ain’t no Hollywood miss thang.” Sara now was copping an attitude with Kirsten.

“No you look bitch, he doesn’t have any of your stuff so you and Mongo over there leave now and we’ll make like this never happened.”

“I don’t think so Mary Jane. Either he’s going to give me my things or we’re going to take them,” Sara said aggressively as she started to push Kirsten.

“Don’t fucking touch her,” I growled as I pushed Sara on the shoulder and her arm swung around hitting Mike in the face.

“Don’t touch Sarah!” Mike shouted as he lunged shoving me into my car.

I jumped and swung at him. My fist grazed his chin and he swung back. I raised my arm in time to block and decided to end the fight now. My foot swung up and rammed hard into his crotch. He doubled over in pain holding his groin. I grabbed Mike’s head and slammed it into my knee.

“JJ watch out!” Kirsten shouted.

I turned to see Sara with her shoe in hand as it struck me in the face. Cursing I stumbled back and when I regained my composure I looked up to see a bloodied Mike and Sara running off into the darkness. I felt blood trickle down to my lip and I wiped away with my shirtsleeve.

“FUCKING BITCH!” I yelled at the night. I slammed my fist onto the hood of my car ignoring the temporary pain it caused.

“Oh shit, you’re bleeding,” Kirsten frowned.

“I know, let me go get cleaned up and we can still make it to dinner.”

“No it’s alright let’s just stay in tonight.”

Still fuming I made my way back to my apartment with Kirsten close behind. In the bathroom I wiped the blood from my face and held my nose to stop the bleeding. After a few minutes the bleeding stopped and I noticed a spot of blood on my shirt. It was most likely Mike’s. I walked to my room and changed back into a pair of denim shorts and an old promotional Spider-Man movie t-shirt.

“Sorry about–” I began as I walked back into the living room. Kirsten had started changing back into the clothes she had been wearing earlier in the night and had her pants on, but she was wearing just a bra with no top. “Oh shit, sorry.”

I turned back towards my room while she finished dressing.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m kinda used to it on movie sets, though this isn’t exactly a set. I don’t know. I guess I feel comfortable around you, more so than maybe I normally would around a relative stranger. Nice shirt by the way.”

“Uh thanks. Anyways, sorry about the incident back there.”

“Who was that and what was that all about?” Kirsten asked.

As I mulled over her question and my history with Sara I walked to my kitchen, retrieved a shot glass from a cabinet, and got the bottle of Jaeggermeister out of the fridge. Setting the glass down on the counter I poured me a shot and downed it. It had been awhile since I last opened the Jaegger, but the fucking bitch always gives me a reason to drink. I took the bottle and glass and fell onto the couch before answering.

“Well,” I began following a second shot, “That bitch was my ex-fiancée Sara. That log with her is her current fiancée Mike, at least until she finds someone better.”

“So what happened between you two?” Kirsten sat on the couch next to me and took the Jaeggermeister from me taking a swig.

“You like Jaegger?”

“It’s okay stuff. I just thought I’d keep you company. So tell me what happened with you two. You said ex-fiancée.”

I took the bottle back and downed another shot.

“Shit I really shouldn’t be drinking this stuff on an empty stomach. My apologies if I puke later. Anyways, as far as Sarah and I go it’s rather simple. We we’re engaged to be married a year ago, but about a month before the wedding was supposed to take place I decided to pay her an unplanned visit one day when I got off work early. I headed over to her apartment and found her fucking Mike. I broke it off and called her a slut. She accused me of being uncaring and not paying enough attention to her, and then she started to harass me saying I stole her things. She’s trying to make my life miserable.”

“I’d say she’s succeeding.”

“What’re you talking about,” I asked as I set the Jaeggermeister and shot glass on the floor and fell over on the couch my head starting to get dizzy from the alcohol.

I closed my eyes hoping to pass out and as I waited I felt hands start to work at my pants unbuttoning them. I raised my hands in the air to make sure it wasn’t me opening my pants.

“God damn I’m drunk,” I blurted out instead of thinking. I continued to wave my hands around and marvel at how I hand four of them. That was when I felt my pants get pulled open and a hand touch my flaccid penis.

I brought my head up enough to see where the fifth hand came from.

“Holy shit! You’re that girl who played Mary Jane in Spider-Man,” I nearly shouted as I saw it was Kirsten Dunst who was stroking my dick. “This is so fucking cool I’m getting a handjob from Kirsten fucking Dunst!”

While my now erect member was getting jacked off I grabbed the bottle of Jaegger off the floor and took a shot directly from it.

“Good god girl keep stroking! Fucking Sara was never any good at this!”

Kirsten got on her knees on the floor next to me still sliding her hand up and down my cock.

“I’m glad you enjoyed this JJ, perhaps when you finish the story, you’ll enjoy and remember what happens next,” Kirsten whispered before letting go and standing up. “If you’re going to want a hand down there it’s going to have to be your own.”

I didn’t see where Kirsten went off too nor did I care too much. Knowing her hand had just been down there, I continued to stroke myself.

Kirsten just leaned on the door that led to JJ’s bedroom and watched him on the couch.

“I really don’t know what I was thinking coming out here. I’m curious about the person behind the story, but… I don’t know. JJ’s a decent person when he’s not around Sara or drinking. I certainly didn’t think about any personal issues he might have, perhaps it was a mistake coming out here,” Kirsten thought as she began to have second thoughts about this trip.

When she came back from her thoughts she notice JJ had passed out and she walked into the bedroom with her suitcase behind her. She dressed into a shirt and shorts she always wore at night and climbed onto JJ’s bed. She stared up at the darkness still running things through her head. Soon enough she fell asleep and slept soundly.

The birds were chirping outside and Kirsten rubbed her eyes sitting up. Opening the bedroom door she saw JJ cooking breakfast.

“Hey what’re you doing?” She asked clearing the sleep from her eyes.

“Good you’re awake,” I replied. “You have time to take shower before breakfast if you want.”

Kirsten found the scene amusing almost and started to smile.

“Alright JJ, I think I will.”

As Kirsten showered I continued to prepare breakfast mostly because I felt guilty for the night before. I know she had been witness to the whole Sara and Mike incident and I remember starting to do shots of Jaeggermeister when I got home. I really don’t remember much after that except that I woke up on the couch with my pants down and my dick hanging out.

I woke up early compared to times in the past when I’ve passed out from drinking and after assessing the state of things I figured that I had acted like an ass. My carpet was reeking of booze from the knocked over bottle. I really wasn’t sure what I had done though my headache gave me a clue. I took a quick shower and ran down to the store to buy a few groceries. If nothing else I could at least make Kirsten breakfast for all the crap she had to witness.

“Just in time,” I chirped as she walked out of my bedroom having just showered and dressed.

“It looks great,” Kirsten commented as the two of us sat down at the table to eat.

It wasn’t an extravagant breakfast, but for what I normally eat it was a large buffet. There was scrambled eggs, biscuits, toast, bacon, link sausages, and pancakes and syrup. There was also milk, coffee, and orange juice readily available. I learned to cook from my mother when I was a child. Kirsten started with eggs and orange juice and I started with pancakes.

“Like I said yesterday, I want to apologize for the incident with Sara and Mike. Every few weeks something always seems to happen involving them. As for my drinking… Look I don’t remember too much after I took the first shot and nor do I really want to know after finding myself in the state I was when I woke up. You have my sincerest apologies and to be honest I’m surprised that you’re still here.” I set my fork on the plate and stared at it for a bit.

Kirsten clanked her fork on her plate and my head snapped up.

“Look JJ,” she began, “if we’re being honest here then I must say that after you passed out I briefly considered leaving last night. I tracked you down because after I read ‘The Year’ I had this feeling about you that maybe I could have a last little adventure before I left for my next movie. I’d help you write your new story and maybe get a little crazy. For some reason though I was a dolt and didn’t take into account any personal issues or what have you that you might have such as Sara.”

“Even if that was the case, there’s still no way I’m going to get anything decent written by tomorrow having lost yesterday. If nothing else I’m sorry that you’re time down here was wasted as it was. I’m curious though, why did you stay?”

“Last night when I laid in your bed waiting to fall asleep I began to think…”


“Hold on let me finish… Things didn’t turn out and things weren’t exactly the way I thought they would be, but I find you interesting… things are different from what I’m used to. It’s not exactly everyday that I get to witness a friend of my fighting with an ex in the street.”

“Oh yeah that’s interesting,” I replied sarcastically before forking more pancakes into my mouth.

“It is and you are too, and I kinda think too that you need a friend right now.”

“A friend? Are you shittin’ me? Where the fuck did you get that from?” I asked incredulously dropping my fork on my plate.

I picked up my fork and started to pick up more pancakes when I stopped in mid-action after seeing the look on Kirsten’s face. Her mouth was open and she just had this look on her face of ‘You son of a bitch.’

“You know what?” Kirsten began as she pushed from the table and stood up. “You can go fuck yourself ok? Yes your current situation with Sara sucks, but you’re letting the little bitch get to you and if you’re ok with wallowing in self pity and letting her make your life miserable then don’t let me get in the way. It was a mistake coming out here and it was a mistake staying.”

“So I guess getting crazy is out of the question?” I asked mockingly.

“Fuck you,” Kirsten growled before stomping to my bedroom.

“Well fuck you too!” I shouted back. I picked up my plate and flung it like a frisbee at my wall. It shattered into a million pieces and they fell to the floor.

Then I when went to pick up my glass to throw it, something most unexpected happened. I started to cry. I wasn’t balling and screaming or anything, but tears were now streaming down my face. I dropped my glass to the table and just watched as it tipped over and milk start to spill from it.

“And another thing,” Kirsten began as she walked out of JJ’s bedroom suitcase in hand. She stopped mid-sentence when she saw him with tears and spilled milk on the table.

“I should just leave,” she thought and she walked a couple of more steps towards the door before stopping again. “Damn it Kirsten, your compassion has screwed you over once already. Don’t let it happen again.”

“Hey,” I said when Kirsten stopped the second time. “You know the part in ‘The Year’ where I talked about my mom getting raped and killed?”

“Yeah,” Kirsten replied with a deep sigh feeling a confessional coming.

“The truth is…”

“Your mother was raped and killed just like in your story?”

“Actually no she wasn’t. Her and my dad are alive and well living out the retired life in Texas. They’ve been happily married for thirty-something years. Happy as a couple can be anyways.”

“What?” Kirsten asked befuddled. She was expecting JJ to lay something big on her, but he just said his mother and father were retired.


“Ah nothing, I guess I was expecting you to say something else.”

“Oh like my father raped and killed my mother like in my story and that’s the reason why I’m the way I am? Nah, I just have a morbid fascination and outlook on things.”

“Okay then.”

“Though you were right about the whole friend thing. I’m not the easiest person to be friends with. I do occasionally have some emotional issues that go back before Sara was even a part of my life.”

“So I’ve seen,” Kirsten said almost setting her suitcase on the floor, but not letting go because she wasn’t sure what to say or do next.

“If you still want you can stay and help me with the story. Oh and a friend of my called while you were sleeping and he has some extra tickets to The Hives show tonight if you want to go.”

Kirsten dropped the suitcase to the floor and spoke to herself outloud.

“Why am I doing this to myself?”

“Doing what?” I asked.

She turned and faced me then sat down at the table.

“You know JJ I was looking forward to this trip. A bit questionable that I visit a stranger I had only talked to for a brief moment, but it was something out of the ordinary for me. I know you’ve written a number of them before so another wouldn’t matter, but I’d get a thrill out of knowing that there was a sex story about me on the web that I had helped to write. Do you know how my fans would react if they knew how sexual I am sometimes? I’ve seen some of the hateful messages they’ve left about you on message boards.”

“I’ve got a pretty good idea how’d they react, I’ve received e-mails from a few of them.”

“Look, when I got down here and met you you were one of the more intriguing people I’ve met which is why I’m still here, but you’ve got a way of playing mind games with people, whether you mean to or not. I want to stay, I really do, but I don’t want to waste my time if we’re going to have anymore of these episodes. If you can promise me that these two days will be relatively normal then yes I’d love to go to The Hives show with you.”

I started to clean up the milk with a couple of napkins and thought for a moment.

“I can’t promise you too much, especially if we run into Sara and Mike at the show. She likes most of the same music I do so there’s that chance, but I’ll do my best not to be a complete ass while you’re here.”

Kirsten and I looked across the table at each other, her more intently than me, and then she smile.

“Good, now if you’ll get to work on that story, I’ll clean up the mess.”

“Okay then,” I said smiling as I got up to walk to my computer.

As I sat down and turned on my computer I heard her shout from the kitchen.

“Did you wake up this morning with your pants open?”

“Maybe, why?”

“Because that was my doing.”

“What?” I turned and looked at her and she just had this goofy grin on her face.

“What’s the look for? I only gave you a handjob before you finished the rest. It’s not like I gave you oral.”

I could only shake my head smiling in disbelief as I turned back around, found the story, and began working on it again. I don’t remember hearing too much from Kirsten for the next hour as I really got motivated and into the story. I finished up the last sentence in a paragraph and was surprised at how much I had written. Then I realized that I hadn’t talked to Kirsten in a bit so she had given me no input.

“Hey I thought you wanted to help me with this?” I asked as I turned back towards the Kitchen expecting to see her there.

I didn’t see her, but my apartment did look quite cleaner especially since the broken plate was no longer on the floor. I looked around the apartment but couldn’t find her. Her suitcase was still here so she obviously didn’t leave. Seeing how she said she wanted to help write the story, I decided to save and work on it later when she was here. I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. I sat there watching some Ron Popeil infomercial for fifteen minutes before I heard my apartment door shut. I looked over and saw Kirsten carrying a plastic bag, but I couldn’t see what was inside.

“Where’d you go?”

“I had to get some stuff.”

“I see that. What’s in the bag?”

“Things,” Kirsten said with a playful smile like she was hiding something.

“What kind of things?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Having a vague idea what she meant I let it go and turned my attention back to the story.

“I got a lot of the story written, but you said you wanted to help write it so I stopped for a bit.”

“That’s cool, let me see what you’ve written so far,” Kirsten said as she walked towards the computer still clutching the bag.

“Are you going to put the bag down?” I joked.

“I would but I don’t trust you not to look through it.”

“Bah, of all the things not to trust me about.”

I grabbed one of the chairs from the table and took a seat next to her while she read what I had written so far.

“Well?” I asked.

“It’s not bad the way it’s written using my reaction to your last story. There are just a few things I would change if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all what did you have in mind?”

For the next few hours Kirsten and I wrote and discussed how the story should go and we stopped briefly for a late lunch.

“Wow the story is getting up there. We’re about three fourths done it looks like,” Kirsten said as she hit the period button then enter.

“Yeah, but it’s certainly getting written a lot faster than if it was just me working on it. You seem to be really into writing this thing. Huh…”

“Yup, and what’s the huh for?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s that we sometimes tend to see celebrities as sexy or hot or what have you, but never sexual.”

“Live and learn JJ,” Kirsten replied before kissing me on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I asked rubbing the spot where she kissed me.

“I don’t know, just because I guess. What time does the concert start?

“Eight I think, why what time is it?”

“It’s six. Did you want to get something to eat before the show?”

“Yeah I am kinda hungry, but are we going to have time to get something to eat and get to the club on time?”

“As long as you know where you’re going, I can get us in without the lines. I am a celebrity you know.”

I saw Kirsten smile broadly and laugh a bit, and for once in a long time I was actually kind of happy.

“That you are,” was all I could say as I returned the grin.

As it turned out time wasn’t an issue as we found a nice Mexican restaurant a few blocks from the club where The Hives were playing. She ate a giant taco and I filled myself with chicken burritos. She did ask me if I minded if she got a margarita and of course I said no. Not wanting to repeat last night’s events I stuck with water.

After paying for dinner and leaving a tip, we made our way to the club. As Kirsten talked to who I assumed was the club manager I looked at the line to see if I recognized anybody. Sure enough, I saw Sara and Mike and we just looked at each other for a bit. I could tell she was a bit pissed that I had showed up with Kirsten and that we were going right in while she had to wait.

“Everything going to be ok?”

I jumped a bit startled at Kirsten’s voice appearing from nowhere.

“Yeah, everything’s going to be just fine,” I replied smiling as I returned the favor from earlier in the day and kissed her on the cheek. “Let’s go in.”

“I like you better this way.”

“Yeah, so do I.”

I looked back at Sara and Mike as we started to walk in and I gave them the finger smiling broadly.

Inside the club we mostly kept to ourselves sitting at a table off in a corner. The opening band I had never heard of but they were pretty decent, so I bought their CD from the merchandise table. The Hives came on later and put on a great show. Through out the night, Kirsten had a couple of mixed drinks and I had just one beer. After last night’s episode, I thought maybe it’d be a bad idea to drink but I realized that it was mostly due to Sara. I wasn’t an alcoholic by any means, and actually only drank every once in awhile. Speaking of Sarah, we never saw her and Mike so the evening was a good one.

“What time is it?” I asked as Kirsten and I left the club.

“Almost eleven, you want to do something?”

“Nah, there really isn’t anything to do this time of night except going to Denny’s and getting coffee. Though if you don’t mind I might run by Hollywood Video and rent something seeing as I usually don’t go to sleep until two a m.”

“I don’t mind at all. What were you going to rent?”

“I don’t know yet. I need to see what’s out that I haven’t seen yet.”

“That’s cool, I’ve got a few ideas of what to get.”

We got into my car and started off toward the video store on our way home. We hit a small stretch of road that had woods on both sides and was notorious for animal crossings, especially late at night. As I drove I could see a small orange glow ahead of me on the shoulder of the road. As we got closer to the glow the source of the glow became evident. Up ahead I could see an s.u.v. had rammed head on into a tree. The hood of the vehicle was on fire and all the doors were still closed. I was forced to swerve to avoid a deer carcass that was lying in the road

“Whoever it is was driving too fast,” I replied calmly.

“I just called 911. They should be here soon I hope,” Kirsten remarked as she flip closed her cell phone. “Why do you say they were driving fast?”

“Because there’s a dead deer back there. Everyone from this area is aware of this stretch of road,” I replied as I pulled my car to a stop a ways from the burning vehicle. “Stay here, I’m going to go check on whoever is in the van.”

“Just be careful JJ,” Kirsten pleaded as she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“I will.”

I got out of my car and ran towards the vehicle and as I got closer I thought I recognized who it belonged to.

“Oh shit you’ve got to be kidding me,” I said aloud as I reached the driver’s side window.

Inside was Sara who was unconscious and leaning onto Mike. Mike was unconscious as well and leaning on his door. From where I was I could see they have a few cuts and bruises. Mike was bleeding from the nose and Sara was bleeding from a busted lip. Other than that they didn’t look too bad off, though I couldn’t tell what they had as far as internal damage.

I attempted to open Sara’s door several times, but couldn’t when I realized the door was locked. I took my shirt off, wrapped it around my elbow, and slammed it into the window breaking it into several large pieces. I opened the door after unlocking it and cleaned the seat off as best I could without cutting myself up. I climbed into the car, grabbed hold of Sara around the waist, and pulled her out. I carried her back near my car and set her on the ground.

Running back to the car I went around to the passenger side and luckily the door was unlocked. I opened it and caught Mike as he fell out of the vehicle. Being quite a bit bigger than Sara I had to drag him back to where I was parked. As I got to my car and laid Mike next to Sara I saw Kirsten standing next to my car with a look of worry on her face. I started to walk towards her when there was a loud boom behind me.

“Oh shit!” I heard Kirsten shout as I turned and saw flames and smoke shoot up into the air and the remains of the s.u.v. fall to the ground with a loud thud.

“Oh shit is right,” I commented quietly as I just stood there and watched the wreckage burn.

I felt Kirsten come to my side and hold my arm.

“You could’ve been killed.”

“Yeah I could have.”

Kirsten leaned on me and we just stood there watching the smoldering mess until police, fire fighters, and paramedics showed up. Sara and Mike were treated by the paramedics and loaded onto ambulance. Once they were driven away, and the police got what they wanted from us, we got back into my car and decided just to go straight home.

“It’s funny,” I began.

“What is?”

“You track me down and fly out to visit me to essentially help me with my new story and to let loose to explore your wild side so to speak. All of this mind you with someone who’s basically a stranger. You’d have to agree that sounds farfetched to begin with. Then you pile on the fight in the street, me getting drunk, and now an exploding car. Nothing like you were expecting I imagine. You know this would make for a—”

“Shut up JJ.”

“Why? What’s up?”

“You realize who you saved back there right?”

“Sara and Mike, why?”

“The same ones you got into a fight with in the street that cause you to get drunk off your ass?”

“Yeah, and?”

“You could have just left them in the car and waited for the fire department to arrive, because their car was on fire and you thought it was too unsafe.”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t unsafe enough for me to get them out. The vehicle did explode and they would have died. Despite my history with Sara, I would have had a bit of a problem with my conscious if I had left them in there.”

“You’re a pretty decent guy JJ,” Kirsten laughed somewhat in disbelief. “You’re right though, this has been one screwed up weekend.”

Kirsten raised up the armrest in the middle of the seat and placed her head on my shoulder.

“You know Sara and Mike were probably sitting the same positions when they wrecked.”

“I know, but I’m not too worried.”

I adjusted my arm and put it around Kirsten her head now almost resting on my chest. While I continued toward home I started to think and thinking isn’t always a good thing for me.

The apartment door slammed shut behind me and I took off my shoes sitting down on the couch.

“I’ll sleep on the couch again tonight, so take my room. I’m going to stay up for a bit longer and watch some tv so if you want to get on the computer or join me go ahead.”

“I’ll join you if you don’t mind,” Kirsten said sitting on the couch next to me. “What’s on?”

“I don’t know, usually at this time I just channel surf until I find a decent movie or infomercial with Tom Jourden or Joe Fowler,” I replied as I started channel surfing with the remote.

“And they are?”

“The two guys I see most often hocking cheap crap late at night. If I remember correctly right now Tom’s got the Raised Aero Bed and Joe is selling the new and improved Turbo Cooker.”


“Oh it is,” I replied in mock agreement. “I’m just waiting for the new George Foreman grill commercial to come out. It’s supposed to–”

“What’s that?” Kirsten asked her head perking up.

“What’s what?” I knew what she was talking about. Through some screwup during maintenance one day after a thunderstorm, the cable company did something to where I would occasionally get free pay-per-view movies including the porn channel. And considering I had just pushed the channel up button quickly to get past those channels I’m guessing she saw that they were clear too.

“Go back a channel.”

I quickly pushed the down channel button twice and passed over what she wanted to see.

“JJ what’re you doing?”


“You seem to be dodging my question like you were yesterday.”

“I’m not.”

“Well… ok then. Now give me that!” Kirsten snatched the remote from my hand and pushed the up button once.

The screen changed to a porno and I just sat there dumb founded not sure how to react despite what Kirsten had said about herself. On screen were a woman and a man in a sixty-nine position in a hospital room on a bed. He had one a hospital gown on that was pulled up and she wore tiny pieces of a nurse’s costume. Bot of us sat there for a few minutes in silence watching the nurse give the man a blowjob. Not sure what else to say I said the only thing I could think of.


“Oh it is…” Kirsten replied with a sexy coolness. I felt her hand touch my inner thigh and squeeze. I jumped a bit at the sudden touch.

“You ok?” She asked turning and looking into my eyes.

“Yea.. Yeah I am, I just wasn’t expecting that.”

“What about this?”

Kirsten placed her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine. I wasn’t sure how to react, mostly because she was Kirsten, but this weekend she had managed to bring a bit of happiness to my life so I didn’t fight my developing feels and just went with them. With my hands around her neck I returned the kiss and got lost in the softness of her lips and arms. We pulled apart and Kirsten took my hand in hers and pushed it up her shirt like she had done the night before. This time though my hand was pushed under her bra and around her breast. I could feel her nipple as my index finger pressed against it.

“Oh god, I can’t!” I freaked as I pulled my hand from her shirt and got off the couch.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Look Kirsten as much as I’d love to follow this through, I just can’t. You saw this morning that I have issues. If you were any other good looking female I’d be in the bedroom getting it on with you as we speak, but you’re not. You are Kirsten Dunst, the world famous movie actress. There’s just no way to down play that.”

Kirsten sat back on the couch with her arms folded with a look of ‘Here we go again’ on her face.

“So? What does who I am have to do with anything?”

“Ok so we sleep together tonight, then what? You’re leaving tomorrow. I’ll feel good tomorrow, and the day after, and all next week. I might even feel good for the next month, but what–”

I was interrupted by my phone ringing.

“Hey before you continue with your self pity speech, want me to answer that?”


Kirsten reached over and picked up my cordless phone from the end of the couch.

Kirsten: “Hello?”

Voice: “Is JJ there? It’s important.”

Kirsten: “Yes he’s here. One moment please.”

“It’s for you,” Kirsten said as she handed me the phone.

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know, they asked for you and said it was important.”


JJ: “Hello?”

Voice: “JJ?”

JJ: “This is him.”

Voice: “Hi this Gloria, Sara’s mom.”

JJ: “Oh hi, sorry I didn’t recognize you. It’s been awhile since we last talked.”

Gloria: “And with just cause. Anyways, the reason I’m calling is about Sara and the accident tonight.”

JJ: “Oh… Yeah… it was pretty nasty.”

Gloria: “It was and we were lucky you came across it when you did. I know the break up and it’s reason were both bad, but Sara’s father and I want to thank you and we’re forever in debt to you for saving her.”

JJ: “It was no problem really. I just opened the door and pulled them both out.”

Gloria: “Oh well I guess you wouldn’t have any reason to know.”

JJ: “Know what?”

Gloria: “Sara’s a month pregnant with Mike’s child, so you actually saved three lives tonight.”

I paused shocked.

JJ: “No I didn’t know that, but you’re welcome. I’m glad everything worked out ok. The baby’s alright I hope?”

Gloria: “Oh yeah, the baby’s fine the doctor’s said. Thanks again though. Really thank you.”

I heard a click on the other line and I hung up.

After that phone call a lot I just smiled to myself.

“Is everything ok?” Kirsten asked.

“Yeah, everything’s fine. That was Gloria, Sara’s mother. She was just calling to say thank you for saving Sara, Mike, and the baby.”

“The baby?”

“Yeah, Sara’s pregnant.”

A large look of surprise crossed Kirsten’s face as she got up off the couch.

“You’re a great man JJ. Although you don’t like Sara you saved her family from unnecessary tragedy.”

Before I could respond Kirsten put her hands behind my head and firmly pressed her lips to mine. As our lips continued to lock I slowly pushed my tongue parting our lips and pressed it into her mouth. Almost as if it was waiting for our lips to open, Kirsten’s tongue slid into my mouth pressing against it’s side before searching out my tongue and wrestling with it.

Our heads pulled apart after a moment and I responded.

“I only did what any person would do,” I whispered as I gazed into Kirsten’s deep blue eyes.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said as she tugged on my hands. Not being one to object this time I didn’t resist and followed her into my room.

We stood at the foot of my bed and Kirsten started to lift my shirt. When it was off I took hold of her shirt and pulled it over her head. We lightly pecked each other on the lips and I ran my hands up her back until I found her bra.


“Yes now,” Kirsten whispered.

I unclasped her bra in the back and let it fall to the floor. There was an almost an innocence to Kirsten as she stood in front of me topless and her breasts were free to show themselves.

I took a breast in each hand and started to gently squeeze and massage them as my thumbs rubbed over her nipples. I leaned forward and pressed my lips around her left areola and briefly sucked on it letting my tongue tickle the tip of her nipple. Kirsten gasped a bit when I switched over to her right side and did the same but this time I took her nipple between my lips and pulled up before letting go.

“Oh JJ,” Kirsten murmured as her hands grabbed hold of her breasts and she squeezed them pinching her nipples. A glint of naughtiness entered her eyes as I kissed her on the lips once again.

“Now let’s get these off,” Kirsten grinned as she dropped to her knees on the floor.

Her hands wrestled with my pants button before freeing it and she slowly pulled the zipper down. With her hands holding my pants and boxers she gave a hard yank to both and pulled them down. I stepped from the pile of clothes and Kirsten threw them to the side.

“Lay down,” she directed giving me a light push towards the bed.

I laid down on the bed and Kirsten moved close spreading my legs. I felt the soft touch of her hand as it took hold of my cock near the base and started to move up and down trying to stiffen it. It didn’t take much as I felt my shaft start to rise and harden. Kirsten then ran her tongue up the left side of member and down the right. She stopped briefly to rub her tongue over my scrotum and wrap her moist lips around it sucking on it.

“Oh dear god Kirsten,” I whispered as my breathing started to pick up.

I then felt her tongue start to circle around the head of my penis driving me crazy. Her lips soon followed as my head disappeared into her mouth and Kirsten’s head started up and down in a bobbing motion. My groin started to tingle as Kirsten continued oral sex on my erect penis. My leg suddenly twitched and she brought her head up .

“Good to see you’re enjoying this,” she said as her hand started to jack off my privates. “But now it’s my turn and I’ll even give you a hand.”

Kirsten and I switched places as she laid down on the bed and I positioned myself between her legs. She had unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and her hand was now inside her panties moving around. I took hold of her pants and panties just as she had done to me and I pulled them down and off her feet. I could find no flaw as her silky smooth body appeared in front of me.

I slowly kissed my way down her thigh as my hand slide over her tight abdomen. When I reached the patch of blond hair between her legs I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and teased her first as I traced the outside of the lips with my tongue. I stopped briefly at her clit pressing down it with my tongue as I licked it. At the touch of her nub Kirsten let out a muffle groan and I decided it was time to move in.

With her cuntal lips spread I darted my tongue inside of Kirsten and mixed my wetness with hers as I explored her pulsing walls. Kirsten let a low moan out and her hand moved between her legs and she began to rub her clit. With a look of passion and ecstasy on her face I slid a finger in as I continued to lap at her slit. I could begin to taste Kirsten’s juices as she got more and more into the oral she was receiving and she began to intently rub between her legs.

“Oh my,” Kirsten panted loud as a second finger of mine slid into her pussy and they were now working their magic.

I could feel as she pressed her legs against the edge of the bed driving her snatch down onto my fingers and tongue. I moved my head away, but keep fingering Kirsten as her thrusting became more intense.

“JJ… Please… I’m gonna come…” Kirsten grunted loudly, “I’m fixing to…”

Just as she had teased me earlier I returned the favor and pulled my fingers out before she could orgasm. A rush of exhilaration rushed through Kirsten at the near orgasm. I climbed onto the bed next to her and gently kissed her on the forehead then on the lips. Our bodies pressed together as we snuggled and then I rolled onto my back. Kirsten straddled my abdomen.

“That wasn’t nice teasing me like that,” Kirsten smiled.

“You did it to me,” I replied returning her smile.

“Well we’re even then. Now please let’s finish this…” She whispered as she lowered her body to mine and reached over to the nightstand opening its drawer reaching inside. As Kirsten was searching the nightstand her breasts dangled over my face and I pushed my face forward kissing them licking at the nipples.

Kirsten sat back up and in her hand was a condom.

“You don’t object do you?” Kirsten asked.

“No not at all.”


Kirsten climbed off me and onto the bed. She opened the package up and removed the condom. Kirsten pressed it against the tip of my cock and slowly slid it down my shaft.

“Now we can go,” she said with a wicked smile.

Kirsten positioned her slit right above my cock and teased it as she brushed her pussy lips against it.

“Oh come on girl, don’t do me like that,” I laughed.

The tip of my member pressed against her opening as she slowly lowered herself down onto me. I could see her box split open as I slide into her and bottomed out. I put my hands to her stomach and slid them around before grabbing hold of her hips.

Kirsten leaned forward bracing herself on my bed with her hands as she slowly raised her hips up and then pushed them back down on me. Slowly but surely we got a rhythm going and as our motion got faster Kirsten’s breasts started to sway back and forth in the air. She sat back up and started mash her chest together rubbing her hands all over her tits occasionally pinching her nipples.

With Kirsten bouncing up and down on my dick I started to thrust wildly into her reaching for orgasm. Kirsten’s body started to quiver and shake as she bit her lip and muffled groans escaped her lips. I took a firm but soft hold of her hips and pushed myself as deep into her snatch as I could. Right as I was about to pull out her pussy squeezed down on my prick and loud cries of pleasure emanated from Kirsten’s mouth.

When her orgasm subsided she fell onto the bed next to me and we looked at each other smiling. I kissed Kirsten on the forehead and thanked her.

“Thanks Kirsten,” I said smiling.

“For what? You haven’t come yet.”

“Being with you tonight has changed the way I view a few things. Besides how can you tell?”

“A I just can and B You’re still hard as a rock and haven’t made a mess.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I’d be selfish if I didn’t, besides I’ve orgasmed multiple times before.”

Before I could make any other argument Kirsten got on all fours on the bed and stuck her hind end in the air. I stood up and was about to mount her again when she asked something that surprised me.

“Hey JJ, you ever try anal?”

“Uh, no.”

“Me neither.”

“Ok… so are you wanting to try it now?”

“Only if you want to. I’ve known guys before who were disgusted at the thought.”

Not having ever done any research on proper techniques or actually having been involved in it myself, I referred back to a few porno movies that had anal scenes in them. I stuck two fingers into Kirsten’s cunt trying to cover them with as much of her fluids as I could. I pulled my fingers and slid them up and down her anus moistening it up as much as I could.

I repeated this a number of more times and got her asshole fairly lubricated. With my dick in my hand I moved close to Kirsten’s ass and pushed the head against her asshole.

Kirsten clenched the bed sheets and let out a yelp when she felt her anus get pierced by the prick. It all started very slow as she felt me slowly push my way into her ass and then pull out. Slowly I pushed my way in and pulled out.

As I started to get my motion going Kirsten reached down with her right hand and began to rub her clit sometimes slipping a finger into her cunt. With my hands firmly around her hips, I started to get a faster pace going and I even felt Kirsten start to push her butt onto my dick. She was now shoving two fingers greedily into her box rubbing her clit with her thumb. Kirsten let out sporadic moans as her ass got increasingly stretched and she continued to finger herself.

Having never had anal I could only assume she was enjoying herself as she grunted and groaned. Anal wasn’t as quick as fucking her in the vagina, but it was tight and I was starting to throb terribly.

“Oh god Kirsten… I think I’m fixing to come…”

“OOH! Me too! Me too!”

I knew Kirsten reached a second orgasm as her body started to shake and she let out a loud moan. I was now furiously pumping myself into her ass and sweat had even formed on my brow. Kirsten shifted her body slightly and my balls slapped against her wet vagina sending me into overdrive. I lost control as I reached orgasm and the condom filled with my cum.

Panting heavily I pulled out of her anus and thew the used condom into a nearby trashcan. I fell to the bed next to and with her back to me I wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her on the back of her neck and we just laid there recovering. When I could think again I asked her a question.

“Yesterday I thought you said anal bothered you?”

“Like I said, not everyone digs it and I wasn’t sure if you did. I didn’t want to talk about your sexual preferences just yet.”

“Like I said after tonight my views on a few things have changed. Thank you.”

“You’re still going to finish the story right?”

“Of course.”

“Good, I can’t wait to see how you finish it. You could throw parts of tonight into it you know.”

“I just might.”

Kirsten and I cuddled for awhile longer until we feel asleep in each other’s arms.

For some reason I slept in very late and didn’t wake up until noon. Kirsten wasn’t in the room so I got up and looked around my apartment. All of her things were gone and a note on the table confirmed that she had gone as well. In part it read:


I know I’ve said a lot of this before, but it needs to be said again. My original intentions for coming down to visit was just to get my kicks by helping you write a story about me. Like I said before I wasn’t expecting the emotional rollercoaster I encountered and although you had your moments, in the end I saw you for the good person you are. You really do deserve to be happy, and when life’s a bitch I hope you can stay in good shape. Blah, I’m blabbering now. Anyways I’m sorry for leaving while you were still asleep, but I didn’t want to wake you because you looked so peaceful. Let me know when you finish the story will you?

Many Thanks,


I just smiled as I read the note and I was actually happy for the first time in a long time. I cooked myself some eggs before sitting down to work on the story. Hopefully I won’t disappoint Kirsten too much.

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