Celebs Meet CSSA #13 – Lita

[Note – This story is based at roughly the same time as #10, it involved elements of Number 10. It is however a separate story of Amy Dumas encounter with the C S S A]

Usual stuff, actually not, this is a different kind of story for me, more story orientated. I hope you enjoy, make sure you’re over 18 and stuff, (or the legal age for country).

What else is there to say except enjoy.


She put her bags down on the table, it was her first trip back home to Carolina in Months, it had taken a lot of convincing to get her boss to let her have a couple of weeks off. A slight muscle pull in
her arm had gotten her time. Luckily time was in her favour.

“Honey I’m home”

“That’s original”

Worker boyfriend Matt Hardy met his girlfriend Amy Dumas. He’d gotten time off almost six months ago, a training accident had seen his leg break, soon he would go back to work. But for now he had a whole week to spend with the most beautiful women in the world.

“Did you expect anything else. It’s good to see you again love.”

Matt moves in close to Amy, they kiss, long hard passionate kiss. After nearly a minute, they finally split.

“Hmm that was nice”

“I’ve missed you so much Amy.”

“Well now I’m here and you got me for a whole week.”

“I can hardly wait”

“Why wait”

A big smile spreads across Matt’s face, he scoops Amy up in his arms, and slowly moves forward. He kicks the door of the bedroom open, and throws Amy onto there king sized bed.

For the next few hours Matt and Amy made up for lost time.


Back in the bedroom, Matt and Amy were heavy breathing.

“That was amazing” Matt struggling to speak

“2 Xtreme”

Both laugh at the poor pun. Matt rolled back over towards Amy and they kissed once more. Matt rolled back and almost immediately fell asleep. Amy however just lay there awake, a disturbing thought running through her mind. She had just fucked her boyfriend Matt Hardy for the last 3 hours, an amazing fete for him, but still she felt empty. She felt she needed more, a lot more.

Amy tried to shake the thought, rolled over and fell asleep.

For the next 7 days, Amy and Matt enjoyed each other’s company, and enjoyed fucking each other. But every time Amy felt empty, she needed more, and she planned to get it, how she did not know. She didn’t want to cheat on Matt with another man, but thus far she knew no other way.

The next morning she said her good byes to Matt, as he went to join the WWE on the road again. Amy went back in side. She was no house person, she needed out, she knew no better way then to go out, she would leave to LA. City of angels, and hopefully the city Amy could forget here worries.


The next day she arrived in Los Angles, she went to her usual hot spots. She went shopping brought herself new clothes, a new thong, one that would go down well…with everyone.

After almost 5 hours of pure shopping. Still she was not tired nor did she feel like stopping. She needed something else, anything else to pull her mind off sex, at least for a little while. Then she noticed it, a poster, it was a lecture, it was being held near Harvard, not such a long way away and it wasn’t till tomorrow. Torn between staying in this part of LA and boring herself to deaf, anything to stop her urges, she could not decide. Then she saw that Natalie Portman would be leading the lecture. She couldn’t care what it was about she had to go.

That night she laid there a bad dream attacking her. A dream that she would never have sex again. A terrible dream, where she would seduce her man, but then he would leave her, never to return. She would forever be empty.

Amy woke up in a cold sweat. She shuddered at the thought, no men, nothing ever again. She could sleep no longer, she packed a bag quickly and left her home, she headed to the Harvard area.


A few hours later still dark, she pulled up, her sparkling red Ferrari, dulled as it pulled into a car park. Searching around she looked for anyone she could find. It was dawn, no one was around. She went back to her car. Pulled the hood over and feel asleep in her car.

Two hours later she was woken by a noise. She woke too see two geeky looking boys peering in through the windows. She made a face and they scurried off. She thanked their presence, she would get an early start. She got out and found an old man. She walked over and asked for the exact location of the speech. He said it was in the converted gym building. Near the end of the campus. He mentioned it was for the eggheads in psychology. But Amy took little notice and walked on down there.

Outside were the similar presences of anything involved with Natalie. Star Wars fans were everywhere. You would have expected a few but this was Harvard. Then she over heard a conversation most of these fans were from Harvard. Amy ignored them, luckily they were too infatuated with Natalie to even notice her. Something she was for once thankful for. She did not mind the spotlight but sometimes it was nice not to be noticed. Across from the entrance she noticed a strange man standing there dressed in a scruffy looking shirt and trousers. He looked like a throw back of the 80’s. He certainly didn’t dress like that normally. He looked out of place. Amy turned away as he started to look her way.

She went inside, saw that this converted Gym, was very nice looking. A brand new conversion, with a flashy podium and stage. Several rows of chairs were set out. Amy deciding better to stay away from the front, sat near the back. She reminded herself, why she was here. To basically bore herself. She couldn’t just sit at home she would crack.

Nearly 30 minutes later the hall was full, all except a chair to the side of her. Amy felt fortunate space from people, a chance to listen. Then the space was taken. Amy was really hoping, it wasn’t some weird star wars fan, luck however strange fortuned her. It wasn’t a star Wars fan, but the misfit from earlier. He sat down, put one leg across the other knee. He sat eager to listen, at least to start with.

Large cheer started when Natalie was announced and took the podium. She brought a small laptop with her, and linked it up to the overhead projector set up. In under a minute the well composed Natalie Portman started her presentation. The man next to Amy listened intently as she started talking about Celebrity Sex Online. Her main topic seemed to be something called the CSSA. Amy suddenly felt very stupid. She had come to this lecture because she wanted to get away from sex for a while. Now she was in the middle of a lecture on it. She had no choice but to go on listening.

Natalie started talking about the CSSA, describing it, how she had done research on it. She went on for almost half an hour on the site. The man beside Amy started to become less eager to listen and nearing the end Amy thought he would fall asleep. Another star struck fan she thought. It wasn’t until the name Carnage Jackson was mentioned that he perked up. A big smile flashed across his face, he turned towards Amy. He had not really noticed her. He stared quizzically for just a moment before turning his concentration back to Natalie’s speech. He started to get angry as she described this Carnage Jackson. She said they “are ashamed to show themselves in public or be confronted with their own sexual fantasies, for fear of public exposure.”

He looked like he was going to sulk but soon after the derogative comments Natalie finished up her speech. There was applause, Amy joined in. The man beside her seemed to be in deep thought. The Star Wars fans went up to congratulate Natalie. Amy herself wanted to introduce herself, but felt she should wait. She was about to go, when the man next to her sprang up and went over. Amy decided some other time. Now she would go back home, She was damn tired, she just realised no good sleep over the last 24 hours was not a good thing. Also it might not be a good thing to be seen out again so quickly, Vinnie Mac might want her back.

Quickly and as discreetly as possible she got back in her car and drove all the way back to Carolina.


Back home, she went straight to bed. Exhausted from the long drive. Her thoughts had dwelled on the speech/lecture from Natalie. It was an interesting one, but it was exactly was Amy did not want it had concentrated on sex, Stories about sex. Now Amy was interested, she wanted to know more. Here thoughts dwelled on the mysterious man beside her. On the way back she had come to the conclusion that, this man was Carnage Jackson. Why he had wanted to speak to Natalie she had no idea. However she was very much intrigued with the CSSA. Natalie had mentioned that she was on the site, Amy needed to know if she was. Energy however would be her downfall, for at least a while. She fell asleep. She dreamed about the CSSA and sex.


It was almost midday by the time she woke the next morning. She hoped to look at the CSSA today. But something was wrong. Some loud knocking inside her head…no not inside her head. It was the door. Someone was pounding on the door of her house. She got up and quickly put some clothes on. She went to the front door, put on her best happy face and opened it up. Outside was her trainer, he was not happy. It had poured down with rain all morning and he had been scheduled to have a meeting with Amy to check her arm out. Amy in her confusion had forgotten all about it. She invited him in.

He calmed down a bit, Amy explained that she had not been well recently and had sleep late. He didn’t seem to mind too much. Amy was most defiantly confused. Then she realised, he was staring, down, she looked down. She had no trousers on. She quickly apologized although she saw no point he obviously like it.

Something inside Amy clicked then. Something she could not explain. She started to flirt with the trainer. He was not a bad looking man. In his late twenties, nice shape obviously worked out a lot. She lent closer to him. He was almost shaking he couldn’t believe his luck.

Many emotions were spinning around Amy’s head, the picture of Matt was the last one. Abruptly she turned and left to put jeans on. She returned as though nothing had happened. The trainer removed some small devices out of his bag. For the next 10 minutes he tested her arm, in silence. When he was finished he told he exactly what he had told her a week ago. Go easy on it. With that he left.

Amy slammed the door and slide down to the floor. She couldn’t believe she nearly cheated on Matt with that guy, sure he was nice but…what the hell was wrong with her. Then she remembered the CSSA. She got up and almost ran to the living room. The place where her Laptop was stored. She opened it up and logged in. Within minutes she was ready to go. Then it came to her, she had no idea where this CSSA was. She took a stab in the dark and entered www.cssa.com, she got some Canadian thing and as interesting as it might be she wasn’t here for that. She tried a search engine, she entered CSSA in, but all she got was crap about C++ and other stuff. She tried one more thing. Frustration settling in. She put in Celebrity Sex Stories. She got nothing even close to what she wanted. One thing did catch her eye. The fakeclub list. If there were stories about celebrities maybe there were fakes. Her interest was peeked.

She clicked on to it. She got a long list of sites about celebrities of all types. It was there she found her prize ticket. The C-S-S-A a site for celebrity stories. Immediately she clicked it and it opened into a new window. There was a warning page, which she just ignored. She knew the routine, over 18 and stuff. She clicked on it and got a main menu. It had the list A-Z. She clicked on A. Unfortunately for her she was more famous for being Lita of the WWE than Amy Dumas. Not listed under A she tried L. She scrolled down and there she was. A list of stories about her. She did not know how to progress, or if she should. Something in her mind was screaming this is wrong, but something louder was screaming go for it girl. She looked at the list. She did not know which one to pick so she randomised, put her finger on the screen. It was against the title WCW women get laid (Off). She read the story it was about Tylene. Amy did not know her well, but she still read on.

The story was short, it was basically a lesbian story. Her and Tylene fucking each other. Amy clicked back she felt semi disgusted. But something in her was buzzing. It was her pussy. She was wet and why not. She had experimented in Collage, with a nice girl called Laura. Ok Since then she had been very straight but this made her feel different again.

Amy quickly removed her Jeans and thong. They slid down to the floor. She started to circle her index finger around her nicely shaven pussy. She clicks on the next random story, about here and Debra. Amy was a good friend of Debra’s so this story really got her going. She started to insert her finger into her pussy. Slowly at first, in and out, in and out. As Amy went on reading she got faster and faster, soon enough she added another finger to her aching pussy, faster and faster. She was no longer reading the story. Another finger, another. Not in her wildest dreams had she had as many as four fingers in her pussy. She decided to go all the way, she added her thumb into the mix. Her pussy squeezed on her hand. She started to bounce up and down on her hand. Her breathing getting faster and faster.

Minutes just merged into minutes, they became hours. After nearly 1 ½ Amy came, and came with ferocity. Her pussy shot like a cannon what seemed to be an incredible amount of cum. It flew off her chair onto the floor below. Amy didn’t care. For at least a minute she was in heaven, bliss she had never really felt before. Sure she had masturbated before but never to this degree and never to a sex story all about her.

For the next few hours she continued to masturbate to the stories about her. She slowly but surely worked her way down the list of stories about her. She stopped above the story entitled Harem 8. It was a massive story and she really wanted to enjoy it. So she decided it could wait until tomorrow. She had fulfilled herself, at least for today.

The next day she read the story Harem 8. She read and masturbated. It was a story like no other. It was special. It was incredible. It described not only her but also other celebrities at this house. It was incredible. It was also all she could manage that day.

The following day, she looked at other celebrities. Starting with close friend and boss Stephanie McMahon. Amy was startled to find that Steph had more stories than she had. This turned Amy on. She had also liked her boss, even if she was a total bitch sometimes. Amy as with her own stories, started to read Steph’s stories. Amy masturbated more and more each day.

By the time she was scheduled to go back her pussy ached terrible, but she felt great. A real high.


The following Monday she arrived in Connecticut. She had a meeting with Vince before she could rejoin the rest of the WWE on the road.

She arrived at WWE headquarters a smile on her face, she had to cover the fact that she felt slightly uncomfortable but that was not too much of a worry. She was greeted by Stephanie at the main area. Amy thoughts flashed to several of the stories she had read about Stephanie. Amy met Steph with a smile. One return by Steph.

“Vince can’t make today’s meeting so you will be with me.”

Amy choked back a laugh. Steph stared at her in a strange manner.

They both went up to Steph’s office. They discussed Amy’s recovery, new possible story lines. If she wanted to stay as a manger who wrestles now and again or a full time wrestler like Trish. The meeting went on for an hour. A few jokes were spread. Amy though how wrong people were about Stephanie, she only wanted what was best for the WWE, and she was a really nice person, even if she didn’t act like it on TV.

Steph on the other hand could only think one thing, why was Amy so uncomfortable in her presence today. When she had met Amy at the meeting area, she had seemed somewhat odd, mentions of her being with her for this meeting had brought a sly laugh her and they. Also she did not seem to have her mind on the job at hand. Steph being the quizzical type, and also caring about Amy’s feeling asked.

“What’s wrong?”

“Whatever do you mean”

At that moment Steph knew something was up.

“Ever since you’ve got here, something has been wrong. Is it me, is it something at home. If its do with you and Matt as long as it’s private it’s no bother, but if it’s something I need to know, I must know.”

“Actually it’s something else” Amy is reluctant to say but she just starts blurting it out.

“This has got to stay amongst us girls. While I was at home with Matt, we had ‘fun’ but I never felt fulfilled so, I went to a…………”

Amy goes on to describe her experience over the last two weeks, the lecture meeting the strange man, the trainer, the web site. Everything.

After nearly 5 minutes, when Amy is finished Stephanie leans back in her chair. She took a deep breath and replied.

“It’s not surprising you know”

Amy is astonished.

“What, you mean, you..”

“Yeah, this guy I meet about a year ago introduced me to the CSSA. I’ve used it ever since, ever time Paul’s not around I can simply lock the door, or go home and delight myself to my hearts consent.”

“I don’t believe it, I never thought, although.”

A wicked smile crosses Amy’s face. She leans forward, Steph sits quietly, waiting for Amy to speak.

“When you go on, who’s stories to do you look at most”

“My own” an honest answer but only just, because she spreads her eyes all around the site.

“What are your favorites Stories on there.”

“Oh most defiantly the lesbian ones.”

Amy took a deep breath, she was hoping on this one.

“Finally, will you have sex with me right now.”

The question Steph had been waiting for, she knew the answer, shed always dreamed of this, her favorites. Vince wasn’t busy, Steph just wanted Amy to herself.

“Oh yes.” Steph replied. “But not here, come with me back to my private place. We’ll discuss our options.”

Both women got up and left separately. Amy followed Steph back to a cheap housing estate in Connecticut. They parked up and went inside.


Inside was dirty, it looked like it had never been cleaned. It was in the commonest sense a shit hole. But Amy did not mind, she was here with Steph, her boss, but more importantly the women she was about to fuck.

Stephanie led Amy through a kitchen and a living room, before getting to the bedroom. It was small, but dominated by a kind sized bed. It was Heart shaped, like in one of those cheap porno’s Amy thought. The room smelt of sex, love, whatever you wanted to call it, it smelt great. Steph had a smile on her face.

“This is my little retreat, where me and Paul, and or maybe someone else come to enjoy ourselves.”

“You cheated on Paul.”

“A women has needs doesn’t she.”

Amy understood this more than ever, she was about to cheat on Matt, ok it was with a woman but still. Oh who cared she decided, this was about her, Amy Dumas.

Amy turned around. Steph pushed her onto the bed. She then jumped down beside her. Here they lay, two WWE Divas, side by side, in an overrated whorehouse, looking into each other’s eyes. It was in the sickest turn of events, romantic. Both edged forward and encaged each other in the old western lip lock. They moved closer to each other, still kissing each other. Amy went for Steph’s top started to unbutton the blouse she was wearing. Steph was working on Amy’s jeans, she unbuttoned them and started to slide them down as far as her arms would allow.

They had to stop the kiss just to get undressed. In a flash they were down to bra and panties. Before they could be removed they were at it again. Tongue on tongue, in and out of each other’s mouths. They were moaning as they kissed. Amy started to un strap Steph’s Bra. She rolled Steph around so she could release the bra. When it came free Amy dropped it to the ground. There second French kiss ended. Amy took another deep breath and started to move down on Steph.

It was at this time Amy noticed those big breasts of Steph’s almost a perfect shape, but then the tongue could only measure shape. Amy opened her mouth and started to lick all over Steph’s breasts. A slurping sound emerged from this ‘assault’ on Steph. Amy switched from breast to breast. Finally she put Steph out of her mercy and started to suck on her big breasts.

“That’s it Amy suck my melons, suck me dry suck me till you can suck no more.”

Amy had a devilish smile on her face. She was sucking so hard that her nipples were going almost blue. Steph was in a far off place, enjoying every moment.

“Steph tell me my sweat, what story did you enjoy most.”

Amy started to move down to Steph glowing pussy, her juices were already starting to flow, it would not be long now.

“Stephanie” Amy says in such a seductive way.

“Oooooooh, ohhh it has…to be the one were we fuck each other.”

With that Amy unleashes her rapid firing tongue on Steph’s waiting pussy. Stephanie is now in heaven nothing can stop her now. She is totally lost to the world. Amy’s tongue goes in and out of her pussy, getting her all ready, acting like a small dick.

Within minutes Stephanie arches her back, her breathing stops, her body shudders and she releases a massive amount of cum straight onto the waiting tongue of Amy. Amy delighted starts to lap up the precious juice that Stephanie’s body has just granted her.

Stephanie finally comes back down to earth. She looks down to Amy, she sees her face covered in Steph’s own cum. Steph smiles.

“My turn lover.”

Stephanie rolls Amy over onto her own back, and rips off her thong with her teeth, no foreplay this time straight down to action. Action is what Stephanie dishes out, a whole hour of tongue whipping action. Amy a generous as Stephanie was with her cum load. Stephanie smiles the glistering slime on her face. Amy goes over and licks her clean. Finally they both lay back onto the bed. Amy thinks of the fulfilment she can get now, from boyfriend Matt, girlfriend Stephanie and her own hand.

Here she lay, sweat and cum covered, naked but most important together thanks to the CSSA.


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