Celebs Meet CSSA #15 – Beyonce Knowles

CELEBS MEET C-S-S-A #15: Beyonce Knowles

This is my humble addition to the long-running Celebs meet C-S-S-A series. Hopefully, it is worthy of being mentioned in the same category as those wonderful pieces of fiction in the past. Notice the word “fiction”. In case you haven’t figured that out by now, this story is in no way an accurate portrayal of the celebrities involved. Also, if you are underage, please endeavor not to read this

“Yes” shouted Beyonce as she stared at her computer monitor

“What is it?” asked her concerned bandmate, Kelly, who was lying on the bed, reading
the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly

“Oh, nothing, it’s just that chapter 6 of ‘Dangerously in Love’ has been posted” Beyonce said

“When are you going to stop reading those corny stories about celebrities?” asked Kelly

“It’s only C-S-S-A I read” replied Beyonce, “their stories are so tastefully written, and they have some great authors”

“I won’t argue with that” Kelly responded, “so who are you fucking in this chapter?”

“Um, let me see” said Beyonce as she strolled down, “it’s actually at the Grammys”

“Interesting” said Kelly, putting her magazine down, “I wonder if that dude forgot to include me again”

“OK let me see” said Beyonce, “Alicia Keys is doing it with Kylie Minogue, OK there I am, I think it is with you”

“Really?” asked Kelly, her interest getting piqued

“Actually, no, OK let me see, oh my God I don’t believe this” said Beyonce

“What is it?” Kelly asked

“It’s Kim Cattrall, that woman is so gorgeous, this Rulehater guy is good” said Beyonce, “it’s like he knows my tastes perfectly, what I wouldn’t give to sleep with some of these people from his story”

“I don’t see why you are so concerned anyways” said Kelly, “they are just stories”

“Yeah I know”, said Beyonce, “but it is flattering to see the way these people fantasize about us. I mean, we need to be reminded that normal everyday dudes drool over us, as well as some girls”

“True’ said Kelly, “I’ll never forget the way you celebrated when that Carnage guy put you in his story”

“You don’t know what an honor it was, Chapter 3, Hollywood After Dark, I’ll cherish that story forever”

“Well, now you have your own story centered around you” said Kelly, “so you should be happy”

“Yes I do” smiled Beyonce, “who knows, maybe I’ll actually be included in The Harem”

“Dream on” teased Kelly, “that is way above your level, but come to think of it, I’d love to read about Rose McGowan giving it to you in the ass”

“Hey, we can only hope” said Beyonce, “I wonder who this Rulehater guy is”

“He’s probably one of those dorks that can’t get a girlfriend” said Kelly

“No, I have a feeling he is more than that, I feel like he knows me so personally, like we have this bond”

“Hey don’t get ahead of yourself” said Kelly, “the guy wrote a story about you, it’s not like he proposed or anything”

“I know” said Beyonce, ‘but I think I’m going to try and contact him”

With that she opened up her email, and began to type a fawning letter to the mysterious dude who had been immortalizing her in the world of erotic fiction.

I walked out of the Humanities Lecture Hall with my hand clutching my books into the sunny Orange County Weather, in a fairly better mood than the one I had gone in with. After all, I had got an 85% in my History midterm, and considering the fact I did not study one bit, it was quite impressive. Still, how hard could it be to talk about the antebellum movement and slave trade and civil war and all those mumbo jumbo. I silently berated myself for trivializing such an important landmark in our nation’s history.

My mild smile turned into a frown as I saw Alexandra (or Leksy for short), my ex-girlfriend, walk by with some basketball player, not even noticing that I was in the vicinity. Well, I guess I could refer to Leksy as my ex-girlfriend, although nowadays, it was increasingly hard to know how to describe her.

Less than a month ago, Leksy had unceremoniously dumped me for no reason at all. We had been together for over a year, and I thought I was in love with her. I even put up with all her bullshit for so long cos I thought she was the one and she just drops this bombshell out of the blue. I tried to take it like a man, but to be honest, it was a bitter pill to swallow.

After three consecutive nights of going out and getting wasted, I decided to put my mind into something constructive in order to forget Leksy once and for all. Then it hit me, I had been putting off the story I was planning to write for so long. I actually conceived a Beyonce project long before I even met Leksy, but the pressures of school, as well as having a full-time demanding girlfriend did not let it go off the ground.

I figured that was as good a time as any to start. I did not have a girlfriend, and it was not a very active time for me socially any way. So I wrote a few chapters, and much to my surprise, they were very well received. I guess it should not have come as too much of a surprise, as I was editor of my high school paper, and I have a fairly Ok imagination. I cranked out about four chapters in quick succession, and then about a week ago, I ran into Leksy at a party. We were both drunk and basically, one thing led to another, and we found ourselves humping like rabbits in my friend’s bedroom.

We basically got back together, and one day, while I was in class, Leksy had been snooping around my computer one day and came across my stories. She confronted me about them, and I expected her to flip like she usually does, but to my utter delight and amazement, she had been turned on. She actually admitted a slight bi-sexual side to herself. It was like heaven.

Anyways, back to the story, we got into a fight two days ago and it blew out of proportion so we basically broke up again, this time probably for good. It was so painful seeing her walking around campus with other dudes while I was still so sprung off of her. Well, what can a guy do?

I got back to the dorm and immediately slipped in The Marshall Mathers LP into the CD player. It’s funny how after almost 3 years, this is still the CD I listen to when I want to relieve any strong emotions. I switched on my computer, and the stupid thing took almost 5 minutes to come on. (Note to self: I really need to save up for a new and better PC).

I almost did a double take when I opened up my Yahoo Mail. Right there, in the middle of some junk Viagra promotion and a forwarded mail from my friend was an email from Beyonce Knowles. I normally dismiss such as scams and most of the time delete them before even reading them, but for some reason, this seemed authentic. It won’t hurt to open it, I told myself, as I clicked on the email, which has no subject line. It read

Dear Rulehater,

Hi. This is Beyonce, you know, the singer whom you have so vividly portrayed in your stories. I just wanted to send you this to let you know I love your stories about me, and I would love to meet you sometime. You could call me at this number, 213-378-6237, to set something up. Hope to hear from you,


This was obviously somebody trying to feel funny by pulling a prank on me. How the hell could they expect me to fall for this baloney? All the same, I told myself, what if it was actually authentic? No way, even if Beyonce happened to stumble across the stories somehow, what are the chances she would email me, a mere mortal. Still, what was there to lose by giving it a benefit of doubt. Almost by reflex, I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number in the email. It rang three times before I heard an angelic voice say

“Hello, Beyonce speaking”. Oh my God, what if it was her

“Um, is this really Beyonce, um, I don’t know” I stuttered

“Who is this?”, came the apparently puzzled voice

“I got an email, I don’t know if it really was from you” I said

“Oh, you are Rulehater” she said cheerfully

“Yes, I am, this is not really Beyonce Knowles, is it?” I asked in disbelief

“Oh yes it is, why, you don’t believe me?”

“With all due respect”, I said, “I don’t”

“Alright, let me see if this convinces you” she said as she broke into song, “Say my name, say my name, if no one is around you, you say baby I love you, if you ain’t running game”

“Wow’ I said, in awe of the beautiful voice, “if this isn’t Beyonce, it’s an awesome imitator”

“So” she said, “tell me about yourself”

“Well”, I began, “I’m 19 years old, I’m a college sophomore, and I live in California”

“What part of California” she asked

I told her.

“That’s great, I am actually not too far away. I’m in LA recording some sings for my CD” she said excitedly

“That’s great” I said, unsure whether I should take this seriously or not

“So do you want to meet in person sometime?” she asked

“Sure, why not” I said, “when do you want to meet”

“Why not tomorrow” she said

“Tomorrow” I said in shock, “sure why not”.

We made arrangements for our rendezvous. She was going to drive down and meet me at a mall not too far from my school. We exchanged a few pleasantries before she had to hang up.

I stared at the phone in awe for ages. Could it actually be true that I had just spoken to ‘the’ Beyonce Knowles, the object of my fantasies for years, the most beautiful princess in the world? Had we actually planned to meet tomorrow? What if she actually liked me? What if I actually dated Beyonce Knowles?

Then it hit me. What if she was planning to serve me with a summons for writing about her? Could she have less than friendly motives to want to meet me? Since I so desperately wanted to believe it was true, I decided to shake off my inhibitions and go. I could watch from a distance, since she did not know how I looked anyways, and if I saw that the coast was clear, I would approach her.

I could not do anything for the rest of the day. I sat in front of the TV, trying to watch, but nothing could bring me out of my reverie. I had just spoken to my darling Beyonce on the phone, and in less than 24 hours, I could actually meet her in person for the first time ever. Well, I’ve seen her in concert a few times, so I will not say the first time ever, but this was almost a blind date. I went to sleep with the highest level of anticipation ever. To hell with you Alexandra, I thought as I closed my eyes, I am getting with the flyest honey ever, Beyonce Knowles

I must have changed my outfit at least ten different times the next morning as I prepared for my meeting with Beyonce. My roommate noticed something, and kept asking me what was wrong, but I always answered that there was nothing. How would I look if I told him I was going to meet Beyonce? I did not even believe it myself, I did not know why I was going, and I knew that if I told anyone, they would discourage me.

I eventually settled for the casual look, throwing on a Sean John T-shirt and some baggy jeans, as well as Nike trainers. I looked at myself in the mirror, I did not look too bad, I thought. I walked over to the parking lot to my old trusty Honda. It suddenly dawned on me that I should have asked to borrow my roommate’s much better looking Altima, but I figured Beyonce would not judge me based on the car I drove.

It was hard to concentrate as I drove for the twenty or so minutes it took me to get there. What would I say to her? Would I make a fool of myself? Naturally, I contemplated turning back so many times, but I found myself at the mall, and after parking, I hopped out and walked to the spot where I told Beyonce to meet me.

And there she was, looking so beautiful. She was wearing a scarf, and her eyes were covered with some large sunglasses. She dressed casual, in a wife-beater and some tight jeans. I could not believe I was actually staring at Beyonce just several feet away, waiting for me. I popped a few breath mints and walked nervously over

“Beyonce” I said, tapping her from behind.

She turned around, “Hi, are you Rulehater?”

“Yes I am” I said, and then told her my real name

“Nice to meet you, I’m Beyonce” she said

I stretched my hand to shake hers, but to my surprise, she came over and hugged me. We embraced for about five seconds, and I was lost in the wonderful scent of her perfume. Her lovely breasts were pressed against my chest, and I reveled in the amazing cushiony feel for the short duration we were hugging.

“You’re not what I expected” Beyonce said after we let go

“Ouch” I said, feigning hurt feelings

“No I meant that in a good way” she assured me, “I just thought you would be different”

“What were you expecting?” I asked

“Well, for one I thought you would be black” she said

“I am black” I said, “actually I’m bi-racial, and I guess I look white, but I consider myself black”

“Nice accent” she said

“Oh thanks” I replied, “I lived in England for two years. So can I ask you a question?”


“Why did you want to meet me?”

“Well, mostly because I loved the way your stories made me feel. I’ve been reading C-S-S-A for years now, and it just felt good that people want to write stories about me and not just pretty girls like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera”

“Well” I said, “I think you’re way hotter than any of those two”

“You are so sweet” she said

We walked to a nearby restaurant, and as we ate, we got to know each other. She was the sweetest person I had ever met, and by the time lunch was over, I made up my mind that I was officially in love with her. I had to insist on paying for lunch because she would not let me, but there was no way I was going to let a girl pay during a date, even if she was the lead singer of one of the best selling female groups in history.

After lunch, we decided to go and see a movie at the nearby multiplex. This time around, I offered to pay again, but she would not hear of it, despite my protests. We chose to see the new Steve Martin and Queen Latifah comedy, “Bringing Down the House” and I was so delighted, when, while watching the movie, she held my hand and snuggled right next to me. I found it so hard to concentrate on the screen, everything about this girl was so sexy, the way she smelt, the warm touch of her hand, the way she laughed, everything.

The movie was over and as we walked out, I assumed Beyonce would be on her way but to my delight she asked me

“Why don’t we go over to your school, I want to see where you live”

I was overjoyed at this, and we got into my car and drove over to campus. My dorm members would be green with envy when they saw me walk in with Beyonce Knowles.

Well, to cut the long and boring story short, we got to my room, and very luckily, my roommate was not in. She seemed to like the room

“Wow, nice place” she said as she looked at several posters of herself pinned against the wall next to my other posters of Carmen Electra, Janet Jackson, and Christina Aguilera.

“So why do you write those stories?” she asked me as she made herself comfortable by lying on my bed

“Well, you could say I have a very active imagination” I said as I lay next to her

“You still haven’t answered my question”

“Well” I replied, “I just want to share what I fantasize about with the rest of the world”

For some reason, we were silent for a few moments before I said

“No one will ever believe me if I tell them I was in the same bed with Beyonce”

“There’s so much more you can tell them” she said with a wink

“Like what?” I asked

“Like this” she said as she kissed me.

Her warm and tender lips felt so soft against mine, and I put my arms around her as I kissed her back, my arms roaming her backside. We continued to do nothing but make out for about ten minutes, our hands roaming each other’s fully clothed bodies. I made the first move to go further as I inserted my hand into her top and reached for her breasts. To my delight, she was not wearing a bra. I cupped her large and juicy boobs with my hand, and she began to take her top off till she was topless. I decided to do the same thing and took my top off as well, and the both of us were lying on the bed with no tops on, kissing while her bare breasts pressed against my chest.

She pinned me down against the bed and crouched on top of me and began to kiss the whole of my body. She started with my neck, her tongue giving me pleasurable sensations while I moaned in ecstasy, too pleased to even think. Her mouth reached my chest and she began to suck on it, moving down to my navel, and then undoing the button of my jeans.

She pulled my jeans and boxers down and grabbed my huge erect dick in her hands. She clasped it with both hands and looked at me, smiling

“Oh yes suck it baby”, I said

She took it into her mouth and began to skillfully suck it, making me wonder how much experience she had. On the occasions when I managed to persuade Leksy to suck my cock, she was inept at best, using her teeth to cause obstruction and greatly diminishing my pleasure, but Beyonce was perfect. Her mouth went up and down, her tongue twirling like a baton around my manhood while she continued to lubricate it.

My pleasure began to increase, and I stood up, her mouth still fixed to my cock. She sucked round the shaft, grabbing my balls, before going to the head of the cock again. I was about to come

“I’m gonna come now Beyonce” I whispered

“Cool” she said, without making any effort to move. I assumed she was going to swallow it, what a turn on. Alexandra had done no such thing ever before.

I held on to her head, my fingers clutching her dark brown hair as my whole body quivered and I shot my load into her mouth. She looked up at me, my cum dripping from her mouth. She licked her lips with relish and then stood up facing me. I hugged her and we kissed. I could still vaguely taste my semen in her mouth, but I did not care. I grabbed her ass as we kissed, pulling her jeans down.

I decided to do what she had done to me, and I brought my face to her breasts and began to suck on them. I felt my dick begin to get hard again as I feasted on these golden globes. I took her hard nipples in my mouth and gently nibbled on them. I then went down and brought my face to her pussy. I inserted my tongue into her hole just like J. Lo and so many other beauties had done in my story, and began to lick at her nectar. Her pussy smelt so sexy and wonderful, and the noises she was making immensely turned me on. She was not screaming the way she did in my stories, but it was more of a gentle moaning type of noise. I made for her clitoris and began to rub it with my finger, my tongue still firmly in place.

After about ten minutes, she began to moan even louder, signifying the approach of an orgasm

“Oh, aww, yeah baby” she moaned, “oh yes, yes, yes” as she fell to the bed.

“That was great” she said, her eyes falling to my cock, which had fully recharged and was as hard as ever.

“That was fast”, she said as she lay on the bed and spread her legs apart

I climbed on top of her and slid my cock into her incredibly tight pussy. It seemed to be a perfect fit, as though we were just made to be together. I pumped in and out of her, both of us making loud noises. As I rode her, I put my mouth on hers and we kissed as we continued to make incredible love, my dick sliding deep in and then out of her snatch. We continued this passionate ride for several minutes before I felt another orgasm. I screamed even louder than before

“Oh yes, I’m about to come” I shouted

“Put it in my mouth” she said

I quickly brought my dick out and slipped it into her open mouth. Barely seconds later, I shot another load, which she gladly drank. Just then, I heard the door of my room open, and in came Leksy, my ex-girlfriend.

“You son of a bitch” she said when she saw me naked with my dick in a girls’ mouth, “we’ve been broken up two days and you can’t even keep your dick in your….”, all of a sudden her eyes opened as she recognized who the girl was that sucking my cock,

“Is that who I think it is, oh my God, it is, oh Beyonce, oh my God, I don’t believe this”

“Beyonce, meet my ex-girlfriend Alexandra, Leksy, this is Beyonce” I said, smiling

“Nice to meet you”, Beyonce said

“You too” gushed Leksy, “oh my God, I don’t believe this, baby I’m sorry for bursting in on you like this”

“You could join us if Beyonce doesn’t mind”, I said hopefully

“She’s more than welcome” smiled Beyonce

Leksy eagerly tore off her clothes and rushed to join us. I was more than ecstatic. Just so you can picture the scene well, I’ll briefly describe Leksy. She’s about 5 foot 4, she’s white and blonde, and has a 36C breast-size. Basically that’s all you need to know. Anyways, she stripped naked and rushed to join us on the bed. As soon as she got there, Beyonce embraced her and the two girls began to make out. Believe me, even if you came twice already, watching two beautiful girls make out, especially if one of them happens to be a gorgeous singer-actress, and the other your girlfriend, your hard-on is bound to return.

I went behind Leksy and grabbed her tits from behind. She raised her butt up and I inserted my dick into her asshole. She groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as I rammed my dick in and out of her ass. Beyonce bent down and started licking Leksy’s pussy while I continued to hump her asshole.

Leksy continued to scream in ecstasy as I pounded her from behind, while Beyonce continued to lick away at her cunt

“Oh yes fuck me, suck me guys, just fuck me” she screamed as Beyonce and I fucked her.

Both Leksy and I felt our orgasms come at the same time, mine from the cushion-soft feeling of her ass, and hers from the combination of my dick in her butthole and Beyonce’s skilled tongue on her pussy. We both screamed out loud as we came, and the three of us fell to the bed. I felt extremely lucky being sandwiched between the two gorgeous beauties. Both fell asleep on my chest as I stroked each girl’s hair.

Beyonce had to leave the next day because she had an engagement in New York that could not wait. I saw her off to the airport though. We kissed goodbye and I gave her my number so she could call me whenever she had the chance.

“I’ll miss you so much” she said, “I wish there was something I could do to repay you for the good time I had”

“Actually”, I said, “why don’t you write a song about me for your album”

“You know what” smiled Beyonce, “I’ll go even one better”

“What is that?” I asked

“Just wait and see” she said as she walked to her plane.

And she kept her promise. A few months later, Beyonce Knowles’ debut solo album, “Dangerously in Love” debuted at number one on the Billboard Charts and ended up selling millions of copies worldwide.

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