Celebs Meet CSSA #1 – Jennifer Love Hewitt

[Ed. Note – This is the first in a series by various authors that attempts to show what happens when a celebrity finds C-S-S-A and acts upon a fantasy published here about them. The stories are not connected in any way other than this motif, but are all engaging reading considering the very talented authors who are contributing. Enjoy!

– Carnage Jackson

Disclaimer – This story is entirely fictional and does
not reflect any of the celebrities involved in its’
true personalities or sexual nature. That being said,

I always enjoy receiving feedback, suggestions or
requests. Please send any of those


Jennifer Love Hewitt discovers C-S-S-A

by the Squad Leader

Jennifer Love Hewitt angrily slammed the phone in her
trailer down and sighed.

“Where do they come up with some of this junk?” she
asked out loud.

Her agent Ben looked up and grinned. He could tell
that his superstar client was mad about something, but
what made it funny was how even though she was
obviously pissed off, she still came across as Little
Miss Goodie Two Shoes.

“What junk are you talking about?” he asked her.

“That was the Globe” she said. “They called to get my
reaction to an internet rumor that I’ve agreed to pose
for Playboy.”

Ben merely shrugged. He certainly would never say so
to Love, but he understood where such rumors came
from. Here you had one of the hottest stars in
Hollywood, who was apparently in the midst of a career
lull. And even though she was currently in the middle
of filming several movies, everyone assumed that she
would be anxious to get back into the spotlight. And
what better way to do that than to pose for Playboy?
The problem with that theory was that Love didn’t just
play the role of goodie two shoes, she lived it.

“It’s just stupid internet bullshit” he said, trying
his best to comfort her. “Believe me, if that were the
worst thing about you on the net, I would be

“What do you mean?” she pressed.

Ben saw the look on her face and tried to backpedal.
“How naive can she be” he thought.

“Just the usual fake pictures and stories and stuff is
all I’m talking about” he said, trying to tread as
lightly as possible. “Surely you’ve seen those kinds
of sites haven’t you?”

“Ben, you know I’m not a big computer person” she said
with a little giggle. “I don’t think I’ve even turned
on the one I have at home. So if someone is writing
things about me or putting naked pictures of me on the
web, I’m counting on you to tell me about it.”

“You’re right Love” he said. “I will be sure to tell
you if I hear of anything like that from now on. Now
how about we call it a day?”

“Oh no” she said. “I’m not going to let you brush me
off like that. I want you to show me some of these

“Come on Love” Ben replied. “I just think that there’s
stuff on some of these sites that will just make you
flip out. When in reality, it’s just a bunch of pimply
faced teenagers with nothing better to do posting all
of it. And frankly, I don’t think you need all the
stress right now.”

“I’ll be the judge of that” she said, raising her
voice. “Now get on that computer!”

Love could feel her blood boiling in anger at her
agent, but she tried not to let it show as he booted
up the computer. She knew that he was only trying to
look after her, but she wasn’t a kid for crying out

Ben sat at the computer as Love looked on over his
shoulder. He went straight to Google and typed in her
name. Love’s jaw dropped as the results showed
approximately 180,000 web page matches with her name.

“I can’t believe all of these sites have stuff about
me on them” she said, looking on in amazement.

They looked through the various sites for a while,
some of them simply being fan sites with no adult
material, and some of them containing fake nude photos
and the like. Love simply could not believe how many
people thought enough about her to take the time to
indulge their fantasies about her through photos and
stories. Ben was getting tired and was about to go
home when Love spotted a link that was different than
most of the others.

“Celebrity Sex Stories Archive, what is that all
about?” she asked. Ben just rolled his eyes as he
clicked on the link.

“Looks like it’s a site where perverts post their
stories about celebrities” he said.

“Check and see if I’m on there” Love said.

The celebrities were sorted alphabetically by first
name, and sure enough, when Ben clicked on the J’s,
Love’s was amongst the names found. Not only that, but
she was clearly a favorite of the writers, as she
easily had more stories on the site than anyone other
than Britney Spears.

“What do all those codes next to the stories mean?”
she asked.

“I think those just tell you what type of story each
one is” Ben answered. “For example, MF means a male
and a female, FF means two women and I think cons
means consensual sex. They’ve got a section up here
that tells you what all of the codes mean if you want
me to pull it up.”

“Oh that’s O.K.” she said, pretending to be
disinterested and disgusted. “I think I’ve seen enough
for one night, let’s get out of here.”

As they left the trailer, Ben looked at Love and said
“Just block all of that stuff out of your mind. It’ll
be less stress on you if you just forget it even

“You’re right Ben” she said. “And I’m sorry I snapped
at you.”

“Apology accepted” he said. “Good night.”

As Love drove home, she tried to take Ben’s advice and
forget about all of the things she had seen that day,
but not because they disgusted her. Rather, she tried
to block them out because she was incredibly turned

She entered her spacious downtown Los Angeles
apartment and found it blessedly deserted. As she
changed into her running pants and a tank top, Love
listened to her messages.

“Hey Love, it’s me Neve. Listen, I heard you just
broke up with what’s his face, and I thought maybe you
might want to get out of the house tonight. Give me a
call. Ciao baby!”

“Aw, she’s so sweet” Love thought. “But I don’t think
I feel like going out tonight.” She skipped to the
second message.

“Hi honey, it’s your mom. I’m sorry things didn’t work
out with your boyfriend. If you want to talk to me, I
should be home all weekend.”

“Sheesh!” Love muttered to herself. “How’s a girl
supposed to forget about her trouble keeping a
boyfriend if everyone is constantly reminding me of

She looked over at the computer and shook her head.
“No way” she thought. “I’m a good girl, I don’t need
to be reading that smut……But I wonder what those
stories are like……..forget it!” For now, the good girl
had won. She went to the refrigerator and grabbed a
pint of ice cream before turning on the T.V.

Love absent-mindedly watched television for the next
half hour, but didn’t hear a word of what she was
watching. All that kept running through her mind was
what she had seen on c-s-s-a that day. Finally, she
walked over to the computer and turned it on.

“It’s not like I wrote the stories” she thought as the
computer warmed up. “Besides, what harm can reading a
few dirty stories do?”

She went to c-s-s-a.com and quickly made her way to
the J section where the stories about her were
located. As the page pulled up, she glanced around the
room. Was anyone watching her? She felt like she was
doing something dirty, and after being the good girl
her whole life, she was turned on by the thrill. She
clicked on several of the stories including Jennifer
Love Hewitt meets the L.A. Lakers in which she is gang
banged by the entire Lakers squad. At first, she
avoided the lesbian stories which involved her,
reading only the MF stories.

“I’m not a lesbian” she thought. But soon she realized
that there were quite a few stories that involved her
and another woman, and since she was already on the
site, why not go all the way. She glanced around the
room again before clicking on a story called The
Sorority 4.

The story was equal parts romance and sex, and it
involved herself and Jessica Alba. As she started to
read it, Love felt her pussy begin to moisten. She was
a big fan of Jessica’s show Dark Angel, and reading a
story in which she falls head over heels for Love was
quite a turn on.

Love couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being
watched, and the confusion that was in her mind. She
had never before been attracted to another woman, or
turned on by the thought of two women making love, and
it was quite disturbing for her. “Am I a lesbian?” she
thought, but then quickly dismissed the thought.

She got up from the chair she was in and looked in
every room of the house, including the closets to make
sure no one was in her apartment. She kept expecting
someone to leap out at her and yell “Caught ya!”, but
there was no one. She was simply paranoid due to the
fact that she was doing something naughty for the
first time in her life.

Finally convinced that she was alone, Love sat back
down to finish reading the story. She got to the part
where the girls finally kiss, and felt her hand
reaching under her shirt, to start pinching her
nipple. She let out a small moan, and as she read
further to where the two women engage in all kinds of
kinky acts with whipped cream and fruit, she slid her
other hand into her pants and down the front of her
panties. Love worked her fingers into the warm folds
of flesh of her snatch, and slid them in and out
quickly, creating the pleasurable friction she knew
well. As she continued masturbating, Love kicked her
chair away and got on her knees in front of the
computer pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy
so hard that her arm began to cramp up. But still she
fingered herself, feeling the orgasm building in her
abdomen. Finally, when she thought she would burst,
she came in the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

She laid down on the floor, breathing heavily as
confusion flooded her mind. “I don’t like women……..do
I?” she thought. But these thoughts were always
followed with the mental images of Jessica Alba and
her depicted in the story. “Oh, I wouldn’t be having
these stupid thoughts if I hadn’t seen that darn
c-s-s-a site” she fretted.

Before she went to bed that night, Love masturbated
two more times to stories on the site. This time it
was KMB’s masterpieces The Harem that did the trick.
And when she dreamed that night, her dreams were of
herself and other women.

Six months later:

Love’s curiosity about other women had quickly turned
into a downright obsession over the previous months,
and her work was suffering due to it. She was having
trouble working with any attractive females she was
cast with, and several directors had complained to Ben
that she looked tired all the time like she barely
slept. Ben chalked it up to catty jealousy, so he
didn’t say much to Love about it. Little did he
realize that she wasn’t jealous of the other women,
rather her mind was constantly imagining what it would
be like to have sex with them. Not only that, but her
family and friends were starting to wonder why she
couldn’t find a boyfriend, and never seemed to want to
go out anymore.

She looked tired all of the time because of the amount
of time she spent online. Not only was she still a
huge fan of c-s-s-a, but she had taken to writing her
own stories and posting them on the site under the pen
name “The Squad Leader.” Her series, entitled The Bod
Squad allowed her to indulge all of her fantasies, and
the best thing was, no one knew that it was actually
her posting them.

But Love was also a realist. She knew that her lesbian
obsession was slowly destroying her personal and
professional life, and that if she didn’t do something
soon, it would be too late. The problem was that she
had no idea how to go about making her fantasies a
reality. Not only did she not know how to seduce
another woman period, but the last thing she needed
was for the story to get out to the press. Ben would
have a cow if that happened. No scratch that, he would
have an elephant.

“Oh well” she thought and smiled to herself. “I’ll
worry about that later. Right now I’ve got a little
something to keep me busy.” She looked down at the VHS
tape in her hand entitled “Where the Boys Aren’t 8”
and popped it into the VCR. Love grabbed a cucumber
from the fridge, stripped naked and laid on the couch.
As the action in the movie got going, Love worked the
cucumber into her pussy, forgetting about the world
around her. Long gone were the feelings that she was
being watched that she used to have. Gone also were
the precautions she used to take before indulging her
passions such as locking her door.

She didn’t hear it when Blaine, her stylist and friend
knocked on the door. Blaine was one of Love’s best
friends, and he also happened to be a flaming
homosexual. He heard the television on, so he decided
to just walk in. When he did, he found Love working
the cucumber into her snatch as two gorgeous blondes
fucked on the screen.

“Girl, you look so hot that you just might turn me
straight” he joked. Love quickly realized she wasn’t
alone and jumped up.

“Oh my God, Blaine!” she yelled, mortified. “I forgot
you were coming over.”

“So I see” he laughed.

Love tried to cover herself up and stopped the video.
“Blaine, this isn’t what it looks like” she said, near
tears. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Relax” he reassured her. “Honey, why don’t you go put
some clothes on and we’ll talk.”

Love got dressed and came back into the living room.
She had known Blaine for a long time, and decided to
confide in him. She told him the whole story of what
had been going on for the last six months. Blaine
listened silently to her whole story as Love choked
back the tears several times.

Finally, when she was done he said “Well it’s not
something to get so upset about. You just need to find
yourself some girlie to rock your world.”

“You make it sound so simple” she said. “How am I
supposed to do that? I’m Jennifer Love Hewitt for
Pete’s sake.”

“We’ll do it like this” he said. “Being your stylist,
I’ll get you looking hot yet anonymous tonight. Then
we’ll go down to one of the gay and lesbian clubs
downtown where you can check out the menu. If you hook
up, I leave and you go “lickety-split” with your girl.
If not, we get drunk and have a good time. Either way,
you win.”

“Blaine, you are so awesome!” she exclaimed, hugging

“Now come on Cinderella, let’s get you ready for the

Later that Night:

Blaine performed exactly the magic that he had spoken
of earlier. By simply pulling her hair back and
wearing a white visor, it was almost impossible to
tell it was Love unless you were right in front of
her. And even then, it was tough to be sure because of
the changes he made to her makeup. She wore a tight
white tank top with no bra and a leopard print mini
skirt with knee high, black leather boots.

“How do I look?” she beamed as they walked up to the

“Like a hooker” Blaine dryly quipped.

“Perfect” she said. “The better to blend in with.”

“Now if you get uncomfortable at any time, just let me
know and we’ll leave” he said.

“No problem” she replied. “Are you sure there are
going to be some cute girls here? I don’t want to be
surrounded by a bunch of manly looking women.”

“Relax” Blaine assured her. “There are some total
butch looking women, but there are plenty of feminine
lesbians here all the time.”

“Thanks again Blaine…….for everything” she said.
Blaine simply nodded and they entered the club. Love
could feel her heart fluttering in nervous
anticipation as she entered the building. Her legs
felt like jello, and her head was buzzing as they made
their way to a small booth in the corner. She tried to
take everything in as the action occurred all around
her. Everywhere she turned, there were women dancing
with women. It was lesbian overload.

They spent next few hours in the club dancing,
drinking and having fun. Love had danced seductively
with several women and was approached by several
others, but she had yet to find a girl who struck her
fancy. She made her way back over to the booth and sat
down next to Blaine.

“How’s the hunting?” he asked.

“O.K.” she said. “But no real action yet.” But no
sooner had she said that than she looked up at one of
the elevated cages above the dance floor. In the cage,
a gorgeous woman with short spiky black hair was
dancing. She wore a tight belly shirt and black
spandex pants, and she danced like she had done so all
her life. Love was transfixed. She could hear Blaine
saying something to her, but she couldn’t look away.
The gorgeous brunette looked up and locked eyes with
Love, smiling down at her from her position above the
dance floor. Love could feel her heart practically
beating out of her chest. This was the girl she

“Love” Blaine said as he tapped her on the shoulder,
but still she sat transfixed. “Love!” he finally

“What?” she asked looking at him finally.

“Do you want another amaretto sour?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry” she said. “I think I see
something I want.”

“Go ahead girl” he said as he made his way over to the

When Love looked back up she was disappointed to see
that her mystery girl was gone. “Dang it” she thought.
The place was packed, she might never find her. Love
started to get up to look for the woman when suddenly
her dream girl was right in front of her.

“Looking for someone?” she asked.

“Maybe” Love replied. “Why don’t you have a seat?”
The woman sat down and introduced herself. “I’m
Rebecca” she said.

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Jenny” Love said. She had
meant to come up with a fake name, but when she was
put on the spot, Jenny was the best she could come up

“I saw you dancing, you’re really good” Love said,
nervously trying to make small talk. She felt like a
babbling idiot, but Rebecca was surprisingly warm.

“Oh thanks” she said. “The club pays me to dance.”
Blaine walked over and set Love’s drink down before
disappearing into the crowd. Rebecca could see what
was going on and scooted a little closer to Love.
“First time here, huh?”

Love shifted nervously in her seat and said “Yeah, I
guess I’m guilty. But I really like this place.” She
sipped her drink and said “Whew, I’ve got quite a
little buzz going.”

Rebecca laughed and they made small talk for a few
more minutes. Finally she leaned over, placed her hand
on Love’s thigh and whispered in her ear “Why don’t we
move the party to my place?”

Love couldn’t help but blush, but she did barely
manage to whisper a “Sure, O.K.”

“I have to use the restroom” Love said.

“O.K.” Rebecca said. “I’ll meet you by the door.”

Love made her way to the restroom and went inside.
Luckily, she was the only person in the room. She
called Blaine’s cell phone with hers to let him know
she was leaving. When she hung up, she looked in the

“This is it” she said to herself. “No turning back.”
Part of her wanted to sneak out the back door and
never look back, but she fought off the urge to
chicken out and met Rebecca by the front door.

It was a short ride back to Rebecca’s apartment, but
to Love it seemed like an eternity. She was too
nervous to say much, so she simply listened as Rebecca
talked about herself. They finally arrived at the
apartment building and entered the elevator. Rebecca
hit the button for the 22nd floor and up they went. As
the elevator slowly made it’s way up, Rebecca backed
Love up against the wall and started to kiss her.

“Jenny, you’re so hot” she whispered. Love was
noticeably tense, so Rebecca tried to ease her mind.
“It’s okay” she said. “I know you’ve never done this

“How did you know” Love asked, astonished.

“I could spot it a mile away” she said. “Plus, I’m a
big fan of yours.”

Love’s jaw dropped when she heard what Rebecca had
said. The bell rang and the doors opened on Rebecca’s

“Don’t worry” she said as she led Love by the hand to
her apartment. “Your secret’s safe with me.” With
that, any hesitation she previously had disappeared.
They tumbled into Rebecca’s apartment and ravenously
attacked one another, kissing passionately as they
fell to the floor. Love still wasn’t sure if she was a
lesbian or not, but this certainly felt right. She was
lying on top of Rebecca, letting their tongues probe
each other’s mouths and swapping saliva.

Rebecca lifted Love’s tank top over her head and began
to massage her beautiful breasts while they continued
kissing. She rolled over on top of Love and slowly
moved her kisses downward, planting them on her lips
and earlobes and neck on the way down to her breasts.
Love raised her arms above her head and let Rebecca
start to suck and bite on her hardened nipples.

“Oooooh Rebecca! That feels wonderful!” she cooed.

“You haven’t felt anything yet” Rebecca playfully shot
back. She planted juicy kisses on Love’s tummy all the
way down to her waistline, all the while continuing to
pinch her nipples. She started to unzip Love’s skirt
but Love stopped her.

“Wait!” she said. “I want to taste you again!” She
pulled Rebecca up and kissed her hard once again. This
time, it was Rebecca who lost her shirt as Love ripped
it off of her and tossed it to the side. They slowed
down and began to softly kiss one another, allowing
their bare breasts to press up against each other.
Love ran her fingernails lightly across Rebecca’s back
as she moved down and took one of her breasts into her
hungry mouth.

Love had never felt another woman’s breasts in a
sexual manner before, but she took to it like a fish
to water, kneading the warm flesh with her hands and
mouth. After a while of this, Rebecca took Love’s head
between her hands and pulled her up for one more kiss
before returning to her skirt.

She quickly removed the skirt and tossed to the side
before sliding Love’s panties off. It felt strangely
empowering to Love to be lying their completely naked
with this other woman, and she was growing bolder by
the second.

“You like what you see?” she chided.

“Oh yeah baby!” Rebecca said in a husky voice as she
lifted one of Love’s legs up. She gently kissed the
inside of her ankle, and began to work her way towards
Love’s pussy, planting soft kisses on her calves and
inner thighs on the way there. Love held her breath as
Rebecca teased her before finally licking her honey

Love was so wired, that the feel of Rebecca’s warm
tongue running along her slit sent chills throughout
her body. She felt the goosebumps rising up on her
flesh as Rebecca slowly circled her mound with her
tongue. She could feel Rebecca’s fingers slide in and
out of her wet snatch as her tongue focused on her

“Ohhhh yess! Fuck yes!” Love cried, not sure if it was
her voice using such language, but not really caring
either. “Ohhhh Eat me! Fuck me! Ooooooh!” Rebecca
could hear and feel the effect she was having on this
young woman’s body, and that turned her on almost as
much as the sex itself. Love finally came when Rebecca
slid her middle finger into her asshole while still
licking away at her clit.

“I’m gonna come!” She wailed in ecstasy as she did.
The orgasm she had was easily the most powerful one
she had ever experienced, surpassing even the first
one she gave herself the first night she discovered

Rebecca crawled up and let Love lick her own juices
from her fingers and tongue. They kissed for another
ten minutes before Love grew bold once again and
decided to find out what pussy tasted like. She led
Rebecca over to the couch and pulled her tight black
pants off, revealing that she had no panties on. Not
only that, but her pussy was shaved completely clean.

“Let me show you what it’s all about” Love teased. All
of the porno tapes that she had watched over the past
few months were about to pay off as Rebecca got on her
knees on the couch and Love kneeled on the floor
behind her.

She worked her tongue into Rebecca’s snatch and licked
it from the bottom to the top, savoring every inch.
Rebecca leaned over the edge of the couch and looked
down at the floor, moaning as Love started to lick her
asshole. She stiffened up her tongue and worked it
into Rebecca’s brown eye while she rubbed her clit
with her hand.

“Ohhhhh yesssss!” Rebecca screamed as she soon came,
flooding Love’s face and hands with her pussy juice.
Rebecca then rolled back onto the floor, collapsing on
top of Love as they kissed and caressed each other’s
naked bodies.

“Let me show you something else” she said as she sat
up. Rebecca lifted one of Love’s legs and worked her
way between them until their pussies were rubbing up
against each other. They ground their hips in unison,
mashing each others pussies together and building up
enough friction to get both of them off again. Moans
and cries of pleasure filled the air as both women
finally came again and they collapsed in a heap.

Love and Rebecca softly stroked each other’s hair and
kissed as they drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, Love woke up in bed next to Rebecca,
and everything felt right. She had gotten the
experience that she desperately needed. Would it lead
to more lesbian experiences or was it a one time
thing? Right now, that wasn’t her concern, but she was
definitely glad she had gone through with it. And to
think, all of this started because of
c-s-s-a. One little website had changed her life. It
would definitely be selfish not to share this
knowledge and Love knew just the girl who could use

“What are you doing?” Rebecca asked as Love called
someone on her cell phone. “Why don’t you come back to

“I’ll be there in a sec” she smiled. “I’ve just got to
call a friend about a website.”


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