Celebs Meet CSSA #27: Nicole de Boer

Celebs Meet CSSA – Nicole deBoer

By Ithaqua and Kianzra

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This is for fun.

As far as I know Nikki is happily married as am I and even if we werent the ods of this happening are even higher than the odds of winning my winning any money.

To be blunt this is not real.

Also there is sex in this if this offends you please stop reading now and maybe reconsider what kind of web sites you visit.

Message from Ithaqua.

Thanks to Whisper for making this possible. Without him I would
have shelved this and moved on. I thank you sir.

As an aside this is possibly an interesting historical moment for CSSA as this is the forst collaboration between a husband and wife on the site.

Therefor I would like to take the time to thank my wife for her assistance on this. She has been an invaluable help to me through out.

I especially thank her for coming up with the reason for our seperation in this story.

And I will never let her near ice cubes again!

Story Codes: M/F

Celebs Meet CSSA – Nicole de Boer

What a bad time I was having.

Some months ago I had come in to possession of some amount of money. Good news you say.

Unfortunately this precipitated much grief between my wife and I resulting in a separating of ways which I prayed was temporary.

So that’s how I found myself in the U.S. with an old friend of mine.

We were supposed to be heading to Texas to visit a friend of ours down that way however this went out of the window when we arrived in New York.

I heard of a large Star Trek convention in Florida and elected to detour from New York and see if surrounding myself with people far geekier than me would cheer me up.

Organising to meet again in San Antonio I left my less than amused companion and headed off to Florida.

The one thing I will never get used to about Florida was the heat.

In Scotland we have two seasons June and winter and I remember thinking “God knows how I’ll cope with Texas”.

Mind you the ankle length leather jacket similar (One like Angel or Spike would wear, I always preferred Spike, better lines) didn’t help.

As I wandered through the airport heading for the exit (And utterly pissed off at the security) I wasn’t paying attention and crashed into some bald bloke who was mumbling something.

“Hey watch it pal” I said mainly to hide my own embarrassment at the incident.

“Well excuse me” He responded in mock sincerity.

I wandered off muttering about bald wankers.

Behind me he returned to his muttering.

What happened next almost floored me.

Turning a corner I almost bumped into someone else.

This time my chivalry circuit cut in and I immediately said sorry and stepped out of the way of the young woman.

A second later my brain kicked me as it tried to get me to concentrate and before she could finish saying thank you I blurted out.

“V? It is you isn’t it?”

She looked cautiously at me.

It had to be her; the vision of her beauty was burned into my memory.

“If I say Ithaqua what do you say?” I asked going for broke

“You’re Ithaqua?” She asked surprise evident.

“Yup that’s me. And you would be V. Web Goddess”

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“I’m on my way to Texas. Just doing a little detour to see a convention. What about yourself?”

“Oh I’m meeting someone” She said.

“Strange running into you” I said shaking my head. “Look I need to find somewhere to get my head down. Can you recommend a good hotel in this place?”

“Pen and paper?” She asked.

I handed over the pad I had and she noted down an address.

“Thanks. A pleasure meeting you V. I hope to speak to you again soon”

Lifting my rucksack back over my shoulder I gave a small smile

“T.T.F.N.” I said and was rewarded by a smile as I bowed and departed the airport.

As I did a strange thought passed through my head.

“Nah can’t be” I thought.

The taxi ride to the hotel was short thankfully and as soon as I checked in I found myself busily contacting people attached to the convention to see what I could arrange.

After a while I decided to call in a few favours at home and see what I could do.

Eventually I found myself listed as a special observer for the security of the convention.

Ostensibly I was visiting to see how this security company handled such an event so my own employers could tender a suitable bid for a planned event back home.

The next day after a long and refreshing sleep I met up with the head of their security.

“Good afternoon. I’m Thomas Clydesdale. I’m in charge of security for this event”

“Pleased to meet you” I said shaking his hand. “You can call me Jay. What’s your preferred title?”

“Call me Tom. I understand you want to shadow some of our officers and generally see how we do things”

“That’s the idea. Of course I’ll need unrestricted access to the site. Have you finished the security checks?”

“Yes. Your company has been highly cooperative. They seem embarrassed about the lack of warning about your visit.”

“I’m sure they are” I said.

“Just one last check to perform. They sent us your personal identification number can you confirm it?”

“Certainly 26127” I said.

“And your passport” He said holding out his hand.

I handed it over and Tom went into his pocket pulling out a piece of paper and examining both items intently.

I stood patiently till a smile broke out.

“Good here is a pass that will allow you access to all areas. Your photo is on it; your company supplied us with yours from your personnel file. Part of confirming who you were.”

I groaned as I looked at the picture on the pass before hanging it round my neck. “I hate that picture”

“They never flatter do they? Here let me show you around” Tom said.

The rest of the day was spent taking notes on what was a well organised operation.

Retiring early allowed me to rise fresh the next morning for my first day of a convention.

The day was a blur as the convention went into full swing.

I was in the service elevator talking with one of the security officers when she entered.

My mouth went dry and our conversation abruptly halted.

Here I was only a few feet away from Nikki de Boer.

“Loading bay please” She said gracing us with a smile before turning to face away from us.

The officer started the lift which slowly began to descend

I became painfully aware that she had turned to look at me.

Her eyebrow was arched and I realised I had been staring at her ass.

I blushed furiously as she read my pass hanging round my neck.

“Special observer. What are you observing?”

“Erm” I said desperately trying to think of something witty but failing drastically.

“Looked like my ass” She said facing forward again.

It would be hard to say who choked worse me or the other guy.

As my face turned scarlet I tried to gather myself maybe a little conversation would help lift the embarrassment.

“Can I just say? I think you were brilliant in D.S.Nine. It can’t have been easy to replace a main character and you did a great job.”

She turned again “Thanks. You’re sweet”

Again I felt my face flush as I blushed like a school kid.

“Just calling it as I see it. I don’t want to harass you but can I have an autograph please?” I asked summoning all my courage

She took the offered pad and open scribbling as quick signature on it.

Before handing it back I saw her glance at some of the notes.

“Checking out the security? Is there a problem here?” She asked handing the pen and pad back.

“No problem. Just checking things out for the planned convention in Glasgow next year”

“I’m going to do that I feel like I have to. Did you know my Mother’s Scottish?”

“I believe I read that somewhere” I said

“Tell you what” She said as the lift cam to a halt. “What time do you finish?”

“I just have to sign out. Say about ten minutes”

She took the pad and scribbled and address.

“Meet me there and I’ll give you my view on these conventions”

“Umm sure” I stuttered.

With that she left getting into her car.

I stood for a few seconds my brain trying to cope.

“The lifts to slow” I thought “MOVE NOW!” My brain screamed at me.

I burst from the elevator and tore across the loading bay.

I slammed into the door to the stairwell not even registering and barely slowing me as I tore up the stairs to the office.

Quickly I signed out and was outside Tom’s office.

“Hey Tom that’s me away for today. Catch you tomorrow.”

“No problem. Been useful so far?”

“Very informative. Gotta go. Believe it or not one of the potential stars for the convention next year wants to give their view”

“Okay. Have a good night” He said

With that I tore along the corridors back to the stairwell stopping only to grab my jacket.

I don’t know how many bruises I got as I bounced of walls and doors my jacket in my hands.

Soon I found myself out on the street where I started waving for a taxi.

I dived in as one pulled up.

“Take me here” I gasped my breath coming in ragged gulps as I showed him the address on my notepad.

“Sure thing” he said as I fell back trying to regain my breath.

We arrived shortly thereafter and I hastily paid the fare giving a large tip to avoid change.

Talking a deep breath I whirled my jacket around me as I put it on.

“Take it easy” I said to myself.

“Yeah I mean it’s only Nikki” a sarcastic voice at the back of my head said.

“You ain’t helping” I thought as I opened the door and stepped in.

Unknown to me it was going to be an eventful and short visit.

I entered the bar and looked around for Nikki.

A few eyes glanced me over before returning to more interesting things.

The lighting was subdued giving the place that cosy feel a lot of bars have.

Surprisingly there was no cigarette smoke on the air whether due to good ventilation or a no smoking policy I couldn’t say.

I offered up a quick thank you to the universe for this. My asthma usually kicked in hard in bars.

Wondering through the area looking for Nikki I examined the area

It was shaped like an L and so a section was out of my view.

As far as I could tell there was only one main entrance and exit.

It was quite a large and spacious place. Table’s were laid out in a manner that allowed for a great deal of privacy.

The music was of moderate volume allowing for easy conversation.

I assumed Nikki was round the corner either that or far more likely I had been stood up.

As I went to turn the corner I heard voices.

“Hey babe come on we can have some fun” A voice slurred with alcohol said.

I immediately went on edge. I had heard that tone of voice before and it always signalled trouble.

I turned the corner and took in the scene before me

Surrounding an extremely nervous looking Nikki were four guys.

Quickly I sized up the four. None of them looked particularly dangerous in of themselves.

The smell of alcohol in the air further hinted at the inebriation of at least a few of the individuals.

My eyes met Nikki’s and saw the mute appeal there.

I paused to freeing my hands from my pockets as I further examined the scene.

This could be dangerous but yet again my chivalry circuit kicked in.

Time to intervene.

“Hey Nicole, sorry I’m late” I said casually.

She looked at me relief washing through her. Obviously she had thought I might abandon her.

The guys turned around and I quickly found myself almost nose to nose with one who was obviously the mouth of the group.

“Hey buddy why don’t you just leave. Me and the guys here want to entertain the lady and you ain’t invited.”

The stench of alcohol was over powering. He was swaying slightly and I noticed the uncoordinated trend to the movement of his companions as they moved to flank me.

“This is not going to end well” I thought.

The drunken state would make it more difficult for me as they would be harder to anticipate. Fortunately it would also slow down their reactions.

Placing emphasis on my accent I looked around taking in the positions of his companions. One was on my left and two on my right, one of which was almost at my back as I faced the leader.

“I dinnae think the lassie wants ti spend time wi ye” I said emphasising the harsh accent

Suitable unimpressed he prodded my chest which seemed to take all his concentration. “Look buddy get lost or you get hurt”

That was it I knew I it was going to end bad and my best chance was surprise.

My gaze returned to him.

“Can yer mammy sew?” I asked praying he had never heard this one before.

“Wha…” He started

Unfortunately he was cut of as my head impacted on his nose with a satisfying crunching noise.

“Get her ti stitch that yin” I said spinning to my right and throwing out a left cross catching the next guys jaw.

He went reeling. Two down I was doing well I thought as I saw the other guy to my right out of the corner of my eye.

Too late to kick him I moved toward into him catching him in the face with my elbow.

“Damn I’m good” I thought before something hit me and I saw the ground rush up to meet me.

Chapter 2.

The light in the room was almost blinding as I awoke to a cracking sore head and what felt like several bruised areas.

“What hit me?” I asked aloud my eyes firmly shut as I tried to centre myself

“The guy on the left” A sweet voice said. “Then two of them got a few good shot’s in before they were pulled off.”

I opened my eyes and looked round allowing myself time to adjust.

I was in bed and Nikki de Boer was sitting on the edge of it looking concerned.

The room was most definitely not my hotel room. I took in other features that told me it wasn’t a hotel room at all.

There were pictures of a young looking couple on some walls and a picture of Nikki and a blonde woman was on a nearby desk.

“How long was I out for?” I asked noticing the light peeking through the curtains.

“About twelve hours. It’s eight fifteen am” She said.

“And you’re at my friend’s house. She’s out of town with her family and let me use it while I’m at the convention.” She said anticipating my question

“The convention. Oh shit I have to get going” I said.

I threw of the covers and leapt to my feet stumbling as pain shot through me.

I looked around.

“Clothes” I muttered

“Yes it might be advisable to put something on” She said smiling.

“Oh shit” I said realising I was naked.

I was looking for something to cover up with when I realised it was a little late.

“Okay Nikki, Do you mind me calling you that?” I asked realising I had used her familiar name when she may not be comfortable about it.

“Not at all. I think since I’ve seen you naked we should at least be on first name terms” She said laughing.

Another blush covered me “Okay I’m going to shower can you organize me some clothes”.

Whilst Nikki got my clothes I quickly showered and dried.

“So who took my clothes of last night?”

“I did” Nikki said.

“Wish I’d been conscious for that” I muttered.

“Maybe tonight” I heard her say quietly.

I let it pass after all she wasn’t supposed to have heard my comment and I didn’t know if I was supposed to hear hers.

“I notice you didn’t have any underwear” She said causing another blush.

“I never wear any” I said. How the hell did this woman manage to make me blush so much?

“Here got your clothes cleaned and dried over night.”


“Least I could do for my saviour” She said grinning.

“Some saviour. I got my ass kicked.”

I was ready quickly and we left using her car.

“So what happened after I hit the floor?” I asked as she drove us toward the convention.

“Well the guy who you stuck the head in was down and the second guy had a glass jaw he was out.” She paused.

“The guy you elbowed was stunned and the fourth hit you over the back of the head”

I felt for and found a large lump as expected.

“With what?” I asked.

“A bottle. Lucky for you it was a glancing blow and never smashed”

“Yeah lucky me” I said feeling far from lucky and wincing as I touched the lump.

“Then you went down and they got a few shots in before the bartender scared them off”

“I must remember to thank him” I muttered

“Then the police arrived and you were almost hauled away”

“WHAT!” I shouted and then winced again as pain flared in my skull.

“Calm down. One of them was a Trek fan and so was the bartender. They agreed to drop any charges and loaded you into my car. Then I got you back to my friends and had a doctor check you out.”

“How’d you get me up the stairs?”

“The police helped in exchange for having their photo taken with me and autographed.”

“Thanks Nikki. Sounds like you were my saviour”

“You did the hard part” She said.

“Yeah I took a pounding”

The rest of the drive was made in silence as I contemplated my failure.

I dived to the rescue and had to get rescued myself. Typical.

Shortly thereafter we arrived at the convention grounds.

“I’d better sign in. See you on the floor” I said.

She leaned over and placed a light kiss on my cheek “I prefer the bed but we’ll see”

Once again words escaped me and I turned red as I climbed out of the car and moved of toward the office.

“Heh Jay how are you this morning?” Tom said as I passed his office.

“Tender” I said.

“Drink?” He said frowning

“Yeah unfortunately it was still in the bottle when it hit my skull” I said.

“You okay?” he asked

“Yeah Doc say’s I’m fine. Us Scots have thick heads.” I said smiling.

“Okay take it easy though”

“No argument from me” I said departing.

I spent the day on the convention floor observing how things worked on that side of things and coincidently passing near Nikki regularly.

Before she departed Nikki came over.

“See you tonight” She said.

“Your place?”

“Here’s the address” She said slipping a piece of paper into my hand.

“Hang on how about you come to my hotel and I’ll buy you dinner?”

“Okay what time?”

“About eight, here’s the name and address” I said tearing of a sheet of paper and scribbling quickly.

“T.T.F.N.” I said as she went to leave.

I got back to work the last few hours of the day now seeming to take forever.

It was not far from eight when I got back to the hotel. By the time I got showered and down the stairs Nikki was waiting.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “You look stunning”

She was wearing an electric blue dress that set off her cute face perfectly.

“I’m glad you approve” She said smiling.

“Shall we my lady?” I asked bowing and offering my arm.

“Why sir we shall be delighted” She said taking my arm as we headed to the dining room.

Dinner passed quickly as I drank in the vision of beauty before me.

We stuck mainly to the discussion about the proposed convention.

“Well what now?” I asked as we left the table.

“You’ve seen my bed how about showing me yours?”

“Do I get to strip you?” I asked

“We’ll see” She said sweetly.

I shook my head “I wish” I thought.

We arrived at my room and I let her in.

“I’ll order some champagne” I said moving over to the phone.

I saw her moving over to the messy table and examine a few sheets of paper.

“Yeah send it to room 215” I said finishing the order.

“Sorry about the mess” I said.

“C.S.S.A.” She said turning.

“Oh Fuck!” I thought. My Ideas page was on that desk.

“Nothing Important” I said trying a disarming smile.

“Oh it seems like it is” She said.

“You wouldn’t be interested” I said.

“What if I said KMB?”

“K M B” The letters dropped of my tongue as my jaw hit the floor.

“Or maybe Victoria, Whisper or TBBB”

I slumped on the bed my brain desperately trying to piece together what was happening.

“You know about them?”

“Yes. I liked Harem especially”

“Yeah it’s good. Personally I like The Big Time slightly more, I prefer male/female.” I said “But don’t tell KMB”

“I won’t. So who are you?”

I gulped might as well own up.

“Ithaqua” I said quietly.

“Well let me think. Oh yes you have some DS9 stuff on T.S.S.A”

This was getting to be too much.

“You’ve read it?” I said not sure I could cope with much more of this.

“Yes. I do have one question. On the boards you always say I’m your favourite”

I nodded that was true.

“So why no story about me or Ezri yet?”

“Is there a correct answer to that? I mean one that doesn’t result in me getting slapped or kicked”

“Depends. I think there is” She said.

“My DS9 story is set to follow the series over seven years so you won’t appear till then. As for a story about you. Well so far I’m sticking to my DS9 stuff”

“Just how much shit am I in?” I thought as I watched the thoughtful expression on her face

“Would you write me a story?” She asked suddenly

“Yeah of course I….. Whoa hold up, you want me to write a story for you?”

This time she blushed and perversely that sent a sense of satisfaction through me as I felt I had finally got my own back on her.

“Yeah I know it sounds weird but I’d love to have a story on the site”

I got up from my seat on the bed and lifted the notepad from the desk aware of how close she was to me.

“Let’s get a few ideas down” I said.

I turned to move back to the bed only to find my way blocked by her. I watched as the tip of her tongue traced her top lip. Slowly I lowered my head so I too could taste those sweet lips. I was on the verge of changing my mind when she lifted her head so our lips met. I had intended on a gentle teasing kiss but quickly it changed to a passionate hunger fuelled kiss. Her tongue battled mine for more. My fingertips trailed down her necked when suddenly she pulled away.

Disappointment and rejection boiled up inside me. Obviously she had come to her senses. I was uttering the beginnings of an apology when she put her finger to my lips to hush me.

“First let me give you something to write about” She said smiling at me as she slowly unzipped her dress.

I swear time had practically stopped. Every movement burning itself on my memory.

My eyes followed as the dress fell to a heap on the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside. My eyes started the ascent back up her body. Her incredible legs led the way to a scrap of blue material that hid her womanhood. Gulping down the thoughts racing through my head I continued to move my eyes up over her taut stomach. As my gaze reached the matching blue bra she removed it.

My breath was heavy as she let it fall away.

“Beautiful” I murmured as her pert breasts were exposed.

They were small but delectable. I guessed the rumours of her wearing a padded bra for her part in Star Trek were true.

She slipped the thong down her legs and stepped out of it, standing naked before me.

I stood in awe of the vision before me barely blinking as she moved over to me and slowly undid my shirt.

Pushing the shirt off my shoulders she allowed it to drop to the floor.

Her expression changed as she noticed the chain round my neck.

It featured two rings one copper with strange script on it and the other a plain gold band.

“My wedding ring. My wife and I are separated but I can’t get used to not wearing it.” I said before she asked.

A brief emotion flickered in her eyes before she buried it.

“And the other ring?” She said changing the topic.

“The one ring” I said.

“Lord of the rings?” She asked and I nodded. “Shouldn’t it be gold?”

“The gold wore off. Both rings mean a lot to me so I wear them” I said.

She kissed me once again and I felt the problems melt away.

My arms caressed down her naked back. I could feel her chest against mine.

The intensity of it all meant I was unaware of her nimble fingers undoing my trousers.

The first I knew was when they hit the floor.

This time when we broke apart I saw her shoot me a mischievous grin before disappearing to the door. She returned pushing a trolley with two glasses and the bottle of champagne I had ordered.

Sum what gob smacked by the fact she’d answered the door the only thing I could think of to say was “Did you tip him?”

“You think I need to tip when I answer doors naked?”

“No but…” I fumbled for the right words but she just laughed

“Your so easy!” then she down the glass of champagne she had poured and dropped to her knees in front of me.

All my self control was needed as she wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly started to jerk me off. Her hands warm and soft making me throb for more.

“Oh fuck yes” I moaned as she lowered her mouth to my cock and ran her tongue over it.

Inarticulate moans of pleasure were all I could manage as she took the head of my cock into her mouth gently sucking on it. Swirling her tongue around the tip. Slowly I felt her mouth take on more of my hardened cock. She teased sucking it and moving back almost completely off and then taking more. Again and again until she took me in completely. I almost came when I felt my cock hit the back of her throat. It was so tight.

She pulled off of my cock “Naughty. Don’t even think of cumming in my mouth, I want it all in my pussy.”

Again she took it in her mouth slowly sinking it in so it reached her throat and then back out again. In and out, in and out. Her mouth a tight wet hole. My head and mouth ready to explode with the sensations they were trying to process.

“I’m gonna cum” I said and felt her lift her mouth from me.

“Not yet” She said “We have a lot more to do”

I groaned in disappointment and concentrated on regaining control of myself.

Nikki got to her feet as I breathed slow and deep.

“Get you worked up did I?” She asked innocently. Her eyes twinkling with amusement.

I felt his hand touching my throbbing cock then suddenly I felt like I’d had a cold shower.

“What the fu…” my voice trailed off a she popped a bit of ice in her mouth. Her other hand flashed open to reveal three more ice cubes.

This girl had a wicked sense of humour. Time to get my own back.

“Right my turn” I exclaimed grabbing her and hoisting her onto the bed.

Before she could react I was between her legs planting kisses on the thighs.

“Mmmm” She purred as I arrived at her cunt.

I briefly paused taking in her trimmed bush and enticing aroma before extending my tongue to taste her.

A satisfying whimper of pleasure was my reward as my tongue tasted the treasure before me.

I lashed her hot cunt with my tongue causing her to moan louder and louder.

This was better than I could ever have imagined. The taste of her hot cunt was like nectar to me.

I could feel her getting close to orgasm as her body tensed. I pulled away, cruelly stopping her orgasm in its tracks.

“Don’t stop, please make me cum, I need to cum” she groaned lifting her head looking at me with pleading eyes. As she collapsed onto the bed her hand snaked down towards her clit. I stopped it and pulled it to her side.

“Jay” she groaned in frustration.

I picked up one of the bits of ice that had fallen out of her hand onto the bed. I placed inside her hot pussy. Deciding she’d suffered enough I began nibbling on her clit.

The effect was instantaneous as she came hard and in the process clamped her thighs around my head almost crushing my skull.

Okay I exaggerate a little but damn she was strong.

A mixture of cum and the water from a melted ice cube leaked out of her. I slowly began lapping away. She arched to meet my mouth. My tongue working it was into her, drinking her juices. She was grinding her pussy against my mouth but still I held back slightly teasing her. It was not long before her hand pushed my face at her pussy whilst she came once again.

As she released me and lay recovering I slowly worked my way up her body trailing little kisses over her stomach and chest, lingering on her perfect nipples before continuing up over her neck till once again I tasted her lips.

A long luxurious kiss ensued as I ran my hands over her body cupping her tits and pinching her nipples eliciting small gasps from her.

As we broke apart again she gave me another mischievous smile.

“What?” I asked.

“I always liked how I taste” She said grinning.

I laughed “I like how you taste as well”

“Are you ready?” I asked.

She nodded to me and I leaned in to kiss her again.

She gasped into my mouth as I pushed into her hot cunt.

I felt her wetness and warmth envelop me as I sank deeper till I rested completely in her. She was so tight.

I remained motionless wrapped in the sensation till I felt her move under me.

Then slowly I withdrew and started to gently slide in and out of her hot cunt.

Having broken our kiss we both looked into each others eyes.

“Oh god” she said closing her eyes.

“Fuck it’s so good” I groaned as I picked up pace slightly.

“Oh Fuck me. Please fuck me hard” She moaned

I groaned. I love it when a girl talks dirty. However I was already turned on to an unbelievable degree by her too much and I would lose control.

“Fuck me. That’s it fuck me good” She kept moaning. Her hips rising to me meet me for every stroke.

I was barely maintaining control as I started to really pound into her. I lowered my lips to her succulent little tits and enclosed the dark areola with my mouth.

Teasing her nipples with my tongue and then playfully biting them which only seemed to excite her more.

“Oh go that’s it suck my tits. Fuck me” She screamed.

I felt her movement begin to slow and locked eyes with her.

“From behind” She said simply.

I slowly withdrew and watched as she rolled over and got on all fours.

“Now fuck me” She ordered wiggling her ass at me.

“Yes Maam” I said smiling.

Gripping her waist I slid into her hot cunt from behind.

The sensations were even more intense than before.

I began to slide in and out building up as a rhythm as she moaned and moved against me.

“That’s it fuck me. Fuck me harder”.

I was soon pounding into her the sound of flesh against flesh interspersed with groans of pleasure and her moaning filling the room.

I could feel my load rising as I ploughed deep in her cunt.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” I said.

“Yes fill me with your cum. Shoot it deep in me”

With one last thrust I buried myself deep in her cunt and started firing of shots of cum.

A shudder ran through her as she came seconds later.

The clamping of her cunt milked my cock as I remained inside her revelling in the sensations of her orgasm.

When she was finished I slowly slid from her and we collapsed onto the bed.

“So think you have enough for a story?” She asked as we lay together.

“Mmm not sure?” I said feigning uncertainty.

“Well I’ll make sure you do” She said stroking my cock.

“I’m sure you will I said as I closed in to kiss her again.

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