Celebs Meet CSSA #2 – Katie Holmes

[Ed. Note – At a party, Jennifer Love Hewitt spots Rachael Leigh Cook and after a nice conversation, slips her a piece of paper with the web address www.c-s-s-a.com on it. This continues the “celebs find CSSA” storyline, as this is part 2 in the series. Enjoy!

– Carnage Jackson ]

This story is 100% false, it’s fiction, it’s a fable and it never happened. If it did then that’s the people’s business not mine, this was just something that popped out of my head meaning a parody of sorts. If you’re not 18, close this page and move
on to something like homework or something cause this isn’t for you. If it’s illegal in your state to view this, turn it off and move on. I make nothing off this, I don’t know the people involved and two of them are imaginary to begin with. To the writers whose names appear in the story, I think you all did a swell job in real life with your fiction and hope you continue in the future (and yes, even I want to know why there was never a Part 2 of ME AND KATIE HOLMES by AMD). So if you enjoy, send an email. If you hated it, at least give me a reason why (and if the words too long appear I will delete it without reading further). If you see something I can improve, send a mail. Basically, just please send an email. Remember the address is smackdownstory@hotmail.com for all email coming to me and make sure to include which one you are commenting on in the subject line cause I’ve got a lot.

Katie Holmes and CSSA

By: Smackdown (M/F, M/F/F, F-mast, oral, anal)

“I don’t believe this shit,” yelled Katie Holmes as she clicked back on her browser after reading parts of another story involving her in a compromising position. “That weirdo had me getting fucked by a horse!”

“I think you’re taking this way to seriously Katie,” said her best friend Rachael as she sat behind her drinking a Coke. “They aren’t real, just a bunch of horny losers with too much free time.”

Rachael, or Rach as she really liked to be called, was like night to Katie’s day when it came to how they acted. Rach was a longhaired blonde with a deep tan and a killer body, she loved sex and wasn’t afraid to admit when she did something. Someone had once dared Rach at a party to deep throat a cucumber in front of a group of guys and she did it without a second thought….then she grabbed two of the guys, went into a bedroom and fucked them with the door wide open. How her and Katie became friends was one of the big question marks of the rest of Katie’s friends until they actually talked with Rach and realized how great a person she was despite her outgoing nature.

“Are you kidding me? How can I not take this serious? I’m being raped by humans and horses, I’m having a lesbian affair with a bunch of woman who I would never think of that way, and this Carnage guy had me giving some agent a blowjob!”

“Oh yeah, like you never did that before,” replied Rachael sarcastically as she looked at the computer screen. “Maybe you’re just upset because an Internet parody of you is getting more than the real you.”

“That’s so not true and you know it,” said Katie, her voice lower than it should have been. “This stuff is sick, sick and twisted.”

“Come on Katie, like you wouldn’t give some guy a suck off if he saved you from death,” said Rachael as she walked over to the trashcan beside the computer and dropped in her Coke can. “Besides, he was right on about your little breast issue.”


“Oh please, like my brother wasn’t going to run off to his friends and tell them how Katie Holmes flashed her tits at him,” laughed Rachael as she looked at Katie with her arms crossed her chest. “I swear Katie, you’ve got to be the most insecure person when it comes to your chest.”

“I’m sorry about that Rach, I was hoping he would keep quiet.”

“Quiet? I was barely able to get any sleep after that day, he was always in his room and his bedpost was always making loud banging noises against my walls.”

“That’s gross!”

“Like those stories right?”

“That’s right, they are all gross.”

“Ok then tell me something Miss Goody two shoes,” said Rach as she walked towards the door of Katie’s room on her way out. “Why is it you’ve been on that site for the last three hours?”

“I told you, I might go after this people for this.”

“Right ok, so then tell me why you’re sweating when it’s about 70 in here?”

Katie didn’t look back at her friend and if Rach could see her face she would have seen Katie blushing. Katie heard her bedroom door close as Rach left and Katie continued reading the stories, hating every word she saw but unable to stop reading. It was like a car wreck, she wanted to turn away but she couldn’t, it was so strange to read stories involving “sweet Katie” in very un-sweet situations of sexual perversion. Katie was beginning to wish she never found this site but on the other hand she was glad she did.

Katie hated her sweet image and she had been doing everything possible to get away from it before it left her jobless. The sweet image worked for her when she was just starting but it was a crock now and she was going to be doomed to Disney after school specials starring Steve Guttenberg if she didn’t do something about it. She thought “The Gift” would be the film to break her free from good girl status, unfortunately no one saw it and even less knew she was topless in the film.

That hurt Katie the most, the fact that few people knew she was topless in the movie. It made her feel like no one cared, after all if Jennifer Love appeared nude the whole world would buy that movie on DVD with a freeze frame always on her nudity.

But this C-S-S-A was different, on here she wasn’t sweet little Katie Holmes, she was horny as hell and wanting to be bad as possible Katie Holmes. Katie found it intriguing that a bunch of people with names like Unkw, who had her taking some random guy in a mall and fucking him in the story “One Lucky Day”, thought of her not as sweet Katie but as bad girl Katie. Somewhere in the back of her mind Katie was flattered that someone considered it their lucky day having sex with her, course the front of her mind was saying she would never do that and it just made her out to be a two-bit whore.

One story just made her giggle some, a story called “Me and Katie Holmes-Part I by AMD” made her smile some as she read all the crazy things involving wrestling moves and the stuff she did. That and seeing the line “Chris is totally gay” about Chris Klein was just great. Katie didn’t know why but she was wondering where part two was.

‘Wait a minute, why do I want to see part two? Ok Katie, maybe it’s time to turn off the computer.’

Katie was about to turn off her browser when she looked at the long list of stories by someone who was called “The Squad Leader”.

“What the heck? It can’t hurt to read them all.”

For the next hour Katie sat and read the parts. By the end of part one Katie couldn’t understand why but she was feeling really hot. By the end of part two she caught her hands rubbing her full breasts, she just shook her head trying to get the sexual thoughts out of her head. By the end of three her hand was under her shirt, rubbing her bra covered breasts and making her moan softly as she struggled to push the back button with the mouse she was having a hard time controlling. Midway through part four Katie’s hand left the mouse and went into her loose fitting gym shorts.

Katie sat and read as her hands worked over her body, rubbing her firm full breasts still encased in her bra and massaging her pussy through her panties. Katie was moaning softly as she felt the sweat starting to slide down her face, she could feel the front of her shirt getting moist as her hands worked over her body. Slowly she inched her fingers inside her panties and sank two into her pussy, her breath catching and her hips lifting some as she did.

Katie sat in her chair rocking back and forth, her fingers working in and out of her pussy as she moaned louder. Katie glanced up at the screen every once and a while, the sweat and excitement making it hard for her eyes to stay focused on the story although the story wasn’t needed really anymore. Katie closed her eyes as she sped up the in-out motion of her fingers, her hips rocking faster than before as Katie visualized a man having sex with her. But she wasn’t visualizing a man at her breasts that was a young woman rubbing her breasts and tweaking her sensitive nipples.

Katie was in her own little world as the fantasy duo worked her over, the imaginary man sliding his warm hard shaft into her pussy and the young slowly licking and massaging her bare breasts. Katie wasn’t sitting at her computer; she was pressed between the two and being serviced like she never had been before by two people she didn’t even know. The real Katie wouldn’t have got herself in this position but the fantasy Katie was more than happy to let these two treat her body like that of a goddess, a goddess in need of satisfaction. The smooth shaft plunging into her from behind, his hard muscles pressed against her back. In front of her, the young gently suckling on her breasts as her own large breasts pressed into Katie’s sweet thighs. The feeling of being pleasured by the two, the young muscular man giving her a hard fuck that she was needing and the large breasted blonde pressed against her front giving her feelings she never knew a woman could give her. Soon the woman’s fingers grabbed her clit as the man shafted her harder, driving her to orgasmic bliss as the cock in her pussy, the fingers rubbing her clit, and the wet tongue sliding across her breasts became too much for her young body.

But in the real world the wetness on her breasts was from the sweat on her bra, the finger massaging her clit was nothing more than the fabric of her stretched panties, the hard muscular back was nothing more than a desk chair and the hard warm shaft pounding her was nothing more than her own fingers as she pushed herself over the edge.

Katie dropped her head back and screamed, the man pushing into her one last time and the woman squeezing her breasts as she shook from the sexual dance they had just made her part of. Katie was breathing hard as she collapsed her head on her computer desk, her fingers still touching the area around her pussy as she breathed in and out quickly. Her hair, shirt, and bra were soaked with sweat while her shorts and panties were soaked with something else entirely. Katie slowly opened her eyes and let her fantasy lovers slip away as she looked straight ahead and saw the edge of the keyboard and mouse.

“Oh my god,” Katie yelled as she quickly stood up, pulling her hand from her shorts and shirt as she backed away from the computer. “What the fuck was that!”

Katie went into her bathroom and washed the juices from her hand, shocked that she had just masturbated at her computer because of a bunch of sexual stories that mentioned her once or twice. She dried her hands and face as she glanced back in at the computer, still on the same page with the same chapter of that “Bod Squad” story. Katie looked at her face in the mirror, ashamed of what she had just done and also becoming aware that the front of her shorts were covered in wetness, as she was her shirt.

“Ok Katie, just calm down, it was a natural reaction,” said Katie as she stripped off her shirt and shorts, walking into her bedroom wearing just her small Victoria Secret bra and panty set. “You just got excited, it’s been a while since so it was perfectly normal to get hot.”

Katie opened her top drawer and paused as she grabbed a new pair of panties, “Whom am I kidding, I went from thinking they were sick to getting off.”

Katie started to walk to the bathroom with her new clothes when she stopped and looked at the computer again, she walked over and directed her mouse towards the close mark. But she couldn’t push the button; something wouldn’t let her close the window. Katie lifted her hand off the mouse and stared at the page, she shook her head and grabbed the mouse once again.

“You made it a bookmark?”

“It’s in my favorites folder,” said Katie in shame as she took a sip from her ice tea. “I don’t know why but I couldn’t close it.”

“Maybe it’s because it got you off,” said Rach, Katie spitting some of her tea back into her glass as her best friend said things a little too loud for Katie while they were sitting in a sidewalk café. “What?”

“Are you crazy?”

“What? You said you wanted to lose that good girl image.”

“Well I don’t think the way to do it is to admit I came reading erotic sex stories about myself,” whispered Katie, covering the side of her face just in case someone could read lips. “It was wrong Rach, it was so wrong.”

“Did it feel wrong?”

“No, it didn’t.”

“Then what’s the trouble,” said Rach with a smile as she took a drink of her bottled water. “You had fun, no one was hurt, and you found out something about yourself.”

“But the stories are sick, they are really sick.”

“What about that one by that Carnage guy?”

“What about it?”

“That wasn’t too sick, got me off.”


“Oh get over it Katie, they are just stories,” said Rach with a laugh as she took another drink of water. “Besides, I’d give a guy the 75 dollar special for free if he saved my life.”

“75 dollar special?”

“Yeah you know,” said Rach as she made her tongue push against her cheek like a dick was in her mouth and then she swirled her hips and made a silent moan. “I’d think you’d at least give a guy a rub and a tug for it.”

“You’re nasty.”

“Well so are you, you just won’t admit it,” said Rach as she drank some water. “Think about it Katie, tell me that those stories didn’t trigger a fantasy for you.”

“Well,” said Katie, afraid to admit it but still remembering her fantasy.

“I knew it, spill girl.”

“No way, you’ll freak out or something.”

“Oh I see, those lesbian stories got sweet Katie thinking about munching some puss,” whispered Rach with a smile. “I’m sure we can hook you up with some young les who can make your dream come true.”

“It wasn’t just that.”

“What else? Two girls?”

“No,” said Katie, as she looked around then leaned close to her friend. “It was a guy and a girl.”

“Ooo a threesome, anyone I know?”

“That’s just it, I can’t know them.”

“Oh I see, sounds like that site popped your fantasy core Katie girl,” laughed Rach. “So why don’t you act on it?”

“I couldn’t.”

“Why not? I’m sure someone wrote a story about you getting involved in a threesome with two complete strangers right?”

“I..think so.”

“So just use that as a base and then go out and get some loving from both sides of the field.”

“Are you really suggesting I go back to that site and find a story that will help me getting with a man and a woman I don’t even know?”

“Yeah, it’s already a bookmark,” said Rach as she stood up. “And besides, you want to be bad Katie Holmes so dress it up like in that Agent story, take the base from that other one and get you some.”

“What if someone tries to rape me like in all those other stories?”

“Katie, you’re looking for a couple to have a threesome with, I doubt they will be thinking of raping you,” said Rach as she stayed close to Katie. “Quit looking for an excuse not to when doing it will make you feel so good.”

Katie looked at her friend with wide eyes, she wasn’t sure about this but she knew that she would be doing it.

“There’s not one here Rach, so I can’t do it,” said Katie as she stood from her desk chair after reading through some of the stories. “The only one is with that Wonder Mike and I’m not using anything of his for a base.”

“Calm down Katie, there must be something here.”

“Nothing, just nothing.”

“Man, lot of lesbian stories with you Katie,” said Rach as she read down the list. “Can’t believe no threesome stories with you.”

“So what do I do now?”

“Relax girl, we still have the base for the clothes and we’ve got the base to making you a bad girl,” said Rach with a grin. “We can still make this work.”

“I won’t know what to do, I can’t fulfill my fantasy.”

“Maybe you can fulfill the fantasy of these writers?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh nothing, just this,” said Rach as the young blonde she grabbed Katie around the back and kissed her hard on the mouth. “How was that?”

“Rach, what are you doing?”

“Testing your waters Katie and believe me, you’re not ready for a woman girl,” said Rach with a smirk. “You tensed up like a shark was attacking you on that kiss.”

“I guess not, it was just surprising and you’re my friend and all so, I don’t know.”

“Relax Katie, I wasn’t going to or thinking about fucking you,” said Rach. “I was just messing and testing, maybe all you need is a night out on the town and we dress you up for the occasion.”

“How so?”

“Oh, I have an idea,” said Rach as she walked over to the computer and brought up the “Journal of an Agent” story.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Katie stood with her arms crossed in the back of the club, another crappy Britney Spears song was kicking on and for some reason the people in the club were more than happy to dance to it. Katie hadn’t done that much dancing, in fact she was too damn scared to dance dressed how she was.

‘Why did I let Rach talk me into this,’ thought Katie as she looked down at the yellow tank top she was wearing and the micro skirt. Katie hated how she was dressed although she had to admit she really liked the knee-high boots Rach had convinced her to go out and buy. But the rest was not her, hell it didn’t even feel like it would look right on her evil twin! The whole night Katie had been hiding in the back of the club, when she first came in about ten guys came on to her hard but not in a good way. They were looking at her like she would just be a tale to tell their frat brothers, it was beyond degrading.

‘What the hell were you expecting? I thought this was about nothing but sex.’

Katie looked around and realized she couldn’t do this, this wasn’t her and their was no way it could be her. She couldn’t be like the story Katie, hell she couldn’t even be like the Katie she was in “The Gift”; she was just not like this. She wanted to be a little wild but this was too far right now, her mind was swirling and nothing was making much sense. She had to get out of this place and now.

Katie quickly made her way for the exit, blowing off the remarks of some guys and getting out of the place just in time to avoid hearing the end of “So baby, you like it regular or doggy style when your getting.”

Katie was walking on the sidewalk looking for her car keys so she could quickly get in her car and home when two kids on skateboards leapt across in front of her, twisting and turning her until Katie stumbled and fell down on the hard pavement as they laughed headed down the walk.

“Little pricks,” said Katie to herself as she stood up and straightened her skirt, she was reaching down for her purse when someone yelled, “Hey watch out!”

Katie looked to her right and saw the car coming, she screamed and just as it about to hit her someone slammed into her side and knocked her out of the way of the car. Katie was laying on the sidewalk she had started on rubbing the back of her head as she saw a hand in front of her face and a voice say, “Are you ok?”


“Miss, are you ok,” said a young man kneeling beside her with his hand out.

“Yeah, thanks to you,” said Katie as he helped her up. “Who are you?”

“Mike, Mike Hanson but I don’t think that’s important,” said the young man as he looked at the back of Katie’s head then at the car stopped at the light, not even caring they almost struck someone. “Slow down next time jerk!”

“Fuck you,” said one of the guys in the car as they flipped him off and drove on.

“Assholes,” said Mike as he turned back to Katie. “I don’t see any damage but still, maybe I should call someone to take you for x-rays or something.”

“Anyone I can call for you that can take you?”

“I don’t know, could you take me if I needed to go?”

“Um sure but I don’t really know you that well so I didn’t know if you trusted me any.”

“Well, you did just save my life and all,” a thought crossed through Katie’s mind at what she had just said. This guy had just saved her life, holy shit she was dressed like that guy had played her out to be in that agent story (thanks to Rach) and now some guy had just saved her life. Couple of differences, he wasn’t her agent and she hadn’t been shot at but still it was a same principle.

“Um Miss, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I don’t think I need to go to the hospital but I do need to go home,” said Katie as she shook her head slowly. “Could you give me a ride?”

“Sure Miss, but are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, I don’t think I can drive in this condition and if it wouldn’t be much trouble,” said Katie as she was thinking about doing what she did in that story only with tiny differences.

“Ok, my truck is just around the corner, I’ll help you to it if you need me to,” said Mike, staying as polite as he could.

“Thanks, and the name is Katie,” said Katie as put her arm around Mike’s shoulder as he helped her to his truck. Katie could smell his cologne as he walked her to his car, his white dress shirt a little dirty from pushing Katie out of the way of that car.

“Here we are,” said Mike as he opened the door to his 1998 Red Dodge pick-up. “Sorry for the step up, let me help you.”

Mike helped Katie into the truck as carefully as he could, he closed the door once she was inside and walked around to the driver side.

“Ok, where to Katie?”

Ten minutes later the Red Dodge was pulling in front of Katie’s apartment building, the two had talked the whole way about a bunch of stuff but never once did Mike figure out she was Katie Holmes and if he did he didn’t say a word about it. Heck, the guy didn’t even make a move on her.

“Again, I’m really sorry about your head,” said Mike.

“Mike, if it wasn’t for you I’m sure my head would be a lot worse, I should be saying sorry for ruining your shirt when you had to save me.”

“Believe me, anyone would have done the same thing to save someone so beautiful,” said Mike with a smile. “Not that I wouldn’t have did it if your were ugly, which you aren’t but I just saying if you were ugly then I would have did it to.”

“Are you always like this,” laughed Katie as she listened to Mike babble.

“Yeah, especially around incredibly hot girls,” said Mike. “Not that you’re a girl or considered hot, I mean you’re a very attractive young woman and I meant no disrespect to you as a woman with the hot girl remark in any way.”

“Mike, calm down, it’s ok.”

“Sorry, I guess I kind of blew my chance to ask you for your number huh,” said Mike exhaling as he looked at the steering wheel. “I can’t believe I even thought about asking you for your number, you almost got hit by a car and I’m thinking about dating you when I barely know your name.”

“Listen Mike, I’d love to give you my number.”

“But,” said Mike not even looking up.

“No buts, I was going to know if you would like to come in for a soda first, as a small thanks for saving me.”

“Yes, I mean yes, I mean um sure why not,” said Mike stumbling with his words again. “As you can tell, I’m kind of a dork about this.”

“It’s ok, why don’t you come in and we’ll talk,” of course Katie wasn’t thinking about talking. It was strange but this guy was more innocent acting than Katie, he was acting like he was the incredibly shy type and Katie loved it. Katie began to wonder who was more nervous as Mike followed her, trying not to admire her body but also not trying to look like he didn’t want to look at her body. Katie smirked as she walked to the door, ‘He has no idea what he’s walking into.’

Katie unlocked the door and walked in first, Mike walked in right behind her as Katie clicked on her lights while Mike closed the door.

“Do you lock it?”

“Of course silly,” said Katie as Mike closed his eyes and lowly repeated the words stupid quietly but loud enough for Katie to hear. “Mike, why don’t you sit on the couch and I’ll get us some sodas.”

“Ok, thanks,” said Mike, rubbing the back of his head and then looking at the back of his shirt, seeing the black mark for the first time.

Katie opened up her fridge and grabbed a can of soda while she was going through the motions of fixing them something to drink she tried to figure out how she was going to do this. Rach would know how but no way in hell she could call her, besides she was probably already on a bed with a man pumping away at her anyway. As Katie placed some ice in two glasses she realized she might need some guidance, she had left her computer on screen saver in her room so maybe CSSA was her answer for a confidence boast.

‘Right Katie, your going to tell him you have to go to the can or something,’ thought Katie as she popped up a can of Coke and poured it into the two glasses. ‘Well maybe that would work, or maybe I should just wing it.’

Katie took a deep breath as she picked up the two glasses and walked into the living room area, Mike was sitting on the couch trying to figure where he should place his hands when Katie walked in.

“Here you go,” said Katie as she carefully handed Mike his soda. “You know, I could get you something stronger if you want.”

“No thanks, I’m driving anyway,” said Mike as he took a sip and looked at Katie. “I feel kind of bad sitting here though, like I’m using what I did for personal gain.”

“Nonsense Mike, for all you know we might have met anyway,” said Katie as she sat down next to Mike, trying not to show too much yet although that was near impossible.

“That’s not likely, as you can tell I’m a little bit of a coward,” said Mike as he took a drink.

“Hard to believe,” said Katie. “But I’m the same way.”

“Now that one is hard to believe, you look like someone who’s real confident about her looks,” said Mike closing his eyes. “Sorry what I meant was.”

“Relax Mike, I know what you meant,” she said with her sweet smile. “But what about you, how can a looker like you be this shy?”

“Fear of rejection I guess, disadvantage of growing up a shy kid,” said Mike as he looked at Katie.

‘That’s it, we need a plan,’ thought Katie as she looked at Mike.

“Mike, would you excuse me a minute while I use the bathroom?”

“Sure, I could go if you want?”

“No, you stay right there, I’ll only be a minute,” said Katie as she put her hand on Mike’s chest and gently shoved him back. Katie walked down the hall as Mike sat with the glass in his hand; he had a real genuine look of fear like he was almost sure he was going to do something incredibly stupid to mess things up. As Katie walked into her room and clicked on her net icon she realized that this might end up being a double positive night for both of them.

If Katie was able to do what she wanted she could maybe quit feeling like an innocent girl, she could finally have some sex, and she could become more confident about her self when going out. But the benefits for Mike would be he got to have sex with a hot girl and his confidence level should rise about the scared boy he was at the moment.

Katie opened her bookmark and went to CSSA, going through all the disclaimers and finding her name on the “K” page she clicked on the “Agent” chapter and read through it real fast. Basically her character just went too it after he complimented her breasts, she highly doubted she could get Mike to compliment her breasts without him going into a babble fit. And the sex wouldn’t happen at some hotel room although the idea of leaving on the boots was exciting to her and she was sure Mike wouldn’t have a problem with it. Katie closed the chapter and thought about it, could she go through with it after all?

It was intriguing and she had gone as far as to get the guy into her apartment. Was Rach right? Could even Katie give a guy a suck and fuck or “$75 special” for saving her life?

“Well why the fuck not,” Katie whispered and smiled, turning off the computer and fluffing her hair. Katie inched her skirt up some and pulled her top down some to expose some of her breast flesh, she smiled as she opened her door and walked back into the living room.

Mike looked up as Katie came back into the room and if his eyes could fly from his skull they would have. Her firm thighs were all but exposed, the space between the tops of her boots and the bottom of her skirt seemed to grow by leaps and bounds while she was in the bathroom. The yellow tank top seemed lower and the tops of her firm full breasts were exposed, making Mike try desperately to keep his cock from rising with his mind but it was a losing battle and he knew it. Mike wasn’t good at smooth so it looked really stupid when he placed the glass right against his erection in a pathetic attempt to hide his erection. Even he knew it was pathetic but what was a guy to do?

“So Mike, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a student UCLA at the moment,” said Mike trying to calm down as Katie walked closer to him.

“Really,” said Katie as she flopped down beside him, her skirt drifting higher and one of the straps of her tank top sliding down exposing her smooth shoulder. “What are you studying?”

“I’m taking an communications course, I want to be a writer someday for TV or something,” said Mike his throat getting real dry but he was too ashamed to move the glass to take a drink.

“A writer huh,” suddenly another thought popped in Katie’s head and she smiled. “Well if you can’t beat em, join em.”

“Excuse me?”

” Oh nothing,” said Katie as she smiled at Mike. “Mike, do you think I have a nice body?”

“Are you kidding? You have one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever seen.”

“Really? You don’t think my breast are too small?”

“What? No, no I don’t think your breasts are too small,” said Mike, lifting the glass and not caring about his erection as it was becoming nearly impossible for him to talk.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I think you have an amazing body.”

“Well, maybe you should have a closer look,” said Katie as she pulled the tank top up and off, exposing her young breasts. “What about now.”

Mike nearly choked on the soda going down his throat when Katie removed her top and exposed her firm tits. Mike couldn’t believe this was happening; in fact he pinched his arm to make sure he hadn’t fallen asleep on her couch while she was in the bathroom. Sure enough he was awake and a beautiful young woman was sitting next to him without a shirt on, her young round breasts sitting on her chest with just the right amount of sag to make them look full yet firm.

“So, what do you think?”

“I…I…think they are perfect.”

“Are you really sure, here maybe you should feel one,” said Katie as she grabbed his free hand and placed it on her right breast. “Do you think they are firm enough?”

“Oh sweet goodness,” was all Mike could say as the glass slipped from his hand and spilled on his pants. Katie exclaimed and went to get a towel, Mike was just surprised steam hadn’t risen up from his crotch when the soda hit. Katie came in, topless carrying a towel as she kneeled down between his legs and wiped across Mike’s crotch, feeling his hard shaft moved as she rubbed the towel hard across his crotch.

“Maybe you should take off your pants?”

“What? No, I think you got it all.”

“I wasn’t talking about because of the soda Mike,” smirked Katie as she throw the towel to the side, unzipped his pants, reached inside his pants and boxers, pulled his cock through into the open and moved her hand up and down. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“What?” was all Mike got out before his head dropped back as Katie opened her mouth and lowered it onto his dick, sucking the hard shaft inside. Katie was still smirking at first as she licked the purple head of his dick in her mouth, her red lips sliding up and down his shaft as she brushed her hair out of her eyes while she gave Mike the first blowjob she had given on a first date. Hell, it wasn’t even a date but that didn’t matter to Mike or Katie as she moaned around the hot meat sliding in and out of her mouth.

“Oh fuck Katie,” moaned Mike as Katie slurped away on his cock, her head bobbing up and down slowly as she enjoyed the first few sucks as the “bad girl”. Katie had heard Rach talking so many times about doing this to some guy, just taking him, unzipping his pants and sucking his cock like it was nothing. Katie had sucked off a boyfriend before but only after he went down on her first and even then they had been dating for almost a year when it happened. As Katie moved her mouth slowly up and down, brushing her hair back even now and then Katie felt a dirty twinge surge through her body as she remembered that she had barely known Mike for an hour.

Mike looked down at the mass of hair on Katie’s head; shocked as the young girl who he had just meant and had acted like a total spaz around was giving him a blowjob. Mike was still sure this was all a dream, no way was this happening to him. Even as he felt the soft lips of Katie sliding up and down while her small soft hand jacked off his base he knew this wasn’t happening. He must have died, yes he pushed the girl out of the way but the car hit him and he died. Well, if this was heaven then there was no way anyone was dragging him back to earth.

“Mmm,” moaned Katie as she slurped on Mike’s dick. “Do you like it Mike?”

“Yes, fuck yes,” said Mike as Katie sucked the hard shaft back into her sweet mouth. Mike dropped his head back as he felt Katie open her mouth, his dick still in her mouth but her lips not making contact as she slivered her tongue up and down his dick.

Katie couldn’t believe she was doing this and what’s more she was actually enjoying what she was doing. It was new and exciting, the dirty feeling adding to it as she closed her red lips back around his cock and went back to sucking. Katie giggled to herself as she wondered if the makeup people would be happy knowing she was coating some guys cock in there red lipstick, odds are they couldn’t make it into a campaign for selling but she was having fun doing it anyway.

Mike thought about putting his hand on Katie’s head and guiding her on his dick like in the movies but he decided not to. Besides with her lips running up and down and her soft tits pressing into his pant covered legs he doubted he could get his mind focused enough to move his arms.

“You taste good Mike,” smiled Katie as she continued to jack up and down on his cock while talking. “Am I making you feel good?”

“Are you kidding?”

“Does it excite you when I do this,” and then Katie sucked on just the head of Mike’s cock, sliding her right hand down to tickle his balls making Mike’s hips surge up. “Am I being bad Mike?”

“Very bad,” moaned Mike as Katie licked just the head of his dick. “Very, very bad.”

“I bet I can get naughtier,” said Katie as she leaned up a little till Mike’s dick was lying against her tits. “You like the feel of my breasts on your dick Mike?”

“Yes,” moaned Mike as Katie slowly moved her breasts right and left, rubbing them against his dick. Her hard nipples would graze the head making both Mike and Katie moan in pleasure. Katie stopped the motion and placed Mike’s cock between her firm tits, she slowly wrapped her tits around his dick and sucked the head of his dick. Katie rubbed her soft flesh up along the sides of his dick while she sucked his dick.

Mike’s initial shock had allowed him to hold out this long but he knew there was no way in hell he could hold out any longer. First she had sucked his cock and now she was titfuck him, it was totally unbelievable that this was happening but it was.

“Katie, I can’t hold out anymore,” moaned Mike, his breathing increasing as Katie pushed him closer to spurting his load in her mouth. Just as Mike thought he was at the breaking point, Katie removed her breasts from around his dick and his dick left her mouth with a plop. Katie looked at the face of Mike as he breathed hard; Katie just smiled and stood up in front of him.

“Do you have a rubber?”


“A condom Mike, you know for when you fuck a woman?”

“Yeah, in my back pocket.”

“Put it on and get those pants off,” laughed Katie, looking at Mike fumble behind his back trying desperately to find his wallet to get his condom. Katie reached under her mini-skirt and slid her panties off, Mike dropped the condom package and his wallet popped out of his hand as he watched Katie ease her panties down her smooth, light tan legs. Mike was desperately trying to open the condom, his dick making surging motions as Katie undid her mini skirt and dropped it to the floor right next to her panties.

“You need some help,” smirked Katie as Mike finally ripped open the condom pack.

“No, I think I got it,” said Mike as he unsnapped his pants, carefully pulled them down along with his boxers and putting the rubber over his dick and sliding it on. “Ok, I think I’m ready.”

“What about your shirt?”

Mike didn’t need to be asked twice as he grabbed the dress shirt in the front and ripped the fabric open, sending buttons flying making Katie laugh out loud.

“Don’t you think you’ll need that when you leave?”

“Um probably,” laughed Mike as he looked at Katie’s wonderful body. “But I’m not thinking about leaving at the moment.”

“Good,” said Katie as she spread her legs and sat on Mike’s lap, her firm breasts pressed against Mike’s chest as his hands went around her back and rubbed her ass. Katie’s hands reached forward and pulled Mike into a deep, hard kiss as his hands continued to massage her asscheeks occasionally rubbing against her pussy and sensitive asshole. Mike slid his tongue into her mouth as the two kissed, Mike making Katie’s pussy wetter than ever and Mike’s dick growing hotter inside the rubber sheath.

“Please Mike, fuck me,” moaned Katie as she broke the kiss and moved her hands down between them. Katie grabbed Mike’s hard cock and placed it against her pussy, with a lift of her strong hips and a quick downward motion Mike’s cock sank deep inside of her pussy.


Mike looked into Katie’s face as she closed her eyes and moaned, his eyes traveled down looking at her lovely breasts as his dick went completely inside of her tight, wet love hole. Mike’s hands got a good grip on Katie’s ass as she used the strength in her hips to lift her body up and down, bouncing on his stiff meat impaled deep in her body. Katie opened her eyes and looked at Mike as she moved her hips faster making his cock move inside her sticky pussy faster than before.


Mike did as he was told; using his hands squeezing her tight ass Mike lifted the body of Katie up and down as he pounded his rod into her tight pussy. Katie moaned and groaned as she realized that if someone had walked in at that moment they would find sweet Katie Holmes straddling the waist of a man as he bounced her hard on his lap with her wearing just a pair of black knee high boots as she begged for him to fuck her harder.


Mike was doing all he could, if sex was an Olympic sport he could probably get a medal for as fast as he was pounding into Katie. Her pussy was so tight and wet, even wearing a condom he could feel the intense heat inside of her body as her hips slapped his thighs while his hands spread her asscheeks trying to keep a good grip.

The spreading of her asscheeks gave Katie a wild idea, she didn’t know if she was going to like it but she didn’t think she would like getting fucked like this before she started either.


Mike was groaning as he tried to slam Katie hard, now she wanted him to sink his finger in her ass while he fucked her! This girl was wild, not crazy wild but she was the wildest Mike had ever been with. Using the sweat from her asscheeks Mike tickled the sensitive hole and rubbed just around it making it pulse. Katie was begging for him to do it as she felt his rubber covered cock pounding away inside of her, her muscles gripping it the best they could as it went rapidly in and out of her body.

Katie’s nipples scraped against his chest every so often as he lifted her up and down with rapid motions, the tips of her nipples stinging with pleasure as they were stimulated by the contact but tortured at the same time by the lack of it. She wished Mike would suckle one while he fucked her hard, wishing he would lean down and take one inside of his mouth. Wishing he would suck and maybe even bite the nipple as his smooth shaft set her insides on fire. She knew she could get him to try but she didn’t know if it would be possible considering how hard he was shoving her pussy onto his dick, the sweat making both there bodies slick possibly making it even harder for him to lean forward for one of her succulent tits and still keep his strong hands holding her ass tightly.

Mike did one of the things Katie wanted as his middle finger slowly pushed its way inside of her ass and punctured the tight virgin hole. Never before had Katie thought about putting something in there before tonight, never before would Katie have thought about it before reading all those stories, never before would Katie have imagined how painful and then how wonderful it could have felt.

Mike heard Katie’s sharp intake of breath as he pushed his finger inside, her pussy muscles grabbed as hard as they could and her nails dug deep into his back as they penetration of her ass caught her off guard. Mike didn’t know what he had really done; hell the idea of doing something like this was unimaginable to begin with.


Mike started to pull his finger out when Katie screamed, “NO! LEAVE IT IN!”

Mike didn’t know what to do, his lifting had come to a complete stop as Katie got used to the finger in her anal passage, her teeth gritting as she told Mike to move it in and out of her ass. Mike did as he was asked and soon Katie’s breathing went back to a normal pace, her teeth loosened and her ass seemed to relax.

“Fuck me now Mike, both places. Come on, FUCK ME!”

Mike didn’t need to be asked twice, the short rest proved to be a positive for him as well as it gave him a second wind and with each up lift his finger and cock pulled almost all the way out then were driven deep inside of Katie on the way down. He looked at Katie’s face, her mouth still screaming out words of encouragement and moans of pleasure as she was worked over at both ends. Her eyes appeared a little glassy as he pounded her, her breast glistening with sweat from the workout they were both receiving and her tight tummy flexing with each pounding thrust.


Mike felt her anal muscles grabbing his finger like her pussy muscles were grabbing his cock only he knew that her ass muscles were stronger and that even though she was starting to enjoy it that the finger had to be slightly painful inside of her.

Katie loved it all, her mind swirling as a foreign object was lodged inside of her ass and a hard cock was shafting her young body while she squeezed her cheeks and tightened her pussy muscles. Katie wanted him to come; she wanted to feel the extra heat around his dick as it was filled with his sperm. She wanted to be able to look at herself from behind, seeing her legs spread with knee high leather boots as a finger was jammed up her ass and a cock was blasting her pussy from the front. Katie lifted her hands and started to rub her tits, pinching the sensitive nipples and giving Mike full control of the tempo of the hardest fuck she had ever received.

When her hands left his back Mike felt a strange rush, he knew know that he was in total control of her and he could change the pace at any time. But the surge only gave him the strength to pound her body harder than ever, slamming inside of her tight pussy with blistering speed trying to push his own body to orgasm and knowing that the sensations in her body had to be pushing her closer as well.

Mike’s assumption was right on as the extra speed; the finger twisting around in her ass, and her hands working over her full tits drove the pussy of Katie crazy with desire. She wanted release now; she rubbed her breasts harder as she forced her body closer to orgasm. She heard the moan from Mike’s lips change and his pace go even faster telling her that he was coming to an end as well.


The words, the feel of her body, the look on her face, the pace; it was all just too much for Mike.


Mike lifted his hips up on the last down pull, his cock going as deep as possible as his cum burst from his cock into the condom covering it. His finger went deeper than ever and with the added heat it proved too much for Katie as she released her tits and came hard.


Katie rocked her hips forward and back and then fell forward into Mike’s chest, her breathing fast as she groaned and moaned the last few tingling of orgasm. Mike eased his finger out of her ass; Katie yelped and shivered as it left her ass.

“Damn,” was all Mike said as he tried to catch his breath with Katie still straddling his lap with his condom-covered cock still inside her wet pussy.

“I take it you liked it,” laughed Katie, also trying to catch her breath as she slowly gyrated her hips on his dick.

“You have no idea.”

Katie kissed Mike on the lips and lifted her pussy up and off of his dick; she stayed in his lap kissing him.

“Mike, do you have much luck with women?”

“Ummm no, frankly this is the first time in a very long time,” said Mike, a little embarrassed to admit it to Katie. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just thinking, maybe next time we can do it without the rubber,” said Katie as she kissed him again. “I’d love to feel you inside of me, all of you.”

“Damn Katie, you sure know how to make a man excited,” said Mike as he leaned his head down and kissed Katie’s right tit. They were both getting hot again when a ringing sound broke them out of the trance.

“What’s that?”

Katie looked around and saw her cell phone sitting on the side table, she asked Mike to hand her the phone but didn’t leave his lap as she clicked it on.

“Hello,” said Katie into the cell phone, still a little out of air but not really worried since her parents didn’t know this number.

“Whoa, sounds like someone just got fucked,” laughed Rach at the other end as she heard Katie huffing and puffing. “Find him at the club?”

“Outside actually, he saved me from getting hit by a car,” said Katie as she smiled at Mike, still sitting under her and trying to catch his breath.

“No way,” yelled Rach as she realized what Katie had done. “Maybe my sweet little Katie has grown up!”

“You have no idea,” said Katie as she kissed Mike on the head. “Katie has thought about something, what are you doing right now?”

“Nothing, my night went dry for some reason, what’s up?”

“Remember earlier today when you said I wasn’t ready?”

“Huh, ready…oh yeah that, what about it?”

“How’d you like to be in a story for CSSA?”

“Ooo, you naughty, naughty girl,” said Rach on the other end. “I’ve got no problem with bumping and grinding with you and that guy if you’re sure and it won’t mess up our friendship any.”

“CSSA? What the hell is that?”

“I’ll explain in a minute, I’ve got someone on the line Mike who I want you to talk to,” said Katie as she handed the phone to Mike. “Just tell her I’m sure and get her to ask you.”

“Ask me what?”

“Just do it.”

“Umm, hello?”

“Hey there, so are you the one that just screwed my best friend?”

“Umm yeah.”

“You sound shy, I like shy,” said Rach to Mike. “So what’s your name shy guy?

“Mike, my name’s Mike.”

“Hi Mike, my name is Rachael but everyone calls me Rach,” said the female voice on the phone. “So Mike, what was Katie’s answer Mike?”

“She said she’s sure and that I should get you to ask me something?”

“Oh, you don’t know what’s going on?”

“No, should I?”

“I guess so, Mike I know I don’t know you but I’m a blonde with very nice breasts, a tight ass and I love to suck men off,” Mike’s mouth dropped open as he heard her talking. “So, how would you like to fuck me and Katie HOLMES at the same time?”

“I…I…did you say Katie Holmes,” said Mike as his eyes widened and he looked up at the naked girl smiling at him.

“Surprised,” said Katie as she leaned down and kissed Mike hard on the lips.

“Mike, are you still there? Did she tell you her full name before that?”

“Yes, I’m here, yes I’m definitely still here and no she didn’t,” said Mike, still a little shell-shocked. “So what was the question again?”

“Would you like to have a threesome with me and Katie?”

“Yes, hell yes.”

“Good, ok that’s one thing down,” said Rach as she talked to Mike as Katie pressed her firm tits against his body and kissed his right ear. “Now would you have an objection if we wrote a story about the events and released it on a Celebrity sex story site as a fake story?”

“No, in fact I can write it.”

“Believe me boy, once we are done you’ll be lucky if you can move a muscle,” said Rach. “See you in half an hour Mike.”

The phone went dead and Mike handed it back to Katie, looking at her with a shocked expression on his face.

“I can’t believe you didn’t know who I was.”

“I just thought you looked like her, I didn’t think there was any way considering my luck with women.”

“That Katie Holmes would invite you back to her place?”

“That I would meet Katie Holmes and when you agreed to give me your number I just knew there was no way, and well the outfit also threw me off.”

“What about the blowjob?”

“Yeah, that one REALLY threw me off,” said Mike as he looked at Katie’s smiling face. “I just got fucked by Katie Holmes.”

“Shocking huh?”

“Just a little, I swear I won’t tell a soul,” said Mike as he looked at Katie. “Well other than the story but that will be labeled fake so I guess I’m not telling a soul and well, I guess I am but I’m not.”

“Mike, stop that,” laughed Katie, kissing him to shut him up. “So, are you mad at me?”

“You’re joking right?”

“No, are you mad?”

“It depends.”

“On what?”

“Why did you do this? I mean, I’m guessing you don’t do this very often considering how your friend on the phone reacted.”

“Maybe I should show you.”

“So not only did I have sex with Katie Holmes but she used me to prove something to herself,” said Mike a little upset as he looked at the computer screen. “Man, I feel terrible now.”


“Come on Katie, I mean I’m basically just some kind of tool now,” said Mike. “Granted it wasn’t bad or anything but I didn’t save your life for sex, I did it because it was right and you just basically turned me into a cheap dildo.”

“Mike, let me ask you a simple question since you think I only did this because you saved my life,” said Katie as she went back to the main screen page with her face on it listing the stories about her. “How many of them involve me in a threesome?”

“None really.”

“Mike, I’ll admit that I did take some kind of advantage of you but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re a great guy. I’m sorry about that but I’m not sorry about the sex in general but if you hate me now and want to leave then I understand.”

“No, maybe it’s just me,” said Mike exhaling as he looked at the sincere look of sadness on Katie’s face. “I guess I thought you just were going to use me and toss me off.”

“I’m not that bad Mike, it worked out in a weird way but I like you. Now then, I’m going to ask you straight up, if we do this threesome thing will you still want to be around me considering all I did.”

“Yeah, I’m going to tell Katie Holmes to bite me after she gave me the best sex of my life and got me in a threesome,” replied Mike sarcastically with a smile. “If you will have me, I’ll be around.”

“Oh, I’ll have you as long as you don’t mind not having sex every once and a while.”

“That’s fine,” said Mike as he looked down at his naked body. “Maybe I should get dressed or something?”

“Why? She’ll just strip you nude when she walks in anyway.”

“Still, do you mind if I at least clean up and wear my pants?”

“Sure Mike, go ahead.”

“So where is he girl?”

“He’s in the bathroom at the moment,” said Katie as she let Rach in wearing only a robe.

“I can’t wait to see this guy,” said Rach as she closed the door and then she looked at Katie in the robe. “But first things first.”

Rach did the same thing she did the last time she was here; using her hands to guide Katie’s face forward Rach touched her lips to Katie. Shock was the initial reaction for Rach as Katie reached around, grabbed her ass and pushed her tongue forward out of her mouth against the lips of Rach until she opened up and accepted it.

“Damn girl, you are so ready,” whispered Rach as she felt Katie’s hands still squeezing her ultra tight ass encased in a pair of cut off jean shorts that rode up her ass crack. “Should we wait for the man or just get to fucking now?”

“Wait, we should wait,” said Katie as she felt Rach reach inside the robe and grope her right breast. “I know he probably thinks you’re a freak but maybe he should meet you while you’re wearing clothes first.”

“Does that mean you have to be clothed,” asked Rach as she massaged the tit in her hand and licked along the side of Katie’s neck.

“Easy Rach, five minutes won’t kill you,” moaned Katie, not wanting to wait either but deciding that was the proper thing.

“Maybe not,” said Rach as she looked down and finally noticed the boots. “Did you fuck him in em?”

“Yes,” blushed Katie, still maintaining some innocence inside of her body.

“Are you going to fuck me in em?”

“Do you want me too?”

“Definitely baby,” said Rach as she kissed Katie and walked over to the couch, sitting on the spot where they had fucked. “This is where you fucked him isn’t it?”

“How did you know?”

“Easy, for one the spot is wet and smells like sex,” said Rach as she reached down and came up with a pair of panties in her hand. “And this was my second clue.”

“Guilty as charged,” said Katie, not covering the breast that Rach had exposed with her rubbing. Katie heard a door open and saw Mike walking down the hall wearing down his jeans, no underwear since Katie said they would just prove to be a hassle later.

“Katie, thanks for letting me use the bathroom and jeez,” Mike was startled when he saw an unbelievably hot blonde sitting on the couch wearing a half t-shirt that barely covered her nipples but left the bottom of her rather large breasts exposed. She had her long ultra-bronzed legs crossed, she was wearing a pair of Nike with little white socks and a pair of cutoffs that looked painted on. Somewhere Mike screamed out, “Please god let this be Rach.”

“Damn Katie, the boy has a bod,” said the blonde sitting on the couch looking at Mike; he blushed when she said it. “Oh my, I think I’m going to like him.”

“Easy girl,” said Katie as she looked from Rach to Mike. “Mike, this is Rach and Rach this is Mike.”

Mike walked forward but stopped when he watched Rach uncross her long tan legs and stand up, her shirt pulling up and exposing her small nipples and more than half of her tan breasts. Mike’s mind asked the only question it could formulate.

“Are you that tan all over,” he said out loud, cringing as he realized that he was suppose to THINK that but not SAY it.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find out here in a moment,” said Rach as she took his hand, feeling the strong grip he had. “Ok, that’s the intros, can I do something now Katie?”

“Sure Rach, what do you want to do first?”

“Well I think we should give Mike,” smiled Rach as walked over to Katie and opened the robe wide, looking up and down at Katie’s breasts, exposed pussy and knee-highs. “A little show, don’t you?”

“I think he would enjoy that,” smiled Katie as she reached over and grabbed the bottom of Rach’s shirt and pulled it up, her large breasts spilling the rest of the way out showing her incredibly tanned upper body. “Why did you even bother with a shirt Rach?”

“I had to wear something to the club,” she said was a shrug making her big breasts shake. “Besides, I had to make sure you were ready first.”

“Oh, I’ll show you I’m ready,” said Katie as she leaned forward and took the large right tit of Rach into her warm mouth and sucked on the nipple. “Does that prove it, or do you need more proof?”

“Like what,” asked Rach as she rubbed the full breast of Katie Holmes while Mike leaned against the wall to keep from fainting.

“Like this,” said Katie as she pressed her smaller, but still sizable, breasts against the huge breasts of her tanned friend and grabbed the back of her head pulling her into another hard kiss on the lips. Rach moaned, as did Katie as their titflesh crushed together as they suckled each other’s tongue and rubbed each other’s ass. Mike nearly lost it as he looked at the large breasted blonde pressed tightly in a deep kiss with Katie Holmes in black leather boots as they squeezed each others tight ass, one covered by a robe and the other covered only by a strip of denim.

Katie’s air caught when Rach’s hand left her ass and came around to her front, the long fingers grazing her pussy and then rubbing it without penetration. Katie moaned as her friend massaged her pussy, she released Rach’s ass and pushed her arms back to let the silk robe slide off her body leaving her standing naked except for the boots.

The image was even more amazing as a big-breasted blonde was rubbing the pussy of a naked Katie Holmes while Katie moaned out her pleasure from the fingers dancing around her pussy.

“I’ve got to taste you,” whispered Rach as she removed her hands from Katie’s pussy and walked her over to the couch. Rach eased Katie back on the couch and kneeled between her legs, she moved between them and kissed Katie letting her large breasts rub the young thighs of Katie. Katie moaned as Rach placed her hands on the shoulders of Katie and slowly traced her way over her slightly smaller tits, her smooth tight tummy, her firm hips, and then up over the top of her pussy through the small patch of pussy hair just above her lips. Rach kissed Katie again as she eased one of her hands between Katie’s legs and sank two fingers into Katie’s pussy making her hips surge up and causing her to moan out in shocked pleasure.

It was all so new to Katie. She had fingers in her pussy before but everything was so much different with Rach doing it. The smell of her perfume, the feel of her huge breasts pressed against her thighs, the softness of her hand as she massaged Katie’s breasts and the length of her nails inside as she finger fucked the young starlet. Katie closed her eyes and let the smells and differences sink in as Rach suckled her full tits and fingered her wet young pussy.

Rach drove her fingers hard and smooth inside of Katie’s tight pussy, she knew her friend wasn’t very active she still couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was. Rach had a tight one but hers came from exercises designed to keep the muscles tight, Katie’s tightness came from little to no sexual activity. Rach had fucked woman before but the reality that not only was Katie a celebrity but the innocence of her body made it so much more forbidden in feeling. As Rach moved her fingers she kissed her way down Katie’s body, leaving her breasts down, licking her stomach and finally coming to rest just above her pussy.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Yes, please lick me,” moaned Katie as she felt the fingers making her juices flow. “Please Rach, I can’t wait any longer.”

“Hold on one second Katie,” said Rach as she turned her head and looked at Mike. “Why don’t you come on over Mike?”

Mike snapped out of his little voyeur world as the bronzed blonde signaled for him to come over and join them. Rach smiled at him as she signaled him over with a single finger, she licked the finger as Mike walked over towards the pair lying on the couch.

“What do I do?”

“Mmm, how about you take care of me while I take care of Katie?”

“How do you want me to take care of you?”

“That’s easy sweetie, pull down my shorts and fuck me with your cock,” giggled Rach as she rubbed the front of Mike’s pants feeling his stiff dick under the fabric.

“I only had one condom so I don’t know if I can?”

“I’m on the pill Mike and I trust you, do you trust me?”

“I guess so, if Katie does.”

“So get my shorts down and fuck me while I fuck Katie,” said Rach as she unzipped Mike’s pants and pulled out his cock while her other hand continued to work over Katie’s pussy. “Mmm, nice size Mike.”

Mike leaned forward and kissed Rach, one of his hands rubbed against her large right tit while his other hand worked down between her legs and went for the snap of her jean shorts. Rach’s hand wrapped around his hard cock sticking out of his pants and started to jack his dick, making sure he was as hard as he could be and ready for her pussy.

While all this was going on Katie watched, her moans still constant as Rach pumped those fingers inside of her and the added excitement of watching Rach jacking on Mike’s cock as he felt up her big tits. Katie’s eyes watched as Mike went around behind Rach and somehow peeled those tight shorts out of her ass and down her legs. Katie wanted to lean forward so she could get a look at Rach’s ass but the fingers left her too mentally weak to command her body like she usually could.

Mike got a clear look at the perfect ass of Rach, her legs matching the tan on her ass suggesting this girl either went to a tanning salon or she liked to nude sunbathe. Either way she had a straight tan on her whole body it seemed although he couldn’t see her front so it was possible she wore a thong but her large perfectly shaped tits had been the same golden brown as her ass. It’s always the little things that get you, like why was he even thinking about her stupid tan when she was begging him to hurry up and fuck?

Katie watched as Mike positioned his body right behind Rach, pulling down his jeans and slowly inching his body forward. Katie watched the body of Rach stiffen as Mike moved forward telling Katie that Rach had just felt the hard meat that she had just an hour before.

Mike couldn’t believe how good this girl’s pussy was, she wasn’t as tight as Katie but the heat inside was unbelievable. Mike had to groan when he pushed inside, the warmth was just too great for him to be able to hold in his emotions. Mike wondered if Katie had been this hot and maybe the condom blocked the heat, he hoped that someday he would get to find out but for now he was more than happy to fuck this hottie with the tight hot pussy.

“Oh yeah, fuck me with your cock Mike! Oh god Katie, this guy feels so good in me! Come on Mike, fuck me hard ughh pound my tight fuck hole ahh yess do it fuck me!”

Katie looked on as Mike’s pace increased and he started moving at a light quick pace slamming his cock into the pussy of Rach. Soon Katie felt the pleasure that Rach was receiving as the blonde quickly ducked her head down and licked away at her pussy. Katie moaned as Rach’s tongue slithered around her pussy while her fingers seemed to increase in speed and soon it seemed like they were pumping her pussy at the same speed as Mike was fucking Rach. Katie couldn’t believe it; Rach was using her fingers and tongue to give Katie a simulation of what Mike was doing to her! Katie looked at Mike as he groaned, she moaned as he thrust his hips hard forward making Rach slam her fingers hard forward into the pussy of Katie.

“OH FUCK! That feels so fucking good Rach, finger fuck me!!! AHHH!!!”

Katie brought her hands up and massaged her own firm breasts, squeezing the soft globes hard as the fingers blasted her sweet pussy and Rach’s tongue licked up all the juices that her fingers were producing. Rach wasn’t screaming out her pleasure of what Mike was doing, no she was transferring her pleasure into Katie making Katie scream it out while she just licked and got fucked.


Katie was rubbing her sensitive tits harder as she screamed, she was sure if she had neighbors that the police would have already been here complaining about the racket. To Katie the slapping of Mike’s sweating thighs against the tight ass of Rach sounded like thunder crashing and her screams she was sure could be heard miles away. All her sense seemed heightened by what was going on, from the touch of her hands to the smells of the mix of sweat and perfume to the taste of her lipstick as she licked her lips. It was all so crazy for Katie.


Katie looked down moaning and yelping as Rach lifted her face screaming out in pleasure from the relentless pounding she was getting from Mike. Katie watched those firm hips swivel as Mike pounded forward into her body, the shaking of her large breasts against Katie’s legs and the look of pure delight on her face as she came all over his dick.

“OH FUCK, YES!!!!”

Mike gasped and groaned, his motion somehow getting faster as he moved closer and closer to his own spurt. Mike grabbed her hips and really pounded, the increase in the pounding sent fingers into a crazed frenzy as they pumped and shoved harder into Katie making her cry and scream.


Mike’s slamming so became uncontrollable as his hands lost the grip on Rach’s sweaty hips and he went insane with his thrusting. He was groaning, panting and everything humanly possible as he felt the tingle in his balls.

“I’m cumming!”


Mike pushed his hips forward and fired the second load of the hour for him, filling her tight pussy full of cum.


Katie’s pussy creamed, Rach quickly dropping her mouth down to lap at the tasty juices leaking from Katie’s young pussy as Mike’s cum pumped inside of Rach’s tight confines. Katie shook and twisted her hips trying to get away from Rach’s mouth as her tongue slithered around her sensitive lips, sucking in the orgasmic wetness of Katie that she had craved the second her tongue had made contact with her pussy. Katie sooner pushed her hand down on Rach’s head, pushing her mouth off of her pussy as Mike leaned forward on the bronzed back of Rach and reached his hands around to squeeze the mammoth mounds on the front of her body.

“SHIT! I haven’t done that in a long time.”

Rach licked the inside of Katie’s thigh making Katie shiver and say, “Please, I can’t take anymore.”

“I think I’m out of it as well,” said Mike as he pulled his cock from the pussy of the bent over Rach.

“You two can’t be done yet, the fun is just starting,” moaned Rach as she sat up, Mike sliding over her back and flopping down on the couch next to Katie. “Come on, you two have to at least have one more round in you.”

“No way, I’m done with,” said Katie as she looked at Rach standing with her hands on her wide hips.

“Oh I bet I can get you going again,” said Rach as she walked over to Katie’s stereo and clicked it on. A hip-hop beat started to pump through the speakers as Rach walked over and straddled Katie the same way Katie had straddled Mike earlier. Rach looked at Katie with that seductive “I get what I want” look and started to move her body on Katie’s legs like Katie had a dick and Rach was starting to ride it. Katie was hypnotized as she watched Rach rub her hands across her large breasts, her hand sliding down her stomach letting Katie see the small thin line of blonde hair above her pussy lips then her hand slid up and one of her fingers entered her mouth.

She licked the finger like it was a cock, easing it in and out slowly and licking the tip gently with her eyes closed then running it across her lips as though it was releasing precum. Katie and Mike both watched her suckle the finger, sliding it across her lips before trailing it down her body, between her breasts and just across the lips of her pussy. Both watched as the finger pushed inside, small amounts of fluid coming out as the finger entered her body. Soon the one finger became two and then three as she began to moan and groan while moving her hips to the sound of the music.

It was amazing; the girl could actually fuck to the beat of a song without missing a step. Katie couldn’t prevent it; she was getting hot again watching Rach’s body moving to the music.

“I have to fuck you,” Katie moaned, her resistance collapsing as she leaned up and latched onto one of the large breasts of Rach. Mike could feel movement down below as he watched Rach finger fuck herself while Katie Holmes sucked on her tit like a baby trying to get milk from its mother. Mike watched but he figured he was out of this one, twice in one hour had to be it, no way could he get going again.

“Lets go to your bed baby,” said Rach as she removed her fingers from her pussy. Katie nodded her head and Rach stood up taking Katie’s hand and pulling her up. The pair started to head down the hall when both stopped and looked back at Mike sitting on the couch.

“Are you coming?”

“I don’t think I can, twice might have been too much,” said Mike, disappointed that he might miss out on part two.

“Mike,” said Rach with that look. “I know something that will get that thing back up.”


Mike watched as Rach leaned over and whispered in Katie’s ear, her eyes got wide and she looked at Rach with that “I can’t” look of fear. Rach just shook her head yes and kissed her softly, Katie lowered her eyes and shook her head yes.

“Mike, if you come with us, we’ll both get you up,” said Rach sliding her middle finger into her and then Katie’s mouth. “And once your up, you’ll get to pop the anal cherry of Katie Holmes.”

Mike’s eyes grew and his dick made a movement like it was trying to get up one last time, proving once and for all that a man’s dick has a brain and when it hears something it wants it will do everything possible to get it.

“So Mike, are you coming?”

Mike couldn’t believe that Katie had to ask, he was up and off the couch like a bolt and between the two as they walked back to Katie’s bed, the huge breasts of Rach pressed against his right side and the full firm breasts of Katie Holmes to his left.

Katie couldn’t believe she was going to do this again but she had to taste Rach, she had to. It was like a hunger, a hunger she couldn’t resist and a need that needed to be fulfilled. She couldn’t believe she had agreed to let Mike put his dick in her ass but she trusted Rach, if she said it would be ok then it would be ok. Katie was sure it was going to be painful, hell the finger was painful and it was sure as hell smaller than his dick. As they entered her bedroom they pushed Mike back on the bed and kneeled down in front of him. Katie looked at Rach as she smiled and took the head of his cock into her mouth; Katie slowly leaned forward and moved her tongue up and down the sides tasting the remains of Rach’s pussy juice.

Katie was getting another new experience on this night, dual sucking of a man’s dick. It was strange to be licking up and down a hard cock while another female was sucking on the bulb head at the top. As Katie moved her tongue up and down the side it came in contact with the corner of Rach’s slurping mouth, Rach dropped the cockhead from her mouth and touched her tongue to Katie. Katie and Rach soon shared a quick kiss just over the cockhead, their tongues dancing inside each other’s mouth as they fondled each other’s breasts.

“Want to do something cool?”


“We kiss,” said Rach as she leaned forward and kissed Katie again. “But when we do we put his cockhead between us.”

Rach leaned her mouth back down and licked the head; Katie went down to the other side and did the same thing. The two tongues licked along the side of the sensitive flesh until they made contact and the two girls kissed with his dick in the middle of the kiss. It was new for Katie, another chalk up on the board of experience as she felt the wet lips of Rach and the burning hot flesh of Mike’s dick preventing her from Frenching with Rach.

Katie felt a chill run down her body as Rach’s hands left her tits and went down to her pussy, spreading her cunt lips and teasing the small nub. Katie moaned as they kissed Mike’s cock at the same time, Rach pushing two fingers into Katie’s wetness while her other hand caressed her clit. The finger fucking, the dick in her mouth and the pinching of her clit sent shockwaves up the body of Katie Holmes, making all doubts about what she was doing leave. She wanted to do this more than anything in the world, she wanted to feel a dick in her ass, she wanted to eat that blonde pussy, she wanted to swallow the cunt juices as they sprayed from the tight hole of Rach and she wanted to feel Mike’s cum gushing inside of her ass. Katie ended her kiss with Rach and took Mike’s entire dick into her mouth, going down as far as she could go before gagging on the stiff rod.

Katie moved her head up and down a few times before pulling off, a line of spit from her sucking still hooked to his dick as she tried to catch her breath. Katie watched with wide eyes as Rach smiled and swallowed Mike’s entire dick, she watched in complete surprise as Rach’s mouth went all the way down until her nose was deep in his crotch hair. She couldn’t believe it; Rach had deep-throated Mike like it was nothing. What was even more amazing was she was flexing her throat muscles and slowly lifting her lips just an inch upward as she worked the rod lodged deep in her mouth.

When Rach lifted her mouth off she made a loud inhale noise like someone who had been trapped underwater for too long sucking in air as they surfaced. She looked at the stunned Katie with that same slutty smile, she liked the cockhead one more time and then removed her hands from Katie’s pussy.

“I think he’s ready Katie baby.”


“He’s all lubed up and ready to go, now are you ready to do your part?”

“But, what about you?”

“That’s easy Katie, ever heard of a ’69’?”

“Of course, I may be somewhat innocent but I’m not naïve.”

“Good, Mike will you be a dear and stand up so I can get on the bed?”

“Yeah sure,” said Mike coming out of his world of amazement knowing a girl had just deep throated his cock. “What do I do?”

“Just you wait Mike, let me get Katie ready first,” said Rach as she lay on the bed, her legs pointed towards the headboard and her head on the end. “Now climb on Katie and let’s have some real fun.”

Katie slowly climbed on top of Rach, she looked down at the smooth tanned hips and the equally tanned area around her pussy making it quite obvious that Rach didn’t believe in tanning in a suit. The sight was so erotic, the ultra-bronzed skin making the small line of blonde hair above her thin pussy lips really stand out as she spread her legs as a signal for Katie to start. Katie was so caught up in the erotic view that her mind drifted and only the hands soft hands gripping her tight ass dragging her down made her remember what was going on. Katie couldn’t put her mouth to work at first as she once again felt the lips and tongue invading her snatch, liking away at the inner flesh and barely making contact with her small clit nub.

Katie finally got her hands in a good spot on Rach’s hips and she lowered her mouth onto the thin lips. Katie extended her tongue and made her first ever lick of pussy, getting her first ever taste of another woman’s pussy juices from the spot it came from. Katie moved her hands in some, using her fingers to work open the cunt lips some so she could insert her tongue inside her first pussy. It was all so wild for Katie, she was doing what those authors had written about and just like in the stories she really loved it. The tart juices entered her mouth as she worked her tongue in and around Rach’s pussy, searching throughout the surprisingly tight hole for the clit.

Mike was the man getting the amazing view of Katie Holmes laying on top of another woman wearing only leather boots while the woman beneath her had her head buried deep inside her pussy. He watched as Rach’s hands moved up the back of Katie’s lovely firm hips and massaged her incredible ass. Mike moved to the side to look at the huge breasts pushing out as they were squeezed against Katie’s legs and stomach while Katie’s breasts seemed to be made to look bigger as they pressed against the blonde’s body. Mike listened to the differences in the moans of the two woman, Katie almost like a girlish yelp while Rach sounded more womanly without the sound of utter shock in it.

Katie was yelping and moaning stunned that she was so into the delicious juices dripping into her mouth and shivering from the tingling sensations that were coming from her pussy as the wet tongue of Rach worked over her lips. Suddenly the tongue withdrew but before Katie could protest she felt the lips of Rach hook onto her clit and start sucking very hard. Katie’s hips surged and she screamed into Rach’s pussy, the suckling motion of Rach driving her nearly insane as she frantically moved her tongue inside of Rach’s pussy to try and settle her own body down. But the tonguing only seemed to make Rach suck harder, her lips working on the clit like it was a straw in a frozen milkshake.

Soon another addition was made as Katie felt the pleasure experience double when she felt Rach’s tongue lashing across the very tip of her clit latched between her lips. The tongue was almost like a tickling but it wasn’t making her want to laugh it was making her want to cry out in extreme ecstasy. Katie worked her mouth in and around Rach’s pussy as fast as she could, her mind wanting to make Rach work harder to get her body to orgasm and the quickest way it could do that was to push Rach up the ladder just as fast. Katie swirled her tongue inside the pussy lips while the hard sucking between her own legs made her eyes literally start to water.

It became too much for Katie, she screamed loud and hard into the pussy of Rach as her body shook from the intense wave that struck her. Rach’s mouth received a generous amount of cum as Katie pushed her hips down into her mouth, driving her crotch down like a man trying to reach his peak by pounding away at the pussy of the woman he was with. The taste of her juices and the vibrations of Katie’s scream on her pussy made Rach come as well, her pussy squirting juice into the mouth of Katie Holmes giving her the first taste of a female orgasm.

Katie licked up the juices, tasting the tangy juices of another female as it slid slowly down her throat and coated her young tongue with the womanly fluid. Katie’s mouth stopped moving as she started to come down from her orgasm, her mind thinking it had to be over and she was planning to just lay and savor the taste in her mouth. But she didn’t have much time to savor the flavor as Rach was right back to work, licking away at the pussy of Katie Holmes as her fingers started to prepare her for something else.

Katie wanted to lift her head and cry out but she couldn’t remove her mouth from the delicious taste of her friend. Her mind swirled as she felt the slim fingers slid into her ass, tickling and burning at the same time as she slowly pumped one in her ass. The one finger soon became two and then three, Katie’s ass spreading wider than it ever had been as Rach pumped away at her trying to spread the anal hole in preparation for her first ever anal encounter with a man’s cock.

Katie knew where it was leading and she wasn’t going to stop it, she figured she had already done things she never thought she would have so she might as well go the whole distance with someone who would help her through it. Katie licked away at Rach’s pussy as she felt the three fingers stretching her asshole pull free, but she knew that the three fingers weren’t going to be what caused the real pain. Katie closed her eyes and hooked her hands in the covers of her bed sheet as she felt Rach’s lips leave her pussy and call for Mike. Katie felt Mike’s hands touch her ass making her jump so, she was afraid of what was about to happen but she was determined not to back down now. She heard a slurping sound figuring it was Rach giving Mike a quick suck to make it a tad bit easier on Katie.

Katie felt her cheeks spread and the head make contact with the small hole, she closed her eyes tight and buried her mouth in Rach’s pussy when she felt the head start to push forward. She felt the extreme pain as the large tool pushed inside of her ass, the cockhead popping inside and making her scream into the pussy of Rach. Rach slid her hands gently up and down Katie’s legs trying to keep her calm as Mike eased a little more of his rock hard shaft into the ass of Katie Holmes.

Soon the pain wasn’t unbearable and Katie unclenched her hands from the bed sheet, she opened her eyes and moaned as a twinge of pleasure surged up from her ass as Mike started a slow rhythmic pumping. Katie Holmes had a cock up her ass, another woman’s tongue lapping away at her pussy and she loved every second of it.

‘If those guys knew what I was doing,’ thought Katie as Mike started to fuck her ass just a little quicker. It was all so dirty for Katie, to finally become the naughty girl.

Katie knew Mike wasn’t going to be able to go for long, he was really pounding away and other than the small second of pain now and then Katie was loving every second of the hard pounding her young tight ass was receiving. It wasn’t the fantasy she had masturbated two days ago; it was ten times better than that day. In that fantasy she hadn’t went down on the woman or had the woman go down on her, she hadn’t let the man push his dick in her ass and fuck her hard up it. Katie had somehow caught and passed her own fantasy and now she was on her bed laying on top of a blonde with a nearly flawless (and real) body while a man who she had fucked, and not him fuck her, was shoving his cock up her ass.

For five minutes Mike did all he could for Katie, increasing and decreasing the thrusts according to her body movements, backing off on a certain angle when he saw it caused her pain and so on. But no way he could hold out much longer, Katie’s ass was just way too tight and Rach wasn’t helping matters with the occasional lick of her tongue across his balls. Mike closed his eyes to try to hold out longer but then he realized he shouldn’t do that, this wasn’t her pussy, this was her ass and he couldn’t try to hold out shoving his long dick inside of it. He may be enjoying the tight grip of her ass but even if she was kind of enjoying it he knew she didn’t want him to last all night in that uncomfortable position. So Mike did the only thing he could think of; he increased the tempo and tried to force himself to the edge faster.

Katie felt the increase in the speed of his pounding; she heard the louder slapping of his hips against her. She knew he was trying to come and although she was enjoying it she was glad it was nearly over. She was sure the exit was going to leave her sore in the morning but so was the price for a night of wild sex.

‘So is the price of wild sex, I can’t believe I can think that,’ thought Katie with an internal grin as she realized she had a night of wild sex. A man had just fucked her, Katie Holmes, and a woman while she was wearing knee high leather boots. If she weren’t licking away at Rach’s pussy she would have giggled to herself about what she had done.

Mike moved faster as he felt his balls start to burn and ache, it was time for him to cum. He looked down at the ass of Katie Holmes spread wide around his dick and couldn’t believe he had taken her anal cherry. Hell, he couldn’t believe he was fucking a female in the ass.

Katie couldn’t be silent any longer, the pounding become just too hard and the increase in pleasure too much for her. She didn’t want to leave the pussy of Rach but she had too, she had to let them know how great she was feeling and she had to say it out loud just to make it real for her own sake.


Katie was in a state of delirium as Rach continued to lick and suck on her clit, driving Katie to the edge as Mike drove his hard shaft in and out of her tight ass. Katie couldn’t believe she had done this; she was eating the pussy of her best friend while a guy she just met was driving his cock up her ass. What she really couldn’t believe was how much she loved the taste of Rach’s juices in her mouth and the feeling of the shaft slamming up her anal chute. The strange mix of pain and pleasure combined with the forbidden fruit she was eating from made Katie shiver. Katie’s licking was soon rewarded as she felt Rach suddenly tense under her and heard her muffled scream as Katie’s mouth was suddenly flooded with pussy juice gushing from her friends snatch.


Katie smiled and swallowed the juices as fast as they came, the sweet tangy flavor slipping down her throat and coating the inside of her mouth as she enjoyed. She latched her mouth onto the clit of Rach and pushed her like she had pushed her on the couch, sucking and sucking on the tiny nub making her friend shake and quiver beneath her.


Katie couldn’t believe it but the flow started up again and more of the sharp liquid poured into her mouth from Rach’s pussy. Soon the flow became too strong and cum started escaping her mouth and coating her face with the sticky womanly juices. The juices coating her face, the tongue licking at her pussy and the feeling her ass pushed Katie over the edge.


Katie’s pussy exploded, juices coming out like a waterfall covering the face of her friend as she closed her eyes and screamed out her pleasure. Katie shook and her pussy muscles tightened and her ass crushed down on Mike’s cock as the last remains of the powerful gasm overcame her body shattering her mind and very soul. Katie felt everything change, everything in her life had changed now and it was all for the better.

Mike couldn’t hold back any longer, it was all too much. He told Katie he was about to cum and she begged him to cum in her ass. Mike didn’t know if he could have gotten his dick out of her ass before he shot if he wanted to.


Mike dropped his head back and yelled at the top of his lungs as cum fired from his cock and filled Katie’s ass with the steamy liquid. He kept pumping as the cum squirted deep inside the tight anal cavity of a screaming Katie Holmes, some of the liquid seeped out around Mike’s dick and moved down her body towards the waiting tongue of Rach. Rach licked up the fluid as it flowed downward, her tongue now coated with the sweet tangy juices of Katie Holmes and the hot cum of Mike. Rach smiled as she closed her mouth, mixed the two juices and let them slid down her throat.

Katie just moaned and licked the pussy of Rach one last time, enjoying the pussy juice that was left from Rach’s orgasm as Mike eased his dick from her tight ass allowing her to lay her wet body on top of Rach, her head resting on the bronze thigh of her head as Rach placed gentle kissing on her inner thighs. Katie finally rolled off of Rach exhausted, she laid on her back as Mike leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her lips, tasting the strange mix of pussy juices and her cheery lipstick. Rach was next as she French kissed Katie, letting Katie taste her own juices that she had collected before they separated and sucking her own juice off the tongue of Katie.

“Oh shit,” was all Katie could say as Rach laid down next to her on her side, her hand lightly rubbing Katie’s left tit while Mike laid down on the other side and massaged her right. “That was incredible.”

“Yes it was,” said Rach as she sucked on Katie’s nipple before lifting up and smiling. “Sweet little Katie took it in the ass.”

“Sweet little Katie didn’t just take it,” she said as she leaned up and kissed Mike on the lips, looking in his eyes as the kiss broke. “Sweet little Katie loved it.”

“I knew you would,” smirked Rach as she leaned over and kissed Mike as well. “Maybe some other time I’ll get to feel him in my ass, huh Mike?”

“That’s up to Katie.”

“Well Katie, what’s the verdict?”

“Maybe, but first Mike has a story to write.”

“You’re going through with it,” laughed Rach as she looked at Katie. “You know you’ll just be making the day of those guys out there.”

“I know, but why not,” said Katie as she looked between the two at the computer. “After all, they helped me get something, maybe they aren’t so bad after all.”

“My, my Katie, you take a dick up your ass and you change,” laughed Rach as she ran her hand down Katie’s leg. “I guess I know how bad you can really be.”

“Yeah, yeah I can be bad.”

“There, it’s done,” said Mike as he placed the last period on the story.

“Damn boy, you’re quick,” said Rach as she leaned over looking at the screen scrolling up and down some. “And you’re good, this is some hot stuff.”

“Wow Mike, this is good,” said Katie as she sat across the lap of Mike looking at the screen.

“Thanks, so what do we do with this now?”

“Simple, you mail it to that Carnage guy and bingo,” said Rach as rubbed Mike’s shoulder. “Hey Katie, you think we should tell someone else about this site?”

“Maybe later,” said Katie as she leaned over and kissed Mike and then leaned up and kissed Rach on the lips. “But I’ve got other things on my mind right now.”

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