Celebs Meet CSSA #31: Laura Prepon And Mila Kunis

This story is pure fantasy. As far as I know, none of the events portrayed in this piece of fiction are factual. It is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If George W. Bush gets his way, it will not be read by anyone. So please, do yourself a favor. Vote early. Vote often. Vote Kerry.

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Celebs Meet CSSA #31: Laura Prepon and Mila Kunis

By BDSMChick

FF, Cons, Oral

Mila Kunis gasped as “she” kissed her attractive costar, Laura Prepon. She leaned back in her chair and whispered, “Yes! Oh, Laura, yes!” The index and middle fingers of her right hand, by now buried inside her navy blue panties, pressed hard against her dripping pussy as she thought of taking Laura and kissing her just as forcefully as she had in the story. Mila had stumbled across the Celebrity Sex Stories Archive a few months ago, following an egocentric game of “Put my Name in a Search Engine and See What Comes Out.” At first, she had been surprised and a little disgusted that so many people could get off on just reading. As she perused the site, however, she saw that–for the most part–the plots and stories and, yes, even sex scenes created by these authors could match or better any video. Even before finding CSSA, Mila had been attracted to her redheaded costar. “No,” she corrected herself, putting her chair back on all four legs and taking her fingers from her pussy, “Laura’s a blonde now. God, what was she thinking?!?”

As soon as she and Laura had started working together on “That 70’s Show,” they were the best of friends. They would regularly hang out with each other for hours after shooting was done, laughing and gossiping and debating which members of the cast they’d most like to sleep with. Once, after some heavy drinking, Mila had confessed that she had a rather large crush on her attractive co-star. Laura had been stunned, and the matter was quickly dropped. Despite that awkward incident, Mila had always hoped that someday she would be able to live out her fantasy and taste every bit of Laura’s sweet body.

“God, what was I thinking?!?” Laura Prepon asked herself as she felt the slight breeze blow through her once-again-red hair. Being a blonde had seemed like a good idea at the time, and it had been fun…for about a day. But when the backlash-from both her fans and herself-came, Laura knew she had to change it back as soon as possible. Some girls just weren’t meant to be blondes, and Laura’s flaming red hair suited her perfectly. She had decided, once she came back from the salon, to visit her best friend Mila and let her be the first to see the old and improved Laura. “I just hope she doesn’t try to kiss me again,” Laura muttered to herself as she walked down the hallway to Mila’s apartment. Testing the doorknob, she discovered that Mila had again left her apartment unlocked. “God,” Laura said to herself, “One of these days this girl’s gonna get robbed blind. What’s that smell?” Laura sniffed, sensing the scented candle that Mila had lit, its aroma wafting from the open door of Mila’s bedroom. “Now she’s just begging to get raped,” Laura joked. Peeking her head in, Laura gasped softly and quickly retreated.

Mila moaned as she tossed aside her black t-shirt, her left hand rubbing and pinching her erect nipples as her right resumed its treatment of her cunt. She pictured Laura sucking hungrily on her tits, the blonde’s beautiful lips and tongue covering every inch of Mila’s breasts. For a brief second Mila thought she heard something, but she quickly wrote it off as just nerves. Laura, meanwhile, had been surprised to see her friend masturbating, and even more so that she was doing it in front of her computer. What she was doing, and who she was probably thinking about, made Laura want to run out of the apartment right then and there. But something inside her made her stop, and take another long look at Mila’s body writhing in self-administered pleasure. Laura was captivated by her friend’s bare breasts, the heaving mounds moving up and down with every breath and gasp and moan. Without thinking, Laura moved her own hand over her breasts, feeling her nipples as they strained against the confining bra. Before she slipped her hand into her tight jeans, Laura regained her composure. After all, why should two girls get themselves off when they can get off together? Stealthily, Laura crept into the bedroom. Sneaking closer to her moaning friend, Laura managed to read some of what had Mila so preoccupied as to not notice that her best friend was right behind her.

“I bet my ass is better than yours.” Mila screamed and fell, her balance in the chair lost as she heard the unexpected voice in her ear. Looking up, she saw Laura giggling, and her heart sank. She was dead. Busted. Caught topless and masturbating, thinking of her best friend and co-star. Laura was gonna call her a freak and a sicko and a…what did she say?

“L-Laura! I, I, I can, I can–”

“Explain? You don’t have to, Mila; I think it’s quite clear.”

“No, it’s not! It’s not what you think!”

“Well I think that SOMEbody,” Laura cast an accusatory look at her fallen friend, “Has a little crush on me. And I also think that SOMEbody hasn’t proven me wrong.”

“Proven you wrong? What do you mean by that? Hey…you changed your hair back.”

“Yes, I did, now stop stalling. I said, ‘I bet my ass is better than yours.'” Laura licked her lips suggestively, and Mila glanced at the computer screen.

“Not a chance.”

Mila quickly turned around, getting on all fours and wiggling her ass for Laura. Slowly, she pulled down her damp panties, exposing her bare ass and shaved pussy. Laura, meanwhile, was busy quickly unbuttoning her pants and tossing them aside, along with her pink panties. She joined her friend on the floor, their asses next to each other’s faces.

“Ooh, nice,” Mila said, planting a soft kiss on Laura’s right cheek. “And a natural redhead, too!”

“You’re not too bad yourself,” Laura replied, admiring her friend’s lovely backside until Mila turned around so that they were face-to-face.

“So the ass is a draw,” Mila giggled, “But I bet anything that my tits not only look bigger than yours, but are much tastier.”

“Oh, you’re on!” Laura answered, lifting her t-shirt over her head and unsnapping her lacy bra.

Mila couldn’t believe this was happening. Just seconds ago she had been masturbating in front of her computer, wishfully thinking about doing what she was about to do. She didn’t care how, or why, Laura had decided to join her; the only thing she cared about now was making sure Laura never forgot this moment, and that she would be eager to repeat it in the future.

Mila didn’t take much time to admire Laura’s naked tits, instead burying her face in the redhead’s cleavage and hungrily sucking on the mounds. Mila licked and sucked all around Laura’s right nipple, her long hair tickling Laura’s bare skin. Laura threw her head back and moaned, her hands pressing against the back of Mila’s head and holding her to her tit. “Don’t stop,” Laura panted, “Oh, God, don’t fucking stop!” Mila didn’t, pressing her lips to Laura’s breast and making smaller and smaller circles over the hardened nipple. Mila stuck out her tongue and teased the areola, coming so close to the stiff nipple without touching it. Laura gasped and then moaned, looking down on her friend licking away at her tit. Laura pushed Mila off of her breast, the dark haired girl looking up at her with confusion before moaning as Laura’s mouth engulfed her left nipple. Instead of simply returning the favor, Laura decided to step it up a notch. Slowly, she kissed down Mila’s body, sliding her tongue into her friend’s belly button before moving to her dripping cunt. Laura licked and kissed Mila’s lower lips, loving the pants and cries from the dark haired girl. Laura then buried her moist, pink tongue deep inside Mila’s equally pink pussy, the redhead’s passionate licks drawing moans of approval from her writhing friend as she rubbed and pinched her own stiff nipples.

“God, Laura, yes! Oh, that’s so goooood!” Mila cried out as Laura’s tongue bathed her clit. Without warning, she rotated herself so that her head was underneath Laura’s pussy. Moaning, the younger starlet pressed her tongue against Laura’s clit, mimicking her costar’s efforts. Laura, never one to be matched or outdone in anything, redoubled her efforts and attacked Mila’s clit faster. She had a head start, and there was no way Mila was going to make her cum first. Mila, however, had other ideas. While her mouth focused on Laura’s clit, her hands were busy rubbing the redhead’s glorious ass. As one hand rubbed each soft cheek, Mila slipped her index finger into Laura’s tight asshole, causing the older girl to moan and stop licking momentarily. Mila slapped Laura’s butt cheek playfully, and Laura began her oral efforts anew. Both girls were moaning into each other’s pussies, each second taking them closer and closer to orgasm. The girls were humping each other’s faces, mouths too busy licking their sweet pussies to cry out for more or announce that they were close to cumming. It was Mila who came first, juices pouring into Laura’s waiting mouth and spilling onto her face and tits. The feel and taste of Mila’s orgasm sent Laura over the edge as well, and Mila eagerly sucked up every bit of her sweet cream that she could.

Hours later, after their fourth bout of passionate lovemaking, Mila finally asked Laura why she had changed her mind about girls, specifically her. Laura said that Mila’s little show had convinced her, and that seemed to satisfy the young brunette. She smiled and hugged her friend/lover, and then began kissing down Laura’s neck and towards her large chest. As Mila took Laura’s hard nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it, she made a mental note to give Laura the address of that site.

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