Celebs Meet CSSA #33 – Kelly Rowland

This is another entry to the extremely popular series, ‘Celebs meet C-S-S-A,” where authors write real or imagined encounters with real life celebrities. It is an all-star collaboration between RuleHater and Kojain.

It is a continuation of sorts from the previous entries into this series by RuleHater featuring Beyoncé and Mya, so you might want to go back and re-acquaint yourselves if you haven’t already. Enjoy

CELEBS MEET C-S-S-A #33 – Kelly Rowland


‘Come on B, for me?’ Kelly Rowland pleaded with her
lifelong best friend.

‘Not even for you babe,’ Beyoncé adamantly defied, trying to pay attention to the copy of Vogue she was reading.

‘Will you put that thing down and pay attention to me?’ Kelly demanded, ‘When last did I ask you for a favor?’

‘Well, you asked me to come to that party with you last week, and you made me pick up your dry-cleaning for you the other day, and…’

‘Ok I get it,’ Kelly cut in, ‘but you know how much this’ll mean to me.’

‘How many times do I have to explain to you that I don’t want to ask ‘Hater for anything?’ Beyoncé snapped, ‘I can’t face him, I can’t ask him for a favor.’

‘This is not a favor, just an introduction,’ Kelly shot back, ‘I just want to meet the guy.’

‘Big deal, he’s just a writer,’ sneered Beyoncé.

‘You keep telling me to get over Roy and meet someone new. This would be a good opportunity for me.’ Kelly said, looking so sincere that Beyoncé had to put her book aside and listen to her.

Kelly, however, could see that she was no closer to persuading her friend, and began to sulk. Beyoncé noticed this, and walked over to address her. She felt horrible, but she was adamant in her stance. Kelly would have to go it alone and find a way to meet Kojain that did not involve her having to come face to face with Hater.

Kelly hadn’t felt this desperate for anything before. In fact, until recently, she thought the idea of meeting an internet smut writer in person almost ludicrous. She had sneered when Beyoncé had decided to meet the Hater dude who had been writing about her, and privately thought her friend had lost it. Sure, she had been the one to introduce Beyoncé to the pleasures of CSSA, but had not expected her friend to take to it so actively.

To her surprise, however, Hater had turned out to be decent, and his relationship with her best friend had blossomed. Despite her initial reservations, she even found herself warming towards him. He seemed better than the men they usually met anyway, and she had never seen Beyoncé that happy. In her moments of weakness, she found herself even wishing that she could find someone similar.

And her wishes came true when, to her surprise, some fella named Kojain started writing about her. She had been in stories in the past, but like everyday life, they mostly involved her playing second fiddle or back-up to Beyoncé. But this guy seemed to actually like and respect her for who she was, and she found her curiosity begin to pique.

Just as she realized that RuleHater might be a good avenue to meet him, Beyoncé and him had suddenly called it Splits Ville. Kelly still did not know the details of their spat, only that it involved jealousy and mistrust, with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys coming into the picture somewhere. More pertinently, it meant her hopes of meeting Kojain were banished, at least for the time being.

Beyoncé, meanwhile, found her heart melt as she looked at the desolate look on her friend’s face. Kelly meant more to her than anything, and she looked like she really wanted this. If making Kelly happy meant that she had to go cap-in-hand to Hater, then she was prepared to make it work.


You know life sucks when you are at home on a Saturday evening all by yourself, for no reason other than to look gloomy and broody and lament on how sucky life is. That was my lot on a certain night as I sat in front of my TV in my modest LA apartment, eating microwave pizza and watching HBO. Omar, my roommate, had invited me to the opening of a new club, but bright lights and glitterati were the last thing I needed in my state.

It had been a month, and the loss of Beyoncé had still not hit home. How could I have allowed her to slip through my fingers? Things had reached straining point for us towards the end of our time together, but perhaps if I had been a little more understanding and tolerant, I’d be singing a different tune today. At present, my tune was R. Kelly’s ‘If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time,’ when I’d have given anything to be singing ‘Happy People’ by the same artist.

After a while, I mechanically switched off the TV and decided to call it an early night. Not even the Martin Lawrence comedy that was on could keep me focused; there was just no escaping how empty and desolate my life had become, and how deep of a rut I was falling into sans Beyoncé. I missed her so much, I wanted nothing more than to call her and apologize and beg her to take me back, but I knew it was more complicated than that. I stared at the phone for a few minutes, then headed into my room to strip off my clothes and then popped into the shower.

With the loud noise of the water pouring from the shower head, added to my baritone (however miserable I find myself, I simply cannot quit the lifelong habit of singing in the shower), it took me a while before I realized that there was someone at the door. The doorbell was going off frantically now, and I jumped out of the shower, slipping on a robe and vigorously drying myself as I approached the doorway.

I adjusted the robe to make sure all my bits were covered, and then opened the door. My jaw must have hit the floor when I saw who it was. I assumed this was some bad joke or hallucination, so I shut the door right back.

‘OK man,’ I said to myself, ‘take three deep breaths, and open the door.’

Beyoncé Knowles was standing at my doorway looking like a million bucks. She had on a dashing red dress which stopped just above her knee and flashed ridiculous cleavage, sporting a look on her face that could melt ice. There I was, my body still dripping wet, in a bath robe, without a clue what to do. My mind was spinning – my apartment was in a terrible state, and although she had seen worse when we were still a couple, I wanted to give her the impression that I’d gotten over her and had my life in order.

‘So, are you going to let me in?’ she asked coldly, ‘Or are you going to slam the door in my face on more time?’

‘Um, sorry about that,’ I said undecidedly, ‘hi Beyoncé, what are you doing here?’

She brushed past me and made her way into my living room. I had no option but to close the door. Nothing could have prepared me for this, and I was still none the wiser on the purpose of her visit here. I tried to compose myself as I turned to face her. It had been horrible timing, but if her intention was to catch me off guard, I was not going to go out like that.

‘You could at least have called, told me you wanted to drop by,’ I said as I reached her.

‘You don’t have to be so cold to me,’ she said, walking up to me as though she were ready to battle.

‘I ain’t being cold,’ I shot, ‘I’d just want to know if you decide to pay me a visit.’

‘This isn’t a courtesy call,’ she retorted, staring me in the face.

‘What is it then, a booty call?’ I said sarcastically. She was only inches away from me now.

‘Maybe it is,’ she whispered as she reached me.

I stared into her beautiful eyes for a second, totally entranced, while bidding myself to remain strong. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d grabbed her in my arms, my mouth firmly on hers. I kissed her with all the passion in me – the hurt, anger, pain and frustration of the past few months were pouring out in torrents, and as I kissed her, I bared myself of all my demons.

She hesitated a while before she responded in kind. Her slightly cold hands had taken off my robe now, and were rubbing my firm muscles and gently toned abs. My hands made their way to her killer thighs and I caressed, the familiar feeling returning to me. I hadn’t even laid eyes on her for a month, let alone made love, but this felt so right, just the way it was meant to be.

We were making our way to my bedroom now, still totally all over each other, our tongues communicating to each other how lonely they’d been by massaging and caressing each other. I’d hiked up her dress now, and it did not surprise me that she had no panties underneath. Her palms were clenching my butt cheeks now, and she pushed her whole body into me as she enjoyed my kiss.

I lifted her as I’ve done so many times, placing her onto the bed and lifting her dress up. Foreplay was not even an option – we’d gone so long away from each other that I just had to have her. I did not know what this meant – our problems had by no means disappeared and were still going to be there after we made love, but at that moment, we seemed to have stuck a pin in it, consumed in carnal, animal desire for each other.

‘Oh Hater, how I’ve missed your cock in me,’ she said. She knew how much I loved it when she talked dirty, and she was definitely trying to fire me up. It was working.

‘Wait no more,’ I said, as I lifted her legs. I quickly inserted two fingers into her, and I immediately could see that lubrication was the last of our concerns. She was as moist as the Pacific, and my erect monster of a cock made its way to her crotch and slid into her.

She moaned as I pumped away, shouting out several unprintable expletives. Actually, I guess I can print whatever I want on CSSA, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t spell what was coming out of her mouth even if I wanted to. Her long, manicured nails were digging into my back, and I rocked and rocked her world, the feeling I loved more than all else in the world coursing through my veins.

For those minutes, we seemed to occupy another plain, somewhere in another dimension. It was rough and crude and not the slightest bit romantic, but it mattered not to the two of us. We were transported to utopia, a land where there was no mistrust or jealousy, where there were no long-distance relationships, where there were no domineering multimillionaire rappers and rival R&B divas, a land where there was no stark difference between a college student and a world famous pop star. It was like the first time we fucked, yet had all the familiarity of long time sex partners. We cried and screamed and screeched as we were transported to that land above all else, and we rocked each other as our orgasms hit before it came to a crashing halt.

We were still for a few seconds, looking into each other’s eyes when we suddenly became conscious of what had just occurred.

‘Shit,’ shouted Beyoncé, jumping off the bed, ‘this shouldn’t have happened.’

‘No it shouldn’t,’ I agreed.

‘You must think I’m such a slut, that wasn’t why I came over,’ said Beyoncé , panicking, ‘in fact, I promised myself over and over again that I wasn’t going to let this happen.’

‘So why did you come then?’ I asked her, a bit curious. I must admit I had begun to flatter myself by concluding that Beyoncé had stopped by because she wanted a piece of me.

‘Do you know who Kojain is?’ she asked me as she adjusted her dress.

‘Of course,’ I smiled, ‘That’s my boy, we go way back. Why do you ask?’

‘Kelly wants to meet him, I think she’s interested,’ she revealed.

‘No kidding,’ I exclaimed, ‘Oh boy, Koj is going to shit his pants when I tell him, he’s nuts about Kelly. Dude has been dreaming about meeting her for ages.’

‘Well, tell dude his dream is about to come true,’ smiled Beyoncé, flashing her pearly white teeth.

‘Do you want me to give you his number?’ I asked her.

‘Just give Kelly’s number to him,’ she said, ‘and tell him to call her so that they can arrange something.

‘No problem,’ I said, as I escorted her to the door.

‘I just want you to know that I really miss you,’ Beyoncé said, looking into my face as she opened the door.

‘I miss you too babe,’ I said, ‘you have no idea how much.’

‘OK, so I’ll see you around then,’ she grinned as she stepped out of the door.

She was gone – out of my life again. I wanted to call her back, and let her know that I was willing to work as hard as I could to get our relationship back, but as she faded in the distance, I knew I’d missed my chance. Still, the events of the night had not dampened my enthusiasm; if anything, they had made me more determined that we belonged together.

Meanwhile, I had to call my old buddy Kojain as soon as possible and break the news that was definitely going to make his millennium.


A day off work and I’m awakened by Kelly Rowland’s ‘Stole’ coming out of the radio. I forgot to turn it off. Damn! Oh well, It’s 9 am, and instead of lying indoors all day, I figure I might as well get up. Grumbling, I pull myself off my futon and click off the alarm. Wiping whatever sleep is in my eyes, I walk towards my computer and start it up.

5 Minutes later, my desktop is fully loaded and ready to go. I really gotta get a new processor. I start up the AOL Instant Messenger and see if any of my peeps are on. No one I feel like talking to at the moment. As I check my mail and delete the contents of my bulk folder, I suddenly get an IM from my boy ‘Hater.

RuleHater: Yo! Yo! Wake up man!

Kojain: Hey! What’s up? You’re up and happy? Feeling better now?

RuleHater: I ain’t usually up at this time as you well know but I got MAJOR news for you.

Kojain: Oh really? What’s up? Need to borrow some money again? LOL

RuleHater: LOL, this is serious though. Listen up. Beyoncé came by the other night.

Kojain: Oh? Are you 2 done fighting now?

RuleHater: We’ll get to that later. But she came by and she told me Kelly would like to meet you.

Kojain: Hater, You are my boy. I love you like a brother. But I know you are bullshitting me!

RuleHater: I ain’t lyin’! She read your shit online and is dying to meet you. She wants me to give you her number. Dead serious!!

Kojain: Oh really? I hope you ain’t messin’ with my head man.

RuleHater: You think I ain’t got better shit to do than play that kinda trick on you? Really, I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life.

Kojain: Fine! But if this is a joke…I swear…

RuleHater: Come on bro! :: Smiley Face:

Kojain: OK. What’s the number then?

RuleHater: 555-6457. Look, I gotta get to work, but let me know what goes down. Aight? :: Logs off:

‘Hater has been my boy since way back, when DC3 still had 4 members. He’s full of shit, and I’d normally say he was bullshitting me, but damn, what if he’s not? I’ve been dying to meet Kelly Rowland for the longest time. I remember when ‘Hater and I would watch awards shows and have screaming matches on who was wearing the hotter outfit. When he told me he had started dating Beyoncé, I genuinely thought he’d really flipped the deep end until he showed me a picture of them both together

We’re still damn tight, but things ain’t been the same no more. Understandably, he didn’t have much time to hang out with me, and was always jetting around Beyoncé from one function to another. He never did give me the details on what caused their break-up, but I’ll always be there to provide moral support.

Well, it seems like it’s all gravy between them now, and better yet, I have Kelly’s number in my hands. If this is one of ‘Hater’s tricks, I’ll never forgive him, but for now, let me just give him the benefit of the doubt.

About an hour after my IM conversation with ‘Hater, I began to stare at the number he gave me. I looked at it for a good 10 minutes, trying to debate if this was a joke or the real thing. He probably must have felt the same thing the first time he received an email from Beyoncé, which turned out to be legit. There really was no reason for him to be messing about, so I finally came to the conclusion to dial the number. Gathering my courage, I reached for the phone.

My fingers shook as I dialed. After 2 rings I almost hung up when suddenly someone picked up.

‘Hello?’ A female voice answered.

‘Umm… Err… Is this Kelly Rowland?’ I asked, unsure.

‘Yes. Who is this?’ she asked, puzzled.

‘I was given this number by ‘Hater through Beyoncé,’ I said.

‘So, you’re Kojain then?’ she asked excitedly.

‘That’s me. But how am I sure this is really Kelly Rowland?’ I asked.

‘You know, Beyoncé had the same problem with ‘Hater,’ she giggled.

‘Not to be rude, but how do I know this isn’t a joke?’ I asked, concerned.

‘How about this?’ she asked, breaking into song, ‘No matter what I do, All I think about is you, Even when I’m with my Boo; you know I’m crazy over you.’

‘And to think, that’s one of my favorite songs on the album!’ I said, smiling.

‘Oh really? How sweet. Thank you.’ she said. ‘So… Tell me a little bit about yourself.’

‘Well, I was raised in Massachusetts, I’m now in Cally. I live about a half-hour away from ‘Hater to be exact. I’m 24. I work at a clothing store called Burlington Coat Factory. Very good pay.’ I explained.

‘Oh really? What part of California?’ she asked.

I told her.

‘There’s a great park here to take walks,’ I added.

‘Oh, would you mind taking me there for a walk? I’d like to meet you in person and get to know you a bit better.’ Kelly suggested.

‘I would like that,’ I said, slightly nervous. ‘What day would be good for you?’

‘How does tomorrow sound?’ she asked.

‘Tomorrow is good. I’m on my paid vacation. I don’t have anything else to do.’ I stated.

We chatted afterwards for a bit more then arranged a meeting place for us to get together. I would be meeting her near the tennis court at the entrance of a park our meeting was to take place. After saying out goodbyes, we hung up.

Naturally, I went into the bathroom to throw some water into my face in order to make sure I was fully awake. I was. Would I really be meeting Kelly Rowland tomorrow? Or was it a hoax? My mind began to wonder. But I dismissed any negative thoughts about it. I decided to go pay a trip back to my workplace so I can buy some clothes at a discount price.

The next day, I woke at about 9 AM, again to the music of Kelly Rowland, ‘Train on a Track’ playing this time around. I didn’t waste anytime, as I’d be meeting my dream babe within a few hours. I quickly jumped out of bed, washed up, shaved, and tried to get a casual outfit to meet up with her. I threw on my Simpson’s button up shirt and Boss jeans. I threw on some body spray to smell extra nice. Luckily for me, the park I told Kelly to meet me at was within a good walking distance from the apartment where I lived in. I was still on edge, thinking this was too good to be true. Before I realized it, I’d walked just about 3 blocks from my apartment. It was too late to turn back now.

And there she was, standing at the exact spot I told her we were gonna meet up. Her hair was done with red streaks with a black short-sleeved shirt and some blue jeans that fit her lower frame. I watched from a distance for a few minutes to see if the coast was clear. I remembered ‘Hater telling me about similar nervous feelings the first time he met Beyoncé. I finally just decided to get it out. I walked over to her.

‘Kelly? Hello. It’s me.’ I introduced myself.

‘So, you’re Kojain?’ she asked, beaming.

‘Well, like my boy RuleHater, that’s my name on C-S-S-A. You could call me my real name though.’ I told her.

‘Sounds good to me,’ she said, coming over to hug me. Her body felt so good. I hadn’t expected her to be that short, but then again, I’m not that tall either.

‘Come on, let’s take a walk around this place,’ I suggested, ‘It’s so nice on days like this.’

We started to walk around the area of the park and got into deep conversation. We must have walked and talked for about 2 hours. I disclosed to her how I first found C-S-S-A, how RuleHater and I first met, what got me into writing stories about celebs, and everything else there was to know about me. She seemed to be having fun, though I could tell that something was wrong, I could see it in her eyes. Perhaps she wasn’t enjoying this date, or maybe she was disappointed at something.

‘Kelly, you look a little distant over there,’ I inquired, unsure about what was going on, ‘Are you okay? Did you want to do something else today?’

‘No, everything is great. You turned out to be a great person. I’m just worried about Beyoncé.’

‘What’s wrong with her? Is she OK?’ I inquired as we sat on a nearby bench.

‘Does ‘Hater talk about her to you by any chance?’ she asked me.

‘Well, he did say he completely broke ties with her. He didn’t give me many details though, except that it had something to do with Jay-Z.’ I said to her.

‘She’s left me in the dark too,’ she explained, ‘but I do know that she doesn’t care about Jay, their supposed relationship is all for show. They had great chemistry together in ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ and ‘Crazy in Love’ so it was only natural for them to make the world think they were together. Unfortunately, Jigga started to believe that too. He is a nice guy actually, but not her type,’ Kelly proclaimed.

‘I see,’ I said, ‘By the way, just out of curiosity, how did you guys discover C-S-S-A?’

‘Well…” Kelly said, scratching her memory, ‘I found the site by chance and thought they were a bunch of corny stories written by some horny authors. But Beyoncé loved them. And when she read ‘Dangerously in Love,’ she just had to meet ‘Hater.”

‘I remember ‘Hater telling me something similar. How did you find out about me,’ I asked, somewhat nervously.

‘I did see a few posts of you and ‘Hater having a battle on which one of us was better looking. I thought it was kinda cute.’ she said smiling.

‘Anyway,’ I said, getting back on the subject, ‘he hasn’t given me any reason why he called it quits with Beyoncé, and I’m sure if he wanted to tell me, he would have. We’re like best friends after all.’

‘That’s good to hear,’ she said, ‘Beyoncé and I are like sisters, I don’t know what I’d do without her, and I hate seeing her so miserable.’

‘Good friends are hard to come by these days,’ I stated.

‘I couldn’t agree more,’ grinned Kelly

We got up and resumed our walk back to the entrance of the park. It was getting quite late, so I walked Kelly to her car which was parked close by.

‘Thanks,’ she said as we reached the vehicle, ‘I haven’t had this much fun on a date in ages.’

‘Are you kidding?’ I asked, my right eyebrow raised.

‘I’m serious,’ she confirmed, ‘I must admit I was a bit nervous about doing this, but you are a really nice guy. I remember Beyoncé going on and on about what a nice and gentlemanly guy ‘Hater was. Now I have something to brag about myself.

We both laughed, after which she asked me if I needed a ride home.

‘I’m OK,’ I said to her, ‘I live just round the corner, I can walk.’

‘OK then,’ she said, ‘I’ll see you again, you can be sure about that.’

‘Cool, I get a second date,’ I beamed, almost leaping for joy.

I walked over to give her a hug goodbye, and she shocked me by bringing her face over to give me a small kiss on the mouth. I was slightly shocked, but didn’t let her notice. I lingered on as her car drove away, before I began the walk home.


Exhausted and completely worn out, I stepped into my crib after a grueling evening at work. I grumbled to myself when I remembered that I had a major essay due in the next day for my International Relations class, and I still wasn’t done grading the essays I had received from the students in the class I had foolishly volunteered to be a TA for the semester. I switched on the computer and walked into the kitchen to fix something quick to eat while the computer loaded.

I browsed the internet for a few minutes, starting with my usual port of call, the CSSA Forums, where I responded to a Kojain gossip item in The Dish. I resisted the temptation to spend the rest of the evening on AIM chat or John Kerry political blogs, so I brought my books out and started on my essay, munching on tortilla chips and salsa.

I was about three pages in when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting any friends over, so I wondered who it could possibly be; perhaps someone for my roommate. Cursing loudly, I walked over to the door and opened up, and this time around, I had to stop myself from slamming it again, as this no doubt again could pass for a hallucination. In fact, this was getting ridiculous.

‘What is this – Destiny’s Child unannounced week?’ I sarcastically asked the singer who was standing at my door.

‘Hello ‘Hater,’ replied Kelly Rowland, a smile written on her face, ‘you’re not going to send me away, are you?’

‘Sorry, I just wasn’t anticipating company,’ I said to her, ‘do come in.’

Kelly looked as cute as I’d seen her, her hair longer than I remembered adorned with red streaks. She was dressed casually, in a short-sleeved shirt and jeans, and I actually wondered what on earth she was doing at my place. I didn’t even know she knew where I lived.

‘I thought you were supposed to be out with my boy Koj,’ I said as I sat next to her.

‘I was,’ she replied, ‘we spent a few hours together today, it was lovely.’

‘I’m really glad to hear that,’ I stated, inwardly happy that she had liked him, ‘Kojain is a cool dude.’

‘So, I guess you are wondering why I’m here,’ she said, reading my mind.

‘It did cross my mind,’ I admitted, ‘especially as me and you have never really been all that close.’

That was a rather gross understatement, to be sincere. Throughout my time with Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland had never really warmed towards me. I had been especially eager to get in her good books right from the beginning, as she was Beyoncé’s lifelong best friend, but she never seemed too keen on me. I guess she was principally opposed to Beyoncé hooking up with some guy who wrote stories about her over the internet, or maybe she just plainly disliked me, but she had definitely adopted an air of disdain towards me over the past year.

‘Look ‘Hater,’ she said, ‘I must admit I didn’t have the best of impressions about you from the start. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m so protective of Beyoncé. Me and her have been looking out for each other since we were little.’

‘So what made you change your mind?’ I asked.

‘I saw how happy you made her,’ she replied, ‘you two were so right for each other, and she has been so miserable ever since you split up.’

I had to restrain myself from smiling. Ever since we called it quits, I had always wondered whether or not Beyoncé was actually hurt. I’d imagined it was business as usual for her, hanging out with Jay-Z and his cronies and moving on, but Kelly’s disclosure that Beyoncé felt hurt gave me a little peace of mind that I had not been the only one to suffer.

‘I don’t know why you two are fighting,’ Kelly continued, ‘but I really wish you’d sort out your differences, things were so perfect between you.’

‘You don’t understand,’ I explained, ‘things were doomed to fail. I just wasn’t good enough for her, she deserves someone who can give her everything, and I’m just not there yet.’

‘I don’t believe you,’ she said, ‘Beyoncé doesn’t need someone who’ll give her stuff, what she needs is someone who is there for her and understands her. Someone like you.’

‘Thanks a lot, Kelly,’ I said, moving in to give her a slight hug.

I embraced her, and she returned the favor, pushing out her breasts against my chest. I held on a bit longer than necessary, partly because I was glad to have Kelly in my camp at last, and partly because she smelt so good. I let go, but she still held on, her fingers digging against my neck.

‘You know, ‘Hater,’ she whispered into my ear, ‘if Beyoncé hadn’t found you first, I wouldn’t have minded you.’

To my surprise, she moved her mouth onto mine, and began to kiss me. I was a bit perplexed, but began to kiss back, my mind a whirlwind of activity. I wasn’t supposed to be kissing Kelly, but somehow, we found ourselves making out. True, things were over between Beyoncé and me, but still, kissing her friend felt wrong somehow.

There was also the matter of Kojain. He’d only been on one date with her, and I hadn’t even heard anything from him about it yet, but this was the height of disloyalty. The order of our friendship from day one was that Beyoncé was mine, and Kelly was his, and yet, I was greedily appropriating Kelly for myself.

‘I can’t do this,’ I said, pushing her away.

‘Why not?’ she asked, breathing loud, a look of desire on her face.

‘So many reasons. For one…’

She cut me off with another kiss on my mouth. This one was a bit more aggressive, and her hands were already unbuttoning my top. What the hell was going on here? I found myself getting into it, despite every voice in my body telling me to put an end to it. It just felt so wrong and taboo, and I could feel my sexual energy building.

The phone began to ring, and I moved to answer it, but the way Kelly held on to me firmly was an indication that she wanted me to ignore it; she wanted me there and then. I could sense an air of sexual domination about Kelly – she seemed the type to totally take control in the bedroom, a characteristic I wouldn’t have used to describe Beyoncé. I was getting really turned on now, and was about to start to match Kelly’s efforts when the phone, after ringing about six times, went to voice mail.

‘Hey ‘Hater,’ came Kojain’s voice from the machine, startling myself and Kelly alike, ‘just thought you’d want to know that I went out with Kelly today. She’s so beautiful, and so perfect, and I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me. I’m seeing her again and I can’t wait. Anyway, gimme a call when you get this, dawg.’

I felt so rotten inside, worse than scum. I could tell from the panicked look on Kelly’s face the intense guilt that had crept over her. Kojain was my boy, and I’d sold out for a cheap sexual thrill. I’d also put any future reconciliation with Beyoncé in jeopardy by hooking up with her best friend. I could tell that the same thoughts were going through her mind as she looked at me.

I quickly jumped up, adjusting my clothes and fastening the buttons on my top, and tried to look as normal as possible.

‘I’m so sorry about this, I really shouldn’t have,’ Kelly said, ‘I really like Kojain, I just got carried away.’

‘I’m sorry too,’ I offered, ‘I also allowed myself to get carried away, and I shouldn’t have.’

‘Let’s just make this our little secret,’ winked Kelly.

‘You got it,’ I answered.


After my date with Kelly, I decided to call up my boy ‘Hater and tell him how things went off. He apparently wasn’t home as I got his answering machine. I left a short message and decided to get ready to go to call it a night. I was just about to jump into bed when I suddenly heard a knock on my apartment door. I wondered who could be visiting me at 10 pm.

I threw on a button up shirt and some pants then went to the door. I couldn’t believe who was standing on the other side when I opened the door.

‘Beyoncé,’ I exclaimed, ‘what a surprise.’ To say I was surprised and in awe wouldn’t even begin to describe it.

‘You’re Kojain, right? ‘Hater’s friend.’

‘Yeah, but you can call me by my real name.’ I told her.

‘Yeah, Kelly told me,’ she said, ‘May I come in?’

‘Definitely,’ I said, inviting her in, ‘Would you like something to drink?’

‘No thanks, I’m okay,’ she answered.

I guided Beyoncé to the couch in the living room, which was immediately filled with the sweet scent of her perfume. It was almost exotic. I could see why ‘Hater loved her so much.

‘So, how long have you and ‘Hater known each other,’ she asked me.

‘We go back to 1997,’ I revealed, ‘about the time Destiny’s Child were starting out, and there were 4 of you.’

‘That far away?’ she said, a little surprised. ‘Hater had probably never revealed to her how long he had been a fan.

‘We met at a record store buying a copy of the first album,’ I explained, ‘and we got into a lil’ argument about who was hotter – you or Kelly. Funny enough, we still have that very same argument till this very day.’

‘So you didn’t like me, LeToya or LaTavia,’ giggled Beyoncé.

‘Don’t get me wrong, I did,’ I defended myself, ‘but I always just felt that connection to Kelly, the same way ‘Hater did with you.’

‘It’s OK, calm down, I was just teasing you,’ she said, putting her hand on my leg.

‘As long as you’re not mad at me,’ I said, slightly puzzled, ‘so what brings you here this late?’

‘Well, I wanted to see who ‘Hater’s friend was. According to Kelly, you’ve turned out really cute. Just as cute as ‘Hater,’ she winked at me.

‘Thanks,’ I blushed, ‘Hater does go on and on about how sweet and special you are.’

‘Well, I hope he doesn’t find out about this,’ she said, staring at me.

‘About what?’ I asked, a bit confused.

‘This,’ she said as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I pulled away from her slightly

‘What are you…’ she leaned in and kissed me harder before I could finish talking.

She pinned me down on the couch with some force and just starting kissing me over and over again. I struggled with her, but for some reason I couldn’t gain the physical strength to push her off. This went on for several more minutes until she started to unbutton my shirt, before I managed to get her away.

‘You’ve got to stop, Beyoncé,’ I said, almost yelling.

‘What’s wrong?’ she asked in mock innocence.

‘As much as I’m feeling this,’ I explained, ‘Hater’s my boy, and I really like Kelly. I can’t do this.

She had a puzzled expression on her face for a few minutes, before a few tears started running down her face. I felt really rotten inside.

‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry,’ I said as I hugged her.

She choked back tears as she spoke through her sobbing, ‘I miss ‘Hater so much. I love him, he’s been the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. It’s been so hard for me since we broke up. We did so much together. I miss taking him to premieres, I miss having him on tour with me. I wish he could just see that he’s worth a million Jay-Zs to me.’

‘He did tell me about you telling Jay-Z that you were just his friend. He was rather upset about that, you know?’ I explained.

‘I didn’t know what else to do. Jay is so protective and domineering, he acts like he owns me. He never did understand me though; he’s just a pale imitation of ‘Hater. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him,” she was sobbing now

‘Well, trying to get me to make out with you wasn’t a good idea. ‘Hater is my boy, we go way back, and I don’t wanna screw up my friendship with him. The same way you shouldn’t screw up yours with Kelly.’

‘You’re right, ‘Hater is lucky to have a great friend like you,’ she smiled

‘Listen, I’ll see if I can talk to ‘Hater for you. I’ll see what he has to say about this. Does that make you feel a little better?’

Her smile grew even wider, ‘Yeah, that would be awesome. Thanks.’

‘No problem. And as for what you were about to do with me, let’s pretend it never happened. Deal?’

‘Deal,’ she smiled, hugging me and giving me a slight peck on the cheek.


Another boring night, spent mostly on my computer playing City of Heroes and chatting with whoever came online. I thought of calling up ‘Hater to find out where things were at between him and Beyoncé, but he was probably still at work, so I gave up the idea. At 9 pm, it was still too early to go to bed, so I resigned myself to spending a few more hours online when all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. I wondered who it could be – hopefully it wouldn’t be Beyoncé trying to make another attempt to molest me. To my delight, it was the Destiny’s Child I hoped it would be.

‘Hi there, Kelly,’ I beamed, ‘How did you find out where I lived?’

‘May I come in?’ she simply smiled.

‘Yeah definitely, of course, please do,’ I replied.

Kelly was looking so nice. Her hair seemed to have even more red streaks than I remembered from our first meeting. She had on a white tank top with tight navy blue jeans which showed off her curvy lower body. I walked her over to my couch, and after offering her a drink, I dashed off to my bedroom to turn of the PC – I didn’t exactly want the girl of my dreams to find out all of my online activities. I turned to exit the room when I saw her standing in the doorway.

‘Nice room you’ve got here,’ she said as she walked in, making herself comfortable on my futon, ‘Pretty neat for a guy.’

‘Yeah, I try to keep it nice and tidy,’ I said to her, feeling a little nervous and unsure of how to proceed.

I just sat next to each her, and we remained silent for a few minutes. My mind was moving about frantically, trying to think up something to say. It was like being in Junior High all over again. When my attempt at conversation failed, I decided to just take the plunge. Kelly wouldn’t hunt me down twice if she wasn’t interested in me, would she? Staring into her beautiful brown eyes, I was leaning in to kiss her when I suddenly became aware of myself and pulled back. I had to find something to break the silence.

‘So you never did answer the question of how you found out where I lived,’ I inquired.

‘I found out from ‘Hater actually,’ she answered, ‘he kinda described it to me.’

‘Really?’ I asked, a bit surprised, ‘I didn’t know you and Hater talked all that much.’

‘Well, we grew a bit close lately,’ she said a bit nervously. I wondered why she seemed a bit edgy so I decided to leave it at that.

‘Did you want me to leave?’ she quickly asked.

‘No, of course not,’ I answered equally quickly. I don’t know where you would get that idea from. I just wasn’t expecting company tonight.’

‘Neither was ‘Hater the night Beyoncé showed up at his place the other night to tell him that we wanted to meet either,’ she giggled.

‘Damn, you Destiny’s Child girls are crazy,’ I laughed, ‘so do you always sneak up on boyfriends or ex-boyfriends?’

‘That’s actually caught my last boyfriend cheating on me,’ she said with a sigh.

‘I’m sorry about that,’ I said guiltily, ‘I didn’t mean to open up any old wounds.’

‘Nah it’s OK,’ she said as I put my arm over her in consolation, ‘I’m over it now.’

‘But what kind of foolish idiot would cheat on someone like you, Kelly?’ I asked honestly.

‘Oh, that’s so sweet,’ she smiled, ‘but then again I’ll never understand you guys. Look at Eric Benet for example. Or even your great friend ‘Hater, didn’t he cheat on Beyoncé with Alicia Keys?’

That revelation was new to me, as ‘Hater had never really disclosed the reason why he broke up with Beyoncé, or even hinted that he might be his fault in any way. I was going to grill him when I had the chance, but I knew something didn’t add up – that just wasn’t consistent with ‘Hater. He might be a lot of thing, but not stupid enough to cheat on Beyoncé Knowles. But then again, you never know.

‘Well,’ I said, trying to disguise the fact that this was news to me, ‘it’s not like Halle Berry or Beyoncé have anything on you.’

‘You are so sweet,’ she crooned. ‘Do you really think I’m more beautiful than Beyoncé?’

‘Without a doubt,’ I answered truthfully, hoping that would at least score me some booty.

‘Which of us has a better body?’ she asked again, this time in jest.

‘Come on, quit grilling me,’ I laughed back, hoping she’d take that as an answer and not cause me to blurt out something I might regret.

‘I bet you wish I had a booty like Bey, right?’ she grinned.

‘Kelly… I like your body. I mean… Err… You have a nice…’ I was trapped. I didn’t know what else to say to defend myself from there.

‘It’s okay,’ she laughed, ‘you don’t have to flatter me, you’re gonna get some anyway.’

‘Really?’ I asked, my eyes bulging out.

‘Yeah, come here baby,’ she said, embracing me in a hug.

I could feel her nipples slightly jabbing me through her short. She was so slim and slender. She wasn’t filled out as Beyoncé was when I hugged her, but she was still very warm and inviting.

Pushing me down on my back, she began to kiss me, her hands unbuttoning my shirt. ‘Hater had told me so many times how Beyoncé acted whenever she was aroused and in the mood. I bet he’d never have guessed that Kelly was as aggressive, perhaps even more, as here she was, frenching me, her tongue exploring all over my mouth.

She then got up and removed her tank top, revealing her medium size breasts with nipples so hard they could break glass. I greedily went forward and begin to kiss and suck on them as she rubbed the back of my head and pushed me further into her. Her groans of pleasure weren’t like anything I’ve ever heard before; they were driving me wild to no end to the point where I must have her.

Standing up, we began to take each others pants off. Her hand went down and started stroking my dick, which was more than ready for anything this girl could dish out at me. Creeping back onto the futon and getting on all fours, she began to tease me by lightly shaking her ass at me. As though I were possessed by a sex hungry demon, I quickly took hold of her waist and inserted my dick into her from the backside. Once she felt it at the entrance of her pussy, she pushed backward wanting it in her cunt.

‘You okay over there?’ I asked, wasn’t sure if I was hurting her or not.

‘Oooh yeah. I like it like this… Feels so good,’ she moaned.

With that said, I held on to her waist and slowly began to hump her bones. Once her juices starting to flow more freely, I decided to go faster. Her moans of pleasure began to fill the room and caused me to bang her from behind even more. Kelly was like an animal now, thrashing around in a sexual frenzy as I kept pounding her.

With my dick still in place, I lifted her from the futon and lay down on my back with me still on her. Getting the idea, she began to ride me reverse cowboy. I reached and groped her ass as she bounced on my dick. When she said in King Magazine that men could dream of what she does in the bedroom, she wasn’t kidding. For here was Kelly, going buck wild on me.

‘Oh yeaaah…Oooh yeaaaaah!’ She groaned loudly, making telltale sounds of an orgasm approaching.

I felt mine coming as well, I stood up and wrapped my arms around her from behind.

‘Oh yes!’ she screamed as her orgasm finally hit, as well as mine. We both laid back on the futon. She moved her head slowly towards mine to kiss me, almost taking forever. I kissed her again and again on the mouth, still disbelieving of what just happened.

She drifted off to sleep before I did, exhausted from the love making that just took place. I lay awake for much longer, convinced that miracles indeed did happen. Besides, I was too scared to go to sleep, as it would mean waking up from whatever dream this was I found myself in.

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