Celebs Meet CSSA #35 – Nicole de Boer/Catherine Bell

Celeb meet CSSA – Nicole de Boer/Catherine Bell

by Kianzra

F/F M/FF (bd, Fist)

This story was written for Ithaqua with all my love.

It is a work of fiction. No celebrities were harmed in the making of this

story. If you are underage or offended by sexual content please leave this

site immediately. For the rest of you I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to send any comments to me at kianzra@hotmail.com

This story is a follow up to Celeb meet CSSA – Nicole de Boer by Ithaqua and

Kianzra. If you haven’t read it then why not? Okay I’m only

joking….honest you can put
the bat down! Anyway here’s a brief outline to

help understand where this starts.

Jay has arrived in America. He was suppose to be visiting Texas but ditches

his mate to go to a Star Trek convention in Florida. In true Jay style on

his first day of arrival he annoys some bloke at the airport then bumps into

Victoria. Lucky S.O.B I hear you say? Yeah he asks her for a hotel address

the TTFN’s out of her life. Smooth huh?

Finally at the conference he gets caught staring at Nikki de Boers ass, so

he asks for her autograph. Yip the sensational chat up lines just keep on


Somehow he still manages to get her into his bed. Of course first he has to

get knocked out in a bar brawl, wake up naked in her bed then finally be

unmasked as a CSSA/TSSA writer.

Inspiration appears to be no problem as Nikki de Boer has a few tricks to

show him.

Moving on. This instalment starts the night before he is due to finally

reunite with his friend in Texas. This is two weeks on, better late than

never I suppose. It is also written in Jays perspective so if it seems a

little weird to read I can tell you it was nothing compared to writing it.

The door handle turns with ease in my hand allowing me access to Nikki’s

house. Glancing at my watch I am slightly shocked to discover it is now

6.30pm. I have managed to kill enough time that I am only half an hour

early. She should feel honoured that I’ve managed to stay away this long

after all what had she really expected when she crawled out of my bed this

morning with whispered promises of a memorable night that I would never

forget. Thus leaving me and my imagination to work overtime which resulted

in me taking 5 or was it 6 cold showers.

Icy cold showers!!

Christ I even tried clothes shopping to pass the time which is something I

hate to do.

Shrugging out of my coat I hang it up before proceeding straight to her

bedroom hoping my luck will be in and I’ll discover her still getting ready.

Nearing the doorway I freeze at the sound of voices. Quickly I can identify

Nikki’s before panic washes over me. What if Nikki’s husband has shown up

as a surprise, would she have been able to warn me? Nope its definitely not

her husband the other murmurs are feminine, almost familiar.

Cautiously looking through the slight opening of the doorway I am astounded

at the sight that greets me. Nikki is lying naked on the bed caressing her

already aroused nipples. Perspiration glistens like raindrops all over her

soft skin as the unknown females head bobs up and down inbetween her legs

making her squirm and groan in pleasure. Curiosity and arousal keeps me

mesmerised. Who is she?

“Mmm Cat, hurry I need to cum. I’m so close. Jay will be..here soon and I

have to .. oh yes…be gone.!

‘Gone’ I lean forward ready to walk into the room and confront them only

hesitating when I hear the other woman speak.

“Nik can’t we just entertain him together?”

‘Shit that’s Catherine Bell, I can’t be that fucking lucky.’

“No Cat just call me when you’ve finished and I’ll see him then. Your my

going away gift and anyway he’s far too shy for that sort of thing!”

Quickly and with more force than I intend I thrust open the door slamming it

against the wall leaving a dent. Both Nikki & Catherine jump in surprise at

the sound.

“I’m willing to give it a try Nik!” I say unable to hide my grin.

Stepping fully into the room I watch Catherine Bell as she scrambles to grab

something to cover up her beautiful naked body. Hastily she wraps the sheet

around her but it only flatters her curves enticing me to slowly let my eyes

wander up her beautiful body. I start at her tanned slender legs, moving up

over the sheet clad stomach to barely covered ripe breasts which look good

enough to feast upon as they struggle to stay within the confines of the

sheet. Her large erect nipples jutting out begging for me to put them in my

mouth and suckle at her ripe succulant breasts.

“I know you a huge Catherine Bell fan and all but if would be nice for you

to give me a little attention.” Nikki bitches at me feeling left out.

I spin round to face her.

“Am I not allowed to look at my present seeing as how you unwrapped it

yourself!” I say to her sarcasm dripping with every word my gaze wandering

back to Catherine.

Pouting Nikki replies “I was just getting her ready for you. STOP STARING

AT HER!!! For god sake can’t you see your embarrassing her.”

I immediately apologised which only seems to heighten her embarrasment.

Suddenly feeling extremely uncomfortable I spin away mumbling about being in

the kitchen if anyone wants me.

Reaching the kitchen I immediately home in on the bottle of champagne

chilling in a bucket on the worktop. Deciding against a glass I opened it

and started drinking straight from the bottle hoping to quieten down the

voices in my head.

‘Maybe I should leave.’ is the main thought I just can’t seem to drown out

no matter how much Champagne I gulp down. Maybe its because I know its the

right thing but I don’t want to go, I just don’t know whats the right thing

to say, feel, think!!!

“Don’t even dare think about bailing. If you don’t want a threesome then

fine I’ll leave as I originally planned to do but don’t you dare throw my

gift back in my face!! I will never forgive you if you walk out of here.”

The mixture of hurt and anger I hear in her voice has me gulping down some

more mouthfuls of the champagne before I have the courage to put the bottle

down and turn to face Nikki. She looks furious standing there with her nose

wrinkled and her hands on her hips pulling the material of her robe slightly

apart accenting her nakedness underneath.

“Nik I’d love that, you know I would. Christ what red blooded man wouldn’t

but your friend doesn’t seem very keen and I don’t do rape.”

“She’s just a bit shy because you caught her at it as I would be if I wasn’t

so angry right now. Wouldn’t you have been embarrassed if she’d walked in

on us?” obviously not expect an answer she continued “If she was that

against the idea then why hasn’t she bolted whilst were here having this

conversation?” she asked whilst starting towards me closing the gap between

us. Raising her lips to mine in a slow sensual kiss I feel her tongue

tracing my lips begging for entry.

‘God she’s so hot!’

Being stubborn, using all my willpower I try to stay indifferent so we can

discuss the situation. Okay my raging hard on obviously can’t be control

but at least I haven’t opened my mouth.

“What the fuck…” I jumped ten feet in the air as something really really

cold hits my back. “Nik what have I told you about playing with ice!!!” I


Nikki just smirks back at me. I grab for her and sit her on the edge of the

worktop causing her silk robe to completely fall open revealing her

enticingly sexy body. Her skin is still flushed pink and the smell of her

obvious arousal clings to the air around her. I love looking at her and

find myself taking a good look at her especially her freshly shaved slit.

“Mmm another part of your gift. You like?”

Grabbing a bit of ice I run it over her lips, she gasps and opens her mouth

at the sensation of cold against her hot skin. Lowering my head I slowly

began to kiss her neck. I move my hand down her neck till the piece of ice

is rubbing against her already stiffening nipple. Swirling it round and

round, the cold making her nipple jut out further than I would ever have

imagined possible.

She groans arching herself against me sliding her hand down her body intent

on rubbing her throbbing clit. Rubbing it gently with her thumb she places

a couple of fingers in her pussy, sawing them in and out.

Taking my lips away from her mouth, I start to suck on the nipple where

moments ago the bit of ice had been. It is icy cold and so stiff and

sensative that she groans every time I go near it.

I toss the piece of ice in the direction of the sink, pulling her fingers

away I start to gently nibble on her stiff clit. I can see spasms running

through her body at my touch. Images of Catherine doing this to her earlier

dancing through my mind like a porno in slow motion. My cock growing so hard

I believe briefly I will cum there and then without her touching me.

Slowly I start lapping at her, my tongue entering her, in and out slowly

teasing her and making her squirm.

She is already hot and very wet although during this time that we have been

together I have discovered Nikki is always ready and willing.

Moving my fingers to her centre I gently push two inside her. Her pussy

fells so damn tight around them but I know she can take a lot more and

tonight I intended to find out how much. She starts thrusting against my

fingers, still sucking her clit I listen to her breathing getting heavier as

her arousal grows.

When she is practically humping my hand in despiration I lift my head.

“Do you want more?” I asked grinning already knowing what her answer will


Nikki gulps for air and nods. Slowly I added a third finger stretching out

the moment as long as I can teasing her. Gently massaging her clit I wait

whilst she adjusts before starting to move the fingers in and out of her


“God yes Jay more” she groans. Her eyes shutting as she gets caught up in

the moment.

With a grin I add a forth finger again drawing out the moment wanting her to

enjoy her torture and if the juices running down my hand are any indication

she’s loving it. She moans again in pleasure as I started sawing in and out

of her cunt faster than before. Meeting every thrust of my hand with her

body. My fingers slide in and out easily due to the juices covering them,

her moans becoming so loud I swear one of the neighbours will call the cops.

Aw well let them I’m not doing anything wrong.

“Ready baby?” I asked removing all fingers from her. Stepping back slightly

I wait for her answer knowing how horny she is.

“Yes Jay fuck me!”

“Not this time baby” I watch the confusion fill her eyes followed by a hint

of fear as she realises what I mean. I feel a little jolt of wariness but

push it aside.

Slowly I slide my hand back in,intending to use my whole fist not just four


aahhh!!!! No its too much take it out. Please. Jay please stop, take it

out. I’ll do anything just please stop!”

“I warned you not to tease me again or I’d make you take my whole fist.” I

say watching her arousal heighten then in a more relaxing voice I add “Relax

Nik I know you’ll enjoy it… Your a dirty little slut and dirty little

sluts get off on things like fisting. Your teasing proves you want this.

You knew I wanted to do this to you. You should just have begged for it

instead of playing around.”

I wait patiently for the feeling of her pussy relaxing as she tries to

adjusted to the fist now invading her. I push my fist and it is completely

engulfed by her hot wet hole. It fells incredably tight, tighter than ever

before. Even before I get a chance to start moving her orgasm is taking

over so that when I do start moving her resolve crumbles as the inevitable

overtakes her.

“Oh god I’m cumming” her muscles clamping down like a vice crushing my fist,

her body shaking uncontrollably. Sobbing out my name she slumps against me

totally exhausted. Her pussy has closed around my fist so there is no way I

can remove it for fear of hurting her. So with my remaining hand I hold her

close till she recovers some of her strength.

When she seems to have calmed down I remove my fist which sets off another

smaller orgasm. God she must have been really turned on.

“Do you want to tell me exactly what you and Catherine Bell have been up to

all day whilst I have been sitting in my hotel room alone!!”

Redness flames Nikki’s cheeks as embarrasment overcomes her. She looks away

from me then looks back seemingly more relaxed.

“What would you like to know Jay.” she replies sexily “Hmm, how I stripped

her naked by ripping the buttons off her blouse in my haste. Or maybe you’d

like to know how I nibbled at her nipples making them rock hard before I

pushed her down onto my bed so I could eat out her slutty wet cunt.”

Trying to take in her words I watch as her legs wobble as she jumps off of

the counter. She opens her mouth to speak again but I cut her off.

“Is that all?” I say raising an eyebrow trying to look disinterested.

“Well apart from me….” her voice trails off as I lift her and head

towards the bedroom.

Laughing Nikki orders me to put her down just outside the bedroom door.

“You don’t want to scare her into thinking that your no better than a


“Oog To bed woman!” I laugh and pull her into the bedroom, leaving her robe

decorating the hall floor. She starts unbuttoning my shirt, kissing her way

down my chest.

“Cat come and help me undress him….Cat?

Nikki and I turn around and for the first time notice that Catherine Bell

who is still naked has fallen fast asleep face down on the bed.

Nikki looks from Cat to me then back to Cat again before moving over to the


“Cat wake up” I watch as Nikki gently shakes her. Catherine groans but

doesn’t awaken.

It makes me wonder just how long they’d really been at this before I got

here. Maybe Nikki got out of my bed and straight into Catherines. All the

signs pointed to a large period of time having passed.

“Leave her to sleep Nik. She isn’t going anywhere and we have plenty of


“No. You strip whilst I sort out Cat ” Nikki said that mischievous look

back on her face.

I look away starting to undress.

‘CLINK’ my head shoots up to discover Nikki handcuffing a still sleeping

Catherine to the bed.

This is getting interesting. I kick off my shoes and step out of my jeans.

“Lie down Jay, we’ll be with you in a second”

I move towards the bed and lay down beside a still sleeping Catherine. I

can’t believe she didn’t wake up when she felt the cold handcuffs on her


‘SLAP’ Nikki’s hand landed on Cats ass.

“Hey” Catherine sleepily complains pulling against the handcuffs obviously

intending to reach down and rub the red hand print marking her tight ass.

“Let me go Nik, this isn’t funny” she screeches as she becomes fully awake

and aware of her predicament.

“Suck his dick bitch, I want him rock hard. Jay lie in front of her” Nikki


“Let me go Nikki” Catherine pleads her face flaming red with embarrassment.

“Nik leave her. She doesn’t want too. Look she’s gonna hurt herself trying

to get free.” I say slightly miffed that it looks like I’m not going to get

some of Catherine Bell after all. As turned on as I am by Nikki’s treatment

of Catherine I find myself arguing against it.

‘SLAP’ Tell him how much you want to suck him off.” Nikki said her hand

coming down again. Her eyes sparkling in excitement. God she was really

getting off on this. Thank god she had never used her technique on me.

“Nik uncuff me and I will” Catherine says warily.

‘SLAP’ “Don’t talk back bitch I’m in charge! and there’s no point struggling

because you need a key to get them off.”

“Nikki please” Catherine desperately begs again.


I watch defeat flicker in Catherine’s eyes along with some other emotions.

“Jay please come over here and let me suck you cock.” Catherine says in a

sickly sweet fake voice.

‘SLAP’ “Like you mean it.”

Catherine glares at Nikki again still trying to rub her ass.

“Please let me suck your cock Jay, I want to feel you in my mouth. I want

to suck you and feel you in my throat before you flood me with your cum.

My cock is already rock hard from watching them. I feel really horny but

then who wouldn’t seeing one of the favourite celebrities dominate the

other. This was one holiday I am never going to forget.

“Catherine I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

I say a little concerned that she isn’t acting at all and is really hating

Nikki’s treatment of her.

‘SLAP’ “Tell him how much getting treated like this gets you off bitch.”

“Nikki you promised not to tell anyone!” Catherine says unmistakably shocked

‘SLAP’ Catherine starts shaking and groaning as an orgasm sweeps through her

body. She slumps against the bed all fight seeming to have left her body,

allowing the orgasm to take control. Gasping and groaning in ecstasy as she

writhes on the bed. A wet patch forming on the sheet under her.

“Did I say you could cum bitch?” Nikki raised her hand to spank Catherine



Her hand froze in mid air as my voice echoes around the room.

“For god sake give her a chance to calm down. You come over here and suck

it yourself before I have to give you a taste of your own medicine.”

“Mmm maybe I should disobey you just for that reason alone”

“Why me?” I ask in exasperation, rolling my eyes.

“What?” Nikki asked curiosity oozing from her.

“Just seems like I attract kinky women” I say shrugging, wanting to change


“Your…..Actually I don’t want to know” Nikki said emotion flickering in

her eyes.

She slides over and starts sucking the tip of my rock hard cock but we’re

interrupted by Catherine who seems to have recovered some of her composure.

“Can you uncuff me now please.” she asks all previous embarrassment gone.

‘SLAP’ “Bitch who said you could ask for requests?”

“Nikki” I growl.

She just looks back at me with wide innocent eyes daring me to argue with


“I think you should eat out Catherine’s cunt whilst I teach you a little

respect. I want her to enjoy it. The more she enjoys it the better it will

be for you.”

As much as it was turning me on to see Nikki dominate Catherine I was

feeling like Nikki was enjoying it far to much. Time to turn the tables on


I watch as Nikki crawls behind Cat and helps her onto her hands and knees.

Both of them panting with their arousals. My god what a pair of sluts. Who

would have guessed!

I watch as Nikki slowly moves her face in towards Catherine’s already

dripping hole.

Nikki’s tongue flicks out to taste Catherine.

She slowly sticks a finger in wiggling it round before pulling it out . It

glistens with Catherine’s juices.

They really must have done this before today because she seems to be pushing

all of the right buttons.

Slowly Nikki pushes the tip of her finger into Catherine’s tight asshole.

“Oh god” Catherine moans straining back against Nikki.

My hand works my solid cock as I gaze upon them, watching them, wanting


Nikki pushes the whole finger in and starts lashing Catherine’s pussy with

her tongue. Catherine continues to push back against it groaning in


Her tits swaying underneath her as she fucks Nikki’s face.

I lay next to them for about five minutes hypnotised by the sight of Nikki

fingering Catherine’s ass and eating her out.

Suddenly I’m overcome with the need to be inside Catherine. I don’t want to

wait to feel her hot wet hole clamping round my cock.

Wondering if it will be as tight as it looks?

“Nikki I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to fuck Catherine first but don’t

worry so are you. Get your vibrator and we’ll double team her.”

Nikki groans slightly in complaint then surprised me when she said. “I can

do better than that” and goes to her closet. Out of a box she pulls a strap


“Normally I only use this after weeks of her begging but after all tonight

is a special occasion and this little tramp needs a good fucking.”

I uncuff Catherine from the bed as Nikki finished putting on her strap on.

Catherine straddled my face allowing me to taste her nectar before lowering

her dripping pussy onto my throbbing hard cock. She winces as her tender

ass comes into contact with my skin. Turning her head slightly she takes

the strap on cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

Her hole is so tight as she slowly slides down on my cock.

It is so hot and welcoming that I have to hold her still for a second to

stop myself from cumming. Praying to god that I won’t wake up to discover

that this is all just some really kinky dream.

Reaching up I cupped her right breast in my hand and started to rub the

stiffening nipple with my thumb.

I lift my head off the bed and close my mouth around the tight bud of her

left nipple and gently began sucking on it.

She groans and started bouncing up and down on my cock. She rises up then

plunges back down, gasping every time she becomes fully impaled.

“Keep sucking you cheap little bitch!” Nikki say sweat glistening on her


“Nikki why don’t you give her a break.” I ask as I pull my mouth away from

Catherine’s inviting tit.

Nikki blows me a kiss and pulls the strap on away from Catherine’s mouth.

“Oh I’ll break her alright” she says smiling sadistically.

God what has gotten into her today. Has she always been like this and I

just haven’t noticed!

I watched as she steps up behind Catherine.

“Oh god yeah please fuck my ass Nik. You know how hot it makes me when you

pound that fake cock into me” Catherine begs without a hint of her previous


For the second time that day my jaw drops in surprise. I wonder if I will

ever get over the shocks of today.

I watch held in a trance like state as Nikki presses the plastic cock to

Catherine’s ass.

Catherine stops riding my cock so that Nikki can impale her fully on the

fake cock.

I’m stunned at the ease at which it goes in. Obviously she has taken it

there before. Maybe they do this on a regular basis. Wouldn’t that be


Fully impaled Catherine’s pussy feels suddenly even tighter if that is

possible. I loved the feeling caused by that plastic cock filling up her

ass whilst I fill up her pussy. Obviously not as much as her though as she

started to grind against Nikki and I.

“Ready Jay? Nikki says

“Oh fuck yeah” I say gritting my teeth keeping my orgasm at bay once more.

“Well lets show her how much of a fan you really are.”

Slowly we get into rhythm with each other as we pound into her.

As I suck on one nipple Nikki reached round Catherine and roughly kneads the


I’m getting really into it when Nikki screams out that she is cuming.

Surprised I look on the bright side at least it means I now get to go one on

one with Catherine Bell.

“You like it rough then?” I asked Catherine.

“God yeah, I love pain. Hurt me I want to cum so badly for you”

Grabbing her I flip her onto her back

“I know just the thing.”

She looks shocked as I grab fistfuls of hair and yank her head to one side.

My other hand groping and fondling her breast. This means she is trapped

against the bed by my body.

“Oh yes hurt me, fuck me”

I lift myself off the bed with the arm which I’d been fondling her tit. I

replace it with my mouth and start roughly sucking and biting the stiff

nipple whilst thrusting hard into her, still pulling her hair listening to

her as she gasps and groans. Deeply but slowly I pound into her begging


“Faster, Please faster” she begs wanting to hurry up the building orgasm she

can feel.

“No” I tease as I bite a trail down her neck and popped the other nipple

into my mouth. Her hips rising against me trying to encourage the faster

rhythm she wants, thinks she needs.

Continuing on the way I am despite her begging and whimpering I only have to

wait a couple of seconds later to be rewarded with the sight of her. Her

eyes haze over as a massive orgasm hits her.

I never lose my rhythm as she cums. I do let go the grip on her hair as she

thrashed about sobbing my name though.

Her body quivering as wave after wave takes her deeper into her pleasure

induced daze.

With a final gasp of energy she thrust against me once more, causing my cum

to erupt from my cock.

Her pussy clamping down onto my cock and milking it dry she leaves me


I can feel my cum hitting off the walls of her pussy making her mine in the

most primal way.

“Wow that was intense” I murmur trying to get my breath back.

Catherine just sort of smiles up at me as she fazes in and out.

I’m just rolling onto my back as Nikki speaks.

“That’s not the first time you’ve made someone cum that way is it?” Nikki

asks unable to mask the curiosity she feels.

“No” I must have sounded really blunt because she looked away from me hurt.

“Come here Nik” I kiss her gently on the lips. “You know I have some

interesting stuff in my past that I don’t want to talk about”

Nikki glares at me then her face softened to a smile.

“Well you better fuck me hard and make me happy then.

“Then you’d better get down and suck me till I’m hard again.” I pull her

head towards my crotch as my cock starts to get hard again.

I loved Nikki’s blow jobs.

Nikki puts the tip of my cock in her mouth and gently sucks. Her tongue

swirling around the head. Teasing my piss slit. Using her tongue she lubes

up my cock. Her tongue teasing it as she works from the top to the base

then back again before plunging it into her throat. I feel her throat

tighten around my cock as she fights back the initial gag reflex.

“Yeah Nik. Take it all”

I start lifting off the bed to push my cock further into her tight throat.

Moving my hands to tangle them up in her hair I’m surprised when she blocks

me. Pulling back she leaves only the tip in her mouth. She gently sucks

the tip again running her tongue once more to the base.

“God Nik your such a fucking tease!”

Gliding her lips along my shaft she reaches my balls. Slowly almost

cautiously she sticks her tongue out to lick them the one at time she gently

sucks on them. Slowly she kisses back up my cock and sinks it back into her

throat. Faster and faster until I feel the cum rising up in my balls, ready

to blow my wad.

“God Nik, you have to stop or I’ll cum.”

Nikki jumps off so fast that it actually feel disconcerted then with a self

assured smile she pulled away and lays next to Catherine. Both of them

cupped their breasts together and stick out their tongues ready as my cum

erupts over them. Strands flying onto their breasts, stomach, one hits Cat

square in the eye and another hits Nikki’s cheek.

I shuddered and lay down to admire the mess I’ve made. There’s something

deeply satisfying about two women wearing your cum like its their most

treasured possession.

Catherine slowly gets up and almost as if she were licking an ice-cream cone

she starts cleaning up Nikki with her tongue. First she kisses Nikki’s

cheek licking away the strand that had landed there. Moving to her lips

they kiss tongues dancing as they share the cum that they have both caught

in their mouths. Cats mouth continues a trail down Nikki’s neck to her

right breast. Her tongue flicking against the bud like nipple. Getting a

bit impatient at how long it is taking to have Nikki panting she bites down

on the nipple. Her hand reaching down between Nikki’s tights.

“Do it Cat. Stick those fingers in me. I want to cum over your fingers

then lick them clean. I need you to make me cum”

obviously Catherine didn’t need to be told twice either as she roughly

rammed three fingers into Nikkis’s waiting hole. In and out she roughly

fingers Nikki. Nikki is thrashing about on the bed, groaning whimpering. I

reached over and squeezed her breast. Wanting to be part of the action but

not wanting to intrude. With my other hand I reached for the vibrator and

hand it to Cat so she could give Nikki the orgasm she had sacrificed so I

could come on them. I’ve got to say I was surprised when she stuffed it up

her own pussy. Kneeling so that the end hit of her legs thrusting it up her

with every bounce of the bed. She leaned forward slightly still fingering

Nikki and stared sucking on Nikki’s stiff clit. Nikki’s body spasmed as if

someone had given her and electric shock.. I watched as Catherine pulled

out her fingers and started lashing the whole slit with her tongue whilst

reaching underneath her pulling out the vibrator. it glistened with her

pussy juices. She hesitated considering whether or not to just let Nikki

lick it clean or not. obviously deciding the latter as she thrust it into

Nikki’s ass it was enough to bring Nikki over the edge. Sobbing she humped

against Cats face. Cat pulled away leaving Nikki still trying to grind

away. She reached over and handcuffed Nikki to the bed. The she pulled the

vibrator out of Nikki’s ass, turned it up to maximum and rammed it up

Nikki’s cunt. Nikki who hard started becoming coherent suddenly cried out

as another orgasm washed over her.

“Whose the bitch now huh Nik!”

Catherine crawled over to me and cuddled up. I wrapped my arms around her

and we dozed off together. Probably a good idea to get some sleep because

I’m in for a long but satisfying night and the first thing I’m going to have

to do is fuck Catherine’s tits.

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