Celebs Meet CSSA #36: Alicia Keys

This is another entry into the extremely popular series, ‘Celebs meet C-S-S-A,’ picking up where RuleHater left off after the episodes with Beyoncé Knowles, Mya, and Kelly Rowland. This episode actually takes place before the chapter with Kelly Rowland, addressing the reason why ‘Hater’s relationship soured with Beyoncé.

If you’re feeling a little lost, you might want to go back and re-acquaint yourselves if you haven’t already. Enjoy

CELEBS MEET C-S-S-A #36 – Alicia Keys

Beyoncé Knowles sat alone in the back of the limousine as it chauffeured her to the event
she was attending that evening. She wasn’t supposed to be alone; so many men would have given their left nut to accompany her, and it pained her that the one she wanted to be with her couldn’t care less. She had a scowl on her face which reflected the way she was feeling, but she knew that as soon as she made her exit, it had to be back to that million dollar smile that made many a teenage boy drool.

She was determined to have fun tonight, even if it was the last thing she did, and she was not going to let anyone stop her, even one as important as RuleHater. How dare he try to ruin tonight for her by pulling one of his sulks? He’d been waiting for her to console him and grovel and tell her how important he was to her, but she’d had enough of that.

She was on her way to a gala that was being held in her honor. Well, not entirely ‘her’ honor, but her in addition to a bunch of other people. It was basically to celebrate young black women succeeding in all walks of life, and she’d felt so esteemed when she’d been informed that she was chosen as the black woman in the field of music. Everyone who was everyone was going to be there, in addition to tons of media coverage, and she’d been looking forward to it for a while now.

Her enthusiasm had been dampened somewhat when she had found out by chance that she was not the only singer being honored. The committee had decided to laud not one but two young singers, and Alicia Keys had been chosen as the other recipient. Beyoncé found this a direct slap in the face, due to the fact that there was no love lost between her and the other singer. Of course, this was not public knowledge; there had been a whiff in the media of the animosity between them when they had toured together, but not many people really knew the half of it.

But she decided not to let that affect her night. ‘Hater refusing to attend had been a big blow though, and not one she had been expecting. She wished he could understand and stop getting threatened by the non-existent relationship between herself and Jay-Z. The past few months had been really troubling times in their relationship, and she longed for the good old days when all they did was have fun, and there was no jealousy, no complication, no ill will.

She was sick of all their fighting and the constant disagreement, and did not know how much longer she could take it for. Of course, perhaps a few of the problems were down to her, but she expected him to be able to be there for her and understand the pressures she faced being one of the most recognizable faces on earth.

It had been a great weekend for them so far. He had flown down to New York to spend a few days with her and accompany her to the gala, and they’d spent an incredible 24 hours together, catching up and talking and making sweet love. They had been getting prepared for the gala, when ‘Hater had suddenly flipped when she casually let it slip that he would not be her date for the evening.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you correctly,’ he bellowed, still looking handsome as ever in the Armani tux she had bought for him for the evening, which he had reluctantly accepted.

‘I’m just saying, my parents and my publicist think it’s best if I’m with Shawn for the night,’ she had said lightly, ‘you know, to avoid rumors and people raising their voices.’

‘But I’m your boyfriend,’ ‘Hater yelled, ‘I don’t care about publicity, but I don’t see why you are ashamed of me. What’s the point of inviting me if you are going to spend the night with another guy? What am I supposed to be doing?’

‘I’ll get you really nice seats, I promise,’ Beyoncé had pleaded, ‘baby, you know you mean a lot to me, and it’s just business with me and Jay.’

‘I don’t get it,’ Hater said, ‘and I don’t think I’m going to be there tonight.’

‘Come on boo, I really want you to be there,’ Beyoncé pleaded.

‘Well, evidently not enough,’ ‘Hater shot back, as he began to take off his suit, ‘go on and go ahead without me.’

‘Go to hell, then,’ Beyoncé spat back angrily and made her way out of the hotel suite.

Now, as she drove to her event, she couldn’t help being filled with a little bit of regret that she had not done more to persuade him to come and dissuade him from thinking he didn’t matter much to her. As the limousine arrived its destination though, she did her best to cast thoughts of ‘Hater aside as she primed herself to face the rowdy mob, and just hoped that by the time the night was over and she returned to him, he’d have calmed down enough to forgive her.

‘Hey cutie,’ came the sexy, throaty voice on the other end of the phone.

‘Alicia, what a surprise, I wasn’t expecting you to call.’ I answered.

‘Yeah I know it was risky,’ she replied, ‘you might have been with the bitch, but I just had to talk to you now.’

‘Don’t call her a bitch,’ I snapped, a little bit ticked off.

‘But she’s not making you happy, babe,’ she replied. ‘You can’t even deny it, ‘Hater

‘Beyoncé and I love each other,’ I defended her, ‘sure, we have problems now and then, but we are happy.’

‘So, why aren’t you with her now? Why are you talking to me?’

‘You know it’s complicated,’ I explained, ‘Beyoncé’s a really complicated girl.’

‘Anyway, enough about her,’ she said, ‘I can’t wait to see you tonight.’

‘Well, I’m afraid you won’t be seeing me,’ I revealed, ‘I’m a no-show.’

‘How come?’ she asked, disappointment evident in her voice, ‘we were supposed to meet today at last.’

‘It’s a long story,’ I offered.

‘I’m all ears, come on, let me know what’s up,’ Alicia cajoled.

I paused for a second before I started to relate the story to Alicia, who had become my confidant of sorts over the past few months. I knew it was wrong and disloyal of me to talk to Alicia about the problems facing my relationship with Beyoncé, as both girls shared a mutual dislike for each other. But Beyoncé hadn’t really done herself any favors with her treatment of me. At the moment, she was probably already backstage in Jay-Z’s adjoining dressing room with no thought for me whatsoever. Why should I care about being loyal to her at all?

I began to spill the beans to Alicia, leaving no holds barred. As I talked, it appeared more and more evident to me that perhaps Beyoncé and I were hitting the end of the road. Compared to early rosy days of our relationship when everything had been perfect, things had been far from smooth-sailing for us. As her star rose and she became more and more of a solo star, so the distance between us escalated. She was away all the time, most of the time with me not even knowing where she was. She was always surrounded by sycophants and assistants and other people, and we barely had any time to spend together. I tried so hard to be understanding and tolerant of the fact that I couldn’t be the only factor in her life but she seemed so unaware and ungrateful of the concessions I made.

I always went out of my way to be there for her. On the rare occasion she found time to spend with me, I dropped all I was doing, however important, to be with her. All of this would be insignificant if I did not get the sense she felt a bit ashamed of me. I did not really care about publicity (although, I must admit, it would be pretty cool if some people were allowed to know that I was dating Beyoncé Knowles) but I also did not enjoy hiding our relationship. I couldn’t introduce her to my friends, only about two or three people in her life knew about me, and she never let herself be seen with me in public. I was almost like her dirty little secret, and it was getting so frustrating.

No doubt about it, we were still very much in love, and she was still the most important thing in the world to me, though I genuinely wondered at times where I

stood according to her. I had made the colossal mistake of offering some insight on her career once, and had lived to regret it. After she previewed one of her new videos to me, in which she did look incredibly sexy as usual, scantily clad and dancing seductively, I’d suggested she toned down on her sexy look.

‘Hey B,’ no offense,’ I’d said, ‘but don’t you think you’re overdoing the sexy thing?’

‘What do you mean?’ she’d asked, her eyes blazing.

‘I mean that the whole world already knows how sexy and beautiful you are, but that is overshadowing your talent. Maybe you might want to focus a bit on your ballads and let the world remember that you are not only beautiful, but have a stunning voice, kinda like how Alicia Keys does, you know.’

OK, perhaps that was a bit tactless of me, especially with the Alicia allusion at the end. She had been so mad at me, and thrown me outside the hotel room in Paris, where we were spending a short holiday together.

‘If you like Alicia Keys so much, why don’t you be with her instead?’ she’d screamed at me, flinging my bags and clothes outside the door.

I’d had to find my way back to England, where I’d been spending a few months, on my own via EuroStar, and it had taken ages before Beyoncé had forgiven me. Ironically, it was during that period where we were fighting that Alicia and I had met.

Alicia was playing a high profile intimate concert in Manchester, UK, and I’d been able to score tickets. I’d been to a previous Alicia Keys show, when she had accompanied Beyoncé and Missy Elliott on the ‘Ladies’ First’ tour. There had been some confrontation of sorts between Beyoncé and Alicia over who the headliner would be, and that had led to an intense road rivalry between the girls, and as such, whenever I visited them on the road, as a member of Beyoncé’s camp, I did not have any access to Alicia. But her show had been amazing, even if I did not admit that to Beyoncé, who also put on a killer performance.

Anyway, I’d been able to use my connections with Alicia’s tour manager, whom I’d familiarized myself with on the Ladies’ First tour, to get a few premium tickets. Naturally, the show had been amazing – I actually felt I’d died and gone to heaven as her stunning contralto burst out beauties like ‘Falling’ and ‘You don’t know my name.’ During the concert, Alicia had suddenly looked up from her piano during ‘Diary’ and seemed to spot me in the audience. I could have sworn there was a flicker of puzzlement and recognition as she saw me, but she moved her eyes away after a second or two.

After the show was over, I’d found my way backstage, as I’d also been able to use my sources to obtain passes to get me and my people behind. I wasn’t expecting to meet Alicia or anything like that, and my friends and I were content with milling around and hobnobbing with the other famous people who were behind, mostly artists on the UK urban scene.

Alicia was surrounded by a deluge of people, and I couldn’t even have gotten close to her if I wanted to. Besides the fact that she had some menacing looking guys as protection, my loyalty to Beyoncé prevented me from acting excited to see her. It was the first time I had seen her in such close proximity, and I had to admit she was stunning. Her hair was in a bandana, and she dressed simply in a black sleeveless top and a pair of jeans, and no one could stop staring at her and marveling at her beauty.

For the second time that night, she suddenly looked in my direction, and I saw that flicker pass her face again, a look which seemed to be appealing to me to come over, but I could not be sure. I felt flustered and tried to look away and act unawares. To my surprise, she seemed to excuse herself from the people she was with and began to walk over to me. I could not be sure that I was the one whom she was coming to, so I tried not to look too expectant.

All doubts were dispelled though when I noticed she was staring at me. She made no effort to disguise the look of intrigue on her face, and when she finally reached me, she remained silent, a smile plastered across her face. She was staring me right in the eye, and just about three feet away from me. To say I felt intimidated would be quite an understatement, and I thought I was going to choke on the drink which I was trying to sip as coolly as possible.

‘Hi,’ I eventually stuttered, ‘that was a nice show.’

‘Thanks,’ she said, ‘so how are you doing?’

‘I’m doing alright,’ I said, hoping I didn’t sound as nervous as I felt.

‘I just wanted to come over and say hi,’ she explained, ‘you’re ‘Hater, right?’

‘That would be me,’ I said, trying to sound confident, even though I knew I was failing miserably. She probably recognized me as Beyoncé’s boyfriend, and was just being friendly.

‘I’ve wanted to meet you for such a long time,’ she said, stretching out her hand, which I took, ‘I can’t believe I’m standing right next to you.’

I was totally perplexed for a second. One listening in on our conversation would think I was the celebrity, and she was the excited fan. How did she even know me in the first place, and why was she so thrilled to meet me.

‘I beg your pardon?’ I asked, expressing my puzzlement.

‘Do you wanna come over to my dressing room?’ she asked, deflecting my question.

‘I’d love to, but don’t you have loads of people to attend to?’ I asked, pointing out to the group she had just left.

‘Just give me a minute,’ she said.

I watched her walk over to her friends, where she said a few words and exchanged handshakes and hugs. Meanwhile, the group of friends whom I had come with had surrounded me, totally envious and wondering how on earth I’d managed to attract the company of Alicia Keys. They looked even more dazzled when Alicia, exiting the room, signaled for me to follow her.

‘Hey guys,’ I said to my friends, ‘feel free to leave without me whenever you are ready.’

With a sly grin on my face, I left them, even though I was as puzzled as they were as to what was going on. Even though meeting celebrities had become a regular occurrence to me, thanks to my dalliance with Beyoncé, I still found myself feeling a bit like a school boy as I approached Alicia as she stood at the entrance of her room. It was the air of confidence and nature that she exuded – a vibe of sexiness which was as potent but totally different from Beyoncé’s – that got me going.

I eventually stepped into the room, which looked comfortable enough, but nothing compared to a lot of backstage dressing rooms I’d stayed in with Beyoncé all over the world. I did feel a bit puzzled though; why did Alicia invite me behind to her dressing room, and why was she even interested in me. How did she even know who I was? Granted, she might have seen me with Beyoncé, but from what I had gathered, they didn’t even like each other much.

‘Would you like something to drink?’ Alicia offered as she walked to the minibar.

‘Yeah, anything you’ve got,’ I said, watching her pour a bottle of white wine into two glasses.

‘I just want you to know that I think you’re a genius,’ she said as she handed me my glass.

‘I beg your pardon,’ I stuttered. Wasn’t it supposed to be me saying it to her?

‘I mean your stories,’ she said, ‘I think you’re an amazing writer.’

‘Hot damn,’ I explained, ‘you’ve read my stories?’

‘I love your stories, Eve and I loved Dangerously in Love. And I think the new Journal of an Agent spin-off is also really good.’

‘Wow, thank you,’ I said, still in shock. ‘Did you say Eve?’ I asked her.

‘Oh yeah, Eve and I are…close,’ she said, giving me a knowing look, ‘if only you knew how accurate your stories were.’

‘How long have you been reading them?’ I asked, ‘how do you even know about C-S-S-A?’

‘Honey, every actress and singer in the world knows about that site, duh. That’s where we get our bragging rights from,’ she said.

‘Wow, interesting,’ I said, still too dumbfounded to react.

‘Too bad that heifer Beyoncé found you first,’ she said, and then noticing the frown on my face, quickly added, ‘sorry, but I bet she’s told you we don’t like each other one bit. She’s one stuck-up lil’ bitch.’

I should have been mad for her casting aspersions on my girlfriend, but I couldn’t help but admire her frankness. Besides, I’d be more suspicious if she were waxing lyrical about how great Beyoncé was.

‘Of course, it doesn’t really matter that Beyoncé found you first,’ she continued, ‘since you’re not really my type anyway.’

‘Not your type?’ I inquired, wondering whether to feel hurt.

‘Oh, nothing personal,’ she said, ‘I’m just generally not attracted to your gender. I bet you knew that. But you’re cute though, if I ever get curious enough, I might consider you.’

I’d read rumors about her lesbianism, and in my stories, had generally written her as one. I wasn’t so sure how accurate it was though, and I found myself being disappointed that I stood no chance with her. For a second there, I thought I might be able to add to my rapidly increasing list of R&B chicks I’d been with. But still, Alicia Keys, one of my favorite singers ever, thought I was cool and liked my stories, so that was good enough for me.

‘Thanks,’ I laughed, ‘I just want you to know that I think you are an amazing singer. I totally love your music.’

‘Thank you,’ she said cheerfully.

‘I mean it,’ I said, ‘I mean, I literally still clam up each time I hear “Falling” or “If I ain’t got you.”‘

‘I’m glad you like my music,’ she said, ‘I was scared that girlfriend of yours might have poisoned your mind towards me.

Alicia and I talked for hours that night, like long lost friends. Since she was new in town, and I’d lived there for several months, I took her out to several happening places. Well, it was actually the pub where I used to hang out. Needless to say, my British mates were flabbergasted to see me hanging out with Alicia Keys. I did not want the night to end, but it eventually did, and she had to go back to her hotel. We exchanged a brief lip kiss as I left, nothing romantic, but still, deep enough to leave me swooning.

I thought she’d forget about me after that, but to my surprise, we had maintained correspondence. She called me almost every day, and we spent hours talking. She was so down-to-earth, and totally street and ghetto. It pains me to admit that a lot of the time, she was more fun to talk to than Beyoncé, with whom my relationship wasn’t really picking up.

Before long, I found myself confiding in Alicia about my travails. Of course, Alicia didn’t waste any opportunity to tell me how bad she thought Beyoncé was for me, even though she did not expect me to take her serious. On some level, I started developing feelings for Alicia, but I didn’t expect anything to some of it. I got the feeling that she kinda liked me too, at least as much as it was possible for her to like a male. I got to talk to Eve several times too, and she was as excited to speak to me. Rapper Eve was Alicia’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, and they had gone through their share of ups and downs, which Alicia told me all about.

Since the night of her concert, I hadn’t had a chance to meet Alicia yet. Things did pick up with Beyoncé, and when she invited me to come and join her in New York to attend the gala where she was an honoree, I had jumped at the chance. I did not find out that Alicia was also going to be there until a few days before, and that made me look forward to the event even more. Of course, after Beyoncé had told me that she had no intention of staying with me for the evening, I had decided it was no point going, and I was telling Alicia as much over the phone.

‘Honey, you can’t not go because of that,’ Alicia persuaded me.

‘I am sick of her treating me like crap,’ I complained.

‘I have an idea,’ Alicia said, ‘why don’t you be my date?’

‘Really?’ I asked, my interest piquing.

‘Absolutely,’ she said, ‘I was going to go with Usher, mainly to promote our new single, but we decided against it, because the stupid fool can’t get it through his head that I’m not interested in him.’

‘Yeah, he looked like he was going to bite your head off in the video,’ I joked.

‘Anyway, I turned him down, so I’m single tonight. What do you say?’

‘I’d love to,’ I said, deciding that I could get use out of the tuxedo after all.

‘What hotel are you staying at?’ she asked me.

‘The Waldorf Astoria,’ I answered.

‘My limo will swing by in about 15 minutes. Just you wait.’

Alicia looked simply sensational in a red gown with an open back, her slinky hair falling to her shoulders. I’d been thinking about her a lot since the night of her concert (in a platonic way, I told myself) and she looked even more beautiful than I’d imagined. Thankfully, I did not look bad myself, and she seemed to like what she saw.

‘Hater,’ she said, as we embraced in the back of her limousine, ‘so good to see you again.’

‘Wow Alicia,’ I said, eyeing her up and down, ‘you simply look amazing.’

‘You too,’ she answered, ‘you’re as cute as I remember, I was hoping it wasn’t a fluke.’

‘You know, you’re not the first person I’m hearing that from,’ I answered.

‘So, you’re looking forward to tonight?’ she asked me.

‘Yeah, it should be fun,’ I said, ‘and even if it’s not, I get to hang out with you.’

My banter could be mistaken for flirting, and maybe it was, but I didn’t see it that way, and I didn’t expect her to as well. There was no doubt that I did find her very attractive, and perhaps on some level, I did want her. But it was no an option, and I was fine with that. I did sense a bit of sexual chemistry between us though, but I didn’t think she was going to switch teams for me of all people.

‘I hate these fancy shows,’ she admitted, as she ruffled in her bag, ‘I need something to take the edge off.’

To my surprise, she fished out a joint and lit it up, closing her eyes as she took a deep drag. Wow, I was liking this chick the more I got to know her. She noticed my expression when she opened her eyes.

‘I bet your cute lil’ girlfriend never does this,’ she smiled as she passed the spliff over to me.

I immediately inhaled, allowing myself to indulge in a habit that I’d largely kicked over the past year. It was really potent shit, and in no time, I felt the calming effect. Alicia and I joked all the way to the venue of the event, and by the time we approached the event, I was damn near stoned. Amidst the drug abuse, the sexual tension between the two of us was pretty apparent by now, and I had to restrain myself from leaning over to kiss her right there in the limousine. She probably would have kissed me back too, but it wouldn’t have meant anything.

‘So what are you gonna do after this?’ I asked her as we pulled up outside the gallery the function was being held.

‘Not sure,’ she said as she extracted the last of the joint, ‘I was gonna try and hook myself up with some pussy.’

I laughed, ‘I was guaranteed some pussy myself, but unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be getting any myself.’

‘Why don’t we hang out at my place?’ she suggested, ‘I could get some booty over, and we could have some fun.’

‘Sounds like fun,’ I smiled.

I emerged from the limousine first, stepping out when the chauffeur opened the door, with Alicia stepping out right after me. I shivered as I surveyed the scene ahead of me. I was actually going to step onto an actual red carpet, with press and paparazzi and a few screaming fans. It was intimidating, but I was heartened by the encouraging smile Alicia threw me. I held on to her as she clutched onto my hand, and we began our walk.

I dutifully stood next to Alicia as she granted an interview to a nearby journalist, unsure of how to conduct myself. I could still feel the effects of the weed on me, but it did not seem to impinge on Alicia, who was smiling and answering coherently as possible.

‘So, I see you have a date,’ I heard the interviewer ask Alicia, ‘who’s this handsome young man?’

‘Say hello, honey,’ Alicia addressed me, staring at me affectionately.

‘Hi,’ I said to the lady, my voice still hoarse from the smoke I’d just had.

‘So what’s your name?’ she asked.

I told her.

‘So, is this the man in your life, Alicia?’ the lady asked, her eyes agog, no doubt sensing a major scoop.

‘Well, you can see he’s my date for the evening, you can make of that whatever you want,’ Alicia answered, diplomatically giving it the spin treatment.

We eventually left the reporter and made our way into the ballroom where the ceremony was taking place, a glamorous, colorfully decorated room. I surreptitiously glanced around to see if there was any sign of Beyoncé. Alicia must have read my mind, as she seemed to voice out my thoughts.

‘I wonder if that girlfriend of yours is anywhere around,’ she said.

I was looking forward to Beyoncé’s reaction to seeing that I had decided to accompany Alicia to the event. She would be beyond livid. I could not shake off the nagging feeling of betrayal that I felt though; inasmuch as I enjoyed Alicia’s company, and was more than justified to be with her after Beyoncé’s shoddy treatment of me, I knew that Alicia was the last person I was expected to be fraternizing with.

I did not have to wait long though; before long, Beyoncé came waltzing into the ballroom, Jay-Z several paces behind her. I tensed up; it was kinda hard for me to see her smiling and looking so happy in the company of another man. Alicia noticed this and firmed up her grip on my hand, as though for encouragement.

I watched her as her eyes darted around the room, as though scoping around to ensure that no other female present was in danger of usurping her rightful place as the belle of the ball. She finally looked in her direction, and I could notice her face fall when she set her eyes on Alicia. She immediately disguised her displeasure though, and smiled and waved at her adversary. Even I was almost fooled by her performance. I kept waiting for her to notice who the young man standing next to Alicia was, but she did not think to take a look.

‘Why don’t we go over and say hello?’ Alicia suggested.

‘Nice idea,’ I answered, as we began to walk.

‘Beyoncé, nice to see you girl,’ Alicia chimed as we reached her, as both girls hugged and pecked each other on the cheek.

‘Hi girl,’ Beyoncé answered, ‘who’s your…..FUCK.’

Upon seeing me, she had sworn extremely loud, taking everyone around, including me, and including herself for that matter, by surprise.

‘What’s the matter, B,’ Jay-Z said, extracting himself from the group he was with and drawing close.

‘Nothing, Jay,’ Beyoncé answered, ‘I just heard something really funny.’

‘OK,’ said Jay-Z nonchalantly, as he went back to what he was doing.

‘Well, look what the wind rolled in,’ Alicia teased, as soon as Jay-Z was gone.

‘What are you doing here?’ Beyoncé asked in disbelief, staring at each of us as though this were some cruel joke.

‘Well, I decided to come by after all,’ I said cynically, ‘I wouldn’t miss your night for anything in the world.’

‘But with her?’ she asked me, as though she were questioning my sanity.

‘As a matter of fact,’ I said, putting my hand round Alicia’s waist, ‘Alicia and I have been getting to know each other very well.’

Beyoncé looked as thought she were gonna protest, but I knew her too well to believe she was going to let herself appear ruffled. She had been caught by surprise, but if she made it obvious how affected she was, it would spell an easy victory for Alicia. I could tell she was totally puzzled though, trying to put two and two together to figure out what I was doing in the arms of Alicia Keys.

‘Well, I’m glad to hear that,’ Beyoncé said, ‘you two have fun.

As though to prove a point, she walked over to Jay-Z, who by now was standing on his own. To my utter incredulity, she snuggled up to him, and he whispered something into her ear, causing both of them to laugh like young lovers. Naturally, I was boiling within. I did not care that he was one of my favorite rappers – I did not like seeing him so up, close and personal with my girl.

‘Are you OK, cutie?’ Alicia asked me as we walked to our table

‘Of course I am,’ I answered.

‘So you ain’t mad about Beyoncé?’ she questioned.

‘Beyoncé who?’

Once I got over being so star struck from being in the same room with so many famous people, I actually found myself wishing the ceremony was over. The marijuana was wearing off on me now, and I found myself quite drowsy and sleepy during the longwinded speeches. Also, our table was right across from Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s, and it was quite unsettling to have her disgruntled eyes poring into me throughout dinner.

To my relief, the event came to an end, although there was still some dancing and socializing taking place. Neither Alicia nor I were interested, and we were just making our way around the room in order for Alicia to make her necessary goodbyes when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

‘What is this all about?’ asked a visibly vexed Beyoncé.

‘Hi, B,’ I greeted her, ‘did you have fun?’

‘Answer me, Hater,’ she barked, ‘why are you here with that skank?

Alicia turned around, and faced Beyoncé, looking angrier than I’d ever seen her. ‘Hey, watch your mouth, bitch?’

‘OK, OK, ladies,’ I said, anxious that they did not cause a scene right in the center of the room, ‘no need to go there.’

‘What the hell are you doing with my boyfriend?’ Beyoncé asked Alicia harshly, practically ignoring my plea.

‘Well, maybe if you was with him and showed him some love, he wouldn’t need to be with me anyway,’ Alicia retorted.

Both women were staring daggers at each other, and I was scared to be caught in the middle, unsure where my loyalties lay. The tense situation was intensified when I saw Jay-Z approaching us, staring curiously. Beyoncé also spotted the arrival of the Jiggaman, and I noticed she began to panic uncomfortably. I found this interesting, and maybe it was a chance to put this whole situation with Jay-Z to rest once and for all.

‘Hey man,’ I greeted Jay like an old friend, even though I did not expect the same treatment from him, ‘what’s going on, player?’

Ignoring me, he turned to Beyoncé, ‘Is everything OK, B? You look like something’s wrong.’

‘She’s OK,’ I answered, ‘we was just having a lil’ conversation.’

‘I wasn’t talkin’ to you, man,’ came Jay’s hostile response to me, and then turning to Beyoncé, he asked, ‘Who is this guy anyway? I keep seeing him around you.’

‘He’s her boyfriend,’ Alicia answered, talking for the first time.

‘What do you mean her boyfriend?’ Jay-Z asked, visibly shocked, ‘What’s she talking about Beyoncé? You ain’t with this loser, are you?’

‘Ummm, I guess, I….ummm,’ stammered Beyoncé.

‘Tell him, B,’ I interrupted, ‘or what’s the matter? Ashamed of me?’

‘What’s this punk talking about?’ Jay-Z asked Beyoncé. ‘Is he clowning or you two are really together?’

‘I’ve been her boyfriend for over a year now,’ I said, ‘but you didn’t know that, I understand. Apparently, she’s been keeping it under wraps cos’ I ain’t good enough.’

‘No baby, it’s not like that,’ Beyoncé explained.

‘So, it’s true then?’ Jay-Z said, turning to Beyoncé, ‘I thought we had something going, I didn’t know you’d been stringing me along all this while. You told me I was the only one.’

‘No, Shawn, you have to understand,’ Beyoncé held, ‘I didn’t tell you cos’ I didn’t want you to be mad.’

‘I don’t believe this shit,’ Jay complained, ‘I’m out of here.’

He glared at me as though he were about to attack me, but then thought better of it and walked away. Beyoncé looked at him as he walked, and then back at me as though seeking permission to go after him.

‘Hey, Alicia, you ready to get out of here?’ I asked my companion.

‘Yeah, no problem,’ Alicia said, picking up her bag.

‘I’m not gonna let you just go off with her,’ said Beyoncé.

‘You can’t tell me what to do,’ I countered, ‘isn’t it bad enough you’re ashamed of me, now you wanna add domineering?’

‘I’m not ashamed of you,’ she protested, ‘believe me, I’m not.’

‘So how do I explain the fact that you hang around the same dude every fuckin’ day and conveniently neglected to tell him you had a boyfriend.’

‘It’s different with Shawn like I always tell you,’ she started to explain rather exasperatedly, ‘my dad says it’s best for us to create the illusion of a relationship with him because it helps my career. So I have to let him think I’m available.’

‘It’s always your dad this, your career that,’ I grumbled, ‘what about me?’

‘I expect you to be supportive,’ she insisted.

‘I am,’ I answered, ‘I’ve been so supportive from day one and done everything, stayed in the background as long as you wanted. But I just want to feel appreciated.’

‘I appreciate you,’ she said, ‘I don’t believe you are saying I’m not, despite everything I’ve done.’

‘Look babe,’ I said, ‘I appreciate the fact you buy me Armani and Rolexes, and that you let me fly first class with you. But that isn’t what I want from you. I love you, and I just want to feel that you do too. Is that too much to ask?’

‘I don’t know what you’re asking me to do?’ Beyoncé said.

‘I just want you to be my girlfriend,’ I said, ‘I want things to be like when we first met. I know that your career comes first, but I want you to treat me like I matter.’

‘I actually want to have to say this now,’ Beyoncé suddenly threw a fit, ‘but I’m tired of your whining and complaining and always talking about how I don’t treat you well. I don’t know if this is working. Why don’t you just go off with that ho that you came with?’

‘Are you saying you want to break up with me?’ I asked.

‘Maybe,’ she said petulantly, ‘at least I think we should start seeing other people.’

‘You already are, aren’t you?’ I asked her, knowing from the look on her face what the answer was. She was silent.

‘So, you and Jay-Z aren’t just friends?’ I asked.

‘We are friends,’ she said, ‘but it’s been a little bit more than that lately.’

Her words came like a serious blow to me. I mean, I had always been jealous of her interactions with Jay-Z, but her assurance that their relationship was strictly platonic had always dissuaded any doubts I might have had. But I had been such a sucker…God, I felt so dumb. I had to save face though and maintain a little bit of dignity.

‘Well, I guess that makes us equal then,’ I said, ‘so no worries.’ I could see from the way her eyes flew open that I had gotten to her.

I was lying though. Besides my indiscretion with Mya about a year earlier, I hadn’t even come close to cheating on Beyoncé. Even when things weren’t rosy between us, and it reflected on our sex life, I hadn’t caught a wondering eye. It just didn’t really seem logical to cheat on someone like Beyoncé, at least not with just anyone. And I knew that if I claimed I had slept with a nameless nobody, it would not sting as much as if it were with a contemporary of hers.

‘You’ve been creeping around on me?’ she asked.

‘You’re one to talk,’ I said, ‘and yeah, I did hook up with other people, someone in particular.’

At that particular moment, Alicia, who had walked off when the argument began to get really heated, reappeared. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

‘Her?’ Beyoncé howled.

‘Maybe,’ I leered, hoping Alicia wouldn’t be angry that I was using her as ammunition.

‘I hate you,’ Beyoncé screeched, ‘How could you?’ Several people in the hall had already turned round to see the cause of her cacophonous noise.

‘Well, you two have fun then,’ she said angrily as she began to walk off, ‘I don’t wanna see you again, so don’t even think about coming back to my suite tonight. I’ll have your things at the reception.’

‘Are you OK?’ Alicia asked me as I watched Beyonce stalk off.

‘Of course I am,’ I answered, ‘although I’m homeless for tonight.’

‘That won’t be a problem,’ she smiled.

Alicia tried to cheer me up during the limo ride back, but then she realized that I really wasn’t in the best of moods, so she left me alone while she chatted on her phone. Meanwhile, I was fuming. So, Beyoncé had been messing with Jay-Z all this while? What on earth could she see in him? Sure, he was rich, successful, and world famous. But he was also about 12 years older than her and a renowned playboy, not to mention those ugly, fat-ass monster lips he possessed; lips which Beyoncé had apparently been kissing while kissing me at the same time. I felt like puking.

‘Sorry about that,’ Alicia said as she got off her phone.

‘No, it’s really OK,’ I said, ‘I should be the one to apologize for being so grumpy.’

‘I understand,’ she replied, ‘anyone would be expected to react. And I know you really loved her.’

‘Well, I bet you think it’s good riddance,’ I said.

‘Now I know me and Beyoncé have had our differences,’ Alicia said, ‘and I won’t pretend that I like her. But the reason why I gave you such a hard time about her was because I was jealous.’

‘Jealous? About what?’ I asked.

‘I guess I was bitter that she found you first,’ she explained, ‘when I read your stories, I tried to find out all I could about you, and when I found out that you were already with Beyoncé, I got irritated. That bitch just always got to have it her own way.’

‘You could have just asked her to share me,’ I said, ‘it worked for Mya, didn’t it?’

‘I actually found it funny that your first story had me and her together,’ Alicia said, ‘that couldn’t have been farther away from the case though.’

‘I don’t see why you two can’t just put aside your differences with some hot lesbian action,’ I joked.

‘Who knows? That might happen someday,’ she laughed.

‘So, why did you tell her that you hooked up with me?’ she suddenly asked me, changing the topic.

‘Sorry about using you like that,’ I said, ‘I just wanted to get back at her.’

‘I didn’t mind,’ she smiled, ‘I actually did like it.’

‘You did?’ I asked her.

‘Maybe we should actually make it true,’ she cooed rather seductively.

I looked at her in surprise. She couldn’t possibly be coming to me, could she? She was, after all, an avowed carpet-muncher, and had told me as much in her own words. There had been light flirting all evening, and even though my mind was alert to the possibility of us hooking up, it had been more down to wishful thinking than anything else. However, maybe I hadn’t merely been imagining things.

‘But, aren’t you…lesbian?’ I asked her.

‘I am,’ she said, ‘I can’t remember when last I found a guy attractive, before you, that is.’

‘You like me?’ I asked her.

‘I thought it was pretty obvious from that first night in Manchester,’ she said, ‘don’t you feel the connection between us?’ She was moving closer to me now.

‘Of course I do,’ I said, ‘this is just a surprise, that’s all.’

‘I still like girls,’ she said, ‘but I’ve always liked you, even before I met you, when I read your stories. I didn’t make a move on you earlier because of Beyoncé, but she obviously doesn’t deserve you.’

‘What now?’ I asked. She was only an inch away now.

‘Do you want me?’ she whispered to my face.

‘Like hell I do,’ I said back. She had never looked so appealing to me as she did right then as I looked into her slightly glazed eyes.

I seized her and brought my mouth to hers. She responded with equal fervor, grabbing hold of me, her hand wrapped around my neck, her lips hungrily devouring mine. We were like a bunch of ferocious cats, kissing without a care in the world, letting loose all the caged heat that had been cooped up for so long. I wondered shy she suddenly pulled away. However, I was relieved when she tapped on the glass door that separated us from the driver of the limo.

‘Hey, could you just keep driving’ she asked the chauffeur before sliding up the soundproof glass.

‘Now, where were we?’ she asked as she returned her attention to me.

I kissed her again, this time much gentler, and with less urgency and intensity. She returned my kiss as she began to undo my suit. I ran my hands up her legs, tracing them up her delightfully smooth thighs with rapid speed. My jacket came off, and then the buttons for my silk shirt were being undone. Her hands, which were slightly cold, came underneath my shirt and began to caress my chest, tweaking each nipple gently.

‘Oh, I forgot you didn’t have any titties,’ she laughed.

My hand had already reached her crotch area now, and saw that she was devoid of underwear. The fact that she had been panty-less all evening while next to me surged me with passion, and I reached for her pussy, gently caressing and assessing the state of lubrication before placing my index finger inside. She shuddered as I expertly fingered her, increasing the number of digits I used with each thrust.

My shirt was off now, and her nails dug into my back as my fingers played with her very wet snatch. She was breathing heavily, very excited without a doubt, and I really came off from the look of exhilaration that was written on her face. I assumed a better position right between her laps, kneeling on the floor of the limo so that I could look right at her cunt. Her dress was hiked up now to her waist giving me a vantage view.

It was a very appealingly bushy pussy, with a large carpet of pubic hair which was still very well kept. It all added to her sensuous and earthy sexuality I loved about her, and I couldn’t resist drawing my face closer as I continued to thrust in her with three fingers while rubbing her love button with my thumb.

‘Yes, Hater, suck my pussy,’ she cried, ‘you know you want to.’

I brought my face directly to her crotch and gently ribbed my tongue over her clitoris. She moaned as I repeated the action, and then shrieked as I used my finger to part her pussy lips. Sticking my tongue in between, I began to lick furiously now as Alicia’s cries grew. I transferred my attentions from her engorged clitoris to her labia intermittently, using the vast experience I’d gained over the past year or two to try and do exactly what I thought she would want at any certain stage.

‘Oh yes, Hater,’ she was moaning, ‘just like that baby, you’re gonna make me come soon.’

I hung on until her orgasm came, holding on to her legs, which were wrapped in a scissors grip around my neck, as she reached her peak. I dug my face in again to indulge in her rich girl cum, while beginning to undo the zippers to my pants.

‘You’re gonna fuck me right here, aren’t you?’ she asked in a jolly manner.

‘You bet I am,’ I answered.

‘This should be good fun,’ she giggled like a schoolgirl, ‘I ain’t had a cock up in me in forever.’

The good bit was that I did not have to live up to much since she did not have a lot of men to compare me to. All the same, I knew I had to up my game and give her a good time since she was making an exception to sleep with a guy. My dick came free, and she beamed at the sight of it.

‘Now stick that motherfucker up in me,’ she cried.

I obliged, raising her legs up high and spreading them wide so that her pussy was available for me to just slide into. She moaned as it came up inside her, inch by inch gobbled up by her sex. Naturally, I pumped gently at first, and then I began to intensify my motions.

‘Fuck me Hater,’ she was screaming, ‘fuck me the way Damon fucks all those women in your stories.’

In the field of celebrity sex stories, and in fact, erotica in general, women are usually written by 90% of writers to be screamers during sex, talking dirty and enticing the male they are fucking to do it better. This is not always true. I am in fact guilty of embellishing women’s screams during sex to make the story sweeter, even though I guess I do have sex more than the average writer. However listening to Alicia scream as I fucked her made me feel vindicated to a large degree.

‘Oh yes,’ she was yelling, ‘if you keep fucking me like this, I might have to think of going back to fucking men again, oh yes, just ram that huge smut writing cock of yours up in me.’

I felt my orgasm approach, and I wanted to save face, as I guessed she would be disappointed if I came too soon, so I removed if from her. She looked at me wondering what was up, but I simply winked at her and turned her in a different direction. Her back was now turned to me, with her rear end sticking out. I mounted her, doggy position, as I thrust my hungry manhood into her again.

‘Oh yes, that is just right,’ she was yelling as she put her back into it, ‘this is da bomb.’

‘You’re loving it, huh?’ I asked, getting into the spirit of the whole vocal chanting.

‘Oh totally,’ she shrieked, ‘I love your cock, I love your large cock up in me.’

I wondered what her legion of fans would say if they knew that the pure, beautiful young woman who belted out scorchers from behind her piano had such a dirty mouth. I always had an instinct, right from when I started being a fan, that she was one of those freaky girls in bed, which was why I featured her a lot in my early work. It was nice to see it manifest in person though.

‘I’m about to come now, Alicia,’ I moaned, ‘I want to come in your mouth.’

I brought my dick out of her and turned her round again, but I noticed she did not look as thrilled about the new development. I was too far gone to care though, as I held on to her face and waited for her to open her mouth. She shook her head though, to my surprise.

‘What’s up?’ I asked, trying to restrain myself from bursting.

‘Nothing,’ she said as she held on to my cock, a look of trepidation on her face.

‘Suck my dick, goddamnit,’ I urged.

She stroked it gently, but made no move to suggest she had any intention of putting it in her mouth. I could not hold on any longer though, and my white thick juice burst out of my penis, splashing across her divine face. It was so erotic seeing that beautiful face bathed in spunk.

‘Sorry about that,’ she said as she wiped her face, ‘I just never liked putting that thing in my mouth. I’m still a lesbian, remember?’

‘Oh yeah,’ I said, a little let down.

‘Come on, don’t look so morose,’ she urged, ‘we still have plenty of time, we’ll make up for it.’

And make up for it we did, as we went on and on through the night, the limousine driver dutifully driving through the streets of New York City. We eventually reached her penthouse apartment in the wee hours of the morning, and I still had the strength to take her one more time in her kitchen as she fixed us a sandwich, after which we crashed into bed.

We both had to leave town the next morning, myself back to Los Angeles, and her off to Atlanta for a concert. We parted a bit emotionally though, as at the airport we decided that despite the amazing connection we’d had that weekend, as well as the incredible sex, we probably should just remain special friends, which would probably work for both of us.

We haven’t seen each other since that weekend, though we talk very regularly on the phone. She’s invited me to join her on the road a few times, but I’ve declined, preferring to stay at home and continue my gradual healing process as I try to get over Beyoncé. But I should take her up on her offer very soon, and who knows, we just might have another of those special weekends.

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