Celebs Meet CSSA #4 – Anna Kournikova/Martina Hingis

[Ed. Note – During an after-tournament media party, Anna Kournikova overhears the girls from S Club 7 talking about a celeb site featuring them. All Anna can make out is c-s-s-a.com, so she gets home and decides to do some snooping to find out what it is. The following is what happens when she visits it. This continues the “celebs find CSSA” storyline, as this is part 4 in the series. Enjoy!

– Carnage Jackson ]

Discovering C-S-S-A: Anna Kournikova

By Rinky Dink


(FF, con)

None of the below is true (except the April, 2002 ranking of Kournikova and the Google
search numbers, they are real) and all characters, including those with real names, are pure fiction. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this. Go away.

Anna Kournikova had never thought herself as being part of the “idle rich” but thanks to her frequent first-round exits at tennis tournaments, lately she had a lot of time on her hands the rest of the week.

A foot injury had kept her from playing most of 2001 and her comeback was failing miserably. Forget about not winning a tournament, her problem when she was one of the top players in the world, she couldn’t win a single match now.

Her physical form remained fine, however, She still had the long blonde hair, rich tanned skin, curvaceous shape and nice sized breasts that made men drool and advertisers line up begging her to endorse their products. She still was popular with the public; her first-round losses generated more press attention then the eventual winner got.

Anna was alone in her hotel suite. She had just lost in the first round of the L.A. Open and her entourage knew to leave her alone.

Outsiders questioned her desire to win, she seemed more interested in her looks and her commercial opportunities than her tennis they felt, but no one becomes a top-ranked player without a competitive spirit and Anna did indeed hate losing.

Even worse this time, she usually could spend the rest of a tournament filling her time by playing doubles but her partner, Martina Hingis, had bypassed the L.A. Open so Kournikova was looking at five empty days before she was scheduled to leave for the next tournament.

After taking a shower, Anna changed into a pink slip and some slippers. She flipped open the laptop computer her mother had given her back when she was hanging around the house with nothing to do recovering from foot surgery.

Anna wanted to put the real world out of her mind and enter the world of cyberspace.

On a whim, she went to the Google search engine and entered her name. She smiled as it came up with 183,000 sites that had Anna Kournikova in it. Win or lose, people did care about her.

Getting in a playful mood, for fun Anna then typed in “Anna Kournikova love slave” and was shocked to find 6,300 sites listed. She then went to the “search within” box and typed in “lesbian” and was even more shocked to find barely any sites were eliminated!

“People think of me as a lesbian love slave,” she thought. “That’s really odd, I thought I came off as pretty independent, and pretty heterosexual too.”

She added the word “hypnotized” and found just 21 sites. This was a manageable number and Anna decided to take a peek at places that had her associated with being a hypnotized lesbian love slave

She quickly found out that most of the stories were posted on something called the “Celebrity Sex Story Archive” and went to her list of stories in its celebrities index.

At first, Anna was ticked at the disgusting things she was doing in these stories and she was ready to pick up the phone to call her lawyer when she had a change of heart. The C-S-S-A was a free site, people were writing on their own time about celebrities they had an interest in. In a perverse way, each story was a compliment to her she decided.

Anna relaxed and, her latest tennis loss now far out of her mind, began to enjoy the tall tales about her sexual exploits.

She giggled about the story that had her making love to a dolphin at Marineworld. She smiled broadly when in another story she had tennis star Justine Henin naked and wearing a dog collar while Anna brutally whipped her, as Anna in real life didn’t like Henin one bit either.

Anna soon noticed that story after story had her having sex with Martina Hingis. Almost every story on C-S-S-A had a part where her and Hingis were lesbian lovers.

“That’s weird,” thought Anna “I’m straight and Martina is a well-known homophobe. She rips lesbianism at press conferences. Why would they make us gay lovers?”

As Anna read story after story about her having sex with Hingis, she felt a stirring in her pussy. She was getting off on her fictional banging of the “Swiss Miss” and began rethinking her position.

After matches, Hingis was always in the shower room with Anna, even when Anna reached the locker room well before Martina. She always managed to rush in there with her, and always volunteered to “soap up” Anna. And in all their showers together Martina had never finished her shower before Anna.

Martina was not a looker in Anna’s range but she was very pretty, with a cute face, short black hair, pert breasts, a nice smile and a nice body, yet Anna couldn’t remember Martina ever having a steady boyfriend in all the years she had played doubles with her.

“Maybe that old saying “Thou does protest too much” goes for her,” thought Anna. “Maybe Martina is so vocally anti-gay so people would never think that Martina herself was a lesbian.”

Sexually speaking, Anna was not that experienced. She was too busy with tennis and all her photo shoots to have many relationships deep enough to include sex and Anna was no tramp. But the thought of having sex with Hingis sounded like a fun experiment.

Anna probably would have pushed aside her sudden lesbian impulses if she didn’t next turn the computer towards the latest world tennis rankings.

Anna was No. 69.

Anna took that as a sign, a sign she should have a “69” with Martina Hingis. She picked up the telephone and called Martina’s cell phone. Hingis was in Los Angeles not for the tournament but for an appearance on Jay Leno’s TV show and Anna quickly set up a dinner for them in her suite later that night.

To Anna it was going to be a dinner “date.”


Hingis and Kournikova had known each other since they were 14 when both became instant teen sensations, Anna because of her looks and Hingis because she was winning everything in sight.

As old friends, Hingis showed up at Anna’s suite in black shorts and a “Tonight Show” t-shirt she had gotten the night before.

Anna was glad Martina had dressed casually. Kournikova was in jeans short-shorts and a pink cut-off tank top that exposed Anna’s stomach. Hoping Hingis got the message even further, Anna was not wearing a bra or panties.

“Wow, you look hot Anna, you got a date later tonight or something,” said Hingis.

“I certainly hope so,” said Anna with a smirk.

When Martina’s pushy mom wasn’t around Hingis was fun to hang around with Anna thought. The fact the pair had virtually no other friends on the tour (because the rest of the players couldn’t stand either one of them) had made them quite close.

Anna had some Russian vodka she brought from home and she made sure Martina’s glass was constantly filled. Since neither was playing until the next week, they didn’t have to worry about staying up late or drinking too much.

The two chatted amiably about their latest doings. Martina had liked Leno but did not get fellow guest Robin Williams’s humor. “Must be an American thing, I thought he was just plain weird,” she said.

Anna told Hingis about her latest losses and Martina confided in her the lawyer in Florida she briefly had a fling with was now over.

“I just can’t seem to keep a guy, it’s a shame you’re not a guy Anna, I get along better with you than any guy I’ve ever gone out with,” said Martina, who was pretty much smashed by this point.

This was the opening Anna had been waiting for.

“Well, maybe you are just looking in the wrong places for love,” said Anna.

“What do you mean?,” said Martina.

“Why is your first name Martina?”

“Everyone knows why, my mother named me after Martina Navratilova, the greatest tennis player in Czechoslovakian history.”

“Where does Martina Navratilova find love?

“Well, she’s a dyke. I always yelled at my mom, why did she have to name me after some damn dyke, but I met her later on and she was nice so now I don’t mind.”

“Don’t you see, it’s in your name, it’s your destiny Martina,” said Anna who was slowly removing her shorts under the table as they were getting very wet in front.

“What the heck are you talking about Anna, you must be more drunk than I am,” said Martina as she downed another gulp of vodka.

“The showering all the time with me, never having a good relationship with a man, it all fits,” said Anna, her shorts now completely off, the blonde hair on her pussy glistening with wetness. “You are Martina the expatriate Czech tennis player. Just like Navratilova. And just like her, you were born a lesbian. You want to make love to women.

“You want to make love to me. And I want to make love to you. Very Much.”

Anna then stood up, exposing her blonde bush to Martina, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

Hingis did not reply. She just sat there with a dazed look on her face.

Anna Kournikova had just declared her love for her and was sitting there half-naked waiting for some hot girl-girl sex action. To a lesbian, it does not get any better than that.

Hingis knew in her native Czechoslovakia, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder and gays were put in loony bins.

But Martina could feel stirrings down below, feelings 10 times more intense than with any guy she had ever been with.

Her clit was now on fire, her nether lips juicing up a storm. Her brain was saying the thought of sex with another woman was insane, but every part of her sexual being was screaming even louder: “Fuck her, please fuck her. We want her SOOOO bad.”

“My destiny,” muttered Martina as she got up and took off her t-shirt, revealing a white lace bra, as she went over to Anna and gave her a big French kiss, their tongues intertwining.

Anna had spent the afternoon watching lesbian porno movies so she knew what to do next.

She quickly shucked her tank-top and pulled down Martina’s shorts, leaving her black panties still on, for now. She then guided Hingis to her large bed, kissing Martina on the neck and lips the whole time over.

Anna could tell Martina was a bit nervous, Going from gay-basher one minute to a practicing homosexual the next was a bit of a shock to the system.

“Relax Martina, I’m going to do all the work, you just enjoy,” said Anna.

Anna continued kissing Martina while her hands made a beeline for Hingis’ breasts and unclasped her bra.

She became kneading the nice-sized mounds. Anna made sure to pinch the nipples a bit. Anna kissed Martina down her neck until she reached her breasts and began suckling the pink areolas on her breasts, moving from boob to boob, making sure her tongue tickled the nipple.

Martina was no longer nervous, she was enjoying the heck out of this. Sex with a man had never made her feel so good. Her panties were now soaked as her slit was producing a river of pussy juice as she was getting more turned on every second Anna was coming down on her.

With her mouth on one breast and one hand rubbing the other breast, Anna took the other hand and stuck two fingers under Martina’s panties and began gently rubbing Hingis’ clit.

That was enough to set Hingis off, her back arched and she screamed “I’m cu-m-m-m-m–i-i-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g!!” as juice poured onto Anna’s hand and Martina’s already well-soaked panties.

Hingis took off her panties and flung them to the floor. Anna then smeared Martina’s own cum over Martina’s face and began licking it off her face. Hingis was quickly turned on again but Anna now gave a shriek as she orgasmed.

After Anna regained her breath, she went down to Martina’s box and began lapping at her clit while two fingers were now inside her nether lips working in and out.

Hingis was by now mad with pure lust. She was so turned on if someone had asked her name she probably couldn’t remember it at this point. “This is awesome,” she thought. “I never want to be with a man again. With all the lesbos on the tour, I’m going to have a sexual field day from now on.”

Almost as soon as Anna’s tongue took a couple licks of Martina’s ripe young pussy, Hingis had another monster orgasm. The feeling of Hingis’ cum pouring onto her face caused Anna to have another orgasm of her own as the two tennis stars shouted and bounced around the bed in sexual ecstasy.

After the pair had caught their breath, Martina said: “This is freaking great. You were right all along. I am a lesbian and didn’t know it. I’ve never felt this satisfied sexually ever with a man. And no man will ever get the chance again, I’m a hard-core dyke from now on.”

Anna just smiled and then said, “Now it’s time to reach my destiny, which is the number 69.”

Kournikova flipped around Martina so her head was right in front of Anna’s wet blonde bush.

Anna quickly dove into Martina’s brown muff and began hungrily lapping at her pussy, her tongue darting in and out of Martina’s nether lips. Martina got the idea and began tonguing Anna’s muff.

Anna and Martina moaned their approval as their tongues flicked in and out of their respective slits.

Each then had another incredibly powerful orgasm ripple through their bodies.

To Anna’s security detail on guard outside the suite, it sounded like Anna and Martina were being violently attacked as loud wails emanated from the room.

They were ready to storm inside, despite Anna’s strict orders not to enter, until one of the female security guards, who could tell full well what was really occurring inside the hotel room, told them to stay put, that there was no danger.

Having ripped off three monster orgasms, both Anna and Martina were wiped out. They softly kissed until both of them quickly fell asleep.


When Anna woke up, she felt refreshed, sexually satisfied and itching to get back on the tennis court and practice hard to get ready for the next tournament and start winning some matches again.

During her session the night before with Martina, visions of singer Enrique Iglesias, her latest beau, had several times entered her head.

Anna decided she was more bi-curious than a straight out lesbian. She had enjoyed having sex with Martina, and hoped to have many future carpet-licking sessions with the “Swiss Miss”, and possibly other women as well, but when push came to shove, Anna now realized she was into guys.

When Hingis woke up, she had the opposite reaction. The woman who had said she hated playing against lesbians because “it’s like playing against a guy” now felt reborn as a newly converted dyke.

She actually felt a bit depressed, feeling she had already wasted so much time with guys when she could have had so much pleasure eating out other women. She was determined to make up for lost time.

“Anna thanks for everything, from now on I want to live the life of a complete lesbian slut,” said Martina as she got dressed. “My problem is, I don’t have much experience being a total lesbian slut. Is there a web site you can recommend I can learn from?”

Anna smiled as she put Martina’s ruined panties in the trash. She knew exactly the web site Hingis should go to. On C-S-S-A, Hingis had been a willing lesbian slut for quite a while.

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