Celebs Meet CSSA #8: Jessica Alba

[Ed. Note – Following the cancellation of “Dark Angel”, Jessica Alba surfs the Net to see how the fans are reacting. Stumbling upon a site called c-s-s-a.com, she decides to show it to her fiance Micheal. The following is what happens when she decide to visit it. This continues the “celebs find CSSA” storyline, as this is part 7 in the series. Enjoy! – Carnage Jackson ]

Celebrities meet C-S-S-A: Jessica Alba


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. This is a one-time only
comeback, just a way to pay Carnage back for all the stories of mine he’s posted at his site.
while tempting, don’t expect me back writing on a regular basis again. Now, I know this isn’t
regular formula for me but, in keeping with the theme, I wanted to make this more “realistic”
than most of my fare. This is for Carnage and a farewell to my most popular story subject. Enjoy.

May was always a time of conflicting emotions for those in the television industry. The
middle of the month was the time when the networks announced their fall schedules which
would cause relief to the casts of the shows that got renewed for another year or crush the ones
whose shows had failed to make it “off the bubble.” Now, actors and writers suddenly found
themselves scrambling for new jobs and figuring out what to do next.

Michael Weatherly was feeling that letdown right now. Despite a cult following, the
backing of James Cameron, hefty promotion and one of the most beautiful women on the planet
as the star, Fox had canceled “Dark Angel” after two years. With it went Michael’s role as the
wheelchair-bound leading man.

On the one hand, it wasn’t a bad thing finally being able to stay home, sleep in and relax
away from the grind of a studio shoot. Of course, there was the flip side, the loss of a regular
source of income and having to start over in the always unpredictable world of Hollywood.
But there was one thing Michael still had from “Dark Angel:” the love of his life, who
also happened to be said drop dead beautiful star. Michael and Jessica Alba had hit it off right
away when shooting started so it was no surprise it soon turned into more off-screen. It had given
buzz to the show, but sadly, not enough to get it another year. Michael hoped what he and Jessica
had could survive the show’s ending.

As he walked up to the home they shared, Michael was filled with concern. The show had
been important to Jessica and not just because it had boosted her to a major star in Hollywood.
She really had done everything, from training to improving her acting, to make the show a hit and
Michael knew it was hurting her that the same network that had been pushing her as a huge asset
only two years ago had now dumped her.

“Jess? Hon, you okay?” Michael frowned as he came into the house. He knew Jessica
wasn’t a big drinker but this was a pretty trying time for her. He understood, it was his show too,
but Jessica had more to lose than he did. Hollywood was notorious for chewing up actresses who
had fallen out of the limelight and with Jennifer Garner suddenly the “kick ass babe” on
television these days, Jessica’s male fan base might shrink. Given how hard it was to break out of
a well-known role, Jessica was hardly going to be the first choice for dramas or even cute
comedies. Given all that, Michael was naturally worried. “Jess?” he called out again.

“I’m in here,” Jessica’s voice came from the bedroom. Making his way there, the red-shirted
and blue-jeaned Michael opened the door and was treated to quite the nice sight: Jessica Alba
sitting in the chair right before the desk, facing the computer on it. She wore a light black t-shirt
and dark panties, her wonderful, long legs on full display, one crossed underneath her as she
looked up at Michael. She wore a broad smile that lit up her famous features, her long black hair
framing it beautifully. Michael knew he had to be the envy of every heterosexual man worth his
salt for being able to not only know what Jessica looked like naked but also to make love to that
perfect body.

“What’s up?” Michael asked, crossing over and giving his fiancee a quick kiss on the

“Well, I figured staying in bed and moping wasn’t going to make my life any easier,”
Jessica told him as she turned back to the computer. “So, I decided to use my free time, go online
and see if there are any hot film projects going I can tell my agent about.”
“Anything come up?”

“Nothing big so far,” Jessica shrugged. “Look, it’s not like we’re starving right now. We
still have some money from the show and I still have the L’Oreal deal. We can get by for a

Michael looked at the screen and frowned. “And this? CSSA? This is a movie?”

Jessica took a breath. “Not exactly.” She cleared her throat and started to speak. “See, just
for the hell of it, I decided to check out some online groups, see what they had to say about the
show being canceled.”

“Up in arms, I hope.”

“Oh, big time. We can take heart that we’ll be missed. Anyway, I was just searching
around, found a couple of those sites with fan fiction, stories fans write about the show and
stuff.” She threw Michael a grin. “There’s quite a few on us.”

“Our characters?”

“Yep. Some quite vivid, NC-17 ratings and all.”

“Does it match the reality?” Michael grinned.

“I’ll let you know next time,” Jessica said, returning the grin. “Anyway, I started
searching around and found some celeb sites, most of them with faked pics of me naked and
stuff. So, got a link to this place and I’ve been looking at it.”

Michael peered at the screen. “The Celebrity Sex Stories Archive?”

Jessica nodded. “Tons of stories on various female celebrities. Gellar, Hewitt, Britney
Spears and the ‘Charmed’ girls are big. There are others, like athletes and some straight-to-video
movie actresses. Hell, the Olson Twins have a few on them.”

Michael looked at the screen and his eyes widened. “Wow. Sounds like you’re quite the
popular one.”

“I guess so,” Jessica said. “You should see all this shit. For some reason, I’m a hot
commodity for lesbian stories.”

“Gee, I can’t imagine why,” Michael dryly said. “With who?”

“Hell, who haven’t I been with?” Jessica asked, waving at the screen. “They’ve got this
‘The Sorority,’ where I’m in college with Jennifer Love Hewitt and we’re doing it. One story’s got
me with Angelina Jolie—-”

“Battle of the lips, I’d pay to see that.”

“There’s Gillian Anderson and another with me and Jennifer Garner. There’s these ‘Bod
Squad’ stories where I’m a bad girl who nails women like Katie Holmes and Eliza Dushku. Oh,
and there’s this awesome story, ‘The Harem,’ which puts me with Buffy, Hewitt, the ‘Charmed’
girls and Jennifer Aniston. We’re doing it all over this huge mansion, pool, gym, bedroom,

“Now there’s an image that’ll get me going all day,” Michael announced. He frowned and
pointed at the list of letters next to each story. “What are these?”

“Story codes,” Jessica explained. “MF is male/female, FF is female/female, etc. The
site’s got a bit too much rape and non-consensual shit for me but a lot of it is good.”
Michael rubbed at his chin. “What’s this MC I keep seeing?”

“Mind control,” Jessica explained. “Mostly hypnosis and shit.”

“Really?” Michael asked in surprise. “There’s a market for that?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jessica piped in. “There’s a whole archive doing stuff about just mind control
and some guys have carried it over to celebs.”

“Like this Rinky Dink?” Michael asked, pointing at a name next to a story called
“Celebrity Spa.”

“Actually, I’m about the only woman in that who hasn’t been put under,” Jessica said.
“Or at least not that’s been shown.”

Michael looked over the author’s name and noticed something. “Sounds like you’ve got
an admirer in this Anynom guy.”

“Had one,” Jessica said. “Guy up and quit writing a few months back. No build-up, no
warning, just announces he’s quitting and he’s gone.”

“How did you—-”

“That mind control site I mentioned has a message board,” Jessica explained. “I was just
seeing if there was more on me there and backtracked to his retirement announcement. He left at
the same time this Tranceman did so my biggest writing fans went.”

“Like most of ours did,” Michael said with a trace of bitterness.

“Hon, no brooding.”

“Sorry,” Michael shrugged. “Hmmm. Just what makes you so tempting a target for these

“Well, we did do that mind control ep a while back,” Jessica reminded him. “Which actually
sounds a lot like this Gillian story here. I guess people just liked seeing me being controlled.” She
managed a little chuckle. “Hey, I’ve been hearing critics saying I was so emotionless, doing the
blank look wasn’t tough.”

Michael looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Are you…okay with all this?”

Jessica shrugged. “The price of fame. I knew there was stuff on the Internet about me and
this is actually not as bad as it could be.” She smiled. “And, weird as it sounds, I’m sort of proud
that these guys like me enough to write this stuff.”

“Well, hon, I hope you can do stuff to remain a popular story subject for quite a while,”
Michael said, stroking her back. He frowned, for the first time realizing the little scene in the air.
“Jess….have you been…?”

His gaze fell to her crotch and he could see a dark stain in the front of her panties. He
looked back up to Jessica, who let out a little blush. “I know, I know, it’s a little twisted,” she
told him. “But…well…I just kept reading about me and all these women and other situations and I
just got so hot that….”

“Hey, hey, I’m not judging you,” Michael assured her. “I’m just kind of surprised they
could get you so hot.”

“Well, these are hot stories,” Jessica said, shuffling in her chair. “Lots of great fantasies.”
“Hmmm,” Michael said, rubbing his chin. “You know, that does give me some nice

It was Jessica’s turn to raise an eyebrow at her lover. “Really? Like what?”

Michael smiled and began to tell her…

It shouldn’t be surprising that Hollywood couples indulged in role playing quite a bit. It
was a great way to keep the fire alive in the relationship and they had little trouble slipping into
things quite easily. True, Michael and Jessica had cracked up in laughter the first few times they
tried it but once they realized just how erotic it was, they went into it with gusto. Now, they were
going to try something new.

One nice thing about the show ending was that Jessica found herself able to snag a couple
of those leather outfits for her collection. She’d gotten to like them a lot and was more than
happy to find herself keeping them for herself. It was a tight fit but she liked the way it felt on
her, the way the leather crinkled around her body as she moved.

She was sliding into her bedroom, much nicer than her TV counterpart, with the shades
drawn and only a single light on. She was in “Max mode,” her features in a slight pout, seeming
to be put upon by all the troubles that came with the life of a genetically engineered fighter on the
run. Her hair was in the slicked back style she’d come to like over the last season and the black
leather just enhanced her sexy appearance.

She calmly stepped around her bed, taking off her jacket and throwing it down. She wore a
black shirt underneath, which was also quickly removed to show off a dark sports bra. Shucking
off her pants showed a dark black thong with her legs on display, her ass cheeks seemingly thrust
out by her thong.

“Nice view,” a voice said from behind and Jessica spun around, fists up and ready.
Michael stood there, dressed in dark clothing to boot, his hair slicked back and shaven and
wearing a more cocky expression than the usually laid-back Logan. “Very nice,” he continued,
raking his eyes over Jessica’s lovely body.

“Got plenty of punch to go with it, asshole,” Jessica bit out. “So, why don’t you get going
back to Manticore and save yourself an ass-kicking?”

Michael raised an eyebrow. “What makes you think I’m Manticore?”

“Aside from the horrible dress sense? I can smell the lab antiseptic on you.” Jessica held
her fists higher, a leg moving forward and readying for a kick. “Listen, I don’t know what fancy
physical enhancements you have, I’ll still leave you limping if you don’t get—-”

“Actually, it’s not in the physical that I’ve been enhanced,” Michael smiled. “It’s my

“They’re enhancing the minds of you guys?” Jessica asked, raising an eyebrow. “Wow,
about time. Too little, too late, but hey…”

Michael’s smile grew. “Like I said, it’s my mind that makes me a transgenic,” he stated.
“I think you met a former lady colleague of mine a bit ago. Do you remember? She makes it
tough sometimes to do so.”

“Yeah, I remember that bitch,” Jessica sniffed. “So what—-” Her eyes suddenly widened
and a flash of fear crossed her face. “Oh, shi—-”

Michael locked his eyes on hers and made his voice as dramatically commanding as
possible. “Look into my eyes, Max. Look deep into my eyes, deep into my eyes, Max, deeper and
deeper into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes.”

“No…” Jessica said, shaking her head and blinking. “No…”

“Look deep, Max,” Michael said, stepping carefully forward. “Look deeper and deeper,
Max, deeper and deeper into my eyes. Just keep looking deeper and you’re feeling very relaxed,
Max, very relaxed as you look into my eyes, very relaxed and you have to keep looking into my
eyes, Max, you have to keep looking into my eyes, you have to keep looking deep into my eyes.”

“Your…eyes….” Jessica whispered, her arms falling to her side and her body going
slightly limp. Her face was slack and her eyes doing their best to appear glazed as she stared into
Michael’s. The man was feeling his cock hardening as he saw her girlfriend appear to be falling
under his power.

“Yes, Max and the deeper you look into my eyes, the more relaxed you feel and the more
obedient you feel, Max, you’re feeling very obedient, Max, you’re feeling very, very relaxed and
obedient, relaxed and obedient.”

“Relaxed….” Jessica muttered, slurring her words slightly. Damn, she was really getting
into this.

“Yes, Max, you’re feeling very relaxed and obedient, very obedient now, Max, very
obedient now. You’ll obey me, won’t you, Max? You’ll obey me.”

“Obey…No..” Jessica shook her head. “No, no, I can’t let you ”

“Yes, you will,” Michael went on, more commanding. “Yes, Max, you’ll obey. Look into
my eyes, feel my will overpower yours, feel yourself give in to me, give in to me, give in to

“Give in…to you…” Jessica said softly, her face now totally blank.

“You’ll obey every command I give you, Max.”

“I will…obey….”

“Call me Master.”

“I will…obey…Master….”

Michael smiled and rubbed at his chin. “All right, Max, you look sexy as it is but I want
to see the full package. So, strip.”

“Yes, Master,” Jessica flatly intoned. She reached down and lifted up her bra. Even
though Michael had seen them so many times before, the sight of Jessica’s perfect round and full
breasts thrilled him. He got a better thrill when she turned around and slid her thong down her
legs, bending over as she did. The sight of that great round ass made Michael’s cock harden
further and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it.

Jessica turned around, still with that mindless look on her face and Michael’s cock was
threatening to burst through his pants at this point. “Max, kneel before me.” He watched as she
did, her face still staring out at the growing bulge in Michael’s jeans. “Take out my cock,”
Michael ordered and in seconds his hard member hung free before Jessica’s face. “Suck it, Max.
Suck my cock.”

“Yes, Master,” Jessica intoned just before taking his rod into her mouth. Michael hissed
as he felt those incredible full lips encircle his member and start to go at it. Jessica wasn’t much
for cock-sucking, surprisingly, since she was damn good at it. Her tongue licked around his
penis, tasting the first drops of semen he was releasing. Michael’s hands felt at his lover’s long
hair, holding her in as she sucked him off. He gasped as he felt her fingers pinch at his balls,
squeezing them as she kept sucking at him. Jessica’s eyes were closes, her head bobbing back
and forth, her lips dragging up and down Michael’s shaft while her tongue continued to play with
the tip, sliding up, down and all around his head. She gave his balls a final pinch and Michael
couldn’t take it any longer and unleashed himself, blasting his wad down Jessica’s throat.
Michael stood there for a long moment, making sure all of his semen was gone. He pulled
himself out of Jessica’s cock and quickly began to strip. “Get on the bed, Jessica,” he ordered.
Soon, he was naked and moving onto the bed where the “entranced” brunette was waiting. He
moved on top of her and kissed her deeply, tasting traces of his own semen on her lips. “Make
love to me with all your passion,” he muttered through the kiss.

“Yes, Master,” Jessica huskily answered. She wrapped her arms around him and held him
in tight as he kissed her again. He broke away and moved down her body, attacking her breasts
with his hands and mouth. Michael’s fingers rubbed and caressed at the round globes as he lay
kisses on every inch of her tits. His tongue licked at the nipple, teasing it and moving it about,
causing Jessica to gasp in pleasure from his ministrations.

Michael wasn’t sure how they moved to that position but the next thing he knew, he was
kneeling on the bed, Jessica against him, her back to his chest, moaning as he caressed her. His
hands had reached around to rub at her breasts again, clutching hard at the tits and squeezing
them. His cock had found its way toward Jessica’s ass and Michael could feel how wet and ready
she was. So, with a pull and a thrust, he entered her, Jessica gasping in surprise before moaning
in pleasure.

She worked against him, shifting herself up and down against his body as he held on to
her. At the same time, Michael worked his pelvis around Jessica’s ass, making sure his cock was
inside her all the way. He worked it around, sliding it back and forth inside her while he shifted
in place. Jessica shifted in rhythm with him, welcoming his member inside of her. She groaned
louder than ever, her head moving back against his shoulder as they both felt themselves build

Giving her tits another squeeze, Michael whispered into her ear. “Max, get on all fours.”
“Yes, Master,” Jessica gasped as she obeyed. She put her hand forward, her tits hanging
free as her legs shifted around. Michael kept his cock in her all the while and was now thrusting
in and out of her behind with gusto. Jessica’s groans and moans grew in volume, her breasts
bouncing with every thrust of her lover into her behind.

“Don’t cum before I do, Max,” Michael said with a wicked grin.

“Oh…Yes…Master….” Jessica rasped. The entire eroticism of the moment, of her being
under a hypnotic spell and helpless to disobey any commands, had made Jessica horny as hell.
“Being made” to give Michael a blowjob had just increased that arousal and taking it from
behind was blowing her mind. She held back as hard as she could, wanting to make it nice and
long when it came. She bit her lip and grunted as Michael continued to ram his cock in and out of
her, the shaft sliding back and forth in her hole. His hands were squeezing those wonderful
cheeks, sending further pleasure through Jessica. “Oh, God,” she got out without realizing it.
“Ready, Max?”

“Yes, Master!” Jessica gasped. “Please, Master, please!”

“Get ready…” Michael said, biting his lip. “Here it….COMMMEEEESS!” He yelled out
as he let loose, Jessica screaming as the full weight of his orgasm rocked her. She let herself go, a
second wave of pure ecstasy washing over her as they climaxed together, both frozen in place for
a moment before slumping onto the bed.

They both panted for breath, their bodies covered in sweat and exhausted. Michael pulled
out of Jessica and moved up to hold her. “Damn…” he muttered. “That was…sweet.”

“Oh, fuck, yeah…” Jessica got out. “God, the whole thing, me under your power…That
was even better than the stories, hot and arousing, I could feel myself wanting you more than

“I could tell,” Michael dryly told her. He quickly kissed her on the lips. “Hmmm. Want
me to get out a watch and try it again? Maybe ‘Logan’ wants ‘Max’ to finally give a little.”
“Maybe in a bit,” Jessica said. She threw a smirk at him. “I’m still in your power,
remember. I know you can imagine a few things for me to do.”

Grinning, Michael lay back on the bed, his cock sticking up. “Max, sit on my cock and
ride me to orgasm.”

“Yes, Master,” Jessica said, her voice flat but a smile on her face. She sat onto him,
sliding herself onto his cock and then beginning to rock back and forth on him. Michael’s hands
reached up to cup her breasts as he watched that perfect body begin to ride his member. He could
already tell that this site was going to give him and Jess plenty of ideas to use in the future.
Jessica was thinking the same thing. “Dark Angel” may be over but, thanks to the
wonderful world of the Internet, she knew her love life would be flying high for quite a while.

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