Celebs Meet CSSA: Emma Watson

Title: Celebs Meet CSSA: Emma Watson

Author: Tricksterson

Codes: MF, cons, oral, exhib, fetish (foot)

Celebrity: Emma Watson

Disclaimer: This is strictly fiction, I doubt Miss Watson would ever even give me the time of day if I was ever lucky enough to meet her and no disrespect to her is meant. Now bugger off and find something useful to do.

It all started with an e-mail. It was from soneone who dubbed themselves “Hermione 1” and said “In re: Emma’s Adventures 4: WTF?”

I was actually a bit relieved. It meant that someone had
actually read the story and paid enough attention to notice that it basically cut off mid-way.

My reply said: “I screwed up. Blame me, not Helper. Am working on a fix but may take many moons.”

“Well, can I read what you have?” came her reply, along with her IM handle “SexWitch”.

“I don’t let anyone read my stuff before I’m done.”

The next e-mail said “Pleeease?” and came with an attachment, presumably as a bribe.

I looked to see if she was on line and got lucky.

“What’s in the attachment?”

“Open it and find out.”

I did so and saw a picture of a slender, naked body from the shoulders down. Delectable legs, flat but soft stomach, breasts that looked tp be 32-34 B, my ideal size and, peeking demurely between the fingers covering it a trimmed, brown bush. Somehow it all seemed vaguely familiar.

“Nice, who is it?”

“Me silly.”


“It is!”

Maybe it was but I wasn’t going to bet any large amounts on it.

“Well, is it worth a look at your masterpiece?”

“Let me wank…I mean think on it.” A winking smilie was her answer.

I’ll spare my readers the ugly details save to say that I jerked off long, hard and repeatedly while imagining those pale, slender legs wrapped around my waist and how her skin, especially those pale brown nipples and that softly furred pussy would taste to my tongue.

A couple of hours later I e-mailed what I had to her. A few days later a reply came back saying “Finish it!” along with a schedule of the times she’d be online for IM conversations.

“Nag, nag, nag,” was my comment the next time we met ala cyberspace. “Maybe if I had more incentive?”

“Oh really?,” she replied and then interrogated me as to my work schedule and activity plans over the next month.

“What are you up to?,” I asked with a combination of foreboding and anticipation. Not all of our conversations are recorded here so I’ll just say that I already knew that she had a most decidely mischievious sense of humor.

“You’ll see.”

For a week and a half after that I heard nothing from SexWitch/Hermione1, nor did she return my e-mail inquiries. I still jerked off once or twice to her picture, if indeed that willowy, oddly familiar body was actually hers but that was it. I just figured that, as so often happens in the gigantic barrom that is cyberspace, she’d found someone else to play with.


Then one Thursday there was a knock on my door and when I answered it there was a gin-u-wine chauffer, uniform and everything. He was big enough to mostly block the doorway but I assumed there was a limousine somewhere behind him. Which made me wonder what the neighbors must be thinking. In my neighborhood the only time you see a limo is when it belongs to a pimp or drug dealer. With whom i don’t associate, at least not at the own-a-limo level.

Trying to maintain my cool, I asked, “Can I help you?”

“I have been requested to bring you to my employer.”

“Well that’s clear as mud. I don’t suppose you can tell me who your employer is or why he want’s to see me.”

“No sir but she said to tell you that this was in the way of incentive.”

My eyebrows went up. Just who was this woman? Way back in my head an idea started to form but it was so absurd it never made it to the front.

“Should I spiffy up?”

“I don’t think that will be necessary sir,” he replied giving me a look that indicated that nothing I did would be adequate. He was probably right.

And so I got into the limo and we left.

“Excuse me, do you have a name or should I just call you James, or Jee ves, or maybe Pinky McTwatwa?”

“Actually sir, my name is Toby.” I had to give him cool points for not rising to the bait.

“Good enough. Where are we going Toby?”

“Boston sir.”

“Boston’s a big town.”

“Yes it is sir.”

Fine, be that way.


We arrived at one of Boston’s swankiest hotels and Toby gave me dorections as to floor and room. I entered the lobby and was mildly dissapointed not to see either Ashley Tisdale or Brenda Song hanging out there. Fortunately neither were either of those damn twins since I had neglected to bring a shotgun. But I digress although if either or both of those ladies had been around this story would have a very different ending or at least one hell of a detour. But I digress yet again, on with our tale.


When I knocked a sweet female voice with an English accent said “Come in. It’s open.” Now I know it should have registered immediately on me who that voice belonged to but it didn’t. Call me thick if you will but I choose to blame cognitive dissonanse. I doubt you would have done any better.

There have been very few instances in my life when my jaw has literally dropped in surprise. Seeing Her, My Emma laying lengthwise on a couch facing me, dressed in a peach nightgown, one delicious leg peeking out of a slit in it, every curve hugged by the fabric and beaming that delightful, mischievious smile with which I was so familiar at me was one of them.

While my jaw dropped my cock rose hard and fast, especially when she stood up and i saw her hard little nipples poking through the fabric.

My mouth was still open when she put her arms around my neck and planted her own on it. For a second i froze but if my brain was vapor locked my groin certainly wasn’t and soon my tongue was probing her mouth as eagerly as hers was mine. While our tongues wrestled my hands moved the straps of her gown off her shoulders and soon the only thing holding it up was the pressure of our bodies against each other.

After we finally broke off after what seemed like an eon or two of tonsil hockey she smiled and asked, “How is that for incentive?”

“Incentify me baby.” Yeah, I know, incentify isn’t a real word. Sue me, you’ll get nothing. ;P

Fortunately she took me at my word, stepping back and lettingher nightgown fall to the ground.

Well, I’ll tell you, that nearly did it for me. I’ve never seen a woman that beautiful, at least not up close and nekkid. Not quite naked actually since she was wearing a pair of light blue bikni-cut panties but close enough since I planned to have them off quite soon.

Lust allowed me to recover from my shock quickly and i scooped her up, left forearm bearing the weight of her silky thighs, hand cupping her tight little ass and right arm beneath her shoulder.

“Where to?, ” I asked before dipping my head to suckle at her perfect young tits.

“Unnnh,” Emma moaned softly as she pointed to the bedroom door.

When we got to the bed I rolled her down my arms and undressed while she centered herself on the pillows, spread her legs and wiggled enticingly.

Once I was naked I got onto the bed and knelt between her legs, slowly pulling her panties down and backing off the bed kneeling at the foot to contemplate her exquisite feet.

I’m not a fetishist, or at most a very mild one but I couldn’t resist tickling them, one with my fingers, the other with my tongue. Unfortunately her reflex was to kick me in the face.

“Oh! I’m sorry! But you did sort of deserve it didn’t you?”

Maybe I had. But that didn’t stop me from taking her right foot in both hands and kissing the arch while massaging the sides. This time her reaction was a much more positive purr of satisfaction which in turn became a groan of pleasure as i licked my way up her shin to her knee and then onto her inner thigh.

As I kissed, licked and massaged my way towards the rosebud of her vagina I heard her murmur, “Mmmm…daddy, yesss!” I raised my eyebrows and had to wonder just how close my story “Seducing Dad” had come to the truth. Ah well, finding out about that could wait. Right now I had the pussy of my dreams to first eat then fuck.

When I reahced it I spent a few seconds spreading it’s lips and contemplating how the cream of Emma’s thighs shaded first to a delicate pink then to a deeper, almost red, hue. Then my reverie was interrupted by my love’s tart tones.

“I’m not an oil painting. Get busy down there.”

Sigh, she was right. I started with long, slow licks, each going a little deeper into her twat while my thumb rubbed at at her clit.

“Unnnnh…Unnnngh!, she moaned, her slender legs climbing onto my shoulders and her soft, yet surprisingly strong thighs clamping down around my head. Then my mouth joined m thumb on her clit and started sucking hard, bringing about an almost immediate orgasm.


After the grip of her legs loosened but before she had come down from her high completely I up her body and pushed my raging hardon into her cunt while i played with her apple sized tits. Both of us came quickly, her shrieks this time being muffled by the fact that our mouths were fused together. But her fingers dug into my back hard enough to draw blood and her legs wrapped around me like an anaconda.

Afterwards I asked her how true to life “Seducing Dad” was.

“Well I’ve never done anything about it but I have fantasized, in fact I rubbed myself almost raw over that story. It doesn’t hurt that you look a bit alike. Does it bother you?” I shook my head as her hand went between my legs and cupped my balls.

I looked down. “Don’t be too dissapointed if you don’t get much response. I am an old man after all.” I was teasing. I could already feel myself stirring as she continued to rub my testicles with one hand and started stroking my cock with the other.

“Oh really?” she said archly as her perfect white teeth nipped at one of my nipples. “I think you’re being overly modest. But if you’re that old maybe you should just lie back and let your little girl do all the work.”

“Maybe I should.” I leaned back, propped up on the pillows to watch my woman kiss her way down my chest and belly to the root of my cock. Her tongue traced a circle around it then slowly licked it’s way up with a series of light, quick flicks. She cleaned the pre/postcum off my glans then engulfed it, taking half my length in one swallow then slowly deepthroating the entirety. The smooth, tight seal of her mouth moved up and down my member, abetted by the occasional scrape of teeth, just painful enough to be arousing. I was on the verge of cumming when she puled off rubbing my dick against the lips that had just been sucking so avidly and skillfully on it, then against her cheek, followed by her breasts. They were to small for a good tittie-fuck but felt good against me nonetheless. Finally she got up on her knees, straddled me and lowered her delicious twat down onto me.

I closed my eyes so as to better revel in the sensation of her tightness as My Emma rode me while my fingers played with the hardened knobs of her nipples. As her journey up and down my pole sped up and her cunt muscles tightened around me my hands slid from her tits to her hips and then to clench at her gloriously firm little ass.


Afterwards, as we snuggled, she asked, “So, any plans between CHristmas and New Years?”

“Not really, why”

She wriggled out of my grasp, leaned halfway out of our bed to open a drawer on the nightstand and took out an envelope. Inside were two firstclass tickets to London.

Best. Vacation. EVER.

But I still haven’t finished that damn story.

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