Celebs Meet CSSA: Rachel Bilson

Disclaimer: Don’t read
this if erotic stories aren’t your thing or if you’re under the age
of eighteen or if this is illegal where you live. As always, this is
pure fantasy and should not be taken as a realistic portrayal of any
aspect of the starring celebrity’s life.

Notes: Being in Australia,
at the time of this disclaimer on April 7th, 2006, the most recent episode
of the O.C. was episode 10 of Season 3, The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah.
According to my sources, the O.C. is ending both the season and the
series as of the twenty-fifth episode, due to air in America on
11th, 2006.

As a fan and as a writer, I
say ‘fuck that’. The series should continue with a fourth season and
for the purposes of this story, it will. As I’m only current to the
tenth episode, I can take great pride in saying that any canon past
the tenth episode is hereby obliterated. Also – since I don’t know and
can’t be bothered to find out – for the purposes of this story, I’m
saying that episodes are shot about four months or so before they air.

Thanks: To VoodooJoe,
who read through this story three or four times, each time making me
make it better and who gave me the idea of making it a Celebs Meet C-S-S-A
story, as it was already halfway to that point anyway. (I would have
numbered the story, but no one even knows what number we’re up to now.

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Celebs Meet
C-S-S-A: Rachel Bilson.

By Kira’s
Slave (lilevans@gmail.com)

I woke up that morning, two days after Christmas, I’d expected to just
have a normal day. But in my email were several emails, one from each
of my friends. All worded differently, they all urged me to go to this
website and check out the news there. Not having anything better to
do, I did, figuring that if eight people had told me to, it must be

I read it, my jaw dropped.


are pleased to announce, during the month long break of the O.C.’s airing
that we are close to the completion of shooting. We have introduced
some plotlines we hope our fans will appreciate. One of the MAJOR plotlines
that we will be ending season three on involves Summer Roberts, played
by Rachel Bilson. Whilst we cannot say much, we can say that Summer
is driven to go to Australia, where she will meet
a friend.

Sydney, Australia.

lucky viewer from Australia will win the chance to spend two weeks with
Rachel Bilson. This will involve acting as her date to some functions
and playing the role of Summer’s Australian friend in the episode that
will kickstart the explosive season four.

was some boring legal shit about how the winner had to have been born
in Australia, with permanent residency in Australia, had to be at least
eighteen as of January 1st, 2006 and had to make their own transport
arrangements to the Marriott Hotel in Sydney to arrive at 4 pm on Saturday,
January 7th, 2006. There was more boring shit about how my meals and
board would be covered and that I would not be paid for my appearance
in the episode, though I would get a guest credit.

the bottom, it asked: Are you interested in entering the competition?
Click HERE

I interested? You fucking bet your ass I was! After entering, I found
that I would be informed if I had won on January 4th.


I won the competition, which sent me into a series of nervous hysterics.
I’d only wanted to meet Rachel for quite a while, though she hadn’t
become my number one celeb until about three, four months ago. I knew
a lot about her. She was only five foot two, which meant I had roughly
four and a half inches gain on her. She kept her dark brown hair to
her shoulders. She loved shopping for shoes. Rachel was a spokesperson
for Bongo jeans, whoever they were.

the most important things I knew were about Rachel’s personal character.
She loved to look good, but she had to be comfortable in what she wore.
She was a nice girl, completely the opposite of her alter ego Summer.
She loved fun and good times, but was always true to herself, totally
unselfconscious. I often wondered if I could corrupt her; make her into
a naughty little girl…

the day, I decided to wear jeans with a white t-shirt, following Rachel’s
example of comfortable and good looking. With four and a half inches
gain on her and outweighing her by at least forty pounds, I also wanted
her to be at ease around me. I didn’t think she’d be able to hide behind
me effectively: I was about as lean as she was.

need a haircut," I muttered to myself. "Or at least a hairdresser
to look at it. Something’s wrong with it, that’s for sure." But
there was very little I could do about it, so I ended up leaving it

travel to the hotel was relatively easy and I got there about three
pm. I told the receptionist I was waiting for a Mr. Schwartz and then
took a seat in the lobby, observing the flurry of people coming and
going. After fifteen minutes, I was approached by two people in black
suits and taken to a private conference room.

Schwartz, Robert De Laurentiis, David Calloway and Lisa Cochran-Neilan,
the head honchos of the O.C. were waiting for me and one by one, I shook
hands with them as they introduced themselves.

to see you, Michael, good to see you. You are a little early, but that
just means we can wrap up the details side of this early and then take
you to meet Rachel," Josh said. "We have some contracts for
you to sign and your script for the two weeks as well. Now, you are
updated on the mess that Summer is in?"


I said. I’d received an express package of information which gave me
all the details of the plot that had led into this situation only yesterday.

plan to shoot from nine until five Monday to Friday, with optional night
shooting as warranted. This means you have to be ready at six am for
travel to Fox Studios for makeup and wardrobe. Whilst we will be shooting
on set a bit, we will also be doing a bit of on location shooting."
As Josh finished, I nodded.

long is the planned episode? And what are your plans for the character
I’m playing?" I asked after a few minutes silence.

this is a bit of a turning point for Summer," said Lisa. "Rachel
wanted a change in how she played Summer. None of the ideas met her
approval. She suggested we rip Summer’s life apart. So we did, to an
extreme. She was beaten up rather severely, Marissa’s and her friendship
is in serious jeopardy, her life long house burned to the ground in
a freak occurrence and everyone believes that Summer burnt the house
down deliberately to revenge herself against her father, who wouldn’t
do the surgery on Summer’s face after the beating."

was emotionally distraught, wracked with pain and fear because of the
beating, how could anyone think that her screaming at her father that
she’d make him be sorry was serious?" I asked.

barely made it out of the house as it was burning," Josh reminded
me. "Everyone assumed she set the house on fire and it got out
of her control before she could do anything more. This episode shows
Summer’s healing and changing. Whilst she puts it behind her, the beating
she took combined with the loss of many priceless memories of her mother
and the house she knew all her life…"

Summer Roberts isn’t going to be the same girl, personality wise. We
thought that a three hour episode would be good, to really focus on
Summer and her experiences here," David supplied.

nodded as Bob slid the contracts over. I read them, signed them and
then looked around. "Anything else?" I asked.


said Josh. "Just take your script and do your best to learn some
of it. We’ll have a car here at five-thirty am Monday, though you don’t
have to be in it until six am, remember." He handed me a key. "Rachel
said she’d take you through the rest of the details. What room did they
give her?"

believe it was 2003," said Lisa.


stepped out of the elevator, dragging my suitcase behind me as I searched
out room 2003. Upon finding it, I paused and cursed myself for my nervousness.
I’d often said I’d do a lot to get a chance to meet Rachel and what
was I doing, now that I had the chance? Vacillating on the threshold
like a bloody idiot! With that, I took a deep breath and knocked on
the door, a million thoughts in my head.

came a creak and then a slight thump against the door. The door opened
and warily, I stepped through. As soon as I’d cleared the door, the
closed again and the click of the lock was heard, as well as a slight

love doing that."

turned around to look at Rachel. She was dressed in a knee-length green
halter-neck dress, with bare feet. Her hair was swept to the side, thought
with more of a tilt as she had cocked her head to the right and was
looking at me with a very amused expression.

Rachel Bilson," she added. "You’re Michael?"

I said, looking around the living room and taking a seat on the couch.
"Josh and the others said you were going to take me through the
rest of the details. I have the script; I know what’s going on with
Summer and what’s happened to her up to this point… what else is there?"

have four events that we have to go to," Rachel said, going into
the kitchenette and presumably to the fridge. "Coke?" She
brought over two cans and we sat on the bed. "One Monday night,
one this coming Friday, then one each on the Tuesday and Friday of the
week after. As for the other free time we’ll have, it’s ours."

what are we expected to do?" I asked.

Rachel said. "Let’s get you unpacked and then we can go over the
script. You have your room key?" I pulled it out, looking at it.
was marked on it and I looked up at Rachel, who grinned. "Switched
keys on them. They think you’re in room 2004."

you a nice girl?" I asked.

can be naughty," she said with a grin. "Besides, we’ll be
together most of the time anyway. No reason we can’t share a room."

swallowed hard, my mind immediately coming up with many reasons why
we couldn’t. Because I was liable to sustain a near permanent erection
around her if she dressed in the nightclothes and clothes that I fantasized
about seeing her in. Because I wanted to see her naked. Because I wanted
to touch every inch of her perfect skin. Because I wanted to suck and
lick her tits until she was begging me to bring her off. Because I wanted
to tie her to the bed and eat her pussy until she came, feeding me her
cream. Because I wanted to see her on her knees, sucking my cock and
swallowing every drop of my hot milk. Because I wanted to bend her over
the bed and fuck her delicious ass hard, hearing her moan with pleasure.
Because I wanted her, damnit!

gave me a grin. "It’s five-thirty now. I bet I can have you unpacked
by six." Rachel strolled over to my suitcase and disappeared into
the bedroom where the closets for clothing were. I followed her and
as she put everything in its place, I was treated to several views of
her lingerie and dresses and some things I couldn’t even identify.

the clothing?" she asked.


I said cautiously.

get to see more of it," she said with a grin, taking a seat on
the queen sized bed. "Bathroom’s through there," she said,
pointing to a door. "And a really beautiful bathtub is in there."

took a peek as she continued and then turned back. "Looks big enough
to fit two people and with much space to spare."

she said.


for Rachel and I, we were expected to entertain ourselves in the hotel
for the remainder of the weekend. Which wasn’t so bad for Saturday night,
but come Sunday, we had nothing to do. Rachel decided to watch a movie
and I pulled out a pen and writing book, as well as a small folder of
some stories I was either writing or had written. Glancing at Rachel,
I took a look at what I already had written and began to try and plot
out some of the major things I wanted to see happening.

problem was I couldn’t seem to put it together. Sure, Rachel is hypnotised
into becoming a depraved, worthless, sluttish whore. There was to be
various sex acts, mostly threesomes or foursomes. But all that was merely
a collection of sex scenes; there was no unifying plot thread occurring
to me. Without it, there was really no story.

was so caught up in trying to figure a solution out that I never noticed
Rachel come over and pick up the folder, taking a peek inside. But when
I noticed a sharp intake of breath, I looked up and groaned.

weren’t supposed to see those."

can see why," she said acerbically. "So, writing stories about
me getting fucked, are we?" She paused, rereading a page. "Not
bad, not bad at all. Though I do wonder at your choice of subjects.
You turn me into a maid, into a whore, into a secretary… where’s the
simple ‘Rachel meets someone and they just fuck each other’ story?"

don’t really see you as just randomly fucking a guy or a girl,"
I said. "You seem too nice for that."

Rachel said thoughtfully. "Well, can’t you write it anyway?"

just said I don’t see you doing that. And if I don’t see you doing something,
then I can’t believe in the story and make it work," I said.

smiled. "And if you believe in it?"

story works brilliantly."

smiled again, dropping the folder to the ground. "I’ll keep that
in mind."


laughed as she pulled me against her. "It wasn’t that bad,"
she said. "You got through the first day alright; it’ll be easier
from now on."

been up since five. You had me up until eleven reading and memorising
that damn script," I said to her, closing my eyes. "I can
recall the script word for word. I’d sincerely hope that I could get
through the day alright. Though… why in the world did they did they
have to use Bruce as MY name?"

baby," she said mockingly. "But now it’s back to the hotel
for showers and changing our clothes before the function."

the function?" I asked.

some Fox thing that I’m supposed to be at to ‘bridge relations between
the country orientated divisions’," she said, making quotation
marks. "I didn’t pay attention as soon as I realised it sounded
boring. But we have an hour to shower, change and get down to the car
that will take us to…" she trailed off, shrugging.

do I get the feeling those sixty minutes will be the best part of the
evening until we go home?" I muttered.

pulled me out of the car as it slowed to a stop. We eased our way through
the lobby, heading for the stairs. After five flights, she looked around
and moved up a few steps. "No one’s around," she whispered,
before leaning against me and pressing her lips against mine. My mind
shut down completely as she increased the kiss, her tongue moving into
my mouth. Just as suddenly, she broke the kiss, with a secretive smile
playing on her lips.

she could move away, I pulled her close, kissing her properly. Rachel
let out a moan, pressing herself closer to me. We would have stayed
like that for time immemorial, but a noise from below suggested we should
break apart before we were caught. I took her hand as we began to complete
the remaining fifteen flights.

soon as we were in the safety of our room, I pushed her against the
door, kissing her intensely. She moaned into my mouth, suddenly hooking
her legs around my waist, forcing me to grab her ass to keep her balanced
against me.

god… we can’t do this," she said, but curiously not making any
physical efforts to stop the kiss, instead kissing me harder. She shoved
me back suddenly and tripped me, taking a seat on my stomach and leaning
down to kiss me again.

do you want me to wear tonight?" she asked, her lips planting soft
kisses on my cheek.

nothing?" I said a little hesitantly. Rachel smiled, pulling off
her blouse. She was wearing a white lace bra which showed her tits off
very well.

you rather be the only one to see my tits?"

you a nice girl?" I asked.

can be naughty," she replied, leaning down and kissing me again.
"But we really can’t do this now." She paused, then leaned
close. "But once we’re back here…"


only good things about the night were Rachel, her dress, Rachel, her
refusal to be parted from me, Rachel, her hair, Rachel, her eyes, Rachel
and her smile. Oh… and did I mention Rachel?

had been served at seven-fifteen, so thankfully we hadn’t done much
mingling beforehand. But once dinner was over the mingling began. Rachel
stood up, carefully brushed off her blue ankle-length dress, put her
heels back on and looked at me before taking my hand.

like the shirt," she said.

yes, that makes it so much more bearable," I muttered to her sarcastically.
"I hate this shirt; it’s bloody uncomfortable. But you’re looking

you can admire me and not think about your shirt," she said. We
began to make our way through the room. And not having anything to say
except polite greetings and introductions, I took a mental step back
from the action and began to observe Rachel. She was always smiling,
but the smile wasn’t static, always changing, depending on who was talking
to her. Every so often, she’d run a hand through her hair or toss her
head so her locks flew wildly around.

was jolted back to reality as Rachel pulled me sharply towards her,
hissing, "We have paparazzi at six o’clock." She calmly finished
her conversation and then took my hand again. "By tomorrow evening,
you will understand the horrors of paparazzi. But once they’ve got their
pictures, they’ll leave us alone. So let’s go give them what they want."

turned around, only to be accosted by the photographers, different light
bulbs going off at different moments. Rachel smiled, taking my hand
and leaning into me. I pulled her closer, noting her mischief filled
eyes. Giving her a wink, I pulled her closer, kissing her. She closed
her eyes, moaning into my mouth as she wrapped her arms around me.

seemed like a thousand light bulbs went off, excited to capture this
moment. But as she broke the kiss, she gave me another smile, cuddling
close into me as she looked at me with utter devotion. Getting into
the playful posing, I ran my hands down her back and then lightly squeezed
her ass as I picked her up. Rachel let out a squeal, her arms wrapping
around my neck to help support herself.

won’t drop you," I said, hefting her up a little to get a better
grip. "Comfortable?"

the dress and I’ll be very upset," she said. "Will you take
me to get some fresh air?" I merely grinned, bouncing her as we
made our way outside to stand on the balcony. Rachel fumbled with the
open doors, closing them as I set her down.

you allowed to do that?"

care," she said. "Besides, everyone in the room saw us go
out here, they’ll understand the room became too much." She leant
against the balcony and for the first time, I saw that down the left
side of the dress, there was a long slit that exposed quite a bit of
leg. Glancing around, she pulled her dress off, letting it fall to the
ground in a puddle of material. She gave me a smile, pulling off her
panties. She dropped those to the ground and nodded imperceptibly before
taking hold of the balcony rail.

in my purse," she said. I undressed slowly and then picked her
purse up, taking out the lube. As I applied it to her ass and my cock,
Rachel took a few deep breaths. "I’m a virgin… so be gentle."

pressed my cock against her asshole, my hands reaching under to rub
her breasts, before running my hands down to press a finger against
her ass, rubbing gently as I eased my finger in. She let out a gasp,
her breathing increasing as I added a second finger, loosening up her
tight asshole. With the lube, my fingers were soon slipping in and out
easily, so I added a third finger with more lube.

up… fuck my ass!" Rachel said, her voice low but determined.

"I want it so fucking bad… fuck my ass hard, Michael!"

things don’t get much better than having your number one celeb bent
over in front of you, naked and begging you to deflower her cute ass.
I removed my lube coated fingers and moved against her, my cock pressing
against her asshole as I thrusted in, feeling her ass beginning to tighten
up again. Rachel let out a moan, trying valiantly to relax her ass as
I pushed further into her, pulling out and pushing back in again, feeling
her ass stretching around my cock.

Rachel… your ass is so fucking tight!"

good… you like fucking my tight ass, don’t you?" she moaned,
one hand reaching underneath to rub her clitoris. "Come on… I
can take it – fuck me harder!"

ignored her for the time being; I wasn’t in her completely and I wanted
to be in her fully before even considering increasing my pace beyond
the pull out, push in pace. With one last thrust, I was in her fully
and I stopped, feeling her ass squeeze my cock tightly.

to keep my voice from being too loud, I pressed myself against Rachel,
feeling her body shudder lightly as she continued to masturbate and
hissed in her ear. "Your ass is mine, girl… it’s so fucking tight…
you want me to keep fucking your tight ass? You like it, Rachel?"

yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck my tight ass!" Her voice was low, crazed
with excitement and lust as she pushed back at me. I withdrew from her
ass and pushed back in, my hands grabbing her tits, rubbing the nipples
between my fingers. They were hard, long nubs and I pulled at them,
eliciting a loud gasp from her. I picked up my pace, fucking her ass
with hard strokes. Her ass was extremely tight and even though the fucking
was loosening her up somewhat, when I withdrew, her ass would instinctively
tighten up again.

hand was all over her clit, rubbing and pinching it, thrusting herself
back on my cock. Each time she did, Rachel let out a sexy moan of pleasure,
very turned on. I smiled, letting my hand join hers at her pussy. I
left her to concentrate on her clit and entered her cunt, her arousal
immediately making my fingers wet. With a few simultaneous thrusts of
both cock and hand, I brought her almost to the edge.

fucking close! Gonna cum so fucking hard!"

too," I gasped, pulling her head back, letting her suck on my wet
fingers. "Gonna cum in your ass! Gonna fill your ass with my hot
milk!" Her soft lips worked my fingers over like it was a cock
she was sucking and with the touch of her velvet tongue over my fingers,
I was gone. I thrusted hard into Rachel’s ass as she pushed back on
me, cumming hard, feeling spurt after spurt of hot cum explode from
my cock into her ass. My cock spasmed and jerked inside her ass as I
came, her ass feeling much tighter.

she shrieked suddenly, far louder than she intended as an explosive
orgasm rocked her body. Rachel convulsed, her entire body seemingly
experiencing her orgasm, her knuckles turning white as her lone hand
on the rail gripped it tightly, trying to keep from collapsing. Weakly,
she brought up her other hand and gripped tightly onto the rail, her
cream gushing from her pussy to trickle down her legs in rivulets of
sweet, tantalising cream. Her ass squeezed my cock, milking it for every
last drop of cum before we collapsed to the floor, leaning against each
other as we recovered.

apparently Rachel’s shriek of passion had alerted others and we heard
people coming closer to the doors. We shot to our feet, hurriedly redressing,
frantically checking our attire to make sure it looked appropriate and
then Rachel leaned against me as we stood, looking at the starry night.
Thankfully, our mad rush to get dressed was for naught, as we were not


was somewhat jumpy the next day, which was to an extent, fine, since
we were shooting the meeting of Summer and Bruce and Summer was supposed
to be a little jumpy. As we broke for lunch, I pulled her aside.

we need to talk."

nodded and we made our way to her trailer, where she began to pace.
Obviously she had a lot on her mind. I was willing to bet that it was
the events of last night. And I was right.

you think I’m a slut?"

. "No," I said slowly, not sure where she was
taking this.

let you fuck my ass last night," she said, biting her lip. "And
I was a virgin and we hadn’t even done straight sex."

did you let me?" I asked.

I did want to do it… I’ve been trying to work up to getting someone
to do it and you misinterpreted what I wanted when I asked for lube
and I thought I might as well let you go ahead instead of correcting
you," she said, hurriedly.

I don’t think you’re a slut… just someone who knows what they want,"
I said. "There’s nothing wrong with wanting something and going
after it, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Doesn’t make you a slut.
Why would you think that?"

so," she said. "Mischa said that only sluts liked getting
fucked in the ass and I really liked it."

bet she’s never been fucked in the ass," I said. "So ignore
her." I grinned, pulling her in for a kiss. She attacked me hungrily,
pushing me back on the bed, but before we could do much more, there
was a tap at the door.

have to get back to shooting!" Rachel gave me an apologetic grin,
but we disentangled from each other, going to the set.

Michael! The day after tomorrow and the day after that, we need
you on set at twelve. We have a seven-thirty pm dinner reservation for
you both that we’ll be filming the first day, hence our later start
that day and the day after that," said Lisa as she glimpsed us.

I asked. As they named the place, I nodded. I knew the place, having
been there once before. Rachel made a face.

So this is going to have to be a picture perfect take from the moment
they say go. We’re only going to get one shot at making this perfect.
How much license with the script do we have?"

shooting as long as you are there, to a max of five hours of film,"
said Lisa. "We just want you guys to relax and enjoy the dinner.
As you know, it’s the dinner before Summer goes back home, so we’ve
decided to show you guys at ease with each other and do some music and
short visual clips of Summer’s time here."

you’re recording visual… how unobtrusive will the cameras be?"
asked Rachel.

hoping not very," said Lisa. "You’re free to wear whatever
you want from your own clothes, or would you rather try something from

take wardrobe," Rachel said firmly.


better not be tailed tonight," Rachel sighed as she regarded the
flowery sundress before slipping into it, adjusting it around her chest.
"I do not want to be mobbed in the hotel every day."

thought you didn’t mind the mobbing," I commented, buttoning up
my shirt and pulling on a pair of jeans.

don’t, but mobbing at parties and on set is okay. Being mobbed in my
home or at least where I’m staying just isn’t," she said, looking
at herself critically. "Alright, let’s go to makeup."

at seven-twenty, we arrived at the restaurant and were taken to our
table. We scanned for any cameras, but they were hidden from our eyes,
which we were grateful for. Rachel took a seat next to me, deliberately
making a point of sitting very close to me.

four days have gone by," she said quietly. "What do you think
of my life now?"

I said, poking her shoulder. "If I ever wanted to be an actor,
these past days have convinced me not to be one. How do you get by?"

been my ambition for a long time and I grew up knowing what I’d have
to do if I was serious," said Rachel. "And on the shitty days,
I just try to remember that this is what I have to go through, if I’m
serious." She smiled again, resting her head on my shoulder.

there any perks?"

in rare cases, we meet people like you," Rachel said, grinning.
"So tell me… who was I to you before?" Her eyes sparkled
with mischief as the waitress came over and took our orders. I took
this reprieve to try and think of a decent answer.

were Rachel Bilson, a girl who played a girl on the O.C.," I said.

"You had nice hair and looked pretty cute."

wasn’t anyone special?" she asked, batting her eyelashes exaggeratedly.

never said that," I said, poking her. "And this was an unfair
question. It should be obvious that I liked you a lot; after all, I
did enter a competition to get to meet you."

laughed gaily and then kissed my cheek. "Does that make up for

do," I said. Our drinks came over at that point, so I took the
opportunity to ask her a question of my own. "What are your fellow
cast members like?"

cool; all of us care about each other so much. We really support each
other," Rachel said, her eyes glowing. "When shooting, the
focus is so incredible: we don’t let anything distract us. I’ve
seen Ben actually stop in the middle of pranking Mischa because we had
to go do scenes. But when we’re not shooting, we’re very relaxed and
comfortable with each other. Peter, Kelly and Melinda are protective
of us four ‘kids’ in some ways, but we don’t mind it."

the other ‘kids’?" I interjected, grinning.

Ben and Adam like to pull some pranks on Mischa, she’s a relatively
easy target. But mostly, we hang out with our guest stars and do whatever,"
Rachel explained, glowing. Conversation ended there for a little while
as our dinners arrived. We dug into them, exchanging comments now and
again about the food. I gave Rachel a reproving look when I discovered
she’d ordered kangaroo meat, only to receive a wink.

can punish me for it later," she said.

paused; then said the line that was becoming altogether too familiar:
"Aren’t you a nice girl?"

can be naughty," the chuckled reply came. "You haven’t learned
that yet?"

getting used to it," I said. "But I think I’ll be saying it
a lot more in the near future."


groaned as Rachel’s perky voice broke into my slumber. "It’s almost
seven o’clock," she said. "You’d better get up." I felt
a weight settle on me and I opened my eyes, looking at her. Rachel smiled
– she just never seemed to stop, actually – and continued. "We
have the car at eleven. And I seem to be having problems with
getting clean."

had six hours sleep, Rachel," I said, pushing her off me. "And
you wake me up to talk about problems with getting clean?"

rolled to stay on the bed. "I was hoping you might want to help
make sure I’m clean. I think my tits are in need of special attention."

nothing else, the words woke me up completely and I took a proper look
at her. She was wearing a very thin blue silk bathrobe, with
the sash done up loosely. And it was pretty obvious if it got soaked,
it would show off every curve. "Four hours, huh?" I
asked, my hands circling her waist. She nodded and I pulled her closer,
my lips meeting hers.

returned the kiss, wriggling around to draw me out of bed. As she pulled
me towards the bedroom, she was using her hands to pull my pyjamas off,
letting them drop idly to the floor. I made sure to keep her robe on
her body, wrapping it more tightly around her. I broke the kiss as we
entered the bathroom, quickly turning the shower on. I shoved Rachel
under the cold spray and watched as her nipples grew hard, poking against
the fabric that now clung to her like a second skin.

smiled, peeling it off and drawing me under the now warm water. I picked
up the liquid soap and filled my hands with it, before letting it slide
down Rachel’s back. It oozed down her back and quickly, I began to work
it across her torso, hands slipping over her pliant flesh, rubbing her
tits. She tried to stand as still as possible, which I took as a challenge.

going to make you scream," I whispered to her, spinning her around,
pinching her nipples. They were already hard and I pinched them again,
but she dropped to her knees, kissing my cock.

if I make you scream first," she said matter-of-factly, licking
along my cock before taking it into her mouth, sucking hard. I looked
down at her, watching her lips sliding up and down my cock before letting
out a strangled cry, pushing Rachel off. She tossed her wet hair back,
giving me a strange look. Not answering her, I plunged my hands into
her hair, letting out an almost inaudible sigh. It was thick, silky,
wet and oh god so tempting. I pulled the shampoo down, squirting a dollop
of it into her hair, then began to work it through, washing her hair.

her part, Rachel was content to let me work, though she kept her eyes
focused on my cock, deliberately letting her hand brush against it at
times, which never failed to elicit a shudder from me. "There’s
nothing better than a nice hard cock," she said, a grin on her
face. "And when you’re done with my hair, I expect you to push
me against the wall and fuck me hard."

you a nice girl?"

can be naughty." She grinned wickedly. "But as for my fucking?"

can do better than that, Rachel," I said, pulling her up
suddenly and pushing her against the wall, my cock slamming into her
cunt, my hands still moving through her hair. As I entered her, I nearly
came right then and there from the tightness of her, but I managed to
hold it off. Rachel waited, letting out a contented sigh.

feel so good," she said in a low tone.

pulled out and then slammed back into her, my hands leaving her hair
and pushing her wrists against the wall. She let out a feral growl,
pushing her pussy back onto my cock with each thrust I made into her.
Water sprayed down on us from the shower and it made for a slippery
time as we fucked each other relentlessly.

freed one of her hands and went straight for her clit, not her tits
as I’d thought she would. "Gonna cum," she moaned. She pressed
her chest against the wall, pushing her ass out. "Fuck me! Just
use me and make me cum!"

fingers went to her ass, playing around her asshole before I slid two
fingers into her, listening to her excited yelp. I felt her hand freeze
on her clit as she became focused on the sensations of my fingers fucking
her ass. "Keep working your clit, Rachel," I whispered. She
obeyed and I gave her a few thrusts with my cock, before returning to
her ass, working my fingers into her completely. Now with that accomplished,
I began to fuck her pussy and ass simultaneously, spreading my fingers
in her ass apart after a couple of minutes.

was the final straw for her and Rachel convulsed, her cunt clamping
around my cock as she orgasmed. Her cream flowed from her pussy, trickling
down our legs only to be washed away by the water. As she surrendered
to her orgasm, I began to fuck her even harder, my cock slamming into
her furiously as I let go of any hold on my own release.

in me!" Rachel gasped, continuing to orgasm. "Cum for me!"
With an intense look, she tightened her muscles just as I thrusted in
and I exploded, filling her up with my hot cum. Releasing identical
breaths, we rested against the wall. I wiped a wet lock of hair from
Rachel’s face, kissing her skin lightly, working around her facial structure

she said. "Now what do you want to do with me?"

you out of the shower and dress you so you look to die for?" I

smiled, turning off the shower and grabbing the towels. "Okay."


stood quietly as I looked through her underwear, tossing a white bra
and panty set towards her. Then I moved to the closet, throwing her
out a purple v-neck t-shirt with ruffles at the bottom, matching it
to a pair of jeans and three-inch black stilettos.

do girls seem to always have matching numbers of identical shoes?"
I asked rhetorically.

you need a different shoe for every occasion, every colour to match
your clothes and every style to match your style," Rachel answered.
"I’m assuming you’ve seen this look?"

Goodrem pulls it off, don’t see why you couldn’t."

smiled, turning to her makeup. Applying a fresh coat of lip-gloss, she
pocketed the lip-gloss and picked up her bag. "Well, I’ll wear
this to the function tonight. Once we’ve changed, I’ll get someone to
launder it whilst we shoot. And grab me a change of underwear, just
in case."

grabbed the underwear and we were off. We had three hours to ourselves,
before the car was due to get us and Rachel said she could redirect
the car to whatever location we ended up at, so we headed out and found
a quiet place where we ordered some breakfast. We didn’t talk much,
though. Rachel seemed quite contemplative, so I left her to think.

got the weekend free, right?" I asked suddenly.

right," Rachel said. "Any good places to shop around here?"

do you want?"

Rachel said. "Can’t go wrong with a good pair of those. It’ll be
a good way to spend tomorrow."


shit," Rachel said as we came into the ballroom. There was a piñata
hanging from the ceiling. "What in the world is that doing here?"

a party gimmick," said someone whom I thought might have been at
the function from earlier that week. "You’re going to be the one
to break it, hopefully."

asked Rachel.

you break it, then you get first pick of the prizes inside and we employees
of Fox get a bonus," he said. "If you don’t, we don’t get
the bonus."

nodded and we walked around the room. Upon finding a hidden alcove,
I pulled her into it and kissed her, my hands rubbing over her ass.
She returned the kiss with equal passion, her own hands getting a little
frisky. Her hands slipped inside my pants, rubbing my cock. Rachel broke
the kiss long enough to check the time and she let out a curse.

she said, her hands deftly restoring our attire to rights.

dinner, Rachel sat on my right. I soon found out why as she pulled my
cock from my pants with her left hand, letting the tips of her fingers
stroke along my shaft, the nails slightly scratching. I couldn’t believe
her nerve: we were in the middle of an important dinner and she was
jerking me off?! At this thought, my cock hardened even further, just
as she wanted.

looked around the table quickly. It appeared I was in luck. No one was
going to talk to me; they were all too interested in talking to Rachel,
who didn’t look like she was concentrating on anything but the supposedly
scintillating conversation. Still, her warm hand pumped up and down
my cock, her thumb rubbing the cockhead every so often.

took a deep breath and she turned, giving me a dazzling smile, mixed
in with a wicked glint in her eye. Our eyes met, and the familiar refrain
passed wordlessly between us.

you a nice girl?

can be naughty.

Michael could probably tell you everything Summer’s ever worn."
Another few jerks of my cock. "He actually suggested this outfit
I’m wearing."

know what I like," I managed, before taking another breath, appearing
to be gathering my thoughts. "What Rachel’s wearing now is nothing
out of the ordinary, except maybe the choice of footwear, given the
jeans." I felt Rachel’s hand leave my cock before beginning to
stroke my balls. "This top, even with the v-neck cut, doesn’t really
emphasis anything. Yet the cut and ruffles make her look sexy and feminine."

speeded up the rubbing, apparently pleased and then spoke up again.
"So how could we make the outfit sexier?"

depends…" I swallowed hard as I felt her scrape her nails gently
over my throbbing shaft, "…on how far the girl is willing to
take it. For instance, you can get normal clothes that make you sexy
or slutty. Some like getting costumes such as cheerleader costumes."

this about costumes?" Rachel asked, giving my cock a hard fast

know there are sexy costumes for that sort of play, but I’ve mostly
just seen the ones that make the girl look slutty," I said. "I
have seen sexy French maid outfits at a costume website a few times,

else spoke up. "But isn’t it the combination of clothing choices
that make something slutty as opposed to slutty?"

no expert," I said, my breathing catching as Rachel began to continuously
jack my cock. "If we suggest that a tube top, miniskirt and stilettos
make an outfit slutty rather than sexy… it could be that just by replacing
the miniskirt with jeans turn the outfit to sexy."

such outfits are not appropriate for public, are they?"

the slutty outfits," conceded Rachel, feeling my cock throb, so
close to exploding in orgasm. "Sexy outfits, costumes or regular,
are permissible for public. Though personally, I don’t think I’d want
to step into public wearing any sort of costume… though the idea of
going out dressed as a maid has a certain exciting appeal, because you
could quite conceivably be a maid."

her words, I came. And she swiftly moved her hand so I came all over
her hand, coating it thoroughly with swift spurts of hot thick cum.
With a small smile, she lowered her head, pretending that the topic
had caused her a bit of embarrassment and quickly licked her fingers


of Saturday morning was spent shopping, though I certainly didn’t buy
anything and Rachel hardly bought anything, instead just looking through
what felt like about a thousand stores. Oh, she picked up a few Australiana
gifts for friends and family, but that was done over three different
stores and we certainly visited more stores than that.

over lunch, Rachel leaned closer. "So how’s your story coming?"

have I had the time?" I asked. She grinned sheepishly, silently
conceding the point, but then brightened.

let’s go back to the hotel and you can try and get something going,"
she suggested.

shook my head, pulling out my notebook and pen. "I’ve got something
going," I said, flipping to the most recent page. "Be a dear
and get me a refill?" Soon enough, I had another drink in my hands
as I began to write, my eyes flicking up to Rachel every so often.

the story about?" Rachel finally asked, scooping up a spoonful
of ice-cream and honey up as she scooted over to sit by me.

leaned over and kissed her. "You, of course. But if you want details…
You’re famous. But you’re like Laura Prepon: well loved by those that
know you and completely nothing to all the others."

think I see what you mean," said Rachel dryly, looking around the
café. Whilst we had figured there was little we could do to disguise
Rachel and that there was little advantage in doing so, we were both
surprised at the lack of attention Rachel had received. Still, we welcomed
it; it certainly made life easier.

you meet this guy. And you like him, so you move in on him," I
said. "That’s pretty much the plot for now. Just have to figure
out exactly what you do. Might add more plot."

slowly finished her icecream and stood up. Shrugging, I closed the notebook
and we left.


were all too aware that this was our final week together, so we didn’t
want me to be spending too much time writing the story, so after an
hour of writing (in which I mostly got the important stuff down) Rachel
switched on the television, threw my notebook across the room with a
wicked smile and we settled down to watch the cable channels.

made very little comment when my arms slipped around her, working at
the buttons of her blouse, but as soon as it was undone, she rose upwards,
slipping it off. I took in the lacy confines of her bra, watching the
swells of her breasts rise and fall as she breathed. But still, she
waited, as if wanting to see what I would do. I slid down her body,
running my hands around the waistband of her skirt. Finding the zipper,
I soon had the skirt off and she watched it fall to the ground.

been with a woman, Rachel?" I whispered into her ear.

she answered coyly.

bit down on her neck gently, using my hands to remove her bra. As soon
as she was free of it, she grabbed my hands, licking my fingers hurriedly
and then she placed them on her breasts. Taking the hint, I began to
pinch her nipples, biting down just that bit harder before tugging sharply.
I continued onwards for a little while, enjoying her reactions to my

Rachel moaned, wriggling around. "I like that…"

still," I said, easily flipping her onto her side. She obeyed quickly,
letting me observe her. Her nipples were swollen and red from what I’d
done and her panties were soaked, now nothing more than a wet piece
of cloth. "Hmm… you’re really wet, Rachel," I said, before
tugging at her panties. I wasn’t expecting the panties to tear, but
tear right in two they did, so I raised my eyebrows, dropping the now
ruined panties to the floor.

me," Rachel breathed, her hands gliding over her skin. "Play
with my pussy!"

slipped two fingers into her cunt, rubbing my thumb over her clit, deliberately
teasing her. The pace was bordering on fast, but as Rachel quickly learned,
I was serious about her being still. Every movement she made simply
meant that I stopped fingering her, so she laid still, her skin becoming
covered with a light sheen of sweat, her eyes clouded with lust, staring
right at me.

can’t take much more!" she begged. "I don’t want to
be still!"

removed my fingers, looking at her. "You can move."

Rachel said, rising to her knees, her hands fumbling somewhat at my
clothes, but soon I was as naked as her and we looked at each other.
Rachel trembled slightly as I lowered my mouth to hers, but she eagerly
returned the kiss, pulling me back into the bed. My cock pressed against
her cunt and Rachel shifted, trying to get me inside her.

shifted with her and slid right into her with one stroke; she was that
wet. Rachel closed her eyes, apparently fighting against cumming, for
when she opened her eyes a couple of seconds later, she nodded.

should be fine… now, fuck me!"

was only too happy to comply. Grabbing her tits with my hands, I squeezed
them as I pulled out of her, teasing her cunt with my cock before slamming
back into her. Rachel moaned, squeezing her muscles around my cock,
then flipped us over, taking control back. My hands were still manipulating
her tits as she bent over me, her hair falling down and tickling my
face as we stared at each other.

face was flushed and shiny with sweat as she began to ride me, her hands
resting on my shoulders as she worked her hips up and down, never letting
my cock slip out of her dripping pussy.

Oh, god…" I moaned, tugging on a nipple reflexively.

my ass!" Rachel demanded, pushing herself down harder. But this
time I wasn’t so quick to comply, choosing to play with her clit instead.
There was time enough for ass play later; for now I wanted to explore
her pussy and my fingers were rubbing against her sensitive nub of flesh
teasingly. With a frustrated moan, Rachel buried my cock in her and
leant over to press her lips against my ear.

being a tease," she said, beginning to ride me hard again, apparently
accepting I wasn’t going to play with her ass right then. But just as
she had taken control back, I did the same, pushing Rachel back into
the bed as I gave another hard thrust into her. With the control of
the situation flipping back and forth between us, we were going with
what felt right as we continued to fuck each other.

pussy was constantly dripping with wetness now and I was able to pick
up the pace, fucking her faster as her hands kneaded her breasts.

close… gonna cum," she panted, her eyes focused on mine. "Make
me cum!"

seemed to be close to cumming, so I brought my fingers to her mouth
and she obediently treated them as she would a cock, coating them liberally
with saliva. I immediately worked those fingers into her tight ass and
with a quick twist, followed by another thrust into her cunt, I had
Rachel creaming herself, her juices soaking my cock.

fuck… cumming!" Rachel shrieked, her body shaking as the orgasm
overwhelmed her body. "Keep me cumming; keep fucking me, Michael!"

pussy was gushing cum and with every thrust I made into her, it seemingly
only generated more as I pulled out; her sweet, sticky juices trickled
down over her asshole and partly over her legs. I pulled out of her
at last, breathing hard as I tried to draw myself back from the brink.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to; the fucking had been way too intense.
With a groan, I pushed back into her, giving her a few quick thrusts
before feeling my orgasm overtake me as hot cum filled her, coating
the walls of her pussy.

sank into the bed as we recovered, Rachel’s fingers slowly working her
pussy over.

not play with yourself," I said teasingly. "Or else I might
want to fuck you again."

what I want," Rachel shot back, pressing herself against me. "I
want you to fuck me again." Taking a deep breath, she rolled over,
wiggling her ass in the air, looking back over her shoulder. "Fuck
my ass again, Michael," she said breathily. Rachel winked, adding,

"Make it yours."

hands went to her ass, rubbing hard as I pulled her cheeks apart to
expose her asshole. Drawing a finger lightly over it, I felt Rachel
shudder with excitement. I withdrew slightly, reaching for the lube
and squirted a generous amount onto her ass, spreading it around with
two fingers. Rachel relaxed, letting me work. Her ass relaxed, loosening
around my fingers as they pressed inwards, spreading apart.

on, Rachel… relax that pert ass," I chided teasingly, delivering
a spank. Rachel jumped, her breathing quickening. Narrowing my eyes,
I spanked her again and she began breathing even faster. "You like
being spanked?" I said, a wicked grin on my face.

Spank me! Spank me and fuck me!" she cried out. I spanked her again,
making sure her ass was lubed up, then added more to be safe before
pushing my cock into her ass. Her anal ring widened further, letting
me in and I began to thrust gently, never letting my cock fill her by
more than a couple of inches.

over, I rubbed her tits, eliciting a soft moan from Rachel. "You
like that?" I said.

but you’re not fucking me!" she snapped, moaning suddenly as I
pinched her nipple, thrusting into her ass slightly at the same time.
I pulled out again, continuing to tease her, never giving her all of
my cock. And that was what she wanted. I paused a moment, concentrating
on how tight her ass felt, then rocked back sharply as she tried to
push back.

I said, spanking her ass again. "No being a bad girl!"

I want you in me!" Rachel said, rather petulantly. "I need
to feel you filling me up!" I didn’t answer, but pulled out, pushing
back in, still refusing to just outright fuck her. It appeared her first
taste of anal sex, when I’d just given into the moment and had fucked
her had corrupted her, made her greedy. My hands glided over her hips,
stroking her slit, travelling over the soft, yielding flesh. As my fingers
found her clit, Rachel’s body shuddered.

so wet," I whispered. "You gonna cum for me, Rachel?"

if you don’t fuck me!" she said, turning her head to face
me, allowing me to see the tortured look in her eyes. "I need it!
I need your cock filling my ass!"

considered her words, pinching her clit lightly. Judging by her reaction,
she was going to be a creaming mess soon. "I think you’re lying,"
I said. "I think you’re ever so close to cumming and you want me
to push you over that edge…" With that, I withdrew my hands from
her cunt, pulling out of her ass and pushing back in, still refusing
to fuck her.

at Rachel’s growl of frustration, I gave in, pushing into her. Rachel
let out a groan as her ass filled up with the length of my cock, one
hand going to rub her clit. I saw no reason to stop her; I was simply
basking in the feeling of my cock deep in her ass again. Rachel’s ass
involuntarily flexed, contracting tightly around my cock.


Our voices melded as one as we froze, each unwilling to move from the
position. Slowly, Rachel’s ass loosened up and I pulled out, my cock
throbbing slightly as the cool air hit it.

just stay there!" Rachel snapped. I had to smile; Rachel definitely
knew what she wanted. I delivered another smack; didn’t want her getting
uppity, before pulling out of her ass and pushing back in as
she pushed herself back at me.

worry, Rachel… your little ass will get fucked," I said, my pace
dropping in speed. "I’ll make sure of that." Rachel moaned
as my cock slipped in and out, filling her up for increasing periods
of time before pulling back out for just as long. Her frustration was
evident to me, but I wanted to see her begging for it, begging me to
make her cream herself.

began to speed up, slipping in and out with more ease now as Rachel
had adjusted to the presence of my cock. I kept my hands on her waist,
steadying myself with each thrust into her.

Rachel… I’m gonna cum if I don’t stop…" I gasped, now slamming
into her ass as fast and as hard as I could, feeling her push herself
back at me just as hard.

stop!!" Rachel cried out as I slowed again, stopping the pleasure
for both of us. "Arrgghh! I was so fucking close!"

really want it?" I asked, panting. "You just want me to just
fuck you until you cream yourself like a little slut?"

Rachel moaned, looking back at me once more. "Fuck my ass! Shoot
your cum deep in my ass as I cream myself! Fuck me like you own me!
I need to cum so fucking bad!"

was desperate and truth be told, I too, wanted to bring this to a close.
I didn’t know how much longer I was going to hold out. "Squeeze
your ass for a moment," I said as I pushed back in. Rachel obeyed,
her eyes widening with pleasure, but then she relaxed, her hand still
rubbing way at her clit, the other balancing her. I fucked Rachel with
hard, fast strokes, my cock disappearing into her ass faster and faster
as Rachel began to push back at me.

sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room, but we barely
heard it as we got closer to orgasm.

god… closer, getting closer," moaned Rachel, her body shaking
from the combined exertions of fingering her pussy, pushing back at
me and my cock thrusting into her ass. "Gonna cum, gonna…"

leaned over, grasping a nipple. Waiting a few moments, I was able to
adjust my pace to Rachel’s manipulations of her clit and then as I thrusted
into Rachel, I pinched her nipple, knowing that she had rubbed over
her clit…

CUMMING!" Rachel shrieked, her body convulsing. I felt her hot
cream gush from her cunt, dripping down our legs and with a final thrust,
I orgasmed as well, cum erupting from my cock in long thick spurts,
filling her up. Once more we collapsed into the bed, snuggling into
each other.


were back on set on the Monday. With Rachel’s business like attitude,
we were clearing off the rest of the scenes that remained, but even
so, a familiarity existed between us that the camera was picking up
on. And since some of the scenes were scenes at the start, right after
our meeting, it wasn’t that much of a good thing. It explained somewhat
why Summer would trust Bruce so quickly, yet the familiarity was over
the top, in a way. In the case of the ending scenes, it was alright.

wasn’t much we could do to tone it down; it seemed to be rather instinctive.
And I had to admit it felt good to have Rachel snuggled up to me as
we shot the scenes.

why does it scare you to return?"

apparently hates me even more now… Newport thinks I burned down my
house to get back at my father… I’m not safe there anymore; I could
get attacked again and it could be worse next time…" Rachel shivered,
her hand tracing the scars on her face. "I don’t want to return."

you’re just going to stay here? Summer, you don’t belong here,"
I said gently. "This isn’t the world that you’re used to."

it’s not," she said reluctantly.

Marissa’s number?" I asked, picking up my phone. As Summer recited
the number, I dialled. When I heard the phone pick up, I silently prayed
Mischa knew what she was to do and put the phone on speaker. "Marissa
Cooper, of Newport Beach?"

God, she sounded exhausted, as if she had been running herself ragged.

now a good time, Miss Cooper?"

fine," she said, yawning. "I’ve just been up far too late
for far too long… not enough sleep. My friend, Summer has disappeared
and no one knows where."

Roberts, also of Newport Beach, daughter of Neil Roberts, plastic surgeon
at Newport General?"

do you know?" Mischa cut me off.

know that Summer doesn’t want to return to Newport. I know that she
carries intensive scarring, not only to her face, but to her spirit.
She’s terrified, Marissa. Summer doesn’t believe she has a home to return

father is worried about her. I’m worried, the Cohens are worried! We
just want her back," Mischa said. "Everything’s gotten
so out of hand… we never meant to make her feel so badly!"

did, though. In pain and fear and anger, she lashed out. And if you
knew her, you should have known that she was not serious," I said,
a hint of censure in my tone. "She has spoken much to me, Marissa.
She was hurt by her friendship with you being torn and harmed even before
the attack, but that is nothing to her in light of her attack and the
reactions you all showed her when her house burned down."

was a pause. "Yes… I don’t think our suspicion helped,"
Mischa admitted.

didn’t. Whilst one may call it a logical assumption, I would expect
that her friends knew her better than that. But enough of that,"
I said. "The point is, Summer is terrified of returning. What can
you say that I can give to her?"

I can say is that I’m sorry that I didn’t believe in her more,"

Mischa finally said. "I would speak for Seth and Ryan, but it would
be hypocritical of me."

tell her, Marissa. And if I can get her home, then I will." With
that, I ended the phone call, turning back to Rachel, gathering her
in my arms as she sniffled. She didn’t really cry, but she was close
to it. The scene was cut, but we stayed as we were, for the concluding
part. Rachel lifted her head up and let the makeup artist work on making
her look like she had spent a good while trying not to cry.

don’t want to be scared," she said. "But I am."

okay to be scared. Just don’t let it stop you from doing what you have
to," I said gently. "You want to go home, don’t you?"

she answered meekly.

make the phone call."

she said slowly, reaching for the phone and dialling. She spoke quietly,
‘arranging’ her ticket home. When she hung up, Rachel said rather unnecessarily,
"It’s done." We nestled against each other, Rachel apparently
taking strength from me. And then… well, it wasn’t in the script…
but somehow, Rachel turned to me, I pulled her closer and we kissed,
the kiss rapidly turning extremely passionate.

scene went on, but we were lost in each other. At last, it was cut and
we were approached cautiously by Lisa. "Guys? Um… guys?!"
She tapped our shoulders, but we never even noticed. She stepped away,
shrugging. "They’re lost in each other."

last we parted and I whispered to her, "That was nice."

Everyone’s looking at us, but they’re trying not to be caught out,"
she whispered back. "We surprised them?"

like it," I said wickedly, at last parting from her.


sighed, looking around the place. This was the final function, the final
night with Rachel. The next day she’d be gone. And I hadn’t seen her
all night. As soon as we’d gotten inside, she’d disappeared. She had
been a little distant Wednesday night and even more so Thursday and
today… she didn’t even want to be around me, it seemed.

found Rachel at a table, listlessly poking at a straw in her lemonade.
"Rachel?" I asked quietly. She looked up, then shrugged, scooting
over. "What’s up?"

here," she eventually said. She stood up and we found our way into
a small courtyard. "It’s been fun," Rachel said, smiling wistfully.
"I’m going to miss you. You’ll look me up if you’re ever in LA?"

try, but you know it’s pretty unlikely I’d get through to you. You pay
your agent to keep us regular people away, remember," I teased

grinned and then grabbed my phone from my pocket. Quickly she entered
a number and saved it. "There you go; you can call me direct whenever
you’re in LA. So tell me…" and now she had a wicked grin on her
face: "Did my plan work?"

don’t know," I said.

sank to her knees, her hands rubbing over my crotch. She soon had my
cock out, rubbing it with one hand as the other played with my balls.
Then she looked up at me and pressed her soft pink lips to the head
of my cock, kissing it before beginning to kiss a path downwards, following
my shaft to my balls.

you a nice girl?" I gasped.

can be naughty. Don’t forget that." She kissed my balls, slowly
taking them into her mouth and licking them before allowing them to
exit wetly. "I think my plan worked," she murmured, her lips
travelling back up my cock, once more resting the cock head against
them. With a sultry look upwards, Rachel parted her lips, taking the
head in, wrapping her lips tightly around it as she gave a few quick

moaned softly and Rachel went on, taking more of my cock into her mouth.
Sucking gently, she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, beginning
to bob up and down, increasing her sucking. Her eyes never left mine;
she just stared up at me sexily as her mouth went up and down on my
cock, her pink lips stretched around my shaft.

so close, Rachel…" I moaned. Her tongue licked over my shaft
once more and she slid my cock out of her mouth, standing up.

can’t cum yet," she said, wriggling out of her panties, hiking
up her skirt and bending over. "You’ve got to fuck me first."
She let out her own moan as I pushed my cock into her pussy. Grabbing
her waist, I began to fuck her with hard long strokes. With every thrust
in, Rachel’s body shook with a desperate cry which turned into a low
moan as I pulled out.

fuck me harder! Fuck my pussy!" she growled, contracting her muscles
around my cock.

gonna cum…" I moaned, slamming into her again.

Rachel said, her voice strident. "You can’t cum! Not until I let
you! Just keep fucking me!"

groaned, slowing my pace. My cock rested inside her cunt for longer
now as I fought to keep from cumming, but with her pussy dripping her
juices down her legs every time I withdrew, she was extremely slick,
making movement harder because everything I did was overdone. And the
pushes in that went further than intended weren’t helping my control.

began to push back at me, moaning as her hands pinched and pulled at
her breasts, the nipples growing erect under her ministrations. Abandoning
all pretense of control, I began to fuck Rachel hard, meeting each thrust
she made. Our bodies slammed together with wet noises, my hands tightening
on her waist.

cried out as her orgasm overtook her, shaking as she went into multiple
orgasms. Her voice hit such a pitch, it was silent. With one final lunge
into her, I gave in, my cum erupting from my cock, coating the walls
of her pussy. Rachel moaned with displeasure, scooting off my cock and
turning around.

weren’t supposed to cum," she said mock-angrily, glancing around
before licking my cock quickly, smiling as it responded to her tongue.
"Come on, we don’t have that much time out here…"

she muttered, her hands rubbing my balls as she sucked my cock into
her throat, sucking hard.

do you want, Rachel?" I asked, breathing hard as she released my
cock, standing up.

want you," she replied simply, pushing me against the wall, kissing
me hard. Her lips parted and her tongue slipped into my mouth, exploring.
I pushed her away with effort, pulling her close to whisper in her ear.

going to get caught… let’s go somewhere else."

won’t; no one comes here," she said, kissing me again. "Now…
maybe you can fuck me properly this time? I didn’t just spend the past
three days acting all disinterested so I would get a quick fuck on my
last night, you know!"

the one pinning me to the wall," I said mildly.

smirked and quick as a flash pulled us about so I had her pinned against
the wall. With a quick thrust, I was buried to the hilt in her soaking
pussy and I began to fuck Rachel relentlessly, my cock pistoning in
and out as fast as I could manage. With a squeal, Rachel lifted her
legs up, locking them around me.

this get you hot, Rachel?" I hissed in her ear. "Do you like
being fucked hard like a slut?!"

yes! Fuck me harder!" she moaned. "Fuck my slut pussy!"

was holding Rachel up by her ass-cheeks, slamming into her relatively
hard, given she wasn’t letting me pull out terribly far. She began to
cum and I let her, moaning as her cunt massaged my cock.

cunt is so fucking hot…" I hissed again. "But you want it
up the ass, don’t you?" She nodded frantically, unable to speak.
I pulled out, spun her around and pushed into her ass, her cream providing
enough lubrication this time. She instinctively tightened her ass as
I pushed in and whilst it wasn’t enough to do anything except increase
the pleasure, I had this last fuck to train her out of it.

let me fuck you," I said, pulling out and pushing back in, two
fingers rubbing her clit. She groaned and relaxed, her own hand going
to fuck herself: I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers thrusting
into her pussy and I began to time my fucking to her thrusts in a two
for one deal.

came again and now I began to feel my own orgasm approaching, but I
didn’t slow my pace. Rachel’s breathing was becoming more ragged as
she gulped in huge breaths of air, only to lose them in the combination
of cumming and my thrusts.

in… my ass!" she demanded. "Can’t take… much more! Fill
me… up with all… that hot cum! I want… my ass… full of it…
just like a… hot filthy fucking… whore!"

her words, I came, feeling every spurt of hot cum shoot into her ass.
With a reluctant groan, I pulled out slowly, hearing her own groan of
displeasure as she bent to pull her panties up. We re-attired ourselves,
turning to look at each other once we were done. Rachel smoothed out
her dress and hair and I shook my head.

I?" At her nod, I reached out and mussed her hair up, sending it
every which way. "Now you won’t get more than a look. No one leaves
the function and come back much later picture perfect – that always

means that something happened."


next morning, I woke up late, around nine, finding Rachel out of bed
already. However, it soon became apparent she had left without even
saying goodbye. I found a folded paper on her pillow and unfolded it,
reading the simple message.


called early; seems I had an earlier flight than expected. I know I
shouldn’t be leaving you like this, not after what we’ve shared, but
I can’t do otherwise. I’m sorry.

remember, if you’re ever in LA, give me a ring. And I’ll do the same,
if I’m ever back in Australia.


‘Summer’ Bilson.

I folded the note back up. I’d see her again, I was sure of it. And
that time, we wouldn’t let each other go so easily.

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