Celebs Meets CSSA: Scarlett Johansson

Story title: Celebs meet CSSA: Scarlett Johansson

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Scarlett Johansson

Codes in story: MF, oral, anal, ATM

Cameos by Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened. It is total fiction! Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please Any questions or comments on the story send them to rockcook5@yahoo.com I would like to thank Kash the Priest for his help on this project. Now on with the story

I really don’t like these celeb get togethers,
mainly since I spend 90 percent of my time on my feet either cooking or serving the food. I didn’t mind the money since I was well paid for my time but the assholes they got to run the kitchen this time was always on my ass for something stupid.

“Hey I’m switching you over to serving the food since we’re short handed.” Chad said.

“Fine, where’s the serving tray?” I sighed.

“Over there you get to serve all those ice cream floats to the guests.” He said.

“That will take me all night.” I said.

“Well you’d better get cracking then.” He said.

I made my way through the crowd with the tray, dodging a few bodies that were a bit tipsy from the champagne like Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles, who get very tipsy and decided to get up onto the table and started to do a recreation of her table-dancing scene from 10 things I hate about you.

I couldn’t help but stare a little. She was in a short black dress and from down her, you could see up her skirt depending on which way she was moving her hips.

Julia didn’t seem very stable on the table, what with her being drunk and the high heels, she looked a little wobbly, like she could lose balance and fall at any moment. I quite liked Julia Stiles, and for her sake, hoped that she didn’t fall off.

I started to hand a couple of dishes out to people around the table that Julia was dancing on, who were clapping and cheering her on. Julia spun around and clearly got a little dizzy as her foot slipped and she lost her balance. I threw the tray behind me and caught Julia before she hit the floor.

“You OK?” I asked Julia and she just giggled uncontrollably as she got back onto her feet and walked away, not walking straight due to being a little plastered.

“You asshole… you ruined my dress!” A woman’s voice said from behind me

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I realized that when I threw the tray to one side, it obviously landed on someone and judging by the woman’s voice, she was not pleased what so ever.

I turned around and saw that it was Scarlett Johansson, who was the unlucky person to catch the tray. She haw whipped cream, strawberries, and melting vanilla ice cream on a low cut, dark green flowing dress that showed a good portion of her huge chest, which had a lot of cream on it. Thoughts of licking it off her large chest ran through my mind, but Chad ‘s voice interrupted them.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry Ms Johansson. I assure you this has never happened before,” he said trying to get the cream with a towel.

“And it won’t happen again.” He added as she snatched the towel away from him.

“Sure it won’t!” She said sarcastically giving a frustrated laugh.

“I’m serious when I say this won’t happen again.” Chad said turning to face me.

“Because you are so fired for this,” Chad said to me with a pissed off look on his face. He turned around to look at Scarlett to prove his a man of his word, but she had already wondered off.

“Well then… I can finally do this.” I said giving him the finger, then I balled my fist, pulled back and lunged forward, knocking him out cold with one hard punch. I looked at Chad as he was out cold on the floor while the people were gathering around him to see if he was okay.

“Dude!” A young looking guy, probably in his late teens said. “You knocked him out cold!” he laughed.

I just shrugged the whole altercation off and went looking for Scarlett to apologize for the dress, which wasn’t hard to track her down. I just followed the trail of melted ice cream and strawberries to the hotel room door that was on the same floor as the party when I knocked on the door it was slightly ajar.

“Hello? Miss Johansson?” I called out, peering into the room, looking around.

I could hear the water running in the shower and saw the green dress in a plastic laundry bag. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of sight would await me if I was to walk into her bathroom. But seeing as though I spilt an entire desert tray on her, probably ruining her expensive dress and now invading her privacy by entering her hotel room that she didn’t invite me into, I concluded that it be best to stay out here.

I looked around the room and noticed her lap top sitting on the glass coffee table in front of the couch. I took a peak at the screen and saw that it was on the CSSA web site, on the message boards. I was brought back to reality when Scarlett came into the room in her bathrobe.

“Who are you and what are you doing in here?” She asked as she walked in, catching me taking a glimpse of which site, she was surfing.

“My name is not important. I’m just the guy who was fired for your wardrobe mishap earlier. I just came by to apologize.” I said.

“Well maybe I should thank you for getting me away from those stuffed shirts from the studios,” she said.

“Really?” I asked, not sure if she was serious or not.

“Really!” She smiled. “I hate those functions, you have to be there so those old fuddy duddy’s remember your face and think of you when they have a project lined up.”

“In that case, glad I could help.” I said, smiling back at her.

“Hey I haven’t checked the latest update for the site on my laptop, can you check for me while I change?” She asked.

“What are you looking for?” I asked as I hopped onto the couch, already knowing which site she was on.

“Anything that features me, like either the latest Harem chapter, Sex For Drugs, the What If Celebs Were Pornstars series, Manwhore, or anything that portrays me as a lesbian. I always get a kick out of those.” She chuckled.

“Let’s see update link… current update. Sorry nothing on you this trip, mostly jailbait stories no Harem chapter, no What If chapter, not even an RFH chapter.” I said.

“RFH? I’ve been waiting for Money to write my chapter since it was posted that he was writing it.” She said.

“Well you were a request from my fan base the only reason you ended up so far down the list was there were other chapters that needed to be done before it.” I said

“Your fan base?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m Money but Kash wanted to write your chapter so I let him take it and I was going to write your chapter with Natalie Portman which was another fan request.” I said.

“So how comes you’re not writing the chapter?” Scarlett asked.

“Kash called dibs on you.” I replied. “You are his number two you know?”

“Tell me about it! It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for that chapter where I finally feature.” Scarlett laughed.

“So who’s doing my What If Chapter?” She asked. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Kash again” I replied.

“Sounds like he has quite a few stories lined up for me” She commented. “This is more than I can say for you!” She said sitting beside me and nudging my arm with her forearm.

“Hey! I’m getting to it!” I protested. “Not everyone can write a story in a day like Kash.”

“Well, you two make a good duo you know? But if you are Money, why haven’t I seen you on the boards?” She asked.

“Software conflict between the site mainframe and my computer I think it’s my anti-hacker program… wait, you read the boards?” I asked.

“Mostly the Coming Attractions thread, Hot 100 list, and the Annual Awards. In addition, I did enjoy the Pool Party story. That was a trip,” she said. “Let me guess, Kash did my scenes?” she added.

“The early ones, DLZ did the ones near the end.”

“He’s another good one. I quite liked his story he did on me and Natalie.” Scarlett said.

“Only the Beautiful Ones?” I said the title.

“That’s the one!” she laughed. “So when are you gonna do one on me?”

“Well I do have a story project on the backburner with you and Keira Knightly on a photo shoot.” I said.

“Oh around that Vanity Fair photo shoot?” Scarlett asked. “And no doubt a lesbian story?” She added another question.

“Yeah… to start with I’m having trouble with the sex scene finale; though I’m trying to decide weather it should be a MF scene with one of you masturbating while you watch the others go at it or a big threesome where we keep going at it till we can’t move anymore” I said.

“Maybe I can help you.” She said.

“Well… I really don’t need help on the story part. I just need incentive to write it.” I said

Scarlett dropped her bathrobe off her shoulders and thrust her huge chest out.

“How about these incentives?” She asked. I sat there speechless, my mouth feeling very dry, just really shocked at this surreal situation that I was in. I swallowed hard before I said anything.

“Can I touch them?” I asked and Scarlett moved back, covering her breasts again. I guess she was just letting me see the globes in person. How many stories are you gonna write on me?” She asked.

“As many as you want.” I replied, my eyes glued to her chest, hoping that she would reveal them to me once again. She pulled her robe down her shoulders again.

“If you think it’ll help.” She smiled.

“Oh, it definitely will!” I said placing my hands on her large pale breasts, the cool night air making her nipples already erect. I gently rubbed her large nipples with my thumbs and Scarlett reached down to my pants, touching my member through my pants.

“It feels pretty big.” she said as she undid the button and zip, pulling away from my hands, dropping down to her knees as got my pants off my dick nearly slapped her in the face with it’s girth.

“Oh yeah, your stories weren’t kidding! You’re just my size,” she said

“So are you.” I said reaching forward and playing with her nipple with my hand.

“You think you can take it?” I asked.

“I’ve never had one this big, but I am more than willing to try.” She giggled as she stroked my shaft up and down, getting me hard before attempting any form of oral pleasure.

“Feels hard enough to me now” She chuckled, sounding a little anxious before placing her mouth over my large bell shaped cock head. She lowered her mouth down my pole until my cock head hit the back of her throat and she worked her luscious lips back up. I guess that was her limit.

Scarlett started giving me a blowjob sucking my foot long tool faster while it was between her huge tits. She placed her hands on her large woman mounds as she began masturbating my shaft up and down with them.

Her large natural tits felt incredible around my man hood as she sucked the tip as fast and hard as she could.

“FUCK!” I moaned pulling her head up, getting her mouth of my shaft as she continued masturbating my shaft with her huge tits fast.

“OK. I think you’re ready now.” Scarlett said standing up, letting the robe drop off her body. I admired her curvy body briefly before she grabbed me by the wrist as I barely survived under her oral assault.

I kicked my pants, boxers and shoes off before she quickly led me into the bedroom and she shoved me down on the bed mounting me ready for a wild ride as she held my dick and jammed it into her tight pussy, lowering herself down my tool.

“Mmmmm… come on, suck my big tits. You know you want to.” Scarlett moaned as she pulled at the front of my shirt, opening it in one tug and not even ripping any buttons off.

I didn’t say no to that as I lifted my head and sucked her nipples hard making her shudder from the pleasure I was giving her while she was busy grinding her pussy further down my dick, working it over. My upper body was lifted enough for me to get my shirt off and join her in nudity.

“UUUUUUUNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHH…THAT’S IT… MAKE ME SCREAM… YOU… LUCKY… FUCKING… BASTARD…” she yelled, sounding a little egotistical, but she was right. I was one lucky bastard.


Her pussy started to get wet rapidly, my dick sloshing in and out of her pussy, her juices went everywhere, all over my dick, balls, and her groin but Scarlett wasn’t done with my dick yet.

“Give me more I wanted a double orgasm like in one of your stories.” She said breathlessly.

“That’s a pretty tall order.” I moaned as I struggled to keep up with her.

“Make it happen.” She purred.

As I bottomed out in her pussy repeatedly trying to get her off I started sucking on her tits again to move things along.

“Yeah that’s it I’m almost… there… FASTER!” She yelled and I began thrusting my entire length in and out of her pussy as fast as I could, feeling like I wasn’t going to be able to hold out any longer, my hips going up and down feverishly as I felt my own orgasm hit.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!” I yelled as I felt my cum burst out of my nuts. My orgasm hitting as my dick soaked Scarlett’s insides with such force it triggered her orgasm right after.

“OH SHIT DOUBLE OHHH… FUCK…TOO MUCH…” Scarlett screeched as she had her second orgasm.

She rested on top of me after an intense orgasm and passed out not long after that since she was exhausted from the sessions as I laid there tired but happy with Scarlett on top of me as we I off to sleep as well.

I had never had so much sex in such a short period of time my spine felt a little sore but that’s a given when you have a hot woman fucking your brains out at a NASCAR style pace fast, hard, and you can’t reach the brakes but then again why would you want to stop?

I opened my eyes to see Scarlett still lying on top of me. She started to open her eyes while she had a huge smile on her face.

“So was that good enough incentive to finish writing your story?” Scarlett asked.

“All right… you get your story, but I still have other projects lined up before it so just be patient.” I said

“Awww!” She pouted with her luscious lips.

“But that look may just move you up a few places.” I chuckled.

“One last thing, how close am I to the hall of fame? I’m just curious.” She asked

“You’re not even close to the minimum requirements for induction but I can check with someone.” I said.

“Can I plead my case before you go?” She asked.

“You can if you want but the site is pretty strict on those rules.” I said.

“That’s fine. Oh, I never thanked you properly for getting me away from those suits earlier.” she said.

“Well… you’re welcome.” I said.

“I was thinking of another go around, maybe in the shower if you’re up for it.” She purred, caressing my chest.

“I want to say no but for some reason I can’t.” I said.

“How can you say no to this?” She asked as she pushed her chest out forward, pushing her tits together.

“I’m not saying no; now get in the shower before I change my mind.” I said. Scarlett let out a pleased squeal as she made her way to the bathroom, with me close behind her, my erection leading the way.

As Scarlett got into the shower, I was right behind her kissing her neck working my hands over her big tits while my hard-on was trying to bury itself in her ass when Scarlett’s eyes went wide.

“OH… HOLY SHIT! THAT’S THICK!!!!” She screamed.

“I’m just getting started.” I moaned.

“AH… bury that big fuck stick in my ass! Suck my big rack! Make me your fuck toy, Money! Make me orgasm and scream over and over.” Scarlett panted.

I did as directed and without looking down. I used my hand to guide my dick in between her thick round ass cheeks, rubbing down her crack before feeling her asshole on the tip of my shaft and slowly pushing the tip in. She felt her tight little shit hole instantly expand and accommodate to my girth and without the aid of lubrication, showing that this wasn’t the first time she was taking a large object up her rear.

I quickly thrust forward, burying my dick deep up her ass as far as I could and pressed her chest against the back wall making her boobs seam bigger than what they were when Scarlett started shaking.

“FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK!” She screamed loud but I kept going.

We were in the showers, but there was clearly no showering being done. I just kept getting faster with every thrust, feeling her tight sphincter gripping my shaft harder and harder and this just drove me wild and made my go faster.

Every time I thrust forward, I could feel Scarlett fingertips as she was rubbing her clit furiously. I turned the water on, figuring that I’d kill two birds with one stone, fuck her ass and shower all at the same time and this also worked well, as the water flowed down her back, her butt and onto my cock, getting it wet which allowed me to thrust even faster.

“OH GOD! KEEP GOING! YEAH! YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM SO HARD BY FUCKING MY TIGHT LITTLE SHIT HOLE!” Scarlett screamed and I rammed my rod into her harder and in a matter of thrusts, Scarlett was screaming at the top of her lungs, her ass hole quivering so tightly around my shaft, her knees buckling and me needing to hold her up by wrapping my arms around her waist tighter.

“Oh fuck!” Scarlett moaned, her orgasm subsiding, dropping down to her knees, dragging her tight ass hole off my shaft.

“That looks so yummy!” Scarlett moaned placing her hand at the base of my shaft and then moving her head forward, enveloping her lips around my cock head, bobbing her head up and down my shaft.

“Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned, as Scarlett tasted her ass.

“More!” I moaned and Scarlett instantly started to work her lips further down my shaft, only managing to take half of my foot long to the back of her throat.

“Let’s go back to bed.” I said, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her up. Scarlett let out a displeased moan as I took her mouth off my shaft. I decided to pick her up and put her over my shoulder causing her to giggle, her pale butt cheek on the side of my face, they looked so juicy and succulent that I placed a kiss on the causing her to squeal some more.

I dropped her onto the bed we had a quick towel off session, but with me drying her, it was more of a groping session where I caressed and squeezed her entire luscious body. Then I got too horny and I continued assaulting Scarlett’s ass again, this time with my fingers as I inserted two fingers into her tight ass hole, going at a pretty fast pace from the get go, as she made no complaints.

I took my fingers out and positioned myself, pushing my dick against her ass hole, her sphincter widening and allowing my dick easy access once again, as I shoved my entire length up her rectum in one fast and hard thrust.

“OH YEAH! FUCK ME!” Scarlett yelled looking back at me. “LET ME TASTE MY ASS ON THOSE FUCKING FINGERS!” She added and I placed my hand on the side of her face, my fingers going into her mouth.

“MMM! MMM!” Scarlett moaned in approval as she sucked my fingers like a pacifier.

I hunched over her, my mouth roaming around her shoulders and planting random kisses everywhere I could find a spot, all the while my hips going faster and faster with every thrust.

I pushed myself up and just let loose, fucking her tight little ass hole as fast as I could for as long as I could. I have no clue how long I fucked her up her ass and I don’t know how much longer I was gonna last, but I pulled back too much, my dick exiting her bowels and Scarlett instantly turned around, sucking my cock head hungrily, tasting her ass on my shaft.

“Oh this is just like I imagined it in your stories.” She moaned out the side of her mouth with my dick stuffed in her mouth.

“Well then you’re going to love this.” I said as I grabbed her hips and lifted her up, spinning her around so we were in a vertical 69. Scarlett squealed in delight as she sucked my cock while I ate her out licking her most sensitive areas, she would have screamed if it weren’t for my dick.

Not that she was heavy or anything, but after a minute or two of holding her up like this, I was beginning to feel a slight strain on my back and moved backwards and lay down, still in the 69 position.

“Fuck my tits with your massive tool Money! Blow your load on my boobs I wanna see it explode.” Scarlett said getting off me and onto her knees on the floor. I got off the bed and stood in front of her.

Scarlett got my foot long dick between her massive tits and I started to thrust slow getting a good pace going as Scarlett was on her knees looking up at me with those mesmerizing eyes and long blonde hair.

“Yeah let me see this thing erupt all over me hide your sausage in my big tits.” She moaned

That was all the encouragement I needed as I picked up speed going faster than before.

“Oh fuck… I wish my tits were the size of those two minxes in your meds story. I so wanted to be one of them mmmm…that was so sexy reading that.” Scarlett said

I knew which story she was talking about and I couldn’t hold back any longer as my dick exploded from the thought of Scarlett being that big covering her face and tits in torrents of cum.

“You were amazing.” She purred.

After a quick rinse off in the shower, we went at it for another two hours in various positions mostly doggy style since she loved it and it gave me a chance to really work her boobs over while she fingered herself to multiple orgasms before we collapsed from exhaustion. As I woke up after all that fantastic sex, Scarlett was checking the message boards again.

“Porn junkie” I said.

“Well aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black?” she said.

“I just write the stories you star in them…sometimes.” I said.

“I’m starting to wonder if you will have my chapter with Natalie Portman done before the next Harem chapter is posted,” she said.

“One way to find out I’d better get started.” I said.

“If you get done fast enough maybe I can bring Natalie Portman in for a special reading.” She said.

“I’m on it.” I said.

I forgot to open the door and walked right into it with my mind elsewhere.

“Right, open the door then walk out.” I said

“Hurry up I have both Natalie Portman & Keira Knightley on speakerphone.” Scarlett teased.

“Hi Money!” they said.

“Bring me the finished story in 10 days and you get all three of us for the weekend.” Scarlett said.

I don’t even remember using the elevator I think I used the stairs as I ran back to my car as I headed back home to get my pen and paper I forgot to ask Scarlett if she was serious but I didn’t care I had a mission and I wasn’t going to miss out.

To be continued?

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